The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1930 · Page 17
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 17

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1930
Page 17
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CP KHOBOEOGimiliBB/, I ««* MOMCP- M ·fc.M.m ,i 5*^ n i ra v**^ BY ROY V I C K E I R CHAPTER XXV. cottage was filled wttji smell of bacon fryitup from the kftxjhen eame the a ebrJU, hi$rh-pitcheJ sp)ki of janjdod nerves, in$.- ft k« with quick Anxiety, "It'jj j^l ij^jfc,' cbe »asared htm, 1 laughed besaitse I reatly am Jwrigty. It «5«n» naswl to want -- jus*, breakfas*." It'a the soundest; proof ' of sanity,»» he smiled back. '"Stut\ body {3 awfully u t «efal for drajf- srin/t ona out of the clouds . . , I've arranged for « reasonably competent Electrician to mend yoBr magneto, Ai, here's Mip f Downey," They sat down. "Yoa'd bettor let ra* Cockle 1fcc coffee-pot Mrs. Downey's coffe« reqnjres vajy cai-eful pouring . , . Fijpjjy f5:nding M» electrician in «e couoy, i*n't it? He's ffpt rather a qUefer Btorr." SJ,.e 'Mowed that Wa attitude towardu her had chanjred. He was still friftjiudly and smiabla and so- Iwiteiw, but this w»a a mpro i|»- terluie. After breakfast they must . «vl out money," e*ld Shir-f words broke from ber ley iU-|cuifteredly "You'i'e rich." "It goej deeper than tfcat," he countered , , problems (liat riches ivill not solve. YOH pann»t money with money. 1 "ried th»* with your husband and 'earned my lesflon. Look, here, I haire naon*f enough without Jmrtin» myself- -- " ,, o! When I p«t {t like that you realise a* ouce that it cannot be done. You realize that you cannot receive without jrivlng, It'i a cony book xaaachn but It hap- penq to be xnuch mo-re that] good we haws a stroll whfja Mrs. Downey id d earing up?'' he "f maet just chuna?? $U$ tlreas," told him, afld he carried the wmeiso upstairs for her. She came down'in knickers, feel- inu mom confident of herself. He waa ainoldnf* on the porch. In five inJnutaa they had reached the wiOuiut a word. In tb?ae mini^tja she w$s resting, f preqontly. Alan would toll they -were sroini? to do. ''Woll, tsrhat about yonr slsnsT" he asked abruptly. Alaji's words chlllad^hfl*. In a single sentence he had detached hiweclf from her- He wac v vfilling to hehi her--«? throw nor'a rope from the safety of the Bank? Bat those few words had made It clear to he* that she was alone in the ''You coue science, that without conscious violation, "By Jove, you've learned to as!!: iat!" he exclaimed, "it's the first Uie catechism It's of inherits mo vay, bij$ believe Hie that gives refnjrn-- even if ifc oJL j; rstcsd iwg of some kind only th« glye nothing, I l»«i|«rt'e ji« service de- question ' in money. 4 , , ova pruwsy ir«.Bii^ Shirley, but though you'rs only twenty-seven you've asked that question too late in life. , , I, at any rate, don't know the answer. We shall have to give it up and content ourselves with finding some practical way for you. to live." Sho sprang up from th? boulde* and faced hum. *You say you don't know th« answer to tha question, but I do. You do, too--only yoa think I hi.ven'tl enough in me to under* staid it You've made m« »e* tbljH 1 --I must never take monoj. again from anybody. I moist earn.' Bttt before I have any mon,ey foil . "I haven't had time