The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 4, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,738 l i 3EWTS. OL. 16, NO. 149. CON.VBLLSVILLE, PA., SATURDAY EVENING, MAY 4. 1918. EIGHT PAGES. STIRS UIRE BIXLER'S TEAM WINS CHAMPIONSHIP "Of the many displays of interest in the war which I have witnessed since it begun, none liare impressed me quite so much us the enthusiasm, 'cooperation and fine spirit shown by the men of Connellsville at the meeting in tho Masonic Temple this evening.'' The awarding of the honor flag to the city of Connellsville for passing i tbe Liberty Loan quoin, at, the high This candid and hearty expression, which was made to a dc hooi auditorium last night, dovci- ·ier reporter by Judge E. H. Reppert at the conclusion of the oped into' one of the most i-nthusfas- or Flag presentation exercises last night, correctly describes tic patriotic leatherings over asb.:nbiod mpression which tho final dinner of the Third Liberty Bond.beTM. The i t uendaucu ^as small on ters made upon the mind and heart of every person present. · account of me heavy ram. bin what ;e Re;,pert was honor guest at the dinner at which the teams * a * **£ u s m numbers was made UP lilted the reports which sent the Connellsville district ' n x^ 0ric . cceI:enL address, one by iding over the top and well beyond its quota. As the en thus- j, ]ugc i/ H.. itepnert of L'niontown. of the workers gained in vigor wfth the successive increases | who pre^enti-d the" tiag, and tht- othur e totals, Judge Reppert made no erfort to repress his admira- by Attorney E. c. ihsbee of ;his city. for the work accomplished by the teams and joined just as accepting iiu- emblem, were made. ly in the demonstrations as did the most loyal Connells- Conneiiaviiu.'s excellent showing and _ the meeting last night u u r e tho chit'T When later, in his address prcssnting the Honor Flag to the jj" '/^^j^. ^o"aj roaL1011 m *^ Ql * l ^ r ~ Judge Reppert struck a responsive chord in his hearers a n d j Tilc loan ' usu ; cs announced at the ·d clearly the reasons for the remarkable success of the cam- 1 meeting brought tremendous applause n when he said: "That bnnch of men can put any thing across; they have created s solidarity of effort in this city that can go over anything.*' nelUvilie went over tht top last so strong that the bands on the ock indicating the results of the t.y Loan drive here jun ped half . iround on the second lap, indi- . ; thai the million and a bal! was almost reached. Otiicial \ is have placed the city over the n mark and unofficial returns almost flOO.ODD :o tLat. The of the grand total \vaich had reached spread over the city, he words "million and a h a l f " 1 on the lips of everyone. The ' Liberty Loan Honor Flag ('onneUs- ville llus Won. listeners. He said in part: it represents what has been j almost entirely in Connells- Lbe reports of tie ou-.side dis- ^""d H2 additional subscriptions , -We won't win tins war until every not yet being compiled;. ! f " m P ers ° n s w 'ho had already sub- ' ]a ? i intllviui:a! of us reels thai th = ;» las:" meeting of the c.