The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 28, 1939 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 28, 1939
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LAST E DITION PRICE 2 The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region. VOL 37, NO b6 The Weekly Courier Founded July 17 j879 lUe Daily Courier Founded November 10 , Merged July IB 1929 CONNELLSVILLE, PA , S V PL RD VY E V E N I N G , i \UY -'S, 1S30 TEN PAGES LEISENRING MAN KILLED NEAR SMOCK "CONFIDENCE llIAN ' STORY WITH ENDING UN'LIKC \LL OTHERS M i c h a e l Honmnsky's Death First Motor Fatality of Year RIDING ALONE AS CAR WRECKS John Hornmsky, 31 e«ns old, o£ Lusemmg No 3, lost his life in an automobile accidcn* rt about 9 30 o clock Frday night, the 'list motoi. fatality in Fayctte count} this yea-, on Route 51 near the Smoc c intei- icxtion State Motoi Policemen J A Mag- gioncalda aid K E Smith, \\ho weie cruising on the loute, came upon the wreckage extricated the vict m and lusaed him to Umontoun Hospital v.heie he v*as pionoanced dead \\pon ai ri\ al Hommsky \\as u d i n g alone \\hen h s sedan failed to negotiate the r u r v e , struck a p^e of nshes, hurdled i ditch and o\prtumecl E\anmat on of the body at Umon- toun failed to revea 1 , authorities said a broken neck, a fractured skull or any broken bones nnd it is behe\ed he my have bmotheied to death as he ]iy unconscious in the fiont seat of his machine in a crumpled condition The fathei of t i e \ K t i m , Michael Honimsk}, had been fatally mjuied last summer when struck by an automobile \\hile nail 1 ng along the ConnUKville - Umontov-n. high\\a When he did not return hoire, search uas made and members of the family found the father in Connells- xille State Hospital where he latei died of injuries According *o the investigating troopers the load at the point ^he the accident occurred on Route 51 a curve to the left--is cleai but «sno\v is packed solid on the bcrms As the ntachme sweived from the light side o£ the highv-a it p 'ed into a heap of ashes, jumped ovei a ditch and came to a halt against an embankment as it o\ prturnea on Us i ight side Horn nskj \vas not thrown clear of the wreckage and it is believed that a«s he lay in an odd crumpled position inside the cir he By Onitcd Press CHICAGO, Jan 28-- I h s , is i story about t\\o confidence men \ v i ' n a 'noney-makm^' machine and a s'ore kcepei But it'q d ffeient Franl Ginsbeig and OUo BsigoF 1 called on Rudolph Fischman a well- to-do cl air gioceiy ownci Thev in- teiestcd him in a scheme to get ncn too ·. him to then apaUmen and hov,ca him c icm cal piraphemal a w i t h \\hich they said it was possible .0 rrakc ^50 bills o *c of ones Fmsch- mann handed o\e, t\\o 51 bills and watched while Ginsberg and BcrgoQ passed them triough a solution pressed thei i with a blotter ard Diought f e t c h i\\o S50 bill's Take then to t i e bank, Ginsberg said and if thc re good b u r p back S10000 and ue can all be millionaires ' Fischmann took the two $50 bills deposited theni at his bank, then called police They ari ested Gins- faei g and BerkofT Gmsbei g Ib e said has a record as a confidence man and seived a pr son term for TAiMTED CHERRY PIE BLAMED FOR DEATH OF ONE; FOUR ILL Human Bullet 'monej machine swindle Tie name Beigoff is ,111 ihas, thcv said At the detec'ue bureau Ginsoerg asked F»5Chmann for the t w o S50 bills "Here s two ones,' F schmciin snid "Make yourself a couple of oCN Quake Ranks With World's Worst Disasters By Ull ted Pies PITTSBURGH Jan 28 --A homc- n i d e chci pic believed to have been United \ is bl