Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 20, 1976 · Page 127
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 127

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 20, 1976
Page 127
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Page 127 article text (OCR)

Sunday Gazette-Mail, Sunday, June20,1976 CUSTOM CARPETS At Custom Carpets when you mention the word "SPIRIT," you might hear bells ringing when we tell you the low prices of our fantastic quality carpets. We're celebrating the Bi-Centennial all year long by passing along to you extra savings on carpets from BIGELOW, BARWICK, CORONET, MASLAND, CAB INGRAFTS, KARAS- REVOLUTIONARY SAVINGS Savings are skyrocketing at Custom Carpets during Revolutionary Sale Days. A special group of carpets, three distinctive styles, one very low price: ' Handsome nylon pattern shag .9 multi- colors, 12' width ' . · ; : . ' Subtle, sv/irling pattern nylon 8 colors in stock, 12' 15ic%.-'-\ . . - · ' ;'. - . ' ; / : ' Rubber back pattern'nylon 12' width; 5 .fanciful colorations in stock TAN, BERVEN. Names as readily recognized in the carpet industry as leaders as John Hancock for independence. Our growth from one store in 1953 to 18 stores today is "SPIRIT". Our buying power is strong and we're out to save you money in 76. Stop by during our Revolutionary Sale Days and run away with the savings. SPIRIT OF SAVINGS At Custom Carpets, we're proud of our revolutionary buys and you'll choose carpet that flatters your furnishings and your pocketbook .. . it's all in the spirit of savings at Custom Carpets: * Classic frieze texture Acrilan Acrylic 1 If width, 8 elegant colors in stock " Fat Foam back pattern nylon shag 17 width, 7 sparkling colors in stock " Multi-level random sheared nylon 12' 15' widths, 12 colorations in stock. SQ.YD. V ; J ^^^mmmmmm^m ^-^ ^ with Sensational carpet at only : ·MK.. .-w--t-iiKamiaL^j^^aiM^BMrj' · n · ^iv--^ x~^ x-* r · m\\ \ -r--rn|--riar'iT-iiTir'r''^r'~r r ^Tr ^'r"" f "r t: i1" -^/P^ L ~^-yf ;' r ~^ ? SQ.YD. Which works out to a patriotic 76tsQ.FT. Honest to Goodness Values We've come a long way since the carpet of Washington's . day, bright'n beautiful colors, exciting styles with a practical price. Now is your chance to get into the spirit of savings with ·Honest To Goodness Values in this luxury group of carpets: -*100% Trevira Star Polyester Saxony Plushl2' width, 12 ".' colors instock ""Cut'n loop saxony plush 7 colorations in stock, 12' width *Cut'n loop big, fat shag 12' width, 10 fascinating colors in stock For A Bi-Centennial Don't miss out on the Revolutionary savings *The LOOK is right! *The QUALITY is right! The PRICE is right! / When it comes to savings, we've got a group of luxury carpets, famous name carpels at bargain prices. Choose from 3 carpets at one special price: "Velvety plush Acrilan Acrylic 8 luxurious colorations, 12' width "Bright, sparkling saxony textured cut'n loop 8 fanciful colors, 12' width 'Saxony-- textured plush 17 elegant colors in stock, 12' width Charleston Store Ph.:925-4931 4318Ma«CorkleAvo., KanawhoCity Open: Man., Thun., Fri. « A.M. -9 P.M. TUM., W.d., Sat. 9 A.M.-3 P.M. St. Albans Store Ph.:777-3941 St. Album Plaia Open: Man. thru Fri. 10KX)A.M.-9P.M. Sat. 10-5 Sun. 1-6 Dunbar Store Ph.:76«-Si9S Dunbar Village Plaza Op«n:Mon. thru Fri. 10:00 A.M.