The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1930
Page 6
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I'AUi] SIX. Tim JJA£LY COURIER, CO! NELLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7, j***^ P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Mrs E. R. Shupe oE Race street attended n quilting: and chicfcen uMnner Thursday in the Church of the Breth- i en of Me tint Pleasant Attendance at tho Colonial Tea, flag exhibition and enteitaiiimunt at the home of Mis. John I.. Gaus, Ka^t Washington a\enue, Saturday. 2 to 5 1\ M., wit not be limited to members o£ tlio t) A H All ladies are Invltod. Admibtsion 50 cont.--Advertisement.-- 7 fob-It. Mr. and Mrs. Kllswoith Evans of ' South Arch street were business callers In Pittsburg today. Miss Roberta Boak, a. meni'ber of the High School faculty, is spending the -weak-cud at her home- in Oakmont, .Pitta-burg. Don't t'orge-t tho baked ham supper at the 1'irst Presbyterian Church, Thursday, February 20. Cflvon by T. J. Hooper Bible Class. Tickets 75 cents ; --Advertisement.--7feb-lt. i Mrs. M T. Hall o£ Clarksburg. \V. V a , was n Counellsvllle visitor today. Mrt. Hall will be remembered by her many Wtuds here as Miss Gwendolyn HI enter. Mrs. S. B. Edmonds oE East Green street spent the day with he-r grand- fcon, William Edmonds, of Pittsburg. Mrs. Htsie Whitalter, Mrs, Sue Black, Mrf E M. Parnell, Mrs. Homer flush, Mr t. Charles Humbert, Mis.. Harry Campbell and Mrs. C. W. PranU, all of Confluence, were guests uE Mrs. F. W. Dav^s o£ East Green street, Thursday. Miss. Marguerite Davis, a student at the Unlvoilty ol Pittsburg, is spend,, ing the mid-year semester .vacation with J]£r mother, Mrs. John B. Davis of West Washington avenue. Miss Annette Dull, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dull of South Pittsburg street, and Miss Helen Boyd, daughter trt Benton Boyd o£ Trotter, students at Carnegie- Institute ot Techiiologv, Pittsburg, are spending tho mid-yea 1 ' semester vacation at their homes. Mrs. J. H. Strawn of Washington avenue w e n t to Pittsburg this morning to spend the day w i t h her brother, Jack Pieice, who Is a patient. In the Mercy Hospital. Mr. Pierce, who is a i omploj e o£ the Baltimore Ohio aailroid, Is receiving treatment for injuries suffered while ot work. Although he is reported to be gelling along nicety, ho will be In the hospital for many months. Mrs. L. L. Leapline ot South Third street, Wm Bide, -went to Ptttbburp this morning. Mi. S (' Garner of Uniontown wa- the guest of Miss Mario Young o' Wet Crawford avenue today. Miss Catherine O'Connor, manage! of the- lalies" i-eady-to-wear ment of Trotitmau'o store, warf Greensbur ? tcnlny on business. Aunt Met er "Jane's IM.UI is the kind that's forev-er'talkln' about how he'd run the kltche-ii, but she was an old maid when she got him an' couldn't expect much " Live Wires Give Finest Minstrel Ever Seen Here Wliat many anldered as one oC tho r«maikaul-o him« talent shows ever presented In Conudllsville was given at tho Ifigh School Auditorium last night 1» tlie Uvo Wiro Min- strela in their -efg-htli annual production. Getting off to a bang-up start bnap and a v h l r l u i n d of entertainment marked ttio program throughout It was with surprlo that most tf th« audience found they had been sitting for nearly th.r « hours vhon tho hntil curtain fall Paul producer and direc- In WORKERS' CONFERENCE SUNDAY AFTERNOON, CHRISTIAN CHURCH V ouU-iPtu-e of vuu'k'M-s of Hie Piotistant t h u r c l i e f of tlie c i t y IH?