The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 27, 1939 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1939
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

PAGE TWELVE. THIS DAIL.Y COIIK1JSK. UUNN£;L,L,SVlLlJi PA. FRIDAY, JANUARY. 27,. 1039... Cooking School Menus Here's An Old Time Favorite RECIPES BY REQUEST .FT/IK;!-:- t cups sugar « cup light corn tynip 1 1-3 cups milk U cup butler . . 4 squares chocolate (4 oz.) 2 teaspoons vanilla ; Combine Uic sugar, milk, com syrup and chocolate In a deep saucepan and cook slowly, stirring until the lugar Is dissolved. Continue cooking, stirring often to prevent burning, until the temperature. 530 degrees F. Is reached or until n soft lia}\ forms In cold water. ' ' Remove from heat, add butter nnd set aside-to cool without stlrrlnx. When-tho candy has cooled to 110 degrees F. (lukewarm! add virillti" arid beBln'tci beat." Cxi-~ tlnuc beating until the fudge thickens. Pour Into an oiled pan. GRAHAM CRACKER CAKE I lb. graham crackers Vi cup butter 3 tcaspqons baking powder 1 cup sugar !i teaspoon salt-- -:.'·-' ·-' -· · U4.cups.mllk :..',:: 3 c£E». separated ···':·" .'.'":" ...'":. *'. teaspoon vanilla... - ;- · . Put the sraham crockets through the; food shredder to make fine crumbs; tlft to- ccthcr 3 times with baking powder and salt. Separate tho «gg« and beat tho whites until stlft. Cr«im thai butter, sugar, ondccg'yolks'untUMlBht.' Deslnnlnz'wltlx'tho cracker crumbs, add alternately with mlUc'and'vanilla to the creamed mixture. Mix well. Fold In the stiffly beaten ecc whites. Divide Into ! oiled and floured cake pans. Bake at 400 degrees F. for 30 minutes. When cold put together with whipped cream or prune Whip. PRUNE WHIP:.;-:::.:;: . . : % teaspoon lemon Juice Few grain* salt Combine ingredients In small bowl and beat with electric mixer until stlft enoueh to hold Its shape. Spread between layers and on top of Grahim Cracker Cake. 1 cup prune pulp 1 cup powdered sugar 2-3 cup butter 1 cup sugar .' . . . . 3 eggs 3 1*3 cups cike flour.-' 3 teaspoons baking powder teaspoon soda BUTT13R3UIiK SPICE CAKE U teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons cinnamon !1 teaspoon cloves *i teaspoon o3!splco *a teaspoon nutmeg l cup buttermilk fouscliold Arta by Alice Brooks Piece , Quill Mode . 5!ainly of Scraps Friendship Knot ' PATTERN 6230 ··'- In Colonla: days, Friendship Knot was" ar/avpritc quilt. It gave the qulltmaker the chance to use up odds and crids'pf'thatcrial. And how:irn- portant that was In those days where every scrap ot'c"otton was of such great value! And how gratifying it is today to makc'the rrioat of.what you have to achieve a beautiful piece of handiwork. You'll find it a simple block to piece and one that makes a quilt that will transform your bedroom. Pattern C230 contains the Flock Chart; carefully drawn pattern pieces; step- by-step directions for malting quilt; yardage chart; illustration of quilt. To obtain this pattern send ten cents in coin to The Daily Courier Household Arts Dept., 259 W. 14th Street, New York, N. Y. ,Be sure'to write 'plainly your NAME, ADDRESS and PATTERN DUMBER. Cream the butter and sugar. Add the ccfis. one at a time, and ocat well after each addition. SUt and measure the flour. Mix with'remaining dry Ingredients and add alternately with, the buttermilk to the creamed mixture. Pour into rectangular pan