The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1930
Page 8
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·THE DAILY- COURIER, CONNEL L.SVILLE, PA'. ^BBRUARV 7, 1930. WWWM¥l^)W^«WWI^^ . · .J»T.*« A T«. ~«__ *^( Buy now and save one-half. You will be able to wear a winter coat for at least six .more weeks . ·. ··. and then have a practically new coat for next winter*. TKese are the same stylep, the same-." materials and the same furs as will be popular then .,. . come $12.95 Coats--Now ......:,.....:....;,.:}... $ 5.00 $19.75 Coats--Now .... r .................... $ 9.87 $24.75 Coats--Now -....,,...j,... v .,$l2.37 $29.75 Coats$39.75 Goats- --NOW;;,..: ....,.........:,, $14.37 -Now J,.......^,...! i $ 19.87 $49.75 Coats--Now :.I;..L.....;., .,...,, $^24.87 $59.75 Coats--Now ..;...:: ,,..:,..,..;.. $29.87 $69.75 Coats-Now ,,.:..;...,,......;...,.,, $34.87 . .:,. -' v ' _ ' . " : . . . s .;..;.' ';Spring Dresses Spring Dresses are; always; gorge- bus! These are\ 110' exception. After winter't, sober hues these gay colors are a revelation. And the styles,, too, al'e smarter. Skirts are longer, of course. Hems are uneven . . . hiplinea moxildeci . . . jabots '. . . lace collars . '. . . boleros. Everything desirable is fouJad among them. Sizes and styles to becomingly fit every figure. \ 130 West Crawford Avenue FOR SALE H. C. 1MUCK COKJK OMi'ANI PKOPEBTI Tv.^onient Houses Homo Sites Factory Sites ' Farm Lauds Used Mttcliinery» Sliop Tools, Building u n d M i u a Supplies Much ot cho property (or sale is advitutageoualy located with re- jyoct to wiutjr "lid i'isctria power auppliej. raUrciul aldluga ancJ pav- ocj roads. For lull information in regard to prices and lersus, apply to Super- latendont ot ntareat Mine or Suntt- Ualo Otllco'. II. C. Frlefc Coke Company, Soottdale, 1'ennu. 'American Girls Best Wives--Possess C COAL and COKE ConneJlsviUe coking coal, both run of mine and lump. OHS Coa°, Lump and Nut SiKe. Coke, Kut 11 .nd. Lurgo Sizes Consolidated Coal Supply Co. Yards on B. 0. and r. n. it. Phones £700 uud 15. Manrice De Kcibra, one of tha best known French novsiliat and much traveled globe trotter, In an interview given recently, declared that the American womun makes a good wife because she i,-; a regular pal to hor husband. H:? declared that only American and French women possess chic. U«e Our Claasified Ads. Capital Drys Drown Oiut Wets As Prohibition Fight Waxes By, CHARGES P. STEWART WASHINGTON, Feb. '/--Prohibition would not be niuch of a flght In Congress 1 1 hie eeesjfon if U Were botwecjn weto and lrys plono, According toj all rules tho wets are In baci shape. j ( -Their minority, ihop«le3ii wet 'ainco the ISth Amendment adoption, Is at ite emallwit right now. , '" Bvon those -who remain have- lost tlieir bitteresi; scrappers, r 'at least in the Senate--like Senator Brace of Ma'rylaud and .Edwards of New J-orsey; beaten In the lost election. Among tho representatives such hard hitlra aro left ae Congressman IjaGuardla and Black, hut "both handicapped by- their Jv'ew York origin, which discounts them as "wets ,of course." So if the encounter wore solely between wefefi and drye, there would not be any encounter whatever, In the House of Repreeentatives tho wots simply would he hualicd up-- not allowed to say a word. They could talk in the Senate, beccuibo speech making ia entirely unregulated thero^ Jmt thore are not enough ot them to keep it up long. Nevertheless, al the two ends of the Capitol bttikling at once, prohibition le already the hottest flght of the eesion, hotter than it has heen any time yet, and gevtlng^otter every day. It ia not on account ot the wots, though they are stirring it np all they can. -** Ir, is because the drj8 an by the eara among themselves. ' ii One faction of them con-fends that prohibition ..Jhaa 'been doing abont e well aa could have "boon exjjected -may need a few readjustments hero and tliore, but they ar being niader-- .and r s e n t s attacks on the BECBont en- forcxjttwnt program tho worst way. An opposing faction of them denounces thoi entire enforcement campaigii tlius far ae -a grotesque fizzle -- using much stronger language than tho most Vlo- i ' _ lent^wet.over used--and howlt for the scalp of every'official connect K! with it, (from the top on down. * ··...