-.nvassing , scribf ''* i - Conncllsv.lle's quota Jor :hc ,'our w?r. W..T! few it is n»r »-,v wlion held in the Masonu temple \ " Bu ' An " LVi fr Bond" campaign »as j 20 or 30 m i l l i o n s of hows have bonds light, where supper w;.s served men, was the most enthusiastic -ing of business men »-ver held e citj'. Immediately ifter the · ;^^ - had been sened the nen sang, aar, "Where Do We Go From * teams The reports -./ere tien ·' ued showing a total subscrip- "j only 80 bubscripuons. i in L hem Ar.e-ncrm Iiheny is j) U ' Thy Baltimore Ohio railroad sub- ! cheapest at .my price that money can scription, which will be credited to ' buy. i bel.'.·* vro w i l l w f u 'his war hecMiisp E bi'liov c t lie re is a God iu IIea\en. "1 profound.y b e l i e v e 'Jirtt t h o present c r i i i K exceeds in # r a \ i t y of possible cons'-frienc'j any oilier t h i s coun- was announced last u:ght as S-36,G50. and Superintender.t M. H. Brouyhton stated that il would be '" several verses dedica-ed to the 5230,000 before ihe campaign ended. RejKrls mace by the women'.- e inns teams showed that $78,000 had t r y c t c r f a c , d n f j . t , x ' f I l l t l l I I R l l l c Rc . 0 . .. _ _ . .,, ...... ............. ,,..._, f Jl.331,050 for the citj. without i tecn collected by them. The result is ' lmi( , nary and C n i l wars. \Vc r ·tlying districts. | considered remarkably goorl, as the ' fl g] 1L in s in this w a r for moral s ' e- after cheer was giv.-n as tie , business practically , p rcrruu .y. in doiertn^ne whether this world shall tlominau 1 on t u t k eaehinffs of Jesii^ Cb-ist or on hau aad b r u t e , men's teams turned in their Una! totals. c!can «i ^ «ty out. teams, captained by A. O. Bix- j "airman ^T - Norton reported ^ ,,, W Downs, M. B. Pryce and S. , t h a t ' hc offlc:al lotal ot subscriptions ror ,. e ic went over the ?10U.' 00 mark, ' ?° r , t h e city up 10 the of the I .. Wc a r r m)[ j n , h i s K a r f r ) r scnU . springing the stivpri e of the , b a»^ yesterday iuternoon was ?I.-! m M U a l r^,,.,,, i,, h c h a l f of om . Mif ^ - ' - | xvhun wc ,, ( , u ,,, Frallu K p , , h( f[)r ig when he raised his tsial from D :o ^150,100, leading e\er other m the city. men were getting into the spirit campaign when Rixle-'s report lade, and jells and hurrah: rc- jd through the building. The of Downs and Pryce :an c ose, O2. r ..0,"0. He explained that Uniontown had been dubious whether Connells\ i l l e w o u l d be e n t i t l e d to tne honor flag by last nigh:, but the figures j showed that the loan quota had been officially oversubscribed by n e a r l y . On a motion by U. S. Mat:hr-v\s the tier winning out by osly 53.050. ' canvjibsmg teams thanked K. T. Nori reported $130.000 and Pryce I ton - Robert NorrU and t h e executive his $133.050. S. P. Ashe went 1 comrtittcp for the efforts they have .America, and thai-k God, the A m e r i can flag is ( n tho finrig luie where H oucht to bo Cod grant that it may not be too late." Speaking of [he Liberty Loan campaign, Judgr R e p p o i t s.iid, "this d r i v e has created a solid;irily of .single of- (Co-.tii ue-i.1 on i'nt'e T\v AMERICAN SALVATION ARMY GIRLS HEROINES OF SEICHEPREY BATTLE Jge Reppert Says Final Gathering of the J[}f)G£ REPPERT Connellsville Boosters Was the Most Im- oressive Display of War-Time Spirit He \ Has ' Seen in Fayette County; "Thatj D 1 t~* T") . A «.! · A " 1 I Hundreds OaOiorod For Flair Bunch Can Put Anything Across, a n d j rres(llll!lti(m Arp in Pnt . They Did It to the Tune of Almost a; rioti( ' Xood Million and a Half. SITUATION IS GRAVE ONE Present Crisis is Tar Creator Than Thosfi of Civil and Kcvolutiunarj Wars, .Tud^e Declares; Jlisbec, Ar- oetiting Flap, Itaps the Slackers. ; Terrific Cannonading Opened as Far South as | Ypres; at the Same Time Announcement is i Made in London of the Arrival of a Dutchman i in Kaiser's New Peace Offensive. · NEWCOMER GIVEN WARNING OF BODILY HARM I By Associated I'ress. i hO.N'DOX. May }.