im_d todiy fo the de ith of 01 e vvomin find the ill- ress of foui others The otheis all oi whom ate pail of the nppa-entiy-poiboned pie, "were ronfinca to their homes because of illness They aie Mis Mam e Mai icmi, bibtci o£ Mis Allsopp and w i f e ot Constible P e e Ma acini, LetitM Mlsopp J7, o£ Snow- | Germ lev e, 19, and Geialdme 34, den t o w n s h i p died in the home of daughters o£ the Maracmis arid Al- hei b i o t i w - n - l a w i bnodwen i m Skirb tz 18 a r-aid in t i e t o w n - s u p consliblc shoitlv after she Marauri home h id eaten a portion o£ the pic at dm- A pet dog S i l v e r , ' who at a nei last nig it , c h e i i y f i o m the pie also became illl Record Low for Year Recorded As Mercury Takes Another Nose-Dive As the m e i c m v too,, mo her f\.,_-.£I,*,., C n r tumble during the night the record V / V C M I U W I VI low JCiaint o£ the jeai w a s iccord- ed al Roaling Run, Fayetlc county s "ice box ' this morning vsith 12 below /cio A numbei of sections repoited sub-zeio v v e i t l e i c mong tl em India i Head w i t h foui under 'he same hgure t h i t w is shown at Som- By Uni cd Press. SANTIAGO, Chile Jan 28--Starvation threatened todaj the sun-ivors of Tuesday night s earthquake which took, it w a s indicated as more and rrore leports aimed from isolated communities, more than 30,000 lives miking it one o* HP worst single disasters m the world's hlstor The first survnors reach ng the outside woild from the leveled town of CauciuenCj,--wheie 2 "SOO persons v,e e killed and 2,500 mjuied--ie- po-ted that hundreds of children v e i e stalling and that the situation w as ' desperate " Cauquenes' pop- u^tion was 10,000 Not one build- irg w a s left intact eiset and Stovt^ own w h i l e Rock- vvood and Sand Pitch nad tv o below ZP1O While the v v e a h e - m m predicted i rise m he mcrcuiy fo- the weekend he s i a t h i t Saiurdiv afternoon ind Mind v would find the grip of the A i c t i c blisls agim listened on this commumtj 'Muc i coldei bj Mond, v ' v\as his telecast C o n n e l l s v i l i c i low was 19 this mo nmg a f t e the day before 'he rncrcu y had climbed to T3 ^s the un came rut dui ng the foienoon todav the tnerrr oine ci w is m a k i n g use above the freezing m i l k \i President's Ball Is Prediction The United Press ladio technician Kodrigucs Johnson returned to S tn- tiago from Conccpc on, one of the smothered to death Hommsky was an employe of the H C Fnck Coke Comp t nv He is survived by 'us wife, Mjrv | lar S L towns haid hit bj the quikc, three children feivvard, Johi and I ancl repoited the food situation so Bettj- at home his mothei, Mrs I acute t h i t Armando Cosani, United Michael HommskJ one brothei | PI-(I SS staff correspondent, and his as- Frank, and three siste s, Mirtha and sis 1 ants had had nothing to eat Rose, all at home, and Mis Pearl Hartzell of Smock The body was removed fiom Un- iontovvn to the funeral parlors of John J Sptshak m Comellsville Firemen to Hold Banquet Feb. 21 Annual banquet of the New Haver Hose Companj w i l l be hela Tuesday nigM, Februaiy 21 at the Green vood Methodist Episcopal Church, it was announced today by Ftre Chief Wi 1 - liam 13 DcBolt, a member of the committee on arrangements Plans u t l l be siinila- to those m formei yeaib with olficinls of the c ty and county naiticipatmg m the program Othe- invited guests will include fire chiefs fiom su-roundmg communities and officials of the Western PennsyKaira Fuemens Association in which Connellsvjlle h^s lor many years plajed a leading roie only m nute water were New Salem Man Held In Church