The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 3, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1918
Page 10
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TJdJi. DALLY COUKIKR, CONNELiLsVIl/Li., I'A. FRIDAY. .MAY S, BUILDING OF CARS AND LOCOMOTIVES NOT MOVING RIGHT Too Much Time Has Been tost - ta "Standardization," Sot Tfow Seeded. NO INCREASE THIS YEAR Is the Prospect in Locomotive Builcl- inc; Xcw Car Frocriiin Cannot Be Completed VntU Seit Jnne, After, Going Through Another Winter. 1 "The Foremost Store for Men's and Young Men's Attire." For the Young Fellow Who Style From the Word "' Taere is increasing insistence on tne part, ot' a large number of men, adequately familiar m.h railroading, manufacturing and commerce generally , that the car aad locomotive building program or the government should be expedited. The feeling comes out in private communications in articles in the press, and upon the occasion of such gatherings as the annual meeting recently of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States, says the American Me'al Market. To urge that a giv^n government work should be expedited, is. unfortunately, to appear t) criticise, for there bas been much said recently of various governmental* activities having proceeded less rajildly than they should. In this case, however, it is not a matter of criticism of slackness, for nothing of that sort is asserted to exist, mat is calle! the "delay" in the placing ot orders Cor cars and locomotives is attributable to the authorities taking time for consideration as to certain details, and also to wish- ias to avoid tbe possibility of interfering with the shipbu.lding program. A considerable amount of time has been spent :n preparing standardized designs, for both cars and locomotives. There is sometliing so alluring about "standardization"' that it is apt to be sought when, it is not needed. The frankly given oi'inion of many experts is that, as applied to locomotives at least, the standardization contemplated does not constitute a good feature. The argument in us favor seems to be tiiat the standardized locomotives can travel anywhere and be more readily repaired than the various designs ELOTT in service once these latter travel off their own tracks. Many authorities, however, weigh tlie argument in the balance and find 11 Tracntmg. As to expeciting the building of locomotives, it is asserted by no less an authority t'lan the Railway , Gazette that the plan prom-ses ao in- , crease in production by Jie shops ^ ttis year, and possibly a decrease,' while in 1919 there might be an in- I crease of 10 per cent in output, comparing the standardized locomotives ·with the various designs as they have been bnilt. The point s that the shops ' are already preparer to build sncb j locomotives as they have built IT. tat j past, -while for the new designs the} j would nave to make preparation. , As to freight cars, it seems ;o be | accepted in substanco by all partis to tie discussion, th..t if the orc.e::, lor 100,000 freight curb were placed at once the ftrst cars would not be turned ont until about August 1st As to tie rate of bu'ldmg thereafter there are divergences of opinion, out i one high authority asserts that in '.ho circumstances the slops could nov torn out more than 10,000 cars a month. There would be barely two 'months left, after Aitgust 1st, to crop moving season, and o months until winter weathei presumably slow down railroad operations. Deliveries, at 10.000 cars a month, would not be completed until June 1. 