The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1930
Page 4
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FACE FOUR. COWWEX U5VTXj.ljlS, i" Fill DAT, FEBRUARY 7, cx, HJENUT P, SNYUKH, rrealdent and Editor, 1870-1010. a K. M. SNYDKR, rrot.ident, iOtO-1922. JAM13S J. DRISOO1J* President and Gcuetal Manager. r. !'. KDMUNT3SON, \ Ico-Presldont. MISS U. A. DONEQAN, Seoretiry mid Treasurer, jo tor 3ANS, Editor. WAI/JTR S. STIMMEL. City Editor. MJSS LVNNE B. KINOTCLL. "* Society Editor. IiOC^fQlQTl Q3T American Newspaper- Publishers Association, Audit Bureau ot Circulation. Pennsylvania Newspaper Publishers Association. Two cents pef copy: 50o per month; $5.00 par year by mall if paid tn advance, 1-Ju por wo-Jk by carrier. Entered as second class matter at tho ,j)0btollico, Connellsville, JPBHUY EVJSJVING, FEB. 7, 1930. THF CITY B1 FIDGET, In fixing tho amour t of the budget lit approximately $5,000 less than It was In 1929 Ihe City Council has besn · prompted by the very earnest tlesiro to keep ati'ictly within the .limits of the estimated revenues for the y«ar. ( That It lias been abl-o to make a de- tiviitfo to $ 1 )",. 142.50 will bo a pleasant fcuppriM- wiiuu U is romejniBOred Umt , ilio tendency iu all public expei\dl- ture.s la toward steadily increasing 'amounts, Tito schoflulos of the respective e- jwrtments siiow that the superintendents half brought their estimates in close agreement with tho r«quire- iiK'nlss of the -ensuing y-ear. Tho schedules reveal v-ery careful study and planning in their preparation, otherwise' it would not have been possible to liave kept the total at lens than $100,000. Comparatively few municipalities In tho Stale o! Pennsylvania are being conducted £ s economically as Con- nollsvillo; few. 1t any, give the ox ton t and h . i r a c t p r ' of public s-ervieo the I/cople of o u r c i t y are receiving. This limy }j a surprise to some citizens, who are pro 10 to complain about pub. Jir expenditures and sen-Ice, bait It is ii f u , t v/hkli is established by statistics,. Police protcMjrlon hei'o costs but a small p.trt ot th-e exp«use for this item in othen IOA\ us, of equal size or smaller. The lore o ih smaller aud expenses Incident to its maintenance are at a m i n i m u m Although the largest it«m^ h/ (ho budget street lighting is I«HS vo tluui in many other towns n.'-ldevhit t h e area served. Fire Viotfsetion, including tin- appvopria- tlc i for now equipment, forms Hie lie a largos item, but it is another low eoa p i toction lu Conaellsvllle. Hlutihi'-ly other itomt, In tho bud set r a n bo conli.istftd w i t h oxpeurlUnros ,, oHewlierc uid tho r e s u l t s will In u l - inu-vt owry itilfiiKr- be found jo be nncmible to C'onnsUsvitle. ·· * ThK i-. ;« condition that many cltl- aoitb ui«! not hf« "fafniliar with, nor have they sipprwlaled the t a c t that local government In Conuellsville is, b no in-eanH as extravagant an ex- p«Tclituie ol MM* taxpayer's money as they auppoiod. The hutlget for t!):!f), liy which tho oxpondltures aro jveuluted anil limited under tho law, is aasurance that we will eontlnito to luive an economical and wisely conducted administration during the year, VOTIM; M \CHUNKS WITHOUT A no NO J^SIIM. Tho p r o b t b l l l t y that the County Commission! rs will be able to provide inn ot c u r r e n t revenues for the year, Bultifloiu funds to turnlsli voting machines lor (JonnellBviHo and Uniontown, will be making a start toward p q i . i p p l n g tl e county \vith theo mo- ileui d e v j c t b tor registoriag and · c o u n t i n g vo t-s. Tin; «ivoram taxpayer