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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, February 7, 1930
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L fT ast JCiditi dition Ccmnellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region. rice VOL. 28, NO. 7C Tltc \ \ o p k l y Conrlt-r, !·'·« mini Jfii! i The D u l l y CiiiirJvv, Kutiiitlvil Novi 17,, 1870, JO. JOO2. Blerst-il. July JS, Jt»l:0, (JJONNELLSVILLE, PA., FRIDAY EVENING FEBRUARY I 1 1930 PUBLIC VF1EWS EDITOR WITNESS IN BERKEY CASE Spiritualists Pray for Conan Doyle, 111 Write Editorials or ; JTows Items, M. I). Dean of [^ · jVddison Admits. I PROSECUTION ! "ALL POLITICS" | Ry United Press, I PITTSBURO, Fet. 7.--Federal Dis- j trlct Attorney Uouis E-. Grahe.m was I called as a defense witness today in j tho trial of former President Judge i John A. Borkoy ot tjoioeraet. Berkey, ! with 15 others, Is charged with alleged i violation of the prohibition laws in { Somerset bounty. ( I With the calling of Graham the tie- ffrceo counsel hope 1 ) to prove that ', Berkey appealed to Prohibition Administrator John O. Penningtou for aid In breaking up bootlegging activi- Uei^ In Somerset county. Tho trial is being heard in Federal Court before Judge F. P. Schoonmaker. Graham was called to the stand. , The district attorney, who prior to hJa oppolnlmont throe months ago, wai- ehiof legal advisor to Peanlngton, «ald ho and the dry chief visited Ber- 1 key in Somerset county on September '^ 1. 1028. "We -.voro on a tour of tho counties ot We«lovn Pennsyhanla In an effort 1 ' io tjicuro the tooperation of the courts and law enforcement officers," Graham said. t Under direct examination of Attorney Charleti Marciotti, the Federal attorney said Judge Berkey asked to have the Federal agents report to him and have them work directly under his ln«tructionn. "I'M you grant thin rcrtucst?" "Wo sent tho ase-nta but we didn't tsend them to Judge Borksy. Wo made (in Independent Inve-aitgatlon,' Tlio prosecution started to examine Orahtiui but after defense objections were sustained by the court on the (|U«sUon: "Why didn't Pennlngton eond the ageiHM lo Borkey" Graham without anmvcrlng one question under croeo examination left (lie stand. i Ciniharn was p recede J on ihe witness stand by M, D. Dean, editor o£ the! Publ;c View, ^Somerset newspaper which the Clovornnaeiil contends was ownc'l by Uerkoy and used to shield, the timtrlbwtlous of j;raft from a wlitoky arid slot machine ring. Dear is ali.o cashier of the Firwt National' Bank of Addleon. Under direct examination of Defense Attorney Chai lw F. Marriott!, Deau ItMiioi| the utory told Iy Cleudo A. M. Welsh, tho «tur government witness -v who lestifled Berkey organized tho pnpov -and "told them to go ahead." Dean alt.o «ald that during a talk he hwl with Welsh laet December 29, 'Welsh told h i m there vas nothing to NATIONALLY KNOWN DAIRY MAN SPEAKER AT FARMER DINNER i , A, A. Borland, Head Dairy l)e« payment, Htato College, HHS Been Secured. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmea, is ill with heart trouble. His condition vra revealed when word was received that Spiritualists of Australia, England and the United State* were offering special prayers lot bia recovery. Eighteen Miners Killed, Seven Are Missing in Blast By United Pre- s, HEF.fP.BR, Utah, Feb. 7.- mlnws wete killed in au explosion at the Standard coal mine at Standards- ville, six miles northwest f this place, late last night. Seven nthern wery missing today. Four were rescued alive after a terrifflc blast rocked Ui^s mine and spread poisonous gases through this drift and slope. 