The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 3, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1918
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAT 3, 191S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLB. PA. NEWS OF THE DAY AT MI PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Town is Over the Top In j Lii«r: Loan W i t h j $2.-,.i.».-( Total, i THE ALLOTMENT WAS $205,450 (·'·rat 'I'hruni; fiathers (it Armory and I "·eru's ns Ksoort tn l*£trpi Lot o f : !raflif s 1,1'nvius; for Camp; ('mmcil i I'lvsiiK-iit I'ndf-.pi; 1 * nn Operation. ViOl'XT PLKASANT, May 3.--M unt | !'· v.;;a:it in ove:- tile t;.r. in li'-T Lib-! l - y i.oan snl^c: ij.txini.. Tut' q j c t a ; '·'* J-'^.to^, and thi'i-e his been n i ; e d ': actual ligurCj $2S4.:!;i'', Sa;:mei · ^ -:; den, with his wcirkevj. will work '·": :?rou5iy nr.iil tir.* end. Satu.-day r.i^lit. At the ar.:;ury yesterday aft-:» 1 ' :i"o:!. before the drnftess l e f t the i !'. :!iiing. Chairman Warden presented I Hi'- 1 honor Hag to the town -through ' i'-'i'se^s Stevens. Ihe flag will stay i · ;i Ihe hands of ihe lean committee f :'c.- the present. j Soniloi'i f«r Draifoes. |' A Inr^e crowd sith'-'re at the an.iory - " · · J escorted the Iti draftees of Dis- 'i- ct .No. 6 to the Baltimore . Ohio ^·f.ion. The bant.', drum corps, pa- M- ntic, fraternal. Polish. Italian and Slavish societies ruE.rched. They were h t a d e c l by the- burgess, police and :it mbers of count-11. roancilmiui I ndcr Knife. President of Council Elaine B. lold- *":ilh u n d e r w e n t an npt'i-ation fo:- an :-l.--ccss of his throi.t yesterday. Dr. 'A Thought 1 for the Mother /CONSTIPATION makes children \ 4 uncomfortable, cross and irritable, just as it does older people. Dr.Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is a mild, pleasant tasting combination of simple laxative herbs with pepsin, that acts easily and naturally and promotes normal regularity. Children like it and take it willingly. It contains" no opiate or narcotic drug. Druggists Sell Dr. CaldwelTs Syrup Pepsin 50 CtS. (mo sizes) $1.00 A trial bottle can be obtained, free of charge, tiy writing to Dr. W. B. Calchvell, 457 Washington St., Monticello, 111. M iry .Marsh performed llie opera*ion. 'Society Knfertaincfl. -Mrs. Fol entertained the .Missionary society of the Churc.'i ot lied at her Main street home. Mrs. .1. E- Prills had charge of the devotions. Mrs. J. L. Ru!-^ gave a reacing, Mr.v. A. C. Fox a review of "The Af- rii-on Trail" and Mr.';. Thomas Baston i .'easing. Refreshments were served. Daws on. HAWSO-N. Muy 3.-V/illiaia H. Park- 11 1 was a business c U l e r at the coun- y seat Tuesday. Owing :o the increase ia the slag K ing brongnt into tlie Dickerson Ran icd hauled to the slag dump at Vauk i b l l t . it was accessary to add an- ^5er yard crew to the list. Raymond Boyd was a Pittsburg vU- Ttr Thursday. :. A. Coushenonr was a Cotin»lls- -i !e business caller Wednesday. A meeting of the "Roman's "\York so- NAVY NEEDS MEN TO FILL UP RANKS OF NAVAL RESERVE i ROSli TAFFETA COAT T H K UTTLK G1IUL Both Skilled nnil Vnskilled Koqnii^d in Manninc Army Transports and .Supply Ships (ioinp Overseas. The Navy Department has jusi is- · ty of the Presbyteriin church was : there will be sued an urgent, order to all recruiting officers to make every effort to enroll men in the Naval Reserve Force, Men Cor practically every branch of tie Naval Sen-ice arc needed. The government has recently taken over one hundred ships from Holland. A good part of these ships will be used as troop and munition transports and must have crews at once. These ships alone will require in the neigh- borhaad of 35.000 raen. Th« Shipping Board has reached ihe stajje now where they will be turning out ships rapidly. Wtile the entire crews of these latter ships may not be Naval Reserves each ship will require several giin crews, signalmen, etc. Men cannot be enrolled in the Naval Reserve and be immediately placed on board ship--they must undergo several months training in seamanship, signals, gunnery exercises, target practice, boaticg, etc., before going on board. By the time men enrolling today in the Naval Reserve are trained and3d ready for d u t y afloat I t h i _ _ fo . need for at least 75.000. if · · .