having come lo the i one usion that the time has nmved when tlit bouci issuing activity Hlioulil Lease, tliu course o£ the coui- piiac.lwUCi-8 HI thus planning for tho InstalUtion ot votiug ma- i h l n e s , as 'hoy can bo bouglit aud p \ i d t'or, 'vill geiiorally be com. In ..ubos of emergency, or when a Iai';y expenditure- over a compara- · t H e l y .short period becomes necessary, it may at t i m e s bo desirable to isfeno bonds' b u t in the ctusj of voting ma( l i l n o it 1-. neither deoirable nor necuht-ary. Certain steps have to bo taken to pr.jpare tho county for the ehanpo in the method of voting. Ulcc- t i o n ltstrlctn v v l l l liave to be consoil- dati'd and nulibtrlcted In order t t u f the- v o t i n g can be done with the minimum of m.uhlncB and at the same time s u p p l v a BufllcieiU number to accommodate all voters within tho voting hour,'. I t tho decision to purchase nm- iluiito ui installimnta, uo to b-pealc, \vlJl 5-iuibUi Uic- comnilblonors to keup the tax levy at 11 mills, voters ought to bo e n t i r e l y willing to foregc the privilege^ o) voting by machine for another your, Mvorything that will l o n i i i b n l e .to a reduction of taxation, or least prevent it becoming heavier, will bo a boon ovry taxpayer will appreciate. Btituto tov home o-f tho coking llslnnents that hove ceasoti operation 5 !, Tho recipients oC tho benefits for in a class of citizens whpno usefulness* has been impaire4 and Vho mjght tio( be able jo earn tui/ equal amount. 'K\\t pension puablOK I ii'om to live oomEoil- a-b'ly and augmentK whatever provisions t h e y thumb -Ivph 'may have been able to inufco lor uelvancing years. Jt thus sei'ves in a practical mtiiiiiar to give concrete expressioij to (he trntti that '/WP ar t o o t h e r ' s k e e p e r " J» th large s rejHpoct it isjH'vitig tLiat (lie employers ( siderf tlon for th ,jt la jlr :itor do have- con- cmtiloyos' that is above and beyond tho servico thoy havo actually re jiderod, d u r i n g their most fruitful yea ''g. · VALUH (H' 1 SCOUTING. ' The banquet o t h o parents ol the* boys of Scout Troop No. 8 tills ovenlng will brine'tho JQrmer Inlp closer -tQ'ich VltlUvthe s'pleudld 'Vjcr trtkOp IB doijig, 'I! will bf when parents em apJrrcctiUe niore fully than batore some of the values of Scouting lo their soaa. The event will bo- In preparation for the display o£ scouting activities which will be IB ido on February 21 and 23, Upon thi t occasion tho publle: will b given opportunity to inspect the work erf the- i'.cont4 and to become familiar with* tho extent,aud variety of their activities. More will be learned about the advantages that are to le obtained bv having boys become identified with tt oops and of the opportunities that oxist for the extension ol Scouting in ConnoUsvlllc und vicinity, TOUR PtCOaiE 'I' AX of JfteudH of 1'iunlUos. Recognizing th \t single pemons by reason ot thei i aro and support o!' others, are onUlifd to consideration, the law provides- that tho "head of a family" Hhall he allowed the same personal exemption granted a married person, $3,500. The head of a family is defined by regulations* relating to tho Income tax as "rm individual who n^- tually supports J ml maintains In one household one or more individuals who are closely connected 'wtth him by blood relationship, relationship by marriage, or by adoption, and whoho right to exercis- tamily* control and provide for tbeso dependent Individuals is based upon some moral or legal obligation." Several factou are involved in determining wliDth'^r a taxpayer i^ to bo thus cUiM*i.5ed. In