1 ). It was believed that 1-1 were killed outright in the explosion, while others! were suffocated by gas. Dr. Samue 1 Howard Williams, deportment ot biology, University of 1'lttsburg, conducted tho firtt class of the institute substitute extension course Thursday afte-rni on at the High School Auditorium fo - the teach- ors of the JVmnellsvlIlo p u t lie whools. The classes are to lx conducted every Thursday afternoon following tho dismissal of hc-hool se;- ilons. It is a content course in tho methods, of nature study an I general science and is given p r i m a ' H y for the primary teachers, all of tl em taking the work. Quite a number of the Intermediate and secondary teachers the wilnese admitted ho did not hnow! also are taking the comae, ooing who wrote tho arMclws ^vhich appeared In hi« paper. lie testified that all he the Borkoy ca80 and that it was "nil politics." "When Dean was croso-oxamined by Special Prosecutor John M. Coldiron, EXTENSION COURSE FOR TEACHERS UNDER LONG ASSOCIATD WITH INDUSTRY K. 4M. Rlchey, chairnian of the agricultural committee of the Kiwanls Club, announced today that ho had Secured A. A. Borland, head of tho D-e- partmont 'of Dairy Husban I IT at Pennsylvania State College, us speaker at the Kiwanis-Farmers dinner which will le held In the Kiwanis Olub roonin on the evening of Thursday, February 27. Profoasor Borland ranks among lh« ouiBtandhif, dairy experts in the country and has Twen Identified wilh the I n d u s t r y from boyhood, lie wae born and i eared on a ravm in Mercer county and huignt in th« public so.h*Oil3 for s^veru: years before entering Penuaylr.uiia State College, from which i n s t i t u t i o n he graduated In 19W). lJurlug his coHege courwe h-o was the ractpient of the John W. White fellowship for attainments in scholarship. After his graduation be pursued graduate work at the University of Wisconsin and was awarded the degree of Master of Science In 1910, He engage-d in research the following year In the department of Dairy Hxis- bandry at 'State College. He then served for lour years as.head of the Department of Animal ' und Dairy Husbandry it the University of Vermont. In If'Jfl he was appointed professor of Dairy Eh.fens!on at State College- and sinoe 1910 has been head ot the Dairy Department. Ho was president of the American Dairy Science Association 1923-21; president o£ Eastern Dlvtelon American Dairy ,'icHsnco Association 102o; president, Pennsylvania DaSrytnen'h Association 1925-1927, and United States delegate to the World's Dairy Congress, Eugland, 192S. Professor Borland is a pleasing, entertaining and instructive speaker. His coming here will be a rare treat for those attending the annual get-to- gKher of the farmers and -town fo!ka. His suhject will b«, "The Cow Tliat Jumped Over America." '"11 8 P tf "* £. I i* £? · ~ T/ 7 " * lo Be truest oi biam King TWENTY PAGES, Yoisgp Association Have Director [n Each Community I LAUNCH MOVE FOR On her way around the world w th Bangkok, Siam, as tho first objective where she \vill be gucjt of K i n g a?u! Queen PraJ«udhl{Kk at n ball, Mr'ti. Ifer- jnan Oelricha of New V'orft aud New ort called from San Francisco on tho N. Y. K. liner Asama Mnru, Mr«. O Irtchs i« shown abovd wiffi Walter DII1- Ingham, Internationally known polo at ami tt'portsraan of Honolulu, while en route to th*i Orient. WAY AT HIGH SCHOOL TRAIN STRIKES AUTO ON CROSSING NEAR DAVIDSON did cut. out little poemw and cllp- iml send them In; tlml lio was to get $100 a month for being editor but al! ho got Cor nine months' work was ·'Who «rolf" your editorials?" Cold- Iron tiskcd. "I don't !