^ \JL I.UC £ ic^LIJ 1.CI l^Ull U U U 1 1 U " U 3 l i l e j ^ w i l l QB HBeO IOr R.1 iSt -.tld Thursday afternoon at the home I The sooner these men can he enroll-1 ; Mrs. James Loughery. North Daw- · ed the more efficient they will be in i cn_ ' [ t h e i r duties when ordered on b o a r d : l^nrencc Parkhill was a business j ship. ] niler at Pittsburg yesterday. Mea in large numbers bo!h skilled Mrs. -\Vorkmau of lx?-.ver Tyrone. vlio nas bciii ill with pneumoni.i at h i home of her da.ugb.ttT in McKees l"cks, was removed to her homeV'ed- usda.v eve-ring. llalph TVliipkey is moving into the This taffeta coat in rose Is just the the little girl. The flntins and niTfllng in telf-material gives a charming childlike effect to which the proprlate finishing trmch. Meyersdale. and 7'r--ki31o] are needed a t once f o r ' tbe Naval Reserve if ^e are to keep j onr transports and supply ships go- | HKYKIISDAUi May 1.--The pain?; effl:ier.tly and at top speed. Tie j triotic rally and lecture given under .N'avr Recruiting station. Pittshur^-. is j the auspices of tae Meyersdale fire 1 open every -weekday for tbe reception j department on Tuesday evening was Turaney house on Cachran.of applicants. Men of draft age an- shotild bring letters of rc- PrittstdWn *««.w»wwii. The Dawion schools will close the pease from their local draft boards. .-;nter term on Tuesday, May 14. : Uer - very successful year. Bert Colben was a business caller L the Smoky City yesterday. \V. E. Smith, who has been second r:ck operator for the Pittabur^- I"' .ake Erie the pasi few years at iici- I . rson Eun, has bee.-i transferred t o ' one of the largest and best ever held in our city. The speaker was.Her. Thomas 1L "\S~ueeier of Lonaconing, Md, and bis subject was "Tbo Struggle for Democracy." Amity hall, the place wnere the lecture was delivered was filled :o its utmost capacity T? i'j'l'gTn-U'V »r uiit'Q .o its Utdujst capacity .iju- 'c. ' , , " " , ' . 51a? ', r-~ Mr - a n d fore the a parade headed bv ; -Samuel Mardis ard children, Ver[he ci t, ZCTS . tand tl . avnrs( , rt g e v e r a i . ;°j"' dls ", j 1 ' 1 "' and ilrs - Charles ot Ule n r j n c i p a l strcet; others in t h e ' ° D;er S " nt1 . of StaufTer, motored to Lighe- general office at Pitlsburg. He . . wved his family to the city Tb ' Jr H Rhodes ' ay. William Brown, who has been home *** *'lth r. a furlough tlie past three days, has r:urned to Cainp Lee., Sheriff Howard and State Constable ';ck Chambers were ia town Tnurs- ay. Mr. and Mrs. "William Hay received a 12 -reeks old pup on Monday from their Bon, James Hay of Camp Hancock, Augusta. Ga. The pup was the | mascot of the bakery squad, of which Mr . and Mrs . H . a Emr , ig]l and j James Hay IS a member, and its name daughter. MI SB Ids. hare returned j is Gus. He is qnite a fine dog and parade were the fire company In uni- j form. Red Cross workers. Boosters' club. Young Americans' association. Modern Woodmen. Eagles and Moose and presenting a fine appearance. The proceeds derived from the sale of tickets was turned over to the local Red Cross society. Miss Jeaaette JlcManus of B-oad " " u! " "" ' 5 " u l t e a n n c a °S a "« their home in Braddock a f t e r ·o-a, was a rocent gnest of Davson ' n B J m a S mans parents will take days' visit here with relatives ·icnds. ! ?°?. d _ Car; o! h i m d n r l n s hls m a «w's | friends.. John Crouse of East Liberty, is niov- i.? his family to Pittsburg. and Ohiopyle. OHIOPY1..E. May 3.--Miss Luura :::ck spent Thursday shopping ajld absence. . . j Rey _ Father QtJinI , af Mid)llndi Md- .Mr. and Mrs.