The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 18, 1938 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 18, 1938
Page 4
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PAGE'FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, JcONNELtiSVTLX.TD, PA'. TUESDAY, JANUARY 18, 193S IBS COUTUER COMPANY . Tames J. Drlscoll K. A. Doncgan Walter S. SUmmcl " James M. Drlscoll , ,. J. Wylie Driscoll :_ Publisher __ President and General Manager _______ Secretary nnd Treasurer ' . Editor Associate Editor . Advertising nnd Business Manager . . . MEMBER OF Audit Bureau of Circulations Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers' Association , Bureau of Advertising, A, N. P. A. Served by United Press and International News Service SUBSCRIPTION RATES Two cents per copy; 50 cents per month; $5 per year, or $2.50 for six · conths* by mail U paid In advance.. ; · · · · .Entered as second class matter at tho Postofllcc, . Connellaville, Pa.. TOESDAT EVENING, JANUARY 18, 1938." I " " : - ·· EDUCATION 10 CDBB CRIME Law enforcement as exemplified in this the greatest ' · - . -nation on-earth has failed to'make appreciable impression . - · ' on the ·commission of ycri'nib? II not enforcement of t h e , ' Federal 'and" State'statutes, .then what?. . Education,' says "..I.., ".Dr. Lester'.K. Ado, ^Superintendent of Public Instruction of Pennsylvania. He.comments:' -· - · "Crime and -delinquency offer.' a 'moat stubborn chal- · ";. "lenge'to the.eQUcaflpnal forces of America. The.increasing . . complexity ~6t human relations multiplies opportunities for " social ·friction and ; creates a drastic need for systematic ,.- education and regulation."· : "'·'·;'.' . " · " . " " . " ·Dr.. Ado-invites .attention to the appalling record of '"" "almost 'a million "and; a"'half · major criminal offenses each .. ... year. . It .seems inconceivable to him that "each - setting · ' -- · . . . sun should-look-down,upon! a daily-toll of some 36 lives . ' - · :taken by the- underworld, one 'such murder being com' mitted every 40 minutes.'" :.... . Leaving out ith'e;home;'.where all education should begin, and the church,.where it is^being carried on to a : limited extent, Dr. Ade putB-.the solution.squarely up to the schools. · He says: ..-...'.; "Crime'prevention-is in a large measure a possibility under an educational program comprehensively conceived, '.'.,.. -efficiently devised, and cooperatively managed. Mental hy- · giene,- eugenics,-child-guidance, clinics,' and recreational projects are phases of a social' : engineering program that may-be quite "effective in meeting tho challenge of crime. ····'···· Since the school is the only agency that deals with all the '"; children, and ·especially because 'it deals with them at an ......age wheni preventive measures are effective, *he major re.., --sponsibility. for'the^crime.'prey.ention program rxxay well bo assigned to public education.". CABAVAIf BEESACTS HISTOEIC TREK Recreating the 'trek..'of : pioneer settlers from Massachusetts over the route folio wed' : to-the great Northwest Territory in 1787, th'e 'Caravan of 1938 will arrive at- Mount Pleasant Wednesday for an, over-night stay and a historical pageant to be presented at ;Ramsay High School in the evening. From Mount Pleasant the caravan will go Thursday to West Newton where it will halt'for two months or more building flatboats and canoes for the Journey down the Youghlogheny,-Monongahela-;and Ohio rivers to Marietta, Ohio, and then,"on'-'westward:- ' ' r : , The members of the caravan are making tho trek an educational venture by seeing that public school children are invited to the stopping places. Attracting attention along the way are a Conestoga wagon and pack horses. A souvenir hunter is blamed with delaying the caravan over the mountains of Bedford county by pulling a pin from one of the wheels of the wagon. The wagon broke dowries a result. It was repaired and the driver rejoined the party at Somerset .Members of the party are having a real experience. .They'.started"the.long trek December 3 and will not arrive at thelr-destlnatlon.until In the fall. The Northwest Territory embraces that area north ol the Ohio River, east of the Mississippi and west and south of the Great Lakes, from which were carved tho states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and part of Minnesota. Students of history are following the trek with interest. The due at Mount Pleasant Wednesday at 2 o'clock, after a short stop at Jone.s Mills. TELEVISION KEABEK SUCCESS With" the marvelous novelty of radio and its year to year Improvement in the device that delivers to us entertainment' from all'- of- the glofie through the.medium of the short wave receiver worn off, the question often heard is: "When will it be, possible to see the person or persons.broadcasting pr.ttie scene .of.the broadcast living on the screen?" "."- . Scientific experts of the great broadcasting companies have been at work for ye_aron the-development of systems to the point whsre markietingloj receivers will be possible.; They have not "re"ached~the~ stage of'the complete success,; so far as the public has been Informed. But a Los Angeles cqncernpthe"Don;Lee."BroS'dcastihg System, promises,'ac- cording"tb-Intera"at'ion~al"News Service, that It ·will-be "be^' fore long." Its statement does not indicate the distance the image .can be carried. Itjpromises this: "Before long, we'will transmit a number of our regular Mutual-Don Lee shows over television as well as over our usual network. · _ _ : --'"---;.