The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1930 · Page 14
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1930
Page 14
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PAGrfi ^OU -THE DAILY COlTJVrEB, CONI nDELSVILLE,. PA, FRIDAY, FEBRTT'AUT 7, 1930* Basketball IT Jeaimette Whips Coker Quintet Witliwrt Difficulty pi League 40-26: Victory oik; T ; ;:: . Home ^ MILLER LEADS LOCAL ATTACK .leannet'ie, considered one ot the most powerful clube in Section Ten, W P. I. A. league,' lost night defeated Cc.uiwllBviUe High -when the Cokera wont to thai place, The score ·was -10-20. ' · ., · · · ; - , / , -.,,-, Miller led the Orange arid Black «t- tacif -with foni;field goals,;nut, feneo wa» not sufficiently strong to bold d o w n the Jeannetto drtbblrs. Then too, the free line- performance of tho winning club was superior to that of Conuollsvillc. The ltria-up: Caaini ,_. Cribba ... Krzyuck LejciiiH . Wurzoll uujack Sclirum .,,,,,..... Millet Campion. FUes ·"'""··'*·'.·"· 'j"--%- : ' " · * " V -'v- . Jones C! _,G.... urzon ~ ----O--·--~--;*" y-'-'-T,-, Substitutions.--Lavalle for CuBlnt, Carroll for Cribba, Fath for Krsyack, Gsiglairdp for Lojciue,Bengal for Wur- 7,ell Kudo for bujack, Shaw for Miller, Ferenchulu, for .Tchneon, Bradley for . . Fiekl. goals-- CaSinl 2, Crlbbs 5, Carroll, FaUt. IxjjciuB, Wurzell JJ.'.-Lujack. 2, Rude. Schvuin,' MiHJH' 4, Jones). ' Foul goa'lfl-- -Jeannetto, 16' out ot 21; ConnelVaville, 8 out o! 10. Score b y periods: , , . - - ' , _ · · Jeannetto..::.-.....-- 9 " 1* 15-iO CounoHHvillo _ _ _ _ _ .---5 . 7 0 . 8--20 R*£evo-- ;Rich«rd. ; Alverton Meets Sewickley Five At Home Tonight ALVEHTON, Fe'b. 7.-- There -will 'he action galore this evening whoa the East Huntingdon Township High School quintet goes into a battle at home with the Sewlckley Township High quintet. The Huntsman-coached youths are on their ,-toee for .tonight's game, and they are "at a jpitdb. never before, felt previous to 'any other game tais season. A victory over Sowickley is keenly desired. , .'· . Previoiwi: to the main attraction there -wiU.'bo a battld between ^ho girl teams of tho tv/o fecboole. ' Sports Comment - JOJ1N II, "WHOQIC. Ma^or J'ph.n K. Blake ^'tlte unofficial champion' checkor 'player iri the city? ,fhe;-ibbys at tho West kid'a' Fire Station and the 13,; %p.,,j ]iaJv'ft' ? .tasted d-afeat;; the hiftlsi'bf tho a;j:cutire secretary',: ot the .,.B;xs.rd of Trade;" '. ,;,:.'. 4 ^. :: ''".', ;, ; ":-.". i':;,, · -Tl»ere'si- v taffc'i of challenging ..:iFnion- t«rw£^to;--a-:B!iiei8 of -checker -games, for the county l^urelfi. - '![ By JAHKS -W. DM!,COM Boxing The mountain folks, however, will v.-ant to figure in the pennant disposition because they know tholr checker- toards. . The sports .writers spend the! year '.xund writing;' ;f\tlkinig 'and eating. Iya.3t:night tUey aureiy did eat, Iteten.od to dl-h^rs : talk and ; forgot '-a H ; about ''' " L: : :Koraiding:,the, n;pp'eiiro.i|,c,q: 6f Charlcy- iryati, , : piponiior j ba^katbail? playor of the ; rct)un',rp i in ;NeW- York,:, the,' New ^"or-k; ^Worl^ f last" -;SUnday handed l^ayette 'county's Chipper eonio nice '))ublibity .'