The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 3, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

ma GQUKOSR, PA. of a Deserter NESTING IN A CAPTURED TRENCH »£ hy a Pmssran O//rcer; Wv) Participated in the Rsvag?. ing and Pillaging !roK-Pxs-Prcn .V--- - th spit* of the continued volume of! Vfcm dead and one wounded Inftmtry- arunery fire, we brought the two den£ j man. tjdrttjJ: before wo reached (ho td lantk The bs-Wge was now j hnnk fne fhfatitrynien jumped Into the damaged and there was no i fehnllow water nn^ waded to land. ' With the two dead lefl In the ixmt-, \VB turned aronnd. Our Cr«w aclied ns * result of tiw cont!nwo«s rowing and their Imnite were soon covered by blisters, hut nevertheless we had to row OB. Tu«re w*.s nt rest-. Whea we were 20 meters from the bank,, our pontoon wiw hit below the wsfcer Hn-e by sevwal bullets-. When the bn^tets stracfc owr boat they nwwle only a tiny htte, b«t an it emerged on the bottom, H rore «n opening as ftirg-e «a a pHit». As a resist our pontweo els* f or BS frft £0 essepl to jump into th« Icy w-ater an«! swtflv. Hewdly h«d we Ifeft the boat when It eenfc, bat we all reaefced the other bank mfe for the moment. In spite of our wet clothing we had to ta*re n »ew boat at oirce. Mid witU ! O«T hn*tered n-Mids had to m«« the K~ff npafn. t"« the m*dIfe of t*w tiver ire collWed with anoch«- boat Tbis bo«t h*d lost its ptlvt and two ro\vtrs. ] It tftmraed ns ami our poeteon tipped , over a«d T8 InfafltrjTKren find on m^m- I her o the crew were thrown into the ! water-. W« were wived ftJoftg wftfe | four men from the otfcer p^Hitwvn «nl | tnken to the 1-eTt bflnfc. TSarrlly ' we landed before wo were ordered fro tnfce ovw a pofltooa loaded wfttt «n- nmnltton. About five more times we crossed the MWJSG* Mtranw|ii!e iy brofce BTW! then a terrible battle K^wpeB the troops wfttcfe b a«d the FreiK^K Tire Omwtts fea4 the best in this onowntM' bocanse fir- Thw=o BrlliRh KflUUvn are taking Ihftuw caay Ui a trcncft In tho M"QR- t^ region whtcli U»py have just taken from the ITUna, TUcr do nol acorn rrifd much About a counter-attack. G^rniiins ad mnco Alonf: Uio wliolo line, Tl« roasren for this unexpected retreat wo« cxplaJned later when wp h.-arncil thai (lie main p«rt of the FrwiCr- ^nny ha1 i^etircti sxmo ttniv heftirpi Tho henry toll of life ftnronc our ctmmd(?s sctton % wns tjt*;en In a more rc«(- EhirUip the next httur the tuctuy nhatiiioncd nil the hel^iHs of fit*? Me«s»\ As ^^e rcacttc3 Uie crosl of thtrse lietgl^is we could easily overlook th^ n«\(Is orcr which tht* French bad ri'troatc^. They were dopardti^ !" civ?ie formation. In lo«p coiwuns, . Our company anl- others roccHvw! orders to nsf-vmblt* «nU soon we pursued the (lec-in^ enemy. It wns our wtx-k to repair nvils whidi hnl b s~? t!i",t tiwy wouhl he txisscalilp fur «ur iirnilo.s a tR*Jv Unit was Unrder tn rtiv burnt Tifi: mUMny sun, owing t« tin* 6ict th«t: Jh^ tond and wonnticU hail ttrst t» After hplnp in oar frot day and nlphtt slnyhiK like bartxtrliius, '.nkin^ no time to ent or rest, wo continued to receive ci*m«JntulH tu maintain thu pur- ?