to think. M» Jt master yery roach? I shall go bacjs to New York and pot HP at it ho-td." "Why no$ go $o MTB. Slbley?" *J|o,'' She waa firm on thai point. *Tve dropped oat^ Ainu. Yon don't seem to ttndeistiind « He roade no »nswer and ,,,,,, wondered whether he understood. It bad been tha moat rigid of all the rutar her father had taught her. "Bemembcr, Shirley, if you and-So, for instance." * "You aee, a hotel -will cost money," Alan wa« sayia«. "Ypt» husband told ate his income was about 4 to thousand a year--that means h i can make you an allowance of poBsilily two th.oiwa.rid" "Alan"' she cried. "How can yoa thirJc I would ever tafco » penny from iiim------" "But yoa wijl have t« take money from someone," he Inter- nrpted, "there'* the hotej blli, if nothing rlae." , "Need we talk lik« this, Alan!" «he protested. "It isn't, after aH, merely a question of monoy-grub- bitte. He caught on the phrase. "But U is--just exactly that," he exclaimed, "t^et roe tell you tfopt hy the i?,«rp act of wanting to breathe aad live, from day to day ·»· are aH money-grubbers. Once yoa uiidfii stand what money means you will find that mopey-grubbmgr 10 the BoliSTun business of life. I tell you," he added warning to his tiHsne, "money-grubbing la the finsst aport on earth--or the mean- not,--wKidiever you care to make it. I "It's easy enoug-h for yoa to, ir ir "Roger would not g# to Mactt'donla. I mended of yra w*9 ~t~r *v~, should marry a 'aillionalre or some man who eoujd provide yop with the means of 'doing yonr work-- |fce work of being an ornament to thd high woavld, M you call it '! don't understand th« high world but I dr/ understand that Society seems to roquiro it. You were not willLig to give that service--you chose romance." "You cannot I. laipq me for that. [ loved hjm honestly and wholeheartedly at tfu time." i "I don't doubi it. But ypu ae- «epted rftoney---tiie money you in- herited''from your father--yam accepted all the purrounding's of the class in which ycu movjD on terms which m%hfc reqiure yoa tp sacrifice love, That'fc the contract ihe high world of fen. you know, "Throughout the decades that class haa accepted tlie obligations of public service and of mardago in the interests of their class. They may,b«t wrong f'jndamentajjy *-that doesn't master. You tried to accept their privileges and shirk the particular responsibilities those privileges involved. "Xou tried to receive without giving." Shirley sank down onto a boulder. Alan ak^d by her side, looking over her »nio ths horiaon, »nrsaJn ? his own train of thought. "But--what can I piVa" The Wystelf I mmrt pay you back you* half million, "Doi't harp on that, Shirley, For 01. a thijog you've got hold of the wrong end of tho stick. Jf » all for^ot^en*" She ignonsd him. Sha felt suddenly us strong aa ho and utterly miftfraid of his anger, "Dor't you remember what you said?' 1 she pressed him. "You said we didn't owe you just figures 5n a pajts-book. You aaid we owed you toil, all the nerve-wrack and the thrill jjnd -- nnd th« despair that wiiit to the making erf that money. I can give you ail of that," J would not go U» Macis- aonja. J will,'' For a moment she saw hops in ma «ye«, then saw the hsipe fad* into cynidani. "Com*; ottt of the clouds, Shirley. You've amply keyed yowraelf up again. It'a, absurd." i 'T h ? If *i «b»w»T" she challenged hitly. "You said that Roger would huve to see the government officials . 