The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 27, 1939 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1939
Page 11
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Second Part Pages 11 to 20 VOL. 37, NO. 65. CONNELLSVILLE. PA, FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 27, 19330. TWENTY PAGES. Fixed Charges Cause Solons Trouble When They Try to Pare It Action Will Be Taken On Adoption at Meeting Next Month. POLICE COSTS ARE HEAVIEST Examination of the proposed budget foi city expcnditmes during the current fiscal jcar rcvciil that prac- ticall all of the appropuatibns lit fixed expenditures, one of the principal reasons why it is difficult to i effect a reduction in the total amount The budget intioduccd for 1939 ihowa a total of S9831902 which is a gam of $3,41307 over the M38 total ot $94,90595 Of the 1939 figuie, however, S"7,31978 arc set up for salaries, street lights and fire h- drant rentals Then, too, there are a number of other items, such as insurance office supplies, other expenses, purchase of materials, supplies and equipment needed m the operation of the c\'y govcin-nent, items which cannot be de'etcd without reducing the cfflei- cncy of the vauous branches The ncaviest payroll item is thdt for the police department, the amount being $17,965 while the street force receives $11,678 and the fire department $11,600 Salaries tor members of Council total $3,600, an item that will automatically increase by $600 when the body reorganizes m 1940 The citj appropriates $15,000 for its street lights and $4,218 for Dre hydrant rentals Payrolls for the ofllccs of city clerk, controller, assessor, treasurer, tax collcctoi, health officer, engineer, janitor and scales together with the police and firemen's pension fund and volunteer firemen's appropriation aggregate $1685878 Volunteer firemen receive $750 this year while the pension fund appropriation is $1,26220 Action on the budget will be taken uhen Council meets next month The tax levy js scheduled to be fixed Monday night, February 1", but there is no indication of an increase despite the fact collections on the current millage and ai the present rate of receipts will mean the city government will finish "very much in the red" Council is hopeful that tax collections will show a marked increase otherwise a substantial millage hike, two or more, will be necessary in 1940 The detailed budget follows Public Ailairs Office of Mayor, $1,250--Salary, $1,200: office expenses, $25, other expenses, $25 Protection to persons and property, $17,965--Salary of chief, $1,920, salary of assistant chief, $1,680, salary of policemen, $14,040 salary of part- time police, $225, salary of parking man, $100 Police station office supplies, $100 Police call system, $825 56--West Pcnn Power Company, S12, Bell Telephone Company, $463 56, special information, $350 Maintenance and repairs, $835-General repairs, $200, gasoline and oil, $250, maintenance of traffic lights, S75, street marking p unt, $100, parking signs and repairs, $100, bread for prisoners, $100, services o£ jail physician $10 Insurance, $7770--Motorcycle, $27, police car, $50 70 Donations, $160--Flower 1 ;, $20, flags for Memorial Day and cartridges, $90, fireworks display, $50 Department total, $21 213 26 Accounts-Finance. Office of director, $1,055--Salary of director, $450 office supplies, $400, advertising, $125. membership in third-class city, $65; surety bond of director, $15 Office of cit clerk, $3,012--Salary of city clerk, $2,400, wages of assistant, $600, surety bond, $12 Office of wt controller $757-Salary ot city controller, $750; surelj bond, $7. Office of city assessor, $1,720--Salary of citj assessor, $1,560, office supplies, $60, addrcssograph supplies, $100 Office of i-1\ treasurer, $3,414 25-Salary of city treasurer, $100, ofllcc supplies $100, tax supplies, $60, tax notices, $250, t a t stamps, $03; (all succeeding items represent one-thud o£ cost, county and school board bearing remaining two-thirds c-qual- ly) salary of tax collector, $1 000 08, ·-alary of Paul A Lucius, $500 0*, salary of Grace A Recder, $44004, salary of Ida M Skiles, $25992, salary of extra help, $100, McKe-jion's premium bond, $525; Recder s premium bond, $12 50, Lucius' premium bond, $3 34; messenger s premium bond, $333 Commission on return