- h m i n a r y t o thp pctsonal evangelism c a m p a i g n w h i c h K to IIP omluc u»d next wi'?lc will he held S u n d a y at 3.30 o' lock at the C h r i s t i a n C h u r c h , will) KPV. Ilugene N Duty, pastur ot Hie ol tlu* tor, «aw success m a t k his untiring eflorls and aft -r the close oC the t formaneo ho v as .shov-wod witli congratulations. 1I« had a coiloction of end men who kept the audio ice In laughtr r and lu- torirpersed t h e fun with oonsideiahle talon t. Billy K offer and Babo Lcpora "brought down tho houso" rtilh a tap- j dancing nunvlx r. Tho second 1 alt of the pioijiam was u .duplication oE tho stylo of tMitfr- taiinur-nt in v sue in the large flt!c-a whore tho tire testrji is on th-e h t a R p and the niabU r of porfrmona-s iutro- ducci* ea h ae B i J l j K«ft"r in tho latter capacity a n d Kiterle's orch^trn lent color to tl l e n t i r e pra^utitatlon. Little Au-ia ratio Short of P!tt.-bu«; the highl ,'ht £ tho show. Just ho f.iue a retnurKablo iciobatu dancing anil gam and ajjain. Tiien lu-r to.", sh^ won u p t up inaiu inliinu^ an 1/o^ion lliuinoin cliuroli, pi "-itling All I I c-lunchtb engaged HI the e ,ire askod to .ittend The pri){ i. mi ^ i l l hi Organ p tit' tic U v m u No 78!) H y m n No JM Dpvotioii-- Ot W i l l i a m 11 ot T r i n i t y L i u h e i u n Chin 1 1'. 11 yearb old, exhibition of \va.H eucoreJ tap-tluncins 01 plan^o that Kt i Tho Amor! Hoys £ S-«K . R. J[ (ii^bs ·* « oihi-r f t n o H u m l.oili!-£« Moan.-, i M u d d y H u n .to i nadin Vo il W l i u Tr o, ( O David Char. i'- lCj. i 1J Shaffor and r \ e i j m»d and t\vJ » v is wen* i» e-'t»titeil by nd tiihy K t t l o i and w i t h H l v t : i Oo«- ninihol'i by ill" Uvi i j « i - ( d of Mi'-s -M ans, .onh a u d Mi. 1 - l a n « » l l ( l i Olht i s In til o l l , HUH'li man, l.nicry I I i H , I G l a l / i - r Din Kit -ut HeMi't; W a l ' t i COD.'OU J aj niond nod, d i r c c t i ' i bj lt(-\' ei of l«imbprt- son at' ( h u i c t i Oig.ui i on, U i v . Jolin H 'In- Mi'tliOiti'-t CHRISTIAN SCIENCE LECTURE THIS EVENING Tin; |ub!l( 13 i n v i t e d to a t t e n d L. l . e o I f e t t i i f ou C l u i s t i a t i Science- by .John U a n d i l l D u n n , C S H, ot I J n s - i i u n . a mr'inb'M ot the board ot lectine- t l i i | of tlu Mo! hi r U h u t L . l i , the 1 ' n s t l r t i u r i h of r h i t s - t , Sciuitibt, a t - B o s t o n , t o n i g h t at tho State A i n i u i j , begin- n i n g a t R 3J o'clock. Edward Younkin's Funeral Saturday '1 no t'mioia.1 of Ktlward Vounkii: !·. .vcar? old, of Markloton, who die Wedue'sda.y evening at the liosplta at CumberlaiHl, will bo held Sutunlaj .it K i n g wood ('hutch. The f u n e t a l i a i t v u i l l meet at tho homo at o'( look Mr Youi kin was a son ot John Y m i n k i n , w h o dt«l a j'-car ago. mother l l v ^ s nt Paddytowii, unai Alarliloton. " Hohides tho mother id survl"$d by his wife, Mrct. MolHo Krecrar Y o u n k i n ; a daufjhtur, Mrs Charles Wt.xUm, at home, a grandson and four sfsfcer§: Mrs. Tilia KomestMirs: and Mrs. Walter Sechlor of Paddyto\rn and Mrs. Itoss KrcRor of Kiupwood, and Mrs. Freeman of Marklolou. Your kins wore friends of .Mr. and M r f . v V . J Curtis of I J attcrjoT \ S t l t * J . t U l l » ' l * l - t ! i u t ' ) - k , H a i r y ,-Jox- s-,M W t t m a n u i t d in t h e J . i « « \ V i i f G u a d Jam .