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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1918
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owe* Connellaville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week t 6,738 OL. 16, NO. 147: CONNEIiSVILLE, PA., THURSDAY EVENING, MAY a, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. RTILLERY BATTERING OF ALLIED POSITIONS RESUMED BY GERMANS :tive Gunfire Reported Today on Both Flanders and Amiens Fronts; Attack Last Night Against French Easily Repulsed; Ninety-Six Names in Today's Casualty List. 1ETTE BOY OFFICJAJIYJEPORTED CAPTURED '·. By Associated Press. BKITISH HEADQUARTERS IX FRANCE, VIA OTTAWA, May 2.--The German .field depots are being hea-vfljr drawn upon to replace recent casualties. The 13th German reserve division tins just received a com- .pany of 250 boys of the 1919 and 1920 class who had ·only eight weeks' training and were not to be pat into the lighting unless absolutely necessary, but the fact '· that they are BOW In the division in the battle Line sag- ' gests the anticipation that they may have to be used. ARMY OF UNLIMITED SIZE IS REQUEST OF SECRETARY BAKER Tells Military Affairs Committee', of Congress It Would IH I'nnise to · iUstrict Depurrnu'iit- By Ass-oci.-ued Prens. WASHINGTON, May L'.--Secretary SMALLIBOYSWITH $110 CASH START OUT T^SEE WORLD Arc matching: Jiickels in Uniontown Hotel Bedroom When Police Find Them. GREATSENDOFF FOR DRAFTEES GOIfOONIGHT Big I'antde Will Escort the Hoys Vor i'ort Thomas to B. 0. Station. THEIR LEADER IS HELD LIBERTY LOAN HONOR FLAG ARRIVES BUT COMMITTEE IS HOLDING IT FOR RELEASE CImp of 14 \\'M Have to Explain How He dime Into Possession of linker's Money; Charge is He lifted It Krom Pocket of One ItrfrleiiiUug Him. Draftees from Districts N'os. 2 and 5 Charged with stealing {110 from John-Hart, a local bakor. A r t h u r Hal:, 14 years old, of South ConnoJisvlIle, was arrested in Uniontown early this ! Newport, Ky. The boys will TWENTY-SIX ARE LEAVING! They KepiirkiJ at Armory This Jlorn- injj .-uid fl'«re Iteleused Then Until ·I O'clock This Afternoon VTicii they Must Finally Present Themselves. Emblem Must Not Be Presented Until Quota is Reached Officially Baker at a hearing today before the ; morning House Military Affairs committee in i boys he had confidential session asked that Con- I taken to that place with him. Divided gfess grant unlimited power for the creation of an army of whatever size necessary" for the prosecution of the war. He told the committee that it would be ill-advised to restrict the among the three bays was _?95.1G of the amount stolen. The lads wore brought here this moniing by Patrolman Geiger. The two with Hall were 10 and 11 years old. The boys wero number of men to be utilized and that found in the Exchange Hotel where the size of the-army should he increased in the discretion of the government as transportation and equipment facilities warranted. Secretary Baker indicated he would submit a proposed measure probably they had taken a room for the night, paying $1 cash, according to their story. The money was stolen from Hart about 6.30 o'clock last evening. He had given young Hal! a lift Crom South laa an amendment to the'draft law to Connctlsvitle and when ho reached LONDON, May 2.--German artillery became active this ling in the Villera-Bretonneux sector on the Amiens front in the neighborhood of Merris on the Flanders front, it is omced officially. The statement reads: "The enemy's artillery developed considerable activity r this morning in the Villers-Bretonneux sector and in the biborhood of Merris. Some activity -was shown also during light in the Arras, Lens and St. Venant sectors. No infantry ·n is reported." .. 1 grant the unlimited authority asked. Secretary Baker was questioned by the committee regarding his.views to increasing the draft age. He said he was studying the subject and had made no decision. GERMAN ATTACK OX THEXXES TAILS. PAKIS, .May 2.-- A German attack last night on the Then- .'ector failed, the war office announced this afternoon. French js made raids on Le Monchel and west of Coucy le Chateau. The statement follows: 'North of the Avre a German attack on the French positions e region of Thennes was broken up by the French fire. 