The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 3, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1918
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1 TV J. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSTTLLE, PA. FRIDAY, MAY 3, 1918 . Large and interesting was the reg- | in^bontjs was-paid today, and the bal- ular meeting of the Ladies Aid society' ance will be paid as -goon as possible, of the" "First -Baptist church held last \ The Martha Norton Bible claa has a Fauna MRS. CATRERENE CRAMER. TUe ^uncral 6f Mrs. Catherine Cra- evening at the home of Mrs. B. T. Sherrictt In East I'airview.avenue. The attendance \\as unusually large and the -meeting v.-as held for 9pme, time. A delightful musical and literary program in charge of Miss Mary Beile Slierrick was rendered as follows: ; Piano solo. Miss Mary Caroline Soisson; vocal solo, "A Baby's Prayer," Miss L\da Enos. accompan- ant church will hold a mystery social ied by her Bister. Miss Enos; reading, tonight in the church for the benefit I membership of 93 and up" until recently was taught by Beaton Boyd, who resigned on account of poor health. After being without a permanent teacher since Mr. Boyd's resignation, Mrs. J. li. Kurtz was nominated and elected teacher. 1*he choir of the Methodist ·P.rotest- ; 2liss Jean.Patterson; vocal solo, Lil~ Han.McDonaJd, accompanied by Miss Mary Efille Sberrick; reading. Miss Black; vocal solo, "Keep the Home Fires Burning," Miss .Mary Belle Shcr- -rjck; "America," by all who appeared on the program. Dainty refreshments of the sum pledged the new Sunday school fund. A most interesting program on "The Immigrant and Efforts in His Behalf," was carried out at the monthly meeting of the C. ^V~. B. M. auxiliary were served. The next meeting will |0l the Christian church held yester- be held at the home of Mrs. A. A. day afternoon in the church. Mrs*. J, "VVetherell in North Pittshurg street Mrs, John. Davit of Confluence was out of town guest. L. Kurtz was leader, and papers on the subject were read by Mrs. J. I.. Kurtz, Miss Kite Hyatt, Mrs. Robert i"Werner and Mrs. "W. H. Berger. Tn Church Bay was obsen cd yc.sfer- , the absence of Mrs. J. Melvin Grey fiay in the First .Methodist iipiFcopal church by the Indies' Aid society and the ^Vomani's HOOJO and foreign Mis- 'musical program in charge o-f Mrs. sTonafy "Societies. Dinnpr was sen'ed I Ross F. Lytle was rendered. Tt The Effects of Opiates. T HAT INFANTS are peculiarly susceptible to opium and its various preparations, all of which-are narcotic, is well known. Even Ln tb« smallest doses, if continued, these opiates cause changes in the fupo- J mcr, who died at the Person home tions and growth of tho cells which, are likely to become permanent, causing j o e her daughter, Mrs. Frc-cl I/cnlx, was imbecility, nionfcil perversion, a craving for alcohol or narcotics in later life. , held at the Indian Head church, con- Nervoua diseases, such as intractable nervous dyspepsia and lack;of staring ducted by Rcv H _ D A U e n Q£ lho Scottdale First Baptist church, and Rev. Smith of Mount Pleasant. First Baptist church. Interment in the Sparks cemetery. She was iho great grandmother qt Harry Dettling, Home- where in France. I - IDAYIJD W1LTROUT. j David Wiltrout, 80 years old, died Monday at the home of bus daughter, ' Mrs. Thomas R. Pritts, at Jtockwoocl, The deceased was a veteran ot the Civil War, serving throughout the ; conflict. Ho married MJss y.nn,i "WoJ- fcrsberger. Three