The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1930
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, FEimiJARY 7, THE DAILY COTJKIER, CQNISrBirJL.S 1 TIMd, FA, NINEk. Favor Black Hats and Jeweled Pins Paris Women Are Not Wearing Colorful Chapeaux; Tuck-in Sweaters. woiweft who appear at fashionable places on the Champs UlyseeS ami Plac« Vendotne at afternoon teas are the barometers of Parisian fashions. flftelr appearance IB the final of the acceptance of any mode, a Parts ftishlon correspondent In th«i Now york World. A rccenOeft nt the RiU provided a no mlMMr of conclusions fls far as fashion is concerned--both ns to what has nlredy been accepted and by way of promise for future .styles. for example, tlipry reronlns In Paris. tl»9 continued ratio of nlt-blnck hata to hata 'of $ny other color-- four of the blacfe to one of the others. Fully 80 per cent of the women at the Ultz wore wearing ·tnUg-'.'^yUh no' spot .pf color, except for jeweled pins of some kind. A targe nrw.JfH'tty of the black hata w e r e i s m u r t lltthj ones, tntule of satin. There werj trevernl versions of the small Aj/iea turbnn of bliiolc sntin. One wi^imn wore It with one of the iKw itiit lir«0fhis-- n bar of brilliants wltjd n grmlqtl waterfall of the atones. This fringe hung uiose, nnd glittered with nvery · .movement of Us wwircr. One 'sees some of t-ie now turner fuits. w i t h full brims that arc twinted tit the edges. These -upnenr in felt nrui sl|'a» cciiTihlnatlons' with the fn- irtlllnr 'nrritngemetu of stnnv crown »'iUl felt brim. In spite of the special rent thut goes w i t h wearing strnw Irj midwinter, (here v/VIl probably be very few of the*e hfiN on t h e street before Alflrvh. It Is practically Impossible to wear then) with fnr-cothirod. cnnts. Hat trlnuiiinjts. perhaps. you've no- ilccd, d'tmintnh In q u n n t l f y year by year. This winter they are nt n minimum, and are consistently of the hat material or slniplv io not oxisv nt all. There Is only one ornament pe.-mlt'ed to nn,V well fltvssi'rt hend these df:js, JUKI f l i n t Is th jeweled pin. Gre»n and Rsd In Limelight. Preferably, it In a detachable one -nil the better If of a tine quality. Kveo thp smartest woman Is not above letting her opcru diamonds double for the tea hour. AH the htfst authorities suggest gem colors-- -crystal In lieu of tltuinonds, and any green «and red stones that suereost ruby and emunild. The side of the hat Is the place for the pin, mid !t must be placed as near the face Is possible. For example. there was one lit the KHz -- a black velvet hat that was part of an all- bluck-velvet cnsomblo. trimmed with black fox furs. This hat rolled ftbrtiptty off the face and flared out ·wide at f h o sidefu Just over the tern* pie, n Jeweled ftln of tho clip type; wits slipped upwards, cjitchiug brim : r and crrnvn togother, so tluit the pin formed nn accent In the frnming of the face. Another Interesting jewel foe the 1 hat, is the fob-pin 'mainly because of its pendant I hat Is umw!ly in motion. Originally Intended ns a shoulder brooch that would carry ii concealed ·wotcb swinging in Its fob. (his new Hat at Top l» of Peaoh Felt. Rolled- Baok Brim. Center--Colored Linen Straw, Bands of Appliqued Felt. Below -- Bright Green Straw, Trimmed V/lth Bands of Black Patent Leather. piece of jewebry has graduated out of the; useful ucd Into the ornamental clnsH. The fob-pins that nppeur around Paris hnvc nothing to do with watches. But they have a use In that they tire perhaps the most decorative of any jeweled trimmings, without being outre. At the nit?! party, one of these fob- pins was part of n cinnamon-ami- eornl ensemble. Crepe dress nnd duvt'tyt) (.'vat w e r e - b o t h In cinnamon ! brown, with * reddish note in tlm j Medici fox collar. Necklace and ping j on the frock were of red coruK ) matched by roc reel coral Mi pin on j the hat. ' The Metltcl collar on tijjs coat was of the kind ( h a t htis become almost a uniform w l i h !