and bake In at preheated oven at 400 degrees V, ior 30 minutes. r" . .:: : "-WHITE ICING 11£ cups sugar Vz'CUp e£C whites 1 teaspoon white corn syrup 3 tablespoons sugar ' % cup water 1 teaspoon vanilla Cook-lVz cups'sugar, water and corn syrup until It spins it thread. Meanwhile, beat the egg whites stiff and almost dry. Add the 3 tablespoons of sugar to egg whites; Ihcn beat to form stiff meringue. Add the syrup as soon as U ts removed from range, illowlnc only a ihln. threadlike stream to run Into the ««f whites, beating with High ipccd of the mlxur until icing holds a point. Add .vanilla.,* * PINEAPPLE SHERBET Z cups buttermilk . l cup crushed pineapple 1-3 cup sugar . 1 teaspoon yanlll* Few grains salt 1 egg whllV Mix buttermilk, all but 2 tablespoons of sugar, tnlt, pineapple and vanilla; freeze nntll flrm in trny of electric refrigerator, with lempertture control set to coldest point. Beat egg while until stiff, add the 2 tablespoons of aucnr. Transfer Iho frozen mixture to cold. mixlnR bowl nnd beat until fluffy. Add egg white, blend well, and return to freezing Iray. Freeze without.further agitation.. When froten. *ct temperature control to 3 or 4 points below normal to hold until serving time. Note: For best results the temperature control should be *et at the coldest point 13 or 20 minutes before the dessert is placed In the freezing compartment. ROASIEK 3IEAL ' . ... _ .. Fricassee Chicken - .Baked Potatoes Corn and Lima Beans /Time--2 Hours. . . Temperature--350 Bcgrces.K. FHICASSEE OF"cinciaix·"..'. 1 chicken 4 tablespoons Rour Salt and pepper ~ . 1 quart water . . . . Fat ' 1 teaspoon onion Juice, if desired Singe, clean and cu' up the chicken. Sea«on with salt and pepper, dredfio with flour *nd brown li\ skillet with fat. Place the pieces In the largest cookm* dlah of the electric roaster. Prepare gravy by adding flour and water to fat remaining In skillet. Season and pour over, chicken. . - - - - - -. Pedestrians Warned Greatest Hazard Exists After Sundown £ cups whole kernel corn 2 cups tnby lima beans COBX AND WJCA BEAKS 'Heads up when the sun goes down," was odercd as a slogan o£ safety for pedestrians by the State Motor Police who pointed out that three cut of four adult walkers hilled in traffic lose their lives alter dnrk. Police made the statement in connection with the national pedestrian protection contest being conducted by the American Automobile Association in n'.i effort to reduce the annual toll of. pedestrian deaths and injuries. They added that the A. A. A. will make awards to cities which show the greatest advances in meeting the pedestrian problem. "Crossing strccU between intersections and careless walking on rural highways ore the two mcst frcq-jent causes of fatal injuries to pedestrians and both of these major factors can be improved by individual care and caution," police said. : "Many walkers cross streets between intersections because they feel it is safer than at the corner. However, they do so without keeping their hciids up and fall to realize that traffic has the right-of-way between intersections. Safe practices require that both motorists and pedestrians recognize the value of motor transportation and at the some time con- 14 cup ifatar _ H teaspoon salt'---"·-" Butter' ' Place vegetables with liquid, and butter In one of the small roaiter dishes which has been oiled. BAKED