* . * meanest peraonnl ang ea aro injvolved in tho rumpu-s, too. Foi 1 in- atp.nco,, the S-enate recently ioted tc a1i»oli»ii the custom oTperndttl rg Coni grcasmcn who have "been ab 'oad to return 'home without a cnstoi i house j investigation. Threje represe are under £11 iictment, :harge r under this privilege, proniplly inb rpretec tho Seniiio'e action as a slam ; t them and arc mad as liornetn. ' Senator, Howell of Nlraeka trying to get Congress to paee a atric er I)iB i triot of Columbia dry law tha' Attorney . Ccmaral Mitchell thinks ^ oukl bo desirable, 'finds Mm«eU challe iged to iry up his own home- city of Omaha Senators'Borah and Wheele: .charge ,that govemmcnt agoutji have i pied on them for scoring enforcement : nethods in their respective states of Id vho land Montana and are raking tho departments with fine-tooth combe '· o learn who ordered it, Intending to lemam his official head. All those folk, are drys- -rfot wot in the bunch--and .the on -s mon- tioned by name are no more thai! a beginning. Drys by the dozen arc burst! ig into interviews in defense of trial ly jury which Chairman Wlcfcenaham i. President HoovcrV anti-crime-·· COTE rhidslon is..accused of attempting to van ermine despite lite denial that hfj prop 3es any such thing, Though moetly dr; 6, Con* gress" members a3no are mosi ly lawyers ajjd the jury hywtom is HI cred to them * The wete have long contam ed thai the drys care nothing for the Constitution when prohibition IB fc volved but /they never can say so agaia. -Ttee Capitol dome Tinge witb. dry c institutional arguments today. BERKEY TRIAL Continued fro-m Paso Ons, · llic Somerset County Bar Association atid olaer prominent witnesses took the stand to discredit the allegation that: Judge Berkey received financial aid from the bootleggers and- operators of a slot machine ring ia' Somerset cirunty. Besld cs , being presideiit ot Uie bar association, Attorney Beeseckeo" is vice-president of Franklin ' Marshall College at Lancaster is a The Oovemnifnt ai»l defec w attorneys united ia the predict on the case will bo giy-an to ihojur Tuesday, unless .something unfors en occurs to. prevent. former Somerset district attorney. Ho was preceded to th« stand by Attorney John,M. jMahpT of Washington, D. C., who.had temporarily practiced law in So morsel; Attorney Rufus Meyers, Howard R. Boose, vice- president of the Farmers Trust Company; Attorney Ross Scott, Attorney Archibald Matthews, Miss June Werner, prothonolary of Somerset! county^ and Rov. Norman Blough o f j Bavidsvllle. Attorney Maher testified he was In the courthouse -at Somerset tho afternoon the Federal grand jury in 'Pittsburg handed down a true bill' nnd that ho met Welsh just a$ Manor read tlie headlines in a newspaper that Berkoy had been indicted. The witness declared Welsh assorted: "It doesn't amount to 'anything. It is a political mess they got Berkey in, The indictment was supposed to have come out of'Brio before Bie election. Because Berkey has come out for judge on an independent ticket, they have .double-crossed him. This ia the result." The witness Bald he met "Welsh the n-sxt jpiorning and asked .him if it were true Berkey liad sold his office to bootleggers. Maher explained he had, during the night, learned charges w;ra made that Berkey, Welsh and I'Xiater Ziegler had held a meeting and, had decided to help in the sale ofi'llquor and planned to protect bnot- legger'a. , "There is nothing in the allegation. H is tupt true. It'n poppy- cii'ekj" Mahev quoted Welsh as having said. Attorney- Beesecker testified that Welsh told-him there was no truth in tho ^allegation regarding Berkey engaging in the liquor business and protecting bootleggers.' The witness said thut about two weeks ago Welsh repeated the declaration in Attorney Meyers' office. The lawyer on cross-examination stated he told Ms wife, his partner and Attorney Clarence Shaver of tho conversation. Attorney Meyers told he was pres- TIffiFT OF WATCHES ATHOTECHAiGl) Ueutonant V, Boyex o Baltimore Ohio pobce, ste^tloned a Con- nollpville, aldd by Coaaiablnj Walter Brown of UnlojUown, nrreskKS James Welmcr at Morgantowu, W. "* a^ re- turn«l hini to Union to^vn, i nd ro- martuled him. to the county jai.1 after a jpfellmluary bearing , on chwjea, of bxeaklns^ entering and rofroe 'y, all .within 36 hours. Ho was said to have stoi n two watches Trom Gwge Olover at tho Snithflc.ld B, -O. -Hot*I. ' Looking: for If so, read tlio advosrtlsijjg