The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 1, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1918
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY COURIER,. CONjSEIJLSTtlJCE, Yesterday'* Besmlts. New "York 15; Philadelphia 0. Cincinnati 5; Su Louis 4. Brooklyn 5; Boston 3. Pittsburg-Chicago". rain. MINNESOTA PLASTERER IS MATCHED TO RGHT WORLD'S CHAMPION JESS WILLARD Nei Standing of the Clnfcs. W. L. · York' . - ' .Philadelphia Chicago .Cincinnati, rittsbnrg' St. Louis'^ Boston '-Brooklyn' - Pet. ^917 '· .567 .667 .583 .500 Today's Schedule. · Piusburg- at Chicago. ; St. .Louis at Cincinnati. ' : Boston, at Brooklyn. - · New York at Philadelphia.! JU1E1UCAX Yesterday's Result?. ; Philadelphia. 9; New York 2. Boston S; Washington I:, Chicago 13; Cleveland 3. .Ueirbil-'St. Louis, cold wtather. flubs. L. "Boston-- . Cieyeland ;Nv YorK'i- -- t .; Washington ___ PKUadelpaia __ _ 4 4 3 Detroit Pot. .846 .714 .600 .385 .364 .364 .333 .333 Fred Pulton, the Minnesota plasterer, has been matched to Bgbt Jess ·Wtlluni fqr-the world heavyweight'title on Jiiljr 4 at a place to be named Inter and over aerolite to be decided some tlrne in.the uear future. Pulton has fought many.of the leading heavies of today and has placed bisisalf la 1 psjiloa that the-puilic baa demanded. Jess sive him a bout IS GERMAN.RUTHLESSNESS · '· -Today"* Schednlt. Ch'icago .at Cleveland. - -''Detroit:'at St.-Louis, Philadelphia-at Sew'York. Washington at Boston. WALTER CAMP PUTS MEN IN CONDITION Former Manager Dooin of Phillies .Thundentruck at Sale of Altx- . ander to .Cubs. Charley Dooin, once manager of the PbUlles and a man who did much to develop and .bring out .Grover Cleveland Alexander's" great skill as a pitcher, calls his sale by William F. Baker to the Chicago Cubs little .short of German rnthlessness He is quoted as saying: "I was thunderstruck, when I ] read the news. ! Money can never replace -wonders like ' Alexander and Klllifcr. Al- 'exander was the Grover Alexander. greatest pitcher In the history "f the I game, and It is a matter of much personal prfdeL to me that I was responsible for his development. "Selling Alexander, to my mind, is something like the practice of .the Germans In demolishing a cathedral or destroying priceless works o£ art." BASCBALL Harry Frazee, owner of the Red So'r. will retain the veteran Billy Murray. He will be the club's scout. · » * Bert Humphries, former big league hurler, hus been signed by the Louisville club and will attempt a corn- back. · . · · Babe Ruth started off In fine shape against (.he Brooklyn ledgers with two home runs orer the garden wall at Hot Springs. · · · During 21 years as n player In the National league Hans Wanner of the Pittsburgh team has cracked ont a total of 100 home runs. · · · Horace Milan o f ' the Washington team, now is taking a course of Instruction flt the navnl aviation station at Charleston. S. C. · · * Hugo Bezclck, manager of the Pittsburgh Nationals, and Ed Barrow, pilot of the ex-world's champion Boston American league nine, never played ball on elUier a major or minor league team. » · t Pitcher Bill Plercy. who played with Toledo under option from the New York Yankees last season and was recalled In The fall, has been sent to the St. Paul club lor this year by Manager Miller Hngglns. Few people know that every courageous, red-b)pod.Ed person, such as our own soldier-'boys at the front, has within his body fifty grains o£ iron, or as much'as is containedJn an ordinary " tenpenny" nail. To be brave, courageous and active one must ha^e good, red blood. Our men of iron are men with good blood, good circulation and an active liver. The poor, weak "slacker" who is not brave enough to go to war, is probably unfit because of thin, watery blood. It is easy to acquire strength 'and red-blood corpuscles by taking regular exercises in the outdoors, breathing exercises in the morning, and something to increase the appetite and the red- blood corpuscles. The newest iron'tonicis "Irontic'* discovered by Dr. Pierce and his staff of physicians at the Surgical Institute, in Buffalo, N. Y. This "Irontic" tablet is a combination of soluble iron and herbal extracts; which is proving a wonderful success everywhere it can be obtained. Most druggists sell these "Irontic," tablets in sixty-cent vials. Send Dr. Pierce lOc for trial pkg. "Irontie" tablets buildup, strengthen, energize, and fill you full or vim, vigor and vitality. I GOLD BOND STAMPS PAY 4% ON VfHAT YOU SPEND--GET THEM WITB EVERY PURCHASE LEEOT. COl. HATCH IS SENT TO CLUA3 UP 1'EILAMLFHIA WalUr 'Camp, the X r le advisory coach and football authority, is a hard HI?-.' writing member of Uncle Sam's train- t ~; n force in preparing tae country's £'. ·' athletes for war. Camp ix stationed at 3jp£ the government aviation school at the feivl; Dniversity ol California, Berkeley, CnJ-, |B.i.' is'an athletic instructor. They say he ff-''y.' 3 of immense aid in'putting the bodies pt ; " of the young aviators in splendid form, ^··V. which greatly 'increases their chances tj£3-..