children, survive. DR. JOHN. F. JjfcJTWlL-BR. The funeral of Dr, .John. F. DolU'.lcr wilJ be held from the fafnilj rosidfnre in No. 32 West Fayette street, (fnion- town, tomorrow afternoon. aL -.." o'clock. la.crmont in Oak Grove cemetery. receive opiates in tho smallest doses lor more man. a nay at a cune, and only then if unavoidable. The administration of Anodynes, Drops, Cordials, Soothing Syrups and other narcotics to children by any but a physician cannot be too otrongly decried, and tho druggist should not be a party to it. Children who are ill need the attention of a physician, and it 15 nothing Jess than a crime to dose them willfully with narcotics. Castoria contains no narcotics if it bears the signature* of Chas. H. Fletcher. Genuine Castoria always hears tlio signature of ROTTING STATION FOUlj SELECTIVE r»/\ir\ «* · nivm nrinirTr»r« I ' I err ftruiftl FOR MARINE SERVICE TO BE OPENED HERE! LEFT BEHIND WHEN TRAIN PULLS OUT V. K. Oralmm, t be in I'hargo. Recruiting for thn now Ame T i i Merchant Marine, in which American citizens between the ages of 21 and :0, inexpericm.ed in fep.igoing. may ! Continued from Pafire One. #cr of I he Con- ; coals - Lo e E h ibit Ihr.r first military Store, » i l l (outftlb. The canteen committee supplied full lunch boxes. The draftees who leCt yesterday were: District So. 2. Clydo L. Young, YoungsUJwa, O.; an -Mrs. J o h n Robinson presided over j T n o asoncy will he located at the the business meeting. A plea.slng slorc ° c the ConnellsviUe Drug Company with I* 1 . R, Graham us recruiting .igctii. He has not yet received make application for training as nail- , j cs , 0 Linerman, Hagerstown, Mri.; ors, ftrcmcn. cual passor.4, cook? o r l y j u o r i o Rtanico, Scttrialc; Vito Cau- mossmcn. w i l l soon begin in tho city. ' , 0| s co udaie; Otto Soblatne. Owens- eluded two piano solos'by -Miss Esther Fuehrer and a \ocal solo by Miss Gladys Stickel. All number \vero well received. " PERSONAL. Mrs. John Davis of Confluence, is in Oreen i nT)Od. Mrs, C. K. Wagner, I the guest of Mrs. Joseph Dixon of East from 31 to 1 o'clock ami separate meetings were h-id by each society. The Missionary society-of the Trinity-^-Reformed eh irch held its regular monthly meeting last evening at the home of_Mr. and Mrs, C. A. Purtiaugh president or the society, liad charge Thpre was a large Crawford avenue. R~ ( R. Roberts and family arc moving from Cleveland. 0., to Dawson. The evening was Mr. Roberts, u h o formerly resided in of the meeting. attendance, iunc*i being served to about 50 person. spent iu-a delightful social manned ' Counellsvilie, k^s accepted a clerical ~-Piano-solos-wete ronfleret. by mem- pcsitiru w i t h the PlUshurg I^ake tors "of fc socle* y. The mon w i l l en- j Krie railroad, t^nain the 'ocie 1 ;' at 11? June m e e t i n g For the best and cheapest repairs at the church The Thursday AFtrrnonn Card club is being rntf-riaved t h l = a f t e r n o o n by Mr?. H. C. UoCmau at hor Jiomc in Vine s;rc^L The 1 snulh ? UP Kuchro club WE? ent^rtameri ! aai ni?!it by Mr. Mrs. J. F-. DaMd=on it thru' homr in Kn^l Oi'ecn s.rfei. Kollow ing the- games Junchoob.' was S'Tii'd, "· The Ladies' .'.ifl ^nd Missionary F.O- c.ery of -I." 3 i n.rrri rrpahrtrrian church^ mi t y« stfrday sfierRoon at rhe home of M *?. r', ... Jones. Mr«. \\'. H. Franc-is conducted dc.nt.ona. fKercI-'C?. Foil' 'i in*: ;i business meoi- i^r..atins t a l k on "An African Trail ann 'lie Duiu t 1 -uiiir." The lad-e? .lr- cubd LO con'IT if to n*w for i l i f Kerl C t o = 3 on Thu -sfoy o f *»ach week. The m e e t t J i ? w L? lar.s-?l atienrtrd. Mr?. W. H. R.nire.