The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE DAILY CGUJ.-UEU, CO , i J A. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7, , \ M. E. WOMKFOBS'slBVlI 'XTUUES'l'LNU ItEl'OK'L'S i'EATUBJS rNTEIlMJjmVTJB C. E. MEETING A very interesting meeting ot the Intoriuedlato Christian Endeavor Society of tho Fii-st Methodist Protestant Chnreh ivaa held livst night in the i (hurclt. Tho business seaston was in 'hargo of Jtunee Shaw. Tho ofOcers, chairmen and superintendents all gave flno reports. Tho prayor meeting committee reported that It had named leaders for the future, and also had helped "With a special mooting on last Sunday evening. Wanotta Yodor gave an interesting account o£ 1he I^ayetto County Christian Endeavor banquet hold January ib, in Onion to^n. ( A wo 11 written report was giv«n o£ the mooting Sunday evening, which was In charge it Billy Shaw. It waa an anniversary meeting ol the society and was in f h j form -of a decision meeting or atuvlco with iho following results: One now {ussociate member, four associate moral ore deciding to hocome activo members, five in-emhera exp rep- lug a -wish to joltf tha Tenth Legion, Jlvo mpmhors deciding to join the comrades of the Qitia* Tionr, four to unite with tho church, and one member to boeomo a Tito w ork recruit. Thirty-eight of the Intel-mediates Kmmined lor the church service in the evening, at which time the pastor,, Bov. J. H. Irfimborteon, delivered a sermon to the young people. At on6 ot tho meetings last month Albert Fulmer, president of the Senior Christian Bnduavor Society, gave an interesting talk on tithing. PAST CHIEFS CELEBRATE Tho celeoraUon o£ tfi'e hirthday anniversaries of five members, Mrs. Pearl McCUntock, Mra. Maele Roberts, Mrs. Anna Mills, Mrs. Kate F«lton and Mrs. Alice Bishop, featured most enjoyable meeting of the Past Ohlels Association, Friendship Temple of the Pythian Sieter Ji lasfnight In the home of Mrs, Anna Jaills, North Cottage avenue. Ton patt chiefs wore present Dainty refreshments, were served. The favors, dainty little baskets filled with heart-shaped candy, were in keeping with Valentino Day. Tho next meeting will be hold hi tho homo of Mre. Made Roherta, North Mighth street, West Side, ut which time the birthdays of two members will be celebrated. HAIJBl ULA55EB OP PITTSBURQ WILL A DDK ESS JEWISH COUNCIL Members and Erienda of the Con- nellavlUe Section, Council o£ Jewish ' Women, nr looWng forward to an open meeting of the council Tuesday ' night, February 11, at 8 o'clock to tho (luditonmn oi the ElkB Home, East Citiwlord uvijmio. Rabbi Benedict Cflaaor of. iiodot Shalom Temple, Plttaburjr, will be the principal speaker of tho evening. Mrs. A, I. Daniels, president of. ihe council, will preside "and Mrs. I/ouls Shi allow has arranged an exceptionally line muaical program for the occasion. Tho meeting is open to tho public and a large attendance is* expected. Twin Urothrrs to Wed. At a bridge party given In tho homo ot Mrb. Paul Ivangho, Pittbburg, announcement made of the engagement of Mls Katharine. Hkapura ot Tutugor to Doniud Saber, and Mk« Sophia .Mlntus of Sinock, to Alex Saber. The bridegrooms-elect are twin bons ol Mr. and Mia. Conrad fc Sabei ot "VVefrt Farming-ton, Ohio. Tho ·wedding will be a double event of tho i-arJty summer at tho Sabr home, CJniroh Wort- Society. The Chijrc!' Worlc Society of Trinity lieformed Church met last