The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1930
Page 7
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, FEBRUARY 7,1JJ30. MOUNT PLEASANT SCOOTS FORMING RIFLF, CORPS Enrolled in Junior Marksmen's Organization, to Tho Courier. M0CTKT PlJ0ASAi'r, :F«b, 7.-! TwoBty-«even boys, rUl members at · Troop 6^ Boy (Scouts ot Aih.eri.oa, as- spjnK-id' in'"t'iw Muniislpal Building laat nl£ht an£ 'i»vteeted lit a like laanner a .rlflo corps to be ·as tho Junior Pioneer Marksmen ot MoTtBt Ploasant, The corps, attr receiving iia carter from Washington, ; wlll be affiliated with and tinder the direction ot the National Rifle Assoel- .vtioD oi America, .-tin. organisation sponsored by the United States Government, (Leveled to tho promotion 'and development of rifle shooting. The roasron for lornvin^: a boys; Tine, corps is best stated by quoting the first paragraph from the National V.Kiflo Association Junior Rifle Corps /'manual ot instruction,: ] "The National lUfle/- Association 1 ; Junior Corps 1st now composed of more than J35;0!)0 boys'''and girts, located all over tho Uaited; States. Its .ob'Joct'fat to teach the sate and accurate nandUng ·( the rifle- and to encouraga its mem'bera to take part . in a fine,. .wholesome sport, which builds -character, .developing the attributes of - concentration, accuracy, courtesy, j«.tlenc and obedience and the qualities ot lair ptoy aud manlt- nofs which make, --.'or seK control, which ar» through llfo so essential to success," Mach boy la required to make tests in 17 subjects, until he is able to pS£ thr-m, before* he is allowed to firs a shut on the range, ThjjaoUests are howovor very interesting and not all tiresome. \ Medals and diplomas are givm by .- tho National Kino Association to members who attain tho skill required to make a pro-rnarksinuin, marks-man, sharpshooter, expert rifleman and distinguished rtfl-eman. Kact boy's record and targets are- sent to the national secretary for examination. The organisation of tho corps has jut been completed and the officers olocted'are: Jamej Curtla, preaident; Jucob Curtis, socrt'tary; Morgan Bol- ttngors vice-pre3id«jnt; Robert StaM, treasurer; Qoorge Ilafferty, executive onicor. Tho ftistructor, Orray B. Znck, i ·member oC tho National Rifle Association, received the papers for the eriranlzation ot the- corps, The organ- isation must be approved by the state jecretary pif N. H. A. and also by tha Adjutant General of the State. : New Slants on Loo. R(W, Paul T Stortealfor, pastor; ot i lie First Informed Chnrch, add-ressed I h c Kl'wanis Clti'fe last evening on trie life of Robert E. The story ot aobert E. :Lee's life as given, by Kew. ·-tone»lfcr, brought, out. the lite ot vir. i-ce in a manner few men knovr if an-d gavo to the Kiwanlans a new ilant on the life at tills 1 great radnl '-,Elfcs Give Card Party. Mount Plonsant Hl'ks entertained · A-ith a card parly and dance last ove- aing. Jilg-hteen i ablea ot cardw were Brought Into play. There was dancing ; ind la'»cr rotreslinjeata were aerved. Legion Smoker. : Captain James H. Ztmdell Post of :h American Legion held a most en- · ioyablo smoker in its rooms in the Bratfdock Building in Main street last evening. There Was a good- attendance. Blbls Class MeotS. Mrs. S. M. Crosby entertained tho Ladies' Bible Class ot the. United Brethren Ch-urci at a business.