The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 3, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1918
Page 3
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FRIDAY MAT 3, 1918 THE DAILY COLRTCR COVSELLSVTLLE PAGE THREE. NEWSY NOTES TELL WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN Liberty Loan ISO Subscriptions in Threo Hours. TOTAL NOW ABOVE $600,000 Bif? Cn»id Jlarcluv M i t h Urattet 1 * u r tirl Thoma- W h i l e I n d u s Prmide t h p B u Win Vr* ItMUiii^ M i t h Dot Lunches,* Other ^efl·» J lenb # Spec j. to r he ^ urier SCOTTDVLE - ^ a v 0 -- \\dllei f Siaufer chairman of the Ui im loan cocnmuiee o ^cottd ilo ^estci tla^ got Piesiden \\ il=on s i ie«^as ( calling upon, one null on \mtncina to match him v \l \ a ?-»0 boid in c tJollar» down and fi o dollars a noiu)i Mr Siauffer took e Jire * it mt md m three and 01 c half hour ca 10 lack wuh l j boid= The in o nt D O \ suhscr bed is, a lut mo 00« If each o tlit ui \ oil o U P I C to sell 311*1 one bor-i on th ·* 1 lai ae sale ·ftoild be ar e T i e exam le set b% Mr Stauffc Coi In- w i r ^ r * was a w a r n i n g to the \\orker tha the* must not fal dov.n m i l the ast minute Sa iircU'v ntrul Dntt-ecs ( hoc ccl A. arge crowd ia hererl on Uie st oet=; and ^bouw t e Y M ( \ ID bee the dia'tcfs ofl Pro nptl at o ( clock the raer k i Hit, \ M (. \ led bj the Giand A i m band L ned on eich Mde % nh mi* ng i etched along be Bov bt.oL.ts had he drar tees marked off fror the rest f ac i draftee carried a lunch tl c gift of the Ladies au^iha-y of iho "\ M C \ The bo s wont t Fver on w l i e r t ihei emra ed Tho^e w h o left ^ e te r da* were \ ictoi Kattors Mm -\ I lea=ani Jimes ^i K»lc "-scot til e Ka\ Kcnne 1 b".o td I'e VH e t J t er*- tsja.i "Mount P is nt "tt G bhiister ^cottda ^ Ov. »rc;;? Jic b MiT-aer Tair I r^an K c r u l ^coit dale Thorn is \rnold Qu nn Tin John Baei Tar- John \okic! Ion it Pleasant John Hem i n-ier r Mtl Scottdale M-%er Morn jcn id Ir bamuel D Di.ll Scot da Rnj 1st in in Benford sco tdal John Chat IPS Bloom Scottdale ^led II Co 1ms J?cottdale and John ^ r^rl C etne Ilt«t ^ear in IlisUrr. The irnuTl con rr* 1 * ' onal no in-, of the I irst Pre-b)teran cm rt!\ wa^ he'd at the church on "Vv e i^cat.3 o\ T i n s TLe foPowing ofl 1 e r r s were elected T *residen J K -m th KOC refarv J Howard ( rasiei t ders G F Kellj \ D 01 pr -\ aatl Jcnal j n Memtt trustee^ J ^ Part c M T o i c k s J K Smith M \ ^Ive^s ir ! Char e- S Han The- report-, for l\ e vear were the best in the hmoM of tV'e church The follow ng ladir^ pre pared for the meeting \frs 1 \lden Marsh M-* Charles S rfiH and "Mrs J J Hutchinson program M D H Kellj Mrs Gporpe Hirrei an Mrs C 1 Stoner social coin n tte Vt he clo^e of the *^e^ c on reire hmor-ts were served 1eelJni? on Mmid n The L^dJcs auxil T I J of the "V M C V. wi I bold ts res' ilar month \ meeting Monday after? oon t- 2 "JO o clock at the "V M ( A hxtrur rdinarj I eat. The sample sale i yn now acd man\ have obtained son c wonderfu ba-^ams in ejccljsire mor h No t w o ilue Hundreds* to ctiooip from i ^amp'e mil inerv sample suits -amp D coa ^ samp e dresses and so on in all department^ n an wear ing appirel any woman child or in fatu wears Ercad-waj Lid Cb StT" 0 Scottdale Pa, Just as you get off the car -- Adv · Other Nvws. Tbe United Brethren Ud e« held their missionary meeting OT V cOnes i daj aftrnoOD Thobt wb ) took part i cm the program \ve"e Mrs M A Gaut Miss Mabel l o w r y Mrs "V\ I S t o n e r , and Mrs AJfrea