Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 3, 1975 · Page 55
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 55

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 3, 1975
Page 55
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-August3,1975 Wes» Rich-Poor Gap Narrows in Britain (C) -\*«r Jforfc TUB** Servitf LONDON - The last decade of welfare economics in Britain appears to have done little to change the inequality of incomes between rich and poor. But the gap since before World War 11 has narrowed dramatically. In a detailed survey, a royal commission has tried for the first time to determine the impact of steep progressive taxation and generous government benefits on the distribution of income. Major findings included the following: »· The differences between 1939 and 1972-73 -- the last year for which the commission had firm figures -- were considerable. The top 10 per cent commanded 34.6 per cent of after-tax income in 1939. but 23.6 per cent in 1973. »· The effects on the richest 1 per cent -- the symbolic- enemies of successive labor governments -- were even more pronounced. Their share of income, while still out of proportion to their numbers, dropped from 11.7 per cent after taxes to 4.4 in 1972-73. »· The percentage of wealth -- thai is. capital assets as opposed to income-held by high-income groups also declined The richest 10 per cent held 92 per cent of the wealth in 1912. 88 per cent in 1939. 83 per cent in I960, and 51 per cent in 1972-73. The major reason given was high inheritance Shufflers Doing their bit to save trees are these members of the Belle Woman's Club. The women have installed a newspaper collection bin. on Stubb Drive just off DuPont Avenue. Working for the recycling program are, from left, Sylvia Scherer, Reba Lewis and Josephine Cuburn. The women have also installed a glass collection barrel. (Staff Photo by Frank Wilkin) Propane Shortage Presents Major Decontrol Problems (C) N. V. Time* Service WASHINGTON - The Ford administration, already planning for complete decontrol of oil prices in a month from now. is pondering how to deal with one difficult problem if controls expire -- the problem of propane. V i t a l to agriculture and for h e a t i n g many homes in the Western states, propane is in short supply and has been allocated under the provisions of the control law. This is the law that will expire Aug. 31 if. as expected. President Ford vetoes a six-month extension sent to him by Congress last Thursday. * * * THE PRESIDENT'S veto will be based : 'on the price-control part of the law. He 'wants to allow oil prices to go up. The allo- · cation controls have been less noticed, ^mainly because oil itself is in.plentiful "supply. · But propane and natural gas -- which is -the source of most propane -- are in short ^supply. Without allocation and price-con- ;';trol authority, officials of the Federal En- -··ergy administration said Friday, the price : of propane would probably shoot up and ' t h e r e w o u l d b e n o a s s u r a n c e t h a t /'priority" needs would be met. The price I of natural gas is regulated by the Federal ; Power Commission under a different law. 1 Officials said there would probably be · little or no opposition in Congress to exten- !.sion of controls on propane. The problem is whether Congress, would accept a bill limited to propane, or whether such a bill would be used to reopen the whole issue of oil-price controls. One possibility being explored by administration lawyers was whether the President might use the 25-year-old Defense Production Act to allocate supplies of propane. In another development. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. D-Mass.. charged Friday that the Federal Energy Administration was allowing large oil companies to use "an apparent loophole" in pricing regulations to reap extra profits at the expense of consumers of oil products. At issue is the complex practice of "swapping" low-priced, controlled domestic oil and high-priced imported oil. Kennedy charged in a letter to Frank G. Zarb. the federal energy administrator, that the Getty Oil Co. and the Standard Oil Co. (Ohio) had used .such swaps in a way to increase Sohio's apparent costs under the regulations but without increasing its true costs. In effect. Kennedy said, low-priced domestic oil was exported. Kennedy said FEA personnel had expressed "concern" to his subscommittee on administrative practice and procedure and had estimated that the Getty-Sohio arrangement "amounts to a-loss of at least $36 million to the American consumer per year." He added that "this figure does not include other similar exchanges that may have taken place in the past or are in feet currently. MUSIC LOVERS REJOICE! The audio world is more exciting than ever! More and more new products and new manufacturers have made your component selection possibles almost endless. Advanced technology and competitive innovation have inspired improvement in amplifiers, tuners, turntables, automatic changers, accessories,and probably most important to you, loudspeakers. The exciting result is home music enjoyment. Your music goes beyond all the hype about "comparative specifications" and the "we're the best for less" advertising claims. The realism, the high fidelity to natural sound, is better and less expensive than ever before. For example, a good shopper can now have a quality component music system with automatic changer, AM-FM stereo receiver and a pair of wide range speakers for less than 300 dollars. 