ot Tbo Daily Courko. ent at the .conversation Beesecker had with: Welsh and corroborated Beesecker, The witness said ho heard Howard R. Boose talk with Welsh; He ^declared Welsh had asserted, the Government representatives had, told' him if hei would make ai statement Implicating Berkey : in this cane Welsh's casa would ne'fer be pressed. He denied, on croBS- examination, that ho.'nad laid a bet on tho 1 outcome of the trial. ; Boose, -who la a brother of Judge Norman Boose, repeated the testimony g-iven by Meyers as to the conversation with Welsh. Ho declarel when Quizzed 'by AttoTuey J. F. Cold- iron,.Government''prosecutor, that he find Berkey are members of different political factiona; He said Berkey is a,depositor in his.baulc . .-' · Attorney-Scott testified Walsh told him..there" never had been a meeting in Judgo Berkey-s chambers at which, ha and' Ziegler liad coiiBpired with Herkcy to sell licjuor and .'protect, bootleggers. " · Attorney Archibald Matthews ies- tinotl:Welsh told.; him the ..Governnient activity against Berkey was a dirty trick and that it was prompted by politics. Miss Werner related Welsh had told the accusations against 13erkey' wore all politics. Rev. Mr. Blough asserted he had been assured by Welsh that there never had been a meeting, at which he, Berkey and Ziegler had plotted to a«U Hauor and protect booze- sell- Iron Brjclge IRON BBTEDGE, l^b, T.--Wr . Nannie Merxitt of, ScobWaJo w«a his 3. ^-ed- nestlay and Thursday ivith. lh«j sister, Mrs. Lizzie Kprtj3. Mns. yar'ry Faith ,aut . ohn C. Faith were Jn 8x?tW«vlo Tl oa-aday shopping and calling oa 1'riom 3. M.ra. Albert Truxal, Sr., a id son Harry S, Tj-.uxal, were in Mouni pleasant Tuesday. Mrs. Amei Rice and son, Horr JT, and Mr. and Mrs. Mrnest Fa-/.enlake ·, wore at Owensdale Sujiday with Mrs Rice's cousta, Ma-s. CSaJ-en-ao Fletcher, who Is ilL Mr. a-nd Mrs. Oa-rtield Mllior · roro n.t Arm-burst WedneHday -with, thoti' frienda, Mr. and Mrs. AVilliam. Bitz. Jlr. and Mrs. Lawrenco Fai ;h and sons o.E were 'hero Sunday with Mi'. Faith's parent;!, Mr. a. d Mrs. Harry Faith. ' Jacob Keefer ami dauightor, Lieora, of Wood.dalo .w-ere horc Sunda ··. Mr. Keefors brother, Grant Keefer. Wesioy Kowo of Scottdale was a Sunday visitor hero. Mrs, Joseph Bator, Jr.,. and * one; oil tagrani, Pa., roturnod to thel' home "Wednesday after a week's vis t hero with hor parents, Mr. iihd Mn , Jesse Vance, Sr, -Mr. and Mrs. Ha-rvey MbCbnn ill'.ajBl children, were at £tauffor Sund. y with Mr. MoConnelTs cousim!, Mr. a; .d Mns. Wilklns MoCohnell. MT. aqd : Mrs. Ernest Noye * '. dajughtc'ra, Mrances and Ze la, o£ Oharleroi and Mr. and-.Ma's. Ja;ms ·Stevens -of Groensburg w-e e the guests here Sunday of Mr. ar 1 Mrs. Glonn J. Weaver- Bert Cla-rk of Mount Pleasan was a MotHluy visitor horo among fxi aids. Mrs. l/ovtae Miil-or and son Slver- man and friend, Harry Mill en, . of Mount Pleasant was here Suntli y/withj Mrs. Miller's son, GaWield M1E jr an.d i'ami'ly. ' Alverton ALVE/RTON, FeU 7--Tho W imen'a Misejbnary Society- of the Chi vch oC God met in an all-^day csewing .ession in die parsonage on "Wednesd! y. 'At noon dinner was served by a c immit- tCD. ' , Mrs. I/illie Smith of Kingevit w was an Alverton caller "Wednesday. Mre. Emma Woods ot 1 Conne lavlllo spent Wednesday with relative; here. Mrs. Lissrfe Loamon of South C reens- burg vteited friends here this: } e*sk. Mrs. S. 3S; Morse and son, : telvin, are visiting relatives;.at Vane Mills this week. Kov. Updegraph of ^Mount P aasaut and Rev. Barnheart of Wttsbur 7 were calling on friendii Wednesday. Everybody's Store 121 N. Pittsburg St, These Dresses Are Setting a New Standard for Fashion and Value at This Low Price. Warns 'Against Hysteria Over "War. NEW YORK:, Feb. 7.--AlanE m B. Houghton, former ambassador i o Germany and England, in eu add re «! last, night hero, "before the Steuben !ounty Society, warned Americans ; gainst Indulgences in. hysteria and pi ssions which a threat to war would ev ike. Sava jnoaar--read, the ads. .Values to $22.50 --Special- style, Fashion kpoosor*.. the wool the set-in fiodcts an ·Scirt and the smart bloosc of iilB swrtin, or coi- ;.'«red flat, ..crepe.: Black with 1 White';. Ctranti Rhje or Haei- enda with Ii££,Bcll; Block ·with Dusty Roite / or Aqtta- nmrie; Navy nHth , I'ovrdcr Bine. SIWM B, 15 T I7. 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