Sidaw^v . Mr and Mrs Harrj Papons and i f amilv of Monessen are -v isi uag fnends here Mr and Mrs Ben Miller and family were called to Pittsbu L, c terda 1 ^ \j the death oC Mrs. Millers father H , M^ose 1 ' Born--To Mr and Mrs J M Poulo of tverson iverue a daughter Bo-n-- To Mr and M's G orge Ni^h u! Loucks a ^ e n u t a son M" and Mrs John I^on and the la*ter s mother Mr* Kiferd ha\e raoed to 1-atonia, Oh o Fuffene Perry and John 111 en re turned ves^crday to C mp I eo \ a after a furlouh spent it 1nr homes hcr« F-iends of Miss Harr et Hmhrick of thjs place wbo wiM ^rada-vte th s \car from Ird ana Normil w j l l be eaded to learn that she ha vept a position In the Jeannet f e public \ o u ba.\e got to cleat aad ear the howela thoroU to ha7e goo I health after months of indoor life vj n w o u l d do so now if vou cou'd see ' em as you do jour face or hand 1 ? Holiis t t r a Rock\ Mountain Tea cleans and c ear=; as Lothing else Start tonigat Coane ls\ le D-us Co --Adt Tnrd I desire hPr^bv o express IVT \crr sincere ^ra uudi o all m\ friends vho n iO raany ways assisted and helped rne di r ng he il'ne^s and a the fcrre of my bvtovod h u s b a n d s dea'h Mfs C P Sirobel--Acv If Ion Want Sflmthing tJ^e for it In our c^assifi One cent word. Rt % ad ou" advtri BELL-ANS Absolutely Removes ; Indigestion. Druggists ! refund money if itjails^ 25c [ Davenports and Davenport Suites-- Quite frequently people who come to our store are amazed at the remarkable values we offer. They ask how it is possible for us to Efive such values---values that are so much larger and better than those shown in other stores. The answer to their question is found in the buying-power of the four large Aaron Stores--Connellsville, Greensburg, Brownsville and Jearmette. Through this strong buying organization we are able to secure from the manufacturers special price concessions because of the tremendous volume of business we give them. You, of course, get the benefit of these savings--that's why you can buy the high grade, exclusive lines of reliable, quality Furniture, Rugs, Carpets, Stoves and Homefur- nishings at Aaron's for less money than you must pay in other stores for just the ordinary kinda This Massive Fu'1-size Pullman Bed Davenport On uf the l i t e ] upu ar 1 i an lovkl ^ 1 u f IK r njt-i and is upho!Btt.rei! in a \ o ^ x d O m lu o 1 U 1 i ia n 3 H lei 1 ht sp ing coiibtrxici on i^ of nt beit \ j aM init O n ' on n is L iplc c IK I t H ii\ t p M i I 10 entire It i 01 r of 01 si\ -i r\ u i U i-. d d o tS -lisp i\ of Da\en pjr;-, anf 4 V venixjn s i s i ie i hei [he iiMia ot complete satiTtattion a l H a j i troc=. \ i i t h even pnrtha«e -- thnt's 11 hr Men Vnron cusiomcr is a satisfied customer. Connellsville's Reliable Homefurnishers Since 1891. Our Iiberni. con ten- lent charpt acouTil sts- tem makes (he mutter r! payments very ensi. Vsk tho salesman to explain at to 3011 This Three-Piece Genuine Kaltex Reed Suite only 1 bo g i a e f S ]1 iK roll sci ^ und he medal! n * m piu es iheni vc* (o i p p u n u t! w o r k n a n s f u p Un imkrs 1 sw c o Your Choice of Either Kal- tex Rocker or Chair. Only OO Nole the i n v i t i n g appearance of the-jo chairs wh ch are oxa Lly as illustrated An espec al]} attrart vo desita in fibre durable made and I l i t ned m new brown and green sbades T b t are tipholsLpred jn rre onue with 'oose QUahions Kemarkalito \aluts Let the New Process Gas Range Help Keen Your Kitchen Cool. The New Process bai Ra igc « i l l lielp make