The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 2, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

EAGE SIX THE D V L Y COURIER CONNEJ.LSVIULE PA. nu 15foe Ne\vs Nearby Towns. " "X 'lets located m [the principal com- · mercial ciUeb th frotr ?1 S03 to *3 Uu from SI .iOO to Applicants saoul salai ies anging for managers ana OO for a b stan,s write at oace to the Bureau oC Foreign and Domosuc Commerce at Wash ngton coin pe time examination w i h a non be held on Vay 16 in various part^ of the countij Full details w i l l be fur- DunkeUT. ; njshed upon wutei application to Jie b ireau DUNBAR May 2--Mis R E Guv- Applicants w i l l be exc-mimd n ex ton and famil returned to their h o m e , P° rl l r d u r i tecbriquL promotion o 75 "BeT]e%ernon after spending a fe* c °m nerto and economic gta 0 raphv -das here with the fonners parents f and cretl1 wl11 b - S^ea for knowl Mr and Mrs Hill D G fcason for wall paper -- 26mar27t Mrs Ed-ward McUaaghhn who C Smith of Spcerg i ed S of foreign Unt lages 1 he e\ara malion w i l l be gu i under the direc tion ( " tne Oml Service Commission biii. communications should be ad drtbSid to HOW "HZ" GLADDENS 0 More bo rt, 1'uffefl-1 p, I emler, Veiling retrt--o (onia or Call ousts visiting at Grays Landing returned DomeM c Coi home Tuesday S D Lone of PiftsboTg *p.s a business visitor Tnesdav DTJNBAK. May 2 --Mrs "W illiatn Baer was shopping m ConnellsviUo "Wednesday ~'Mrs-Henry Dozier of St Louis Mo ·was calling on relatives at Grays Landing Mr and Mrs Russell fic f troubles arc often *ery Khodes accompanied by Mrs. H Io zier, motored to Jacob s Creek Sun- Tiz mal es sore burning t red teec fairjj dmce \\ith delight A.uay go Jie acheb and painb the coins cal IOU^L- b isttr« bunions and ctiil biams q iz d r u s out he acids and IOLS one that puff up our feel No matlei v ow hard ^01 \ t r^ liow lo s ou dance ho\\ la jou ^ ilk or hov, long o u i em 111 on o u ~ feet Ti/ brin a s restful foot comfort Tir is magic the "Bureau d Foreign and i al fcrdn(J u underfill for tired achm 0 ;oinmerct swollen s m t r t n g f e e t . At how com fortablfe hoA happj j o u feel \ o u r feet just ti igle for joj shoeb ne\or hurt or seem tight- Get a- 25 coat boi of Tiz no \ from any dru^m or department store Frd ? oot louurf f o i r u r - ·wed 1 * s na 1 ~ er shoe* A. ep j o u r F eei fresalt ^v-eet The =mptoms of kidnev and blad- a nd happj Just think' a v\ tiol . v ear s !n( = ! fooL comfor for onl\ - t coutb md lea\e the ^siem in a run down PROVEN SWAMP-ROOT AIDS WEAK KIDNEYS condition The kidnr-vs seem to suf- da}, nhere thej _ _ the da\ with f °r most as almost e\erj victim cora- Mr and Mrs Walter Rhods Donald "Wilson of ConnellsTille was awiuazniances acre "Wed- John Msrtm sold five Llbe-ty Bonds The Y P S G E class taught by Snuthfield. SMITT1FIEI.D 1 -- Lvnn Cord plains of lame back and urinary troubles which should not be negleci- ed, as these danger signals often lead or of Sprin^hill township was a bufa to more dangerous tidne troubles [ ne^-s visitor here Tue'idai Dr Kilmer's Swamp-Hoot which so Lee Cross o Vnaerson 3 Cross many people say soon, ^eals and Roads wa^ in ht borough Tucsdi Came Boyer of the M P clmrch met strengthens tlie kidnejs is a splendid Russell ahoif and v,Je of No tl. at her home at 4 P -I for Uie purpose f kidne J' I n e r and bladde- r-ediclno Georges .oirasbip \\tre in bcre M:m oj orga'aiziiis President pro t^n^ an d, being an herbal compound has ' day and ax know led-id their deed lo a gentle healing effect on the kidne^i, I John U llson o t b u r iiitciost m a ^o^ Carrie Boyer, opened the meeting by singing 'America devotional exercises were earned out Officers were elected as ToiloKs President, Eleanor Groff vice president, Loydella Gonga- ·ware, secretary Carmari Blacka treasurer. Came Boyer The name selected and Tote*'* upon was Ritch-a "Wanna--M. U P club Ten rules of which