--.. '\ "These"will be released over.our'sight-sound'television station \Y6XAO in Los Angeles, ;simiiltaneous!y with their dispatch jover the networKTM"' ~ -- "The'development and construction of the new live- subject pick-up equipment has been in progress since early in 1937. --'·"·.--..r'-V. .- "Thfe new-, apparatus will embrace inventions and principles evolved .during our seven years of television research. In addition, -tli e equipment takes on a new form in which the camera and camera-control units are completely- mobile.-This allows^entry-to-any of our studios, or pickup.of outdoor scenes,-according-to our choice." : . . COOKHs'Gf SCHOOL03EiIUJ«IT\ r ASSET- "·· ·" Nothing of interest to women attracts more attention here than'annual .Courier:cooking school which will open tomorrow morning at the Orpheum Theatre. They'll be there-.byvthe brundreds'ln -quesf.ot information that will make7for better : homes~; SkillecTin" the dissemination of'al-- niost-anj-infonnation : about the home that might be desired --from mixing and baking bread and cakes, 'preparing meals for all occasions .and^the use of modern culinary devices through to sterilization of the baby's bottle--the lectiirer,'-Mrs. Dorothy-'-Bathgate, will be ready to impart a vast fund of information; Mrs., Bathgate has been coming here for years. Her qualifications for the. work are unsurpassed. She is thoroughly conversant with 'the many phases of successful housekeeping. Every woman in the community .who attends ·will find somethln'g.not only of Interest but of lasting value: Every-day,laid.,before her through the medium of the question box.' ·· -- -- -·-· And it's all free. The hour is'n':30 : o'clock--Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. JANUARY THAW? RECESSION! APARTMENTS. Today in Washington By DAVID LAWRE1HCE WASHINGTON, Jan. 18--Private property nnd private business in America--the economic mechanim counted upon to provide jobs for the millions o£| persons now walking the streets--was given a severe jolt over the week-end. President Roosevelt may not have meant it that way, but'it^is a tragic commentary on the insignificance of the Congress of the United States nowadays it is within the power of one man to issue press decrees which pronounce a death sentence on in- Stray Thoughts In the Day's News Brief Comment on Current Events. Here and There. Rev. Israel Hnrdinfi Noe of Memphis, Tcnn., is attempting to prove by fasting that "mnn can bo immortal." Life lias existed on this old globe a good many millions of years, but there is yet to be found any who In tho end survive lack of food. Man may be Immortal but no substitute for death of humans has been found. If the minister persists In abstention from food and drink he probably will soon "go the way of all th« earth." Governor Earlc took up the cudgel for the coal operators yesterday before the Interstate Commerce Commission in Washington and at the same time belabored the railroads. Pennsylvania coal, said the Governor, Is closer to the greatest fuel markets in tho world than nny other region, but this advantage has been "turned to hopeless disadwintanc by the systematic cmcllon of discriminatory freight schedules." For n long time operators have felt the same way. The Betty WcaWand evangelistic party got away to a fine start on its two weeks' campaign Sunday night when "we turned them away" from the Methodist Protestant Church. After a week there the party will transfer to the First Baptist Church for n similar campaign. The central figure in the party In Betty herself. Only n girl yet, but with a record of 15 years as « preacher, having spoken "in more churches than any one in history at her afic" and with the distinction of holding services in churches at 25 denominations, she should be able to make things interesting for her audiences. This can't be blamed on the transient camp! .The noise drowned by a passing train, . somebody hurled a stone through thc-window of a store at Dunbar Monday morning--in the glare of 200-watt light--and carried oft; groceries ;to the "value of a hundred doHars."]'This'was the fourth such robbery of the'store. The Furnace Town has been annoyed by numerous petty, acts. Just recently the firemen, through a lucky break, succeeded in running to their source repeated false alarms. Evcnutally the members of the robber band will be rounded up. · Officers icrsist in making it unpleasant for proprietors of gambling joints--and patrons, too. Two places wore raided Saturday night by Chief Andrew Thomas and his force. The city treasury was enriched to the extent of nearly $200 in forfeits. Rarely is a forfeit posted by habitues of the joints reclaimed. It's cheaper not to fight. What's What At a Glance By CHARLES P. STEWART Central Press Columnist. WASHINGTON, Jan. IB--Now that the United States Supreme Court is in process of being liberalized In the ordinary course of nature (not by enlargement of its membership, but by appointments to nil normally-created vacancies on the bench) the question arises: How long will It take the New Deal forces to reverse the long scries of decisions rendered against th*tr policies In the days when the tribunal was predominantly conservative? Apparently the task will require considerable time. DIFFICULT TO KEPASS All dates have passed for the Justice Department to seek rehearing* of cases Involving rulings by the Supreme Court justices (or a majority of them) against the constitutionality of New Dcalcrishly-lrapired enactments. Rehearing.