^Daniel V. Tates and j was the guest of Rev. Father BradT family and nephew. Paul Keck of Laon Tuesday trobe. motored here Sunday and vis- Misses Lulu Hocking and Mary ited the family of their uncle. Leroy stotler have returned from a two i Kelly, and other friends. · : month;.' visit w i t h the former's sister. Mr. and (Mrs. Frank Seibc-rt at Houston. Tex:, family o( her daughter, Mrs. Charles ! Miss Jean Holmes has returned Mrs. Fred Campbell of Lemont. was I hrothcr-in-law and here several days last week with t h e ! Ridenour. i from a brief visit with relatives Mrs. Jesse Kough and d a u g h t e r , | Lonaconing, Md. ilLjug on friends in Connelisvilie. Miss Nora Totten, who has been ill » - the past month, was taken to l.he ···si Penn hospital yesterday, wia're Grace Marie, and Charlotte Milllgan i Mr. and Mrs. Austin Kenneil have .0 will undergo an operation. .spent Snnday at Pennsville with the j returned to their home in Cumber- Mrs. Oran Waters spent Thun-day : former's sister. Mrs. E. K. Richer. ; · land a f t e r a visit here with relatives ; · · guest of Mr. and Mrs. Charles i Mrs. Thomas Hays and f a m i l y of and friends. · jScotffiaie, spent Sunday with h e r - Mrs. Char'es Darrow. who spent Raff.Tty. jmother.'Mrs. Xancy Truxal. iu, e post four w e t l i s with relatives !n Miss Grace Mardis was in Mount ; Pittphurg. home Tuesday. : trit at Confluence. Mr. and Mrs. George. :lighter E?tella May and son Wa--ren Mount Pleasa-t. spent Tliuri;day :-re tne guests of Mr. ana Mrs. "\V. H. r-ft'erty on Garreu street. Pleasant Sunday with friends. Mrs. Jefe Stanb is home from Som- Bcnjamin French has taken the posi- . erset where she visited relatives for tion of blacksmith with tbe Newcomer i a few days. , Mr. and -Mrs; Vannosdein of Coa- : c °al Coke company. i Misses Maggie ind Lillian Baer vis- Usville. are the guests of relatives; i[rs - John Milligan and daughter | itcd relatives and friends in Cumber- :ir here. Charlotte were Scottdal Miss Hazel Morrison was arrong ' Tuesday. . shoppers and callers in Connt.-lls- : Harry Yoirnkin of Connellsville, is ie yestrday. . ; here for a few days' visit with his Mr." and Mrs. Hiram Holiday spent i cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mardis. i ursday calling on Connellsville Hirry Bitner has purchased a Sve- shoppers on hand recently. :ends. Mrs. D. P. Collins was shoppie:; .unellsville yesterday. ; passenger Ford automobile from · seph W. *Weisel of Scottdale. Mr. and ilrs. Harold Atkinson anl Mrs. John Stewart has returned to ! sister. Hiss Hattie Freed, spent Stln- . T home at Bitner after Uie past -;ev- ' day with friends in Scottdal^. it days spent here with her parents. - - - M/Tlorris'.'john Shafer a^d Thomas i CONNELLSYILLE W O M A N GLAD -orpe were among the callers in SISTER ESCAPED DERATION yesterday. "Physicians had given my sister up die: they wanted to operate for Dickerson Run. DIC1CERSON law. May 2.--Mrs. Richard Sidosv was shopping and calling on Con'jellsvilie f r i e n d s recently. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Randolph were shopping in Pitt-sburg. t!*fvvw0uwew*^ New Arrivals of Special Interest to be Seen at The Big Store Fen t.u ring "The Big Store" leader Hats at Of More Than Passing Interest is This Display of Featuring newest models from America's foremost designers as well us smarjt creulioris specially made up in our own v/ork room by our OWTI designers and trimmers. These Hats include large, picturesque, Dress shapes as well as the popular smaller styles. Striking effects in lovely all white, all black and black and white Hats. Also Natural Leghorns. Featuring "The Big Store" TVondcr Hats at The Big Store Leads in Style-Value and Assortments--Forcibly Emphasized in This Comprehensive Showing of Is a Most Unusual I'rfiw for Tln-sr $-^.50 Brand »w Suits. It's lucky for you women who arc in tbe market for a snappy new Suit, at a popular price. WANTED STYLES A N D - CO1-ORS AUE PKKIN, S^VND. GJIKY NAVY AND I3LACK. Saturday Ve WHJ SeU 25 Brund New $3^V) Suitf at-- iimong which arc late model BasUa backa, Veatce ol- fects and new LailoreU styles. COLORS ARK NAVY, BLACK, SAND. FEKLN, GHKY AND SAMMY, M'ill Buy Women's and Misses Bnind \e\v ?18-.'0 Con^s --many styles to sr:lccl from, Sonu* shown S;inirday for tlu first time. Clover fn^Ii \vaijled and smart boiled effects. TVmnon! 