The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 27, 1939 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1939
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN. THK DAIL.Y COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 1933. SPORTORIALS ^^ By JOHN H. WHORIC, Sports Editor ^·^ BITS HERE AND THERE Next summer's bathing s.tyles, usually determined on southern beaches the picccdmg winter, will lessen the material in the feminine swim suit to a degree almost approaching immodesty, fashion expert.; in Florida say. The feminine b a t h e r is now appealing with scantier bra tops and briefer trunks, exposing seveial more inches of midrift than in preceding years . . . Johnny Vandei Mecr's tonsil operation marked the third time that the Cincinnati pitcher has h id a full- grown set removed . . . Marion Phillips, fresh co-ed who broke into print with 80 reasons why men give her "a pam in vhe neck," ran second to John Brennan, 201-pound football dnd urcstlmg stai, who got into a fight with the campus g,rls by saying "four out of five women are pretty and the fifth comes, to Michigan," in naming Michigan's ice carnival queen It was a climax to some monkeythming at Ann Arbor . . . Merle Haley, Baylor, grid lineman, is a son of Mrs Bridget Haley of New Salem and the 'la-e Anthony Haley of Broad Ford, and a brother of Red Haley, Newark hurlcr scheduled to get a trial with tri Yankees . . . Eric Boon, lightwcignt champion of the Butlsh empire, claims that he's after Henry Armstrong Boon, 19-year-old blacksmith's son, developed a sock in both hands by wielding a sledge hammer in his father's shop. He has already had more than "00 fights and is thinking seriously ol invading the United States and when he doesi wants to take on Armstrong, who holds both light and welter crowns. "His style is made to order for me," says Boon . . . When Minnesota's athletic clubs build up impressive winning streaks Northwestern will crack''em every time That happened to the 21-game football spree and 19- straight basketball game card Earle Sande, once the country's leading jockey, who booted home three Kentucky Derby winners, was named the outstanding trainer in 1938 He trained Stagehand, biggest money winner who earned $220,495 for Maxwell Howard. Willis Sharpe Kilmer was voted leading breecdr, Johnny Longdcn leading jockey and Alfred Wwynne Vandcrbilt, leading sportsman The deer, like most wild animals, weight fighters apparently their winning ways alter BRITISH CHAMP TALKS Over in England where the heavy- - · - - - · - pattern Johnny Bull's payment ol the post-war debt to Uncle Sam, there's one by the name of Len Harvey, who rules the neavy division, a throne surrendered by Tommy Farr who has yet to win an American decision in five starts. Harvey says Joe Louis has a weakness and would like to prove It in the ring some time--for n stipend, of course. 'If Tommy Farr can go 15 rounds v,ith Louis, I don't sec any icason why I shouldn't give him a tough go Louis can punch but there's no rule in boxing that says you have to let a man crack you with his best punch. My rule is never to give- one to land two blows but to give non^ and land three Notice Louis' feet and the position he strikes from. They tell much about his weakness," said Harvey. Most ot Louis' opponents, however, don't have murh recollection of the earthquake that scored a direct hit Of course, Len would have to say this: 'I should have been a sensation in the United States." W. P. I. A. L. GAGE SECTION FOUR Standing of the Clubs. Chnrleroi -Monessen -Brownsville - Ponora Monongahela California W. 5 4 , 3 2 . 1 . 