- and Mrs. Gcorgr Roagaa v^re · ifc T ed delegat"^, and Mr?. nadci.iTp : nu Mr.-. Cltor?c titouf- fer alien -tie?, :n a nitvung of ill* 1 \Ve3.nioretencl i Tp"t- torian. ti \c held June 0 at Bic. Iclock. commission. Tho men w i l l be given training for c r e w s to serve on the cargo fleets of tbe American .Merchant Marine. GO TO SRi: SOMdKR AT KM.I!,UtKAT10N Mrs. Josepli Hartley and daughter. Miss Anna -Mae, and son, Nicholas Hartley of Adelaide. I r f t last night for an embarkation cain? to soe .Mrs. Dartlej-'s son. Fraok louis Bartlcy. A b r a h a m Grecnblatt, Brooklyn. N. Y.; Oscar Laiikey, Acme; Tomas- LO Morrocch!, ScoUdalc; John Kceii- an, P.Usburg; James E. Knopsider, Frocd; S-miuei Wiltrout, Thomas T'lomas, Andrew Warrick, William A, Adilis. Jlnmer Chorpenning, Jacob j raters. Jamca C. 'WhiUaker. Ralph ' Furtacy and Carmine Montr, all ol Coi.ncllbvillc, Jkianl Xo. 5. Jcshua L. Miller, M i l l R u n ; Mark Iambic. Ohiopyle; Robert K. Huffman, Dawson; UaroH C. Mar- STATES HE HAD ONEUJCKY DAY Tanlnc Helped ITell-Known Praj-mnn AftT failed Him. rictta, R u n ; F. B. Smiley, Dun- I H P H T H K K U . Joseph on, that roof, conductor or spouting, j see F. T. Evans iistate.--Adv. Rl'py. who is at an cm- c.imp. has rocoicred from i an iliTirsfi of d i p h t h e r i a . Sonn a f t e r I h i s r e t u r n to ciimp after -pnr.riinK a -Mr. Ami Mrs. J. J. Dougherty a u d i f u r l o n h ^ l f h h i s r n r f . n t c : ^ f ^ a n d .T. A. Courtno the latter of Acosuu ' Mr? . lohn K ;'ey. R,] f . ; c-ntracled iPa.. went to 1'ittsbuis Wednesday , , o n silttls« aid l a t e r d i p h t h e i . a dcu'l- · night on bus-lncas. · oped _ Miss Delia Hoop of Greenwood, is . . Uniting friends- in Unionton-n. Miss Floroncf 1 BtittDnnore, a stu: dent .it the University of riltPburg. . is spending tho week-end, v i t h her I parcntF. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Butter- : more, of I^ast Crawford avenue. Mrs. \V. J. Bailey of Isabella road, w i l l leave i Ga., to visit her husband. Lieutenant Bailey.. The best place to shop after all 1 Rrownell Shoe Co.--Ad7, Mr. aud Mr.". T. B. Dcrcaelly; Mr. and Mrs. "ft". V. Soiason have returned home fiom Dl'*.\cl institute, Philadelphia' from \\hero - M r . and Mrs. ! DontiAlley's danghicr. Miss Ann Ion- 1 nelly, was graduated in domestic sci- enrf-, Eajronfc home Mrs. Donnelly anrf Mrs. ?oi.sson sp^nt a day m Wash- inginn. D. f'., a.-, t h e gucs! uf Mr. ;md Mrs. Basil J. Soiswn. bar; Benjamin F. Hall, Dunbar, Andre** Vargn. 1/eisenrins; Leroy Hardy, Dunbar; Cha-les Stull, Ohiopyle; Michael Powers. Trotter. The cap lain of the No. 5 selectiver- was Orval Hardy. Two seleotives who did IIOL aspear were Stanley Ozie of A l l i s o n , and Ka/zmur Pivar o( Trotter. M i c h a e l Powers of Trotter, was added yestprda. making 11 men from District No. 5. R A T MILLER E Y K R S O N . S A F E I N Rny Miller of ttversnn has a r r i \ f f l safely in Krancr. a c r o r d i n g to v, ord received "Vy his sister, Mrs. Olive Whaiey of Kvcrson. Previous lo ,, , . , leaving for d u t y overseas Whaloy had - ror 1orl 0glcLho ^';heen ia training at Camp Groen. EUNDREDSLOOK OVER WORK DONE i BY RED CROSS Continued Crom Pact One. l i n e n . Thoiibands of them were display The de7'3r;ment Almost everybody in Eric, ra- knows G. W. Gundaker, of 441 