night in the social room of the church. There waa it good attendance, A business faec- nlon, prashlol over by tho president, Mr«. Charles L, Pair, was held, after which thoro waa a social cession, games wove enjoyed. Lunch February Church Day Thursday at tho First Methodist Episcopal Church was well attended The Woman's Foreign Missionary Society held the first meeting, which convened at 10^30 o'clock, with the president, Mrs. W. S. Behanna presiding and conducting the devotionals. The literary program was on "South America and Africa." Mrs. J. ' S. Detwilor, Mrs. Elizabeth. Maust and Mrs. Be»iianna eontrilmted toward the program. p Ahout lifty persoiis att^nd^d Innch served at noon. Tlw Woman's Ilomf) Missionary Society convened following tho lunch. Mrt. A. B. Kurtz was in charge of the bnj.lnesti session. The dftvotionals were conducted by Mrs. Laura B. Piersol imd Mrs. John B. Davis revirwed tlie ilfth chapter of the study book, '*The. CrowcM Kaadway," and gave a very mterestmg demon- sh'ation of her t»Hc Mr«. O, 0. Bano, Mrs. Elizabeth Man at and Mrs. 13. II. Fenstermacher rea( traots pertaining to the loeson. The thank offering, which will be taken up next Sunday morning, was also discussed,. , The last meetlnf of tho day was held by the Ladies' Aid Society, Mrs. H. P. Tompkins presided. Business of a routine natute was transacted. A nominating comriittee composed ol Mrs. Robert Alle-n, Mrs. J, B. Henderson and Mrs. JJ. L. J{aa.gan was ap- paiivted. The elect, ou will Laka plaxe at the March The socletj will assiat the niemheiH ot tho Youwj; Men'e Ckes in serving their annual baau. suppor. Christian Mfssionary Soolctj. Tho monthly mooting of the Wo- uuin'a Missionary Society of the Christian Chinch svaa held Thursday nftor- 'uoon in tho social room, ^th Mis. J'etor It. Woituor presiding. The lead- i'V was Mrs. C. K Stafford. Papers were read bf Mrs, J. L, Kurtz, Mvs. Chiules 1'hll ijil and Mrs. Stafford. Lunch wv't served by a committee rmule up of Mr*. H. K. Mason, Mrs. C. B Cnlvei Mis P. R. Welmer and Mrs, II. L. Werner. BlrtJtday Dinner. Mr*. John Pritts of Somerset wa-j honored with a dinner and hondkor- *u lief oho we i 'Tuesday night in honor of tho «nnivtfoary of her birth. Bridge was the dhyj^ion later in tho ecvning. HSH AND OAJOB FLANS EOlt A USUAL A 'well attended meeting of the "Woman's Auxiliary to the Fayette County JTjah and Game Protective Association was hold laet evening at the homo of Mrt). John H. Bowman,,. Davidson avenue. Plane were iuad« for 1,he annual banquet to ho held uarly in March. Tho committoea are: Placo, Mrs. H. I*, Krupps, and Mrs. S, L. Fletcher; tickeUi, Mra. Harry J, Kuhne and Mrs. Kathryn G«r}-on, jirogram, Mre. It. T. Sullivan and Mrs. Iretw Miles. A hike was planned for Tuesday morning it the wither is favorable Members are tuekul to meet «t 8:30 o'clock at the ooruer of Ninth street and West Crawford avenue, We«t Side A social hour followed the buelnees se^nion. VETERANS OP W.ittS MYE CARD PAttTY Largely attended was the card party given last evening by the Veterans of. Foreign Wars 11 the club rooms in North PlttebuTg itrest. First prisw; for women was won by Mrs Pan: Herman; second y Mrs. J, W- IWz aell. Chrte Jim took, first men'i prize and A. B I ick-wd, second. Tin: door prlzo went to Mrt,. Yonnkin. Hofrfehnsojits ·warns served by uMsm- bera of the JLa*lle ' Auxiliary. ' The next ot tl e aeries o