* of judicial findings must be asked for speedily, or such findings become embalmed as permanent precedents, and It Is too late to revive what already Is embalmed. Now, a New Deal Congress (it Congress stays adequately New Dcaler- hh) will have to pass fresh legislation, substantially duplicating that which the Supreme Court has knocked out. This will involve gressional re-drafting, tinkering, debate, filibustering and what-not. Meanwhile there will have been at! least one intervening congressional election--and who knows what the Seventy-fifth Congress will be like; it may be unmanageable by the New Deal. Perhaps those earlier New Deal laws will not be so easy to pass again. After that the rc-passcd laws (If re-passed) will have to work their way up once more to the Supreme Court, which will mean two or three years' delay, anyway. THIRD TERM REASONING That is why so many New Dealers are Insistent upon a third Rooscvelt- ian term. They reason that, up to 1940 "K. D."_will be kept busy getting New Deal enactments and reenactments through Congress. Thus far, O. K. But the Supreme Court flght will lap over into another term; so the New Dealers reckon. They do not think of any other presidential possibility who suits them quite as well as he does. There are others whose intentions they consider as good as his--but not necessarily their competency. As Others Think IN HOT WATER AGAIN (Grecnsburg Tribune.) Commander John D. Pcnnlngton, who for some time held the posts of both secretary of welfare nnd also was superintendent o£ Huntingdon Reformatory, but relinquished the former post, finds himself in some more hot water. In fact the former navy man's troubles seem to be mounting rather than diminishing. Earlier this week it was disclosed that an inmate of that school had died apparently because of an overdose of gas thrown at him when he became unruly. The reformatory records indicated his death was caused by » heart attack and not from the gassing inflicted by school au- thoriticii. Apparently it was surmised by others that all was not us it aho'ild be and a thorough investigation was begun. A coroner's jury has now brought in a verdict, based mainly on a complete autopsy, that "death was caused as the direct result of . . . an excessive amount of gns." Further investigation of the incident is under way now but in the meantime another apparent "illegal" move on the part of the ex-welfare director has come to light concerning a Westmoreland county boy sent to the institution. It appears, according to Attorney General Margiotti, this prisoner was transferred to Wos- f tern State Penitentiary a year ago n deal of con-1 .. with ^ c approval of John D. Pcn- nington who was then secretary of welfare" in direct violation of the law. The attorney general now is effect- By S. M. DEHUFF. The first I knew we were linked politically with Pittsburgh was when a local man told me he goes there every week-end for a 15-min- utc conference with last year's Smoky City G. O. P. mayoralty candidate. Why is it we sec so little of one of our most charming and talented young women, between Legion shows? It just doesn't seem right that religion has to have seasonal tonics. Genuine snobs are born, it's the' phonics who try to become one later In life who are transparent. Things happening as they are, one wonders how President Roosevelt would have found time for "fireside chats" between appointments If his 15-man Supreme Court dream had come tr:j. A far north Pittsburgh street showhouso continues its march of progress nnd up-to-dateness. A G-man might fail to detect a counterfeit hundred dollar bill, but some women n tiny cigaret burn on a table scrnf--never. To show* how little my column is rend, one lone person phoned asking if I didn't mean "Jackson and Ickes" Instead of Roberts and Jackson," in one of my recent comments on a couple of New Deal radio broadcasts--and I did Onc'of our young women wearing an orchid a few evenings ago convinced me prosperity can't be so far away, A Patterson avenue family narrowl escaped a turkey-less Christmas dinner because of a disconnected front doorbell. Just give one of their castigators a. chance to become affiliated, by marriage or.otherwise, with one of thse terrible "Sixty Families' nnd observe what happens. A local newspaper woman's admiration for Florence Fisher Parry is said to be diminishing since the Pittsburgh columnist has gone into ccstacies ovci both the book nnd stage version o: that revolting bit of literature called "Of Mice and Men." Just to show how little interest some susbands and wives display in one another's uf- falrs, Eleanor says she has never asked Franklin if he is coming ou for a third