I-kist Fifth St. George, as he 13 fondly called by those who have admired him for his honesty and integrity Tor a £ood many, years, has been a sufferer from Btomach trouble and indigestion. "I hail a terribje case of stomach trouble and indig^sUofl," he explained, "and although I had doctored several years I could not get any relief. "I would just bloat, up Hie a mu!e and gel cramps after eating. Yes sir, I would foel all out of shape. The only relief f could get was by taking a little soda, and that relief was only for an hour or so at a time. "ft was a lucky day for me when I got this Tanlac. and I certainly do thank the fellow who recommended it to me. Tanlac is the only medicine that really ever helped me. and I bad Lried everything. Yes, sir, everything. I am now like a new man and 1 advise any one who has stomach trouble or indigestion to use this medicine. Jt surely will cure them. My phone nimbsr is Mutual 1707-X, and I would not mind answering any other questions about my relief." Tanlac is now sold hero by tiie Con- nrilsvlile Drug Co. Tanlac can. also be secured in Dunbar at D. C. Eason's Drug Store.--Adv. SURPRISE FOR PASTOR R.. M'H 1O(OJK IS i The derar!meiH of hospital EUI- M-tDK A M.UOK.! pli^, ID. diargo of J. F. Kerr. has Ralph Knodc. formerly of Councils- i completed a total of 16.176 artlclofl. i l l l e . has boon appolnied a major in The;, tallow: Bed sheets. 864; draw the L-nilcd States army. For the past, turns. l!9:i; opcraUng sh«t« :M; B ll- , Met hodisi ProtoUnte FeUri. six months he has hern connei-ted low- shie^. 1,112; bed shirts, 7BP, with tfie fuel adulinistraJioil and the . helpless rase shirts. 10; pajamas, SB.; war (lepartmcnt. I bed sock.. Su-!; balbriggum, 2.366; 1 w.ird s!lp;itis 'IRS; Turkish bath tow- in; vrn:r. Mr«. J. Donald rnrtcr of Wills road, l is .-punding the day in Plttsburg. .Vi.'s Katharine Dougherty o.' Pitts- Hl'Kt, f O ,MII. i. Mrs. S. J. W h ! p k i jra'. t- dinner at her h o m e in Pairview ave- i K i f h lowels, 1.514; dish Invvcti., 218; or'^raung 'room towels, :;ifi; ivash I'lotliL'. 820; scrub cloths, 820; ham kPrrh.ofs. J.400; handker- nue in honor of her b r o t h e r , ILirnld i rMcc s u b s t i t u t e s , 186; table napkins, C. .Marietta of Mill Kun. n h i ) left last j l.-'uti; tray cover*, 3.J6; convalenccnt, bottle (.overs, 100: con- "Ths Land o; Promisa." a delight.- ' , il?£ K^Oieriye Dougherty o.' Pitts- nig |j t witll th( . ,i ra ttee-: for F o r t ' ;:;i: hot water bottle (.overs, 100: c. ful eniertain;miu in mo acts, will be * ur =- ls " s " ln s at the home of h e r ; T h o m a s K y Those preaent w c i e Ihe · i j i ' f - . o n t quilts. -I. presented ton.snt m tilt- United °f [liler . ·· J_- Doushcrty. on the South j J o u l l g so idie r s rao-.bcr, Mr.~. Lyda | In ulie lepartraent of knitting. M » _ ^ . t K ^ _ « ..K,._.1. K,. r d n r v . o m i i r e nf "5»"-. ! \ T _ r ^ n t t n l l l u ( « - n c i i . f I , f - « M l u a n M f i p r . t l n r r l d t i ' f w f l r K I 1 r l f l r v f « n f ^ . 1 H ? I Brethren chun h by the members of the choir of in. First Baptist church. The play wher, presented recently in the First Bapt.=t church was witnessed by a U- rge audience and met with great sue- ess. , j . Marietta, his two si^ters. Miasea G e r - H a r r i e t Olark, supervisor. 3.1'IS ar- The new s P rln e woolens are beau- tnl(Je anrl violet Manctt-'i. h i s broth- j u-i,. s h a i o been completed. The wom- ' u-a. i m-ve ever}' conceivable shade l Robcrl M a r i ctta l a n d weave. Be sure and see t h e m ! , , - . T .