f ' will be held the evening bf February M. P. MISSIONARY CIRCLES PJfiAS FOJt I'HAtfK OFtfERlXG Mrs. Daisy ]3biert waa hostes at the regular mootng of Missionary Ck-clo No. L of the UMirst MMhoditit l*rotostant Churc i last night at her home ia Snyclw street. Fllan.rt were made for a missionary than KB offering Sunday, February 3,!, There was a good attendance. Circle No, H mei at the home ot Mrs,. T. II. Meaud, Eo it Kili'view avenue, and ttlfao made plans for the thanlc ottering service Lunch wfia served. Seminarian Dinner. The annual St. Vincent's Seminarian dinner waa serv id Thursday at the Ponn Albert Hot si, Qreonaburg. Cov- eis wore laid f r H8 yoiuy? ineq.. Speakejs woio 1'av, Andrew Snyder, of the Seminary. RO.V Gregory, 0. S. B , and Veiy Ilo\ Senior f. E. Hoclety, The regular monthly busluoBs meeting of the Seritoi Chi Istian Endeavor Society of ihe First UniU-d J3r Church will be Keld thiw e\ening at 7:SO o'clock in the classroom ot the church All members, aro urged to bo piKeiit and all (fleers are rectueat to have their reporM. Loglon Auxiliary Will Meet. The American Legion Auxiliary will moot Monday m jht in the rooms, North Ptttfi-burg «traet, at which time bualujss mattei's of Impor- utu'e to the auxjl ary will be taken up. Mrs. Jj. S. Robbies, proaldent, will provide. L'. 1'. Missjonary Socioly. To Febiutti'y meetiu.g of the Womans Missionary Society of the First United PrJsbyteilai). Church was held Thursday afternoon in the church. Jlrs. Oeorge K Krup-p, vfit'e of the ch'iirch yastoi, oo-nducted the tlonato, and Mri C-eorge 11. taught the second chupter ol! the loa- BUI; study lKok, "The City's Church." Business mattei of u rouUuo nature was traiibacted MEMCAL AOJSILTABY GlTBS BAjSQUETTOR STATE The Fayette County Medical Hary g,ive,,ia baa^uet last night at Che Whil» vaa Hotel, I/ntontown, in comip'liment to Mrs. W. Junction i n ree- man, oC Philadelphia, shite president. The t;i bio wus decoraled with oafly Hpnng flowerb, palms, ferns and other greenei-y. Mrs R. iH. Jeffrey, president ot the auxiliary, i pi emitted arid introduced Mrs. Froemtut, /who gave a forceful tul^. iclative toj jllve work ot Iho or- ga,tiiKd.ltott. Mxsf. I'Veepian is a da.Ugh'- ter ol Dr W iW, King, noted .nurgeor oC ( 1 hiljid-e'lphla and om^rltus oi! Jefferson Medical The'auxiliary pr-asented Mrs wifh a corsage iis a token oi' lion. itannuiiitOTices of Dr. King were given Hy Dr. G. W, Neff. Miss Marine Blebealieimer, rep/resenting the County Tubm-tuloais Society, biought greetings from her organization. At » sliqrt; bp^ne^« jnoptlng U ann6uH'pi ! 8 that'swopen pioetlng: be i©4 In March With Wr. .Tamee Wtillace as iho principal Qut-Q£ towit members attending the meeting 'laai night were Mra. L. Johnson and Mrs, D. O. l«Vjselmaii of this city, Mra. A. J. Colborn of £· and Mrs. .E, B. Guie o£ DAILY KHDGE IS AN ESSENTIAL IN ANY DIET Kollogg's ALL-BRAN Cs Effective Belief for Constipation. Also Ai ids Iron to the Blood Just a shake or two completes the toilet! Always take time lo chut on u Mile CUTICUKA TA! A :V M u» u fin.ipliin|» touch to ytiur toilet Fragrant and nutisoptlc, n aliMOrbs exrpsaivopflrwpirutloii and refreshes and coola tin «, m a k i n g yon;- toilet eonaplote, Yoti will iiko it-everybody docs Tfcteura ami COc. «£r Olnfcmnrtt £a fB Potter Irtt* A AUXILIARY ELECTS anss wiJ^LiA^rs DELEGATE The i^eetjng of the Carrie Kenyon Auxiliary ot tho Woman's Missionary Societj' of the Pi ret Methodist Episcopal Clumsh was held ftt the church Thursday eyoning, with the president, Mrs. 12. S. Snyder in ehergo. Mre, J. W. Mitchell hnd charge, ot th« Uona, - ' Mise Hli^-beth VVTOIams was electod delegate to a difftrlct «iiaaionary meet- ng in Pitfflonrg on February 10. 