term, and up to last rl- day, Franklin, she says, has never mentioned the matter to her. After reading my comment on an injury sustained by him because of too many bedcovers, the victim supports his contention by Informing me that "when you eliminate the impossible the remaining 'possible/ regardless of how improbable it may seem, must be correct," which, of course, makes everything plain. Let's go to press. ·eslmcnts honestly acquired. : The Ixccutivc alone, and without i con- ultalion with his Cabinet or with ongressional leaders or Senate and louse- committees, virtually commits the Government Itself to a nat- onal policy of public ownership. This is accomplished by using unds broadly delegated by Conjrcss o the Executive to be used for relief" and "emergency," which (unds he now lends to . cities and itates so that the latter may engage n competition with private · businesses. When the competition becomes deadly and there is duplica- ion of facilities, the President says, ho city and state governments, RS the case may be, should buy out the private companies. The funds would loaned by a federal government with a badly unbalanced budget. If, in the interest of the consumer, it is proper for the, federal government to put cities and towns Into the electric light business which cannot do so on their own credit, it is logical for Uncle Sam to start lending money to city governments to conduct and then buy out ^drug stores,' jroccry stores, department stores, lumber companies, oil' companies, coal companies and so on: This is what is meant by state ^socialism. The Supreme Court of the United States has by no means legalized this process, but merely ruled tccnnically that'individuals as such, aflccted by the government competition, have no standing in court to raise the issue. For generations, it has been a legal circumstance that no taxpayer can sue Die federal government to prevent the waste of his tax money by public agencies. The remedy against unwise laws, however, said Justice Stone in his famous opinion in the AAA case, is not in the courts, but at the ballot box. That's where, in the year 19S8, through a congressional election, the American people will have to decide whether they want the government to embark, especially in the present state of its finances, on a policy of 'own everything" and "control everything." Mr. Roosevelt has hesitated for a long time to commit himself to the public ownership idea, but, in last Friday's press conference, he crossed Continued on Page Seven. Pcrryopolis Grange appeared in a worthwhile role outside its usual Ijnc of activity when it feted two members on the occasion of their golden wedding anniversary Saturday. The principals were Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Jones of Pcrryopolis. The happy recipients of the felicitations of more than a hundred relatives and friends have been residents of the community ever since their marriage. Many who were not at celebration of the anniversary rejoice with them. Factographs Chauncey M. Depew, New York politician and corporation lawyer, who lived to a ripe old age, said of exercise, "Whenever I feel like it, I just lie down until the feeling goes away." The guinea pig, which is not a member of the porcine family, is not native to the island ol New Guinea. ing release of the youth who is 19 years of age. Records In the case indicate the boy. was sentenced to Morganza training school by the lati Judge William T. Dom, later transferred to Huntingdon and still later to the penitentiary, . Two such instances of laxity in duty and one even of illegality should be enough to force the governor to ask for Pennington's resignation Whether he will or not is proble matlcal but apparently if one give these New Dealers enough ropi sooner or later they will hang them selves. Money Loaned ON YOUR AUTOMOBILE UNPAID BALANCES RE-FINANCED $ 25 * $ 300 Call or See Us If You Need 3Ioney l?or Any Emergency Moderate Repayments · Fayette Loan Co. 510 Title Trust Co. Bldg. Telephones 244-866 BONDED TO THE STATE Conncllsvllle, Pa.' Prompt, Courteous, Convenient Service MOTHER SONG Pcttty little lellow, ileeplnz in your bed. Such a wealth of tresses on your toiueled head! Wonder U you'll ever, in the dayi to be. Know how much your laughter reilly means to me? All the day long piny Ing I Wonder if you know That I always follow everywhere you sol Dreaming of your future, trying hiird to see Visions of'tomorrow when a man you'll be. what Is It of glory snuggles in my arms? What of Joy and splendor lies beneath your charms? Just a little-baby. Just a cuddling wee. But the day Is coming when a man you'll be. Pretty little .fellow, every night I pray You'll be strong and useful yean and years away. Av I bend to kisk you always I can ace Something fine and splendid you ar» golnc to bf. 9 A f J n 79 s A Look Hook ! Come to oil three classes of cooking school --it will do you as much good as reading a cook book-and be lots more fun! You'll have 50 tested recipes to take home with you. i COURSER COOKING SCHOOL "Wednesday, Thursday, Friday-Jan. 19, 20 21 9:30-11:30 A. M.-ORPHEUM THEATRE Y O U R E L E C T R I C A L A P P L I A N C E D E A L E R S ···v r

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