4 nd get a concession out of them. When I've learned what to ask for, I can aak for that as well as lioger." i "It's not saey talking to Btateemeiu" TOE OLD HOME ITS I_O3KY SO STATION,, T/v«E W/® A FIRE WASNT A THE STATU?tt "TWO VVAUKffiKt «AM« At-ON^ OlMS PICKED UP A BLACK SHEEPS GOLD . * v fy t Ma»»li.. A C i. The nlfmc« was biro en by Head Jafler ^oJly, wbp, wjjh many crack- Sings nn(l unfolding of 1 a newspnpe?, r«7»arkod brlafly tlmt a I we had to aay must be speedfly m l(L For two weeks I could, h arc no letter, for month, I could tiee'Pia no more, H, phe was in do aaytatng for m* -- anfl it waa bocomlng p.laln tb it by nobody else could anythbig. ba d 'iie -- then w« must aattle it at once. But hew? The tfma wr^i alajoat oat Head JaUei.- Helly w«« foldlag up blj* pftjier, Hsinir t» n bis scat Pin, am'ely tho protUe*t, ^aintlwrt ptc- tore (JWti hud «ver tjrfffhtf a«d tbttt »ad ji!Ac*~we« already pattb g op a face liht a sweat pain TOSH, 'or OOP loot blast I took It, I bold ty r for a moment elflser than 'usual, moved by florae Indefinable, dark (ceaentment I f^jijfud words, 8cmihpw, at the last moment; wt*ds hurrinVi, t\ mbllng ovar one ttnotUer. "Take oat » power of attorney for me," I wUd. "OTjey'll let mo »lgn it Inquire aboi t so-ancj-ao, and BO-flBd-sj)" J |?aire Ijer a fB^r nemee) "and flna .wbleh o ' them will ; talta RmJthrfon'g placa H 'H have to go up at oofa; don't wait for letters to 3tt*. Welt? «s 8o«n E i you can. Qood'toy, UttJe loye" (sh« ^ tw nonr ns tail as I, bet the edjeetlvt came »at- tjpaHy; Pia would alwaya b» to anyone who lored he ·). care -- ·* "TJnje np," sold ffead It B«r HoUy. · " » « * · « » More than «ver, dlfl I lo iff *or letter day, But when my I«lt r eama at lest Jt brought BO feoiafm ; with It, rather rtlstrusa atvd dlsn ay. The power of attorney hid corm mage out for Pla. I lind wo»aered t iittle bat signed It And now the left T told me that Pla had #sne tt Tatata a horsfllf, "yep mustn't wony abom me," sho wrot^t. «07be»j yras uotfatng -Ise to do jBTnj all I can l bear, It's i woman, «nd «)ly a woman, who is rantea look after yoor Interaaia ust now. Dorj't worry about -*9; tht place well opened up f aad th«i that order is Jjept. I raay I » a good while; no knowing what I i hall Bnd. Qooo-oy, njy very (Joaiost 0(vn my love to tbet Prince If 1?* con es Trn sorry J shan't ba tH«M to meet him i be Is a Feefoct dnck, Pbey sny Ms going to be mniTlpi} ne v-- Inelty prJncoast But I wotdto'i cJ inga roy owrn prlaeo for hlia. , · i I hoA plenty o« letanro, to the too- long nights, Ui con OT«F h r n^aln aod Rgttin; try to read between the Mnea at Jt, «nfl jrofwii « certain things she Un/J pot opaaij ·'OnJj? «' wQ/tnau-- » Wbot ' «olij Apartment Dwdlfcrs Hail CoEapsilble Fundtiire ·»*·» o By ELEANOR ROSS RGBBIVX.Itt tho jnedisb. toatta* q{ th« iutwrjs, only bait Q£ tfce fliriuture will b« Visible mn o? thp tlmo. For what growing tendency to m ' i-jUhar LhaiJ houHes- contrn-ctlon of apace, _, ,_ , there is no longer an ciant wett IOr all tho anaiwivo ihat Used to ba conaldered Yot, though wo may not h^v» apace to n,c«cJtnn»Qt:iat«a a nine-foot toWu, ttiema may b« tlmpa when wo «Mtt onB Mot to metiMoi) tho numy AcnalJ (nhtna tlait «ra abuolutely ssHWjittaJ--lor toti. ·eir birKJgo, or jtwt as oocouotoniU taiiimi aen-r ehdtra and settBOM. Con -we wwn ewch iurnltjjr* When wo hoven'l tti« t*l»«« *of ft-- mcrrety tha riood ov«lf)' iit eiiwiV i"» tuioibai' cant) of wa«Chtg io cat your ottko ana hnvi It, t(.