'Other German efforts north of Chavignch'and northwest of ms gained DO greater success.!"The French carried out a number of raids, especially near louche], west .of Coucy le Chateau and north of Ponot-a- MKKIL 'and ' "·· ADDRESSES OF MEN IN CASUALTY LISTS AGAIN TO BE GIVEN Announcement itlniie This Afternoon President IVilson Has Yielded « Popular Ocrannd. By Associated 1*7633. WASHINGTON, -May 2.--The War Department will resume almost immediately the process of giving addresses of American soldiers named in the casualty lists sent from Franco. Tbe decision was made by President Wilson to whom the public appealed when^tbe^addjesses__w.ere . ordered 'discbntTnued. FiAJfS BADT FOB COSGKESS. 3BJNGTON. May 2. -- Plans for sing the "army determined upon jsident Wilson and his advisers, ased upon the will to win. the £ it takes all America's man to do it, were ready today for itatkm to congress by Secre- taker. 5H STEAMiR HAMS U-BOAT OX MA1BES IMP ATLANTIC PORT, May 2.--A i freight steamer fresh from the ,ot her builders celebrated her i trans-Atlantic voyage by 'run- directions, firing from their front Sons. By skillful maneuvers he enabled his observer to flre bursts at each machine in turn, shooting three down. lown and staking a German tDnant Cla yton c. Ingersoll died as a ; off the Irisn cost, her crew re- ujkn their arrival today. submersible came to the sur- FATETTE COTCTTT PHYSICIAIC REPORTED FBISOJTBn. WASHINGTON, May 2.--The casualty list contained 96 names divided as follows: Killed In action, 11; died of wounds, 2; died of accidents, 3; died of disease, 7; died from other causes, 3; wounded severely, 7; wounded slightly, 60; missing in action, 3. Seven officers were named. Lieu- result of an accident. Lieutenant August · Leo Snudvall died from wounds. Lieutenant John R. Feegel and Frederick B. Stokes were -wounded and Captain Frank J. Abbott and Lieutenants "Will F. Letlovett and Ed- addenly, a short distance off the bow and was caught by the i helmsman's quick work almost ; 'the U-boat commander could,; ward c .Swansea' were wounded slightest through the steamer's re-1 !y captain Francis J. Cabin and ble camouflage whether she was :or coming. Members of the vho were on deck descrilicd the j sound made as the submarine ; oners, in. apart and. told of the raan- i Lieutenants Samuel Miller and Robert H. Jeffrey, previously reported missing, are norr reported to be pris- Lieutenant Jeffrey is a Fayette covmtain. his home being at Newcomer, German township. He was the first physician from this county to LONDON, of oil which marked the spot i the U-boat -went down. DTO THSCHATSOES ! TOR - S E X SOT QCAUITCISGI get into the service. f T IilX, N. J., May 2.--So great! -.'need lor men !n-fhe service now j GKRJfAXS KCLT, ildlers who failed to duality for · duty will not be sent hoiiae as aen done. heretofore. Major ll Scoii and Major General Mc- \t is announced recently agreed ize these men in some of the fitting units or to send thira to » for vocational training. j C1T1ZET EXECUTED. j BT TEE5CH AS SPT. IS. May 2.--A. Swiss citizen, £l by name, was executed as a !da"wn. today at Vmcennes. The ' gotvernraent had made rcpre- ons in hia beaalt but no reason imd by the French government ·ify tho sentence of Mleath prc- d by a conrt martial three ; ago. e ATTACKS 19 FLAMS. DON, May 2.'--The Victoria has been awarded to Lienteu- .llan Gerrard and Alan Arnett 1 of the Royal AJr Force, for which stand out even among loks in this branch of the Sfrvi Jerrard, when on an offen.-iiVe · : with two otter officers, at- .flve enemy airplanes, shooting irn in. flames. He then attacked ,my airdrome, engaging single ; some 19 machines which either anding or starting up, and i one of them lealnst the air; _£. large number"of machines lacked Gerrard, but seeing one ; companions in difficulty he his assistance and destroyed id enemy machine. MeLeod, Bjingrat an. altitude of 5,000 » attacked by ·igbt enemy ir.a- ·alch 4l7ed ,at him from lUl KJET BT FORCK. May 2.--The Germans have established military rule in Kiev, the Ukrainian, capitai, and have arrested a number of the members of the government on the ground that "the government has proved too weak to maintain law and order," according to a Berlin official statement Tire at Brad dock. PITTSBURG, May 2.--Fire today destroyed the ' Baltimore Ohio freight depot and a number of other buildings-in Braddock, a suburb, this morning with an estimated loss .of $250,000. The police say it was- of iu- c'endiary origin. GAS RATES RAISED Xeiv Schedule Filed for Company Supplying Pittsburgh Territory. By Associated Pr«»ss. f HAJiRISBL'.RG, May 2.