ti\cs paid, $300 Office of city solicitor, $1,34250-- Jialary of city solicitor, $1,200, filing liens and judgments, $125, suret of bond premium, $17 50 Pension fund, $1,262 20--V. Bert Ritchie account, $400; police department pension iund, $52920, fire department pension fund, $333 Compension insurance premium, $1,600 State tax on bonds, $240 Telephone sciuce, $175 * f « [Chemistry Awardee Deilfnated to receive the inniul award of the Pittsburgh Mction A m e r i c a n ChemicM Society "in recognition of outstanding service- to chemljtr" fc Dr. Georre Hubbird Clapp, chairman of the Cnlrenlljr of Pittsburgh board of trustee* ilnce 1907. A pioneer founder of the Pittsburgh Reduction Co., -which became the Aluminum Co of America, Dr. Clapy, 80 )car» old, has been active In science and enrlneerinc since ffraduattrtc with hl|ch honon from the University In 1877. Re will receive th«. award at a. mectlnf ot the Society on February 16. Motors, Meters Take West Penn Matches Bowling on the West Penn alleys, the Motors won the odd game from the Ohms and the Meters took two out of three from the Poles in the West Penn Duckpin League "Serpent" Basking Shirk CAMBRIDGE, Mass , Jan 27 --W C Schroeder, cuiator of flsh at the Harvard Zoological Museum, sjid the "sea serpent" rem uns found recently at Provmcetown were the bones of n basking shark He examined the skull and a section of the \ertcbrae Charcc-J 1\ll!i Chiselinjr. SOMERSET, Jan 27 -- Action against relief chiselcrs in Somerset county was started when complaints were filed against six persons accused of obtain ng a total of $175 by false pretense from funds intended for the needy unemployed Department total, $14,87795 1'ubllc Safety Office ot director, $775--Salary of director, $750, advertising, $25 Fire department, $11,600--Salary of fire chief, $1,920, salary of assist- unt ehier, $1,680, salary of firemen, $7 500; salary of extra relief man, $500 Allowance of volunteer firemen, $7»0 Rental of file hydrants, $4,218 Maintenance of fire alarm svi,tem, $75 Mamtenanec of equipment, $300 Purchase of new supplies, $750 Insurance on ti ucks, $343 50--600 pumper, $211 50, 700 pumper, $127, hook and ladder truck, $5 Health department, $2,275--Silary of health offlcor, $,1,200 supplies,, $100 apprehending stray dogs, $50, salary of plumbing and b Hiding inspector, $900, office supplu s Garbage plant, maintenance and supplies, $50 Department total, $22,!J650 Strccte-Publlc Impro .-cmcnts. Office of director, $79(i--Salary of director, $750, advertismj $40 Office of cit engineer $2,350-Salary of cit engineer, $1,500 -wages of assistant engineer, $500, engineering supplies, $50 Slieet department, $11 6T8--S.ilarj of foreman, $2,100, sal irj cf assistant foreman, $1,440, wages cf regular men, $7,512, wages of mllei man $626 Material for load and fcndges, $50 Maintenance and materials, $1,000 Gasoline and oil $900 Insurance $17217--Ir temational truck, $4445, C M C truck, $3732, Ford truck $3945, street sweeper, $11 50, Buffalo rollei, $39 15 Street lights, $15,000 Department total, $31,940 17 Parks-rubllo Buildings Office of director, $470--Salary of directoi, $450, advertising $20 Maintenance, $2,730--Salary of janitoi, $1,080, materials md supplies, $400, fuel (gas and coal) $400, light $650, water, $200 Insurance, $21964--Warehouse $103 75 City Hal' boiler, $3120, liability, ?84 69 New equipment, $150 Expenses of Planning Commission, $50 City scales, $1,43150--Salarj of wcighmaster, $1,200, wages of assistant, $15650, supplies' $75 Expenses of Shade Tree Commission, $100 Department total $5,151 14 Miscellaneous Ccneial contingent fund, Si,000 FIREMEN SEE RESUSCITATOR DEMONSTRATED Would Be Valuable Part Of Company Equipment, DcBolt Says. HOSEMEN LACK NEEDED FUNDS Members of the New Haxen Hose Company witnessed a demonstration of an E . J icsuscitatot, a combination of a resuscitator and inhalator. by L J Biggs of the Safety First Supply Company of Pittsburgh ind the firemen were impressed by the apparatus winch they agreed would be an mwluiblc piece of equipment if funds* could be made available It was suggested that since the firemen aie financially handicapped in such an expenditure that some of the community's civic organizations ma \\anl to collectively buy the equipment for use of the fire department The resuseititoi is an