luatntainins the homo and lu'ovldmg for the dependent individual or ii divldualn, the taxpayer's t i g h t to exercibo family con- tiol mufit bo bai od on some moral or legal obligation. The olement of either legul or fitmnoiiil cle^iendency must exist. A taxpayer who liae minor children in legttliy'll.ible for 1ho!r wipport. If he supports vnd exorcises family control over th m, even Uiough thoy hnvo uu income f their own buffMoiit for their support and maintenanco, ho is cliissiiled a*} th · head -of a family. It ho does not riti:pott iheiu, however, but doe^J, I'xercif j family control, tho co in moil home «ing maintained, he can not be clunt liod as live- boad of a familv, If by ivasjon oi IHnc'-'j or ubtont e on account oC butii efa« the taxixiyer and dopendnts are h p a r u l e d , Iho common homo be-ing nianiUuiuxl und the taxpayer furnlHhhu' tho support, the os- emptlon ae head { a inniily 1^ allowed. Moreover, if a la ^payev does not maintain a common iiocne but the donon- dents are at eclnol or supported wUh relatives, or in a boarding boute, while he lives elaewln re, the exemption is still allowed. I , however, without ·necessity, the d pendent continuously iriake6 hia home fteewhere, lii« beno- factor is not tin head of a family. For incomo-ta ,. purposes, there can bo only ono head of 9. ftunily. The exemption can n t he divided. Owners of do r s, even U they aro licensed, are required under tho law to keep them trom roaming at largo. Otherwise they may havt to visit tha pound at the City Hall to claim their pots and pay lor the. pr'vilego in addition. It their (k^s are unlicensed tho owners are subfy ct to tines i'o · having tailed to secure" iiceuse. In providing o «u;ry tito volnn IJunbai' Is ahowi its fire fighters will speed up nlauns. This is vantages tho from having citl as H. M, Marsh truck w i t h width to eeir firemen to iiios, \g its appiec'atiem of ind at tho same time their response to one of tho many ad- itrnaee Town enjoys ·ena as public spirited dl. UT-AEFITs OK PraSIOX FU5D. The (ii. bni.semcnt of the total sum of $"bh,i7U.Oi) to the veterans of tho H. C. I'Yick Ooko Company and ah- Hociatod i n i e r i - s t s In the Conuellsville 'ole Uegion wtilch !· $-13,'JUS !lI more i I n n \\as I'uid .1 j o a . ago, H an im- V n ' s . h c e x h i b i t cif ilic b« utiiits Unit th' 1 I ' m t e i l State's St» i'l and ('iirnenn' i'emlou i'^Ut'il Is lU.qitMiklng. ( ! t i ) \ \ i i ! i i i .ttuoitnt each year, us innii' benolU ai i:, bettinu 1 eligible, t l i u nmoum is s; 'udually upproaching the half m i l l i o n mark In Us magnitude it is nsbiuu nu: tin* proportion"! and « n i p i r t a n r f ol t h r a n n u a l p a j r o l l ot ssotuo of *h? l a t R c r industries ot tlie rcpion l » -osiici-l lo cash d-tslnbn- uoc it thsrc'.ore. IL scrvias as a sub- To date the I"onohoe inquest has been most noted for the' "also mention" of names', but w i t h o u t evidence sufficiently spec flc to secure a conviction. Nationwide sympathy Is with Former Chled: Justl e Tart as he bravely lights against t l i o inroads of dds-oase. May he liavo th* strongth to win his light. Prince of Wales to Lead Dancing Styles LONDON, Fo!. 7,-- Tho J'Hnca if Wnle« is oxpfscl^t to Inad danoinjs; slylen thlri new yoar, J-Io in ano of tho most fashionable and keatioat dftncara in the tountry, 1 und hau'lately Bhown ft i/ref a for the lanffo, 'The Piinee la a, ftaneep at tsreat I n d i v i d u a l i t y , n id long after tha CtKirlehton 'was ijuppofseii to bo dead ho was I n t r o d u c i n g CliarletUnvu steps into the rinlck-t!,na fatyle, ' Tlii.