«, but the ua fur/iluire are 'proirliMrte ft quite Answer--coltupalrjte fyniitural ' Chnlra to b*g1ii with. TCven tti the apartiment may )s wtuill, who JlKo or today -9 1 the tt Dumber. ,1^0-, t fee aren't the "Mfa t»H chairs" tit ihe VictorJad berloi}, associated witli soleain occasions only Sftverajl m«nofaotMrers ar« producing 1 nutte hanttBoms chftira, of m4honny or tallied metal, cornforuible, Wlui aims njid si aefj-ts, «o (.hat Iberq's noUiiner , . whlft aj!xut Ui »tn Wb*'? »« UP Ndverthpittss, tl]t j told up Oat as J card-table, ftjirt half ft dojwn ?avn be stowed o:yay ip % )IUle e^tra epac« tn a haji cIijHct. A3 for caHapsI )la tnbtgo, tltese are novc nwdo ii) «Jt «orUi of attractive A 3{ladally ?aro ^OD Artrf wall y*/ij(l?ef i , I'illllt and in iw miiiiu eta a ta»io ft _-- .... iH'jit pattttton, {i»a (5nc 'jftf parties c»n hava enougli of ths io 3»psiil»lo eha/rs atowcd awwy In / » * .,,. ,- OT fcna--. tray qeiaeft nitn nyo Jlhn^rinu acWly under lh-i ion ttt d qulte rjlsfrppeiir. Jti can fca t«ldtf IM ft Jand t»'^y to v» k«H, sainStfl -hes, eodctaljs, etc , eKHifpppd with tpi) t«a 6i- a/ter- faaJl closat to Uk» caaro «rf a goodly (dinner ooffea s.sri hso* l£ can IM? f ear -rle4 info thi Jiving straigljioiled but beneath, ^od bcho it':) a r,cgrulatlan spial! talilo, Ajtrtihcr uauatial tray Kuitnhle f« deitcaclcs, ojr IniiiTidvjal servings la ^ stmpJe affair of fa«ta,l r It consists oc U nlpkel frame Jnj-rt *hfch thrw* fnetol (rays fcn.p M fitted olotiff varfj BUS heights. Carried, It nsny eottt»tw quite Ji number of (JeUcaclca -- eaurd-j wichPB, oafidlos, rookies, etc. ' not in u»e, it Ja s-rtsy to take aprt an fiat tbat it alljw Into abatJow drawer, | Modern toilarettc^. ijre atop of (J*? Collapsible variety, though tn»y mwr ^n *·?)·?' bUiboriUe wh«n laid o^t ft* fmns^efe (urtl6p. Not in use, ja»« or fcjjf*s» KiioKn (/KB fl erooll and V««T] (irillnsicy 8^r*lng tray on wjje«fl«, «cfc« copt tjtttt in^teiwl pf opcjo trays th« ajmc'a under tho top aur/sw;e is filled ; wftj) clepp (i)awprs, When oppn, however, th$ to) · fa«(j pan be »3rea4 tojf^ur rllrect whorcon Jxsvijraffeij may t)p m a fill fcarT l fl ' 1"a »paco bo!o-yr. a drwwer. (Straclowa row of iDRTedl an wlOitn ronvrnlent reat-h. Atoc'. «n »m «W, H a poreelaJti Jtocd drawer to contain cisarg and etics. aW fhlnk you ll piled £be ssrgorun eourt^oualy the ««tlya telunant l^han, ra- faada, yot) rt« lid, ^rud henrojsi, too, itliidf (ffhot does th!» bcttes go nod see," "Mo anQ ytw," deals r«1 the nergeunt, "we go ace. I b9gsi0-paT(]j, glriabnda, f wall: first" £fa set his etitrdy bulk in front, and, by dto last faint glow of twilight, began cutting * path through the forest. Pin ioJiowin. A few minutes later, tbo two came cot an the «d(?aa of a soctnid clearing; one Uuit eoeuicd to tutyo been made tot the sole accoimnoftatloa of s gi-ent white tont that stood in the paltldle ol It. l^e doorway wan wide, the doorflapa were hooked lm. One could s«e right into tb« ta-ut, and the pieoflt by than Tho refettjm ) tp "Prtncs" I un4w*t«j^d ; hvt