The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 27, 1939 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1939
Page 9
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 27,1030. THE DATLT COTmTER, CONNTCT.J.,SVTLT,E. PA. PAGE NINE. Factor in Learning, School Teachers Told The combined teachers meeting of the Connellsville city and Dunbar township school districts, held annually at Conr.ellsviUc High School Auditorium, completed ·· the first of the two-day educational conferences Thursday with three speakers stressing the need for reading instruction Jf in order that the student might have a better conception of other subjects. Highlighting the afternoon entertainment progranv interspersed between speeches, were three numbers played by the Connellsville High School Orchestra, directed by Bandmaster Richard H. Gingrich; a song by eighth grade girls' ensemble, and a solo by Marjoric Herd with Carl -~ T. Anstine, supervisor of music in the High School, accompanying at the piano. Dr. O. R. Bontrager, assistant director of training school at California State Teachers College, opened the afternoon session with a talk on "Who Is the Reading Teacher or What IK Heading?" ' Dr. liontrager stated that the most important thing taking place in a classrcom is learning--and that learning only takes place under certain conditions. He said his conception of a reading teacher was any person who dealt -with youngsters and directed their learning in a reading situation. "It is important that learning situations be reatly adjusted to the needs of the youngster and a teacher should help develop reading tastes, thereby widening the student's experience," he declared. He named a number of reading situations including reading for information, reading to verify a fact or an opfnlon, reading to form a b.'isis for judgment and reading for recreational purposes. "" Dr. Bontrager said'in his opinion that the 'least learning probably ! tqkes place when there is a recitation ' every day." He r.uggestcd other , methods be employed. Dr. Gerald Alan Yoaknm, profes- | sor of. education and director of courses In elementary education at the University of Pittsburgh, spoke on "New Developments in Adapt- ·v ing Reading Instruction to Individual Differences." He suggested that by doing away with the,grade schools and placing youngsters of an age range between six and nine years in a group that could be divided into classes according to individual ability, more and quicker progress could be made with that group of youngsters, than under the present system. The chief obstacle to this plan is the fact that people arc accustomed to grades where promotion from one grade to another shows some kind of achievement. Another plan suggested by Dr. Yoakam is that students be promoted every year regardless of what has been achieved so as to keep all within the same age group. He said children should advance steadily correspondingly to rate of growth. Dr. Emmett Albert Belts, research professor in elementary education ~" and director of the reading clinic at Pennsylvania State College, concluded the day's speaking program with a discussion of the "Bases for Effective Reading Instruction." First, he said, a teacher mus't understand learning and secondly, provide systematic guidance. Dr. Belts said ho didn't believe in holding back a student because he - didn't measure up to a certain standard as that would mean the student would have to study the same books for another year and if he didn't learn anything the first time it was because the proper stimulus had not been used. "The proper procedure would be to provide a new stimulus. Delve Into the case history of the student and try to ascertain what would be best for him," he declared. Hines Judge Judge Charles C. Nott, Jr. Judge Chnrles C. Nott, Jr., presiding at the second trial in New york of James J. Hiries, is pictured \,\ ha chambers. The first attempt to convict the Tammany leader for alleged connection with the policy racket, ended in a mistrial. Prevention Method Of Pneumonia Given Boost by Scientist By International News Service. NEW YORK, Jan. 27.