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Dr. John J. McKetta of the University of Texas says. "Many Congresses have played political football'with this problem and. in doing so. · they have put your future, and mine, this · country's, in fact, the world's future in jeopardy to serve their personal political ambitions. Such conduct, to me. borders on treason." Drought, Wine Problems Keep French Thirsty PARIS -- (AP) - Parisians, just beginning to feel the effects of a six-week-old nationwide drought, f-jced on Saturday the possibility of not even having a glass of cheap imported wine to slake their thirsts as water supplies were reduced in some parts of the capital for the first time. Angry wine growers from the Langudoc area along the Mediterranean in southeastern France for the second day disrupted t r a f f i c in protests against Common Market rules that have allowed imports of 'cheap Italian and other foreign wines. The area produces its own cheap wines. Police had to go in with tear gas to break up the demonstrators who created 17-mile traffic jams by obliterating traffic signs with black paint, claiming "the Languedoc no longer is part of France or of Europe." With the exception of local thunderstorms, there has been no rain since mid- June over most of France, from Brittany lo Corsica. Il is the longest period of drought since 1906 and its effects have been compounded by a heat wave. ·A K McKetta. speaking this past week at a dinner that honored former Texas Gov. John Connally. said. "Congress must give us a better future, or. as .stockholders in this huge U.S. corporation, you and I shall replace every single senator and representative." / In 1970. McKetta was named chairman of the Nixon administration's National Energy Policy Committee. It was assigned to study the nation's energy resources and demands between then and the year 2000. In the period since September 1973. when the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries imposed an oil embargo. "Congress has not put an extra drop of energy in your supply tank." McKetta said, lie predicted that the OPEC price for oil will "go as high as S20 a barrel by 1980" it the United States does not develop an effective energy program. "How in the world could the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth allow itself to be boxed into a corner like this." he asked. "The reasons include the sens.e- less, inflexible governmental regulations, and the extreme demands of your environmentalists. We now have so many roadblocks to expanded production that the energy industry is practically inert because of governmental laws and red tape." McKetta said hopes that the nation might be self-sufficient in energy by 1985 are too optimistic. "I predict that at the current rate of energy demand growth, the United States will have a severe recession brought about by the tack of domestic energy by 1985." he said. "In fact. I predict there will be an energy shortage in the United States b 1985 that will make your hair curl." McKetta said the United State? paid about S26 billion last year for imported oil and more than S2 billion for imported natural gas. Imports have continued al about the same rates this year, he said. "This sickening dependence on Middle Eastern oil will mean only greater risk* of another embargo, and more intimida lion in the conduct of foreign policy, whirl jeopardizes our entire nation." he said. OXFORD 3 BEDROOMS -- 1 BATH DO YOU WANT... exceptional quality in construction and appearance?... all the room you've ever dreamed of having?... would you like « home that looks and lives bigger than it is?... a plan of construction that offers unbelievably low cost? 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We will build to almost ANY stage of inside completion and allow you to complete the rest, to save you money. As for quality and size there are more than 20 models from ona !o four bedrooms and in addition, variations to size and floor plans can be had. As for quality may buy a different house but you'll be hard pre»sed to buy a better one. All materials are especially selected for their Ions wear, low maintenance qualities. Jim Walter-built homes are JJOT prefabricated... they are custom built, board by board, on your property and it doesn't matter where it's located... but that's not all, there's more, lots more that you'll want lo know about Jim Waiter-built homes... and WE WANT YOU TO KNOW. Our booklet showing all the standard models and full of information aboul how we can build for you... how we can help you cut your building corts... about our financing... our construction and all about our company is yours... FREE FOR THE ASKING. Send for it and then left talk... left talk price, size, mortgage payments and just exactly what you would like to have. If you own property and would like to build the most home for your money, WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU. Send for our booklet today. A complete line of second home COTTAGES is also offered. Jim Walter HOMES HITRO.W.VA. 25143 606 1st Avenue South U. S. 25 Eost PH: 727-2296 BECRLEY,W.VA. 25801 P.O. BOX 1231 339 Eisenhower Drive PH: 252-6500 CHESAPEAKE, OHIO 45619 P. O. Box 250 Old Highway 52 Pfe 867-3153 JIM WAITEX HOMES I would tike lo havt mart infer motion ond ld« cod of boiling on my prop«rty. I unoWond Itwn would bt no obtgaiion lo bvy and tftcl yoo wavld gta mt rim* belt fm of chorg*. KAMI ABOUSS. cmr _$TAn___»_ If rmi n*M pb«M t"» ***** _Cmr. · 'f-

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