\nmv---all J did was read {hem," Ueau (.aid. Tin w u « I'xciirtixi from Iho Htand. It had been p t n n n e d 'oclay to call liorkry to IcHlii'y in hi own defonse when court opened. Because about 25 other v.'ltne.sfccs are to he heard und the delay would prevent them f r o m 1 r e l u m i n g to Somcraot, Chief Defense; Ooimtiel Percy A. Koao altered the | plan. P. C. SVU'Gulre of Upper Turkeyfoot, n m o m b f r of tho board ol viewers, and Chai'leri F. Cook, Somer.'.et insurance clerk uiul for HO ynara cle.-k of orphans t o u r t , testified in favor of Borlcey, at- · a c k l n g t h e credftnbillty if Welch as a wit now. Attorney Joseph Lxwly of Somerset, who admitted ho was Welch's attorney, testified ho executed soino judgments for Wei ih am! at various timee his diont told h i m "tho Berkey case was u n f o u m U i l aud l\o would he exonerated \vhou tin trial came up," The d e f e n s e yesterday attacked the tesUmony of Claude A. M. Welsh, "slur" government witness, when Ar- toruey Ki'ud Beesetker, president of C o n t i n u e d f i o m P.tKo Bight. interested in thi - iioiii, This is tho third course t J be given tliii! year, Or. Erie JJavIs an I Dr. Florence Toagiirtlon having ; Iven tho courses for tho intermedia!. * and secondary toacJiors during the first semester. These courses with the educatlomil meetings that were held last week provided the required work for the teachers of this cit*- and are {dven instead of the old t --pe institutes. NEW AfR LINE ACROSS STATE "· IS SURVEYED PITTSlUfRG, Feb. T.---Survey of a new air line across tho state of Pennsylvania, w i t h intermediate landing fields every bO inlles along the way and beacon lights at Intervals, of every 10 miles lias been conrpieted by Unilod Statefr Department of Commerce engineers, it was^ learned tocla 1 . Principal airports will b estab- lluhed at Philadelphia, Harrisourg and Pittsburg, but not all of the intermediate stops have been made'known, Thonma W. Bourne and W. 1, Miller, engineers for the Commerce Department, said. An automooils driven by an u.u- kuowu man wis danaag«d when «truck by a northbound Pennsylvania raU- Toad ( r a i n at the Davidson crossing oarly I his rnoi ning. An investigation is being conducted b y city police to determine the identity of th driver or ownw. It is reported that the man refused to gi^e his mime when it was requested by a member of tho train orew. Tho wrecked machine was towed to a garage. * Taft Passes Restful « Night; Condition Believed Bettei Masontown Bridge Will Not Be Free For Many ''fears WEST SIDE BANDSMEN GUESTS OF S.B. MILLER AT KRAUT DINNER ·! of the Wost Suit'' H.uul r't'cc guw-t'i of S t! \IHl«r at a saner K r i v u t am weiivcv d i n n e r VVMinesday evening n t tho c o m m n n i t j hall u t *oulh In cgnltion by Mr. Miller of the servi«M f the baud U u r l n K ' ' v t firemein'-* fan's inat sum- in vvjiifh th( IM-H had charge of * Special lo Tho Courier. UNJONTOWN, Fob. 7.--If tho present rats of tolls continue tho Masontown bridge will be free in about 15 years, according to uU'oniiAUon today from the office of the count coin- missiouors. In the three yeaj i since tho bridge was eouHtruclad, t was iiotutpd, out, toils agKi't'gating $152.000 have been collec'led. Tito bridge coat 1000,000 at d w s l l not bt* freed iinul tuc v oat Is In f u l l , H wtis announced. I«'.ictio c o u n t y roc*ivpH 5S p e r rent RfDISCOUOT RATE IS CUT TO FOUR PER CENT Special to The Courier. NEW YOItK, Fob. 7.