The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 2, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, COrs'NELLSVILLE, PA. THURSDAY, MAY 2, 1918. NEWSY NOTES TELL WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN Service Flag With SO Stars to be Dedicated May 12 at JBverson. SENATOR CROW TO BE SPEAKER! I. C. nigbfe oi ConneUsville, Alio; Will DelJTpr an Address; Odil Fi-1- j lows Dedicate Fins With 13 Stars;; !! "The Foremost Store for Men's and Young Men's Attire." For the Young Special to The Courier. | . SCOTTDALE, May 2.--The Chns- lin Endeavor society of the United , Brethren church on next Sunday v ill tave charge of the services at 'he church. In the morning the Rev. Or. Jnglis of England, will preach. In Ac evening there will be a special pro- ' gram. Dr. I. E. Runi. the pastor, eft las-, evening for Dayton. O., where on Saturday evening he will deliver th£ | commencement address to the tl.eo- logical students. Fersnson 3Iaki's Call. j Positions are open for hundred., o p : trained men and many women In t^a j Ordnance Department of the A i m y . } The United States Public Service Re- . serve is endeavoring to recruit the i lt:ota assigned to Pennsylvania. I'ODI- j tions range from clerkships to.highly ' technical positions, and the salaries | isnge from $1.000 to $4.500. So ucc- j «ssar is it for the Ordnance DC art- i iccnot to nil the posts that civil ,erv- ! Ice requirements have been waived in ' a'l cases except for clcrfc-hookl.eep- 1 «rs. Applicants arc requested to i communicate imemdiately v.-ith Wil-! liam Ferguson, enrollment oiiicer. Iniblic Service Reserve. Men in class 2 of the draft are not eligible for these positions. Knittinc Party. ! Miss Mar' Norrls of Chestnut Mreet, j fcntertained the Sodality with a ling party at her home on Tuesday j jevening. | Frank ,?oy. : Prank Joy. aged 50 years, of K i e f e r - } town, died at the Memorial hospital, i Sit: Pleasant, on Tuesday. F i n e r a l j services were held at St. John's [ church today. I .BYerstm Dedication. i Everson will unfurl a service Hag on Sunday. May 12. Eighty boys are in the service from Everson, and of this Bumber 37 are volunteers. Th 3 com-1 mittec In charge has nearly completed . the plans. The flag arrived Wedaes- ' d»y and is very beautiful. The let-! terlng in stars is unique and a dis- j dnctive feature. When the subscrip- ' thm was taken up to purchase t h e , Bog no one was allowed to give more | dan 25c, thus allowing all an oppor- , tunity to show their spirit. The flas will be unturled with app -opriate' len-ices at a public meeting Sunday at 3 p. m. The meeting will be addressed by Senator V. E. Crow o f ! Cniontown.^and E. C. Hifrbee of Con- I nellsville. i Presbyterial Convention. The Ladies' Missionary society o f , the Redstone presbytery wil' hold a ' presbyterial convection in tiie Pros-. byteriaB church here May 6, 7 and 8. i Dinner ior Draftee. Mr. and Mrs. "William Kenncll enter-1 laiaed with, a dinner at th-.-ir High j street home tor Ray Kenni'H, who , leaves today with the draftee* for i Port Thomas. Covers u-ere laid for I 12. A most enjoyable evening w a s ; spent. ' Odtl Fellows Have r'lr.i;. \ On Tuesday evening the 'ocal Odd Fellows held a. very imprest .ive service in their hall here and dedicated % service flag. The follovring program was carried out: Son 4. "Amer- ERE are hundreds of Suits and Topcoats for the young fellow who wants style from the word "go. ' They were tailored by several of America's best makers and all the little points of style that really make clothes distinctive and attractive are to be found in them. All the different proportions for young men of different builds give opportunity for wide selection. A Business Man's Clothes That Pay Well in Service A standard value in Suits and Coats at a standard price, and embodying in each fabrics of the most serviceable quality. Invisible stripes, mixtures and solid colors that satisfy your best judgment as to fitness and looks. $15, $20, $25 to $45 FINE HATS "No-weight" Types Thc?c "no-weight" hat? arc simply very tiphnreicjht fino hais: very comfonable to wear; and rfi/resenunir Ihe best possible values. The products of ttie foremost American and Italian hat makers ai $3. $5 to $](). 