Dynamiting Special tc The Courier UNION TOWN, Jan 28 --Michael troops Troops were digging new Krevinko, 28, of New Sa'em, is being held by State Motoi Police in con- nee Jon with the djnamite c\plosion tw : dajb ana thit arrounts of dunking avulablc Repoits by pnvate and militarv short wave radio brought reports of acute shortages, not only of food and water for tne survivors, but of essential medical materials with w h i c h to treat the injured, and of seiums and vaccines to fight the danger ol epidemic Thousands of bodies still remained uncier the debus of ruined buildings A hot summer sun hastened natural decomposit on, adding immeasurably to the threat of epidemic The stench pen aded ev- eryw here The government oidered all sui- v vors ev acuated from the ruired cities and towns ot south central Chile as quickly as possible and ton- centiated on repairing highways and railroads so as to bnrg about the evacuation as quickly as possible A constant s'ream of pianes and trucks was moving out of here loaded v ith food, water and medical supplies Planes and trains were bunging these essentials 'n from other South Amei- ican countries The entne region was urdei Eti.ct military law and diastic orders v c i c issued to deal with every phase of the emergency Looters were summarily shot Food supplies v ere expropriated fie government distu- bution Wells and other souices o£ fresh water ivere taken over by near two New Salem churches Wednesday mom ing Kievmko, w h o attended Ohio State University for two yeats, has been employed as a miner He was taken rto custody by State Trooper Charles A Mor,,tt who conducted an extensive mquirj nto the blast that t aused dimage to Holy Ti mitv and St Mary s churches The police probe is being continued, it was said wells President Ped o Aquirie icached Valparaiso last mtht on his tout of the "cgion and ordeied troops 10 comnandeei the au'orrobiles oj sightseeis who had lushed into t] e area He said they weie using vitally needed gasohtie, oil, and water He announced that any foieigncr vi ho e\ploi*ed the situation by nig puces of piimc necessities vvojlc be expelled and that my Chilean guilty of the same offense would be seveiely punished at 33 and it 11 30 come up four more o'Onciv i' ^ o clock it h id points Tenroeiatu'e readings on po nL alorg the Bait moie . Ohio Rii'road at 8 o clock his mornmg fotlov 1 . Som(is°t foui below Johnstown si ibo\ (. Co-inrlls\ilk 16 Smithnelti 10 JMorgintown IT Opekiski foi t Rockwoori two undei Snnd Patch t\vo undei Sto\ ostow n foui undei P c n n s \ i l l n a n d Bioad F n i d b o h u p o i t c d tif,h ibo\e it 7 o cloc k this m o i n m g ^ he n Daw--o i nid V i n d e i b i l i h d repoi s of si\ abo\ D e t a i l s have been completed for the Pi esident s ball tonight at Pleas- ar, \ alley Country Club, Dr H Daniel Minced Conncli.vilel chair- m in in the infantile paialjsis foundation fund announced The committee m chaige is anticipating an ove flow ciovvd to*- the ci ow d for the da cc scheduk d to begin at 10 o'clock The e his been vvidespiead interest m the soci d e v e i t because pio- ceeds are to be used n furthering the w a i or the dieid illness w i t h haif of the r unds to lenam heie and the olhcl roitioi sent to Nllional headquai tcib of the p n a l v s i s committee Di Mincid lauded the interest local c i t i z c i r y in the humane campaign mans of w h o m purchased admission tickets although they do not phn to jttond tl e dance He lilged othei of the cuv to join in the d me d r i v e nd to send coins to the P-isiclcnt Senate May Ask \\i . i // c Inside