-- Business th.rouKhout the world w;is almost completely freed today of Ue handioa-p of hifih money rates under whirh it tailored during the period of frenzied speculation in /itocte, Olinmxing a .series o, [ reductions hy leading cenl'/ai banks iu Kuropc, tho Federal iies-erve Bank ot New York today puJ into effect a rediscount charge of four jer cent, the lowest .rate since Mav, 1928, and a full two pea* cent beicw the rate put in force here from Aiigast 14 to October 31 last year duriiiK the Federal Reserve drive to halt speculation. The New York rediscount rale had been 4 '/a pei' cent since November 14. The lowering of the New York rate announced by the Federal Re- R j CJQMAS ij t'rcaa Htaff Corr«epciidcnt. WASHINGTON, Feb. 7,--A ballet! i iasaed et 11:30 A. M. Uxlay by Chii £ Justice Tafl 'is physician further cor firmed tho improvement in his cond · lion, noticed last niglit. Tho InilleM i said by It. continuing to imp-xne an ! if t'iKinjr nior« nourish'nnt. After they vifeitfd t h e Taft home thi morning Iho physulajwi etpresse themscl'vcs aix oncoxiraged by t\\i im provemont, svJiich thoy said "an par ticttlurly noticeable in .Mr. Taft' taking of nourishment. HP spent , very comfortable night. Aeked if hits «xam(nation this morn Ing hftd given him hope for Mr, Tafi'i eventual recovery, Dr. Robert K flogner snicl: "Well, he irs bflttcr. Tbal'n all wt can say now." WASHINGTON, Feb. 7,--William Howard Tuft poised a retrtful night last night and today UMKC closely eon- Stanislaus Labiak. 8-1 yws old, a corned with the illn^B of the former £( , mer resident of Trotter, died 6B- Britain Proposes Cutting Battleships Within 18 Months LONDON, Feb. T.--Gre^t Britain projxaoa thill the United States and Britain mluce their battleship strength to 15 -within 18 month* after the trt-aly to be n^otiatwl by fie pro«M»nt fivo-pow^r conforenco has boon ratified. Tho British policy was outlined in a memorandum issued today. It came Irs3 than !il hours after Secretary Hoorj U, BVimson had o-ntiined tho Anerican position in a formal ISUHO- ment. The British memorandum also proposed that iho 1930 coafcronco ^reaty run u n t i l I03fa ,nnd that a new confer- encc bi» li?ld that year. STANISLAUS LABIAK DIES AT CLEVELAND; WAS FRICK VETERAN Chief JuHtlce Reemcd m u c h eouragod over Ilia condition. llo dropped into «i qni«*t about S P. AI yesterday, after having passed a comfortable day. When Dr. Tliomas Clay tor, his ppi-ounal pliyp,i- Wednesday mornfug at the homo of. his daughter, Mn= Bessie Roebuck of at Cleveland,, Ohio. ll-o was a veteran of the II. C. BVick Coke Company and was tho ponstsssor of a 3b-y«ir modal, having been in the clan, called at midnight, hi w is at ill employ of, Ihut coDoorn fo,- a.botit 3S iujleep and the doctor did not awaken years, in 1022 he left T-otter ami him. The room whore Mr. Taft ir, bo- since then had been living with his ing cared for. woe dark the remainder of tho night and it "Wiifi believixl thai liw sleep continued Physicians consider rei.t an import- an(. factor in the effort'j to brine about Mr, Tafl's recovery. * UNIONTOWN AND BROWNSVILLE MEN ARRESTED IN PITTSBURG serve Board In Washington, shortly after tho close of the stock ' market, yesterday. Earlier in the day the Hank of England reduced ks rate from flvo to four and one-half per cent and the Bank of Ireland at' Dublin cut its charge from six to live amd one-half per cent. Central banks in France, Germany and Poland have also recent^ lowered their rates, the Paris charge now belnfc only three per ce-ut. MRS. JANE GIBSON, "PIG WOMAN," DIES By U n i t e d Press. JBHSEY CITY, Feb. 7.-Mm. Jane (Jibson, the "pig Ionian," who was a star witness in the Hull-Mills murder eite a few yoars ago, died todny. By United PITTSBURG, Fob. 7.-- With only Attempts lo Kad Life. OLKVKLAND, Fob, 7.