ft ctJt ttmt pwtty uayfDff abont her*'«wn prlnee^fcn-Hr ewtla»* th« forthepmlng rl»it Of we land'a best-Iovm) mynlUai «roi !d c»s, for WKS, »«ld tj tbo wijlgftt el visible fettowf I e«5nrle«J night t aA day. To fcnow that the town \v«M» fi?o jspi, / of the jufj, njaKi a-rftttt r new |trch«ny» bo lit over roads} tp W'nr ttia |jn.m.siiltits (S»a M e cheer*, tend kiiov? anistft BCI trom it all, hot abla er»i tt In the ceowd and Hew! ontfn I at nnJ one's beart ap J» # (rtisiut for o d England aad her Princ«--tjis Ir rt my e«n»a eft ffimptra; mada t!b« hsi I (rta*« harder. Bat | put (to thonRbt determined ooi to tbtffh aoottt , ttecea royal viaStt, wWdj cotild mean ta ma, , , , J f t b t ^ t a » » ,»_ * What fijnw*, J fiMln«d tr» iffng mi caawo iff tt i 9Sf0ap etinoet, eamptag JMS eaefl^: pr A cortftljR cjue f; go up to f tjipso to P^? iase - yyorthy gB^r j;rjp ffielr ha-) pwvot throng* th« in serge," NJ tw « to (.heir i-aeu, through all the pcrUa anJ folifjiu i ef vfild buaSi, and alniest reachec th$ Us Jett, CGLJQO. 3 PJR K®^ 'ij^l*' to him be- the )aly'3 b$ tjop' to It So, wjje« fjiey were fst (ng t% itfiiJts If) f lilt} U4 cam} tag btft cae Siao|, geelag the i )dy ^ jh,cf to b$ t caui|«!». K«? wal?t-ai)out, Sinaijto* ^/* "S'pose yo»j wante Hw er ? nie an4 **? poltce we ^ptfern p«» ty. J$y-tf*tyf one Wg b«th ^^ he coi^it »g, lie altogether kaHtai (cat) you," "There are no pljfs about, ao^ I don't want flowers," came PUi'a cfc ar voice, just a Httte tired. "®»iank y to, Sergeant Slmol; I a»i only looking at that funny light in Hie bush " "What-name ligft, Sluabatla?" "I don't know what it Ig. It se i js [!ke a very big tonf, torpe v/jiy c T. Apd I thlnlt I heard-r-J,«t t)iat ! s i -i- possible." "* "What-name you tiiizik you ties r- em?" "Gorks," replied Pis, "Corfcs -bcJ) g Ona Could S«5 'flight Into ths Tent, nod th» Slfijjit--for That f»l«e* and tho Tlwe---ilW«8 sight -- for thntt plnee, aad that time -- Tfiore wn» ft tnblq InaWo, coverwl with a whlta cloth, Q» U wore plates at food, tliwetl OcUeactsa of^all sorts, boar from tho fomt; wild tur- , oteari tints, tntwhyoo/ns. 1'ht 4 re s, ,OT«r« were t»Htt«8, l r onHi nnd gttiflty tine! rocUiqa^oesB wora owbodledj U ever h«man fern? thoia, by tha Jlmbt-p, rod- fljn?ro or a girt, wti0 eutjiljiy tiff over » ma« lyi»(r on a ^fk cJmip, TIHJ giii, »t tins top of her jvfrt {(nj»«»lcftt voic^, WAS clmntlng Uitj l«»t revtto *ui«fefl8. while the mn», R» entp^ei? ;jriflS3 dropping from Me Bfltfpm, wellefl fondjU' aprt in- tartninfb!y that classlo of t?ia sentl- rri(}ntally iii*(jtil(-- "Annla Unirle ·' tbt pUeneo, Uto iPlftj gtondlng s Itttlo {'ho plmdtnvs *f tho fwst, the tKipgo pecna (ooUwj (SUa some (!|«errti|. p)ot«F»r Be^gwint B)mol, st»nng potJI )i|» trend e-hj-pwn eyes almost gtartfld |rpm thejr ffot'Ifeta, gave forW biff Oplnltyl eaBtilflfy-- "I Hi'nlt JhJH-(5f»a too f«t(Q( p«p{- pqf| (qjugte), gipttbaflii, MW(» bettor yoiii-pje (we) po stop," cannibulB, tho ambush and the UIQ Ipon nerve o f the gtjjh, tftlngji werg !s the wo«-!f of ppjr poJJcepma, But nnittj,o{f r "J uranj: to fln^} ^nt stout into fjof mi'tii} ftai^ eE^p Uon, buffl olfg KnfrV? Pft log h«r Miat rt)ls thing h«d to do wllta tha ohjeef of hep 3oarney. ( "Wh.6 Is Mje white man?" she wtils- perei f»ere f became p.j coi!UB|ssl»pe(il pffleof pf pve)^ clay, »»)[ fhlpfc/' fia said cantloasiy, "namo bafong btpj ^i-missioi)." "SiraisstoB? Qh?