·''; 'A- th rap ;-,· column- " - cut of 'J-tyafct^Ji v«o. ;; 'cu6l^maijy ;i)b'so '/.:· oh. the .co.iirf: -with nioreftnah a'-vcolum : bf copy tloyotod ,;to .the jjlayer;; him.fiQ]|; The f;tory;..;came ; juet prior : 'to : : ;the;?- Pitt- l ^ ' r h a i n ame. alin wltlj: H a ' s PACKING BOWLERS WHIP ELECTRICALS IN CAPSTAN GROUP Packing won the odd game f r o m the 'Electrical last night on theBlk alleys. G. Miller was higli with a total of -192 for thre-o games. The scores-: - . -. · K1..ECTRICAL. S. 'Ambrlsco ...,...,.,...115 144 j. Qebe .. ··.'· HO l fil H. Claw-jbii 113 89 S. -Gebo - - 124 137 Crouso - 79 10 G Soissou ~ 109 165 Glenna Collett, national woman's amateur golt champion .-.for. the past two years as well aa in 1S32| and 1925, arriving in Miami front Havana by airplane. Fana ar«V hopiag -to see we fsmovifi player 'in , wweral exhibitions, including national * Perry Chantce to Figure Title Tonight game,. Baling with: Hyatt's iiaet Vi)prf6rriian«! fia a Pitt star and to him as; the- "foremcwt piayn'r. in'"th« NationV' To xoK it off, liyiituclayed ,-iiid, gave : the -mp^ropolit«,ri: ; , a ireat'^xhilbtion i34?he, tore -jtn.rottgh Pordham to", lead tne:%ai)tber,s to a .{iorious triumph. /Dujibar /TovrnsMp H i g h ' : School -thould |Kxn .release eoiineihin^ of a j ilelinito iuitnre Hbbiit ite eiicloaad ath- | letlc 'fie'id, - While · there has ; been little eajrt' publicly,. It Is ! , understood that.'' 6.o.nifit,.hing',-5vlii' be' ^done }: Tory ihortiy.:- D,' T. ;ha« always! proved it- iseff antong tho:-Ve4iders in all d«part- montss'and -it in -le-U- that : the officials 'do not intend to have an "old soned'* athletld. iiark for a lirbgroaaive inetit^tion. ;T.oiii:feht'« .the-.Bight .for, tha hectic cjigc,contest .at Perryopoiia, D. T. and Perry will clash. 14! V SO 113 98 110 15G 40CI 3 SI a 20 35U. 295 420 Kaylor ..'.. Atkinson . I^indefelt G. Miller P. Miller ______________ G55 792 G!)8 PACKING. ........... .153 OS" ........ ....: -- ....... 81 :···- 93" ..... ..LU..:iOa :':.99' 127 ..--..-- US 106 -,'".80 : .............. 125 102 129 '.....100 138 186 - .................. 135 12S 2145 251 173.,.'32.8. ''30-1 '356 492 Totals -769' 676 722 2167 It's a easts oC "do. or. die" for Perry Township Ilih busketecrB tonight when they . lash with the,..-lumbar Township 911 Inlet, 'uncoiHiu?red IPB- SBBSor of Jlrst place in Section XII, \V. P. I. A.'League,'at the Perryopolia j'mnasitinC Unloasi Perry wins, the p-« iuarit goe i back for ahalhor, year to the Leiaeurlng cohorts. ,T.hero is overy, reas-on to believe that tho battio %vUlbe one of tho most vicious, ever ;taged at PcrryopbliS' and one of the largest crowds that aver 'fiUwl'.-lho gym, to overflow w i l l be on hand. ThoHo who lia-ve aUewdod previous .Dunbar-Perry setiqa,. \v1Il tum out early so that they-can secura a choice s e a ^ . I-.f D. '1\ can hurd-le the Commodores, It can glide o.yr the rest.ot the foes for the pennant. On the other hand, slioukl the i-'he'arer boys., suffei;. a, reversal; the i wo combinations will -lie thrown into -a tie position; and tho championah-11' .status.', -will remain' to be d-ecidud ;it' a later .'time. just around the corner. Seottdale is getting set for itfi entry in- tho Mid-Atlantic.: , Havey J. Boyl.c, Post-Gaisetle sports editor/writeB