The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 4, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1918
Page 3
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SATUKDA*. M A Y q, 1918. THE DAILY COCKIER. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. MOUNT PLEASANT SOLDIER'S NAME IN LIST OF DEAD Haroicl E. Roland Dies of 1 Disease in France Casualty Report Shows. i BROTHER IN SERVICE Health Otfieur, (rUing Out List of ^naractJiied Persons, Calls on An- j tborilJes to Knforce the Rcgula- tious; Boys Are Ready for Farming. Sp'-o.a; to The Courier. MOL'KT PU1ASANT. May 4.--In the , casualty libt for ilay 2 (ht re appears; the name ot Harold E. Roland, a Mount Pleasant boy, who died in France of disease. Harold Roland 'was a student at Ouerbein college and , joined the hospital serv ce, \Vhen 20: m school he made his home with ir.ends here and h.s sisters. Edna and' Laura, of Pittsburg. HJS brother E r - ' Best is m tlie aviation seri ice, and is I in training at Columbus, 0. i .Enforcing 1 (JuarantJne, Health Officer H. C. Jacquette made a report to t_he Board of Health at its meeting on Thursday night o- the following persons m quarantine; Sara , liU:abeth and Roy Crosbj, J r . children of Roy Crosby of Smithfleld jsinet, Sara Horner, daughter of Dr. j anl Mrs. M. W. Homer; Clara June ' arj James Turns, children of Hoy Tirns of Church street; Bessie Sul- Icnberser. daughter of Charles Sullen- b:rser of Warden avenut, all with thickenpox; William Arniel, son of "Villiatn Armet, South Diamond street, .iiuraps; Henry Abramsoa, son of ,'Xaihan Abramson, Mam street, mumps; Lester Bollnger, son of Mr. _BoIfnger, chickenpox; Robert For- sijt, son of Steiney Fo.-eiju Depot .street, chickenpox; Thelmi and Bea-1 Lrice Rakusin. daughters of William j Rakusin, chickunpox; Ralph. Meredith., 5oa ot G. W. Meredith, t h i c k e n p o x ; j Jobeph Valianti, son of Ml-ce ValJanti, I *'D.amond street. mumps; Violet Schacate and Albert, children of Tony Schacate of East Snd t mumps; Irene! vVas-habaugh, daughter of C*. W. Wash- ibaugh. measles; Thelraa Levin, daughter of Sam Levin, Eagle street. hickenpox; Maryana Burke, daugh- er of Marshall Buake, Spring street, ·hfckenpox; Marvin Kobacker, son of Jerome Kobacker, chicker.pox. Health Officer Jacquette pointed "mt to the board the need of having liseases reported to the Board of Health. The fine for not /^porting is ·50 or imprisonment. It was decided o make a test case. The schools »ave come in for attention. Heads iave been scrubbed and Y aths given hildren. where they needed it. Chil- ;ren n-hose heads needel cisaniag" fere given a week's vacation in which b Improve the condition. Boy Fanners Arniljibh'. The Boys' Working Reserve of the .igh school aas enrolled 50 to 75 boys ·etween the ages of 13 and 16 years. f any farmer needs boys of this age ic may secure the same ity applying 'o K. H. DeLong, superintendent of ichools, at the high schoil building. Foreign Girl Takes Honors. The honor students of the class of 18 have been named. They are: First honors, Lottie Kiomiu'ski, with a percentage o! 04 plus; tLree tied for second honors. Xellie Whlpkey. Mary Snider and Carl Ruder, with a percentage of 92 plus. Purposeful Formula Senreco's formula Is not "Jnst a Itttifl Of this and a I/ttJe of that." It was deTised with a definite object in view. The object was to proSnco a tooth paste possessing- medicinal as well as cleansing properties--a real ' cleanser that could he depended upon to remove tartar and keep mouth and gums healthy. · The ideal defined, our laboratories set abottt to determine the proper combination to produce it. Senreco is the result. It has been tried, tested and pronounced good by hundreds of the piofesaion. Try a tube. A single I.MG will prove every