-s a t t i t u d e , i y ei.p»cte4 ift ha ra-- fliote j il in dancuig hare thiq year, Six-eight tiine, v* hloli certain danaing L i i o n - linvts be in h y i n g for inonthu intu«Uic( v i n U iMjpttlnrfly, probably ·if Next Maj-, wii HI Iho mmutl season ilittJio, it la pro; irtbit'd that Uijt-twils, quick-stonn, C'liai Ictiton .uul wait^cu will still bo occ ipying the position hold now. Ciasailioc! d» rrlJiseinontg lac-e'i in Iho columne. of Courior txrina n suits. Try SPEAKING .OF LONDDN FOGS-- '''''·''"'"^f/t^f^^"! 1 ' 'i-y^S J'£X^''-A C*^sra F-'/N^, ^rv.**i 5 ,.-£'- KJzaj '»·." v ,v' ; ©A^fcr".; #fif I-VtX^P 1 ^"'i ·' J:i^a^^-7Mf } ?'r.4filiK}5fc*,* ,^v- touV^jr X^vlW .^V~£ ^^ ^·S^-^?;^!" ^·jf OUT AcwO^. :»£·/·*.-»,.*. w . *f Tsift's Illness Has Aroused Sympathy To Unusual Degree Anxiety for His Recovery Is. Keflected Tliroiig-houi Entire GoTornmenl. By DAV3T) LAWRENCE (Copyright 1!.".0 by Tlie Courlar.) WAS7UNOTON, i-». 7.--Jf sympa- tliy and affection e a n restore) the h^aith of William H o w a r d Taft, lie ha-j it in greater abundance totiuy t h a i any publle, man in r«ccnt hibtovy. Anel particularly does hi enjoy un «s- tcejn and popularity lu the National 'Caj Hal which has been the prU'J- iog' 1 of few men In tho public service to command. Anxiety for tho recorcry of Mr. Taft is reflected throughout tho entire Government. For in. tho life cf the National Capital, William Howard Taft has for maro than a quarter ot a century h«ld an enviable poHtkm, First as Solicitor G-enoral, tlien as Hocrelary ot AVar and Jin'ally as President of tho United States and Chief .Justice, WashinRton has come to know the jovial, good Matured and capable public Bcrvftnt who has plv- en his \sholc life to a cuuio which evc'a in his exoculivo days could he deac'ribod aa impartial justice. Mr. Taft never had a prujudiwd mind whcii h« 5sat as the trustee of tho Government interest, liu could bo as loyal lo his party aa any man but he could also abandon partisan Impulses as ejuickly aw nuy independent But H was the humitu slele of AVllilum Howard Taft which endoare*d him to the people wHu '.vhoni ho canto in contact for ho has always been tlie essence of fairness. Ill* democracy has been simple and straightforward, Newspapermen lilto him for liij frankness and J!or his g«m ine efforts to guide thorn on matters of public interest. Ii recent, years, while naturally precluded from'taking on aeittvo par! in public controversies because of hh judicial position, Mr. Taft has nevertheless followed with keen interest the general (rend of governmental policy. He liked to chat with friends about' everything from politics to personalities conspicuous lu tho political world. He enjoyed his cen- tactg with people more than any man in -public life. ' And now at the eloso of a lon« caroer In public service It is difficult to think o£ William Howard Taft as retired or as removed from th« Gov- orn mental fabric of which ho lias so lonif bcm c- vital part. Ilia col- hm[{U8»,on tha Supremo Court have appreciated not only his judicial capacity but his executive ability as presiding justice),··for ho brought to the oourt a background of experience ftttd a flower to ponelralo to the root 'oC a controversy, Hornolhins he had acquired us u Cabinet ofllcc-r aud later as tfo) Ohief Executive, Many pooplo havo naked Mr. Taft Which he ooualdorod the (?roator honor, tlie Presidency or tho Chief JnatieteUiip, He Ima always smiled ami tried lo explain thi difl'orencoa between the I wo puKltloiiB, but ufliir all tho PrusUtoiiiy ia tha « l f t «C tint people lo thoHB