0 L. 0 1 2 3 4 5 ret. 1 000 .800 .600 .400 .200 .000 Games Tuesday. Charlcroi at Donorn. Monongahela at Brownsville SECTION NINE Standbier of (he Clubs. Johnstown -- Norwm Greensburg -Scottdale Latrobe Jcannoitc -Connellsville W. s 5 5 3 2 1 0 L. 1 1 1 3 4 5 6 Pet. 833 .833 .833 .500 .333 .16 .000 Games Tuesday. ConnellsviUo at Jeannette. ..... , ,,,, _ , Scottdale at Norwin. lives in a world where he is guided] Latiobe at Johnitoun. largely by a sense of smell. It is not a special sense but highly developed. Deer blaze their trails through scent- secreting elands above the hocks m his hfnd legs When these glands trc removed, the deer thus handicapped is easily lost. The mule deer, which has a high bounding gait in rur.nirs and consequently covers great stretches ot giound in one leap, has scent-secretlns glands about six times as large and potent as the Virginia deer. The Virginia deer is on the ground more so does not need to have so powerful n scent each time he touches the ground . . . They've never been in the ring together but Maxie Baer and Tony Galcnto can stage a real forensics duel. Bad as the New Jersey bartender might be, Maxte has a lot ot crust in saying he's a detriment to the best of interests of boxing The Livcrmoie Lothario must have forgotten that he was supposed to fight Joe Louiss, not lay down. Register's Receipts Down. GrEENSBURG, Jan. 27.--Register of Wills Herbert Wirsing reported his office collected $20,363 98 during 1938. $1,625.89 less than receipts for 1937 4-Mimite Mfler? Leslie MieHttehell Leslie HacHttcheH. 18-year-old New York University freiumnn. is re- l-ardedby Cowi Ema Von unrng u the future lang of the mBe-rannera. ijtin inexpeneBeed, MaclEtchell already bu beatea Archie San Eo- jrum and almost nipped Gem Tcalce. Sports anthoritiesi say th« jwuuistor may even crack the f aar- soroe day. Redstone SECTION 15 Standing of tlic Clubs W. I s S Bentleyville _ North Belle Vernon-- 4 German -- -- 3 Centerville ~~~--~_--- 3 Ellsworth 3 East Bethlehem 2 East Pike Run _. __ 0 Pet .857 .71 .667 .500 .500 .429 333 000 Games Monday. German at Centervillc. N. Belle Vernon at East Bethlehem Redstone at East Pike Run. _ SECTION 17 Standinc of the Clubs. Dunbar Kostraver . -West Newton W. 6 6 . 6 South Huntingdon -- 4 Sewickley Perryopolls -Fayette City _ Belle Vernon L. 1 1 1 3 4 S 6 7 Pet .857 857 .85' .57 429 28i .143 000 Games Tuesday. Belle Vernon at Fayette City Perryopolis ot Rostraver. South Huntingdon at Sewickley. West Newton at Dunbar. SECTION 13 Standing of the Clubs. W L Lifiomcr . C 0 Dcrry Borough __-4 Hurst 4 Youngwood 3 Mt. Pleasant East Huntingdon 1 Derry Township 1 Pel 1.00' .067 .667 .50 Games Tncsda},. Ligonicr at Derry Township Dcrry at East Huntingdon Mount Pleasant at Youngwood CITT WPA RECREATION CENTER BASKETBALL LEAGUE Jnnlon Division. Standtoif of th- Clubs. W. L. Oglevees 6 Willow Inn Juniors -- 6 Comets 5 Y. Streamliners 2 North End Tigers 2 St. Hita Juniors 0 1 1 2 5 5 7 Pet .85 .856 .71. .28' .287 .000 Yountr Men's Division. Paramounts ___ 7 0 1.000 Pleasant Level _ 4 3 .57: Greenwood : - 3 4 .429 St. Rita . _ 3 4 .429 Dawson ___ 2 5 .28' Lclsenring _ 2 5 .28' Schedule fo»' Saturday: Junior Division. Y. Streamliners vs. Oglevees, Armory, 10 A. M. Comets vs. St. Rita Juniors, 10.40 A. M. North End Tigers vs. Willow Inn Juniors, 11:20 A. M. Mcn'n Division. Lelsenring vs. Paramounts, 1 p. M . , . Greenwood vs. Pleasant Level, 1.40 P. M. St. Rita vs. DawRjn, 2-20 P. M. PARAMOUNTS CLINCH CAGE LEAGUE FLAG 'leasant Level B o w s When Pat Hasson Is Stopped. PLAY RESUMES ON SATURDAY Six well' played contests featured the card in the junior and young men'i division^ of the City WPA Recreation Center Basketball leagues at State Armory Oglcvcc Florists opened the moin- mg card with a thrilling 21-18 vic- :ory over the