\iris women. It up- pcsiM mainly in (ex--gniy fox especially stiffened to stand 'unbelievably high at the back of tba head anfl widened ont over the ehlotildera. A ijaore coneervntlvo, veri jpn i of tbe Hamo eollai~ what Is call?sd a/bonle, a modified A^etJlct line--in used wttto/J lees formal coats of tweed land the ! . like. , f Tuck-In] Sweaters f'SpuIar. s The stnnrf'oat of the tiew sweaters are of the mock tuck-in type and are properly boi nlte ensemb » very short ght ns a p r t of n defl- e. This tyj -waislecl « of sweater, ir, bus an attached belt which goes 'over the yoked skirt and Its great advantage over, the real tuck-in Is that; It will stjay se- t^irely In plnce throu;'l\ the most strenuous activities, One of the most amusing of the ne,w swenler suits from Goupy conies' In a fabric known as corduroy.-.jersey In a soft beige tone. Ttie;swenter 5a split up the front and finished,off with tailored lapels between which [appears 8'Jiibot.of russet crepe i!e chine. The sweater has a broafl nt'achod belt of russet suede which flttt snugly oveir tho wrap-ftround skirt of corduroy jersey. ', ' Another fabric in tho sweater 'departments about town I;? boucle. This Is used, in a solid color, for a sleeve- Sweater at Top Combines Oxford Gray, Light Gray end White. Center--Pearl Beige Jorsey Sleeveless, Below--This Sweatar has an Inter, esting Motif In Orange and BroVvn. . : ' . . - ' · ' \ less tuck-ln blouse wlilch is worn wltju a cardigan and skirt of knitted tweed. The counters are pi-ppercui thest- day« with sweaters of t i e versatile type which may he worn ''Utslfle or In, depending on the whl -n of HIB owner. Hund knitted or pse ido hnnd knitted models are partlcnlnrly' favored nnd one -economical sho; shuws a band knitted figured front with a-mactiloA knitted back and defies you to tell the 'difference. Patterned Jronis ar« popular and the designs are generally of the modified georae''"icai type, Crlss crosa Hues of a .*onttisUiiR shndo and small cheeked pattf-rns «re much in evidence. One very smart outfit comprises a sleeveless slip-over sweater o£ rust with dltigoi !»1 lines "of while .dividing.U into srnu I diamoiujK. With this Is worn a card'gun of solid rust color. For Southern woar, soft zephyr sweaters of crocheted Inco weave are much shown. 'tlt'-i Idea la often worked put 'in a heutlu'r mixture, with tbree tones of tho snme color appearing In the circular' pieces which make up tho pattern. Its black and white It is e ipeclnlly striking. Necka, for the most part, are of the V typo, although .· orne of the tesn flattering crew vi-rlety ore t o - b e found. The necks -»re often accented by tbe Sohlnparel!) type of trlmminff In which imitation Jabots and collars are woven- I n t o the sweater. A few ostrich decks appear to enliven some oif the trtotlelB but th*a« huve a disconcerting -way of rubbing oft on the blue serge arm of our escort, nnd a very (in angora, in solid tones, le urged by the conscientious ehops aa a substitute for.wom.'sn who do not hold with the vogue for hand knitted models. Variety of Colors, In the matter of colors, tuns, browns, bright y-IIowa, pinko nnd dead white tire advocated for.Bwent- era and for those rather darlne one- piece dresses of .l:icy knit in several tones, which will s-artle the golf Units. These, which lmv-« a decided wa!«t- ilne and a definite flare, are an amusing successor to the cne-pleee woolen dress of the win! or Bpnson. Skirts for the early months will be mainly crepella HIM! will be either of the yoked or plain wrap-around type. Tho flare is now derivpd from ingenious concealed gatleta and circular Insets, placed very low and no one wearing plaits w i l l have the a u d n c l l y to show her face nt the h e f f e r country clubs. · . In the matter or blouses, the smart woman hns a choice between tbe tuck- in and f h u ratiu'r newer surplice type, with n belt to mark the walsthne. These nppt.'iir in -iiiiin or flat crepe. for the most purl, tmd ogii Hhell,- nnde and deiid w l i U o nr« the colors to'/ho watched. I'liriuin is .reaporisftile for an amusing mil in m o d e l - w i t h rows of diagonal s h i r r i n g tu'ruas (he front. Tho V n e c k l i n e is finished off tiy » Jin If collar, w h f f l i t u r n s lnf| rn die ri^ht si fie «uil {'/iris n b r u p i l y In ilie ceulur \j Hie IHK';. f - f ^ JP'^Jf^-^-^^^-^rf-^^^^s*.^- Corber N. Pittsburp and Poach Streets Next A. 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