The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 3, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER CO\NDI-,LSMLL 1 E PA 1-US. THE ; SUFERIORITY : OFCOMPK1SATION . : OVER OTHER LAWS for FroteeiioB of Employes isj - Shown ID Study by Labor _ Department. STRIKING Eorad to Exist In the Proportion He- ceiyiag 1 Compensation and In the iuotmts Received; Compensation ! j; Systems Not Perfect Bu ·7 V comparative study^of employers liability and workmen's cOTipensation systems and their relative effec m dfcmimsliing the necessity of indus rial employment of women and children oC injured workmen has just been ub- [ Ifehed hy the United States Bu cau of Labor Statistics as Bulletin No $11 The report enjp'iaEizps the su p*.nority of cotnpensatioa over cm- foyers liabiliti laws in meetiae lae et ononic loss sustained bv the "am Hies through the death or mjtm of tit*» principal bread wnne«- 0" rhe oth^r hand i \\ is foiuttf tha e% ea existing cuttip^nbation taws fur -from adequ?t« to protec,, N ic Urns of uviustrmi accidents and L icir dop^ndento The s ales OL Connecticut and Ohio Were selec-ed in which to iiuci ne effect of compensation le e i=,Uuou liese btates were cho»ea because ia bocfa T hc laws had been, jn ope ation long enough to provide a consid* rablc body of experience and because they represented two distinct IJTM-S of laws incluilcg different ^cales Q faen- uta The jnv estimation of tat employers liability system was nude in the sta^e ot Pennsylvania which has enacted a compensation. law sin-t the investigation reported upon was made Tto scope oi the investigation was limited to industrial mjur *, resulting in death or permanent total disabiliti 111 the two com-peasatioiL states the covered was the year 1, 1315 while in Peansyl vanla only cases occurring during the first eight mop^-hs of 1915 were included. From, the three states records were obtained o f S52 fatalities aud 16 cases of permanent total disability The mdin emphasis of the rtport isjaid upon the effect produced by industrial fatalities upon the fam Hies of the decedents, more especially of tfce marred decedents Tin nura- b«r of families considered "ft ere as follows. 53 in Connecticut, 206 in Ohio, and 137 in Pennsylvania. StrQdng differences were found m tto three states both in the p-oportKra. receiving compeneation and in the apyxim+P received. In Conn.ecucu.t 91 per cent a-id in Ohio 97 per ceat of t£» families of maVried men studied jttd recelvc-d compensation, in the liability state of Pennsylvania only 42 per cent had received payments of acme kind. For families of married decedents receiving compensadon the tverftce amount awarded wa.s ?2,260 la Connecticut and $3.098 in Ohio, average amount paid to fam- .iUe» -who" received anything^.! an in PeuqriYania wag $636 oc. less than otte-fcird of the average compensation urecetred in Connecticut and less than nu fr-- r*t- of that received m Ohio. the adoption of compels ation m the disproportion here sfaown no locger exists. up gaznfol pursuits as a result ot tbalr tusbaafs death war for the three stales as follows Conncctteat, Jt.3 p«r cent, Ohio 28J per umt, and Pennsylvania 31 -t per cent. The eom- percentage in Ohio is explained first on the ground that as compared witii Peonsy)Kani.i a con larger proportion of the widows had no young dxloren, and secondly, to a much larger extent . in PennsjJvama they ccnflned to taking: roomers or boarders In maa cases the Onio widow obtautcd a partial commutation of "her award and had nsed Jt to build BE a. business by whach* tc -support hejseK wnen the compensation cowed, rothing ot this Hnd was_met" ·mtii so. Pennsylvania. Tor the three states the percentage of families recemng-aid fr5n public authorities or organIa*U socieues was as follows. Connecticut. 