is almost, immediateh noticed piece of land n Georges township in most cases b3 those who use it. Be h Smith of Erwnod was T. u-itor A trial will convince anone who Tuebdaj may be m need of it. Better get a bolt e r-orr -\our nearest drug store, and start treatment at once However i' you wish first to test this great preparation send ten. cents order and regulation were adopted A. to Dr Jlnier C° Bmgharaton N short prosram was earned out, after ! Y for a sample bottle "S^en -Brrlt- ·which. they adjourned t otneet m two , S be sure and mention tht, Connells ·weeks F J Jfcfarland was (allmg on friends In CormellsviHe yesterday C. B Holt of Pittsbnrsh was a business caller "Wednesday Perryopolis. PERRYOPOL1S May 2 --Samuel Cross is moving his family to Donora this week- Mr and Mrs S N G^llej were guests of Connellsville friends Sun- Daily Courier--Ad; SONS OF ITALY BANQUET TVill Be Held Hero Next Sunday tor Grand Lodge Officers. IXmbar lodge of the Sons of Italy ·anil hoid a banquet, m honor of grand lodge officers on Sundaj "Mar 5 beginning at I o clock n "Maddas hall Connellsv lie Special cat* will bring de'egations from BrownsuHc and Un L D R a u ^ e \ of Baxter s Ridgr ^as a \,sitor Tuesda Billie Morgan, of Ou -crop was, ca'l ing on Ir ends hore Sundaj "Wi ham Miller of Smithfield and have bough i iiore of coil lan-l c rom ^ L Stew ait n**ar Ou crop an** irt shipping coal frori the B a t n t o i t t Ohio sid nu CATARRH, ASTHMA AND BRONCHITIS VICTIMS i Man caifiog rC 33 mptoin'' of It lontown ley ! Last Sunday he Mrs T "7T "Weimer ente-tained the committee to solicit Suffrage club Tuesdav evening The following sJaort program \ as render- | secured ed An address on food c mserration | ·was given by Mrs William \rmstrong, quotations tno by Misses Fern Car son, Anna Duff and Rena Blair, followed b\ a otlk on fhe most important things to win the wzr by 3Iiss Helen Stnckler after which an elegant luncheon was served by the r'os- tess. The membership numbers 25 t r o u b U h 1 ilosos of F o r U o i 1 Ha C a tPT.«t lodg* named i jciij Mio* d t 'or he Libert \ i mouth n i ki\ r - fUeu th oat i*id TBO sun of $300) has been uh t ind h PENNSYLVANIA LEADS mit er t^it ius for f l y lime OITOMTl B This tJ Vhoad 01 Vll Others in in* Coal fciurly" Ordrn By \--s ciatfd Proi^ WASHINGTON May 1 --Peansvl nia lead^ Jie country \f the o r df r ilrs J A. Byers is chairman of he coal earh c mpaign the fuel admi d stribution oC yarn to the different ist^ation announced todij i(T r?r Fli-niJr o^ lown bre ind n ( \ K iod rupht IM -i re-iull f -i o w d · G t T. mall j a r tn 1 i t ^ ^ units of the township and Mrs C T Davidson is chairman of the yarn committee of the Methodist Episcopal church unit At the Red Cross meeting held m the Methodist Episcopal hurch par- Trv Onr Claa^sjfieO \ds, lo"^ last week Miss Mice Olander of !The cos onlv cent a v,ord ind al Vanderbilt R P D \ \ h o l i a return-, -* a ys bring results ed from «. M^it v-itl her brother at j _ _ = _ Camp I ee gave a splen lid tala. of cimp life as she sa\\ it Mi=s Le i Ga k \ * he guest of "Mr 1 , ilell 01 J,*T.W ^( \Icndav Vrs Thomas M n i is;h \va« a ConreETs He caller Tue i ay Vbout ha f of tl P coal dealers in the Hnntini; TTnrfriln'v ? - ate alre^dj h a \ * bookod enough OL Y ou will flrd them in ad columns do- to Veep tncir riolivorv equipment busy seeral -months / ~~ Homer's QotMng oooooooooooooooocxacocooooa hHICHESTER SPILLS' V ,-~^ TJI »L45IONT Hlt^D A NEEDED lvj«a waled with Llt-e Ri iw u V/ Tuke net ^Iher Buy of_yonr v MntsHnt. A firC IIAinW-TFttB DIAluOND J t K ^ N D 1'ILOJl.f r 2S ^cirsL^jwaasBcs* S3 e;^AI»ayiRe ^jle SOLDBYDRLGQISISEVERWmOif lo TaUo ( hE^t* o» Brani h Office^ 011 tlie Bnrean of f nmmerw. The government is looluif; for men capable of taking charge of branch officc- of t^e B ireau o' Foreign and Donrtfcat i_ f ormrerc 0 Dtpart^ent of Commercn a 10 men to c as assist