--The .Manufacturers' Light Heat company of Plttsburg today filed a. new schedule of rates for domestic purposes providing increases in rates along the line of Its previously granted increases tor industrial consumers. The advance amounts to'five cents per one- thousand cubic feet. The normal conditions and the cost of finding producing and transporting gas are said to be the reasons on which the new rates are founded. Similar schedules were filed in Ohio and West Virginia for the company's consumers in those states. his stable he found the money gone. Hart notified the police and'a search of the theatres of the- city made. Hall could not he found bnt he admitted tills morning that he saw Hart Booking for him in one oE the show houses. Hftll picked up one of his companions on the street and took him to a show where they met the second lad. Both boys this morning denied ever having known Hall before last night. They said he suggested running off from homo and offered each ?£ if they would go with him, promising to divide the money when they reached their designation. The three went to Uoiontown on the 10.30 o'clock street car. Word reached the police here that tie youngsters were at the Union town hotel and the police there were notified. They found the youngsters still up, matching nickels in the bed room. The boys were kept In tbc Cnlontown jail for the night Hall* sdli had ?5r.3l and had divided, $37.35 with the will be one of the features at the p will be- given a royal sendoff tonight j lie reception of the Connellsville *Hed when they leave for Forl Thomas,.Cross chapter to be held tonight in be ac- Red Cross headquarters in tbe old high school building- The oath will be administered to a large number of RED CROSS DISPLAY TONIGHT WILL BE INTERESTING EVENT OiUli of Allegiance IVill bo Administered to Workers by Chairman .1. Fred K.nrtx. The administering of the oath of allegiance to workers who hereafter | Many Subscribers Have Kot will wear the regulation Red Cross unifom, while performing their -work, j PAYMENTS ARE ub- I Kude Initial Deposits at Banks. n company with two other ' compared to the train by three bands ad picked up here and had Boy Scouts, Cadets, business men's canvassing teams and other organizations. Local Board No. 2 will send 15 men to camp and Board No. 5 will nave 11 to entrain. The men reported at the armory this morning at W o'clock and were given their badges." A second roll call will he at 4 o'clqck this afternoon. The draftees will bo held at the armory until SMS o'clock when they form in line of parade and march to the Baltimore Ohio stateion. The parade will be headed by the Connellsville Military Band. The Italian band arid the LcisenrinR Band of tie H. C. Frick Coke company will also be in line. Tile special train carrying the draftees lo the fort will leave Baltimore Ohio station going wost" instead o£ east, as all other draftees leaving this city have been taken. For the first time, I^ocal Boards .Nos. 2 and 5 are sending men to a cantonment other than Uarap Lee. Connellsville selectlvcs aro in many camps, but they have always, been transferred after arriving at Camp--Lee. persons from tile surgical dressing, hospital supply, and knitting rooms by Chairman J. Fred Kurtz of tie local Red Cross chapter. The object of the reception, the I hours of which are from 7.30 to 9 o'clock, is to display'to the general public tlie large amount of work completed by the Red Cross workers dur- ins the month of April. A buffet luncheon will be served. Previous to the reception a meeting of the executive committee of the Red Cross will be held at 7.45 o'clock to elect a chairman and transact any other business which might be brought before the committee. DR. DEIWER DIES Connellsville. died of pneumonia this BOY SCOUTS SECURE $19,050 Eight, of tiic-Boys V'in Bars and Sine Medals for Their Activity in the Campaign; Mill linn District Increases Its Grand Total 1o *i5,«H). MATCH THE PRESIDENT Buy Another IJond fs SInuan for ttortu Houste Wrlve Tonight. .Mont the President's offer to matcQ subscriptions for the Liberty txian. will be the Slogan of Four-Mtnuu speakers and Liberty Loan canvas sets at the «:ovmg picture tJiealres- to-. other boys. The two younger boys NigbtT Although uar'n? invested heav- s'ald Hall told them he had dravni the J I r to t h e ::hir ^ -" a ^ the President offered to buy a ?50 bona u a million persons in. Uie countTy will also