claim. Will show why thousands today use and demand Sen- reco--and are satisfied with nothing ICBB. All ciruggiata and toilet counters. Large 2 oz. tube--25c. SENRECO--Cincinnati = | ThCOAST UNe The delt£hu of yoor vacation begin C Coa« 1 " " ' .. the moment you botrd » D C C o a « Li'oe Steamer lor beautiful Mackinac IsUod-for half of The delitht» arc in the L»ke Toysile. t Railroad licfceli are honored on «11 D. C Line itearaen wilh' ont extra charge The D C. Insifnia wturei ihc bett in »ppoiot(Dent», cunine. and oain*takicfi tervice. Sofely and health prominent BIC all ih»t could be detired. All ·teamerm are equipped ·with lit«t wireiew ierrice. All water i« nerilned by ultn violet ray ptocc»«. Two tplcndid vexte'it--City of tAadttoac II »d Gty of Alpeca H--operate four titce* a week 10 Maduaac Ulaod. From Toledo Mondays and Saturday* 8.30 A. M , Tuesday* and Thur*lay« 600 P. M. From Detroit Monday* and Saturday* 5:00 P. M., Wcdne»da« and Fndayi 30 A. M Send 3-ceat tump for Uliatrated Pjppfpa?^ Great Lake, map Addr«» L. C,. LEWKS, G. P. A., 9 Third Atenue, Detroit. Mich. TO MACKIN4C ISLAND From Buffalo 1 9.50 Round trip lfi.50 From Cleveland J 7 00 Round trip 12 00 TtSSo S 6 25 Round trip tl 00 Drtroit $5.50 Tri-State 573. Roll S42. I.OCAL .Vyj) T.05TG DISTANCE HCOTINGS. Residence 101 Hans ATP H COXKELI.SV1LLE, PA.. W. W. Glotfelty ^f ^^ Tm!r ^W^ ^"nuM^- -"·^miairi^- "WeMostBeautiful Carin/lmerica M. A cordial to all. invitation is extt-nried TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH-M. S. Kanaga, vicar. All services held THE SALVATION ARMY--Captain and Mrs. E. S. Dawson. officers ;n charge. The services to be held during the week-end at the Salvation Army are as follows: Saturday-.Open air at 7.30 P. M. Sunday--Holi- ; ness meeting ai 10.30 A. M.. Sunday j School at C P. M. Young People's j meeting at 6 15 P. M. Open-afr at 7 i P. M. Salvation meeting at S P. M. | This w i l l be the welcome meeting for t Lieutenant William Carter. Lieuten- , ant Carter was stationed here once! before with Captain Phelps. AJ1 are i in the German Lutheran church. South I | ces street. Sunday school at 3.15 P. M. j Communion services at 7.30 P. M. cordially invited to attend these serv- MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. FIRST UNITED BRETHREN--J. S. Showers, pastor. Sunday school at | o'clock; sermon topic, "A Timely Pe- Bvenmg worship at 7.451 termon topic, "When sin is ' TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH--' 9.45 A. M. Preaching at If A. M. Jr. ation." R"y. Ellis B. Burgess, pastor. The ! V. P. S. C. E. at 2.30 P. M. Sr. Y. P. o'clock, Bible school will meet at 10 A. M. S. C. K. at 6.30 P. M .Morning sub- Sin." Sabbath school at 3 4 5 A. M. I Luther league at 6.45 P. if. Divine ' jcct, "If Any Man Tliirst." Patriotic j Junior and Intermediate Y.. P. C. U. at I services will be conducted by the pas- ! sen-ice in the evening. 7 30 dedicating':! p. jr. Senior Y. P. C. U. at 6.45 P. ] lor at 11 A. :". and 7 30 P M. Stran-| service flag. M. Prayer meeting Wednesday eve- gers are Invited to worship with us. -- j nmg at 7.46 o'clock. ' -- FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH! ' -THE EVANGELICAL ASSOCEA- --J. L. Proudflt. pastor. Sabbath 1 TRINITY RGPORMKO C H U R C H -- j Ion. South Connellsville--M. B. Me-' school at X4 1 ;. Morning service a t ! Corner South Pittsburg and East] Laughlin, minister. Sund.