- I 1 ' InKc". Ji , W C" !'"! and H M f ' l b t t , ml i imtr C j i i u ( ' i r u f . t r am KoU'it J n * , | mouth o r K a i i i - . .'caniH'i'i' ^h' 1 "?/ | June TwlKK. 15 i t ) 1'io.iu- l'-n;- i f |pr. V i r g i n i a \ f T!OII ' Kit a 1,1 M Hrov, n ·mil Aim it Uro ik-. inf rrtj'M - if t i n - chorufe, K u e c n S t a f f o r d , l l a i o l d K i l l . John !'M y. (iravlon W h i p l u ) K f t i n e t h Strlcl ier, fiiH^-rt LUini; ton, thigus Colbori , Ku-1 X o l l u s . Iuw- i i ' U t u WinkU'r K i a u t Davis- William l t d / o n m-onilit s of t h w m l i i ' - t H ' l ti- scnible * A. I. DANIELS' SISTER DEAD M i i l i u r i v S dof til P U t s b u i g , sister of A. 1. Daniel and Samuel Duniols, both of Conneilfivillp, died last night in the Montou re Uoflpltal, I ' H t s b u r g following a bri -f i l l n e - f c Intormrnt we thw aftei noon in the Ceiiieteiy. The modem sculptured __ bobs do wonders to bring out your personality. But like- other preeiit-day mods of a'-rauging the hair, they call attention to It. Thai's why It's so Important nowadays to keep y o u r hair soft, lustrous, abundant. Tho easiest ami quickest wuy to give new lustro and color to hair .which has begun to look dull and lifeless, is with Dandortne. And It makes the hair -softer, easier to arrange; holds it in p-lacfj. Here's all you do. Each time you u-30 your brush just put a littlo Danderino on it It removes the oily film from your hair; brings out its natural color; gives it more gloss than brilHantme. Waves "net" w i t h it stay In longer. Danderine dissolves th crust of duud'rnu"; puts the scalp 111 tin. pluk of condition. It stops falling hair. A small bottle its enough lo show Its merit. Start on it tonight. The One Minute 3 fair Beautifier AT AU. DRUG STORES--THIRTY FIVE CO-Tfa Just Off the Wire Qy United AMSTERDAM, Feb. 7.--An Ameran identified as E. Ulster ot Baltimore t\as burned to deUh today whoa fire damaged tho United States I-Snc steamship Sao City at Ilotlwdam. F«'b 7 -- George li Rim-sey oC l^antjolotti, Wnsh|a,'t.)n c t u n t y , was placed on trial be/ore Judgo C. E. Whitlcn todaj on a ehfir£ ot l u v o l u u t a r y m a m U a u g h t d r in oon- l u c t i o n w i t h t h e (loath or Del in j. failllps, w h o w,vs a pasinc;{'i in nu a t t o m o b i l e driven b K a m h e y w h e n it \vis s t r u c k by a t i a i u l a t t St-ptemlx-i The- o-coldoiu oo urnsl in \Voa-. N'-wton 40 MILLIONS DAMAGE SOUGHT BY W. C. DURANT FOR ALLEGED LIBEL Toiu- B.-iu-i-ullimi of » e Moauufcun i'mnlly, ull of whom, In adUlitlou ti» other member* of the family, lit vc Ual wonderful rentilta from t l c use of Dr. Luntn'a Ju-rlml V l n x u l j i i . Lady of 92 Yours of Vg-o PccJaros She Feels as She Did nt 21, Through (ho tso of '"laxolyu. "It 311ns Oiyeii Results I A'crer Found in A n ) t h i n ? ? F tse." 