btory On Plane Deal Pilot H U Child Read? for new tosta ia H L Child The Buffalo, N. Y., test pilot who set a new speed mark in a 575-imlc- an-hour dive in a new type pursuit plane, is shown as he tias about to go aloft to test another plane--just another day's work for the intrepid flier. Rescued Alive After Five Hours Under 40 Foot Pile c* Cinders EAST ORANGE, N J , Jan 28 Frank Puleo, 35, was more shocked than mjuied today £iom a five-hour imprisonment in a standing position 40-foot pile o£ cmde s Loyalists in Rout As Franco's Troops Close Jaws of Trap Senate, Taking Crack at F. R v Stiffens Stand Republicans G e t N o Chance to Form New Defense Lines; Only 50 Miles From F r e n c h Border. Bv LYLE C WILSON United Press S*aK Coriespondent WASHINGTON, Jan 2S --Triumphant Senate conservatives v ho beat ihe New Deal on relief spending by a one-vote rrajonty moved 'odjy to impose stiff penalties to P) event politics in the Works Piogre-s Ad- mmisti ation A month of v j n e d corgi'ssional -e jelhon culminated in the ' 6-to-47 Senate vote to cut Piesidcnt Roosevelt s deficiency relief appiopriation fion S875 000,000 to ?725 000 000 The vote backed the su-called House 'economy bloc and P ovided a roll coll polit eally significant because it foretold new congre sional alignment against the Admimstiation The Senate today considers further amendments to the relief bill passed by the House They include 1 A surprise proposal maae last STAMPEDE OVER FRONTIER FEARED night C'ark bs D Senatoi Mo , to Bennett Champ p-ohibit use o£ relief funds for purchase of or con- Firemen rescued h m last night and struction o£ armaments, munitions or although he seemed umnjuied, he flirted twice fiom shock before he could be taken to a hospital Pu eo failed to appear at the military barracks 2 A series of amendments offered by Senator Carl A Hatch, D , N M , to p-oh,bit the promise of jobs for Mulnnle Concrete Company office to political activ ly, piohibit coercion o£ sign the payroll at 5 30 P M A , persons paid with relief funds or few minutes latei John Scaed'o, of ' solicitation of reheE clients for poh- the mgit shift, slatted woik on top of | tical funds Ha'ch has ; agreed to a cinoer btoiage bin The bin is 75 i broaden the amendments to covei feet high 30 felt in dnmeter, peisons icceiving funds from any cjlmdiical in foim , L irge, cunker- ' congtcssio-ial appropriation like cindc s used in making conciete 3 ^ amend-nert to resto e tlie blocks nc- stoied m it \ heap of , House ^ pjovision d ' them is porous croug i that if a man w e r e buried under it, he could still go. enough ojsigen to Lve, as Puleo dcTionbtiated Scaedto had been at w o i k a fe-v minutes wher he bend someone call i his nickname P o p ' The voice seerro I ne'arbj bat was muffled. Scaedto looked about him He Bv LDWARD G DEPUrtY United Pi ess Copyright BARCELONA Jan 28--Nationalist troops, dnving an apparent!} disorganized Republican aim into a t*-ap at the French border along tnc Meditenanean, occupied CaMetas today and punned on to Aienjs De Mai, on the coast 25 m les north of Ba.