1319, or after the railroad". had gone through another winter and LI ERE are hundreds of Suits and Tqp- coats for the young fellow who wants style from the -Word "go." They were tailored by several of America's best makers and all the little points of style that really make clothes distinctive and attractive are to be found in them. All the different proportions for young men of different builds give opportunity for wide selection. A Business Man's Clothes That Pay Well in Service A standard value in Suits and Coats at a standard price, and embodying in each fabrics of the most serviceable quality. Invisible stripes, mixtures and solid colors that satisfy your best judgment as to fitness and looks. $15, $20, $25 to $45 FINE HATS "No-weight" Types These "no-weight" hats are sitnply very ughtweighi fine hats; very comfortable to wea-; and representing the best possible values. The products of the foremost American and Italian hat makers at $3, S5 to $10. ^nrirty Irani £lrj%3 Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. II Uol ZARROWS AMERICAN GIRL COMPANY PRESENTS "ODD BITS FROM LIFE" The Tabloid Deluxe -with. Pauline Glenmarr, Fred and Eva Hurley, Charles Marker!. Big American Girl Chorus. On the Screen--"Vengeance and the Woman" mly four trip r woblj visit where lie will meet his wife and his sister, Mrs. "W. H. Morgan of Union- towo. and they will continue their trip on to Allentown. where they w i l l Confluence. 3-ove. who is In training there. The party will return home sometime next week. Keep the little ones healthy and Their tender, sensitive bod- COSPLUEXCK, May 3 --M- and Mrs. Howard McCliutock w e i e V I M - j tors to Somerset sebterday. Charles Cunningham of Ohiopyle ( was in town on business yclerdav. Harvey Umbel w a s a ret ent busl- ' nfss visitor to Selbysport, "Wd M-s. Kate Flyaf went tn Markleton , }estirday tn visit friends. ' Lee Jeffrey of Johnstown is h e r e ' had nad two or three months' time to recover from its effets. | IBS require a cooling. Dealing, harm-, If these assumptions represent the I jess remedy to prepare their stomachs vlsulr , g hls parel ,, s . Mr a nrt Mrs. cd- true state of the tase it summer's heat. Hollister's Rocky w a r f ^ Jeffrey would appear that arrymg out tae | Mountain Tea is reliable and safe, AT THE FIGHTING FRONT Hunting Bargains '( You will find them in our ad. columns. program with as much expedition as thoro but not injurious. possible -woold not interfere with nc llsville Drug Co.--Adv. other war activities. If there is to be j ·until August 1st for the. assembling ot materials to build the first cars the railroads would hardly be bui-acn«d with the movement to such, an eu«n*., ac "appreciably to aEect their service I to other war activities. It cars can. be built only at 10,000 a month, there troTild be a drain upon the sted industry of only about 100,000 gross tons a month, when the capacity, in terms of finished rolled steel, L, 3,000.000 gross tons a month. The three per cent is not mncb. it Is true ship- ^ building is a prime consideration, b u t , last January ships that natl been in ' service -were preverted from sailing by insufficiency of fransportat.on, and 35c. -- Con- a | XATIOXAL LEAGIU. Yesterday's Results. Pittsburg 1; St. Louis 0. New York 6; Philadelphia 0. Chicago 12; Cincinnati 8 Brooklyn 7; Boston 4. It takes muscles of iron and nerves of steel -- real men -- men with red blood, men with the brawn to do and nerve to buck the line. Men "with a wallon," men witn vim, vip, vigor, are thoae who take _____ _ _ ______ .. ____ "Irontic," a r.ew discovery, com her innge ^iege of ill- posed of iron and herbal extracts, and recently found to be a wonderful tonic for the manufacture of red blood within the body. Doctor Pierce and a dozen physicians at the Surgical Institute in Buffalo, N. Y., have long experimented and have at last found the best blood maker and shipbuilding m January and Februaif was interfered with likewise. Possibly the existence of: more cars would not have helped in that emergency, for the trouble was lack of movement rather than lack of cars, but locomotives certainly would have helped, and the locomotive program is not being rushed any gram. more than the car pro- Vanderbilt. V A N D K R B I I . T , May 3.