-- An intense bombardment, was opened by tbe (lermaas rarly Lai? m o r n i n g on the Flanders front from Locrc to the s-outli of Vyres. There is great activity also in the sector between the forest of Xieppe and Meteren. the war office announces. The British improved their positions in a minor operation, at Hinges, southeast of Amiens, while 021 the northern front tbe French carried out a local enterprise in which prisoners were taken in the Locre sector. Mish Irene M d n t y r e of M!ouni Vcr- non. N. V. ( l e f t ) , and lier sister, Miss Gladys t r i g b t j . are heroines of the American forces on the Seiclieprey front. Tbe two girls, members of 'hi 1 SaUdtion Army u n i t , braved gas at- tackh am! .shell fin; d u r i n g tbe recent heavy attack on '.lie A 21 en can Imc-b, to supply GUI boys with not coffee and i dough.'iuts. Thi' s.i'-Kn'a j-!opt 'n dup- 1 outs for jnore _hai: a week only w e n t to [ho rear when ordered u by ' the commanding officer. MIPS L~c-ne ' . M c T n t r c w o n t in France last month. ' tier si^*.cr pret i?(img h e r by sex era! i months. while tLo atUreiases of both men were time and again interrupted by cheers and wawj- of handckippmg. The m' .iiig opened with numbers ] by the Connelly villa Military Band. . The audience sang popular war sonjs, I which wore played by tbe band, among j them being "Over There." "Koep the j Komi! Fires Burning" and ""Where Do ' We Go From Here, Boys.'' 1 Judge Reppert was introduced by E. T. N'orton of the Lineity Loaa com- 1 mittee. i The stage ^ as decorated with j draped Amcucan flags. man of them hanging from the \\mgs. Judge Rexpert's address brought rounds of a;phiUr,c U3 his carefullv · weighed wo ids on the war sil»a.!ion stirred the pjiiriotic passion of h.s' I'LNAl, L1BKKTV LOAN' HKTOKTS 31AKK TOTAli O K $U*Jl,OrtO U K UK. Kinal reports rnadi' by Liberty Loan canvassing u anis at the meeting in tlic Mas-Min,- temple last nie"t f o l l o w s : dipt- Sufis liixler M* Pryce -oJ Do* ns ,-- T7b Hooper in;Leche -Ot. Crowley 13S Boy Scouts -1-i-i Or.iham _._ .. _ .- Vinount J 50,400 133.050 i30,ooc 111,151) 75.200 70.600 0-1,250 ,"5,030 ti».DUO Keniu-y ___ :)G7 ^fisr oHancous __ Ballo i Ohio __ Total TOTAL OF 233,742 MEN TO BE CALLED TO COLORS IN MAY i'ennsylTania's Quoin is 20,179, White and Colored, (he Jieport Shows. GIJH.1LAX PEACE AGENT IS WARNED. LONDON, -May 4.--An emissary of (Jermany's new peace offensive already is in England. According to the Central News lie is a Dutch financier. Another agent, the agency says, is believed to be on the way. In discussing Germany's peace offensive, signs of which have begun to appear, the newspapers reflect, the determination, of the British nation and its allies to see the war through. They say it is impossible that Germany should succeed in d u p i n g the Allies into a peace which does not fulfill the principles for which they are fighting. The general expectation thai Germany, failing to obtain a crushing victory in France and Flanders, would inaugurate a peace campaign in the Allied countries seems likely to be fulfilled. The Daily Mail says: "The irruption of