- eelona The nationalist shock troops were blast ng a path up the two main Cataloman north and south highways w i t h tanks, arrnoicd cars and borr.b- m" planes Then p ogress was so s w i f t Jiat the., gave the lepubUcans no chance to refoim their lines and make a stand The Moois and legionnaiies of the Moioccan coips, the most seasoned fighters of the nationalist aimj, vveie selected foi the task of mopping up ill Catalonia and leaving the leoub- hcans isolated and viitually sui- ounded in tlie small area vhich they hold in South Central Spur In the northward advance ilong the coast, the nationahs*s had advanced more thin 25 miles from Barcelona passing the line v\hich the Republicins had selected for then Irst stand noHh of the citj They were 32 m les fiom Geicna, which had been selected as a tempoiaij lepubhcan capital, and only about 50 miles fiom the Flench fiontiei Funerals Tomorrow For Two Truck Drivers Asphyxiated in Cab ^, Bs RCWVLD O I'M 1 .,' Tiist i Ui tcr Press fatalt Cou ^pondcnt | \V^SHINGTO^ Tan 28 -- The I Se late. M i l i t u y All in ^ Comirit ce pi mn"d t j ask A i m j C h e f of S'afC to; ! Fra ice is purchasing latest Vvpe The fjnoul seivices, for two liuck Amencin n il taiy pi mes w i t h the d u v e i s who w e i e asphj xia ed I (Jll cooper tion of the Goveinment Thuisdaj noin ng in the cab of then j Revelation that this Government machine as it v is paiked on Route I WHS coupi-ialing w th Fien-h rcpie- thoi ghl I c recogri/ed the \oicc and said I-, tint you Tiank " J l a n k explained whcie he was and Sc icdto sounded the ila-m To get him out iuemen had to cut a w a j a section of t i e Suecl ie- nfoiccd I i and shovel avva.v a nout t nn of chnkeis Puleo aided hem by describing the posit on of hib P outbtielched, pinioned arms i main ng 56 seve i miles southwest of Indiana, ' senl w i l l be hole Sunci ly iftemoon .planes decisi' ic - pUl icsulted ° b u y latcs.-type the co nmittce s The ond of Fiancis W Bunt,ird, i aecls '° i to nquire 29 of F a i m n g t o n or many years'" 1 0 lolcs being pli a 'csidcnt of Ohiopj'e was lemovcd i N : u y a " ld T-reasury by Funcial Dnectci C B Hambeit of Confl lence to the home of the v ictim s b i o t h e r Daniel c t Ohiopyle, where albo resides his mother The seivice will be held it 2 o clod Sundaj afternoon at Chalf Hill Interment w i l l oe in Ch ilk full Cene- tci 3 The bodv of John Kenneth Au- e x t e n s i \ c l j into ed by the U a i , sury departments Willnm C Bullitt, U S ambassa- doi to Fiance, was levealed to h a v e requested the coopeiation of Piesi- dert Roosevelt and Fode-al agencies in extend ng aid to a Fienih m ssion k I planning to speid 5C5 000 000 on i^°ncan-consti ueted planes The Pi esident it w is leained urged the War, Navy and Treasuiy n an 21, o r Addisor, is at the home of his paients John and G ace Auman theie weie the service w i l l be depaitments to repiesentit v QS ficeis fiowied civili m ' assist the Fiench A thougn Aimy oi- the plan, then it was undei stood, held tomei-ou Intelment will be m peinriltcd the Frenchmen to mspec. equipment, w h ch has not been passed upon by the A'.i Depaitment Seintoi Bennett Champ Claik D, Mo who leque^ed the mquny said tl at he wanted all informal on con- ceinmg the fiench purchases o be made publ c "Jf it isn t, he said "I may intio- duce l icsolution calling upon the depai tmenlb involved to file icpoits with the Senate "I am nteics'ed in asceitaming vvhcthei the Ficrch government is v lapped ^ b° ln g P^imi'ted to obtain optioi a on thev bit I latest-type pi lies w h i c n h i v e no 1 been mane a v a i l a b e to oin own Tcrra Alta W Va , wheie the family icsided befoie locT'mg at Addison Identification was, established by driveis licenses tounu on tbeu pei.