POTATOES B medium sized potatoes Fat Clean medium sSied potatoes and brush, vrtth melted fat. Put in Toaster container. Place the food In cold roaster and cook 2 hours at 350 degrees T. CHEBKYPIE : cup sugar 2!4 eupi cherries, drained I tablespoons flijur Pastry Mix the surar «nd flour together, then blend thoroughly with the cherries. Line a pic plate with pastry, pour In the filllnE and cover top with thin strips of pabtry Bake In prehntcd oven at 430 decrees P. for 45 minutes. PINEAPPLE AND RAISIN PIE : cups crushed pineapple, drained 2 lablespooiu cornstarch I cup seeded .raisins Va cup sugar . 3 tablespoons lemon juloo Pastry Mix pineapple, ralslni, lemon Juice, sugar and cornstarch In saucrpfn. Put over low heat and bring to bclllnc point, stirring occasionally. Cook creamy. Pour Into pie plato lined with pastry. Cover with top crust and bake In preheated over, at 450 degrees F. tor 45 minute. · · BASIC PASTKV BECIPE . . l cups sifted nour . " . . . . - 2-3 cup Jat., ;~ I teaspoon salt 1-3 cup cold -water Cut fat Into flour and salt with doujh blender. Add water, mixing Just enough to blent! Ingredients. This mrkes enough paltry tor 1 twp crust pie. . . . I Pastry handles cosier if. it is dulled before using. SPAGHETTI AND 3IEAT BALLS (For twenty servings) cede 'iiat reasonable regulation- even at the cost of slight delays to drivers "and walkers--arc desirable in the interest of safe use of the street and highways. 'Persons walking on rural road should always face oncoming traffic At night, particularly, they shoul bear in mind that it Is more difflcul for motorists to see walkers than i tho day time. Light colored clothing a white handkerchief carried in th hand or n flashlight will do muci to add to pedestrian safety." Threat to Democracy. NEW YORK, Jan. 27.--Joseph B Kccnan, assistant to the Attornc General, described the United State as the "last stronghold" of "cqua rights" and asserted thnt election o a "stuffed shirt" as President in would threaten democracy. Everson EVERSON, Jan. 27.--Robert Sherick has returned home .after, spcnd- ng the past "two .weeks, in Florida. e visited Mr. and Mrs. Robert oplcy ot St. Petersburg. Mrs. Mattic Stoncr wris a recent . . College: Pollco School. SWARTHMORE, Pa.,-Jan. 27.--A police school has been opened at Swarthmore College. Among subjects taught are civil government, criminal law, gun practice and self defense. The school Is sponsored by the Public Service Institute. well. Then add the lemon Juice and rind, flour and milk. Fold In the egg whites. Line pie pan with pastry, pour In Ailing. Place the food In a preheated oven, stt time clock and temperature control. Cook for 1 hour at 350 degrees S\ 1 egg, well beaten 1 cup sugar 1 cup sour milk lb tablespoons melted fat DOUGHNUTS i cups (lour 1% teaspoons eoda ·l*,i teatpoons cr««m of tartar 1H teaspoons y*U 1 tc«poon nut me* Add *us«r. milk and /at to well b-mtcn cgffs. Mix and lift flour with remaining tn- crcdlcnts and add to Hrsl mixture. TOM one-thl/d ol mixture on floured canvn. knead nUghtly, pat and roll out one-fourth Inch thick. Cut with doujthnut cutter, fry In do«p fat, 370 degrees F. Add trimmings to one-half of remaining mixture, roll, cut and fry as before; repeat using lost ot mixture. Doughnuu should coma quickly to top of fat, brown on one side, then b«* turned to brown on the ether. Avoid turning more than once. The fat mutt to kept at n uniform temperature at 370 degrees T. It too cold the doucnnuta will absorb lot, 1C t-?o hot* doughnuU will brown before sufficiently risen. , POTATO PAXOAKES 1 eg;, well beaten \* tc/jpoon pcppor ·3 tablespoons flour 1 table-ipoon finely Rr*tod onion 1 teaspoon soil 2 cu;s grated potato- .