116w nember, MiSs Jjoua,nna Frazoe, \t4e roceived. Chapter S of Uia study book 'vas revieTwe*! by Mrs. Franfc Jones. A play, "African Contribution to th World," -was given by Mra. David R. Graham and airs. F. W. Jones. Alter the program refreshments were nerved by Mrs. B. O. Brown her committee. MISS ALBRHJHT ENTERTAINS CLIfB AT SAUEB KRAUT SUPPER Gladys Albright entertained London Bridge Hub t a sauer- Itravit supper last night In tho room of the Trinity Lutheran Church Following the supper. Miss Albrlghl and !~er guests wont to the A3 bright homo la Vino street, whore the ro- nrajn'er of'the evening wan devoted to brwlg'3. High prize was a-warded to Mis» Bess* Albright and wcowl, high, to Afrs, Stuart Scott. The guest prize was given to Miaa Mary Elizabeth Clarli. HOLY JfAME SOCIETY VUJj GITE ATSIfllAL CARB PAlt'i'T Tho Uoly Name Society ia planning tor Ijs annual card pa7ty to be hold next week in tho social hall of the Irnmiuculato Conception Church, Tho affair promise!! to bo one of the mo-at dedigattul -socUU eyentB ot the scahon Britlce, live hun- red a-nd bingo \vfll be played and i«Howlng the games beautiful prizes N\lll be aAvuwiod Marriage Annonncod* Mr and Mrs. ;larry K. L,ltt!o of Qraeiaburg announce the engagement of their daughter, Maiy Virginia, to Will!am S. Nevbltt, daughter of Mr. and Morn. Robert It Nesbltt of New Alexandria, wlrU'h-took p'law Janmiry 10, in Wheeling, W. Va, E. 3L S, Cliis*. Ths K, M. S. Class ot t h e First Methodist Protestant Charcls will meet tonight in the church, Perry .Society SJVets. Tho X OUD B Woman'fe M1uelc«ary So,- clety of the " P*srryopoilb Methodiai Bpifccrtpal Church met Wt evening at the home of Mrs. J, D. C.firtHtnmn of Pcrryopobs. The session wa opened by the president, Mrs. Bennett Jonee. A short biwinosa period was conducted alter which a social hour wan enjoyed, ar»a iged by MrH. Chrlatman. There ·werci beautiful decorations in keeping with Washington's BirfhUtvy and St. Valentine's Day. There wore seventeen persona Jn attendance Oames and music wore enloyod Lunch was served by the hostess. PeriT Missionarj Hodetj, The MisslOEl-ary Society of tJj-e Christian Church at Perryopolla held its regular monthly mooting Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs .Leslie A, Brown of Poriyopolis, There were twenty-five members in attendance. A musical pfogram was arranged by Mrs Percy A. Davis. Reireslwnents were Served by Mrs. Drown, ablated by Miss Yvonne Snydet at the close of tho meeting. Mount Jiiwldocft Class Meets* Twenty-one members attended a meeting of the McAfee Maudlin Class of (ho Sunday school oi the Methodist Protestant Church of Mount Bxuddoclt held at the home of Walter Martha. It was the regular February meeting of the class and business ·ponaluing Uj Its welfare wa,f) die- cusued. Itev, David Hunter, pastor of tho chuich, entertained with an illustrated lecture ou "Leadership Training." MJss Myrtle W Daniels ot Pcnnv villo and Frank Younlcin nf Alverton wora married Thursday afternoon at the parsonago of fha Groat Uotl\e! Baptist Church of Uniontown. llcv JPrank Holllnahead, the pastor, oftloi- eKi. The ring Horvioe waa used Mr and Mrs Younkin will reside sit Al- vai ion. Do yotj siiffi)! 