--- ^ruitbson t Sergeant, are yon snre?J* "9Ia savvy, tie top (ancfi savvy, Bee'fore" (soitja tlpie Wm take away eno^iri belong village, fashion bplong him,' bada." ; | bJ? way5 "pfla? foo ? p,'ctity bottle '7 Itnsw,'' snfil BU jnusinglj, "t»i« PhfJ ithoaght ho waa sobw aufl veil ^Unabada, snppo^p ng showeui glri rillong litia, ssh«w«n gooflfncU along hiai. Suppose cfrf, " "' sjftowem Oils man, he 'norfcsr ({TuLrawalatnble idhuua, aag- gestlng cpange of character Jt "Sa% not the only one," commented drily society's p«t clillti. "1 thtnk j| Imow trbo th" girl Is now. I've seen ber before. Only for Pbil, she wii/uiu be at the bottom of t!)e si^s, ^fow, oergeaat, you and I sire going to tnlli to these people." nrifj yon, we go," nnfmered the sergeant, svreHIns out h\f cip9| Me- rtianlcally be touched tbe long b»3'- net-knUe that snrewj ij^ its sheath at hfs Idjj. I 4 or liiligiitaa, Sorgcaut Sirngt j^ye^L'ti) TP BJ .-,., pbOTOH; Two^ycajs ngro i«# B^abaniJ had u " youi houtsft nhp« hocls evened. tf .doesn't eoit njuch J the icet »t nlfrht in hot but tio ma do a and Ifi no\v 'n perfect ti c a I I h Since his rei'ov- cry, on three flif- tcrent oca«/oi)a, i o c s o r s have f rletl to cm him o give blood for rimsfuslon pur- rmsef! tot othPrc aufferlitf; f r o m M'iJtlcepla 0 o v o i} t r h i l wptllil ih^ure Jiitn to sf'ii' n J)!nl of blood? MRS IV i Lnhi (Jpttt a Cetera M D No, It would not injure him in the leant, MJS H. The bkjodJs yer^; c Uicftly iCBODrra|cJ on Ji mil Ipal'incl^ 9le|!, with egpeolnl attentloii (j ^ttjunins ;uid Iron- The health ft professional blood (Jonor.s IhoiVs that thl^ /3 t trye. Ooetar- Wh-it 'Is the twit thing tp iio ^or l U e t l , afelilnu ar«l aundag t6t. wti'f K (fuftudes, r.lbo ( weakn»JM of the ankles? J H feet aoho B mormally, It may Indicate that there a tyomo degree of arch with st aln on thp bonce llgamentn{ Ui-tUtlng sheen nnd fcaJlouae 3 spots on the bottftrtis' of thfe lo«u ttn3 corua; It may indicate too much v, eight on th feet, from overs eight, etc. Ksr corns and' C6 Housed spoU, tf po'isible, go to a chlrnpodlat regularly. fei'i; that pour shoes uro wall Httlns kmi lapg/s ewoug-h. Rcmomcr, as you gr^w older ^ oui feet rnjy Jcnethen n bit, and y \u neci a longer ^na Jrfder eboe. And certainly thoae w h o stand till day, and whoso feet Kra tiaWe to ewell tt itttlb fioni tJUs, need b lonsor and wl l#r shoe, nllh a {nedhim «ir.«l, broad heel. iiave them kopt oy^n by It Bailout visits w 4 cobbler,, (ilaw many women t h i n k that oM run-down heelea Kltoen tins (?ooii fof th house' D6u t do thin «tintilnllng oil, such aa cunijihoiated oil will (el)eve t h e m temporarily. It you li!)» fc«t. there a i e especial e \ ^ f t J f t p H to H t i o n ^ t l i e n th* 1 Iig"a(nept3, mjcll tin I'"ids on 1)10 l o c f ; ulcklijS' u;i tiviblfH, (ICJH II. ar oilier sfisfill ubJLitis %vith tiju toes wullnns o|i tho outer jium of U Ipijt. toeing In; the jjiounrl-Brrlrtptn); exerolBP (Ht'indlnir w'td the fe.t j-lraiKhf «he»d fttid at- !pf»r)f1JiK |o tlr.ns ltc toos in toward t h e lieein. HI t h u name time turnlns !