- _. null ! Dave Cohen. Tailor.-Adv. Mf ' Mrs. J. M e U i n Grey wili give a. Lib- . , erty Bond par'y U:s evening at .7-50 I f uneritl of o'clock -in the parlor of the Clirisuan ' church for t b » May Queens of the church. The rioney turaed in by the | girls will be- used for buying Liburty '. BolutSlfffCIhe Tilen and Millions tnovc- nifint of_tlie Dr. J. 0. Arnold and daughter. Miss! p R f y A T K I I K K S I I V V P K i S Evelyn Arnold, wlir arrive here to- 1 VISITS HIS night from Philadelphia to attend tiie ormer's mother-in-law, Private W. Ree^c Watkin had returned to Camp Leo a f t e r .spending Mrs. T. Scott Dunn. _ fir( .. day furlo'igh w u h ji» o u n g Mrs. R. S. McKee and daughter, w i r o at .\lverton. He and hi.s » i f o Miss Edith, are home f r o m a visit j also T , s) , ed . cl( . nl i dav , at th.- for- wlth the form-r's husband. Major R . , m c r - s h o m c 1D johnstonn. "-' -re. of the )10th Regiment Hos-1 _____ ? au:it,' en have made 3.233 sweaters. 803 pairs ' of -Vc'ks, 705 pairs of w r i s t l e t s . 2')S i -niifflerp. :wo helmets, 5'J trench caps. ' i ) , ; r h t afi;h^.ns w e r e donated. Sin:o l!i« prao Ico was begun the d«pai t- numt hap supplied draftees leaving w i t h the f o l l o w . n g . -53 sweaters, li5Q p.iirs of socks and 168 pairs of wrist- tat* Tier. Darnell on Anniversary. Mrs. William Bacr gave a surprise birthday party last evening at Dun- for the R e v . Theodore Darnell. pastor of the Methodist Protestant church at that place, at which 40 persons were in attendance. Mrs. Baer and Mrs. Frank A n d e r p r n presented tie minister, who war- ·'! completely unawares, with ^e birthday cake bearing 60 candies, cine for each of his years. Krprybody enjoyed tie occasion and showered the pastor with congratulations. Among the callers at the, parsonage was Mr?. Henry Dozier of St Louis who is visiting at Dunbar RAfflEY MEN BOOSTERS. .The tfiftd annual banquet of the Unity £ralerni:y..JieJd at the. Colonial Iiin last-night was attended by nine couplet, -A three course dinner was served.-Two ladles were arranged ia the dining roo:a, waich was beautiful- ly-dworated the fraternity colors, blue-- ant got_d. and flags, " Large strea-mers of-r*5d, white aad-blue were draped from- the ceiling" to the table I pital Corps.-at an embarkation camp ' 5T ill Jl'.Nf'TJON I'OY TO j Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Johnson ot Pe-p ' 's .1J/FOK F U A X f K S00\. Hcports From Cokp Plants Show Loan oria. 111.,-are guests ot Mr. and Mrs. I Kmfrf E . M 0 r r 0 w , Company I. 10'IUi C S. I n f a n t r y , n ho V.K- bn no or: a 18-hour f u r l o u s h with his m o t h e r , ocaellj of West Peach street. MY. Johnson Is general manager of the Peoria Pekia Union railway. where he expects to sail for Franf soon. · Injunction Granted. ·P1TTSBCRG, May 2.--An injunction was granted by Judge John D. Shafer in Common Pleas.Court yesterday art-! H V I I K V ( i l l J . K S I ' I K ernoon restraining directors of tho ! Subscription* of 10.000. Employes of tue V.'. J. Rainpj- Coks co , nl)any [,, t be various pUm In tho Mrs. Anna Morrow. Star J u n e lion, has , p uyL .