amiable neutrals into England with no visible business has already begun, including the arrival of a pro-German friend of the German foreign secretary who is not charged with any official mission as far as his London legation is aware. These neutral emissaries will save themselves much trouble .and some personal danger if they would recognize clearly that Great Britain is not be to duped like the Bolsheviki." DRAFT THE LARGEST YET Four ThuuMuid H i l l lie Si'Ut to ('imi)i I*?, Atnon; Thcta,ilau.v I'rum I'ay- t't1*- C o u n f j : Jlr're War Program of tin- (jtMernnU'iil UeienU'iJ in Baker. H E A V Y FIGHTING ON ITALIAN FIUKVT. VIENNA, VIA LONDON, May 4.--Heavy fighting along the whole Italian front between the Adriatic and the Giudicaria valley in the north is reported in today's official statement. vita $111.150. put forth in the past monUi to make he 12 teams'. 11 reposed iota! : the campaign a success hero, ipnons numbering -1.5.-.2. K. R. Af - cr "*''"£ been servo I by the m did not haVe UK total number · woim 'n of the city on U different oc- scriptions secured by Hs organ-· casion3 without any charge the can- i Do»-2£* team led in .securing: massing teams last night gave an ofTrr- DUNBARCELEBRATION f,' lo Hi- Ihlly of Hono H a \ m f i rnnro thar doubled t h e i r quota in (hi third Liberty Loan d r i v e re a aristr to" ! him£ " lf - K. E. Markell sugs^ted that | in tilfl -\Ielhodi5-. Episcopal church, ,, n r 11,, r..,TM · tlio rumainins ?9 he suhscrihcd to en- wittl R - J - llcf' p| . chairman of the 't. Ol UUt- L i i t i l - *-/, i ' =' ___ - - · T ___ ,, ,, . . , » , . , .,,, ,,» r^ ____ i __ :ouu exppct to hav report by the clos today. ;. MarKell started a i icverm-m aised ?17.S50 in aooui Jo in in- , h j rasp y f /"y,^ ^'' ^ vhen he offered to add $.-,uuO to - *-/, i i ai?le * nj -' women lo gel ibree ?oO bonds. ! J ' R A n f e ?°' , Ul " fl ° Or a " d raa "% a motion :haL Mavkoll pay tht extra $9 subscribe 510,COO aiucng them, aptaias of the team a took tlu- iplions at their own tables, and t was raised, ruakini $17,350 [r. MarkeU's amount, n A. 0. BixltT made lit, report! .4UO he pro\ed that h« \sas tae ( ion canvass*?r in thu nty. His ?port totaled only $15 p.35'\ b u t ' ho cheering had ceas-d he an- ·d that he had forsou- n to add Ascription. "I h a \ o a $50 bond rom -Mrs. S. P. A-he.' he said. e's" admirers almost took off )f with the din tht-y ra.sed when icard that the "mighty Ashr" j ;r a subscription, virtually from j his nose. ' , second, to the ntotion and handed over the money. f AH final reports iu, the nu-n formed in line of parade and marched to the I high school in a body. They were escorted from the temple b; | n e l l s \ i l i e Military Baud. Liberty Loan cajnpa,.£n of Dun bar, a: the head. Dunbar's quota was a l i t t l e over $41,003. and '.he amount of bonds subscribed was $100,000. Fun her details of the celel ration will be announced DEATH SUMMONS COMES SUDDENLY TO_R.J. KENNEDY WfJl K m m n I,an}iT aril Husolmll Kn- tltuslast Hii-v .if l'i n t o n l t i s a rniuiit*)»n, Following ,m u p u i a t i o n for pt-nton- iiis, Robert Phtyfoi'd Konnedy of l"n- ionto\\ri, u proMiKieiii uiombur ol tlic J J'ayutie t o i M U and one ot t h e best known :non in \VI_ -L ^ru IVnnsi ] van in. ] died la*ii o\i'nui^ in t h n rntoj]LO\vn hrtbpua). Mr. Kennedy w...s taken ?ud- t d e n l y i l l on Thun-iday m o r n i n g bin il ' WJK not ilrcmcil advisable to perform 'he operation until yt'strrday afternoon. His two sons. Wiili.uii O'Nci 5 and Ita'pli Kennedy v. .