The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 3, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1918
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, MAY 3, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSVII.LE, PA. PAGE NINE. COKE SUPPLIES AT FURNACES I MUCHUKE AVERAGE IN MARCH Slight Improvement Js Due to! Heavier Ontput oi By-Product. CAR SUPPLY STILL SHORT Of the Coke Heron's Thr«e Keif By-Prwhict Plants leaping Completion; 056 Ovens Expected to Be Ju Full Operation br Angust Special 10 The "Weekly Courier. PTrrSBQRG, May 3.--oke supplies at blast furnaces have measurably Improved since list report, although j the improvement is only slight. The' Republic Iron Steel company has blown in its. Hs^lten stack No, 1, at Youngsiown, alter having sought coke for the stscfc lor ahont three weeks. Last Monday the Carnegie Steel company blew ia Use idle stack at the Isabella plant, also the stack at Niles, giving it 51 furnaces in blast out of 59. against 49 stacks active for several -weeks past. Many of the blast furnaces are still operating at galled rates, not having enough coke tor full i operation. j Estimates are thai on the whole pig j iron production ha,-; been at a slightly j greater rate ia the central west ia { April than iu March, but the increase j has beea a very moderate one. As to | supplies of Ccmnellsvitte coke, they have averaged scarcely any better in April than irf March, and several furnace interests complain that their i ^^~^:^^=^=^^-^ -^-^.--.^^^j^^ supplies have been less. One furnace j ce nt o£ the productive capacity. April interest states that it bag had more as a whole has shown only a slight- COKJG TKADE SUJUMAItY. The fluctuation in car supply, from 100 per cent to 20 per cent, and' back strain, or from day to tiny, continues to he the only persistent feature of the situation. This condition has ceased to excite comment among- the protluc- when It T*'U1 cease, while It tends more und more to produce keen disappointment at the prospect of early or permanent Improvement. Last Week's shipment records to PiUfrtjursr and Western destination?* not being available, definite information as to tonnagre cannot be given except to the ISast where the shipments totaled -15,991) tens. · a gain of 1,026 tons. River shipments increased 7.120 tons to n. total of 17,620 lone. Gauged by car supply, -which averaged about the same as during the previous week, the shipments of last week probably did not exceed 305.000, or 310,000 tons. This week began with a 100 per cent car supply, dropping to 70 on Tuesday and 50 yesterday with no certainty that the SaUer will be continued. The furnace situation is slig-)it- ly improved more through heavier production of by-product coke than increased aupplies ot beehive. The prospect oC Q5S new hy- product OTCHH comins into blast by Auffufrt is attracting attention, particularly as to the eA'e^t upon the ConneUsvii.e rogrion. These ovens, when running full, will produce 75,0(10 tons a week, which ; will be a factor oC no mean importance if the existing car s i t u a t i o n nndertrocs no change for the better meantime. trouble in the past fortnight than even in January or February. A part of the improvement in coke ly greater rate of production than March while OQ account of January and Febr\iary accumulations of steel supplies at blast, furnaces, and prob- i having been shipped largely in Marcb ably lie major pan of the improvement, has been due to heavier output by the by-product ovens, whWh for some *ime past have been receiving better supplies of coal, resulting In operations at DO per cent of capacity or better." Coke operators are decidedly disap- there are cages oC mills producing more steel in April than in March, hut of shipping less. While tbe 15 per coot unemployed capacity represents an unfortunate situation, the 85 per cent is a tremendous tonnage, easily exceeding t h c j total a m o u n t of steel made by all the pointed at the continued difficulty the! bc m gcrem5 during ihe first" twelve-1 railroads are experiei.cing In bringing; the coke car supplies in the CcmnellE- ville region up to the requirements. Supplies are reported better In the pas; few 'days, but these reports for month of tbe war, and possibly equall- ing their combined production at thef present time. The contribution of even 50 per cent of this output to prosecuting the -war, on one side, is tie past, with better supplies for a few days, and then very poor supplies bringing the average down as low as ever. · That the railroads