in hfa column : "Paul Krichell, who doubles ne a Yankee ' scout and" president of tho Chamlensburg farm of the Yunkoea mixes with the highest and lowest In biseball, and ' he oomc^ up with the encoaraging report there ie no falling off of interest in professional ba«e- 'bsjill. He jsays Class D b-aselwil! has many appUcationg from semi-proe, Although the minor leagues . o£ the: coun try number 28, whereas in 1911 there were 40, ihie Ttsteran ot the; minors reports that all^thp leagues nw are on a more jjubfltantial 'footing than in the day« wjieri Ibere wore larger mini hers,; ; li. : ie * eiftimaipd that there are about 9,000 nlayors in the varioue biisih, leagrtoa of the land." Kricnell iff ' known at Seottdale haring made froqjueilt ylsitB to the .Mil Town, where tho Now York .Yao.keea ·were trying to reap a harvest witbou helping cultivate the crop. Basketball TeanmPlay Extra But Can't Score ; .ALTON, I t'., $Vb. 7*.--At Iho end of tho regular time'ot a basketball game here between Alton and Jtospora high .-schools,the icpre'was tietl^if 13 all, .',.'..-Five time ' t h o referee called the teams together to start an overtime period but neither quintet .could, score. Both -ten-las were exhausted at the end of the 'fifth, o'xtra period so the game was ftn.ded in a tie by mutual, eon seat. FAYETTECITY IS DEFEATED BY PTOY BOWLERS Tho Fayetto City bowlers ; e'ucoun tered' the Perryopol-ra etars on the L A. Brown alleys at Pi-i-rryopolis ·whero the latter came through" .with triumph by a margin of 198 pins. The scores- Perfttet Type of '-American Beauty Ruats _ ,, Dickson .,,. GiJlen Beatty ., Yat.ea L FAYBTTK CITY !)5 : 137 145-- 37 -1_ IBS 184 126--- 41 r _,, Ifilf 133 172--- 4S8 1-14 140 144-- 42i _.,164. 149 120-- 4RC Ruth Resnikoff, of Toledo, Ohio, was selected in a contest staged at Philadelphia, as the most perfect American beauty, being a perfect size 34. Miss Resnikoff romped off with first pri*« und a trophy. She in an expert swimmer, and is fond of yU outdoor sports. j Totals ·...--,,,- 03D 693 707---208 j --.-, PERRYOPOMS Flanagan .~*~. !»7--ISO 153-- 410 ^bpinwall . Its 06 _ ..-- 213 ( bint ' , , 112 170 171-- 453 , Wnterhalter 150 142 13S-- 430 Snyder ,,, 182 1S6 , 176-- 544 JFarkos . 147-- 147 Totale 65 753 785--2197 FOUR SCOTTDALE ' BASEBALL ROOTERS ATTEND BANQUET Russell Hockenbuj-y,. secretary of the Middle Atlantic Le«.guo, Michael J. P-etonic, vice-president oC the..Soott- dala Baseball · Clu^, Walter Lockhan! and, James .TrKegan, ardent diamond followers, .all o£ Scattd^le, were in Pittsburg laet, night, attending the annual d i n n e r of the' sports wrltem. Racquet Champs . to right) P W. Kemp^Welch and Duncan Cambridjw, JBtisrlUh plsyers who eUnri mted E.J 1 . golden and R. M; Ehret, PMlaawphi* layer^, in fcha K itional fiotnblejf Racquet matches at Philadelphia, ara concetti d to nave * fighttor chano*] for_thc.- : .5fi3i.'J5*wfe. 1 -Get a R sputatidin^ Is Gaseys' Reply to E ^agy GomerOverture · . '· ' · ' ' '. " ! i " , . · -' · ' · - i ' · " ' ; , " . -·-·"'' · · : - . ' ' . . . - % For Contest to Determine Title YouBg Pro Co j ped Open Gc If Crown Sl-iutc, y 'UDg profeB- elonal g-olfer from Co ambus, Ohio, stroked his way to a brilliant, victory over a great ftelc in the Texas open golf champions ilnp. Shuta came m seven otrokof ah«od of his nearest competitor, ,vho was Al Bspinosa, 01 Chica ,-0. Shutc'B rounds were 68. 