--Discovery of a new method lor prevention of pneumonia by using a sort o£ artificial vaccine which Is a step toward finding a universal key to immunity ogalcst such germs wus revealed a the Rockefeller Institute lor Mcdica Research. Dr. Walter F. Gocbcl of the institute has been following lines laid down by Dr. Karl Landstciner, Dr. O. T. Avery and other noted scientists who arc engaged in a search of chemical means of conquering Infectious diseases. Pneumonia has been subjected to chemical analysis of the most minute and exhaustive sort. This difficult work is going on." Its result so far is the discovery that the symptoms of pnuemonia'ln human beings are produced by particular substances present in the germs. . Arr.on.3 the disease-producing germ substances arc certain kinds'of sugar- like materials, known as sacchnridcs. "Different types of pneumonia germs, responsible for different varieties of pneumonia, have specific saccharides. After having separated them, the scientists at the Rockefeller Institute have studied their chemical structures/ Dr. Gocbcl found that the slightest shifting 'Of atoms and molecules in these substances resulted in change of properties. Dr. Gocbel succeeded in producing an artificial antigen, a partial imitation of germ substance of a sugar- like nature. This was injected into mice", which dccvloped resistance to several types o/ pneumonia germs, while mice pot thus immunized, anc used as controls, all sickened and f jd. '.rhe immunized animcJs remained healthy, despite the injection of large doses of deadly germs. Some Scoring Record. DAYBROOK, W. Va., Jan. 27.-Supporters of the Daybrook Independents were claiming some kind of a record on the basis of a thumping the Ponetowners hondcd the Varsity Club of Fairmont State College in a basketball game here. The final score was Daybrook 107,- Varsity Club 73. 14 indictments, Returned by Grand Jurors at Somerset SOMERSET, Jan. 27.--Somerset county grand jury completed Its work in one day, finding 14 indictments and one true bill. Morals crimes comprised the bulk of the list. The jurors approved an order for changes in the record storage facilities in the prothonotary's office and recommended the county commissioners make a similar survey of other county offices. Letters Granted. GREENSBURG, Jan. 27.--Letters of administration on the estate 01 Carl B. Gipp, late of West Newton were granted H. Carl Moore. The value of the personal estate is $000 DRESS OXFORDS $1.95 $2.95 "Normal Arch" oxfords in black and brown. All types of toe and heel. 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FLOUR Pillsbury's Best. Try it today. APPLE BUTTER jar 17c lobby's. :JS z. Jar. Very good on toast, BUTTER P erib..31c Hi-(rrnile. ~Ice Jinrt fresh. 2cans27c canl9c · Scans 25c 4 cans 25c 2 boxes 241/2 Ib. sack 83c Gold Bond Sliced, Vienna or Rye Olcarhrook or Brookfleld BUTTER pound 33c BREAD 3 Lire Xonves Vacuum Packed Regular Price, lh. 2:ic. Good Lnck Oleomargarine 2lbs.39c Strictly Fresh EGGS 2doz.49c B A N A N A S S'bs-23 Golden Ripe Baldwin or Winesap Apples, Fancy, tfjl £«C per bushel «J1»U«J ORANGES Snnkist, Largo Large, 150 Size Doz. 35c Florida Oranges, med. size, doz _ Large Size Doz. 25c TANGERINES Larpe Size 2 Doxen 19c Maine Potatoes 15 Ib. Bags 35c Baldwin and Stayman's Apples, fancy, 5 Ibs Tangerines, 1A dozen - ...