extend themselves. This is -what will bo urged upon the publiy tonight.. A. can- moaey from the bank, but when, they got to ITniontown lie said tie had stolen, it. Hall declared he found the money on the seat o£ Hart's wagon. but the baker believes he took it from ! vassing team -will be a', each theatre. a hip pocket. One of tb.5 boys said he had run oil from, liorae once before, about two months ago, going to a place near Akron, O. He aid he had saved uis money until ho got enough to buy a ticket to tbat place. The police told Mm if he ·was ever found on the streets '«n the night, after the curfew whistle had blown no wpuld be sent to a reform school. The parents of tie boys were notified of U eir arrests. Hall was "held at the police station until this evening. Hart will not prosecute the case if his loss is made up. The other two lads, not bein^- implicated in the robbery, were permitted to go to their homes. FOUR AVIATORS KILLED Two Meet Teatli at Fort Worth, Tex, Tivo at Dayton, Ohio. By Associated Press. PORT TVOHTH, Tex., Ma}- 2.--Fall- ingJSO feet in a straight nose dive this morning Lieutenant. James S. Ennis, Jr., of New York City, and Cadet Paul He'mott of Oakland, Ca!., were killed. DAYTON, O., May 2.--Major Oscar A. Brindlcy and Colonel Damm, two expert aviation" men from the McCook Federal Plying Field here, met death at the Moraine City aviation field here today. The. machine dropped 400 feet while making a turn in the. air. WASHINGTON, May 2.--Telegrams pouring into National Liberty lx)an headquarters today told of the success of the "buy another bond" and "match the President" contests everywhpre yesterday and added $02,000,000 subscriptions, making the national total $2,641,631,360.' The Liberty Loan flag which is to be awarded Connellsville for reaching her quota of $848,100 arrived in. this city this morning. The emblem, is in the hands of the Liberty Loan committee whicli has strict orders not to release it until the quota, of this city is officially passed. Tbe flag is to be awarded by Judge E. H, Rcppert at tbe high school tomorrow night wnen a big celebration will be held. With the flag here and. plans for tbo celebration complete the persons who bave pledged themselves to buy bonds are urged to,go to the banks immedi- Fniontott-n rtiysiciiui Snccanibs to j alely and make the first payment so Attack of rneumonia. I that the official count will be raised. Dr. Jonn F. Detwiler, 58 years old. j So many persons have pledged them- well known Uniontown physician, i selves fo buy bonds tbat have not yet and brother of J. Smiti Dctwiler of | paid the first installment and the city does not receive credit until the first money is laid down. Everyone who is holding out on tie first instal- ment is requested to go to the banks immediately to make the payment- Every bant in the city is open every evening for the remainder of this week in order that persons who cannot, make their payments during the morning at his home in Unioutown, where he had practiced medicine for o? .v^.arp. He was a member of the Fayette County Medical society and the Methodist Episcopal church. Besides his widow and. two children, Burwin and Miriam. Dr. Detwiler is survived by two sisters, Mrs. J. S. Eoyd of Wichita, Kan., and Mrs. Frank Burlthan of Scottdale, and three brothers, Attorney H. F, Detwiler, Uniontowu; J. SmjithvJJetwiler.'Con' rie'ilsville, and Mason Detwiler, Irwin. DAUG'HTERSjaVE SUPPER Many Ali«nil Tntorcsttns Af»ir Tuesday at ScotUlaJe. Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALE, May 2.--The Daughters of America, No. 308, auxiliary to j report failed but It was learned that THREATEN A TARRING Jacobs Creek Citizens Force Two Men to Biry liberty Bonds. A baud of patriotic citizens or Jacobs Ceeek forced two men of that j place, whu had refused to buy Liberty j Bonds, to subscribe last night when they threatened to tar and featbor them. Reports reaching here this morning were that one man had. been tarred and feathered, another had been painted and a third swam .the creek to escape from the mob. Efforts to establish the truth of this REAL NAME WRIGHT TS'omrui in Danson Jfurder Cose Drank Quart of Whisky Daily. There were no developments today of importance in the Dawsoa "well murder case. It was learned thai Sarah Wright is tile roa! namo of the woman in the Uuiontown jail who was held prisoner by Tony Bartella. tie dead Italian, and Patsy Medio, who is in jail charged