«t TrUh ait T^ir; captufn un* d^rstttod huw we Celt nnd tried to pacify us hjr friendly coovorsatioo. TO BE GONTINUfiiD, Try Our nnnsslflod ,Us* Thtiy TORI only 3 cent a vord and always briiig results, , MICKIE SATS smtck and V^e w,x-re piv*m a y In vnr water- j ahaw?om*3 trench P O«r Vrwir wore tuvft, mi? *c llw ItcnU ami tlt* otlKT nt th* feet, nad tUrowo luiu tlw UUcb. t» tw^cc thetr ; *4 'owe flMe -and «ri*r« -work -K« were f«stei;e3 t w«j ty a£s- fror too only : s iwn ^-er* reitr«. to twtA to tfce T3C we wfr* t«4c^n ·«( too* 6*ogeir zone. After we wbotft 'two tt.'omotcrs 3Kp ttie were bafCel, nnrl cliBCo^^ered brtdp: train was in Bold t h u t we would V« «M »«*0c -re»dy on land. Seen mis MMigfcaC «f two p(M-:oons ejtcfc were ·ranty tmtt«B«d togeOK^et'Ulpr^ u-Uh evcqytbtxu; else made M A* net tttft tbe tttoe, wiiere In less vtec tbe bridge we: romjtetocl itDfl the tnfimtry stormed ovtsr It- ^ · Tfae bridge' was co ered tvirti fitruw te -«)der t* -chill the noise of tle irotip wtvemautiL At tbe auiie Uue. at dif- flerenl pi«*es, transport* with IICKJ.KKIIW* ^»ere assiKtiag the unny to CTOSK oxid before tbe Frcocb focad out trhai iud JmpfKjriwJ our trorps iJ«*J cocnpied tbe opiicislte hunk and estabUsbeU tbem- ·eh-t'S Srrofj 1 cbere. Tiie Frencfti artTTtery arrf inf"j.-Rtrr IKTW opened a tt-rrilil*' fire oti tiie pc*o- toon«. Our units, wh.rb had (lef'-afled tiie putitouos, were reEierod and re- jftaced ly i n fn n trr. I nnis made a leader In the pontoon and witb foar meii at tilt ff,'idd!e irod IS iut:ur^rv3rtfit es n creu', wv stit.rteJ oirr {Jrsn cnss- hi^ hi a verrtft'Wfr but I r-.f siielt, btrt H-ith only one tuinDr ciisiiaity, vw renc-hed the opposil* bank. A ccns- rade look rny place RT '.':e steering eenr. On the return trip, c*ur pc^j- toou was struck !y 'ml'.cts bin fortc- nately ttbyre the -wtrt'T Une. AC1 alwct ·« the poni oorw crt -sj;- -cl ser^n; J ia a sinkrns comnfioti. The m«u vi'bw maaiitxi them, all of ^\'luiu could swim. tried ro swrm in tli*.- Kiinfc, but i^r.uv Ir.fjictrymen were dr,nvnod. We landed, nnd toe k ti n^w pontoon, wJV'.ch, by :i firpi*rl;uinan ofToi-t* · we managed to st't «cro?s the river u spr- ond" thne. 'iliis timt- we Arrived witb « cw**d iwt Wl3 a bottle to onr U wws a terrible slpht to pee ««^ stroi^r 'iwen Irin# oo the beiploro find broken. . a short resrt we w»?re orx^fred peek for wonmiod In the bnrr.lnc hnt we did m? ftiwi msny, for mo^t ff tlmsc wh« wrd been bstly wound**) »7wS Biwj(^e to snv« fitwit- sph*Rs. were hnrnoi to dMtit; daty , the butrons of rh^lr n-l'orm? afttl their weapons JnrtirsJrd to us to trfcJcfj side they hsd bckogeA. '_ In siwiw raj^es, tlxrw w«rt trot ev»eai ; these vwti?r«t. Only a little bpap of nshes within th* ruin?; of a IKTUSO, was ; si! that TS? left of whole families for : whole strwts. Diarlnj: tt*e .srardi ro«?t : hf as heiiavwj as If we bad act takra I TMn In the terrflil* ev«ats of tii« last ; hour, as if w^ twd o« seen lie hor- j rors of t^iis dKxvdriter anj as it we forgottCD eotireiy tie danger we trad As to iKKMWtns tbe (kad, fea-d beea tnngfal ?w fey oor iaoib- ers from tofna^-, or a fear .TrJiKi U*c person feete towtrd a t*«Sr, ; there WITP DO sfen. My pen wotild bn^fc . tf I tried to recaJl the eipressfons!, to ! describe ti»e atas soldlen as well a* of- j ficws owmmltted to .determine tie oa- j doaaJtty «· *er of tbe de«cL In tbe · meuzrtin*ft, tbe . b«tt3e benceea onr ; trooq» a3x5 tlic French hauS rea-ciied * 1 .clIraML OET trw^w had Mjgeaed 'great J-o.'oes t'Ut wwr ocr tnra came. The GenTErn artfilery sh-sfied as -n-e ,' crossd ae merny"* position trltii fnry. Ocr nrtmarr saccceded [n g th» enernT*3 batteries and tre ! tried to tafct his W^h pocitSoaK by i SUtraa. When we w«-e -nltliJn 203 rodent of ! the eriomy*s defeoses. dae Prcndts ma- · chine u :nms were ttn"ne«3 npon as and i we were driTen back wito enorraotw a hoard to -IMS art?d in tmtitUtq; a Lep? aad anus «-*rtt