83 uni? Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. ZARROW'S AMERICAN GIRL COMPANY PRESENTS "ODD BITS FROM LIFE" The Tabloid Deluxe with Pauline Glenmarr, Fred and Eva Hurley, Charlf-s Jlark'Tt Big American Girl Chorus. On the Screen--"Vengeance and the Woman" i j go into training. P. W. and Thomas Byrne left Tues- ' ] day night for an embarkation to ; i visit B. A. Byrne and AI Bj rae. with ! tie 110th Infantry there. j 1 Jolm Fianerty left Tuesday evening I to risit his brother. Sergeant Edward 1 Fmacriy, with U)» 310th Infantry at an embarkation camp. 1 James Kalp, who is home on a f u r - ] i louga to visit his mother ai Kecks- \ --TOKAY- icav'' -.avocation. Rev. William Ham- . . Uton: son*. "Keep tSe Home Fires I bur £' Bopped on with his mends, M Burning." "imperial Quarte' of Con- . anrt Mrs - K - *·· Dlllon *'"" oellsville; i,olo, -Just a Baby's Prayer,at Tvriligh'," Klmer Morrow; piano . solo, Mrs. F. K. Grantham; address,; , Eer. Hamilton; address. Curtis H. i Eborhan. of Headquarters Comp.-my. GrD S? . GrecuJbur?. .Mr. Gregg un .','"til infantry, stat.o.ned at thai j-iacf. ' Jcrliu Kjtherforrt and Alfred Chain left last evening for the experimental here. Mrs. Christ MartU has returned homo from an embarkation camp. '. where she visited her brotiier, Jclm SS uni: = selection. "Imperial farn)s in Kansas to join Mercor McIlvain of that place, working there. These boys will spend the summer there. ' Siunuo! Brovvasky ot Pitlsburg. is' I an embarkation camp. i Try our classified advertisements. Blmer Morrow Quartet; henedictioa. Rev. Hamilton. One hunuml and sevcnty-fi/e were in itteadancj. The names 01 the service flag a'-e: V. If. Galbr;.:tli, Harry B. Brook,-, Harrj M. Heed. Henry Loetzbier, Jame., Oarkson, Paul Snythe SU«t of his giandson, Alj-er Mor- Jer, William RplDson, Edward Shaf-' ris . wno leaves-today for Fort Thomas. ler, J. Walter Fretts. Ecos King. Paul » Mrs ' Ha "y Loc has re'"TM-*! from t Fre-.ts, J. Grant Hixoa and Edward I visiting her son Harry, a memuer of BeMows ! t h e 1 ( " 11 Machine Gun Company, at i Tarty for Teacher. On Pridiy afternoon tne students of loom N'o. 3, North Scottdale schools, 1 ja-ve their teacher, Theodore Menster, j rftftn i third annual party in honor ot his ' U U U n . c A C C PftUWCI I C V I I I r I apt birthday. One of tue students,' FLcAbC LOnNfcLLoVlLLLi jresented aim with 21 carnations, j There has never been anything with Dinner was brought by ihe children | the QUICK results of pure Lavoptik ' tad prepared. Games were played | eye wash. One man's eyes were so ' Bld'vioUn music was a ipatnre. At I badly strained he could not read with- ! lie closo of the party a hall same I out pair.. TWO applications of Lams staged. The other teachers of · voptik relieved him. A lady had tried he North Scoltdale schools are Mary , t)i roe different glasses for weak, i n ( Jteli^r and Ethel Fretts. The school ' flamed eyes. ONE Lavoptik wash sur-; doses this week. , prised her. We guarantee a small J An "Unusual T.rcnt- I bottle to benefit EVERY CASH weak, A Sincere Sale.--Sample garments i suained or inflamed eyes. A. A. j * savings ot S3 1-3 per ci nt to 50 per j Clarke.