The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1930 · Page 13
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1930
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

FKTDAT, tosBRTJAKY 7, DAIkY GQUBIISR, CONNBLJ /SVILLH, PA. FAGFE THTRTEJKIFN.. yomr worn TIRES far Longer- 1 as tiny MICH The Greatest O ff er EVER MADE TO Thrifty Tire Buyers! To you--/*hose old tlrea mean only trouble--punctures, blow, outs, perhaps even,serious acol- donts. But to U'j--youf Junk tires ara worth money, regardless of their condition. We operate a small plant horij In which we use your wornout caslngu to make cord blowout patches, skived shoes, rellnere, etc. We even sell the old rubber In carload lots to an Akron reclaiming company. Frankly, that la the reason w« can profitably allow you such large credits on your used-up tires, ev"en though they be COMPLETELY WORN OUT. Ride In safety. Don't take chances on win tar'» slippery roads with smooth tires.' Drive around; we will equip your car with high-tread, road-bittn« Miohollns, leaden fn the ttro world for over 3t years--better- built, longer Wearing, more satin* fying. NOTE: Michelin makes ONE QUALITY TIRE ONLY --THE BEST. No three or four "Qualities," no three or four "Guarantees" to befuddle the motoiist. SIZE | 29x4. fO reg. 28x4.40 29x4.50 00x4.5* 28x4.75" 29x4.75 3^x4.75 29x5.00 30x3.00 31x5,00 28x5.25 29x5.25 30x5.25 31x5.25 28x5.50 29x5.50 30x5.30 30x6.00 31x6.00 32x6.00 33x6.00 30x3 y 2 LIST J PRICE $ 7.85 9.20 9.1:0 CREDIT on Worn-Out Tire $2.16 2,56 2.72 10 JO 1 2.78 1145 11.85 12.40 12.25 12.50 13.30 13.60 1410 1455 35.00 15.10 15.70 15.98 36.85 17.15 17.50 17.98 7.59 31x4 ! 13.50 32x4 1 14.40 33x4 I 15.10 3 2 x 4 i ' ' 19.50 33x4 y, \ 20.15 34x4 '/] | 20.75 30x5 | 23.98* 3.17 3.26 3.44 3.33 3.51 3.59 3.72. ' 387 4 0 0 4.13 4.15 4.31 4.35 3 80 390 4.05 4.33 2.10 3.71 3.97 4.15 5.23 5.56 5.77 6.41 1 «| WAYS OF 99 BlUYING MICHELINS (1.) You rnay- buy your tires for Cash. (2.) ... or, on a regular 6-week Charge Account. (3.) ... or, on our Easy Payment Plan,' payments to be made every two weeks, in many Instances amounting to as low as 63 cent weekly. Buying this top quality tire out of income is easier and more economical than buying: cheap tires for cash. There is no red tape attached to our credit service. --WAYNE Certified MOTOR OILS-- Th« Finest Oil For Your Car Now At Wholesale Prlotso W i n t e r Medium Regular Medium Heavy 43c Gal. 48c Gal. Gal. Ut rate of 10'/jc quart) (at rate of 12c quart) (at rate of (12J/.0 quart) Horo'a The Guarantee On Wayne Motor Oil: Fill your crankcase with Wayn* Certified Motor Oil. Run your ear for 500 miles. Then, if Wayne Certified Motor Oil Is not the highest quality oil you ever used--if It doesn't save you 60 percent of youi present oi! bill--if for any reason whatever you are not e n t i r e t y satisfied--return the unused oil to us. We will refund ALL you have paid. We guarantee Wayne Certified Motor Oil to be equal to ANY c-ils on the market selling for as high as $1.40 a gallon. Here are our guaranteed speciflcatlone: Winter Medium, 400 via. at 100 Pahrenhelt; Medium, 600 vis, it 100 Fe!j. renhelt; Heavy, 300 via, at 100 Fahrenheit. Produced by one of the largest refineries fn the world, and contracted by our organization In 100,000 gallon lota, and sold by us at a ponny-a-gallon net profit. Don't buy high priced advertising. Buy Wayne Certified Motor OH. The saving will "keep you In ehot e." May be bought in quantl ies of on* gallon and up. Kerosine 11c gal. West Crawford Avenue At Foot of Bridge TIRE MOUNTED FREE ,J VACUUM GEAR SHIFTING DEVldE PERFECTED J. n. Nuwmarb, New York automotive engineer, announces thi a period of seren years of roaeisroh and experiments, a tnctmnj gee Ing ctevlc* has been perfected