|ie ioe.s I n w a i d ) Tfiosc have Vo (je [ipiaUtcc] In, ien jni»utcH or ntipre a (Jay, for r tons tune before tlici e aru an leauilii T h e n pprljups, an airh ·iUJiport ! B ncetlfil vvblch nn ortho- petlie Miisoon f4houl«i pieactibe, Here's another letter on foot trou- "About t v o years ago, weanns too tight shops tjuseiJ {lijly :?o;es to fonis on the bat Its of D I V beds. After these wort Dcateii, the pufljnf; out did not dlKiipliedr. fout see^icil to turn Into ix solid mass, 1 !.n(ho my tect In hot w,jt?r, bu' the not eo tiovvtt. Wh«i Io' MRS, E" Those musses Rra imt3o«btcdly cal- toi sed Bji^ts caupeo by the bltutern. Mis V CJo (o a cJiiiopoillBt iind have ibcm pared oft. Have you Ifewned o u r lea»(n? » * * N Mra 1C.; Our arUeli) on Varicoso Vclno speaks of tho flow injection treatment. Sue colaim rules. J Editor 1 ! Tfota: Dr. Petera cannot diafjnoKo nor fflvq personaJ advice. Your guohiloiw. If of t-enaroi Interest. will he aiiBVi'ercd in tho colunin In t h e i r turn Iteimests ^Pr s-rtlcjea ok pamphlet H on hand must ba acQom- piinlcd by a fully self-addressed, slumped envelope, plus tha fallowing; small charge to help cover cost of printing and handling: fpr each Virtlelo wanted, two cents la coin; tor P--ill titrnpiilet ten cents in coin, Tbo paninUIijts ar« Reduclna tn! OaSfOtj? Hvgtone o! Women, /rirtricy end Rlatldcr PtsortJflra Artdrew Xr. In nrn of this paper. VVrll« im! not o^Pr "00 The Home Kitchen , By ALICE JUVNf. BAJRJtV 3, like w \£flus and part- B, ore Jit tiipif beat when served In the home Nothing: |iko a gooH Jiotno majlir frlttor. because that's tha placa wllore It can tw ^Borvact as it sho ild bo--direct tram stove to tabla with not a moment tost Frit,t rs can t be Booked much In advance of eervmn, par can they be j-llo'v^ to atatid Thpy ore delicious wl pri hot. rrisp wid iijrht Bjtit after *tondinK for ·ven a few minutes th y deteriorate And a pnpjwt, $omry frrUtV isn't quite tit to eat Tho fat 10 be usd should be heated .while prttpttrin,; the batter A.ny vsetnjjle C«*.t will do, and u^a plenty of (t--enough t ' float three or four fritters at a time tieat in a Seep saucepan--the rounded Scopch bowl 1» bpsl--and test for tempern. ture before putting In the fritters. Orop In a cub? of bread a lid if it browns in 60 seconds I le fat is hut ftnough Do not increaie heat pr tot it smoke, 01 the fritts-B w l U bo a ·c^irchy browm on th« outslda before thny ace cooked through i Here la tt baalo real[ e fpr fritter I'lain Batter. J Cupful flour. 3 Teuuspoonfuls baking powder, \i TejispoonCul salt, "^ 1 BgR. 1 Cup milk SICt together tho lry Ingredisnts Add tho oaa-ten see. ttn n the nulk boatlngr hard until smooth A Uxrgw variety of ti liters can be ,nate using 1 i^tit cams kind of hatter Apploa cut into e i g h t h * bAnnnas do.tfi« ^lioes of pineapple Uut are well drained plutna, p r u n o ) au«? BO j - AAV dJMik'hd er dQrfui f r u i L ··howover, r»u»t ba well drained before usinsr or it vVill thin the better I Diop Ktu-h place of f r u i t in the 1 batter _tn cr well with u stfo'on. Uienj Uft i n t o tho hot £41 When l!