-- John J, CiW- key, GC, fommSasiun merchant of M«'- Koosport. I'n., is in ft critical ooiuli- routine meetings of the sb'iisers scheduled for today it W,IK indicated no further efforts to reach a .settlement m the- strike of 1,500 taxlcab dtlvers will bo made- until alter the strikers' mass meeting next Hunc ay. Little violence was reported ID the police yesterday and only thrc- ar- res-ts were made. Parmalee company oftloials denied rumors that the concern was to be taken over by Pltts- burg business leaders. C. M. Synn, Yellow Cab driver, was arrested at Ross and Third streets for passing; a street car on the left ·side. Synn gave his home an Uniou- towu. Mike Morzek, 22, Brownsville, u cab driver, was arrested ac Ross and Piist streets for disorderly conduct. The Weather Cloudy nnd p l i g h t l y cool l o n l g h c : ami Hroeu county 42 per cent of t h o ' t i o n nt Mount Sinul Hospital utter ho j Saturday partly cloudy ia Die noon ' attemptK! to kill himsolf at the home ' woather forecast for WoHtern t'ann- Mr. M i l l a r w«i p W i l l i a m ! IxindofeU, a i t h e t , :LIH! iti ph t K t v i d - l i on. (.'.'.mi !«·«» I)ivi({tnn ,* id D o n a l d , iirt^it, wto i c r ^ f f l , i pa*£Oiib atUMidsd (be adair, I A d m M U - d (n I K l l m Andcrrton, ~~7 i ' a i h.« biHin a t i m i t t p ' l lo Ih i' oi.ilc U o i i i i M l f-r of ,\ rfrlattvu totlny, sylvania. Ctiskcy, a c c o r d i n g to pollro, t r i a d t o «nd his l i f o Liy s ' H h h l n g his t h r o a t w i t h a rastor at OK h o m n of Mrs. Olt'y MOIXK. ;i ixSwe w h o m he and lus 'AI)IJ W « V 'I'tiiaperjittu'e Jtocord, children. Mr. Labiate is, survived by the fol- iowing children; Frank, Continental Xo. 1; Mrs. Cas- mor ShultK, Mrs, Cathorina Oiectecke, Samuel and Jack, Chicago, and Mrs, Roebuck Tho funeral was h«ld this morning. Mrs. R(ly Solsson and Mrs. John Cies- ielskl of Connc-nsvllle attended. An important step in the expansion of Uio Youghiogheny River Improve- m e n t Association -was taken yesterday at an executive committee mooting hold m McKeoaport, attendid by officers ,ot the organization, -with Con- nellsyille represented by M-ijor J. K, Blake, secretary of the Hoard of Trade. Reports on membership were received, and it was very apparent this city is by no means firm. However, after a concerted drive durinjc the next two weeke, it is felt the number will be considerably increased. Major Blake turned in 101 already enrolled. Details of tho rivar eituaUon were thoroughly discussed and in order to expand the association, a resident of ·every community "which TviU be affected by the canalization w:u3 aamed as a director. These will be communicated Immediately by President G. R. Shaw and upon their acceptance they will l)e officially designated is directors. A meeting of directors will oe held at S o'clock Thursday evening at West Newton, when .they -will be acquainted with the entire background of the situation. Bach "will be able to impart thin Information in hie own community and thereby broaden interest in the project as well as encourage nesnoer- ahipe. Suterrillp will broadcast information concerning the improvement again on Sunday from Station WOOP at Jeanuette, inviting all interested persons to In addition to directors from communities on the lower Yough, residents of tho following places wore suggested by Major Slake as representatives on th« board; Wieft Haven, Ranirr, Sane Rock, Dawson, Dickorfion Run, Rroat Ford, Vand-orbilt, Perryopolis, Liberty Star Junction, Dunbar, Mill Bun, Indian Head, Champion, Melcroft, South OonneUsville, Layton, Whitsott, Loisenring, and Ohiopyle. ·· Indian Creek J. W. SCHAD GIVEN WATCH, CHAIN, CHARM BY BIS ASSOCIATES John W Hchad, recently pnmoted to master mechanic at Glenwocd, was presented with a watch, chain nnd diamond charm last evening iy the employee of the maintenance of equipment department of the Connellsvillo Division of the Ualtinioro Ohio Railroad. Mr. Schad wat called to Connells- villf from Glenwood on the pretext of nosb mission. When taken to the blacksmith ehop in the yards, he tonnd about 125 employee assembled, (t was a complete surprise for him. Thomas Nee, general foreman, mado he presentation in behaM of th3 em- ployes. Mr. Schad responded. Talks ?ero also givon by F. A. Siigor general foreman; M. C. O'Connor, h btl uxl Russell M. Vaughn, rnachinitit committeeman at night. 