- faons Sta 1 e Motoi Po'ice s ud both bodies were p a i t i a l l fto?cn when found The two had made a tnp from Baliimoie, Md to Evans Ci^y w i t h a load of foodstuf s and were erroute home when they decided to p?rk then ti uck nnd tnkc a n ip Thc left the motoi lunning Caibon monoxide roibonmg k llocl \\ em as thej slept The two had IhemseK es in bl nkets is upnght in the ti jek c ib Truck Driver Held After Collision Murderer, "Lost" Four Years ^^ * In Death House, to Die B Unlled Prc^s FHANKFORT K Jan 28--Sylvester Waine' a muiderci, has oeen ' lobt ir the Eddvv ille pen - entiary dea*h ho ibc foi rroic than our vears He has been moie than 20 tondemned men match to " ' fold He has been n t i c dc-nb house longei than any othti pnsor- er in KentucKj s histo } He \va^ oiigin^llv scl t d i l e d to die OcLobc -5 l^S-I loi i h e niKdn of Llnv " \ \ h i t c -\ icvv hojis befoi 'Mb t\ecuuon, R u b v Lciffcion, th ^n gov- erno-, gi anted him a stay pending a review of the ca e and al=o commuted to hfc imp isonrrent a deaJi "ntence imposed on \\ jirer ^ ac- ornphce Hllbion J°Beiles An utomobilc owned b Claries E Youlei ot Uniontovvn, pal ted along the siae of tl e roao was struck by a truck opciated by Herbeit Dawson, 24, ot Smithfield, R D 1 Eriday evening on Route 319, one mile south tiood Damage totalled $50 Motoi Pol be said Daw son left the scene of the accident and ! latei was a lebted en Route 40 He p a i e n t l j became lost" m piison and I was taken to the Uniontovvn police coui t iccoids Day a^tc clay foi 52 station months Wainci awaited action on i his case-- lost m dea'h low stolcn Cal Recovered. Recently the case c ime to .he jt- j i h c au omobile owned by Huntei Gov- | Wilson stolen fiom a gaiage at Peuyopohs d i l v Fuday monmg tention of Laffoon s otViei j tinoi 'i B ( H a p p v ) Cnandler He scat- l e f c i i e d it to the state legil division nnd i' was t iker befoie the Ken- w a s lecoveied l i t e F day in a thicK- et neai the home of J S Foi sj the, tuckj Couit of Apueik The couit|, 1 C a Pe lyooohs The machine was a'firrred W n i e v s derth sentence and b f n t the oiccr bic' to Chindlei \ o » U K l i v Out dlu suncd n oidci fixing \\ i n c i s exccutio i d ite foi I V b i u a v lu He w e p t as he wrote 'Because anoJiei as equal'y guilty as Earner h 1 s been peimitted «o tscipe the judgment of the con t,' he said ' is no reason toi me to com- Th^ oi der foi the lev f w ap- I 'nil a b i m i l a r "nor in good conditior il hough i t had bcei run quite a oVtmcc The cai u is bcli v ^ d lu ii vc occn used b b u i e ! a i r n l u n c v i i , , loot I ike i fion l h ^ \i n t it, ircl To tei SCIMCC stat on ti Pcii^opoli Ralph Gallc\ III Rilph G n]c\ son ol M F i a r l B C iPej o \ i n c l e n l his 1 "mr oJ cup TWO MINERS TESTS LISTED NEXT WEEK Ihe Bituminous M i n u s Uxamin Boaid of w h i c h Ea-, Millei ot Indi n Iiead s cl airn in will 1 old only Iwo faessions next week the otior tv/o having beei cancelled it was . nounced today by Secretary Paul Vucish of New Alexandria The tests will be ncld as follows Tuesday, Colonial No 3, ho'el lob- oy Wednesday B i o w n s v i l l e mumcipa building Examinatiuns, begin a t 8 A M a n d 1 P M The Weather wage differential o£ moie than 25 per cent between stales 01 areas Predictions of a big cor^eivatwe By HAROLD ETTL:W3CR economy duve as a follow-up to yes: Lmted Piess Staff Correspondent te-diys vote weie received doubt- j PEHTHUS F ench-Spanibh Fion- fully Yesteidaj's vote vvis largely | tiei, Jan 28--Fiench frontiei au- political and a studied rebuff to Mi thoutics appealed for troop einfoicc- Roosevelt Observcis do not believe Congiesa has yet demonsliated an mtei tion mater ally to icd-ice New Deal budgets ' I don t think that money vVill stay in the Tteasurj long ' remaiked ments today to pievent a thieatened stampede across the bo'dei by thousands of hungii, tenouzed retugecs fleeing befoie the Spanish