The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1930 · Page 15
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1930
Page 15
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f X. 4 FRIDAY; FEBRUARY ?,-1930. DAlUr.OTTJItr.EIK, GERMANY HOLDS MARKS Has Twb Records; U. S., Britain and France Htive One Each. Paris.--Despite the restrictions im- piscid by tha ; treaty _ of ·'Versailles, which wore intended to cripple Ger- maDy'a air activities. Teuton airmen have pnssel the rest' of the world In tha race for latircla. The annnal report of tho international Aeronautic Federating, shows .that permany has taken the lead In aerial progress and holds more records than any other nation. The federation's report reveals that the firs tnujor records of tho /world, for land nod sea planes and.filrlglbles,' are held as follows nt the end of 1929 i Speed--Great Britain. , Altitude--Germany. Distance (nonstop)--France. Duration wltho'ut refueling --tier-many. ( Duration with refueling -- United States. . - · ' ' . . Germany's recovery Is all tha more .remarkable In that three years ago she did not possess any of the world's records which were at that time dlv vlded betweeri' Frnnce and the United States. Italy has completely disappeared from the list after having held at times the/pnlms for speed and distance. Costtj and Bellonte Record, America Is fortunate to possess her sole record, for none of the European nations has ever disputed It. They have never attempted the spectacular day and night flying for weeks necessary to better the mark of : the St. Louis Robin. The recent flight of 'Coste and Bellonte from Paris across the whole of Europe and Asia to Tsltslkar, In Manchuria, wrested from Italy he'r remaining record. Previously Ferrarin and Del Prete were oh the record book ss holders of the distance mark with their flight from Italy to Brazil. Flying Officer R. L. K. Atcherloy of Great Britain ; has become the new speed kln;j of the air to succession to snch dashing pilots as America's Al, ·Wllilnms, Italy's Maj. Mario de Bern- hardl and Britain's Flying Officer Waghorn, , Atcherlisy flew as fast as a bullet to win his world's record, attaining 533.8 ki'ntneters, roughly 338 inllea_an hour, !n a seaptace in the Schneider Cup race. / France'.i Adjutant Bonnet holds the world's apoed record for land planes, luUe a bit under the mark set by the British sen plane. The Bonnet mark Is 448.17 kilometers, a'pproxl- Tvmtely 2JjO miles an hour, established at Istrcs In December, 1024. Texas Mark Stands. There Is no competition for land planes such as the Schneider cup for spuplunos, and this may account for the Difference In the records. · Arriorlco's only record Is still In the names of Ueglnald Rooblns and James' Kelly, who «tnyed In the air brer Fort Worth In a monoplane for 172 hours «2 nilnutps In Muy. J028. The,Inter perform!)riros. which buttered that tliae liave not b«pti submitted to the fed- oration f»r registering, so for the present the Texas record stands. The records Germany holds aro for altitude, Svilll Neuenhofen rising 12,T."0 meters In n monoplane at Dessau G'l *!'»£ '-*L lESJL and_for ncurefueling Indoor Doubles Net Champs (Left to rigrht) Misc Sarah Palfrey and Mrs. George W. Wightman, pictured at Brboklhie, Mass., iollowirig theirjfinals victory in the women's national indoor doubles chaimiioiislup. Mrs. Wightman hM won thirty-one notional titles, with tola latest, and Samh,,,,who is »sister of the newly crowned women's aingles chanipion, beat Min» Marjorie Morrill aijd Miss Editij Sipourney, 6--3, 6-^-2. , . , _ . . nonstop duration, when KlsUcif am! Zimmerman kopt a'Junkers aloft for 65 hours 25'minutes In yfuly, 1828. Geriaany has captured also every Important gliding record In existence, and holds! among