~.Mrs. Blanche Thompson and daughter, Mrs. ' Harry Lain, · of Comellsville, spent "Wednesday with Ci« former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Collins. J. L. Love and K H. Collins were business callers m J'lUsburg on Wednesday. Bora, to Mr. and Mrs John Pratt on Wednesday morn Eg. a baby girl. Albert Frmg'.e a-nl William Seifert, both of Dawson, ha-.e purchased new Dodge touring cars from the Auto Sales · Repair company. Simon \Vornck and son Andrew of Everson, suited the former's daugh- Stauding of the Clubs. W. New York Chicago Philadelphia Pittsburg Cincinnati St Louis Boston Brooklyn Today's Schedule. St. Louis at Pittsburg. Cincinnati at Chicago. Philadelphia at Brooklyn. New York at Boston. AJtERICAJf LEAGUE. Scott B u d of Harned=vilh- was business visitor hare, yosterda} C R. McMuIlen of Lm'onburg was a business \ isitor here yesteraay. Dr Joseph H Colflesh \\ a c m Con- neliusvillc ycste'daj nn bus'ness. Mrs Fred KoouU Ftill continues to i m p r o v e fion' ness AJvin Bumwnrth ^as in Cnnnells- vilie yesterday \isiting friendfa and transacting business Srott Little has returned to his home at forgantown, V. V a , after a , . . . I 1CU3L 1UU11U L11C Ul-'^U UlJ\J\J. i l l c L C ^ C t U11U TM* Mr anT't^ho,^ LHUe "^ ' °T1 ^ iC *W ^' ^P*? i-nif, .ur. ana .«rs. i nomas L.IUIP called Irontic. I t s an iron tonic Mrs. James Trombley and little j that puts new energy, life, stamina i daughter of Connellsvllle, are visit- into the blood. "Irontic" is to be ing Mrs. Thombley's parents, Mr. and procured of almost all druggists, in 1 Mrs AMn Burnworth. j 60-cent vials. If you \yant to try it, send 10 cents to Dr. Pierce's Surg-i- cal Institute, Buffalo, N. Y., for a I trial package. You will find "Iron' tic" tablets equally as good and effective as Doctor Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, which have been known for the past fifty years as a gentle herbal laxative. Folks at home have acquired the healthiest of habits. They become "regular as clock-work", after taking these SO cents a box, including war lax "Pleasant Pellets." Easy to take. chronic this calcium eorrpound will found ftffftcUve. Tbe handiest form Tct AnTlscd. Free from harmful or £ablt- tormlne drufis. Try them todky. CXXXXXXXJOOOOOCOOOGOCKJOOCOO Yesterday's JRescits. Boston S: Washington 1. Cleveland 3; St. Louis 2. Philadelphia 7; New York 5. .Detroit 9; Chicago 6. Standing of the Clubs. W. L. Pet. Boston 12 Cleveland Chicigo N'e\v York WE ip Homer's TV EAR ClotMag bcocooooejoooooocccoocccsooo Washington ter, Mrs. Thomas 5-:renko. on Thuis- Detroit day. Andrew AVorr ck leit lest night i g t Philadelphia . J. B. KURTZ, AND REAL ESTATEL . i South Meadow LUM. GonnsttavlltB Pm. with the draftees or Fort Thomas, Ky. He was formerly employed at Gary. Isd. Today's Schedule. J. L. Love left tnis morning :or j Ciicago at Detroit. Camp Lee, Va.. vrl.fere he will take i Cle\ eland at St. Louis, charge of Lewis itarotti's car. He j ^\ athington at Philadelphia,' 1 Till return by way of Freda«ck, Md_ I Boston at New York.! ol tht and" i K«i *·, SOLD BY imiTCGX.XTK. Parcel Poel if de*ir*d -- Price il, or 3 bottlei 12 75 Prepared br THE EVANS CHEMICAL CO., CINCINNATI. O. MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPPMAH'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. Classified Ads. One Cent a Word. Uneic ; ; ara has invited you to invest a part of your idle dollars or of your future savings in Bonds that