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New Arrivals at the "Big Store" Include That Will lie of Interest fo 1'nrtk-nlar Dressers--Ainonsr U'liicli Are Brand Ac at ._ $1.25 Sheer Voiles, Lawu.-i and Batistes, in uevvi^!, models, somo w i t h \ n n v o r t i h l n collars, tif/at striped effects or a l l w h i t e . Spo^inl v a l u e s at S I . 25. Brand »w Itluus^s lit ______________________ Smart Spring s t y i e w in Crepe de Chinos a ad other popular Silks, in flesh, white, niai:^e and new sLripfs. Special values at ?2.05. $2.95 'IMV 's ni K 35J. Soled froia cleverly aiylc.s GoorgoiieL : , Cr df Chi:iL\s ;uid S u t i n CoiubiuaLion.-i in wliiu* ucid p;ist.ol ^iiadcs. Higli i:liiss Georgette Blouse?, headed and h a n d embroidered models that are entirely now. Come in white and new- paste] shades and combinations. AA*Aft*V*MtlAffiiVIAt*niVV*VWXtA^^ HAVE YOUB PRUifTING DONE AT THIS OFFICE. Relief from Eczema Don't -worry about eczema or other : n troubles. You can have a dear. ;.lthy skin by using a little zcmo, · at -^.7 drug store for 35c, or i ra large; Lotrle nt $1.00. , ;!emo K^nerally removes pimples. W.scfc- Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Myers were Pittsburg shoppers. Mrs. William Niswonger and daughter, Mis? HIdna, of Dawr.on, were calling on friends at Connelisvilie. ! Mrs. R. J. Moran returned to her home at Scotldale last evening, after i . . . , . spending ihe day here the gall stones, bet she was too weak and y., !-,,,,,- p r , t .,. c;mld only talk in whisper;-. 1 got her ! " '«' '" '."" .' "~ ^' . a b u t t l e of Mayr's W o n d t r f u l Remedy a u d :n three week?, she was able to rr.-t about and walked a mile to church." It is a simple, harmless ^roparr.'.lnn that removes the catarrh- FREE WAR GARDEN PRIMER · 32 Pages Fully IIluatritGii for Wvery Rnador of The Daily Courser \V C hare arranged ^ii.h'thc National V/ar Garden Commission, Maryland B u i l d i n g , Washington, f). C.. lor you to got this f r e e garden hook t:f iris?. ruction on how t«.' planr and cultivate a garden. Send this eoupor- fir,-} a (\vn cent stamp for postage NOW t n .-ids, blo'.ct.cs. eciema, ar.d ringworm practically all stomach, liver and in- d jualfes the skin clear and healthy, tcstlnal ailments, including appendi- :no is a clean, penetrating, antiseptic citis. One dose will convince or money n-d. neither st:ck' nor srreasx- and stains refunded. A. A. Clarke --\dv thing. It is easily applied and costs a ·re trifle for each application. It la vays dependable. ^ '. HnnHnz Bargains J ~ " J If so. read our advertising columns. TtcE.W.RoaCo..aeveland,O. Mickey. \V~wit;c-;:Gay morning, a 10- pnund iii'.by boy. llolh mot!:^r and child are doing nicely. j J. B. Crousc has moved his family . . . . , l to Mount Washington. Pittiliurg. Mr m u c u . f r . m ^ ^ i T i t e s t i n a l tract and « c r o u s e was l h i n l l r i c k op ^ u Dickerson Run for several years. A short time ago he was given the position of train dispatcher at Pittsburg. i W. E. Smith, second trick operator I at Dickerson R u n . has beeu transferred to Pittsburg, and is moving his family to Mount Washington, Pitts- NATIONAL 1VAK GARTES Jlarj-land Kit.iiiihig-, Washing-ton, P. C. Herewith Iwo cent r.iamp for postage Tor which please send me your war garden book free R!lare ;he which causes Name Street ._ City . Stata burg. PLAN to PLANT and WIN the WAR LIQUIDS AKD PASTES. FOR BLACK, WHITE, TAM, DARK BROVJM OR OX-BLOOD SHOES. Jif/fi PRESERVE THE LEATHER. (F YOU HAVE ANYTHING FOR SALE TRY OUR CSNT-A-WORO AOS.

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