nationalist aimy ir noi hem Catalonia Depiitmental piefect, inauguiated ·5150,000 000 which has been shaved fiom the relief appropnation "VIi Roosevelt sought the $875000^)00 to \ w orkei s dm ing the re- five months of this fiscal rh"e"icscjerrdilg"oii'tiist so he could'year. The Wh^tc Kou« e \ « t ' d c\eiy -elp " '" -·'"·- -" 1DDP was pulled o i l bv ropes Senatot Caiter Glass D , Va , of the 11- spcci il piotection set vice with the "them by H a w i n g \Vin-n the , pressuie to obtain that sum pait 01 his bodv \ v a s f i e c h e j Vire-Piesident John N Garner, }· e fcl wen king on he explained op of the bin Missing Plane Story Believed Unfounded GEEENSBURG Jan 28 -- Rumors that a commeicial tianspml plane crashed nea- West Newton, 12 miles frr m l a v e he. e, vv^ie believed today to g i o w n out of an unidentified ] who helped defeat tht President on ihe spenums issue, %\as sitt ig in Cabinet meeting vvuh bis chief when the news reached the White House Wete jou the only one to smile''" Gainei was askec when he letuined to the Capitol "You know I have a pokei face " ciackeri the Vice-Pi esident and hui- ued to his office where otheis ga tiered to celebrate their victory Senato s Clark, P Hairibon, D Miss J F B j i r e s D, S C , and Geiald P. N e R , N D vv ere among the cele- brarts Also present weie two who voted with the Administration, Senators Shciman Minton D C O Mahoney, D , Wyo Joseph pi vats pilot's request for o mechanic | to lepan his motoi Investigate! s from West Newton | ard G eensburg spent appioximately f i v e houis in an intensive seaich foi j the plane they supposed to nave riade a successful foiced landing or clashed on a f a i m in the West Newton oisttict No trace of such a landing o r o f , l cnsh w a s found ,r»,,^», m «,,,» T , 0 ^ 1 The fiist man known to have heard UNIONTOWN Jjm ZS -Tuvial the icport was Noiman O B i j a n , aigument ovei the thiowmg of stones ^ "^ ' int^ ^ fi^n Vin 1^ ff\f (Via ffvmlri r nf manager of t i e Gieeisburg a rport vho said he received a telephone ,,, ,. , , ,, ,, ., =all from a man who identified him- Waltersburg duung the cold weathci cooperation o£ infantry, calvary and motorized army u-Mts Mayor Thomas Cazalu of the fion- tiei tovm of Bouig-Mddame wired authorities that 10,000 tefugees vveic concentitiled just acioss fie frov-,,_i at Puigcerda in-1 tnat ne feared a sudden maich^nto the countij Fiench authouties veie do ng then ut "nobt to gel the i efugee mPow on in 01 gar ued basis The cabinet at ?a is consideied today a loahst gov- einmeit appeal that 150,000 iefuge"S peimitted to faCtt'e in France and Noithein Afncu Thoutan Is of vvonen and cluldien, aged and wounded toldieis had b^en peimitted o cioss the t ont ei already and -nore weie being let »n today But to the south ihe loads vvcie jammed so thic*v w i t icfugees all moving tow aid the fiontiei, that on some of H-e*n traffic southward was impos~iole WPA Workers Fighf; May Cost One Life into a fl^e bu It for the comfo.t employes on a pioject iieav sel' as an acquaintance The call asked fo- help ir lepauing the motoi of his plane vvhicli he said he landed safely ir a iarm OBiyan jurrped into his automobile and drove towaid West Newton to g i v e assistance Auplanes weie heaid ciiclmg ovei the citj between. 8 35 and 8 50 F i- day night while tlie activity was for a g eitei ptnod in the section to the noi thw est of here R?m ton ghl ind SuncLj chang- i ig to srow Sunday mglu wamei tonight ai,d m extiemc east poition Sunday, colder in wes f poition Sund iv ftc n jcjn mi ch coJdei b Mon c i\ I ihe nuoi v e ilhci o i e e a ^ t ""ol vVc^-tei i Pt mi \ h m Temperature Record 113!) 