pay a higher :· ite of interest t h a n any savings bank and are bkr-Ked In " l i e entire resources of the richest nation t h e world ha^ i - . e r known. T T ncle Sam offers ou opportuni,\ to participate in the 1 most laudable enterprise of history --thai of making the world safe tor (lie free people in it A month has been allowed you 1.0 think, plan and decide. But that s over and gone. IT'S TOIE MMV KOJf ACTION. Are you going to be one of those who DID or who DIDN'T' Will ou have the deep satisfaction of being able to say truthfully--I'VE 1)0»: MY SHARE.' Much in demand just now are ' i Especial)} a p p r o p r i a t e For men in the ' son ic t wlio u ant u c'lr belongings cleai'j, neat y marKocl. One-Mnp n a t n f s on tjipc, $2 f:rois, $1 25 ! hal F gross, 85c quarter gross Ordois take from 10 (jays to L' weeks ' Two-lim- numcs, ".-S inch vrid". *'! 75 I gross. fJ.50 hair gro 1 -: O r d e r , t a k e 3 ! wefk" i \Vfnpn Triple InitiilK. r-'^c n a j f gross, I fl.21 ?rns=. 1 SN'fl fni.T:ncd namp*-, black and u h n e | only ?] 75 for 2(10 Barnes, 51 -'5 fo'- K'fl I lames. There is Much Here to Interest You in -- Si\-pirfo stamped "\Vhrte L neii Sffs con- sibti 1 '? of one Tii-inch center at £2.5: (me :if inch ronfr at ?1-!S; nn 2S.inch center i at 75c; 17t54 indi riml doilie (it Me: 20\M ! indi srairi at SI.!,"; 20v45 inch scan at --.Stamprd w h i L o bniou renter?, ISc fo ouC 1 eacii. ' -- Stamped tan Jincn oenlcrs, -4-m(.b, ?e f^i s.jc each. -- Stamped mn linen Scirf'- ,"0c Ifl S.1c oai-li. -Fanc Tjrkish Towels with colored bor- i der.s, 8-c to $1.2a each. --Stamped Htick Towels, 30c fo UW each- Gossard Corsets and Brassieres High in Favor With All Discriminating Women There is a variety of proper models fashioned along beautiful and authentic lines--using materials of unapproachable goodness that appeals to the quality instinct of every woman, \vhile the delicate trimmings and deft finishing touches carry the appeal of refinement and distinctive beauty. Stocks at their best this week and \ c j r inspection is invited Gossard Corsets $2.25 to $12.50---Gossard Brassieres 50c to $3.50 Junior Red Cross Workers learning t h a t o u r I'ai- t e r n "t*pa"tir i en* ha = .i ( f j m p l '-· -lock of nfii- c*al R i ( rns- P a i U r i i b for c a r m a n ' s -- Coats, D'esjje* L mlt'r-WMi f i r -- to be mad^ i p r or FienHi anri BMfiun refugees- I n q nr should be made n t All-Black Handbags Our iis^nriTTinnt nf the^o higs b u n u ^ u a l h good · You z° l n pon' 1 stlo bl ick '-ilk b uid- bfl£ w H i t ribbed M!^ limn? for as li tit* as $2 5u. Krorn (ho«o t h ^ soot tii" 1 '- "Mpei 1 *! i lirough h^gft of all '·hajKS ard " ?( s -- pnuch prr e npo and k n ' t t m s sf \lp-s rf f i n e f a b r i c , a r d e i t h - er^ am a'! ne" Prices iru fn cftxj vtiurt s uji to $10. Chocolates! -- Our Favorite T.S-.O. .- nd rhornI,Tf= n 1 1! boxes -- flftc box. -- Chocolate Peppermints in h a l f - p o u n d boxes-- ,'!0c bo\. /TAH3S ·*· frccn azi actual photograph of Betsy Lane Sfacp- h*rd s i n g i n g i n d i r e c t comparison with the New Edison asd thus demonstrating that ber voico and the instr-joient's Re-Cre*Hon are indistu-jjuishnble. NOT AN IMITATION A That is what the New Edison renders--a Re-Creation, so complete and satisfying that it fs utterly impossible to distinguish the artist's voice from the instrument's. Talking machines imitate bat the New Edison J?e-Creares. The famous Edison tone tests have demonstrated the power of this marvelous instrument beyond question. More than 1 SCO of these tests have been held; more than 30 Grand Opera stars have sang in them--sung in direct comparison with the instrument and proved that no difference could be detected. 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