are probably do- Ing their best by the coke operators Is suggested by the fart that supplies of coal cars in the Pittsburg district, as well as at the ConnellavUie plants that load coal, have been very poor short periods ar* not given much at- , hereforc a verj . ( Orm i da .blo"on e . fcntioa any more, tfce trade hiving : Tfae reporta lhat al , stce , js to be had S u_ci. unpleasant _eiperiences i in commallrleere(1 tat war _ leav)ns aot ,,_ Ing for the "commercial" consumer may be based upon misunderstanding, patriotic enthusiasm or yellow journalism. What they are not based on Is actual fact. The Washington authorities require that e^ery ton of plates possible be produced and be shipped for account of shipbuilding. | but platen are only one Herri, and plate indeed the past tea days, although · | rolling facilities, -while greatly in- i creased ot late, are not such as Co furnish as heavy supplies as at all P"TM 1 ' "' mor f -, than about TM f" r possible. The COM rSU Having re- ' C M t ot *« «*? »«.! output being quisitions by the Furl Adnl i nj! , lra . . converted Into plates B U1 tat)le for sh.p- tion are being fairly n-ell supplied, I o u '"» n s- . · but their cars com* out of the gen- j A« «·*" '^- restrictions «, era! supply and the other mines have caipmehta are temporarily severe,, but correspondingly smaller supplies. Coke continues to be ;v rarity in the open market, offerings being quite exceptional, in the case of both furnace and foundry. The market remains quotable at the government limits, as follows: Furnace J6.00 the authorities are working out a system whereby steel for so-called commercial purposes will be brought tinder regulation. The change that is occurring Is not so much the division of steel into what were formerly considered the war uses, as the erten- aion of the list of war uses. Thus Foundry. 72-hour selected il.oo i steel for railroads, for the oil indos- Crushe-i. ov«r 1-inch ......... .57.30 | an( , fm tne p roductlna and con . More dofinrte informauon k *·«»«-j gerTlUon 0( , OO d is being brought ,ng availobla « to times or comple- , regu]!ltion ^a ffiP list of se%l ^XTX^tf"*" froffl °° sreatest esEentlalB Mmm :!als be Add to Drawing Equipment. The Orient Coke company Is adding three Covington cote drawing machines to -its equipment, making four In all. Three are now In operation, the tourfj not having been received from the factory. Patronize those trho advertise,- DRINK A GLASS OF REAL HOT WATER BEFORE BREAKFAST. S«y§ we will both took and feel clean, sweet and fresh and avoid Dines t. is expected to be in full operation within a couple raonlhs thereafter. Both the Clairton plant of tbe Carnegie Steel company, with 640 oreus, and the Lorain* plant ot the National Tube company, with. 208 ovens, are expected to begin making' coke about the end of June, to attain full production probably In August. The three plants will probably make over 75,000 tons of coke a week. To what extent the Connellsvllle coke output will be reduced in this connection is problematical. There are mine facilities for producing additional coal but on account of labor scarcity, and the necessity of transporting the Cleveland and Loraia by-product coal, there will doubtless be some reduction in the beehive coa! output. The . Ctalrton coal "will all move by water. The local pig iron market has been qui«t, about the only transactions being in connection with government orders. The furnaces are well sold up i Smitary science nas oi iate made '_ on contract for months to come but ( rapid strides with results that, are of are taking care of orders based on i untold blessing to humanity. The lat-1 government requirements. H is noted j es * application of its untiring research | that consumers "With government or- j the recommendation ~;hai it is as , ders sometimes call for aaorr pJg iron i necessary to attend to internal sanita-' agaiasi them tban Is really needed, I tion or drainage system of the hn- using the government orders as a ! ra? *n body as it is U) the drains of the means lor securing eztra tonnage for ! house. | private purposes. Transactions are I Those of us who are accustomed to} all at the set maximum prices, as fol- j ^ei JuIl and heavy whan we arise, j lows: I splitting headache, stuffy with a cold, Bftsaciner $35.20 , foul tongue, aasty breath, acid stoia- ^ asi * /'"J J52 '°° ach. can, trstead, feel as frush as a o. - foundry S33.00 ; - . ' , . . . , , Ma.ll«able 533.50 i ^^y by opening the sluice;; of the Gray forge -. $32.00 J system each morning