-re at hih bcd- Fulo \\hen death came. ' 'r. KcnneJy \va^ at Browns\ t i ' e Au^uhL I I , 1S5G, a son ol' ihy Ftcv. Ij.ivld and Caroline Play for,! Mined} f o r t u r a n;ui'o ff Pais-ley, | Scotland, and ihc l a t t e r uf Fay otto conniy. lie* v, ib a b t n d c n i at the j W j i s h i u K i o n ei .JefCorsun on]lego for'H, nnd t-onipU'tcd IJIK co.loi;i- ourse 1 at La.'ayeue tC'Mo^rr, Jvarf- | tor. Pa., sniduatinc; will; liio cla^s of j 1ST", ro.cpi\ing tlit dc^run of H.ichelor i of Arti,. In 1SSO Lhc honorary degree j of Master of A i t s was, c o n m t r e d upon him ;iy t h e !-anir i n s t i t u t i o n . Ho read law und-or :hr same iiret'op-.orsliip nf his u n c l e A V i i l i a r v U. I J laytord ot Uni o n t o v / n , ani was adnnrted in the Fay- etre c o n n f y liar in lS7;i, and was snb- sequcnil} admitted to practice In 'he Staff and FNlrrai con us. The deceased was twice- married, · and is survived by threr sons, \Vilham O'Neil, Harold and Ralph Kennedy. Mr. Konnedj was ; t p r o - n i n o n t baseball fan and had an uctinaiiiumcc wi'h basobalt men and p'avers which, ex- j tended from coast to coast. During j h i s college c a r e e r bn \vas particularly ' active in sports, being canUiin of the ' Washington Jefferson and Lafayette , teams. Another boa 1 .} d r a f t of men from Fa.\i?tte c-oum\ foi ;.: my btT\u-e u i l l follow frou.4, l no aiiiiuULv i-jntiu yet,- ' letdav of Pro\ obt M a r s n u l Ueuera'. Kuoeh 11. Crowder U'at - j,~ \~ inf.i from -35 tiau-, u:l! be called to tho color:- in May. Of Uus n amber Penn- bylvania w i l l be 1 returned to furnifah I 17,ti»!i wh.ieri ai!d -,,-*i6 colored mei- i Tho appoiaoi.ineni of the I'f-i)a?l- i L a m p Lee, wbciv Fayettc counting aic nainwi, 4.000. Camp Meade, 7, n "0; Camp J l ' i n i j i l i n ys. \ a., | This is Uic larj-'(.i call yet made , 1 f r o u ihc- i s c j ^ t o n u ^tnte. j The IUCE u i l ! lie ordered t u eniran j for cj-jiip u itiiin tl.e fj\e-day p e r i o d ' This bri'igb Tin 1 ion! fit men raLed ' fot a r m j f-rrv , t u j r i n ^ the- month o:' [ M.iy to .;i'"*,u'io. : A L \:l] i f . i ii L'n7 t-lull.-d m'-en fo- i h e ' \aiionai A r m y was also u cni out d u r - , i:.g the duy '*y the pro\ost r u a i p h a l ', ( C o n M n i i t d tni l\ ( ^o Two ) \ BRITISH LOSSES IN* TKmi: 250,000. WASHINGTON. May 4.--British losses in men killed, wounded, captured and missing on the western front since the Herman offensive began March 21 are estimated by the British military mission here at nearly 250.OOU. In a statement today giving (his calculation the mission said everything indicates the offensive will be continued almost im- maU'ly and that if the brunt of the attack is borne again by the British the situation will become serious unless the British troops are supported by sufficient reserves. AUSTRIAN PARLT.UtEST DISSOLVED. AMSTERDAM. May 4--Emperor Charles of Austria has empowered the Austrian premier to adjourn Parliament and forthwith inaugurate measures to render impossible "he resumption of its activities, a Vienna dispatch says. A statement published n* Vienna indicates that the closure of Parliament is du^ to the seriousness of the food situation. HUSTEADCOALSOLD I f E A T H SE"TECKS DISAPPROVED. WASHINGTON, May 4.