others, three free balloon reeordrii aldtudc and distance, all of them of long standing. The Graf Zeppelin brought her more honors in the world flight, bttt there: Is no recognized record for this. : Li'ke-1 Good Qt'he Boss--Smoke cigars, Tooipfclns? Tompklns, this frew bookkeeper-Yei, sir. I'm very partial to a good clgiir. , / The Boss-Umpb--then I'll leek 'eni up. · ' · · . ' ' ' . NO DATES will like this better way of obtaining ttoe money you need. ' Our friendly plan lets you have Ibe money promptly and privately. We maite no embarrassing hnves- UgatloiM among your frieods. We require no o«t»ide stgnera. you «wi bo»row up to $300. 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It w t a the work of the celebrated Flemish lalnter, Van Dyck. Hef offored 5 pesoa for the picture but '(vae told th* price w, * 40 peso*. Ha Ud not ha?e that' am unt on his pftrspn anJ promlfwd to retum ths follo'wlng 'dfty. Upon r turning he ' found the owners had ha i th' painting apprala«d and refuse 1 to', sell It at any price. ·' ' Get 68,500,000 Tn e« for Refc reatation Washington,--The lores: sejnrlce of the Agriculture dspartnjeo; amadunced that 68,566,291 tre«H wet a furnished by 34 stntea, Hawaii and Porto Rico last year for re-'Stocklnf farm tim- Ucrlands, CoJnciaent, wltli the lepartment's announcement, George 1 ratt, presl- d«nt of the Amerieim F( reatry association. Ions a leader in he cause of forest preservation, cal ed at the White Houno to urge lacr tSMA appro- priatlous of $2,600,000 to: forest flre fighting purposes. . ' Pratt':·'. told President 1 oover much «f last year's p.000,000 damage to the country's forests conl i haye been averted had there be a adequate funds with which to coral at fire. Only $100,000 annnaliy now is ivailable, he p«Joted jut. Moat of the trees we -e furnished farmers at cost, the Ag ·icnlture de- parttnent fiald In Its as ncancenient, although ncT«ral states distributed nursery stocJf free. Nev York »nd Pennsylvania led the 84 states, each K more than 0, "00,000 trees. China M» n ? ate Order* Use of New Calendar Shanghai --Document- China's old ntyle lunar not be valid after Janani cordlne to a mandate ! national jfOTCt-nnntat, It is hojied thut if th can compsl btfalnfts* ho the "forelpn »tyl'» calem eral jubl.U: : win do BO U rlotts. efforts at njodern endar hate met . With i and Oblnexe Ne" fear ebrated throtl^bout th« year In spite of official . d a t e d by :alenda.r will i l t 1080, ac- by the · gOTernaient se« to follow ir," the gen- jewlse. 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And from ft touch ot color on infornisJ luncheon clolhsi, tho idea has spread until evcrythlnt; ·--oven the moat elaborate - dinner cloth for a for:mJ occasion. Is ilkoiy to liuvo a taahlonablo touch of uolor. Whether applo green bath-towols »r purple sliocta ara dcalrabie tot' uny special reason Is up to the In- Ulvidual, It may encourage J o h n n y to tnoro frequent ablutions if the tMith'towel bears lively shttdss. Sleep rnfty b« more'restful on soft plnlt or lavender than Bljirlngr white. But there's no QUOHtlbn nhbuf. ih« helpfulness of color- 1 ..In .table 11 nan, ' Lunch ciotjrtN or lablc-ulotlis lire not nnccssnrlly all In on.e color. Sortie of tho modish ones are White with btinda of other color---or the elolh Itself may bo petinli or grrcon and hftvc bands of white t.i trlrnmlns. With napkins to tnhtch, and u center- pleco of somo simple flowers currying out the mime t i n t s . ' t h e r e In a »ut!