and flushing out These prices- 1 are (. o. b. furnace, ril ^ ^-hole of the internal poisonous freight to PitUburg Ir. the case of the j stagnant matter. Valleys being 95 cents. "Wonder-Day" Satur ft A W VI · 1 "SEWS"* "A Whirl Wm In EVERY DEPT. Day of Our Great Sale GREATER VALUES-BIGGER A In WOMEN'S and MISSES Suits, Coa SUITS $25.00 5EWBST SITLE COATS A X D mmmmmtmmnmimm\\\ 1 1 1 1 n r ' " i ; The prettiest models of the season, classiest stvles in all finest materials and colors .... $32.50 EXCLUSIVE MODKL COATS AND SUITS SUITS In all the Exclusive models, prettiest braided styles, pleated and ruffle effects, in all latest colorings f o " r __ $37.50 CLASSY STYLE COATS A3«D Suits and Coats oC 'distinctive styles, in the very finest materials, all b e a u t i f u l l y lined w i t h f a n c y siik linings, some with pretty vest effects, in all shades for OUK WOZVDER SPECIAL $15 V A M J E ICOATS All tlie new models, very pretty styles, in all best wool materials, ia the newest colorings, for; $15 SEW SILK · Beautiful Taffetas with Georgette Crepe sleeves, all the newest models that anyone can desire, the prettiest coloring for $2." 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Green Xew Fancy Fi ;nei S1.25 Boys' Knee Pants Silk Shirts Percale Dress 3 " Shirts in flno neat patterns Sflc icrnp, full peg' top, special .* ; Tub Silk and pat " c v Sa ' in ^P=. all guaranteed · vrasliable. Ask for S. H. Green Trading Stamps (ALASKANS WHO HIKED 121 MILES THROUGH SNOW AND ICE TO ENLIST IN THE UNITED STATES ARMY; THE PRODUCTION AND SHIPMENTS OF STEEL Everyone, whether ailing, sick or well, sbould, each morning bejoi-c ; breakfciss drink a giass.of real ho! ' water with a. teaspoonful of limeatone phosphate ia u to wa^b from :ho sto:n- nch. Hvsr and bou'els the previous ·day's Indigestible vraate. sour Wie and R^ PFR f FNT f APf'iPFFY r° isoiious TM*TM-- tbus ^^^e___ VfAr * 11 ' 111 · 3»-ee:or.tog and purifying ihe entire j , ,, , . ~ . £ . . , « altasntary canal before putting more j e I 5 an Ertoas.TM », St.--*) Fc.r. food icto --. hc slomach _ J 1 !"' n J 1 / Olain « a:lrer! "! ! a: The mU-.ioas of peopic- whr, are bote- Entire Output, a* Reported. erod wUt ea ,. s , ip!Laa ^ biUlus SI , eU3 Kstcial to Th, Wt^k-.y Pour »r. i,toinach trouble, rlleumatic atiffness; NEW YORK. May ]...-Th£ Anierioao others who have sallow skins, blood Metal .Market and Daily tr On A. Steei diao-rders and sicklr compleiiona are Report will review the si«s atd n-oc ' urged to get a quarter ponnd of lime- trade tomorrow 33 folu-^s: t stose phosphate iron: tive drug store. Production and shipments or steel'This will cost vary little, but la suffi- -:ontinu« at .about the^same r.ite as-clent to make anyone a pronounced formerly, at the. rate oi'lully S.W.OOO | orant on the subject of Internal stn- tons a aioctii or about (5 per jtadoa.--Adv. The dciiehi: ot yonr vacation bc£:n l!ie moment you board » D.C. Cojsi Lin« Slcaroci lor beiuillnl Maclin.c Wand-lor hiir of .ht dtlicbl. r: in the Lakt: voyMc. Railrond tickets -Arc honored on all D. ct C. Line Btcaracri with' out exfrn chnt^c The D. C. Insifloia insures the best if. appointments, cwiiioc, afid painMaMtnfl w;r\-ico. Safety and health ptovUiom ate all that could be doircd. A!l steamers are equipped with latcit wirc!ces gcrvicc. AU water it Glerilized by ultra violet ray pfoccsa. Two bplendid vcsselB--City ot Maciinac H a City of Alpcns }I--cpcraicfoar limes 3 Mackioac Iibnd. From Toledo Muodayi and Saturdays8:3tl A. M. p Tuesdays and Thursusj-t, ( b 00 P M. From Detroit Mondays and Smut- days 5:00 P. M.. Wednesdays and J-'ridays S JO A . M . Send 3-ce-nt itarap for illuntrated natnpliJer and Great Lakes map. Address L. C. LEWIS, G. 1'. A,, 9 Third Avenue. Detroit, Mic] TO KACK1K\C. !SLAM front Bullilo ! 9.5) Round trip 16.50 From Cleveland S 7.00 Round trip 12.00 From . ToMo S 6.25 ' irjdtripll.OO From Dru-oit J5.50 Round trip Sltl.OJ HAVE YOU TRIED DUE CLASSIFIED ABLETS 7 Just'Over the Br L'unnellsvJIIv OYesi Sidt) Here a--e 61 doughboys Irom Alaska, who Uited 121 milos t!u-oug!i s of the United States. Tiey hail from Anchorage, Alaska, and nre sho^Tl rade in San I-Yancisco, n o w and ice to enlist tucy appeared in in tbe arroad forces a Liberty L/oan pa- PATEONI3E THOSE WHO ADVERTISE IN THE COLUMNS OF THIS PAPEE. | CailOis BattCiy CO. A Factory liained Battery atan. Hl TRANSFER «OTOK TUCCK «md ao\-am AS i'lA.VOS A «'li:C!Al.TV, 102 K. Grape AJ(e-y, OpLt»- P. B. H, D(fjMft. B^tk PfcoMc*.

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