1.,, \j. I'xbin- son of Sniithfield, Roneral for man r vas present for tne affair. Mr. Schad was Riven a pron otion vhen he was affiigned to the n aster mechanic's position at Giemvood IIo vae succeeded in Connelisville by J. J. Dawson of CtJKioerland, whc had genera! foi-oman at (Jumbo land. EVANS GIRL WIFE SHOT THROUGH HAND UNIONTOWN. Oct. 7,---While going hrough a drawer at her homo at /vans Station Thursday night Mrs, f ' l a r a Beal, 15, wife of "Wally" Bea), , ccldntally discharged a revolver, t hoofing herself through the palm of I le left hand, according t o her story i t the hospital. iCOTTDALE BOY ON HONOR ROLL TEACHERS WILL DECIDE SATURDAY ABOUT CONTIIST Roy Williams, of Scottdale, a btu- d nt at tho Unioutown Center ot the \ Diversity of Pittfcburg, Avas among 1 · students placed on the official i: mor roll in the freshman oluss foi If o first ««mester. Mr. Williams is a son of Mr. uid IV rs. Nicholas Williams of Hcottdale. Special to Tho Courier. UNION-TOWN, Feh. 7.--Thrr« w i l t bo a mooting tomorrow at 10 o' lock in the auditorium of the Count/ Building of the commercial teuchcrb of layette county, also principals and superintendents of high schools, for the purpose of deciding- whether l'ay«ttt, county shall have a content in commercial subjects this year. JUls Jlolen N, Carroll, directoi 1 of the contest last year, who called tho meeting, will preside. · All high schools of tha county M'e embraced in tho call. W a n t Ntnto to Talic Over ,Sov« on-Milo DmTfion to Banning' .Stretch. COMMITTEE TO STUDY MATTER Steps looking forward to the immediate improvement of the Dawson- Layton-Banning road were inaugurated Thursday evening at a of about fiO residents of Lower Tyrone and Perry townships at '.h* 5 Dawgou Grange Flail, near the Bryan Church. The financial condition of Lower Tyrone townhip will be by a committee appointed at lh\ session and it will be determined how much can be oxpecti-J from that district in the way of building a portion of (he. thoroughfare. It was indicated that the township is financially unable to share any of Uie burden. This committee, composed of Frank A. Tarr, chairman, O. P. Mlgbee, James flail, John Torrcnre, Walter Davis, W, K. Gordon, W. D. McOin- nis of OomiensviHe and State Senator Harry J. Bell of Dawbon. will also confer with the county comniin- sioners rlatlve to their attitude- on the project and will also arrange to have them in attendance at a monster rally which is anticipated for -,ltc uear future. Mr. Hall is a reside-in of Perry townhip while Mr. Tor- rencp, Mr. Davis and Mr. fiordon .,rc Lower Tyrone road supervisors, H was intimated that the real objective would be to li.iv© ibo Stato Highway Department tako ovor -ho seven-mils stretch and make It a part of its elaborate system. H o w ever it has not been fully decided whether this plan would bo carried out as the advocates first want to br assured just how soon tho road wouM be improved if the State would tako it ov?r and when tho thoroughfare would Ije made a part of tho Stnte system, ff immediate action cau bo expected, it was said that petition's -svonld be circulated throughout northern. Fayettp county and presented in tho Stato Legislature by local representatives. Boosters said that the link, when improved with a concrete .surface, would provide