which does awny with,the gear ohifll) commonly used on nutomobiioa and enable* tba drlrur to do tha on the wherl by fingertip control. The vacuum gear shift. It IB ex requires ailnlmura of equipment and makea lf use of a natural ol« ·hlft the gears--trie wifflne Intake, Uiod to create 0 rfccuum It only to remove Uia cover plate of the present trannnlnlon biwc and a np.'rla! one fn older to pine* the new gear shifting device on cars This IH dono by attaching vacuum tube* londlnft to two Bmnll cyliuders mounted on a cross member at the rear of the tr«.niml«U A simple Une also runs to the motor Intake pipe A pretiy the ease with iwhich th* gears m»y b« ·Jiiftwt t after ,' shift- g levee rtilfttnir ilnlncd, nont to o apply In TIRO. rnctium in en an. mode) IDEAL AUTO FOR BUMPY COUNTRY ROADS The Motor Qui* low Mftny Can You A new motor car recently exhibited at the 5ftIan de I'Autoaioblle 1i Purl*, possessing six Independent v, heels and which can run over obstacles jis hero depicted It Is powered with a. four-cylinder air-cooled motor and cai attain a spued at GO kilometers an boor. Spark Tinn« Indicator "**' I* Veiy Urerul Jllerlce It Is difficult to loeat* tl 11 exact point at 'which the Contact* in the timer break and thereby use the eparit In th« ejrUaa'-, \oa c in, bow- ever, wire an alectm: light bulb, as shown, to ret SJB ahiioivite li dlcatlon of the exact moment when thi contact breaks. One terminal of tin bulb Is wired directly to the battery and the i other to the terminal of tb* oli that IB ronntxited to the Uns«. V "heo the contacts are clesed tbs bulb v III light. t). Should a driver attempt to turn out of a rut at high speod7 Ani. No. this may cause a tlrn to blow, resulting In a skid or even overturning of the car. Q. How many grade crossings were eliminated from the federal aid highway system of United State* In 1828? Ana. Three hundred ninety Wisconsin led with Sis; Ala baina, s«coud. 8t; Michigan, third, 26; Texas, fourth, 25; In- rJtana, fifth, 2-1; Kansas, sixth, 23, Montan_ seventh, 21!; Gesor- £la and Illinois, ?,1 each, and Mi islsslppl. 17. Q. During what yenr did Can- Hdu produce Its largest number of automotive nnlts? How many nclts were produced and what was their approximate valuet f'ns. During 1928 Canada pro- dii'-ed 242,054 automobile units valued at moie than fIG2,8J7,- OOC'. (). Hcrw many different kinds of trouble can ba attributed to spark pings 7 There are (1) sluggish enijlne ; (2) slow pick-up ; (3) loss of power; (4) hard starting ; (5) engine loses power on ha-d pulld and cot a out at nigh «p«ds ; (0) Incomplete combos tlon, gtts gets Into crankcase, dilutes the oil and causes formation of carbon, execeaalve wear on pistons, cylinder walls and bearings. Cowcatcher on Car Adda Safety to Pedestrians A tccn* during the test of a safety device on automobiles showing a man being pJcked up by the device In front of Uie car. A car traveling at 25 Safety Device on Auto, miles an hour will not hurt a pedestrian, bnt will deposit him on the "cowcatcher" of the auto. AUTOMOBILE FACTS An automobllo tiro wears bettor In cold weather thun In^liot. * * · Rprre fnnos and light bulba, which occupy ao little apaco In tho cur, often times are of profit Importance. * * * 'Thfre arc various ways of getting a beo out of a sedan. Kor Instance, you OHD breiiK the car open nuulnbt a When the Ttmtir Cont«et» Ar Closed, the Bulb Llglits; When Tht t Br««k, the Light Oat* Out. When the eontertu bnwk, tl» ralb go out This method of timing or checking the liraHlcn system in one w itch will be found helpful not onlj to the garage merhanl^i but to the motorist who worka on U1s own ear In ils spara time. It does *way with gi esswork, and becauso of lt« simplicity t operation saves coDBjderahle time on the job. -- Popular Science Month y. 1929 a Hedthful Yet r Deopite Flu Ep demic York. -- In apltf' of the nfloento epidemic during th« (Irnl thre i months of the year, 1020 hat been i benUhy one BO far, Btotlstlrlnn* of rt B Metto 'polltnn Life Insniunco compi ny havn nnnouneed. At that th« ycnw 1028 and 1D27 made better henlth race -4* from January to Bopt-onher, th( period which has just been /rnrvcyei for the current year. Heart dlseace !