13 per. cent, Ohio, 15 per cent, and Pennsylvania, 23 4 per cent The important differences between workmen's compensaoon and employers' liability systems may be summed up by saying that in the compensation states the [amilies of victims of industrial fatalities knew with -easonabie certainty what they might -jpect received It uHb, reasonalle p-omptness, aad found it, m general, sufficient to keep them from extreme hardship. In the llab'Jrty state of Pennsylvania the families of decedents no such Three -Days--Beginning Monday Matinee Captivating Ali by Its Tremendous Bargain Opportunities--Never Known Before. j In Our Anniversary Sale A Grand Collection ^ orien s I ener all \piems dark and i,l t slndcs ^1 Jo Q7(' ^ 1 j i *t» ( i oik ) i iml '^ ( r i p di I c ) v l ( l i i ' i i i o n s (,m_!mm i).t! S »u l o n « iml SnppJi V m r S p r m e i L i H l s u m m i r N u is Wli Save PEOPLE Anniversary Real Hawaiian Singers Dancers A Host o Positively a $1.5O Show for 25, 35 and 50c Matinee Daily at 2 P. M. Prices 25 and 35 Cents. Evenings at 7.30 and 9.15. Ktil 21~~,i to ^.lIues. Friday and Saturday \orlce In fiLmtiom, makes her final ap pearance as a star in Goldwyn pic ·cares, is beufg sho-vrn Loday ing a Million mystery play laughter .fit the charm aid artistic capabilities of iliss Vormand, and presenLs her as an actress of unsuspected emotional range Her undoubted bood looks an-d Tt* proportion, of the widows -who natural vivacity combine to give the " nevr film a wide popularity Viss Normand 1 is seen in the characie- of Ara bella FlynE, and is fanpposed to be a dresser in a fashionable mod-s t e shop utterly unsuspected of na\ ns a.n good looks until one night after ail o£ the models have gone home, the forewoman is compelled to use her to then some display a gown to a belated ciiBtomci A seues of scenes in. the early part of the picture occur in a fashionable as thorough y capable of the responsibility oipobed upon her jouih £ul bhoulder; \cd MUroj ib the big noi e e n the cast tbt5 st iMin and ^vheii it conusa to bein^, f i m p \ Mr Me ro\ proAe-s himself all thit and op, whore aboot tiventy-fie beautiful models are posing for cos tomers in the latest creations of the courturiers art. The band of models bemg ted by six professionals from »*,, M W » U ' . «» -- V ~ ' The Kelaiiea Hawaiian Troupe are 1 a whole sh»\ m UicmbeKe-i They lend class and nmcl \ to the bi 1 ind \\nen it conies to p-lamg T. steci guitar Tlenrj Aiiiena has it mi them al! Tie Js rae of the lie Ha 1 , tiiar And Was Restored it Health By iydia L Pmkham's Vegetable Compound--Told By Her Mother. ·tfae-^tudio! of a fashionable modiste, , Payers m Vmenca th« PuH dance and they pm all the others through 1 b y hls s sfcor IS ^ lso OTle of thc fca their paces A sinsularlv dlstmguii,hed r t u r e s ° c e h l l t ' cast appears in the support oC Miss Nortnand Heading it is Tom Mooie ( the" -popiilar screen star The studio i cat Michael also appears n the pic- | a German bag seventy times as groat 1 ' especially written I a chance of setting a decoration as Bmol lyn LcUtt L Germans Lavish With Honors An ingenious statistician sa y s tjj a t tore, a part for him. A Christy comedj ami pic- Uires of the third Laberty Loan parade are also being shovra oai'irnm. haa E. Bnton As a fact tbo list of persons decorated this month ftl'n eighteen paRe? of the drv Vossischa Zeltnnj? a id contains about -1 700 names This does not mean that upa ckos Germany boasts annuallj 4 "00 The strange workings of a noinar s j persons dteUngnlshed enougjj for dec mint! caube the big climax in the Art- orations and orders It merel means craft picture lilue Blazeb Raw-"*""' den ' the Thomas H Ince production starring "William S Hart which is that you ni ed not be distinguished to get a decoration The 4 700 list con tains manj honest fand no doubt T -- ' I cannof prai=o ham 3 "\ c^etaule Com pound f nough for whut it bia dono for m y daughter b b a w a s lo Lars of age, \Lry s ckl and pale and s'n. hid to stay home irci i schoo jnostof t^e time El e su! r cixd a g o n i e s from b a c k a c h e u n d dizziness and was wit i ont^p ictiU Forthiee Tronuio slic -was under the doctor = cart and got no be tor, always complaining about hi.r b tck and side aching so I didr t know what to do I Lad in the papers about jou~ wondeifu medicine so I made up mv mind to try it Shu hag taken live botties on being shown at the Orphenm I B o m e dishonest) postmen and engine ofLydiaE Pinkbam s Vegetable Com- leatre. linder threils of deaffl Hart drl ' ara E "=n elderly faithful scav I pound and doesn't complain any more theatre. as - blue Blazes Rawden seals the engera get some decoration jet general ihe payments j mouths of the