1 from consti] Are you one of thoso wh tried one "vent, pocket cure Another and still have no s permanent relief? If so, big news to you ! Rallogg'. 1 BHAN is rml-urrfll alfectivi for both temtfotWy arid rei ronstipation. Ill is Lbo ori and today is in(|Iud«I in tl of millions of pnoplo who lc f,raffeved from coiistipatiori, When roughage in uiiaain food, constipation. IB tho quence. The aoft foods wo day seldom include enough age, The simple necessity, to see to it thafj sufficient ro is included in ovt?.' food- ation? i have ' after Jise of his ia ALL- relief arring -inal-- 3 diets cxnerly j feom qOusc- eafc to- rongh- hen, is jghago KeHogg's ALL-BRAN is positively guaranteed. Your money will be returned if you are not satisfied. Be sttro to Include it in r«fkieinS die^a »'g p ipteventtve fcb* both constipation aiid anertiia. There are so maiiy ways yon can eat Ke!logg j s ALL-BBAN and enjoy it. In any form, it is appetizing. Ife is delicious with milk or cream. Sprinkle ifc over cereals and soups and notice the added flavor. Many people soak it in fruit juices. .Excellent in cooked foods. Your grocer has Kellogg'a ALL-BE \N ifi tha red-and-green package. It is served in hotels, restaurants and dining-cars. Ask for it! Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Card Party. Tlie tiuuual Holy Name Card Patty to l-e hold Wednesday evening, February 12th, In the Immaculate* Concep- tioon Social Ilnll piominos to bo one of t'ie bent pu Tjanten Hoclul ovoutf. of iho xarlh. Hlnboiato preparations !KIVJ boon made and valuable pri/es will ho g t \ u n Q ^ a y Those priKos aro nov\ on li^play in Iho w i n d o w of Iho Car iH'llsvillo Diinj Co--Advwtwe- ,-BHAN is 1 he bnlk that your syijtensi requires, In additdon, it ii rich n iron. Scion tiftc research pravi t that Jiparly all tfeie iron is abso -bod by the system, buildinir red bl od and bringing thq glotloua e-lor of health to the complexion, ALL-BEAN SAMOE G. MARTIN, 0UNBAR MERCHAIIT, SUMMOHEDBYIEATH G. Martia, B9 yflivrs o'd, foi the past 80 years a i u r n H u r · doalw Dtinhar, cllod at 11 o'o\orJ Thiirs- day night at his ho ae SM i-wins a Mr. MarUn, a naii^e of Daw son, learned tho carpenter trade t nd Inter entertKl tho turn it HIM bush jsa, op- erra.ting' tho Martin stoi-a at Dunbar for alwut 30 yao-ra. IIu hac resided most 'of his Hfn at Dunbar. Jn addition to being a nit mbor of the Datiiwvr Odd F«41tiws and th« Royal Arcanum, h« was iffillated with tho itoUxodlRt Eptocopa Church ail ot his life. He Is sitrvmxl by hi a vi: e, Mrs. M. Martin, one son, "William S. Martin, and one praml* augMer, Joan Martin. Th^i loUowm ; brothers and alators alias -un-rivo Andrew M.v-tln, SftTncrwt, Frank Martin, New Stanlon.; "WftW^r Mart-lTi Charles Slartin, Mrs Itora fitrjnd jjd Mrs. flie Martin, Dimb|ir Tlie Haaeral ac^V-ico will bo hold Sunday afteruwn at 2 30 r clock at tho lato home wltii Ttv. ) (arry H, Hum'tiert, ptistor of the }unb r MoUio- dist Kpiscopil Ohureb, fiillcna Ing In- tcrmont will bs iBule In 0 k drove OenMvtory, T'nlonlowii, in c largo of Funeral Director James T Hurhans. In oompliaivco wJth i TWJTIP 4, of Mi. Martin, momborfe of (3»e faun.!! · ro*juoat flowers bo omlt'od AGED W01AN XNES INBOIJLSBOITWP. Heart trouble on Thttrad vy afternoon ca-uaed the tieat'i cf MTI Anionia. D. OJowatakl, S3 years old, »1kw of IpnaUtts OlovcntBld, at tho 1 oma ot a daughter, Mrs Maa- Jaefco »fci, near the Pleatfam Vo.llay Coantry 3nix, Sho bad boon ill for so-ne tin 3. Mrs. Glowatstel wtm born In Oer aany and came to tho United States f0 ye*ira ago. llor hiif-fand died in 1D25. A grown tamlly oJ' two sons and two daugbtors survivtv. 