· fit 1 11 thi leading oatiBB of death. Encouraging i ecreason occurred In lhj tubercnlonla and maternity death rates, while that for diphtheria was the lowest rei orded In tlia history oit the company. This Ic coimldorecl due to tlxj Intent ire nnti- diphtheria ennipnlgsui waget during r«c«nt j'efirt by rtt-ioua heult i depart* menu. Cantor and dlabetee six w*d In- ereuaed death rules and the nortallty for automobile uccliJeiitH incr m»od hy oiio-toiith o\ei Unit of tbd »at o period for 1028. AUTOMOBILE NC TES A wrong tilt of thu front isle will eaneo hard stem ing and v. heels to shimmy, **· 1 T- Are refnsties IOS!HH their t jeedl A compKrative in bin shows mo e people Wiled on New York street* In 1028 than nt the first IJatfle fit I3n I Hun. A )y wnlker IH sn ft is tomohlle- congestetl street otiglit to be gratefol for the oupheml«m under t hlch hia case )s ticketed nt t n e hasp tnl. * * * Tlie number of aii4omo illQ tire i I'nslngs Increased in t h e Unit rt Btntes I'rmn 0,000,000 in 1013 to 7.000.000 In !'I28, the Ruiiber Alnnn ucturera' j JtSSOCluUUQ foatvru Grenrnn's populai 1 priced enfce«I Almost everyone knows Baker's Corn--it's tho good taoting, whole grain corn. Tender kernels. This 3 cans for 35c price as you know means a savings of lOc on the usual price. Lightning suds--makes dishes clean and shining without ' drying! Lightens wash-day labors! Our coffees ere good because they are carefully selected by experts, and fresli roasted. H A B O S t O Q D - - - Ib. £1« Has a friendly flavor W K W P ' R T | S A W T O S Steel cut--chafflesK I A very satisfying blend Ib. 4e i tb. 27c MEW Y O R K - J U N E M A K E C R E A M CHEES Good tasting cheese--full of strength-building nourishment N O R T H E R N The ultra soft-silky finish toilet paper TISSUE Bread-Butter Picldes 2 i6oz.btis. 4f5c Campbell's Tomato Soup 3 for 2f»c Assorted Chocolates 2 ibs. 29c Peppermint Patties - - 2 it*. 49c Jersey Com Flakes 2 ige. fass. 15c Swansdown Powd. Sugar 2 bxs. 2£c A very good grade of tomatoes --Save 5c on 3 cans. Baked Beans Wiltib. or wiithout pork. This low price also effective on Heinz Kidney Beans. Approved iay 73 complexion experts. B^iy 3 cakes for 23c and get a full size cake free. $o* 2 in 1 Shoe Polish - - - can 12c Argo or VanCamps Milk 3 Hgcans 25c Pastry Flour - - * 5 ib. bag 25c Duflf's Molasses Zion Hg Bars Crisp Guiger Snaps Sugar Cookies * big can 33 C 2 Ibs. 25C - Ib. IOC 2 Ibs. 29c QUALITY MEA TS SHORT RIB ROAST, 3 Ibs. 9Oc STEAKS Sirloin, Tenderloin or Round 3 Pounds $1 .00 Pork Loin Roast, 4 Ibs. $1 .OO Sugar Cured Bacon, 3 Ibs. 35c Good Boiling Beef, 5 Bbs. $1 .OO Pure Pork Sausage* 4 Ib. $1 Smoked Sausage:, 3 Ibs. $1 .OO 3 Lbs.Spare Ribs and 3 Lbs. Sauer Kraut 80s HOME DRESSED CHICKENS and VEAL 313 N. Pittsburg St. Connellsville 136 N. Pittsburg St. QUALITY with liCONOMY ! Tone in on W. J. A. S. at 10:30 A. M. BTery friday, for Kcyttonc Store* Program, POPLAR GROVE HOME SITES are the finest In tfte city-- most desirable loca .Ion for that NEW HOME you'r* plannlnf Fine i*Jaart«r Aer* Building; Lota--Cfff wattr; schoola and church nearby--can be purchased for aa low as $110. for lull particulars write C. B. McCDrmJck, ConnellavtlU. M^V»»MW»l»^MWM^W»Wt« »Af^£*tVVVAfV1WtoMrt^^ CLASSIFIED ADS,--They Bring Results!

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