*dd the ceaionlne* and flour to the well beaten cfiC. Pare the potatoes, grate, men*Uro Immediately and add to thu cgc mixture. Kent the ftriddU lor 5 minutes over High heat, turn to Low heat nnd fry th j pan catna In as HtUo fat as ponlble, A larue spoontul of batter makes » Kofl hlzcd cake. c.»k until vmll browned and crisp. When crating m largo quantity of potatoes, cralo Into cold water to keep them from discoloring. 6 quarts tomato juict 3 quarts catsup % cup sugar .. 6 boxes, .thin spaghetti *4 cup olive oil 6 Ibs Hamburger- 6 small onions, chopped tablespoons wit 1 teaspoon .pepper . ; ' ~- . . . . . . . Pour olive oU Into Insot pan of roaster and set thermostat to 500 degrees F. Mak«; meat balls (40) ot the hamburger, diced onion, 2 tablespoons salt and Vj teaspoon pepper. When the otl Is hot. add the meat balls and brown welt on all sides. Add- tomato Juice, catsup, remaining salt, pepper and sugar. Cover the rou»ter. Wlicn the raucc bolls, Jn about 45 minutes, add the dry spaghetti broken Into 4 Inch strips Stir well, pushing the spashctU'and meat to the sides of the inset pan.. Cover and simmer for 30 mlnutat with the temperature control remaining at WXJ degrees F. Disconnect roaster and cook another 30 minutes on stored heat. Serves about 20. · ... . OVEN MEAL.. V · Noodle Ring Creamed Solmon and Corn Steamed Shredded Beets Potato Fillet Bolls . . Lemon Sponge Pie . Time--1 Hour. . . ' Temperature--350 Degrees F - . KOODLE BR(G. 1 Slx-oi. package wide noodles 3 eggs . . 4 cups -water .1 cup scalded milk 1 teaspoon salt Few grains pepper. Break tin- noodles into 1 Inch pieces. Drop Into boiling salted water-and cook until Under. Drain.. Rinse with cold water. Beat the eggs, add milk, salt, pepper and noodles. Pour Jnto wcl'i,oiled ring mold.. .CREAMED SAMOS AM) COBN 2 tablespoons butter 4 tablespoons flour 3 ,i teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon sugar Few; grains popper 2 cups milk 1 can (7% or.) or?.; cup cooked salmon ·· · ·· ' · · · IV* cups whole- kornol corn 1 tablespoon pimento Melt fat.'add flour, salt, sugar and pepper. Add .milk gradually. Cook over low heat until .thick. Drain salmon; remove skin and bones. Add salmon, corn and pimento to sauc*. Serve in Noodle Ring. -. POTATO ?I1LET EOLLS I cup mashed potatoes 2-3 cup shortening 1 teaspoon salt l cup sugar 2 eggs , i yeast cake X cup lukewarm water 1 cup scalded-milk B to 8 cups flour Mash potatoes, add shortening, sugar, iftlt and OSRS. cream well. Dissolve yeast In lukewarm water, adrt to lukcwnrm milk, then add to. potato mixture. Add silted Hour and make * stitl dough. Toss on floured board and knead well. Put into larcc bowl and let rue double In bulk. Kneitl lightly. Hub over top with melted butter place in catcrolc. covor tightly and place In refrigerator until ready to bake. About MB hours before bnktnK time fhnpe into rolls n-?