automatic breathing machine designed for use m emergencies where natural breathing stopped from any cause with icsulting dsphjxn In cases of complete icspiratory failure, as from drowning, clcctne shock, carbon monoxide poisoning asthma asphtxm of the nciv born ind the like, this mechanism produces rcspirition mechanically at normal breathing rate, automatic.illv adjusting itself to the lung capacity ot adult* or the new born Since this is accomplished without the necessity for the rmnual method of irtiflcuil respiration, it is mtunlly possible to operate the apparatus in cases of internal injury, body burns, brok'n ribs and other similar cases where the manual method of rcsus- citatio Is out of question The machine is very simple to opc-ate and works entirely from the energy con- taned in t!ie oxygen tanks The resuscitator is widely used in more thin a thousand hospitals throughout the country .is well ns bv poliee and fire departments and reseue squids of most of the larger cities This machine is the modern mcthcd of resuscitation "This would be a wonderful piece ot equipment for the fire department because ive get a number of calls from x a n o u i communities for buch an apparatus," Hie Chief William E DeBolt s-iid ' It s too bad that we .ire fmancidlly distressed right now or we d buy it If funds could be raised in omc manner, the investment w ould be a w isc one " Elks Will Attend Grand Ruler's Fete in Pittsburgh Feb. 7 Exalted Ruler Abe I Daniels of Connellsville Lodge will head a delegation of Connellsville Elks to William Penn Hotei In Pittsburgh on the night cf Fcbiuary 7 to the icccption, banquet and dance in honor of Dr Edward J McCormick, grand exalted ruler of the Benevolent tt Protective Order of Elks The aft.ur is being sponsoicd by the Llks Association of Pcnnsjlvama Southwestern District and former State Gov ernor John K Tcnei, a past grund exalted ruler and now execute e director of the Elks Magazine, will be the tonstmaster Music for Disney Movie. HOLLYWOOD, Jan 27 --Walt Dis- ncy, creator ot Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck announced he had signed Leopold Slokowski, noted symphony duector, to an 18-month contract to direct and rccoid the music for the forthcoming Disney feature Deems Tavlor \vill act as nar- latoi and technical advisor Committees For i Bar Association Named for Year Special to The Courier UNIONTOWN, Jan 27--Committees to serve during 1939 have been named by Attorney David E Bane, recently elected president of Fayettc County Bar Association Membeis also chose Joseph W Hay, Jr, \ice-president, and rcelected Bucll B Whltehill, secretary, and J. Espcy Sheirard, treasurer The following is a list of the officers and members of committees of the bar a ssocialion lor 1939 Executive--Dean D Sturgis, chairman, Bobrat E. Umbel, J. Kirk Renner. Legislation--Wooda N. Carr, chairman, Anthony Cavalcante, E J. Mc- DanieJ, E Dale Field, Clark W. Martin, Charles L. Lewcllyn, J. Russell Smilcj. Offenses--R. E Umbel, cnairman; J K Spuigeon, Arthur A Brown, WiUlnm B. Parshal), Jacob H Shcr- rard WclJ.irc--S John Morrow, chairman, H Vance Cottom, John J, Humes, Donald M Higbee, Samuel Fcigus Fee Bill--Davis W. Henderson, chairman; Daniel W McDonald, Jr, E D Brown, Wade K Newell, H. D Leonard Dinner Meetings--W HuiSU Carr, chairman, W. Brown Higbee, rfermac Buck. Hesolutions--Lee Smith, chairman; Robert B Stauft, Frank R Crow, Jr, F. E Younkln, James R. C.xroll. Conference Room -- William A. Boring, chairman, Daniel S Robin- ion, H. D. Leonard, J. Russell bmiley, Frank M Lardm. Transportation--Eustace II. Bane, chairman; Oscar £ Goldstein, J. B. Adams, Jr, " J. Croa', J. C. Glasburn. Flowers--E. D Brown, chairman; William H Soisson, James R Carroll, Harry W. Byrne, Frank C Ne.vcomer. Picnic--Darnel W McDonald, Jr , chairman; William A Boring, J. Espey Shcrrard, T Lyons Morgan, William J Crow, Frank M Lardin, James A. Rcillj. Banquet Committee to Arrange Speakcis--Harr} A Cottom, chairman, Horatio S. Dumbauld, Ross S Matthews, S John Monow. Arrangements for Banquet--John M Coie, chairman; Thomas H. Hudson, Robert E. Umbel, Donald M. Higbee, W Fnnk Lane. Menu Committee for Banquet-Eustace H Bane, chairman, Jicob E Horcwitz, Jesse E Hutson, Trcd L Brothers Reception Committee for Banquet --Harry A. Cottorr, chairman; H S