-and aocial meeting at hor homo la Baet Main street last evening. Mrs. Levlnson llostcss. Mrs. Louie Levinsou was'hostess to the Council of Jo-wish Women at her home in College avenue on Wednesday evening. A report of the recent bonflt card pas ty showed the council cleared $S4. A social meetins followed tho business meeting. Speaks to Botary. "William B. Griftln, waa the speaker at the Rotary Clab luncheon yoster- day at noon at^ tho National Hotel. Mrfl Griffla talbod on "The Oonstitu- tion. ot notary/ 1 Next week the Con- ueUsvjlle- Rotary Club -will come lioro tor its meeting and will have charge of the program. JJj'Jtlg'o Clnl). Miss Mabel Sllvis ntertainod lier bridge club at aar hottie in Main street on Wednesday evening. Thre« tables ol cards were, brooight iato play. Prizes wwo won by Mrs. C. A, She'r- ricic and Mrs. Eva Patterson. Cars- Collide. Last night t;bont 0:30 o'clock there was an automobile accident at the ooraOT ot CoFlego avrenuo ft'.id Wanh- iagrtou stree't)!. A car coming out Ooilego aveniso and. one moving in Washington scroet coSMed and were thrown asjaitist a tree. Chiof of PoHca Joseph White and a member ot tiio Wjgttway Motor Patrol ware at. the wreck but tho nanws of parties were not Ijsarutl. A woman iajorad' la one car was taken to tha ofllc of a, doctor. Now Officer on Duty. Samnel V. Whip-kfry, tho newrty ftlected. policfnian, wad sworn in on Wed'nesd'ay by Burgess S, P. Stevens. Undergoes Operation. Mins May HlcholBon o£ Hurst Jtigh School under want an. operation at tho Memorial Hospital Are 'you »prepared to render first aid and quick 'comfort the moment your .'youngster has an upset 'of an/-sort? Could you do , the right thing--irainediately--- -'though the entergehcy came without warning--perhaps tonight? Castoria is a mother's standby at such times, Th«sre is nothing like it in 'emergencies, and nothing better for everyday use. For 3. sudden iattack, of colic, or the gentle, relief of constipation; to allay a-feverish condition, or to soothe a fretful baby 'that can't sleep. This pure vegetable'prepa- ration is al.ways ready to ease an ; ailing youngster. Jt" is just as Harmless as tlie recipe on ,,,,, wrapper reads. ',!£ you see Chas. H. Fletchers (signature, it i"s genuine'Caftoria. It is harmless to the smallest infant; doctors will tell you, so, You can tell from' the recipe on the wrapper how mild it is, and how good for little systems. But continue* with Csstcma until a child is grown. MILL OT UNION ' REVIVAL IS MOVING ALOMiT FINE RATE "Things ar^tmoVitig rapidly in. the right dlz«:tion at tho it-nlon revival 'in Mill Run as the Lord Is beginning- to convict souls of their ue d of Christ in ·tho uightly services'," a ild Evangelist 0. J. Fox. "The deepest conviction, for sin experienced since tiie revival began was the or dor T! ursday night 3od was surely Vi-orkiMj; in the hearts of the peopJe ftud a grcclouB meeting; \s looked for in 'tho last halt o£ «tho campaign." - ' · · · · ' - . . Lsster Dail Is lead-i)!}?. the chorus in a. wry Bplendid ma I'Dai 1 , the chll- .dren'a. c'homs is addin : m\ich to the sinking from night to night, "Uxe.ser-. nwaa of the evangslJi t are being preached- -with "'gripping power, ' and many are asking others and- praying for others to listen io God and serve him. Dr. Fox -will aeak on "How Match Bo You Weigh?" tonight. With the . serinon announoe'cl as a very !m- poi*taTit one in. the:. .aeries a very good oneeting is anticipated The morning meeting today waa t!-e laat o.t such uattl nexrt TiKraday »t' .0:30 ''o'clock; Saturday at 2:.30 P M.