~- J.vL» Celery Hearts, 1 C p bunch .each -- IOC. CABBAGE Special 7 Ibs. lOc Grape Fruit, SO size, seedless, 6 for Table Grapes, pink, Ib ,,.,, New Potatoes, pink, skin, 5 Ibs Spinach, fresh, 3 ibs. lOc 25c 25c 25c . 5c 25c 25c 25c 40c 25c Green Peppers, f r c s n , large, fancy, QC/. dozen _. ._.._,.__ ««C -Kiaho Baking .Votatoes, 10 Ibs. _ Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Radishes Green Beans. Sweet Potatoes, Jersey, 5 Ibs . Savoy Cabbage, Carrots with tops, 4 bunches -- «. ___ ,, 1T -,,, California Celery, 3 bunches ___ --.«. ______ Head Lettuce, 3 large heads .,,... ..... Eating Pears, dozen ..... ________ --. -^.TM Chestnuts, 2 Ibs ........ .....;TM^^_i Follow the example of --noted home economist,' who conducted The Courier Cooking School-=-jnd select all foodstuffs at the West Side Market. PHONE 620 We Deliver Whim cold winds step up winter appetites, therefs boun'd to be a step-up In menu budgets. But you can control your budget if you take advantage of the real food bargains -we're offering for the week-end. Make it a point to come in tomorrow and save pennies on every purchase. King Nut Margarine, 2 IBs. .......25c Circle "W" Coffee, 2 Ibs., 35c Miracle Whip, Quart jar ., 37c Oleomargarine, 2 Ib. roll 15c Pillsbury's Best Flour, 5 Ib. sack ...,.,25c Good Carpet Brooms, ea. 39c and 49c Jcllo, all flavors, 5 boxes 25c MILK Van Gamp's 4 cans 25c . PorrCaso-of 48 cnns _........---- . $2.75 Sunshine Krispy Crackers, 1 Ib.;box 15c Lush's Catsup, 14-qz. bottle, 2 for 21 o Sweetheart Toilet Soap, 4 bars 19c Pillsbury's Sno Sheen Cake Flour, box 23c Staley's Gloss Starch (cubes) 3 boxes 25c Soda Crackers, 2 Ib. box ..-_ Graham. Crackers, 2 Ib. box P. G. Soap, · 10 bars .,..., ....,, Amazio Clothes Starch, 3 Ib. box _.,, Spry. 3. Ib. can. : · Jersey. Corn Flakes 5 boxes Sweet Pickles, quart Jar : Sky Flake Wafers, box ~TM ~ 15c 17c 37c 23c 49c 25c 25c 19c HORMELL FANCY BEEF! Rump Roast, Ib. · Tenderloin and Sirloin Roasts, Ib. Rib Roast, short cut, Ib. _ Chuck Roast, whole cuts, Ib 28c 28c 28c 23c Beet S h o u l d e r Roast, whole cuts, · Ib Beef Tongues, fresh, Ib. I5c Beet Shank or Neck, Ib Plate Boll, 2 Ibs HAMBURG 3 Ibs. 50c Beef Brains, Ib. 20c 25r lOc Veal, Pork and CA/. Beef, ground, 3 Ibs. »)IIC. Platter Sliced Pure Pork SAUSAGE Loose or Link 3 Ibs. 50c Fresh Hams, whole or Half, Ib Porlc Shoulders, calla style, Ib Whole Pork Shoulders, Ib. Fresh Spare Ribs, Ib. . Pork Butts, Ib. __·.. 13c 17c 15c 18c F, R. Whole or Half, heavier are, IB. 23c Cube, Swiss, Bound Nice mid Tender STEAKS Ib. 30c Pork Loin Roast, ,1 C .Rib End, Ib. 1«5C Neck Bones, 4 Ibs. Pork Chops, center cuts, Ib. Pork Chops, mixed cuts, Ib ; Smoked Jowls, Ib. ! 25c 20c 15c BLACK HAWK, .HORRELL'S PRIDE or BRAND 8 to 12 11). Average Ib. 25c Veal Rump for roasting, Ib. .. Veal Shoulder Chops, Ib .: 19c 20c Veal Chops, rib or loin, Ib. ___-- 28c , Hormel's Rcndy to Servo . HAMS Whole or String Half Ib 29c VEAJL SHOULDER ROAST ·1 Ib. or 5 Ib. Pieces, Ib. 16c yeal Breast for s'tufilng, 2 Ibs. ,, Veal Steak, Ib. ,, 25c 35c Lamb Shoulder 4 or 5 Ib. In piece, Ib Genuine Spring Leg of Lamb, Ib. ___ Lamb Rib Chops,. Ib. _;--L. ;; -Lamb Shoulder Chops, Ib Lamb Breast, 1 Ib. Roast, 20c 23c 30c 22c lOc Boned and Rolled Veal and Pork ' Jumbo Minced Ham, Ib. Scrapple, 2 ibs . Club Wieners, Ib. . Ring and Polish Bologna, 2 Ibs 15c 25c 15c 35c Pure Rendered LARD 3 Ibs. 25c CHICKENS Ib.SOc Fully Dressed- Homo Jfado LIVER PUDDING 1 Ib. 15c Hani Hocks, or Smoked Spare Ribs, Pig Feet, fresh, o ibs. ,, J. Skinless Wieners, Ib. _ Mush, 2 Ibs. , 15c 25c 25c Fresh Fillets, Halibuts. . Oysters 1002 West Crawford Avenue PHONE 62O Connellsville, Pa.

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