-.y school at 11; subject of sermon. "Going Up t o | G r o c u streets. Sunday school al S. 15 )3ft A. M.. in charge of Samuel Witt '· Jerusalem." Evening seruce at 7.30; i A - if- Preaching services at 11 A M. Worship, with sermons r y the min- subject, "The Eternal Eatlle." Chris-' an l 7.30 I' M. by Rev. George F. Heister. ai 10.30 A. M. and 7.15 P. M. tian Endeavor at 6.30. Wednesday' Sde of 1'itlsbiirg; .nornicg subject, i". P. A. service at 7 P. M.. In charge | evening prayer meeting at 7.15. ! "The Master's Call to Heroic Service." ; f Mrs. McLaughlin. Spetial services during the week on Tuesday, Wed- THE TNITBD PRESBYTERIAN ' ^'°ung Ladies' guild w i l l meet at the nesday. Thursday and Fr'day from S .r 9 P. M Parents' Day will be ob- 5ened ou Sunday, May 32, at 10 A. The Car of Your Choice It is a well known fact that a shortage of motor cars is inevitable. Already there have been substantial curtailments in production and the freight situation has made deliveries extremely difficult. So now is the time of all times to buy the car of your choice. If you put the matter off too long you may have to compromise on "any car" that is available. And that is never a very sacs' factory way to solve your automobile problem. If you are like the average intelligent American, you have already decided what car you prefer and can afford to purchase. Quite naturally, we hope that your choice has been a Paige. But, at any rate, be sure to buy the car that you believe m--and buy it immediately. In the field of mechanical products, the Paige nameplate stands as an unquestioned guarantee of honest manufacturing and fair dealing. It is a hall mark of quality--a symbol of our obligation and the confidence and respect which our product enjoys. We ask you to buy that nameplate--rather than four wheels and a painted body. We ask you to buy a reputation that has endured through many fitful periods in the motor car industry--a reputation that wili endure so long as Paige cars are made for and sold to the American people. PAIGE-DETROIT MOTOR CAR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN AGENT, JOHN RHODES \V E5T SIDE CONNELLSVILLE ir 1 I church. South Pittsburg street and Morior avenue--William J. Everhart, | Evening subject, "God and Man." Tlie ' Young Ladies' guild w i l l meet at the home ot Mrs. C. A. Purbaugh. West Side, on Friday evening. Choir rc- mini-!er. Morninff worship at 11 ' hearsal In the chapel on Friday METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH --G L C Richardson, pastor Sunday will be Stewardship Day. !Un A M . Bilile school. 11 A. M., divine worship. William Price, PiUsburg and hankei wil speak on "My Pa-tner an,l I." This service is one of a series m connection with the $10,000 deot paying drive tLiat the Methodists have on d u r i n g May and June. 6.45 P. M., Epwortli 1 league d e v o t i o n a l meeting. 7.45 F. -Nf., evangi- IMIC service; iermoL by the pastoi. TOK MtfHODJST PKOTKKTANT C h u r c h , tt'e.t Apple street j H. Lam- ' beitsou, minister. Class meeting, 9 ' A. M. Sabbath school i i3 A M. Morning worship. 11 A. M ; subject, "The 1 Practice of AbSinanre." L. E. meeting. 6.45 P. M.; topic, "Christian Duty and Privilege." (Consecration meetirg.) Leaders, Mabel Franks and Hae lio."d P r n c i meeting on Wed- Thing lacking." uesday evening, 7 3 0 o'c.ock, topic, "Wilnc.sscs for Clirist." Johr. 1.35-51. Spet lal mjsiu by Tour bos FIRST BAPTIST CHL'RCH, SOUTH PiUsburg s t r e e t -- W i l b u r Nelson, pastor Sunda..- school at S.45 A. M. Morning worship and coiniudnion s e r v i c e at 11 A. M, sermoi, topic, "A Word of Approval." young People's meeting at 6.30 P. M Evening worship at 7.30, sermon topic, "One CHRISTIAN CHURCH -- eorge W.ilker Buckuer, minister. Bible school at.d Christian Endeavor as usual. M o r n i n g sermor, "The Conservation of Democracy." Evening sermon. "The Hall Mark of Good Citizenship." Try Oar Classified Art*. They cost only 1 cent a word and al- I ways bring results. , TAP"STTBBS UXTREE! UXTBEE! "CAP" AL3IOST CATCHES A SPY! By EDWHU , TO U30K LI KE [ C.,vq.'g BILL;

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