with killing him in a fight over the woman. According to Mrs. Wrigbt, for several weeks during her confinement by the men in the room at Dawson, she drank a, quart ol whisky a day. Since being put in jail she has been given liquor daily, the amount being gradually roduced. HI,KCT OfFICEJlS. Senior t'Jass of the JU^li School Holds ' ^unnual Election. At a meeting of the senior class of. the high school last night officers were elected as follows: ' Ixmis Simon, president; Gertrude Rhodes, vice president; Margaret "Wilhelm, secretary; Homer Penrod, treasurer. PERRY MAN TIES STICK OF DYNAMITE TO WAIST AND IS BLOWN TO BITS Fastening a stick o{ dynamite to his waist and then igniting a fuse, Frank Lohmau, 35 years old, of Perryopolis, was blown to bits this morning abont 10 o'clock in his bedroom at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Treuchany at .Perryopolis. Ixjhman boarded at tie Trenchany home in the Corpc* building. This morning when Mrs. Trencbany awakened him he stated that he was 'not 'going to get up. Soon afiervards his boarding mistress went out to the chicken coop and while there heard the explosion. Hurrying Into the house and Into Lotunm's rooms she found his body I mains were removed to Funeral Director Blair's parlors. Lohman is said, to be a foreigner and is thought to have been drunk when lie committed the rash act. It is said tbat he had not been quarreling previous to taking his life. Is Graduate Snrse. Miss Madeline Stillwagon, daughter of Mrs. Hose Stillwagon. was graduated from the nurses' training Bchool of the Mere}- hospital, Plttsburg, yesterday afternoon. Cue Reported. One case of measles was reported blown talo. a hundred pieces. The,re- to tie Board ot Health this morning. the Junior Order United American Mechanics, gave a supper in the Jr. 0. U. A. M. hall, Scoudalc, last Tuesday evening, to their members and friends. The Daughters held their regular session and afterwards the friends were admitted. SUite Vice Councillor Jcanuetle .\Va.ugaraan oC Jeanncite, spoke on the principles of'the order and on the duty we owe to our country and our God. M. H. Bowman, also of Jeanr.ette, spoke 'on' the good of the order. George Howe,- member of Commodore Perry Council of Scottdale, spoke on 'love and patriotism. preparations had been made to handle CABOOSE DECORATED Crew of It. 0. 1'relglit Prondly Jis- phrys Courier Flagr. Members of the crew- of. a Baltimore Ohio freight which runs between Everson and Broad Ford have indicated to the people along the Morgan valley their patriotism by decorating the caboose of vbeir train with the men with -no gentleness. T u c j a - large American flag secured from '"victims" however preferred to "come across" Cor bonds rather than take a tarring. News Theft Argufd. WASHINGTON, May 2.--The case of the Associated Press against the International News Service or Hearst Service, to enjoin the latter from, pirating Associated Press news dispatches, was up for argument today in the Supreme court. Lower Federal courts have granted injunctions stopping tbe Hearst service from taking Associated Press dispatches and distributing them as its own, and the case came up on appeal from those decisions. Sentences Four Prisoners. · Mayor Duggan this morning sentenced four prisoners, two paying their fines and two getting 48 hours each in the cells. Fair tonight, wanner;, Friday, fair is the noon weather forecast for "Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Record. 1918 J917 Maximum, . 64 72 ·Minimum 35 48 Mean ... .. . 46 60 The Yough river fell during the night from 3.70 feet to 2.60 feet. Ail OWN BONDS Tjast Holdout at Dickcrson Run Ttr- minnJ FnUs Into lane. Every employe of ifce Pittsburg 1 Lake Erie Railroad company at the Dickcrson Hun terminal has purchased a Liberty Bond. The only holdout "came' across" Monday. The man was called before the The Courier. Conductor Beal is in charge or the train. The caboose bears the number 943. SOLDIER J»e Angle Bines Camp Greene mid Senth. Him on IVaj. Through the efforts ot Joseph day may ca!5 at night Tbe celebration which 16 to he held r - in the,high.schooVis expected to crowd '" ! the auditorium to its capacity. Everyone in the city who has done their part by purcliasins a bond is'asked to attend. The Connellsville Military Band will be present and the presentation of the flag will be made by Judge B. H. Reppert. The last meeting of tie men's canvassing teams will be held