rough follo-\ers of the r quite- inadequate tp^ the J lumber cainp m the Canadian Nortii- needs qf ^he-.J^ni^es, and~»-t fsir^fr-oin {west w h e n the mother of the man who one-fourth of those-nsited bad within jlias fa len a victim to his narksman- less titan, a -year 'from the fatalrty{slup in a sensational duel appears on been obliged to seek charitable aid. J the scene Babette DuP^esne a beau- iNeither of tSe c£Khpens,ttion ays-p'o halfhreed who becomes m tems studied is boyond cnbcism bat plated with the brawn\ Rawden their results are so supenr to those , resented his spamrag of her p*-oiTer-i -= -a of the liaoihti, svstem that the claims |ftd love ells the story to che Mother ^-g-gg^ Of their advocates ma\ be e-ardcd as °f ttlQ dead inan aD(3 pleC P ltatcs tne ~ wholly ju-tu.«d | crisis As betft en .lic two cc njoj ^aon ~" " states tLt, MU i ton v.«. u d t i b*. consi3erabb oettcr in Ol to loan la Connie 1.1.1 T U B amount of co npen «ation f*coLvcd ·*mo«i.a.i £;rtAter la tie Tom* r than m thc lauei iiate because o' tlie 1 igber b C i « » o f ^om [wnsatiOTi btae-fit-s fc big L- w-eefely maximum and u higher wage level and the economic di-^rev therefore Speak: for Itself "WTiCT yoi. rt» a man ind a trom^n i tini- t c i u f n r ir (ho theater KOI ·ai 1 reartiog t' o i on _ic pro -air betvi en t ic r i u l( tliov i h e a i r i d f f r ic o \ r^j -i _ r n c i l -- t i . with hei back and side aching She haD gained in \veight ?n ] feelsmuch better I 1 recommend I v d m E Pml ha-n s Vege table Compound to all mother^ and i daughters ' -- Mm M TIVCKL, 610 WarcyAve Frooklyn N "i 1 Tor spec al advice m repnird to such ailments write to I rim C Pmkham Mec. eme Co , L}i n, ^'ass MM was not so icute Th seeds o' nakmg up come were however two s ales ntthods and v e fam l\ in innUir i^ the ~ toltc Scarce on Pncific Const JL acaruity of coke on the Pacific coast is said to be seriou ly threatening the continued operau* n of a num- J ut- 1 but lull of mngei h-xs been chosen ber 01 industrial plants las eommedienni. aLd proveb herself j in*^Jo^oI J u^A J . GITJ. "-The de ·lightful o*"iDal piece M Honolu- !lue Girl ii3t oasons is -\ell as th s i^°asons Ug n uwcal ·-ucc-'ss 15 bell ed to appca- at the bai^^oo tor three da\ ^ '(.-. m ng Monda"". Maj G V ! oc^pejuo^e of exuberant humor ^ in daiu mg i° cl* r g c* atumes and t.'.trotcst of Hav-viiion lueiodies pla\ ted on Tikateles M real Hauaua*" ·roiji their own decked Hle» , a n l the damtust of frirhe= made thts 'sli )v. orii, or tlte TXIO.SX poi ul tr of etust -ern "mcctsies all li-t ^ea on P Beatrice bijou brook i jpriie of I a girl no b tser than a half a min Under ew JTunagenifcnt. --o-A. Clean QuiCi, Place lor Your Pamilj to Eat Let C, Know tthat lou V ant a i d How lou ^vant It GOOD SDPMCF --o-- 3tri. C I. Vrmiironp, Prop. Over o-e b u n ireJ thousand peonle in this country have provttl that not m IT relieves tlie boane's of chafing 33 quickly ind permanently aa Sj 1 cs Comfort Ponder ' ^Sc at "Vinol and other drug s oixs T»ial Box Tree The Comfort Powder Co Bostun, Jo,ssa i O N n O M J L U D1USS VVWWtMVVW^^ i S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (S -- TODU. J O H O K R O f t - PKLSI NTS MACLL N O R y ^ N D THE faNUGGIY GIRL IN THL D1LAMX 01 THRILLS XHSTLRi, L,\IiGHTLIl AND LQ\ I I^ "DODGING A MILLION" TJfl U\ S ACTS OF A\ HLJJ^SS \\ HO I l\LD J\ LI N O T H I N G TOH OM.H V YL.VR, A1.SO V CHR SI iL LOMLDT ON --IOH1AO-- MADGL KLNKLD1 IN "Gilt LI1T11 n i l I " * Bell riionc I*»0 218 "V 6lh St Genet a! T iht a d P e i ^ H m f nic, T or- il ^nfl J ong Dist iue M c x m p J Y M 1 S \\ ( oal and Colic. ( i --TOIUl VM) Thoma? H DCG Prebends \\"I1 I 1 V\l * \ = j a Good V I I P s iKc hi-- * t iht. pe-XL^Tor L i t 11U CO U J L 0 101 \ \ h O c V I oirs o i c \ ill f u d h LSL! iblc to do i IIOUL n c.\Lia i 100.1 '-met this r \ U di s« o bn f^ f ocK and blouse t ant i I K's il)J» v. a mine nlu\ i i u in re i e i i inj o he ft tl u- u! t i a\-v blue ti cation i ti OL I uni i is d Lgonallj , l c i · l m = U^ «J h un.ned at g THE JOB DEPAETMENT OF lh 1 0 . - , . v.,11, ,ik -,,, I , L I O TH:E COURIER DOES ALL KINDS on "don, ' G ,\ l^^.mpalli OF COMMERCIAL PRINTING b b col ^.y o v nu ciepe.

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