a much .shorter eouto to Plltsburg as the Westmoreland county commissioners have given their asuranco lo rontruct thoir section of the roa4 from .facolis Creek, westward. The eommUionfrs have promised Uieir fullest cooperation on project and were said to have expressed thoir desire to soe «'ni route improved. Pending a of the committee and thr. preparation of its report, ·plans for tht! monster rally w h i r h i; expected to ha hold at Iho Driving Park will bo continued. To this meeting will be Invited all -jiii- sons of tho county as well as 1h« commissioners and a representative of the State Highway Depart men (. YOUTH DENIES PLOT AGAINST MEXICAN PRESIDENTS LIFE By tJniteil Prc-ts. MEXICO CITY, Feb. 7.--A hagKard youth, Uaniei Florcs, sat in a p-i-inon anle-room today and, nearly 48 hours after hi« attempt to a.ssASsinato President. Pascual Ortiv? R«bio, refund to admit ho acted as a cog in a political plot against tho now executive, ie was less dappw than whn on Wednesday afternoon ho flrcd sis fehots into a motor car wounding the president and thi-ee others,, invludhis' Airs. Orti/. Hubio. In the meanwhile* police arrested Arnulfo and Piiar Klores, brotflers of ;he prisoner, at San Luis Po-tosi. MORE than a scoru of suspects here ai% elsewhere had been taken into ens- tody. Five others at San Luis Potosi were arrebted on suspicion. President Ortiz Ritblo continued to mprove today. Ilib doctors iP»ued a bulletin stating the dressing on his jaw had been changed and the wound wat. In good condition. Mrs. Ortiz Uuibio'a S'hglH i n j u r y also was "satisfactory," the bulletin said. Considerable criticism amonR congressmen of the now ponal coda han been evoked by the shooting. Tho deputies generaliy liilerprot tho law as permitting a maximum of 20 years sentence for Flores. The president expressed his ap- Antonio Rcndfne, who operates ifillt | preciatloii of messages of condolence TONY RENDINE SENDS DOLLA R Park on the National Pike, well k n o w n former (JU'zcii, has enrolled in Youghiogheiiy llivrr Improvomonl (he Ivoni inuny Americans, Prebidont Hoover. In a letter to H. C. "Zeke" iUuhlock, , JUNIORS WILL Minimum 10 o'J obert Lightburn ' On Radio Tonight Robert \V. Lightburn, a piano stu- dr .H at Cincinnati Conservatory of M isir, w i l l he heard over radio itaticm W (RC, Cntciniisili, t h i s PVCMIHIR at r o t lock. r h o y o u n g mii'.ici.U! ifr a hon ni .111. H O i A I r h ' H l i u l i l b n r n of ilS S f i ' H h hi Ih blrec'^ Went Sido. (,'hairman of i h o rnemhershifi com-. m i l t p e in CoiuicilHville, "Tony" w i l d / - : · "Deal me a luincl, if soundri 3ik n. · million dollars. Vim] onclosed ?1. I t te worth IL to ho :i hoo.stoi 1 of ilia VoutflUosbouy Hiver linprovcinent / a - j sociutioii " j Liquor l'onii.scnt« d. SCOTTDALK, --A. d e t a i l of State Police- ye.storday conflbcatod ,j INITIATE CLASS THIS EVENING Tlu- i'Ui,« I n i t i a t i o n of t'll, J u i i i u i Oivlcr, I ' l i i t c i l Aim-jic..jn w i l l c.ile (hhi I-VP- at 7 - y O .o'clo' k w i t h i h « do!?i - (^» team of Scottdale in (h;rge. There wi!l be n class of ,tt in nu-inbers, A IdfMie groilj) of J u n i o r s will a t t e n d large muuHily of l i q u o r and arrest-Mi j the service At t h i Firm M e l h o d i K l 'he driver of an Hiitomobfle near h e i e ' Kpis.copal Church on S u n d a y i-voiittf/ luo C ' h . i l f a i i l , ^3, of I t o p u b l t c . \\ t t u i i ' j p o r t i n j r liquor f r o m f l t l f b n r f f ))i a boilv Tin. r - h * i ! l mpot at t h i h u l l ,11 7 t,'i iutk Sun- hi-! in UopMbll*- wh^n trooi 1 " J n i p f i t .«ul rn.aiUi ( tlt« clmrc* ia ' ' machine, officer^ said, h " " V.

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