'J'he iTiiunal st-rylco wDl I B hold at 0 o'clock Mn rt^iy moralitg at tho Kbii CathoKc Chcrch at JtJvornou. Interment will bi v in St.. Jo^ I'B Com!- ,ory, near .Ituob, Crfoii, In ihaige ot funeral Dlroctor C. B. Bro lea of lu- diau Head. lie. Thursday 2S, have r tho an- moroland Ion Asso- I at Oak- w vil,l be attair, A it to ) i o to Hold J'ft (UU3MNSUURCI. Fi,-b 7 and Friday, /i.u;,ust 2! M l)otm selected as the datM 1 nual picnic of ihe Wot County Agricultural Kxton ilation whit h n to be hel iorcl Park A livestock bin held in conuecUon with, th vory i ut orofi tmjg program drawn up. JFood faJc. By J L Proudiit iiible 01 jas, Snlur- clay, Febinarj' S, at Fox } jJl Papor ro. Sale ol lionio ai ido r- Jle, candy, etc.---Adveilibeinen).-- (ifeb-. t. Frank Jiuno^ oC Inmbur nd Gladys ug«r o£ Yxiif;or Hollow were lie-eased to wed in Uniontov a FUNERAL SpTCES HELD FOR DAVTOS, STEPHENS Tho tnner^l ccrvica for Dawld S. Stephens, who died suddenly Sunday, wafi held Wednesday/afteraoon at the honia in E5ast Falrrlew avenuo, ·witli Her J. It. Lam her toon, pastor of the Mo£Ji)odlst Profceetant Church ofliciat- liifj. Tlie church choir 'sang "Abide With Me," "Jwms, Savior, Pilot Me" and "1/ifo'H Hallway to Heaven." Pall- heareru were nephews -- Charlee, Robert, HaroJd arid John ^tewart and Edward and James Stephens, Burial waa made In Hill Grove Cemetery. There were many floral tributfj. A Jarge gathering of relatives and friends attended the service. Among the porsou.8 present were Mra. CliarJc* Relnhard of IMtUtburg, a-eorije Smith and Thomaw J^wis ot Monnt Pleasant and Mrs ChailiBa AtiaPll ost Ualon- towu. ATTEND PENN STATE ALUMNI BANQUET awd Waiter Arnold of Van- deriilt, Paul O. Laic* ot Flatwoods, Herbert Gans of Qsvne Station, Samael Harris, TSdward Shelby, C. IX Uibel, Thomaa Ghrlst, John IT^nr, Mrs. H. M. Shaffer, J. D, Kudy, Horano Shaffer and Walter Brynei of Uniotttown, I'Jmersoii Vail of Upper Middletown and Etrwa-rd Vaii of New SUem were amrmg the Fayotl* county alumni who attended the banfjuot at Ponn State aliunnns of Southwestern Pennsylvania Just nlgiu at Washington,, I'a. Dr. llalph D. HotKel, pxijaident ot Penn State College, was tho speaker. K K- llibslunan, jwcretary of tlie alumni asisodafcion, also gave a talk. It was suited that r^yetlo coontys association would bo a separate nnit, ajid on Pebcruary 26 wUl hold a meeting wtth Mr. Hobshnmn as tho speakcnr. Deputy Duggan Will Be at Local Office Feb. 24 to March 15 D, B Helner, colloctor of internal revenue of the 2.!rd fiatrict, lias announced ha* K Ii. Duggan, deputy co-Hoc tor, will be at his ofllc-e in the Poijy Offif o BnUdlng:, February M to March 15 inclusive lo receive income tax rokiriiB from tax ibles in tiiis section, and tor the purpofie of igrMng fcii- Tor«iation and russisting in the prn- arution o£ rotuirns. In Ne«d ot Hemetnlog T Then :«io onr Glassifled Col-unma JLEMii.irsio Not Serve the Best?" Sold by All Independent Grocers Where You Get Quality knd Service With Full Weight and Low Prices, Sunshine -- High Grade Flour, Spring Maid Flo-ur, Highest Quality, 24*/ 2 Ib. sack ............................................. - ...... _.,$1.15 Jenny Wren Flour, makes Fine Pastries, 4 Ib, box ........................ ,, ..... _ .................... : ________ .39c Hogsett's Fa ncy Pastry Flour, 5 Ib. sk 25c Crosse-BlackwelFs Plum Pudding, 1 Ib. can 40c; 2 Ib. can _______ ............... __ 75c Extra Choice Apricots, a pound .................. 27c Fancy Largo California Prunes, 2 Ibs. 33c Fancy Cleaned Currants, 2 boxes ^, _____ 33c Premier 7 Seedless Raisins, a box _________ lOc Black Palm Pitted Dates, 3-- lOc boxes 25c Rumford Baking Powder, I Ib. can _____ 29c Fancy Bowan (Bird Egg) Be^ns, 'J Ibs. 23c i'ankoe Be^n?s 'Fine for BuJcing) 2 IbJ 28c JPauey Oalifomhi Lima Beans, 2 Ibs. ,,.., J Fancy Spunfei R«d Foppors, 2 cans .. French's Mastard, 2 Jars 23c Hplsum's Salatf Dressing, Pint Jar _^_?J5e Premier Salail Dressing BTedium Jar ,_.23c Pnre Fruit Jam, Assorted Flivrors, Q?L Jar 4Sc Premier Grape Fruit, 2 medium cans 49c Fancy Sour Pitted Cherries, med, can ...3Qc Royal Scarl«5t Black Pitied Cherries, 2 medium cans , «..., , , 49c Monarch Blackberries, medium can 2Sc Monarch Strawberries, medium can 38c Premier Re«i Raspberries, medium can 35c Premier Crzinberry Sauce, medium can 23c Fancy Yellow Cling Peaches, 2 No, 1 size cans .,,29c Paradise Apricots, 2 No. 1 «ize cans 29c Dexter Toilet Tlssne, 4 large foils 37e Arco Starch, two I 111. boxes , 17e Octagon Soap Powder, large box .. 28c Gold Dust Cleanser, 5 cana 18e Royal Scarlet Dry .Scimsssnj med. can SJu'ir.ap, med. can 23c Flat can . JUc Mostjird Sar. 3 Ige cans iJ9c Fancy Pinlt Salmon, Tail can '20c Premier Corn, 3 cans . ,,,,,,, . 49c Sunkist Golden Bantam Corn, 3 cans _.49c Fancy Early June Peas, 2 cans __25c Fancy Cut Green Beans, 2 cans .25e Premier Asparagus Tips, large can TM.35c Van Camp's Red Kidney Beans, 3 medium cans 27c .Van Camp s Bean Hole Beans, 2 medium cans f 25c Van Camp's Tomato Soup, 3 cans J23c Van Camp VKetchup, large bottle 17c At fUsir Meat Counter Small Lean Pork Shoulder a pound 18c Rib Roast Beef, Straight Cut, a pound 28c Pork Loin Roast, a pound 25c Lean Pork Shoulder Roast, a pound 22c Fresh Spate Ribs, a pound 20c Fresh Pork- Sausage, a pound 25c Veal Breast, a pound 25c Lean Veal Roast, a pound 30c Veal Chops, a pound Black Hawk Bacon, J / 2 Ib. package .23c Lean Bacon, 3 pounds or over, a pound 27c Home Made Scrapple, a pound ~_.XOc Home Made Pudding, a pound 25c Fancy Sauer Kraut, 3 pounds J?5 C Kraft's, Kay, Pimento or Llmburger Cheese, a jar 23c Dressed Chickens, Fish and Oysters "The Store That Does Things For Yaw" National Parks Gain in Popularity Director Horace M Albright of tho National Parks Service re.iorld 3,2482(54 vlsltoi-e in 192 r l ! i the national parku and monument , an Increaa of 158,400 over the previous year. Growth | m popularity In the national purlt., as been phenomenal larpely due to onHghtenwl and intall gent admin mira- tion. The ehi«ilioiml ( Uvi«k n of the National J'ajks Sorrtce Is bocomina iiioro important JUKI tho park*, are being rt'cognncil UM nature unlveref- (its, thus fh'»(r proper 1 function to hoi-vo ao niKp.rrUion to tho people te toTiini^ to b-o r^coKnlzp^l ^ nioiv^ lm- portaiil ihim more entortjilnmant or recieatlon. Bnmg i^siiiWs wh/vn uttiaa ol Tho Dally

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