wh« huvo niiiHtorod the aria of polities, or who have uts a riilet risen through political hainuilx tei ttio highebt otllca tn Ilio ]uud. Jieim;- timoB men of ability nie jhosoa lor tho Prebidency by this, system anel hoT^olimeB riot, but in t h e u.tbe of the Chbf Jumico of the U n i t e d States tho appoinlinent IB n l w a v s nn the basis of merit and marit ulouo. li'vc^y lawyer lias aa ambition to b^ at the top .Taft's Son May Set Hughes' Sot's JoK 1 \. Because ol tho oicvaUon f Chorie? E. Hugrhrw to Chiisf Jn»ti 9 o* tiho Sxipireme Court. Solicito --reaoral Cliarlea B. Hughes, Jr., j to sup- render his job, It has been reported that young Hughe is iikely to bo succeeded by CS arloa P. Taft, of Ohio, son ot tie rv niirnod Chief Justice. of his prrtiossion ChiiT HiiKhos nil^hl h a ^ c been but it !s a sate RUPSH t b u t tho position of Chief Jus grcAtofit lion ir that could him, and it i-, alt,o not that -Mr Tall lui-i at l l m actly the sane w a j When the l i t t l e r was in House the* country spoke htirtntr :i " j u d i U i U ten When he be( aino u meml War I,alor Bo.ird he woi mcndatlon ot lalwr boca impartlalil y. although , in dency he^ hart nrver boon g fullest Hupport ,It w fis b Intornutional j i i ' i l l t e that so earnest an advoeale of i a] cot3p-er.ition, aijd madf leader in an effort to leaKiie to enforce peace genitor ot iiubsciuont ct'f leruationni oacert William Howard Taft nniquo dlil Inct ion--he ha tcemeni becnifo of his, capacity for insticc and b beloved for bin kindness personality---two qualities combined iu one persona a a fCvana President no regards ice as the come to mprolntble a full, cx- Oio White of him as pcrament." 3V Of tllC tho com- HG of his the Prosl- /on labor's 8 sense of made him itornation- him the ·alablish a -the pro- Tts at in- iih had a , been es- bility and s has been tnel human npt often ity. Abe Martin Conditions in Prisons Not Respionsible for Recent Convict Revolts Overcrowding, bad food, and inhumane treatrrieiit of convicts wore not rtiponsible Tor tho elx major prison revolts which have alarmed the country within the pa/}l nix months. Tho rcsai explanation ot the»e arwi o£ thej Koothing unrest in ovei-y Ameirica.u pridon today lies in condition*; outside the prison." Law law enforcement, cor- r u p t courts ami police, and th fact that tho criminal can "set away" with richer hauls today than ever before provide tho j faeonfl why tho hardened la\\ breattor will lalco tho moot des- Dci.ito clidnces to fvui bin fredom. Thte is Uif analytsk. offered by }toward Mclxillan, veteran criminal mcstigtttor and writer OH criminology, m an article published in the current teuo of tho Koviow of Reviews?. Mcbcllau ixiinls out Bigniflcantly ihat not one man involved in the two prison revolts at Auburn, and thoea at Dannemoria, Canou City, Ijeavcnworth and Jyanaitig, Kansas, wa« an amateur criminal or first-timer. All woro vi- ciotw, veteran prcfcriHionals in crtoo. "Tho protfifahloiial iusido tho prison figures ho ii missing his olg chance," d*clartB Mci/ollan. "Things in hi« ·world outside are better than aver. He longs to reap hte share of this harvest while it is good." IIo quotes tho explanation ot a nestle rm offender, a colleges-trained man of analytical rairid, wix witnessed one of t.hc rsvoii/j from tho insiiie: "Von read t h a t in 12 months 7,000 hold-ui8 were committed in four etatee, yielding their perpetrators $22,000,000. Only 12 per cent of tho robbers were apprehended, and letis than two per cent were convicted. Only five per cent of the atolcn propor- ty was recovered. It