to^stil lltexvlsc Into tiip dltc. Dtad horses nud U»m- sg?d (xiiterlos had to be- rcmove*L Wo a'ere not stroaj c*nou?h to reiriore dead horses. We uuiangtMi to Oaprnre a horse which was ninnia^ wfiCJ ant! JUtcheO Wm to the carcns^cs. Corps^^ hnnj^off In £h? trees wen; left then?. No tme cared any thins ahout tlxnn. Canteens anI kriapsucks of i n c dead were searched for f*Kt nntl ilnuk whatt-T*;r we fouml was t^iten wntb Uic prestest reUsti. Prvcch suiiHers wiio had died of sunsiroko corered tho road, Otiirrs crawled to ri^ht and left of the road and iraitwJ ihero for relief or death, We did not dare to help them,, The order was to ojvanre ami we bad to mnrcii on and on. Ilio captain toH ns we had to pursue the fleeinp irili a/I our « r^ n p th and tuvrti discontent was manifest on receipt of this order. . Ten Bri-utrtieH later, -we rtorm*d a ' fiecornl lltne snd Tss3 to retfne fi£adn j ytth j£rwct lofa^tR. W a^dn fortn«rf j for MttMrk T\-Itbjn the of oor j tmidx-s. \rrti tire fiiAtJn^ KplrSt -era* 1 gone. B«t w« dared not lose corn-age, i ' Hlrlwrt^h fb^ ricdzDH of cmr useless | stt/nuJQg ar.tscks eonrtjrcd the fieid and | w* were able to Joo* at o-ar 4ead ecu- . rades nil afwrat ns. i The urtniery started tip agadti; re- · enrorr^uwaitB arrived; after hulf an ! Isour. tr« Ktortow! a tlrir3 time, orer i · the bodies of our fallen cotorades. Ax j i we baked atxttrr liO meters from tJi« '. eiiertrj-'K trench, he \rfi2M3reT: his en- j dre first line. Soon after -we eaw the ' Case 7724-- Sdx-at tacky; Cevcr« at»sra.Cian; Eaft ber xnic. npr-roas; low Yitaifty. Ptajraoaima recommended Bto-ferisa. Two ·weetoi' treacn»ettt Oho^w^d rtnt»ctatbLa tmproweioejit- Doctor rv- porttd. *"Bk-?«nsa tEJcS doae woai«eo Jtnr bac."* , reports: T Ita.Tfe tatan aJSoat oo*-taJbT of nttut confess that I feol fT^rvr lieTT." A Ken Luct fata wmman cays: "f have taken Bio-fero; rttj^ofcirfy aT^ fee* toneh berwtfltad. I cn wsw say arms nucch bC'tter. Hcnp*nar, «na aaac. gjM. DXT txaada to toy bead sufflcJculEr *o cotztb nty tisXr. bat £ feat t miite to Bo that" You vat Iho TiffQjocs feoafth aod roctr btatoty a^a s ar»ii rwi Koo«L KrtKrbodtr Ae^ RaaiJ ttoorsfr rwpQjrta Tou. too. £f vou a Anothar eajw -- tlx» Eto-Twen pell*ta C w?£I eooa. Era B.r SMTTHF1B-LB AND DIAMOND STREETS PTTTSBUR-GH, PA. -ota nrake tip your fist of engApcnwnls for next month keep one date open for FRANK SEDER'S OPENING of Their WONDERFUL NEW STORE You will be advised in ample t i m e of the exact date, and it w i l l be an c-veTit such a* P'll! sbirrgh has not known in years. A Brief Sfceteh of This trsat Beady-'o-Wear Store far Women, BSen and Children T HK norw Frank Seder store occupies th-e entire Moclt at Fifth, Diamond and Smith field fHreetfl, Fittab-nrgb, fronting 155 feet on Fifth A?enu£, nn-d 2:0 on SmKUfleld Street. It contains ffiRht floors. Aiatm# the special tt-atorea ta the cooirtme- t)on ot the bsTgain ra«za.n£ne and bargain basement. The cetLiQK of the basement proper is 25 feet htg'.i with a mttuuminc entirely aronad four riftlos, reached by eight, elevators and fivywida stair WB/S. The Baspmeat will be a mammoth, low- priced store in iUselt. All departmeaia vrill be duplicated £n a lower price range. Women's, Misses' anil Juniors' suits, coats, drt-sses. Curs, waists. miUlnerv, skirts, mngUnwoar, shots, as well a:i Men's and ISoys' clothing, hats, shoes and furnishings aad Girla' apparel will be represented, On the first floor will be the largest waist department In the city, and wheth«r yon wish to Bpvmi $1.00 or $25.00. you will find a. choice in the big assortments. We will also specialize- in Bilk underwear, muslin-wear, gloves, hosiery, neckwear, bandkercbieta, jewolry, leather good^, etc. On the first floor mer.sanine will be rest rooms for customers, information bureau, telephone booths, etc- On Lb«! second floor will he all the appointments to be found in th^ finest stores in the country. Beautiful French rooms for the dis- play and sale of imported ^armenls and handsome fitting rooms will be a fout.ure. The most comprehensive display of Women's, "I tests' and Juniors' coats, -wraps, suits, furs, dresses, gowns, skirts, etc., ranging from moderate to Vh-e highest prices w i l t be sold on t h i s floor. The third floor will have Silenco Jlooms for mothers w i t h children The largest millinery department in tlie cit/ will-be on this floor. Special parlors for trying on. ih"s hats, etc., ba-ve been arranged for. Here we"sb;til also have an immense shoe department, catering u the footwear needs of all worsen. Corsets, Infants' knit ondf-'rwcar, Cue negligee and an unusually large Children's Department. The fourth floor will be a complete Men's and Boys' store in itself, whore oar finer grades of clothiug will be soJd. On the sixth floor a large rest room, dining room and completely equipped ixospital for em- ployes have b^en provided, Another feature will be 3, Roof Garden, with 5 large pergola for nse of their employes diriii£ the summer months. Access to the five npprr floors is bad by three wide staircases, eight large passenger and two freight elevators. On every floor filtered ice water will be provided, through the most modern style of driuking fountains for customers and employes. All the toUet rooms, both for customers and employes, will be of the latest and most sanitary type, and constructed of marble. Monthly charge accounts may be opened by responsible parties. REMOVAL SALE NOW GOING ON IN OUR PRESENT STOixE To Sacrifice Our Entire Stock of Hart Schaffner Marx Men's Clothing ^7 Also hundreds of Women's and Misses' Goats, Suits, Dresses, Furs, Waists, Skirts, Millinery, etc.--upstairs and down-- WE WANT TO WHAT ST IS Putting out good printing is our business, and when we say GOOD PRINTING we don't mean fair, but the best obtainable. If you are "from Missouri" give us a trial and we will ftlrength Trtth Et-fereQ, Ic 13 aot a stiBtealaat. It Is ix IboQd tka boat a btaieir at -wa to s . . . caodiiioo» dtna to overwort* vorrr. ac^ewfctu. nsdlaecboifau, i»nratrj dikbtUt^:.. debility toObmraa ctisuasea, wictvtijiiacaiace £lo«a aettfra Sanrt«t. ftoc. is jto swcrttt tsar- UJJirt^^T nboJit EMo-xteron. f£x*scy pwcteace i tbe eteowuts It contaii!.s. Aat your plxyslclan oJJouc lit, or lte*ve turn and we -will send him conitpt«.t« EiarouUi. And don'-t forget tbikt Uk-Jf'r*a la so*d ooSy *a eowlt^Da ttai; you Tx-Ji r«tuirn tb,« bmpty snact^sra uml uJluw us to rtafxni! yaar purcttoso p«ico i^ tof any waaoa, you are a*t (aUy JsatlsllevL Ptetue Taoar tlt-kt in mtnd ior tt la t»ttl±3 as ^i-.IO ttjc a fctrge paiat-arao, "Ipottr- drttastet can yi«i or w« wiU stiad tt (Jiract. uaon r«;o^t o-/ jt.GO; whx paclcajfies for should you bftKo any trouble lu sucurtny i^ ICho Btiotaael piiny, Hosottitt TemDle, CiucinnaU, Ohio. .' PATRONIZE "WHO ADVERTISE PETET HI\K-- Thaf Pdey Sometimes I, oots at Ankles GOSW, I -VJOWDE12. \F --TAKE EM OFP Biu. -- i \ KWOVJ \viu- KAXE COOTI AS CAW'T Tte MIGHT -BE 3usTM\s THE. OUOf TRiMG I CAN'T

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