'irst, Ileanl of Fiaxolyn by Personal L'mlorsoniont of \aiit nally-Fnown Doctor. he- Cn loci buen pourin, in, F'rom .ill loiters have Eratnlate r Phliftdelphi ujiou liK iiiicc)ver.' oC no norbal F l a i o i v n stitch o u n j r and old alike to ^ inoro vigorous health One til th* mtvt Inter, stijig States, to con- The !olloMu ( { iiii«nifu' n Nt-w V q i K in U s - i a ' t "J 11 rant "On .Tiiiutaiy _\! Lhe N f v , ows princrn! ,i vlcPiU',!} m » u t rc v . a i ' v . K d ol W C Y'jr!. O.iliy trui«- s-. loot w c Uuni'it s i - i t » on' with Fiaxolyn through Dr. Llndahr of the famous Undlahr Sanitarium in phyclclanj Chicago We havo u s i d It over since. · V l t a m l y c J , It has jr'ven reaultfi I never found in 4s helping j anything; eko. in jjreaier, "Mother wn« S2 years last June. She l« In splendid henlth Fiaxolyn completely r-alloved hcf constipation. JJr. I. uitz comofe i She sa« Hho feels as sho did at 21." r r - m i ^ N ' o l omK Illinois, a i d l« sjgnud ' IU f i ht lu-rcs thousands or men and lj M!,;a V s i * « .\f'fiaglnui si le Wly8 - ! nomt-n now tool nt, Hlwp serenely aud 1 I am enclosing a ^nap«ht t of the four j i«t with hearty appt'tite ainro using «-neratfoij.-» of our farail , who havo i Dr. Luntz's vitaminized herbal Flaso- ha«J w o m i t r ul results fro T tho uuo of j lyn. Two of the m a n y loiters received acquuintt-d j from them follow below. mes- f · t h nut or ,UI(1 S i l i a l l r 10 d'i to J I I M M ; n t form Suits lot $,i iMi i\v 11,1 i n Hit- How FSaxofyn^ Saved This IPenns/fvansan From the Human Scrap Heap D.tllv N e w s , 'Ft If«!r.nii, S( t Uc-s I J K i( i' a n d t n t f IK r a t l o u , t h e .UJiliii"-, tin, t h * L'K, \u a, iii York \i · hit, u u,i uj 'cd \ s u h t in i ken t l i . I l l i ' I l t ' I t is i n / h o l d 10 ftUkt . s«o or c o r i o t . i »* .\« v . . i k 1- i' nal Nwv\ ' !'» i t n i c o rfi'rv '·".' 1 Jlrt 1 '. ( or- l « n l d .md K»,- i-'.U' i !! Yi-ars o l d - - 4 I K the " '(!{" Wrens Oul of Him t.inl l,s I'oondt -Jnek t''»!I WHO a Physical V^rccli. H1K.N Hfi ( J A V i K L A X O L Y A T U I A L . Suvt Kwtd UK Ainui-lnif -^Uirj-! Tells of Kind of t o (inn r|. , munat!i,ri , ' o u u i A t ! l i t ativ p. i lon in an) v, A i ( M , ( j n - sllde tor tho o i i K l n ,, r spread ot ,li- ItaspJess a n d h i u n d o i o,ts n * p . , f » i i ^ feuuif; Jo block t i « t h . m t l o i u w i t h M i s l j f i i Hurlaon 01 alK-pod tju.-s I k liable t i i n s , i c J o n i in c o u n v i t i o n w i t h Mi Kanitiol t r n ^ i i , uicr president of tho U n s u i l f l d . r Kliuuu-iai C o i - pnralion I have no-, or hraul of .Mi", Hudson, do not k n o w her and luiow notlilnjf oi 1 hci Mary IMiodcs Au\!l)urj. riu Mar.v J Rhodes ClabH of Trinity Kdorinctl C 1'trch w i l l meet this cvc- n mj: at tho jiomo ot Margaret Luckoy, -Sorih | J rspcct struct Use ij= snail, Ads. ttcsults aro big. CHICHE:STER s PILLS ^* "~*- THE IHA.HOWn IinANX TIIK WIA4 A.»llMt Alb your 'ti!.,-li«».ter. llui I'll!. l«1l»S ami 4 Ixn a, ii»i«1 w |th Blm T« » at aOtni-. Bur ot "· ' ' ' kfrrC -- Deputy Collector At vScottdiale R. E. Watt, d« p u t y collactop, will b« at Scottdalo Boiough Building from February 17 lo 1.'), inclusively, to aid in the making up of income tax 10- turns. lie will be at t'lo Mount Pleasant borough bull-din..? February 20 and 21. Unbo Ho n to Edmunds. hon, w e i g h i n g WVa pounds was xrn tfoki m o r n i n g at !i:45 o'clook lo Mr. and Mrs. W-omer Tdmunda