| te ,. OI! nly district, rang the Lib- returned to Camp Tptos, .V. V . from L1 . t " y [ie || lmt) | i; a || f m t crackod. Vir.,,.,,,. I:( , nl] ,, ou ,d roporti aL tho gen- ofiires in Uniontown from the! cured CONVENTMDATE SET Vimanl Uadiprinc: of fi". C. T. t', Will He In I'niontoiTii In St-p-U-nilirr. A: a cailed inoetmg of tiie r x e c u m e com lee of tbe Kay«ue Countj Womaa's Christian Temperance Union, ho.'d at tiie hnnie of :hp count presidrnt, Mrs. K a t e Ritenou" in I'n- ioniown, it was (ipcided to hold tho a n n u a l county convention TLurdH.y aud Friday, September 12 and 13, in U m o n t o w n . jVo definit-e plans were mace for the convention, but speakers w i l l be sc- to deliver tlif evening ad- and the lights were capped wlUi blue | Thompson-Connellsvlllu Coke com- aud sold stuules. C.-Ed-win Keagy, | Pan?- ifom diatributing more than grand master of the ".rat," was toast- j $294.558 in dividends until final hear- master. Addresses were made by D. | TM5 on allegations that Ihey ale pro- Kirk Dilwortt. Miss Estelle Y/ilson. posing to declare dividends which w i l l president of the Pi.Eta Phi society, , impair the capital stock of the com- and Miss AddUou. Dunn. A toast was I pany. given to the five members of; tuo fraternity who are in the service, all with the 110th Regiment Hospital Corps. mini: committees show pledges of crediting Rfiiney employes 10 per cent subscription. The Infant Uies. Robert Ridley, one month old. in- H O M i K ON F t ' K L O r i l l l ' Harry L. Oillespic of f ' a m p Gordon,| detailed rejiort of the canvassing at Atlanta. Georgia, is spending .L live- the vtmous works follows: day f u r l o u s h here with hi parents, Allison Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Oillospio at D l r k - j Hem Davis, supt. erson Run. M i . G i l l e s p i f 'is bcltei ! Revere - known an'ang his f r i e n d s and railroad 1 t', Patterson, supt. boys as "Mose." He is looking line R o j a l _ and says he ia feeling as fine ,L^ h e ' !. jr. Mullcni. looks. On his return to Camp Lee h o r u . Braudock expects to he moved to C a m p I ' p t o n . j Uju id Ainsley. ?57J50 41,650 40,000 33,000 ttoiv Men Handle Their 3ToneT-- Alon/o Vatps. Alon«o Tales lived for five years from J89-1 to 383P, at such a pace that he spent {800,000.00 a year. Thin wealth hud been accumulated durinp a perjod of tony years by his father, a Syracuse merchant, It took the son a scant five years to squander 54,000,000.00 Jf hard tamed money Tbe The honor roil printed on the menus | rant sou of Robert and Anna Ridley,, The boys have had e v e r y t h i n g nackecl l Office contained the names of Clifton Crowley. James A, Darr. Dewey .Miller, Edward Sudziak and Oliver Moser. After the banquet an flour was spent in dancing. The Martha Norton Bible doss of the Christian church bought ?500 of Liberty Bond;,, which will be turned over to- lti~ Men. and Millions movement of the Christian church. Thre'e hundred dollars of the sum invested died yesterda}- moralng at the family residence at Youngstown, Pa. Funeral services Fere heUi this afternoon from tho liouse, with interment in charge of Funeral Director J. R. Foltz of Dunbar f ia Oat Grove cemetery, Uniontown. (-liven to Dnnhar VniL The Dunbar Military company has force -_ up and ready for the months. m o v e for t u o Machine shop ,, _ j R. Anderson. sharp contrabi between tho way the 6.ROO father and son h a n d l e d nionoy ..s in- 2,250 i structive. The father was rfsppcted j anc i t % c SOTl vas laughed at. The VAJfDERBILT KOY ( J I V K X Bert S. Means ol VanderbiH, \vlio has been in training at Camp Hancock, Ga., has beon Ininferred 10 Camp Upton, Long Island. Mr. Mean's is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William