60, 69 and 71, for a total of 277. "Hot in Onr Class," Says Henry Brown, Jr., Manager of Irish Team. ASSERTS KEAGYS ONLY BEAT KIDS Whether there will be a bnataethall gatno between the Casey Club and the Keagy Corner team, two local quintets, has become doubtful. The Keagys Have already expressed their desire to take on tho fast-passing IrlHtuneii and the-t'e are-many who believe the South, Side crew would com* out ahead. ' : ' ; - . ' ' . ' ' ' " " However, tbe sports depaj-ttmsut of Tlvp Courier was ,given somfe "inside' inforraatioE 1 this morning by Henry Broxrn, Jr., business manager and forward of the Casey teaan. "I've seen."-in'(your paper .two or three times wherie the Keagys have thoy wanted, to meet us," the njatwiger declared. "Well, you just say for us that t'ho Koagys aren't in our alasa at alii and we can't give them any consideration until they satisfy, us thftre will be sufficient op- po»iUon to'ma% it int-ereating. ; Coulc they com-pebo at a!t! with clubs) like the Seottdale Buicks or the Monefisen K q£ C.? When the Keagys get through. playing a flock of 'kid'! teams aria establish a rputiition at the expense of soine worthy foe, Uv«n: the Casey $ will consider meeting therti," ' ' It has been hinted before that a gamo betwepn. these-clubs would b a a ''right smart · "battle", but now it is certain that if such a contest i$ 'arranged it will be a "flnisli fight."'.. Meet Sand Is a Hiu-dy Soul. ST. JyOtTJS, Jti'eb. 7.--Johji I^ally. n hardj' utMete of 81! yeara, a ftimous amateur r u n n e r .hero years ago, rc- cuntly ran 2.3 miles in 11! mlmiteH, with the tempOTature JO des!'M?.'5 ttlwve sero--Just to prove his font.eniion tost a mam. of hia yatiira could fc it The representa(.iv«fi if eiglrt entries in the Middle Atlauti- league al'e scheduleI to meet, at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the Hote Titlow in Uu- iontown to dieyuns th 193'0 ecliedulej The session was o -igirially slated for last Sunday but o ving to tho inability of. art exocuthe to 'be in attendance tho rally Sva deferred for a. week. .. It ie hoped that f wry [ranchise holder -will "be i'0pre euted at thie meet. ' . . . . . ht Local Boxers Will Feature Amateur Program ·" . ; At Cumberland on Monday Good Contests Slated Tonight hW.PlA.Loop Tonighi'e schedule'- hi' the Western Intel-scholastic Athletic is replete with contests that promise action galore to record crowds.- While Dunbar a i d Perry Township fight it out at thi'. Pcrryopolis gym- liaeiam for tho top of Section XII, Unlqrttown will rfik Ita undefeated record in Section X at Scottdalo Armory where the Blue And White hopes t/o win and stay in the race for tho laurels, ', '. · The program tonight in the local oectlone follows: : Section X Unkmtown at Scoitdale. Mount Pleasant ;tt Oreeasburg. Section XII Sewlekksy at Alverton. / Dnnbar at Perrjopolls; Htiret at Belle Vernon. Section XIU Redstone at North Union. Brownsville at Point Marion., Georges at German. South Union At Oarmichacle. - . i S43d Ion T West Newton at ChaTleroi. Monpngahele