of A'cw- port, K. I., at ( l i e home of Mrs Md- niunds' purents Mr. and Mm. W, S. Storey of Jfiat.t J'utlernoti avanue. Tho mbo, the Jiist In Uie funily, hus boon uiniod Ocouco W i l l i a m He th a ratKl-,on of i ) r and Mt«. (i. II, Ifld- n u n d s of Wohl d f j o n street and is tho irat grandL'hiUI ot .Mr, ani Mu,. Sloroy. Mi^-i E I U I U P - I H , who w i l l bo omomoered ns Miss C*ary! Storey, and on ere. reported to bo getting along ory nicely. Daughter Bon?. ·V d a u g h l o r , C h a r l o t t o Ivorain tlw ,fii3l c h i l d in tho tamily, was honi this nioimnp; to Mr. aud ,'li.s. t J u r r y Uaw- so'i, Jr., or Washington avt-nuo. The babe is th-o fh\st grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. William Fulmor of 22-g ' N i n t h stroc-t, M'eet Sldo Who to F'ufronl/e. Tlioso who advoitleo In 7'ho Ckiurkr. Undcrg-ops Oppmfion, Uotby Porter, 2I7 lOast 1'atti i-hon x von do, und-orw-i nt a tin oat operation t tho Conucn.1 vllle. State Uot[ital his Cliiwslihxl trtn,g results wl on plac«t! In tlw co-1- r.u-8 of Thu Da ly Courier, = WHAT TO sss IDAHO POTATOES? Bl L.UV WE A jJt_ DBCATUR SA · DEAR. MQAH 10 V\/HET|B0 p)p THE cow HIDE BOOTS, WHEN THE RAM3 H O R N Bl-EW /WTo -THE BAKN SOUTH BENO DEAR NCVMA* VVHHN THE RADIO HORNSM WrrH A l-OT OF= STATIC, DOES YoUS TliNE ^o OUT ON A SHora.T J 0»Kie W1LMIH43TBM ^ No r ^ j ^ ' t l i r cott d io jt slice to tho c i n r of M i . 1) NUi'a fiRli' or h e a l t h , thc-roforo h-t liiin Ml ( vsji-j word of It 1 inisnif Mr O'Netl llvu ,it I f h ,\ ^-tl SI , a ul «ii in vorlfy w h a t he *,ny -, I .ins u d u c k in;.n, 11 y ars old M j J.b nioati' «|i hours iiul ) n n , hard nc», ami taktio the pep utjt. of m* i |,i*.t is joui 1'i anl wan a wrwjk I i i ! \ i r iia«l , i» di.'i-aso In p a r t i c u l a r , Jmu a run- I . O H U '!',(· in i i o t n \ e r \ v c *k an4 UK k o( nlooj). Otio a.,\ b-. t h a n c t - 1 r a-d alnut herbal Fla.xo !,. n UK! t h e - j/ii'at i;ood it dotv, arid !t all Hoomcd ro ^ i n c f n - 1 k t i « l c J lo ?;h FlaToIn n t r i a l A f t e r tnlUnt 1 it tlin-c w e t k ' i ff !iko an «-ittlicJy difftfr- e n t j i o i H o n , h a \ l t i f f-'H it tcoixl ofloct/' from t h o , (iit,t la I t Kil it. I l'ivi legaicc-a my regular weight, 172 Ifos., and am still doliiu tho t v i n o w,rU. hut d o n ' t mliui the b t i a l n now, und although I don't, 'ivi-raso au.\ tnoro ? l « o p tl in I usod to, tho kind of elocp I now get seems to lo mn n lot UIOIQ good. "I a u i t i l l i n g ni friwi Is ahotit Fiaxolyn. ami in great gintitudo- am eond- uif,' you my photograph. T r u l y and bincercly J O U T H , Jack O'Noil N ith St H o l d " Mr. j. riiiiii.. O ' f t r t l , N, 8th St., \ i'rulnc u( ivrtntnl} in Itcatt- felt. Sick 10 Solid Years; Fiaxolyn Gives First ia hotly Can Toll You Vfliui It Means To S iffnr Knrttcshly--and Then Suddenly ,Sr« the Shin- It r Liijlit of Hope. Thiit VTus IVIiut Flaxolyn Proved tx Be! Suppoao that you .suflore,! for ton long years from ai h-es and pains, dno- Lo toiic: poisons you coul-d iievor d ' i v e oul of your aystom Supp v so dizzy spells and n. rvoiwness and constipation anil eallowuesa loomed u before you as your poi petul Jot hi life. And then HI ppo'ie you touud something that fcct you free from yi u r plckn«F6 and enabled you to n o r k and walk w i t h o, se, that made lite not only boaiablo but happy. Y ul, too, would bo ovoi joyed. That experience ie tf Id by Mrs Mary K. Swoger. 