--President Wilson disapproved today the sentence of four American soldier in France ordered to be shot. Sentences of two of the men. Privates Olon Ledoyen and Stanley G. Fishdack. were commuted to three years' confinement. Private Forrest D. Sebastian and Jesse Cook were granted full pardon. CATHOUCS TO DEDICATE ;LIBERTy LOAN e f i'hr!t- '1 nu-ts \l» to ( ciilury toke ' Peed ffii t ' l e sail 1 ol ,")J.(iJ:;i ;un:s of j ro;ii hintl in Kedr-tum 1 i o \ \ n ^ h i p at an ;i\ii.'ticu price nf $1,7(17 pt'i :icie was I placed in. rei 01 a \\ u n Iu cuj (fiT 'il D^eds I i. C. i I i i y s } osiu 'd;i\ ;ifUv- nwm Tl;o )f'r'i c n n i ey.s the f l iptf r j u s t i ad '.n-cis to t h e Ccntur Coke j company v, inch has e s u * n p i \ j holding;'? , in t h a t \ j c i m t y . i h e m i n e beiim In- ' catod ncai B. nw.isvilio. The property \\:LS sold by :,iry L''i/ahclh Hn\ -lead, fenlc liriv of the l a t e \lrna. \ r . liusie.i'i, frn a. eon-.idi'riition of ?^3,- ,nr,r Th° f.'onl is nf c n n s i d f r a f i l o i t n n n r l - 1 aneo m FayeHe coal c i r c l e s been I^P ' i t m a i n t a i n s i h e prsc o nt Red si 0710 j eo.iK .1. U. H U I m n n , Jr.. h a v i n g i p " p n f ,13" made n "tnvg-p i n v o s i m n r i m Redi =;lonr township coal for si,son prc l.-icro. Serm-J 1 t JuunacnJatc ConifpfioB rinirdi ytindaj £cn!nt£. Rev. P. J. Brcncan of Duubar w i l l be tbe speaker ;it the dedication to- mono^ p\eiiHif: at 7 3«i o'clock of the ser\ ice flas of the hinnaculaie Conception ihurt'h for which the fnllow- .nc; program ha- been arranged: Prelection nf ttie different nocie- Mf.s of t h e city rnsaged iu war activ- i t y ; snlo. "God He "\Vnli Our Boys To-;)v." Mr--. John Dixon; pairiotic adrlrcb^. R e \ . T J. IJrennan; scr\'icc f l a g profession school children; chorus, "(.lod Keep and Guide Our Men." "Nav.' represented bj small bnys; "Army." rrpre c onte(i by small gsrl?- c u r r y i n g roses: "Goddes of I.ib- f r i y , " MIJ^P W i n i f r e d K i n g ; b'p^'-iiis of scr\k-o f l a p : mil call answered by f h i k . H ' i i prppenfiic msns to L.bcriy; clvirus. "St;ir Spang] en Banner;" benediction FUNDS POUR "ow York Goes Orcr fjic Top and' Jlilllons ^ot Credited .-Ire Yet to lie Talmlafed. By Associated Press. W.ISHLNGTOX, May -I.--The Third Liberty Loan has been over-subscribed by $6.8SS,UOO the treasury reported today. »BM- YORK. .May 1--With, -snbscnp-. lions t.till pouring in New York "went, o v c i ih* top" in tho Ubcrty Ixan campaign al noon today, tho minimum n now of f!iOO.OOO.iK)0 for this district having lie^n pxreeded. anri millions :.tiil 10 be tabulated. ., i KOPPERS STOCK SEIZED : y ;: re co e n:! NO DRINKS TO DRAFTEES Visit Camp Lee. M r. and ,M rt-. John Jacobs and Orders Issued 7*Toliibi(inf; Sale of Liquor to Jlen Vt'lio Ha^e Been Sworn i». The orders from Ilarrisburg state MiuiRtcrfal Mct'thii;. The quarterly meeting of thr Connells vi) Jo .Ministerial association wiH be held Monday morning ai the home of Rev. G. L. C. Richardson, dau.