-desired. Cover and let rise until STBA.MKI) SHKi;i)l)EI) BEETS l; beets Pare the bee'.s. ihred and put In oiled container with water and'jaft. Cover. cup V, t»poon suit LE3ION SPOOK TIT; - .: - ' ' Juice and rtnil ol large lemon 2 tnblespoonc flour 1 cup milk Par.try Cic«ur. buller and su^w untl] well blinded AtM rer-yolks-nne at a time and beat ·i tablespoons butter 1 cup tufar- 2 eggs, separated ii ISN'T orrtN o«e FINOS » lUSKCT WITH THE KtHO Of QUALITY, service umvHut OMt OtIS At TUM STO«/ ·efnurse lit Is nferrliala' CONNEUSVILIE"^" WEEK-END SPECIALS VEAL SHOULDER ROAST - lb. FRESH SAKSAGE, loose ..;.:ib. PORK ROAST, callie style...:. VEAL BREAST for stuffing, 2 Ibs. SUGAR CURED BACON .-.-.. ..,lb. JUMBO BOLOGNA-? '..;.;·:.:.:;.lb. RING LIVER PUDDING 2 Ibs. Domestic SWISS CHEESE......... lb. BONELESS RIB ROAST lb. PURE LARD...........: ;2lbs. LASVie SHOULDER ROAST lb. CHUCK ROAST, end cuts ...-lb. FRESH SPARE RIBS lb. Bread, 3. loaves for ..-. Loose Sauer Kraut, 3 Ibs. .'................ Butter, Eggs'nnd Cheese - 15c 15c 14c 25c 20c 15c 25c 29c 20c 19c 18c 12c 15c ..25c ..10c visitor among relatives at-Tarr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rcmalcy were recent visitors at the home of Inttcr's brother-in-law ancl sitter, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Tranwo of Uniontown. / Mr. tind Mrs. Thomas. Lucas I and family ot Uniontown were rfccent visitors among friends and relatives here.' Mr. and Mrs. William Campbell nnd children were recent 'visitors among relatives at Swissvalc. Mrs. Mary Jane Shaffer and Mrs. Freeman Harshman were recent Pittsburgh visitors. , . ' - - . CI.OVEK JrMlK -- Orcfo* n»rtl«'tt e a r s I.OVEK JrMlK -- Orc Peaches 3 - ," CI.OVRK FARM-- GoUen Yellm ClltlK n«lr«« '.'. ,'.. '. '. \Ct,OVKR FARM-- Kv TTn*wc«te»*4 e a s CLOVEIX FAKM-- Svrret GVMC. very mellow ftn* STAMJAIID C O R N - B E A N S TOMATOES - PEAS 25c O k i e s TJlU-DI.nB BRAIfD ; Crackers KRJ.1PV -- Aiu Pkv. N** 1 Fftv*rf« Ch eese PJmrnto, Hwl»«, Amr Clov4r Farm Brand, Qo»r Farm Foed Slom tiili waak conduct, a Bolloncl i'up«t Sol*, nlth Sup«r Va!u« I«YOUI Specials! £ CORN FLAKES ;i,OVER FARM--CrUp, Cranehr CLOVER X.AUM WHEAT PUFFS OATS IM--Q.HlcJt a 23c A FOR Cle*n B«(£ep Brand BROOMS 5 »~ 2Oc Ic StrlUe AnjYTher. ' .: ' ' ' 2.U±-'20c .R?-'le CLOVKU FARK-- Fl»« Htmnlnij ...... 26c Si"lc Olt «r Mai MATCHES S A L T SARDINES M E A T 2 a CtOVKn FARM--Pott SCHOOL TABS. 2-- IQe.Sffl?.le J E L L ^ ^ R 5 R ^- 25c BE-' Ic LIGHT BULBS 6~ 9Oc Kfr CHAMPION--!S-S5-^«-B«-«0-TB-100 TOMATO SpJJP^. 0fc 29c Sf Ic CANDY BARS 2 - IOc sir- | c niT-O-HONKY, O-nBNHT. TOOTSIK HOtl-8. TASTV VKA9T BIS FOUR SOAFS SA7 BIKXHDAY \' Flakes sl " . Tk c .General VKIIltr Bo«r ' I*ow4er Magic;; · · Washer ^± x li9c IOc Soap Scouring Pads CLOVKU KAUX Clorox r,v, 15c Lux Flakes Silver Dust FRKK -- CANNON TOWEfc Paper tm Cleaner c "" CI^KAN--Will not crumkl. 23c CLOVER FARM lb. 340 ~- · A Itenl Swc*t Cr««m Du(tcr · G L E N D A L E lb. 32c A JIlRh Score flatter BEOWN LABEL . 18 C SED LABEL .; T.b. 22* v, rii. 43* the Mo«t Kx.ctlnc Tuit« COFFEE - 2lc cup-- nick, imii CLOVER FARM «f-29c For Excellence GLENDALE · . · ;· T*; rnmlly R E D C U P J Lb. ** I" _ C.» 25 C ».. HIM I-- Mrllo.* -- I7c FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FLORIDA doz. 19c · NEW ' CARROTS large bunch 5c Lettuce - - ..- 2heads15c SEW large bunch 5c FANCY, NEW CABBAGE s 3 Ibs. 1 OC Florida Seedless Grapefruit 70 size 6 for 25c PRICKS EPFRCTIVK BRr.IKKIHC WCBX Of PIUDAT. JAStJART «7.

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