Comets, dropping them !rom the three-way deadlock in the [unior loop The Comets held a com- tortablc lead throughout the entire contest but the Coiists pulled anothci Trank Merriwcll finish when McCathy and Schrum sank double- deckers to put the game "on ice." Brady played a good game for the Comets The second forenoon fray saw the Y. M. C. A. Streamliners, with Al Bicshada in great form, whip the North End Tigers, JU10. Bicshada rang up 15 points for the winners Goodwin looked best for the Bengals The final game on the morning card found Willow Inn Juniors remaining in a tie for first place honors by overwhelming St Rita Juniors, 24-8. Laugherty paced Willow Inn. St. Ritn and Greenwood opened the afternoon slate with Grecnuood going on a scoring spree to win, 3212. Con-ado and Bccman contributed half of their team's total while Dclli- gatti rang up six for the losers Paramount Theatre clinched the first half championship with an exciting 21-15 win over Pleasant LIAC! Dairy. The theatre defence held 'Pat" Hasson, the leagues scoring ace, to five points John Brown, brilliant pivot man for the imcmas. starred with 12 points The final game of the day saw Abbic Noschcse and Bob Laughrcy cut loose with 31 markers to lead Dawson to a 46-20 triumph occr Lcisenrmg. Commskj stood out for Lclsenring. The first half will come to a dose Saturday a* play resumes at thr State Armory. The summaries Comets Conncll. t _ _ Brady, f _______ Alt, c _ ____ Galnrdi, R _ ____ Hartman, g __ ____ F 0 n 0 0 0 rts. fl 8 0 4 0 Totals _ .. _ . 0 0 18 Non-scoring substitutes--Domm.ic ~~ F Ft*. . , McCarthy, g Tacconi, t Totals . _ -- 10 1 21 Score by quarters: Comet's _ _ 4 2 10 2--18 Oglcvccs - 0 8 5 8--21 Referee Bill Hyatt North End Goodwin, ! -Kraynock, f ._ Snyder, c . -F. Rowe, g Moscly, g . Mazza, f J. Bannon, s G _ 2 -.0 _ 0 -2 2 . 1 .1 F rts, i t 0 0 I 0 1 0 0 Totals - 8 3 19 Non-scoring substlb to--Keno. Streamliners G F Pts Dabcrko, f 0 1 Bailor, 1 1 2 Bicshada, c 7 1 15 Tiump, s --- 1 0 Ash, s 0 0 ToUils j .. 0 J 21 Non-scoring substitute--H Frazicr Continued on Page Nineteen. SPEED EXPERT By Jack Sords 73-VAR-OLD WP Mot.D£R OF A PiAce 'RECORD eKSAHtHty- f?Me CP 4-3.7 S£CC*iCtS OU8UJ- Recrealicn Notes By WALTER MISKINIS ·Jittctbufi' c!ub of the Center held a spighclti dinner at the home of Miss Louise Rulli of Wheeler Wednesday even ng. Dancing and games were enjcjcd by the members of the club. Miss Staufler, Miss Franko and Miss Lint arc ui choree of the very popular club. A special course in theory and harmony in musl: under the capable instruction of P.iul Potter is to be started for High S hool graduates. All interested in such a course arc requested to bo at the Ccntei Wednesday afternoon, February 1, at 1 o'clock sharp Volleyball m it:hc- for tonight arc as follows Rc:rcuhon Center vs. Ho\ut/u. at 1 o clock State Store \i KniKliK of Columbus at 9 40 Both contests arc scntduled for the Slate Armory. The City WPA Center Horseshoe League opened Monday evening with the West Side rmklng a clean sweep of the East Park entry, taking four games, as follows: First, Mike Fercnce .md Bob Boyd, West Side, defeated Paul Reed and N. Howard, East Park, 50-29; second, Ed Gallagher and James Hackney, West Side, shellacked S. Nelson and Al Minor, East Park/50-15, third, Mike and Eob Boyd, West Side, v, hipped S Nelson and'George Nelson, East Park, 50-26, and final, Ed Gallagher and James Hackney, West Side, trounced Paul Reed and N. Howard, East Park, 50-17. The next league match will bo played ' iis evening at 7.30 o'clock sharp \\hr-r- Noun End engages South Side. William Neubauer, director of the Icjgue, announced that n very important meeting for all members of the league would be held Friday at tile Center at 9 P. M. Wtih one week left to go in the junior and young men's divisions of the Recreation Center Basketball Leagues, "Pat" Hnsson is still far in fiont in scoring in the young men's gioup with 105 tallies, Jackie Kline of the Paramounts is second with 62 and John Brown of ihe Parnmounts and Bob Laughrey of Dawson third Every one guaranteed pie- shrunk and fast colors -with tnibenlzed collar. Ramblers io Meet Hornels Saturday PITTSBURGH, Jan. 27.