1938 M xi nuin J j 22 ^''lnlmum 0 1" Veai 2fi JO Joseph B. May Dies At East Brady Home Joseph B Mny 46 yeais old, f mei tesiden, of Connc Isvillc, died at his home at East Brad} Friday mo-i - ing after an illness of pneumonia Mr M d j was general manager of the office of the Pittsbuigh Limestone Company ana 1 t.d been affiliated with the company foi the pist 20 yeais The funeial sei\ice Vvill oe held at 9 o clock Monday mom ng it St M a a y « Chuich w i t h Rev Eustace officiating Fudaj may cost the life of a Lnion- tovvn ma i who Was St..uck over tne heaj with a 10-pound sledge ham- me Chailes Mucliock 24, suffeied a t actuied skull and is in a se ous condition in Uniontovvn Hospital State Kotoi Policemen Jo ui Beck and William Haitung ariested Paul B Smith Ji 19, and aie ho ding him pending the outcome oi Mu- chok's injuues Smith w a 3 reported to h a v p been throwing stones into the file to jieal them crackle and fly from the embeis which Muchck lesentcd They quarreled lioy Struck by Truck Jam n s Noschese, 11 son of Mr id M s \^ in Noser c-se of i23 Mac-is^n i \ e r j c - - i f l c i c d biush bams al the it hip at aoou t ! 4*5 o c ock f iday a f t c l n o o n vvl en he v\ t.b stiuck by a t i u e v , rcpoitcdly dnven by Rebel t Callaghan, at tne corne o' Cottage avenue and Apple stieet He was heated at 'he Hos- p.tal , New Shirt Firm Will Use Meyersdale Plant MEYERSDALE, Jan 28 -- Dan Shut Company will occupy the shut iactory building vacated last spring bv Phillips-Jones Coipoiation and op= ations will oe resumed Ma'ch 1 acrordmg to the Industrial Association which l a s completed i gotiations w i t h the New Yoik concern Shipment ot equipment is expected to be stsi'ed immediately so that work irnv begin at once on piepar- m^' ot tl e $70 000 building r or the manufacture o' shu ts PSRTHUS, Jan 28--Thousands of 'oyaiisl Uoops and refugees lea into nce today before the aimy of the Spanish msui gents Seveinl demoiali?ed loyalist icgi- ments lushed across the border al Piats dc Molo Iheir numbers ma into the thousand, accom ng to ic- pouts from Perpignan, and included ofticei s Ihe Fiench let down the fiontiei barneis shortly nftoi midnight Among the fust *o pass were convoys of wounded soldieis still n uniform and a 1-andfull of caiabmecis who still cairied then arms Mobile guaids permitted the let- ugees to paas in batches of 100 The only btieet in Perthub was jammed as hurdicds sat on sidewalks besidc theii belongings Some estimate;, of the numfaej. of lefugecb nn KS high as 200,000 H was expected the exodus v ould con- l . ue 'or days Perry Teacher Scalded Removing Radiator Cap "VIi=s Lama Mae Elliott, daugntc' of Mi and Mis Roy Elliott of Jef- feison t o w n s h p , sustained bmns of the hands and face when she is- mov ed the ladiatoi cap from her ajtomobile Thursday Ice in the radiatoi caused steam to foim sftei the engine had been lun- nmg foi a time Miss Ell oU is i teachei in the Pel iv townsmp schools Postmaster Confirmed Appointment of Eh B Weavei as postmaster at Ruffsdale, Westmoreland countj was confirmed Friday by the Senate, accoid'ng to a news dispatch from Waslurgton, PROPERTY OWNERS WARNED TO REMOVE SNOW FROM WALKS Complaints against piopeity ovvn- cis vvt-o tail to clean then uidevve. kb alter Mioufabs have rcoultcd ,n at- trntion bei 13 dii ccted to an orduiaace enacted many years ago by City Council, requiung the clearing o"f snow fiom property and providing a penalty for failure to do so,

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