at !5outh Browrisville. Donora at California. Monessen Whips Casey Dribblers In Great Battle The Casey Club went down to defeat twfore the powerful Knights of Pythias quintet of Monessen at tho lat- ter'e floor. The soore wae 42 to 34. George carried off flooring honors with seven doabln-deckera and four successful attempts from the free line. Monesaen pallet! into the lead during the first quarter, having an advantage of 7 to 4. Tho margin wae increased during (he eecbnd stanea which closed 22' to 13. The Ca«eys mado a good etanc to come within two point.'! of the homo team's tally dining the third period which terminated, 31 to 29. A game attempt to pass the Monesson quintet was overcome as the Pythian warriors sent a de-Inge of baskets through tho hoop in. tho waning mom«nts of play. The Ine-up: Caseys--34» Monessen--iZ. Schilling ,, F_..___ McLaughlin Brown __ B 1 ^-- Bachofer Leonard Sichi _ Myers Billy Carter, Connellsville Clwl) Matchtriakter, Announces Teahi's Personnel. PUJIA TO MAKE TRIP WITH BOYS The .personnel of the boxing- team which will represent the OoniieEs- vjllo Athletic Club in the intercity fistic program Monday evening 1 at Cumberland, Md., was made known lo- day by Billy Carter, matchmaker and trainer of. the city's only organization that i«'endeavoring to preserve, the tight sport bere. .Bight "boys, who have appeared nmoy timee before local fans and wb.o ; Iis.-TO earned the right for the pilgrimage by giving mi excellent account ot themselves in the roped, rosin-6overed arena, make up the party who I-.TQ scheduled toNrto battle. In addition to Trainer Carter, Jimmy Pujia, local light-heavyweight, vill accompany the boys. They wfll be in, their corniir to lend the ConneHerfl- lians assistance and cheer them on to triumph. ' The local fisticnffers are: Johnny Rock, 148 pounds. Charloy CraTotta, 139 poimda. Don Aato, 120 pounds. Joe Vargfwky, 123 ponndK. Teddy Mancuso, 112 pounds. Johnny Giachetti, 112 ponnds. Paul Bolden,'127 pounds. Sammy Aetb, 118 pounds. Carter indicated that if an opponent was secured ior Pujia the local ace would go into the ring, - He has bt«n training regularly and can stop into the acrnarod platform it a momor^fa notice. He will venture into the Ma'ry- land c^ty, prepared for an emergency. However the Cumberland officials do not have anyone ttiat 1 can 'compete in P-ujia's claes and they are not anxious to eend any kind ot*a foe against the crack Connelieville battler. ',-. Tonight will find two o£ ii-e boya, Cravotta and Sammy Asto, representing Pitteburg in the tatercttj' show at Milwaukee, Wis. The pair are expetbed to return Sunday morning and hope to be in readiness for the jaunt to Cumberland. Jack Derripsey Longs To Raist '. . a . Family , Feb. 7.- -Jack Dempsey, former king oC the h--avywelght boxers, is ywrnhig to F ittle down and raise a family. . · He mtido tliis. admif *ion here while ttppearing in. a stage rjvue. ",Whea I'm reacly I ) settle down," Dennpey said, "Eatjlle. my wife, (Estelle Taylor, mov 3. star) will bo ra-idy, too. We both want a fam-ily, too." The fanner heavyT eight champion of the world a'Lso sal 1 he was going to start a stiff traini ig r,amf*alsii in March, . ^ Cross lea Kloe' to Mulio IUW. KOBINSGN, III,, Fel . 