-9PJW. SSoi. 10-5un. 1-6 ' w t j is coming!" with Sensational carpet at only ^ ¥¥VV¥¥¥¥¥¥J|[¥ ^ ¥ ^^^ JMM|M ^^^^^ T¥¥V¥¥¥¥ LUCKY SIZE RUGS At Custom Carpets, we like to think we hove the spirit ot savings all year long when we select our famous Lucky Size Rugs (only the finest quality carpets) as a special value for you. Practically every color in the rainbow, every exciting style and wearable, durable fiber in sizes that range from 2' up to 4 0 ' . . . we've got something for everyone and we kinda like to brag about it. Come see us during our Revolutionary Sale Days and carry home the savings. 12x13 12x21 12x11 12x16 12x18 12x9 12x11 12x21 12x12 12x13 15x12 12x12 .12x9 12x12 15x12 12x12 12x15 12x12 12x19 12x11 15x10 '12x12 12x12 12x12 15x12 12x10 12x12. 12x10 12x12 12x20 12x12 12x15 12x12 12x10 12x18 CHARLESTON STORE Almond tones 501 nylon shag 5 "9.00 Terra cotta nylon shag plush f 1/3.UU Curry gold level loop commercial nylon * 9SJ.UU Gold and green Moral kitchen carpet J1/9.UU Red and black nylon shag plush J143.UU Avocado polyester shag plush ^ I U.UU Celery tones level loop commercial nylon $ o9.UU Dresden blue luxuiy nylon plush ^11 ".UU Blue/green nylon shorty shag v "D.UU Autumn tones carved nylon shag ^1/3.UU Status green heavy nylon loop )118.UU Paprika tones lite gauge commercial nylon J 33.UU Black and red patterned kitchen carpel IP I 8.UU Spring green carved DuPont 501 nylon $ 96.00 Gold and orange tweed commercial nylon ^ y3.UU Bronze Gold tones nylon shorty shog 1 BD.UU Sunshine tones carved nylon shag JllS.UU Frosted lime embossed Dur-ont 501 nylon $109.00 Burnished copper nylon shag plush Jljj.UU Peace tones sculptured nylon shog JlUSt.UU Ripe olive luxury Kodel plush $159,00 Light moss nylon mini shag 5 / 3.00 Gold on gold carved DuPont 501 nylon $ 85.00 Burnished rust nylon shog plush 1 I ".UU Red and brown plaid kitchen carpet $105.1)1) Bright sapphire polyester shog plush f 33.UU Avocado and celery sculptured nylon * 83.UU Lipstick red nylon shorty shag ll3.UU Mixed spice level loop commercial nylon 1 33.UU * on fin Lilac tones nylon mini shag T OJ7.UW Spanish yom luxury nylon plush J118.UU Candy Pink tones nylon shorty shag * 89.UU Citron carved DuPont 501 nylon $ 96.00 Cameo blue embossed DuPont 501 nylon JloS.OO Red and black tite gouge commercial nylon..., ) 33.UU Cranberry tones carved nylon shog J108.0U Royal violet polyester shog plush * S9.UU Brick tones DuPont 501 nylon loop $ 68.00 Cactus green sculptured nylon shag f 103.UU t QQ flfl Red apple level loop cfcfomerciol nylon f al.VV ST. ALBANS 12x12 10x13 12x11 12x17 12x15 12x11 12x13 12x12 12x12 12x15 12x11 12x15 12x10 12x15 12x10 12x15 12x11 12x6 12x12 12x15 12x15 12x15 12x15 12x10 12x21 12x15 15x11 12x12 12x15 15x15 12x12 12x21 12x18 12x15 12x10 12x10 12x12 12x15 15x11 15x9 Leaf green two tone short shag r yu.UU Smoke blue short body shag 100°/o nylon $109.00 Sunshine orange sculptured nylon shag r 33.UU Antique white heavy splush fl03.UU White sand variegated low loop nylon )li".UU Firethorn red commercial grade nylon r O3.UU Pineapple gold hi-low nylon shag y "".UU Twin tone green full loop nylon r 03.UU t on Aft Jubilee gold heavy level loop nylon f o«7*UU Sunset gold nylon body shog f 1Z3.UU Green no-mow grass Candy strips rubber back nylon loop Green and rust carved nylon loop Rust tones rubber back nylon loop Purple rubber back short shag Blue Haze short nylon shag Summer gold long nylon shag Burgundy swirl rubber bock commercial $ 62.00 .$109.00 .$109.00 $119.00 $ 99.00 .