ants in s^cn offices ^he e brarch of I OU S ILfr- Good clean sharp b u i l d i n t r pand 1.1^0 irou l i n r ^ inci Bilk Fir4 tt-eet \V st bide Tri ^t^te 3^8 ~ T T A S H BALSUFl 113 N o r 'l I ir sir t \Vebt Side Oormr N\ i '«; 1 National economy has no place for haphazard tire-buying. The Country's need demands conservation. Your own responsibility as a motorist requires that you treat the equipment of our car as a business proposition. Study your tire needs Select and buy the tires that will give utmost ser-vice per dollar, on the roads you travel, with your di'ving. There is a United Stales Tire scientifically planned to meet every motoring requirement. The steadily increasing sale of United States Tires is an evidence of their solid worth. Steadfast performance has proved their unfailing reliability and long-service economy. Equip now \\ith United States Tires. Let our nearest Sales and Service Depot dealer he'p you to select the right ones. For Pfjsvenfffr Car?-- L vco Tread as illustrated, aho Royal Curd Chu n Nobby ana 'Flam'. ,1 i. s 'i. it slpf!:!! s^feiH 1 , L--J [ 'P '9^^' Confederate Soldier's IrWe ; To Bliss Native Herb Tablets -. L tUU -rK 3- jcars -3 f a r - n d ' h u t . found tJ-t-m t "iff mild liti I h a \ b «.*r IK nereit for ionk time UVP w h ch ic g-^nt y prn the bovid^ ·w ith" Piit Titian ind l zemt N th c cans' h - n u n p ^ stimulate tht. In er | J^ ja-\ ( me re! e' u n t i 3 ^\ a.i pur and tone up (he ty^tt m Thousands -*.u,tutMl i * LI v Hhst, N i i i x c Hcib^- nj.v« tes* Toil to t h e i r -\ r^ioui Then i i K ^ m t i m i r r x c "·^ appe itc tie" A table c\e-^ n t-ht makoa he 1 is jrood and n thins I oa hurts me I next di bnsJu Uno bot contains " 0 j l £ t t e t h t ' lii\e felt for \e-vrs I not ^atisfipd your dnit.crist w i l l refund tin ik 1 T i lrmc- wnde ulU \\ell 'or the monf Bepln tiklnj, BH*ti Ni \\* »iw**ld decrepit ont: arme 1 Confident" Herb Tablet*? nov and note the im -g-jpjrer l p r o \ a - n e n t bold bj A V CKrUe and SAM H 1'rCOT 1 »nl "Lsent': "\p-ywherf Ro ^-^ ^_ R S T*ul i^k Tetvn \atl\e Herb Tablet": 3- ach ha^t O^lj - fo- n v c r t n i r t j j. f ir« BH«^ N i t 10 "ure to g-ft thL p e n u f n e Bliss ^**S - -Herb T iblcts hai.e hcf-r helpinp: nu ""r ride mark -uirt coin*«i in a jellnv __^taanit. ten health ^ O J I R j.nd old b x \ cirinf; portrait of \lonzo O Blisi Keeping Pace With War-Time Industries There are few tcmns m this great industrial section which hi\e not felt the impure of the v-a- Injjst ii_s ncv. ly created or enlarged, are laboring diy and night to supply its sinews The telephone, ns one of the ipt-ncies of p-cpan-ion ana mihtiry support is honored by be great opportt nity to do ifs share And t s ready m thi"- great nat o ,al rssl Ev_rwhere the needs of army, of m \ v and ot p r o \ \ i - mdustry hai e bc^n met that this counfy rm proceed o the isoue unhampered by trie lack of commun cation fac lines The publics part in this v.artime telephone service has been, and will be to use the telephone wisely th it no holdup may occur m facilitating u n r time preparations t h e r e is niiinetliate ingent need for even uollai iou t a j i possiblv suare for Third .LibeiU Bonds Tbe Go\eminent does not TU T . O I to g n e the raonej--but lend u at 1 1-1 ptr cent interest B u s , our Bonds toda, UNION NATIONAL BANK HAVE YOTJE PSINTING DONE AT THIS OFFICE t r o n i Pittsburgh j^v T \Jh_C A ')aj Save the Quarters' Buy Thrift Stamps The Central District Telephone Ompany E. F Patterson Local Manager Uniontowu, Pa. u jo iu F*'*S»s^/-JS4f ._ ruii \ Jo * n ]] HOMD Senetl With Mam DeJicioub Dressings at 137 S. 1'IVi SI5L U3 WREET. STCBBS "CAP" CHAGES HIS 3OND-TH IT'S ILL I C-O7TA A-^P"Ut y^Mft., ^if/' \ M ^i S-O-NNA ait. G-IVE nv wrg TO ' .SAMrf-W 5CIU1NT, AN /"TV MftRBt TO Mftt^/ I^PiRO'lT, AN' fW RJ ^^ -O fe ^·m 6»w/ Scr/ -®s-®~. ~»A 3

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