IJrick works ---------------------- ] ^00 ' f a t h e r had an abundance and the sou K. ,/. Lyons. died m poverty. Banking safety and Grace works -- ._ --- __ -- 5,050 security at The Citizens' National · Means. turned over to the Duabar Red Cross unit a sum of 5172.80. which will be used by the u n i t for carrying on work | for the soldiers. The monev was n o t ! I'M'I^S *^ V n l j g i v e u t o the Connellsville chapter of (jrABTi:imASTKjr.S TOUTS , which the Dunbar unit is a branch I A - a % '- W: " lls . a »'?'· kvaun yming las reported In. Tuesday's issue of Thei m a ! 1 ° r Conne'lsYillc. eiillatcit in the i Courier. | Quartermaster's Corps and Tuesday NO WASTE IN A PACKAGE OF says Corn Food Good TbThe Last Hake Licensed £o H'ed. Aiidre»- Legarlh and Josephine Clinko, both of Leisenrtng: Pietro Orlando and Luerezia Bololto of Dickerson HUD, were granted marriage licenses in Umoutown. [night left for Jacksonville. ['In Jlr- | Manis is a son of Mr. and Mrs j M. iMc.Manis of KasL Murphy avenue. K. D. Martin, supi. Pat.l and Fort Hill worfcs 10,150 A. A. Mitchell, supt. · I-Jlm Grove works .. ._. 4,30U William Nairn. Acme works . 5.450 John Levich. Bank, J3S PiUshtir; ville.--Adv. street, Connells- DIK.S OX 110SEYJ100S. iVed in Cumberland. Edward Tharp of Berlin and Blanche L'ra.^sen of Sotcereet "\vere grai\ted a license to wed in Cumberland. Wnnteii. Male clerks and messenger bo\. o\cr ]tj years. I n q u i r e Baltimore it Ohio Master .Mechanic's office.--Adv. Try Our Classified Art-. One cent a word Is all they cost. I | Patronize those who advertise, AHTAJfCi: 1.Y FKICE S ORE THROAT or Tonsiliiis -- gargle vrfth warm, salt water thenappiy-- ·25c-- SOc-- 51.00 I-'njelle County Vonian Stricken at Hurgiuitonn, W. Tu. ^Vhi!c sjjen'jing her honeymoon at ·,:ie hon-e ot }:er mother, Mrs. Klbevt at MorKantown, Mrs. Michael IVIur- i a y of Bt.ftin^ton, died Wednesday n i g h t . Mro. Murray's marriage t"0k pi;.i-o on'y a week ago and with her h u M ' a n d -"le ieni to her moU.or's " i h o m c ,u Morgantown. 1 Previous to her marriage she -was [ Mi:.-* IVarl Herring. The body was j b r c i - h l I n t h o home o f Patrick M u r - ra} al Btiflington this m o r n i n g and ionic; row morning sen ices w i l l be | held Iroin St. Procoph,-; Catnolic church aL N'ew Salem. Saving dollars anu wasting the lives of the boys in the trenches is poor business. Better invest in a Liberty Bonds. ^Kennedy Home liiirn;.. A flrl ot unknown origin badly damaged the home of J. B. Kennedy, in South Arch street this mornins. abott 6.15 o'clock No one has been living in thp house, Mr. Kennedy being cir. ployed at Newell, and his family has j been ?taying there. "COME AND SEE' TKe HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE 429 to 133 H PlTTSBUIlG ST., CaNNELLSX! CONNELLSVI LLE'S GREATEST STORE Good News Travels Fast Here's Good News Indeed. Friday and Saturday, May 3rd and 4th, Only. ft, »vi $4.00 Trimmed Hats, $2.95. And there- isn't a store in this or any other city that can duplicate these Hati for the money --------$1.00-- Corsets -- $1.00. Talking abour good goods at low prices. Well there is a different isn't there? The difference is manifested when you sec the Corse we offer Special at $1.01) Friday and Saturday. Thy consist not only of more tasteful style acd superior far manuhip, but in even point ot excellence. See Ule Corsets. Hosiery to the J'ore. H (HURRY FOR -M EX-- Not a long story, but just like the sod long