bakmg and cooking this sunmiu a TL. 1.1 pledMire Made of the best materials throughout iis famous range -- which successfully all conditions pi csstire u i l l lifetime Has burners -- verv eas\ to clean Their s^ o^tiflc ar- rangerrent sae l^' of you? fuel bills under of gas last a Come In and sec thp Special "» Range we're offering at - $19.75 Tins Solid Oak Ponh Swing C o m p U U Chains Thert. i t n ^hnuld \ in onifor f appropriate «siimmer f u ^ n f t u r e when h-\!ri nr rork"^ ^p endidh consirirrfd cf flno fibre are obi 11 IT*Me Tt u urh \ or\ low prices f i l l f i u r f ( t porch =winK v? th in ti % r^rhr me: t icX I iactlv tin Ha^tratuin w i t h w do S 1 ^ r h arms T i U\ fin ^j ed and u i*t int. UK ?o i rucied h rough out !)- porch s ^ ing w ill £ \ e vou This is an all year ronnd piece that can be us^d in your H/ing oon iun parlor or out on the pencil d mnr tae BUminer It is an ext-en el com for ""Up piece of *ur ci uro -vcr^ practici and one vihith evorv one will admire he ciue o f i s eTtiemp 1 eiuty in le sign jpatitif 1 rretonne tapestry covenng ird comfortable uphol ^tcrmr This xr-ry unusual piece is an excellent vilue at this apec al pricr Our Complete Line of Genuine Reed Carriages Will Be of Interest to all Mothers. See the Special we're offering at See it Today Can Make It! Hoosier makers havi tested all K i t c n e n cabinet The coiuemences lhat ha\e pro\erl most v a l u a b l e the, h ) \ t adopted Those not up t" Hoosier h standards Live been le jerted So tod t the Hoosier contai is all \\autul features And onlj (.nost tlia are prattirable Hoosier s Counril of K i t c l w i ^ c l e r l l sts--all ttlented women--ire using the ('nosier coiiitantl\ to lind new 1111- pro'ements The models v,e offei ^re the % p r \ UUPM th t Hoosie^ has, bin t \A na. i\ are uiaitved at before v,i] p"ices Prices from as low as $26.30 Upward. / Back Up Yoor Hoover Pledge With a Leonard Cleanable "Your dut% is not done by merelv signing the pledge lad iIacirg the card m the v,mdow You should sa\e food prevent wa«;te and utilize *-verv igency whercbj mo~e food may be to si rvtd 'or the i se wf our sftldiprs and allies ibroad \ gciod rcfri^eraior in -vour kitchen will do m jch to hUp vou | c p r r v out these {noaomies S et rird Cleanable Refrigerators hav P been tried and found i fficient Thev . m a n ain thai lo-w p\en emperatirc so nece6jft-v to perfect refr perat\ou and with low cons n i p mn of ' ice Ore sumon s use tvj'I save their cast m food conservation and ice Come in and see the many different models yi shovnng -- prices range upward from as loir as are $8.50 ut on!) _ We ut.r ibh lo ^c n r t i n u m tin uf 'hiie "jwi'ioS era I ab iie- tured abtnt o ^ell at t is special price of ?11 0 »bev arc t Tret wide aud haie non riistnK chains and ire completelj equipped readv for lianglng _j Quality in Flooi Cove-ings n ·» f mosr impor _ n t pan m Rugb Carpets, and 1 lour (_o\ nti_-, Due o the b j r u u of \ \ o i l s o l e nianu* lurerb are ver\ l t \ e r h i n i x i n ^ \\ool \% in into am' (fir j · suh is \P]^, pleasing to the eve but a j u ( e mixed Ku-, \ \ i l l not wear and will lose us color V e offei onh exclusive |ijilit\ hnu-, t u c h i d i i 4 the famous Wlutlall Rugs the uei-i siade Insist on Getting All- Wool Rugs! I h e n t o o when hu\ ing L poleinn-, i n s i s t 01 ^r-uin^ he genuine -- the good old fash'oncd cosk ba^k kind-- the\ind that will gne vea'-s of satisfatron -near

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