«- iylns total effect of good dacorntjon. Tlie nevr I n V R S l f t n of color hnii tmicheci Bvmi tin? :iio,ii formal 'of table linens. The cloth tor tli» MUtoly dlJinor Isn't np:u«mirll.y i i u r u whita. U may be In any of i h o , delicate IMMt*l lliita--i«.l« lavender, mauve, pevuh. A bit ot pottery that matches one or i.wo ot such .colored cloths will provide the bawls lor beautiful and complete dwooratlon with euaa. ! Of ciiir»«. the neirenmal eci-u f i l e t for formal service is always In g"'d taste. At least one of theae »» th» linen chest In a permanent security for onrrert formal scrvlnp. Any X-lnrt of w b l p di»cnrnffon blend. 1 ! '-"I'h '"" -- a n y c h i n s or other tabl- n a p e r v . PsV Ads. Eating Right Food- in the Winter Months The Homo-Kitchen By Alicr Lynn flurry S SUNOS rathcvr chilly-- rn w celery, ftablMiifo, lettuce, ciirrbts. But CJitlno: tlieje ve)-etabl6s raw l« on« way to : make tiuro of jfettinB: .their precious vitamin content. V\'e know that thene foodH are the less dcltg-Htfu] of llio o.ib!e deiluiciea-- to put It charitably . But tilao we know that they con- luln some very Important vitamins -- elamifntM wo c in't live r.emro'rtably w i t h o u t , n l t h o u t t n we don't know very well why tuj yut. Cookinif un()iiii.-- tlunabl.v reduc.iv if it does lint (ienu-oy ilieBo tjiernt-ntt- «o much has l«Hn prov'nii-in luboi-aiory t«B(n. Ot'tali'ily overcunlclriB u alien most ijf · theue vejretflbl«'B almost worthleBs'as rood. t l « i w avoitl the job of eitring uVo- IHBS food?' Too o.'t«ii tht-he liom*lj- KV«wni -- calibesu and. cclury anrt i - . m l l f l o w v r ..... or ca r rolls, siui biiiat.-i ami t u r n i p s -- to ( m i l l i o n o n l y a fcw, are conkccl for hours hy ( l i n H o Who be-' t.liul'a i l i e o n l y wily fu · ^ t o n t l u r . At UK- 'enii of whlc'li biiur ais liiiu'h f l u - imiitM 1 ; -.Rnd if '. I'ljf tl h a s vtttuu hlffh dletoUsially, Ra mnttor aesthetic crltlclam may be hur!e5| at , them Not everyone can man : \g»' onions raw, aHiiough some varieties, I Illte. th« Iwet-eolored onion, or the large Spanlah :.or Bermudas. u,r» ·woet and mflri enough In flavor to be tolerable .Served with Krnneh or mayonnaise liniSBltiK or carnlKhed with a little enviar, oiivoa or pimiento and a'h'nrinkllng'of'lfemon juice' 'they a peppy flavor. Ilui'e are a tew eugpustioiia tw ru'w vefTtftabla service that ciin be used u n y titn» .during t),i( Winter-for caW-iiiye 1" in ' t h e rnafk'et when )f«R stvinly .vegetables are unobtajn- bbi 1 . Trench Drcsslue. lleve- t h e m ti:ijt' tlu'.r IIBV.I ,v«i - a* HhrwlilH luicu In which they wure b«fu tliruwii awnj 1 , HO Voo; w h n t t i u e v u r . Is il, It you go s course voK us H-itll t i u r l v pu n f i t . HinuU ,, , .. . cupful of Btuffutl filh'rs.; ruw 'cabbage, rni* celery, slk-ad olives and pep, Mix w'Hli M .lVonr)i SfllffrJ; CoqJfflO the Hniiio :.'inljitiire of " - ' ' , . - , following, I)H soon. u» it (i ruw to l\(« . (ru al'lt's.. you t h r f i i l l n e n o f i t of of i ho t;fl'iii't. A/id m a n y of enpacially the- eroeim... .rwa|!y much better r iw than when coolteii. Tiicro are n i n e loo many in the Wintertime, 'mi tluirc- i;; ;i ] a rK- n u t n b c r 1 of diessinfrK n'liir-h. ran be Horve'd with tltese voj,-piiibi-«r K( , \},^\ (he fliwh 'appears different;, "ajr.'ij has a. d i f f e r e u t tkuzar, C,ro«is_ life *%{«sepeiw, ' W bfea«», : temaioe* dan be .Vjid -Xistf-pitigqw »tan4. I" tuVi|i'H|oi,.j]fi()n 'or r-rc-aiaV .-.·'*'·'tail(»KiJo(5iifiiii« of v'lmjfiir I :)''lur,'.p .tii'e'''':. ili":'ti 'iluu!-' untl .Utii.t TO-11, (.rraiUiiiD.v '.lie . v i n p f f u r ' tti'ia-.^li(i' butter/ CJiitvtliitii j r;oouins over, hot.; w u t p t - t , u t H tlu'ii)tx Uii'(-., .thir-lciiN, ;riicd r r?ninvi ,!rrrr tho fjre lijtiV iitt. ptiWti to r.'oot; \Vhot «o!U utW i.he creaiti ( ; mis w6!I tosh the iral/bajj'H in tills v;u'jeii;:,bv ;'n s, rr.» l.w IU,'0 fa fetl : the ..-a, : ', etc*. ·· .- · ' . a r e ; Tiiry goo i, _.. -.s* tt tblfy«(pf»j

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