-.all ' young people are a's-kecl to meet wU'h Ur. Fox at, the home 61 Tlr. Mountain to discuss 3 if e problems confronting the young; A fine hour is expected and a hearty 'Invitation t r afrtend.Js extended to all young people of the entire commtinity. BrKl-'ox in a-speciul- jst in fdealing -with such (juestion-s aa Jie . : haa ' had years .of experience In such work, Foxgrmns. "J^rlends, the most importaint iuiea- tion pf your lite 1% your personal' j-asonsibJllty to God." "Better iieiwr to hare been born than to live and forrat to keop God's holy Jaw." "Youag frlena, the devil will aay have a good time ivfc 11* you may, but if. he succeeds, la inducias you t o f c l o so, he will laugh In nis sleeve at. you when, he sees you -with out -hop-o tore vor at the close ot life's day." "Many people are vvitlwni't hope and ylll never liave hope in this world because they have tilled faith. iaoulty aa.dead ',i an Egyptian mummy." "Saying no to God'3 invitation i#ouM: aot be done tirac afi.or time if peoplo who do it -would r )aH*e that by doing they are rapidly killing t faith faculty HO th y XVK nevw bo- Heve ihd oiUy 33iess:ige of eternal life offered to them." ASK HUNTERS TO REPOFTJGAME KILL HARBISBUBQ,-.E'el. 7-- Bftcauee an p.ccu,vate count vt email game killetl in thoi State depont'is largely upon the eoapemtion which sportsman acoortl, Officers ot tlie Board of Gam Oommia- Eiloners today asice*! for retarn ot tie report »Mpe attach- d to the linn ting If tho blank-attaelwMl to the' hunting lloerifie hews Ven lost ordinary paper will serve 'tfta purpose oflteers said. Km* MAE10K, Ind., ffob, 7 ijMHtao from brooding over JJJ and th» t»ro'SfthUHy that h{« eight- months old daughter would b« il*uel la »n IneUtiition, llohert O rooks, 35, iat and klllcsi hoir last night and then tried suicide, 1 SUMMIT, .Fab, 7 --Mr. and Tilrd. Wfl- l llani McDowell were giiasts o£ Dr. and Mrs. J.'Y. Woodt^ of Connellsvillo, Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs.. .Jamea B. WorthiHgton. epent "Wwlneeday visiting: their son, ·Ralph Worthtngtim, at Uniontown. They reported hi condition very much improved. He le now able to be Bit op a while each !«y. Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Upton;';.and daughter, Bflisabaih, upent 'Wednesday with Mr, and .Mrs. Wllb«r .Ortote 'at Uniontown. , -. · . ' , \Vado Hansel au'd oo'ii, Iitiou, of Leteoarta*, Airs. Jca«« Ritoher- ot Monatch wid Mrx, MwJitig }lew tfpdmt Wedn««4a ovoatng v/HU Mcs. Jacob PENSIONS GRANTED TO FAYETTE PEOPLE 1 THROUGH KENDALL Repree-eniative Samuel,A. Kondall has : assistad the following named eoldleva to«l widoMre of soldiers in, curias pen^i-ons an4 incrwisea which they' were entitleU. tinder tha existing lt\\va: Andrew .A: Calhoun, ConaeHsvUle, Increase to $39 a month. Paul B. Svhlag, Stoyestovni, increase to 572. ' Joseph Horris, TTtriontown, to $50. Bwing L. Holmee, Uniontowni to creaee to JS5. , Waverly Ford," Unlflntown, ot $25 a mouth. · - ' Bobort't}. .Tugl),' Somerset, to $40. Mrs. Ella U Brown-fielji, vcidow Samuel A. BrowniieW, SmitlL-uold, increase to MO. Meyersdals' MBYBRSDALB; Feb. 7-- Mr». Ootty wan hostess to the members of hur bridge club thto week ai her home. on North «treet. Two tables wore brought into p)ay and after the; lunch wa* eerved. ' , Thoee^froin hero who attended tha fmierialcf the late Chjsrlos McNunee of Mount Savage, Md,, who was burled Tuesday, wore the "Very Riov. John; :('. Brady, Mrs. Mary E. McKenzlo autt the Misai* Margaret and Mtvme Weber. Mr., and Mrs. George Stein of Somerset visited with tho former'e motlver, Mre. Joibu Stein, during tt»o \veelt. Mr. B|;d Mrs. Valentine Sil«e o£ Frostbuj'g 1 sporit sevoral dayjj here vistltng with tJielr'iiieo», the Mia»« Itliale and Xolla Sides. M!