enough. Plain black, also white and all the wanted colors-- fa dyes and as handsome as befits any man to wear. "We're ruming the special for 28- per pair Friday and Saturday only. HOSE FO'H TVOMES -- All the newest novelties arc hcrt. Aiso ; tho wanted colors, in Silk. Lisle or cotton. Special at 18c, Soc, 2£ Me op to t£JM the pair. HOSE FOB CIIILDBE5-- Honest Hosiery: That's the key nn here for children's Blockings. They'll wash. They'll -wear. They gi tho best of satisfaction. Prices IBc, 2oc and SDC the pair. Neckwear. New Neckwear. Such a profusion o£ designs -- they are all c 1 remely smart and pretty. Prices 2»c op to IJL50. DAVIDSON'S The Store Ahead. · ' · - ? · Highest Quality. Lowest Price Hare yon bonpht yonr I/Jberty Bonds! K not as yon fc«l that you can not afford it or would lite to bn more--if you will bny your Groceries and Heats here jt can pay for your bonds with what yon safe. Give ns trial and be con-rincde. We Will Save You Money Larffc cans Pet Milk, S for. Small cans P«t SOlk; Corn Starch, Ib. __________ Large can Baking : JifTy-.Jell, ail flavors J«I1-0, :dl flavors -- Cocoa-iut, boi __ _2Sc ._ 6c _. Sc Old Dnlcb Cleanser, can 9c l^arge box Gold Dust 23c Santa Claus Soap, 5 bara SSc Silver Gioss Soap, 5 bars___35c Large bottles Ammonia, 3--SSe J^lrge bottle Bluing IOC Large roll Toilet Paper - 4c Good l-aundrj- Soap, 7 for SSc Pinto Beans, fine cooker, Ib 12c £jma Beans, ib* 17c 25 Ibs. Flour 10-lb. sack Corn Rye Flour, Ib. Bailey Flour, Ib. Rice Flour, Ib. . Extra cboice Rio Coffee, Ib 1* Ex. choice Santos CoB««, lb-2 Pure Cocoa (loose), Ib 2 Seeded Raisins, pig. 1] Extra good Prunes, Ib li Extra good Peaches, Ib 1; Ji'ancj- Peeled Peaches, Ib 81 Large bottle Citsnp It Large jar Preserves . LArge jar Apple Butter . Fancy Pe»rs, largo can 1! Large can Pineapple K If you are not getting the kind of meat yon want gfr our Meat Department a trial we know we can please yo and at the same time save you money. Oleomargarine, the spread for bread--we have th best line in the city at the lowest prices. Diamond A, per pound -- _ SOc Buckcj-e, Ib. S2c Money's Daisy, 3b. . Moiley's Special, Ib. S( Purity Nut, Better than Butler, a pound S4« J. R. DAVIDSON CO. "THE STORE THAT DOES THINGS FOR YOU" 109 IfBST MAI" STREET, COXVELLSVIIXE, P.* Special Bargains in Bearing Orchard in W. Va A tract of 112 acres, situated within one mile of th B. 0. R. R. main line, all down grade to depot and nic town of 800 people, having High School facilities and fiT' churches. This tract has 60 acres of bearing peach and appl trees which have been given the best possible care. Twi good houses and outbuildings, a well and never failinj Spring within 30 feet of the house. All will bear closes inspection. An excellent opportunity to make good money am give Summer homes for men of moderate means. Specia reason for selling. Price $12,000. Terms reasonable. Parties own one other tract a little larger, two-third: of planted acreage in bearing which can be bought a reasonable price. Write for full particulars. Cumberland Fruit Exchange Box 275, CrjIBEKLASD, MD to keep in mind the fact that in addition to printing this news-paper we do job work of any kind. When in need of anything in this line be sure LONG DISTANCE MOVING Save Money on Long Trips By Making Ar rangements One Week in Advance. Get Rates P. B. KESSLER. 613 McCormick Ave., Connellsville, Pa Tri-State Phone 404. Bel! Phone 234.

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