60^3 Remhart St., Wefet P iila No wonder Mr* Swoper calln vitaminized F axolyn "poitivoly w o n d o r f u l 1 " Don't wail. Try Fiaxolyn at onre. Yon will jm- m idiatoly noto the lonio rhango. A now jsparklo will light up youi pye. Color--natural color--will jopluce the nale, paly appeal- anco that betrays poor heal h, sl-eoplpssness and constipation. IIIIN ilonc juoro for lu-r tluin n n j - Hliv hax PUT lnk«n Wfl eoll the now vitaminized Fiaxolyn, on iho positive wriifpn guarantee that if you ar-o not antls led with results by the sixth spoonful], you may ohtn.lti your monoy bncli UNIOK PA TENT MEDICINE COMPANY, 1'ittHburgr mid Peaeli Streets, Patronize the Ho ne Merchant Who Advertises in Th© Dally Courier, Our Sfundl ig (/uanintec--Hntlsfiictlon or Your Money Buds;. Carpet and Velvet Foot Rests These foot rests, or hassocks, may be had in a number of odd shapes and color combinations. $1JS) and $1.39 values. Chenille Bath Mats Size 24x36 inches. Beautiful patterns on backgrounds of rose, blue, gold and orchid. Prints and Percales Ixmg wearing prints and percales, full 36 inches wide. In a varied selection of new, fast color patterns. Yard 17 C Men's Part Wool Jersey Coats 79c Tn blue and brown heather mixtures. Sizes 36 to 46. Regular $1.39 values. Boys' Losigies and Golf Pants For boys from 8 to 18. Regular $1.79 to $1.05 values. Spring Hciuse r House frocks that combine beauty with utility. Made of fast eoloi* prints and other wanted materials . . . in new spring styles. Sizes 36 to 52 72x80 Cotton Blankets 98 Double Cotton blankets in gray, tan and white. Choice of pink and blue borders. $2.95 Baltic. Pure White China Cotton Ohoose china cotton when making comforts at homo. Weighs two pounds. Opens out like a wool bat. Size 72x90 inches. Alexander Smith Sons Axminster Rugs These aie new arrivals. 27x54 inches in size. You'll like the beautiful patterns a:j well as the unusual quality 22x44 Inch Turkish Towels 39c 4 For $1.00 White with colored borders. A regUiar 35c value. 81x90 Inch Empire Sheets (Mohawk Seconds) Buy these soft finished muslin sheets at a saving! $ 1.50 Overalls and Jackets Full cut overalls and jackets o£ heavy wtiiie-back blue denim Children's Wash Dresses 97c Fast color prints made in pretty new spring styles. Siz«'s from 7 to 14 years. Begular $1.25 and $1.39 values. Broadcloth Shirts 79c Plain a n d f a n c y broadcloths in collar attached and neckband styles. Sizes 14 to 17. Begular $1.00 values. 36 Inch Window Shades Replace those old discolored, grease- stained window hades now. Here is an exceptional value. 36 inches wide . Ladies' Silk Hose Heavy service weight silk hose v ith tops of fine mercerized lisle. 4.11 leading shades. Sixes 8 1/3 to 10 $1.00 value. Rayon Crepe de Chine Lingerie Here's an exeeplion- 0.1 offering, Thpso aro garments thai wore sold for as, much as $1 69 C h e m i s e, stop-ina,' bloomers, panties. in pastol shades. Ladies' and Misses' Coolie Coats Vivid colors, fantastic designs mark these roolic coats. Mado of crctonnoa and foLtou c-repes. Values to $1.GU. Tomorrow

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