Dumbauld, W. Russell Carr, Ross S. Matthews, Edmund H Reppert, S. John Morrow, Davis W. Henderson, J. Dawson Thomas H Hudson, Robert E Umbel, b Ray Shelby, J B Adams, Brute F Storing, H Eastman Hackney, Joseph G. Carroll, John M Core Committees appo tUed at the suggestion of and in cooperation with the American Bar Association Criminal Law and Its Procedure-Chairman, Davis W. Henderson, Linn V. Phillips, W. Brown Higbee Criminal Practice--Chairman, I. Burdettc Coldrcn; Thomas A Waggoner and T. Watt Henderson. Police and Prosecutors--Chairman, William J Crow, Wade K. Newell and Samuel D. Braerner. Unauthorized Practice of the Law --Chairman, J Kirk Renner, E. J. McDanlcl Charles L Lewcllyn Legal Educ ition and Admission to the BJI--Chairmen, Chad L John, E J. McDaniel, William B. Parshall, W Brown Higbee. and Linn V. Phillips Judicial Selection--Chairman Dean D. Sturgis, Joseph J Baer and Chad L. John Enforcement a n d Professional Ethics--Chairman. William B Parshall, George W Tanner, Ji , J. Russell Smiley, D miel S Robinson and Harold C Marshall ConnelisvilSe Fruit Mki 1»« Norlh I'ittslmrj,' Street I'Jiine 100. FRUITS Strawberries pint 15c Tangerines 3 doz. 25c Texas Temple Oranges 2 doz. 35c Seedless Grapefruit . . . each 5c Delicious Apples . . 5 Ibs. 25c VEGETABLES Solid Ripe Tomatoes 2 Ibs. 25c Cucumbers 2 f o r I 9 c Carrots bunch 6c Broccoli 2 bunches 19c Genuine Sweet Potatoes 5 Ibs. 25c Also Fcgplants, leppprs, Limn Benns, fireen or Wnx Jfeiuis, Brussel Sprouts, Boots, Endive, Knlc, (Jicen Onions, Radishes and inanj otliers. SI:E or« DISPLAY BEFORE YOU BUI: W e Deliver! Phono 106 Rescuing Man's. Best Friend Fireman Tad Poloyn rescues "Sad Kycs" from n flame-swept Chicagt Apartment building, from which twelve families, including many small ehildrcn, were earned to »af cty. The dog took it all as a mittcr of course. (Central Pre**) West Virginia Five Wants to Meet Cage Teams in District The Rowlesburg, W Va, faculty- coaches basketball team, winners of seven straight games issued a challenge to anj and all leading independent teams of the Pittsburgh area Boasting such stars as Paul Brake, former All-West Virginia High cage star, Dirrel Lantz and George Davis, ex-high school stars PI rt Don Kichcr of Scottdale fime and Wcslcan "great," the "teachers have run rough shod over seven independent teams of central West Virginia The team consists of three mcm- beis of the Rowlesburg High School f i c u l t j , two assistant coaches and Head ithletic Coach Don W Etcher, former Scottdale boy and Overholt baseball star. Games may be arranged on a home and home basis of for a guarantee enough to cover expense for traveling Rowlcsburg is located in Preston comity near Kingwood, W Va, 35 miles cast of Morgantown, W Va. Teams desiring games please write Darrel Lantz, business manager Howlesburg, W. Va. Railroad Rehabilitation. WASHINGTON, Jan. 27,--America's railroads need to spend $600,000,000 a year for the next five years for equipment, including annual purchases oi 100,000 freight cars and 2,000 locomotives, according to the Association of American Railroads, Suit Prices and Taxes. CHICAGO, Jan 27.---A man's sui selling for ¥50 could retail for $44 76 if hidden taxes were eliminated, the National Consumers* Tax Commission said 20G No. Plttsbnrg Street Phono 670. Untrimmed WINTER- COATS Up to $13 95 values-and these are fashion- hit imtrimmed coats' Fitted collarjess coats! Fitted collarless coats! Reefers' Bo\y or Swing Swaggers! "Well tailored, interlined 1 Broken si/e and style range -SO HURRY! Monotones and tweeds Values up to $9.90 DRESSES Eveij one will be sold at t h i b sensational puce 1 I l m i y for this baigam as thej will not last long Broken Lots' Broken Sizes! Men! You'll Find Real Values in Quality Clothes at The season's best styles and patterns In single or double breasted models lor men and young men. Kuppenheimer and Hickory Freeman Suits l /4 off $40.00 Suits, $30.00 $45.00 Suits, $33.75 $50.00 Suits, $37.50 $65.00 Suits, $48.75 ' Manhattan. SALE $1.95, Now $1.65 $2.50, Now .$1.85 $3 00, Now $2.15 $3 50, Now $2.65 Men's Wool Union Suits, 14 Off. $1.00 Kaynee Shirts, Boys' and Youths, 59c .Boys' Sweaters 95c Work Socks . 18c $1 Work Shirts 74c Oppenheim's 1'Afc.HIOAS FOlt 3ti: 117 X. PJttsburg Street.

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