«hc lioy/n on 0110 i-Idij, turn, «nJ whan brovvn«HJ or. both sides, I f f t with a Bliainw or poi'fonucil KjJOpn tram the fttt an-1 pla^o on n platter spread with p u p t r nipkljis to drain Serv* Inimnliute 1 f, but Urep thn p l a t t e r in a var?n o\ en unlit residv Do noi let tha C11 tors cool off even for t fpw secnntf-t An esportlallv lljrht 'littsr Is mad* by usiriB M j r cream for J b u b.ltl.e) Instead of iillk / So-ir Cieam B n l l f r ' Vn Cupfu i flour I ' C u n f u sour cieam. V4 Teasp toilful Mod.'i Mi Teatpno/.fu! suit, Dls.ulvo the soda in thp snin crprinx M i s v^ith thct boaien cffar olj( niici nn liuuly fold in tn« stifflv beatiin KKK \%' t e a Cut a biinina In t«o|neh then In liiJ"Ps Piof^ each Into this ba ter anil fry In deep fai as Ufiiiil fritters may ha sTVpd plain, 01 ·with » sprinkling of powderi-d aiipat just before »itt)flin,5 to tho tahls. Or if do4'tt'd, B sepatutvs d i s h ' o f saur* n«iv ba « e t v t ' \\uii them Currant ··.trawbe rv Lispberry w any othoi )ellv 01 jun may be tnaitfd over hoi *vatPr, njlsocl w i t h a lltUa Je/no» j u k e fpi fcMra Ui.itness, pnd served h u t Oi pou, oJ on thp Individual w i t h n licrvlnjj of tj liters |1 «pii,llely for «ach purani. til the fibu A I t l i o u , t i thii KlmpU fritter bfttti*i fj civen for fruit fritters It may also be (is(«rl foi othpi foods--dixnis, veg* ta.lJlrs likn celcrv. tggjilant. carrot'v itr tc.r ull-rfa of IximuJ fish Helpful Advice to Girls ANNIE LAURIE LAURIB: oun la my early toann and I am fi blonde with Wu 3 eyes, f pave been tn love with a boy over two ye#THi but ho hsud)? talkn to me, and It uo«ns oth^r loy» docf like me, JIow can f win this lroy'8 love and maku other boy i Ijko mef J. If a boy never salss y^u for a does ho Hhe you^ t . Whon a b«r hreal=a tt date $} ytwi -what Khould you tfli tm? S. Do hoysf ilko blondo hair 4. When a boy (a jesUoun of a Btrt doea tie love her? 6 Are lojtg dreiwea In »tyJeT 6 How miiiiy dx.tee sho ild n (jfrl have a wookf BABB AND HON. A3313 AND HOW: There 1» no rulo to be f'lUowrd to grain thn friendship of She opposite sex bo yonr own natural IK-!', tbotlc, plc-n.'.ant, and thero will be somebody ivoith while 'who appreciate you If a young doia not aak a glrll to go out with hlw I think tiiere la definite evidence that he does not eare tor her 2 If a youag roan broaki an npiol»tmnnt Mdth a young lady them J ! nothins bhe eHould; aay. Ttu» expl( nation is all that Is to be- uajd. and thaJtt Hhoultl como fipom tho jrouns naan u-omptly. soob lilrrs nnd dislikes era entirely individual 4. Jauoujy )« not alvi"a,y8 ft bjgi) of !oy«, li in vt.iy often a sign of v i n i f y and wouridofj ptUla. S, Ijonjr ditsscci ,t,ro in style, butflhorlfr drcMva a r n more comiorOttto jfpr wjklnjr and butilnnes aftlvltlcs. C. A girl of fourtce'i r,boujd havt* dAtfs only with her grlr! friends and: bwr homo ANNU3 J am nineteen yrar-s oW atvd Summer while on m/ vacation J uvet a. vory nlco boy lvo vefir» my noniof. I liavo been torfo* spoirting iwlth h!rn unUl a month »go, whnn ho juist dKln't o.r. mv letV'r.j Should I wr!U» to and ask liitu what la wroow, what bhniild I do? r Jl'UYWAITtNr, Drop htm a fiifinlly ilttip tiou telling him thai ^ o u aru wotriert hr hii p.ilfnoe, that you hoiw U h not causad by Illnis-. of hlnr-olf 01 ht« fantily. It IIP clo'"i not ro-pl io j'our letter I am' afiald he Is not only a poor ccirr» sjmndpnt, but h'ls !o«t interaat tn ttilf iiarlic'ilar exchange of lettetw. It is much letter to faca these thine* squarely t)mn to «ptnd time thinking up oxcn-wj for o'hcr peoplo disable bchft»1or for not to ai, a personal lettev to thfl actrw of Haw.

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