$119.00 $ 79.00 $ 59.00 Orange and rust commercial grade nylon ) "D.UU Green and blue heavy looped nylon f Ijj.UU Copper sculptured 501 nylon $ 8".00 Grass green carved nylon f l^lj.UU Candy stripe nylon body shag ^IIU.UU t KQ flfl Beige tones nylon shorty shog 1 03.UU Smoke blue Trevlra Star Polyester-plush ^«/5,UO Autumn tones short nylon shag ^ITU-UU Olive green heavy nylon plush JIM'UU t 81 flfl Indian summer level loop commercial nylon . . . . J OJ.UU Autumn tones nylon short body shog f 113.UU Red tones carved nylon loop f 1D8.UU Carmel luxury patterned plush )li".UO Earth tones heavy nylon body shog )1 JI8.UU Natural tones sculptured nylon shog . J11 3.UU Blue smoke variegated nylon body shag $189.1)0 Gold commercial nylon loop T 33.0U Pink rubber back short shog $ 89.00 Midnight blue sculptured DuPont nylon f 99.00 Rust heavy ocrilan plush f 1DS.OO Olive green tip sheared polyester % JIJS.OO Mint green carved nylon 12x15 12x11 12x13 12x11 12x12 12x12 12x17 12x15 12x12 12x15 12x12 12x12 12x11 12x14 12x15 15x9 12x15 12x12 12x11 12x18 12x10 12x12 12x15 12x12 12x14 12x12 12x12 12x14 12x14 12x17 12x12. 12x15 12x15 12x12 12x15 12x12 12x14 12x12 12x12 DUNBAR VILLAGE Blue green heavy sculptured nylon Golden straw DuPont 501 sculptured nylon . . . . $ I 3 Apache red nylon sculptured shag ........... $1U J Totem red nylon Scotchgard nylon print ....... 1 *jy Condy stripe rubberbacked nylon commercial . . r "9 Butternut gold heavy commercial nylon . * O3 French grey DuPont 501 sculptured nylon . . . . Plum spice nylon carved plush ............. Y OJ .$179 .$139 Spring melon nylon rubberbocked commercial. . * I3 Russell DuPont 501 sculptured nylon ......... r luij Canary thick nylon velvet plush ............. Y "j Sky blue short nylon shog .................. $ 99 Totem orange nylon kitchen print Sond beige nylon shag plush Temple gold DuPont 501 Sculptured nylon ..... $109 Lutus green DuPont 501 sculptured nylon ...... y 33 Sorino melon nylon short shop Coin gold nylon sculptured shog ........... Prelude blue nylon saxony plush BurntorongeduPontSQl sculptured nylon - . · JlUS Peppermint nylon rubberbacked shcg ........ y / S t 81 Candy stripe heavy nylon shog plush ......... f 0 J Cardinal DuPont 501 sculptured nylon ........ J 11!J Midnight blue nylon ihort shag ............. ) I J Maple nylon rubberbocked sculptured ........ JliU Temple gold nylon short shog ............... Y!" Pirote gold DuPonl 501 sculptured nylon ...... $ i 3 Blaze orange rubberbocked nylon level loop. . . )1U" Jubilee gold nylon level loop .......... .'....» "St Sapphire DuPont 501 sculptured nylon ........ $14" lotus green heavy sculptured nylon .......... f 1U3 Silver cloud nylon short shag .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 ,00 .00 .00 .00 40 .00 Uu UU flfl UU .UU UU UU "" 0U .UU UU .OU UU shop at home Just give us a call and we'll let you'window' shop at home. Our professional salesmen will bring samples of these luxury carpets to your home for easy selection. Out of town- ers, call collect. 100 mile radius. *3 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU Charleston Store Ph: 925-4931 St. Albans Store Ph: 727-2948 Dunbar Store Ph: 768-8895 Quality Carpets .in the Spirit of 76 Ruby rod nylon level loop Maytair melon nylon kitchen print Pineapple rubberbacked nylon shog Golden mist nylon saxony plush Sapphire nylon saxony plush Rustic o.'ong'e nylon level loop Daffodil carved nylon plush + "S. ) SSJ. )lo8. UU UU UU $ 39 $119 00 00

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