would appear from this that men who steal large sums get away with it In St. JLouis 84 per cent ol tho murderers are not captured, and in Chicago tho chances are 16 to one that a murderer will not bo captured. "Tho professional criminal hears aoout judges and prosecutors who are deeply involved in grnva aoanlale. He henra about powerful men defrauding the government of vast parts of its public domain, aud not one of them going to jail except an impoverished and feeble omce bolder, although Ihe highest court in the lend branded them as conspirators. "It ie not strange then to find the professional criminal in prison calculating that the thing to do is to got out und go after bigger and hotter fcwags, For the more* he steale, Iho less chance Ibere is of Ills conviction. You may t t y lo drum it into hie head that he'can't win, but ho'll floor you with tho 'figures. He may nol havo *xsad tliem. iie doesn't havo to get their meaning. He knows from contact with tho underworld thet they are true." I'll het it in.d« s, a M h UK ' W e h a i n ' t -eer n u t h l u N i l J f t ·wait t i l l t n r y m d \ e prol i l n t l o u wl- n o x l o n a " jal J Left 1'lno, Jay before yistorday. Alarm Catches Burglar MADISON, Wte, Feb. 7.-- An automatic burglar alarm which "catches 'dm and ( u r n s 'em over to police" has boon invented here oy .Tack Albright. of West poit, ami will be exhibited be 1 - I'ore a group of Milwaukee hankei s .soon J'Jat ii b.inlc ib o u t f l l t c t l w j l h an ontranco h a v i n g two t u v o l v i i i K dooiti, !oclifi a u t o m a t i c a l l y sshenever a fcinall tliiVH o in the Kifiluei'G cage us ilK- l u i b f e l . Once tlirt l o b b e r is insU!i (he p n t r a n c e w a y , he cannot escape Shooting is Cutilo Ix'cauae the glass in b u l l e t proof. Shouting is also f u t i l e bocause any Blight di'ilnrbauio rclpa«f»s tear gas. V'f Clvi Cost is f-maU. Ads. Rosulta aa-e blc. Fires Claimed Many Lives Outsid(j Those . In Homes During 1929 It is difficult to think o£ a more horrible way to die than by fire, la, 192fl the red liariti of fire snuffed out many lives. It wao once pointed out by a groat cch^'ar that tha prog-e-se of civilization Is made only ovgr the dead ooH«M3 ot pioneers. So, too, progrepe in fire prevention aud protection ecma to await horrible fire catastrophes to aronao coneciouaneEfl jf tlio fire danger. The New York f-Ierald Tribune recently poliite-el out that tho public concern over the so-called parrot fever was quite out of proportion to the seriousness of tin problem. Suppose a dozen people n the United States had really died if psittacosis or parrot fevor; there ara at least twice as many deaths duo lo fire each day but only tiKeo actively working to prevent fire aeam to w-orry ahout tho appalling los. Attention is directed to^lO outstanding flros that caused serious lose ot life: In a Russian motion picture I theatre lire causeel tle death of 120 persone; five wero kilted in a tourist hotel flre at Amarflln, Texas; the Cleveland Clinic disaster took a toll of 124 lives; at Canton, China, SO died in an explosion and fire hi the- Eaet- man Hospital; at Gillingham, England, 10 calots and five firomsn lot their lives in a fire; rescue tost; 11 men aud nineiWomen wore luned or trampled to death, in a cabaret in Detroit; one more died in a fllrn laboratory fire in Hollywood; four uronien .died in a fire in a paper box factory located in Baltimore; on New'Y«ar'« rive fire in a motion picture the.itre l/i Paisley, Scotland .look the live} of 7J) children, who were trampled cr smothered to