tomorrow evening at". C o'clock at the Masonic temple. The men are asked to cover as much ground as possible today and then complete the canvass tomorrow. · The reports tomorrow evening may indicatc more than one million dollars subscribed in the Connellbviile district. : The Boy Scoot? are still gleaning bonds from tbe territories that bave been gone over twice before. Tbe total number of bonds secured by tbe boys up until 3 o'clock last night was 239 and a total of $19.050 subscribed. Robert Springer of Troop Z and James Graham of Troop 4 have won bars for the medals awarded in the second loan. Wayne I/essig and Augustus Straub, both of Troop 4, have won medals. To date eight bars and nine mndals have been won by 'the scouts. Mill Run this morning reported. $10,000 more mailing a/lotal subscription of $25,050 for that place. There is still more to come, the canvassers say. Mill Run's quota was placed at. $15,000 and it has been easily oversubscribed. The Liberty Ixjan flags to be placed in tbe windows of every home where a bond has been purchased are being prepared by the committee. The job is an enormous one to handle and the flags are being separated for distribution. B. Angle, William Bonar, a soldier from Camp Greene, who over-stayed his furlough, was given a good supper last evening-and provided with transporta- trainmaster and came away wearing^ tion to camp. a button, it is stated. j Bonar is from MoundsviHc, W. Va. · ·-- rHe enlisted nine months ago at Bel- Aniiirersjiry Postponed. ! lalro, 0. The observance of Uie DDlh anniversary or Odd Fellowship has been postponed by General "Worth lodge from tomorrow night until the May 10. Breaks His Arm. James Wilson of Luurel Hill broke night of his arm last Sunday wbile cranking j his automobile. TO MAN AT CAMP LEE IT LOOKS AS IF ALL THERE ARE FROM KEYSTONE STATE Frank G. Patrick, formerly, auto L,ee you would readily come to the truest driver for The Aaron company, same conclusion, ·now a sergeant in Company C, 305-th : "For the past five weeks I have been Ammunition Train at Camp Lee, Va., j sen-ing as instructor of recruits. Now like other sojourners at southern j have my third squad. .Hope it -will be j points, notes a condition which has my last for in making soldiers out o f ; been much commented upon. In a civilians the instructor has no snap, letter to C. B. McCormick of Tbe Actually some days I don't have time ^"uner force, Sergeant Patrick says: to eat, and at nigata no time to sleep. It is strange that there are so many I For a few weeks an instructor has to men in this camp from old Pennsylvania, while in Richmond and Petersburg there are ever so many young men running loose and not in the It really seems that Pennsyl- the only state in the union army, vania. i tbat is watch bis 'rookies' just like children. "It is fine to receive Tbe Courier. One keeps in close touch with all that is going on .in the old city. When, my copy gets lot somewhere in the malls, as ft does once in a while, you em be furnishing fighting men. If sure tbat I miss it as much, as missing you were .to visit the south and Cams a letter from. home." BERT HOWARD HONORED 5arno4 Speaker at Mace Tlittrtre, KCTT York; Sells $25,000 Bonds. A great honor was bestowed upon Bert William Howard,.a Connelisville boy who has been in the service of the United States. Navy, when he was' asked to appear at the Palace" theatre in New York City and speak in the interest of Liberty Bonds. He disposed of 525,000 worth on. Saturday afternoon. Howard, who is a son of Mr. and Mrs. William Howard of this city, while at gun practice about a month" ago, suffered a severe 'injury to his arm. He was removed to the Navy hospital in New. York. City and has entirely recovered from his injury. At the Palace theatre he spoke of bis life in the navy and told of how he met with tbe accident. In a letter to bis parents the young sailor says his talk made a "big hit." Howard has bcea transferred from the New York hospital to the Brooks Foundation hospital at White Plains, about a mile from New York. If be is granted a furlough he will come home in about two weeks. Leg Severed bj Train. Harry Dugan ol Fare, Pa., was seriously injured last night when struck by a..Baltimore Ohio train at Sand Patch. One leg was severed and the other nearly so.. The injured man was removed ta the Allegheny, hospital. Pittsbuxg. His racoverjr, is doubtful.

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