7.-- Crowing a. mile of ico in the Hood Mi-stricken area I'alcxllne, H h u r l f 0. H. 'Wallace WAVERLfUSSIES SCORE EASY COUNT OVER DUNBAR TEAM Th-a Dunb^ar Rinkydinkti lost to the Seottdale Wagerly girlB by a score of 82 to 3 on Wednesday evening at Ellsworth Park, Seottdale.' The lassies pleyed according to tho boys rules and 'this served to handicap the Puriiace Towuers who thus far thfe campaign had been, participating in battle regulated by the girls r u l - ings. ; Only one field goal was made by the visitors while the _ Waverly girls chalked'up 15. The line-up: Scotttlaie--!J2 F ..._.._.Pritchard .·.F 1__ ...Sharkoy C ,.. ..... -Rolliaon G ....: ..,,. -Petonlc G ! : Wo la'k Substituttone--Heri'on of Uhre, Callaghan 'for Staniite. Field goals--Young, Pritchard 9, .Foul goals--Seottdale 2 out o f 1 4; Dunbar, 1 out of 2. near lli.;pul.lci» l«*l. H i e I f . COIlflHCtl(.!rf. w h l c l i Lt!iy say had boon rui fa.ll a i l d u r i n g t in. -flood. · Mar tin chalk Younkln --... Uher -....-Smiley,..--...,,,,..,, Phillips Dickey McCleary,__ G-- Substitutions--laaho for Mclaughlin, George for Phillips: Field goals--Schilling 2, Brown 4, Phillips, George 7. Dickey, McLaughlin B, laahp 'i, Bachofer, 1/eonard 4, Sichi 3, Myers 4. Fouls--McLaugJalin, 1 out of 1; Isaho, 1 out of 2; Qachofer, miseed 1; Leonard, 1 out of 1; Sichi, 1 out of 2; Schilling, 0 out o£ 2; Brown, 0 out of 2; George, 4 out of 4, Referee--Barna rd. "Bullet Joo" Bush, former major league twirler, has. been made manager ' ot - t h e . Allan-town olub of the Eastern League. Patronize thosu who advertise. MAIN OFFICE WINS ODD CONTEST FROM MOULD DUCKS TEAM Main/Office won tho odd game from the Mould Shop last nJgiit on tho 331k alleys. B. Younldn was high, wiUi a total ot 459 for three games. Tile scores:* MOULD SHOP. GriflHhs Shupo ·T-aniison Snyder G. Anjbrisco gohonage -- Joliffee --_. -.122 _135 -10S _120 -141 -117 127 146 133 160 154 117 101 137 US 164 245 21. 1 ! 377 441 303 Totals Fisher -743 803 MAIN pFFICE. 119 781 2327 Cunninghani Miller , De Mere! I ~, Ralston B. Younkiu Totals 849 863 733 2460 Cnrncjrfe Has Veterans. P1TTBBURG, Feb. 7.--Carnegie Tech football hopes Jook bright for 1930 with only three of the 1929 varsity players due to graduate. They are Schmidt, tackle; Ycrina, gu:ird, and Knglish, end. ,T,cch had a particularly capable freshman squad in 1929, ins New Orleans Handicap Big Brlmo Oarnora, the Italian heavyweight, won another kayo last nlgfat when h« dropped OoTvboy Owens in the second round with a right to the jaw. -Owens solved the problem ot through the first round ly into clinches w h e r e ho baut oil the "IjarreMiloe" ribs 01' tire challenger. * * * "Tho Battle of tho Whirls"; la tha lK!n given to Ilin tight sohedulfld for f.''«hruary 27 nt. Miami, flu.., lirlwonti Jack ShairJtoy itiul P h i l Hood, (ho 1'Jng- "Donn*y," crack four-yuar-old of the Rancocas Stable,, after wt»- ning the N;w Orleans Handicap at Ne-v Orleans, La., oxer a classy field of enlrants. Tlwsnty at th« best thoroughbreds in the coontry went to thf post. ?12,500 -went to t,h«. winner. Harry F. Sinclair, is aVaenr «£ -

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