death. There is universal fear of death by fire but there appear i to be a great tendency to take a clutnce with flre hazards. In our own country, lire takea an annual toll ot 10,000 lives and almost a half billion lolllars in property losses. A largo percentage of deaths from fire occur in hcmee, This Is hard to understand in progressive America, Lincoln's Tenderness Of Heart Ciny Jitrbaa tison Jlpro iri a new story of Abraham Lincoln's tenuernems, not rolatiug l animalr? but a child. I heard it nJ ilrst hand fvom a comrade of tlu Grand Army oC the .Republic who tolo it at a public g a t h e r i n g in celebration of the birthday of Uncoln. Captair Alfred Knowles, now living in Arlington, Muss., was among the Union sol- rtiera who entered Richmond on April 8, 3865, the day after its fall, when President Lincoln mo/do lite inemoria,' visit to the stricken city. Captain Knowlea wae on tho streei w i t h the excited throngs ot both whit and colored people seeking to get a glimu^e of the War President.' Presently he saw Mr. Lincoln riding in a sorl of cart wh!oh was being driv«n by s Negro. Ife also saw a colored mothct with an i n f a n t pressed to hor breast, t r y i n g to attract Mr, Lincoln's atten lion. The driver did not see t h r woman, bul Mr. Lincoln's eager ey difccoverecl her and he- oidercd the driver to stop tho cart. AB he did fee tho colored wtmian came forward a if to touch the liem of tho garment ol the great deliverer, and to seek his blessing for tis child. Mr. Lincol): roacherl out his long arme, picked tir that black baby, fondled it, ani handec it back to the surprised but rejoicing mother. Jn telling that Incident, I am always reminded of One greater eveu than Lincoln, who saM: "Suffer little chiidien to conic u n t c me, and forbid th-ein not." where so many advantages aro within (he reach of the average household Homes can be made comparativelj safe against the inroade of fire and th« life- hazard will then be greatly ro- duced. Virtue in Benevolence How easy it fs for one benevolent being to diffuse pleosnre around h i m ; and how truly is a kind heart a fountain of gla'dneen making everything in Its vicinity to freshen Into smiles.--Washington Irving. LOWER »TIRE PRICES I'LAT SAFE, Bn 07TI.Y NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BKANDS Buy from your home store and save money. If you prefer Brands not listed below we ivfll gret them for yon. Siw ,10x4.50 28xt.75 29x5.50 32x6.00 845x0.00 C). CJ, 0. 8. 31x4 82x4 20x4.40 Heary Dnty U Pafh- finder s r*.70 7.15 7.M) 840 «.70 10.35 12.00 12.25 4.S5 5,00 8.25 12.95 Firestone Vaennm U. S. llnbber or Cap 6.90 7.40 7.W) S.OO 9.40 31^0 tl.70 l,'{.2fl .13.70 6.00 7.00 10.00 10.60 14.35 9.60 10.00 Goodyeur $ 7.40 8.10 7.!)0 ».JO !).75 10.15 12. JO 13.75 14.50 15.00 5^5 6.50 10.90 Goodrich $ 8.10 8.70 9.00 10.10 10.10 , 11.20 13.00 IJt.Co 30x4.60 29x4.75 30x5.00 31x5.25 31x6.00 32x4 11.60 18.15 lii.60 14.00 15.50 16.70 16.20 18.15 10.80 1 1^25 11.50 12.00 12.75 11.25 14.90 15.40 16.90 17.00 17.75 14.25 16J20 6.GO 7.10 11.80 J2.70 17.00 1JL80 11.70 12JO 12.90 13.70 1G.OO IS.,40 18,1ft 1SJ50 15,25 15.50 Union Supply Sixty Stores In Nine Coantles pi PennsyJrania. AH, MY FAVORITE DESSERT Is this the tiappy cry of the home-coming males of your family at the sight of the last course 'of their very enjoyable dinner? Make the evening meal a joyous event by preparing their favorite dessert--you will have pletuy of time to do this if you complete the afternoon shopping in a comfortable and convenient electric car.

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