--Philadelphia Ramblers will make their final appearance at Duqucsnc Garden at 3 30 o'clock Saturday night In a hockey match with the Pittsburgh Hornets Buccos Leave Feb. 28. The Pirates baseball players will begin their trip to the spring train- Ing quarters at San Bernardino, Cal., on Tuesday, February 28, with the first workout being listed foi Friday, March 3 uith 58 points cich. John Brady ol the Comets still has a slight edge on first station in the junior sroup with 53 markers, Sammy Rowc of the Oglcx ecs is running a close second with an c \ t n 50 and Al Bitshad i of the Y. M C. A St'camlmpis moved up into the big three with a total of 17 point 1 ?. i Pressmen Topple Carriers and Typos Tie tor League Lead The league leading Carriers, winners of the first half of the City Industrial Bowling League and previously undefeated in the second half dropped two of three games to the second-place Pressmen Tuesday night at the West Perm alleys while the Printers went into a dealock tor fil'st place by sweeping its scries with Clerks. In the other match scheduled, the Service Men took three from the Meter Readers. Next Tuesday the Carriers end Printers battle for league leadership No Fugitive Now. Vadim Mcdvcdeil, Columbia varsity cngcr, is a White Russian who was smuggled out of the country by his parents during the revo'ution 1: 1917. HIGH SCHOOL FLOOR SCENE OF CONTEST League Teams Idle and Exhibition Game Is Arranged. MAIN BATTLE' , AT 8:15 SHARP Connellsville High's basketeers will perform at home tonight. Point Marion High School will appear at the Cokcr gym for a return exhibition game, starting at 8:15 o'clock sharp. This is an open date in the W. P. I. A. L. program for the Orange and Black and in order that the .lustlins five can keep in trim the fray with the Pointers, enrolled in the Fayclte- Greenc League, was booked. There will be a preliminary game Hursi Opens Drive In Final Quarters To Drop Youngwood Trailing by a three point margin at halftlmc, the Scarlet Hurricane of Hurst High School closed this gap in the third period and continued its assault in the final frame to defeat Youngwood Tuesday night at the railroaders' floor by a 31-25 score. By winning the Mount Pleasant township ischool gained a second place tie with Derry Borough in the standings of Section 13. Vikcrtosky, Hurst visteran center, topped the scorers with a total of 10 points. The line-ups: Horst G. F. Pti Hogan, I 0 Sibal, f ,_ 1 "'ikertosky, c 5 Sefchick, g 2 Rutkosky, g 3 Puskar, g 2 Totals Yonngwood Stotler, f _ Bush, 1 13 5 31 G. F. rts. --:-- 3 2 8 2 0 4 Wagner, c,__________ 1 0 i Olson, e 3 0 6 Rutter, B \ 0 2 Myers, f 1 1 3 Totals U 3 25 Scoring by quarters. * Hurst _. 6 3 10 12--31 Youngwood -- .8 3 8 6--25 Referee--Lynch. Leading- lien's Store, 124 N. rlttslwrg Street. Short or Fat- Thin or Tail * We can fit them ail January 2 3 Of ,) kind ot a kind of a kind oTo clean our stock of 1-2-3 of a kind to make room for new spring merchandise -we offer you those savings on fine tailored suits you can wear year around. Volues to $29.50 Values to $35 Winter's Coldest Months Are Coming! Overcoats Choice of Stock 1/3 off One Lot Topcoats Values to $30 d A § Q **

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