«s .T^anra, 1'ivlgg of Baltimore, Md., 1 vlfliOajc' her frlond, Mrs. John John. Maul oC thO; Maul Brothers tallorltMf eatabllamont 5e si^ending- this week iti ·Cloveland, Ohio, where 'hts .is attpnd.1iig:.tho .Ta'ilora Outtors couyon- ttok. : ;. . '': · - : · _ . . - ,- ' Air. ^ ad Mrs. Mahlon Flk«^ HOIJ. .AN brt, a;id daughter, Miss Ruth like, and Miss liorothy KUngaman left Tuesday by .'automobile, for 33a'ltlHHro t Md., 'wfytiTQ they yill visit for several ' . Mr. tni$ Mm. T. A. Mcjfeinsrie. viaited rClativue la Woat Salisbnry on Tuesday.. · ;»r, fnd oonir.g ytelted. Dr. anil Mra. W. H. Ryland. daring' the week Tho women are sit; tore. Mrs. Aaron Mauet and Mr« HeitK ot Salisburg- spent Wodnesday vtelthsg and shopping hare, ' Mra.. °E}lla. Hammond ha« roturnad from Ouinborla'nd 'whers she vteltod her ffhrtor, Mra. George Ijiiugerbeam. Mrs. Bradley Hoke of Salisbury spent AVedneeday hero at the home of :Dr..aJid MM. B. H.-Hok«. Misses M«rgtiret and Mlnnio Dia are spending a few dayfl wltb tholr sister, Misa 'Mo. Dla in Plttsbargh. Mr, and Mra. Kdgar Barkloy ot ·SewftPd,- Bo., were calling on. friends here Wednesday, Jar-iee Wilflwi of PlllierTjui'^ npont, ,s f«r\v -layfl hero at tlio hotmv of lite parenta, Mr. and Mr«. Jamog L.jWn- 'SOD, ' ' · · ; . - ' ' J. ' M r , and Mra, .'II, O. Mnak. ap^nt a foTv lftyn viflitinsr^vilh their «on-i)i-law and ''laughter, Mr. and Mra. ,To:oJ j, ' CUCKIItftt, \uour : //*.. . : ./ Our gre atest offering of the year--but for one da) only* A cli6ice-of four beautiful colon?---.Rose, Orchid, Gold or Green. 90 in. x 81in. itii deep ruffles and shirred bands. . ,- .- stuffed with pure, soft \vhjte cotton--has decant hand made flower ornament. Inside pillow can he removed to .allow dry cleaning or laundering, Set can be used for both full size and bvii beds, ,, ·, kcteetis Muffled, HOLLYWOOD, JL«*f, 7, -- Bddla Sutherland, inovio uicector, isurpria^i his £rteod« bore last i»ight by announcing li^t lw }*a«l married JStbwl . Kouyon, New Tor It ptage ftctiDss, at 3, MtMiieo, yedterdny. fvr SV-b, 7=-- MersHI ot Rufifadala wa i a vlattoi' lieae 011 end o£ JStmva atruoi at liHhel spsat tH wltli Iwr Tha W. M, A, t'll UJK United J^eturen Church mot af, j.lie hom«j of Mrs. Minnie 1'raflaSa lit cci \VeiiLeala,v xif- ternoon, T-lie ^neetJng -was v?sTJ a( , After he busliiesj? eaeeuifi u. time '--vritf eajoyed. l,«n«h . M r , and Mr«. Samoa B. spent WodiiflffQay .vJBlt'lng rolndvop arid fr!onl« afc Paraiinjckm, Pa, · \ no B«ab. : T.--A of i n l r t and panl.K co j nfcributefj oxtra Ijazard of }W»hiK .hlf: t)y 11, ·on I t . TJil« tt'«f« provod lif«t b«)6man rule! ' ot l.h ,wep«. th.e' larg- flK.4 nwn on thft eqnnA neither was 'hit by a piUUiod ball 1 hist aeaac-n. Roma0.ce Ei ]· Gircninds for --HA$BBE'S REHEBV-- tonight, . properly by inorninff aad y our c will cad witli a f»«rel acfjoik j3 froo nno cany »3 no tare tit her boat-- tib pain. B» Try It. Only'SBc, Siudke .Out llypocsrStes' · Teetotaler's Oatbi ihe nearest tailor... laundry . . . florist . . . plu mber ? They are easy to find in the' Classified, T phone Directory Mrs. Meanar Hunt daughter-in-law o'if th coffea king, fa nnJn'g f' from her husband, Jack" Sanborru As KI divotce she charges. lit with intoxication . an4 nbi?.a!va traaLmsnfc. She nnt!" Sanbom, ; famotis r divorce Handsome annds for · hnaband aruel and is his RepreBen.tatlve U. 8, Btono (K,) of Okla'hoiaa declared wtur on tho hypocritical.' "wot drinkers and dry vptarA" · when ha introduced ft bill .providing' 1 that" every official and employee at the Federal Gov- arnmont must take a teetotaler's Otttlj when he enters upon his duties. Tha onth tyould'he as fol- lo-iTO; " T h a t - I will'obey all'lawn oi' tho United States now in force ot hereafter anticted; iliat I do not usa nor will I usa intoxieatinir liquor or narcotics in any form. (Intaenal ^.^rA^»'^W^^

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