--Adv. [ sent and more on woman's, misses' j I iztd juniors' suits, coats and dresses. ! ~ ~ ~ , ftEmy eastern manufacturers have' jontrlbtitcd to this sample sale, and t should mean a great deal to ever? traouui. The garments are n o t t Forthy for quarity and low price 1 anc! ·emarkable as high art ii. style. Then oust be satisfaction In 'mying where dncerity of purpose is back of the «lg- 200 sample coats, 100 sample nits, 200 sample dresses, 200 sample- Icirte, 500 sample waisis, all on dis- ilay anrt marked at a reduction of .boot 1-3 to 1-3 off the regular price. lee lor yourself. Broadway Ladies' Hore, Scottdale, Pa. As you get off lie car.--Adv. Other Swj.. . Uber has returned to ' "W^/.iV, '.·"^'.~TM; ... I "W. Va., af'-e" a visit with 4a parents here. Sam, Miller leaves today for Pitts- «r^, and Sunday will leave for Camp WORLD FILM COMPANY PKESKNTS .MONTAO.'l-: l.OVi; ;N' THK "THE CROSS BEARER" THK r»G PHOTOPLAY OF THE V K A I i . .M \SSIVELY STAGED, P I I P K R H L Y ACTKD-A T n i l ' V . I ' T l PRODUCTION' I N 3 ACTS. ALSO C U R R E N T EVENTS -- FRirur ASD s.rrruDir-- GOL.DWYN PRKSENTS MABUF. X O R M A N D . TitK S.NTOfll.Y C I K I . IN THE DRAMA OK THRILLS, MYSTfJUY. i.Al\,ii r ;Tit AND i.OVE J.N "DODGING A MILLION" IN S ACTS. THF. ROMASC'i: OP AN HEIRESS WHO I . I V K D IN L C X t T t V O.X NOTHIXO TOR OVKK A YKA R. ALSO A CIIIJISTII-! CO.MEDV. .MADGE; KENNEDY TN f -ori( L'''.TI,K WFK- § ^jMVW^Vt=^!VC'VUaiAf»«%WWW(WW 1 ifl«^^ For 81% 30 Sents --TOD.IF-- "THK SOX 01' D K M O f R A C V " Featuring Benjamin Cltapin aa Uncoiu. -MARY -MILES WINTER IN -A BIT OF J.IOE" --FTII11AY \ST SATURDAY- VTILIJAJI S. HAKT IN "BLUE BLAZES UATVDKX" "Keip on u.iinir pTpe ·washes and ointments ire crpama nnd , rou want to." | pimple*,, facial ( »y skin disease. n tblnj" cent box '. " really -wr.nt to got rid o blemlshe* of nny klcd or my honrot adricc IP to get ol Peterson's Ointment to-da?"-" Mon and women : it yon want a com- plcilon clenn and clear, firft .inrt velvety; cut* that ^111 fompol cho atlsslratlon of jJl the people 701.1 Tricot, ftJirc tn use Potcr- kon's Ointment to-ni?hc -- ase It Ireoly, mlibtnjr well Irto ihe skin. Continue for n \vtet or until every pimple, blackhead, er-jptlon or rasfi Is jr rt nc-. Don't fnll to try It antf ron ran tato my word for It you'll hp proud of your lovely skin anrt your frirmiu *- ill onrv your he- wltchlnp PomplcTiir. A-tv fair minded drupnist win bntu »p *-hit Pctcr?ou aays Des Molces, la., where lie viK , men , , ;' : , nt doesn't 1:1^1^ c-^^-. --TONIGHT-- George Fenner'a Bright, Clean, Classy Company "ES* HOJiLAXB" FRIDAY--The Comedy, "Tlie Marriage Marker," jiiayfrt bj entire company of 10 people. Singing and dancing. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY--"The Girl in Hiding" Two Good Screen Comedies Finish up the Entertainment. Your Last Chance to Go "Over the Top" Uncle Sam has invited you to invest a pan of your idle dollars or of yom-i'utirre savings in Courts t h a t pay a higher rale of interest lhan any savings bank and arc bac-kcd by rho entire resources of ilie richest nation the world liar ever known. Cncie Sam offers you opportunity to participate in the most laudable enterprise of history -that of m a k i n g the world saie for the free people in it. A month has been allowed you to think, plan and decide. But ihai's over and gone. IT'S TIME 'OAV FOR ACTIOX. Are you going to be one of those w'ao D I D or who DIDN'T? Will you have the deep satisfaction of being able to say truthfully--I'VE D U X K M V SJf.VHEJ i Much in demand just now are flP« lie^ cri.-iPy appropriate f n r mm '.u '"UP ( \\!,o wan: i h o i r belonsmgs clenriy, marked. I Two.lint- [ijunr^, 5-S incn wide. ?3.7-" gro.-A.«, J "*i ha-f grost. Orders t.;Ke J u of k v . » ! I \ P I I Triple Initials. 