-rtuor Grace and Miss Ulburne mat an} ; ^loonkj-eper or hotel pro" of Vai.derbiH. left Friday arter- in Mr. Jacobs' tourin,- car tor pnetnr r " UIlcl s o l l l n s '"I" 01 " 5 to m c n '' ccn drafled and :L . , , Camp 1-oe. «-herc th-}- will visit Wil- mto the SCI '' lce may " e arres ' tetl - Thc liam Jacobs a-nd Kdvvard. Harrv and I pc j alt ' to j' *Vl' s ? ct ' ac TM" lln " to the W. A. Reed, who arc in tramins 'there order ' 1S ?1 M0 /-" a or 12 years im ~ I'niontown's TotaL OSlcial reports turned in bj- Union- prisonment. or both. Thee orders have, boon mailed to saloonkeepers and hotel proprietors and arc to be posted in tho bars Sc- S. Connell announced that | town banks show that 51,469,950 has throughout the city and county. Barur Another Bond" and "Match {been subscribed in thap distxict in the j tenders are to ask each eslcicnt" campaign in this city Liberty Loan. person, when jn doubt, if he has been sworn in. Probably showers tnnisht; Sunday, partly cloudy is the noon weaihei ! forecast for \Testcrn. Pennsylvania. Temperature Kecoril, 19 IS 1917 Maximum 7S 62 Minimum , 61 44 Mean G'J 53 . The Yough river remained stationary during tbe night at 2,50 feet. rili^biirir Cmironi TuKon hy !o^ern* I m«iit OporatP-s Nonr rhampioii. | Hy A i - s i i L i a i n l I'l^h.--. ! M"ASn].NGTON, May { - - T h r e e j thousand German o\v-pd shares m t'. u H. Koppe*s Company of r i t u b m g ' were Laken o\t?r today ly Alior. i'rop- eity Cu^tofiltin ralinor. T i c company j manutacur'ep coke and j^ns ovonj* The H. Koppers compnny IK devel- l oping a large tract of con! at Chap- j j \t\nn in tho Indian Creek valley, Fay- iotte county. [ ' Diiiihtued by Fire. i A house o\MiPd by S B. D . ' l l . in tin- rear of S m i t h Cnttase a v e n u e , was * slightly burned this morn nig. Fire broke o - :t on tho second floor and No. 1 truck responded. Lieutenant Kiiitr In Franee. Ueutenant F. J- King of Connellsville, has arrived iu Prance, UNITED BRETHREN FLAG "Nil! He ( nfiirfod at .ScmYo Jo Re Held Sunilaj I^cniiiti. A son ice tlnjj in honor of the younsf rnen rnPinl'?is of t t i e congregation of t/.c t'niiiMi Brethrt-n clnirch who are in m i l i t a r y ^orvice, w i l l be dedicated t o n n n o w c ji veni::g in the f h u r c h at 7 o'clock. F B. Xoo:, \\ 'U del;', ci an address and h n v e charge of the dedication. Ruv. J. S. Showers, t h e church pas- 1o!*. will present the Mai; to tin- :ru?- t^es. T it- c"iblcm w ill be accepted by G M. Tipton. .1. R- B.U?hy and C'oloiiol J. J B.irniart, Civil \\av v e t - erans, will givi addressi'S. ["inlcru-oes OpmifHm. ^Ir«. Charles Kerus of ihe \VcRt Sii^e nndorwent an opr-rauon Tbur^. da), at the Cottage State hospital. JRainond Phea of Davidson w a b dis- cliargcd yesterday. STONE LOSES WAGER Scont 'ommi.siiincr .Must Paint lihc. IIT% .N'nmi' on Loan ('.lock. Pursuant to a wager maiic during '·h^ l.iberry l-oan drive. Scout Commissioner A. O. Sione w i l l on Monday at 2 o'clock c l i m b :o tho face of the 'us dock nn the Second National Bank mii'din;: and paint 'heroon tho name (f -\. O. lh.\ler. eiiainnan of the wm- n i n - team in the drhe. BiskT. d u r i n g tho campaign, sal 1 :be city would reach $1,^5(1,00(1 or :nore. Stone disagreort \v,th h:m ard rtflered lo pa.nt tho iqnire't name at i h c figure .ndicatcd if it i cached the The iota! was n e a i l y Ji.jijn.- "1" Bixlor's team w i l l be- photu- Itaukvr tii Speak. \V:li:a m Price, the '.i.inkcr-philan- lh-o]),st. of PiusburK. w . l l spi-aX at ;hr Methodist Episcopal church tomorrow morning at ]1 o'cioc-k. His theme -ftill he "My Partner and i." Htty* "cw Car. Willima Sieher of Dawson has purchased a new Dodge car. Orpini/e ftmne (iiiards. Vniontown w i l l start the organization of a company of home guards OB Tuesday

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