'n)c l:alf gross, 51.2(1 KI-OSS. Sic* 1 ] cni,'ray('ii nann".. b'ac-k and ivhHo only, ^1 7") for 20') name*. ?1.2."t fur I ' i ' i namrp. There is Much Here to Interest You in -S \-].icce stairpei! Vhiti- Linen Sets con- i b i M i n s !f "nc ."il-inoli cpntcr ill J'-'-o; one :!() incli center ill 5M.~,; «"e 2i-inrh center ii) T:,C: 17^5! inch mill tinilie ul oflc; 2ftc.j-( j inch *r:trf iif f l . t ' t : 2M.l ino!i scari at | *1.10. - -Siampcd vliite union centers. ISc to "'^c , 1'IH'll. -- Slampcil tan Ii: -u centers, 2-i-mch, ,'toc | (u S-'it' t'nch. j --Siampi-d '.in hr.en Scarfs, Me fo iSc e«cli. [ -Fancy T\nkisb Towels ^itu colord bor- j ile-s. .'!·"· to ?1.'2.") rncli. | - Staiipfd Hud; Towels, Me ID ?1J)(1 each- , Gossard Corsets and Brassieres High In Favor With All Discriminating Women There is a. variety of proper iiiodels fashioned along beautiful and authentic iiiios--using materials of unapproachable goodness that appeals 10 the quality in- snnrt of even.' woman, while the delicate trimmings and dpfl finishing touches carry ; he appeal-of rofinciiiPiu and d i s t i n c t i v e lx\u:ty. Stocks at. their best this week, and vonr inppection is invited Gossard Corsets $2.25 to $12.50--Gossard Brassieres 50c to $3.50 Junior Red Cross Workers \\"i'.\ \ inti % rp j .!o(l i'l iraniiiisi th;i* our Vati f r n Dt ; i v n n c n t hat u comp t i p siock of official iLc-d Cross Pauern^ f n r p:ri rniont s -- Coa IP DTPS* r- = "nti^rwpftr. rU 1 . - to ie made 5 up .VT K r c n h em! Belgjin n riiierTM. Inq shon J br- in.ith; h } All-Black Handbags I// from an actual photo- ^raph of Beiay Lane 3bcj- h e r d sing-in^ in direct comparison with th« Edison and thus demonstrating that b«r TCICW end the insirament's Re-Creation arc From these the el e r t i o n rangos ihroucli haes of n l . shapes and i Bizi ?,-- ponch, cnvQinpo and knittir.q; -* Ics of finf fnbnVs ind loa'fi- crs, jnd al ! new. Prices Ki \ hy easy s(ai,'!' up Vj $10. Chocolates! -Oil" F.uorilp assorl- i - l c'hncniaii"- in : Ih. boxes--:!i)c box. -- CiiocohU" Popppr- p:.nfi n: hah'-p^un/i That is what the New Edison renders--a Re-Creation, so complete and satisfying that it is utterly impossible to distinguish the artist's voice from the instrument's. Talking machines imitate but the New Edison Re-Creates. The famous Edison tone tests nave demonstrated the power of this marvelous instrument beyond question. More than } 500 of these tests have bren held; more than 30 Grand Opera stars have sang in them--sung in direct comparison with the instrument and proved that no difference could be detected. They have convinced 2.000,000 people that the strongest claims do not exaggerate the merit of "The Phonograph with a Soul" You n*td mnnic in yoaT horn**. It is a resource---n soljtct?--a real necessity til this lime of strain dcd v.*orrv. Call at our siorc and receive a dcciossir*- tion of this ivoodemii intruEcenu Accepted Styles in Late Spring Hats Women's and Misses' New Models at Moderate Prices \Vnmon who ha\ c wniU'd mUil pii-'rliaso ilio iif-w liai or who an lorncd in chooiio a second bai ;n t will find us prepared vriih stK-s 10 t r o m i n u t e . Smart uulnod h a s or -Jic bt.yles; transpnvcni hriins. -a-lo: bans, it'ghorns. pnkos and uiuslir Any color you preier and t r i m r p i c p c r l y complete Ihe effect. Practically any price you ma pay. Oor Department of Social Ensravinff A *J v3 Specializes in Wedding Invitations, Wedding Announcements, At-llome Cards, and sociai engraving of every kind demanding work of t h e very highest order This we guarantee Just now we are directing particular attention to engraved calling cards for high school graduates A complete sample line of our work is on display in the stationerv department Prices reasonable Joid Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them,

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