- of coming unscathed through the se- s£r. vert tests _required to make flyers Ifi-v capable of holding their own over^he fJ- ; ' jjieads o( foes in Europe. · . · {JEW-'", Despite thS danger, tiere'ls a fas- rlnation about flyins and u daring work that appeals to many American lads, who figure they cab learh as well as Jld ,the me.n now flying abroad, and ;eeno reasons why the feats o" the wt.cannot ue duplicated. Camp's long .raining at New' Haven lins fitted him veil for the work. he. is doing. flAUGHJON GOING TO FRANCE ··· President cf Boston Srax-es May Take · Charge of Athletic Work in Army for Y. M. C. A. r : Percy Haughton. president of the j Boston Braves.'who made hi? name as j in athletic-director when coaching the i . Idrvard university football squad. : piay go to France later in tbe year to ; like charge of athletic work. In( the j ! »nmy over .there for th». T.'M. . A. ! If he does'he tviH pay special attention j fct developing army footiiall neit fall. ' Bnssian Soviets remind us of left- handed pitchers. · · · Kalser'si army hasn't stolen a base on Hank Gowdy yet. » « · · The poor, down-trodden players are allowed but three feeds a dayl · · * Gny Morton's pitching wing Is said to .be in good condition this spring. · * · · It Is still possible;to so crazy OTer- baseball, but It Is no longer obligatory. · * * Fordhr.ra university baseball reom will moke a southern trip "this spring. · · ' * .. Owing to the war Benny Kauf ordered only 12 suits of clothes this spring. · ' * Catholic University has s-pitcher whose name has t been' given out as Eerononwetter. · . - * · »· · 3fi!Ier Hasglns like? the looks of Sam Vlck, the young outfielder from the Southern association, . · « * *- · - · Players In.the'JTadon'al league must now buy their own shoe laces and pay for their own chicken feeds. "THAPS TWO," SAYS G. LAND Familiar Cry of Veteran Amcriqon Association Backctop May Be Heard In War, Some oC these ;ys that pnrt of the American association contingent Gpht- log with Uncle Sam's forces in France may be startled by a familiar oll cry, one, mayliap, that will be hear despite the sound of bursting: shell, roaring ffun or flying shrapnel--''That's Two." They will, know that a second German has taken the count; Crover Land, familiar aa a catcher and scrapper, has decided to carry the fight of his-A. A. days to a real battlefield and -will soon be seen fighting as a member of tbe coast artillery. The second batsman of aa opposing team ro be retired al-- way»*\yas a signal for Land to raise his-sonorous voice and let go "That's Two,' so force of habit may bring forth the old diamond call when the ball player' observes a second enemy take the count in the more serious game '"over there." Land played with Toledo, St. Paul and Minneapolis In the Association- and has seen service as a major leaguer with Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Ee jumped from the St. Paul club last season to Virginia, Minn, : Leadership in SUITS Jot Clearly Established by Our Present Showing of Women's and Misses' Models Suits properly cut and beautifully tailored. We might describe one or two, but can't even begin to give you an idea of the dozens of smart fashions, youthful and becoming, of the beauty of" the colors even in the most inexpensive suit, and of the goodness o£ the materials. Serge Poplin Gabardine Tricotine Poiret Twill Wool Jersey Silvertone Taffeta Fancies Choice may be had of Eton or ripple effects, styles showing clearly the military tendency, or handsome, plain tailored models on the smartest of lines. The display is most complete in all respects for women, misses and stout wo- · men, and is one from, which any particular woman may- choose with entire confidence hi her selection. I New Silk Suits Just Arrived Designed and tailored by New York's lorcrcost makers, they reveal new Ijeaiities in this ponular form o£ Summer attire. These newest models come in good serviceable materials and are shown in taupe, prune, navy, copen'and black. Prices 535 to 575. $19.75, $25, $29.75 to $79.50 Not Difficult to "Make Over" a Home It sounds like a terrific problem to change a home, hut it really is very simple --merely a question of lighter curtains, cretonnes replacing draperies, and winter furniture being recovered with bright cool-looking materials.- A new Rug here and there. Linoleums for the kitchen and a change of window shades will add immeasurably. The following low priced stocks will aid you materially: -Rugs Carpets Linoleums Matting Curtains Shades New Stocks Children's Summer Underwear Ed Barrow, ne v manager of the Bed Sox, Is credited with having developed Honbs Wagner. Lieut, Col. Charles D. Hatch of the United States Marino corps has been sent to Philadelphia by Secretary Daniels to see that --he city is cleaned of all vice, in accordance with the wishes' of the navy department. The first step in the'cleaning up has -been the appointment of Police Captain -Mills as actign superintendent of the Philadelphia police. Get at the Real Cause--Take Dr, Edwards' Olive Tablets That's what thousands of stomach sufferers are doing now. Instead of taking tonics, or trying to patch up a poor digestion, they are attacking the real cause of the'ailment--dogged livei and disordered bowels. · Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets arouse the liver in a soothing, healing way. "When the liver and bowels .are performing their natural functions, away goes indigestion and stomach troubles. If you have a bad 'taste in your mouth, tongue coated, appetite poor, lazy, don't-care feeling, no ambition or energy, troubled with undigested foods, you should take Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel. DK Edwards' Olive Tablets are a purely vegetable compound mixed with 'olive oil. You will know them by their olive .color. They do the work without griping, cramps or pain. Take one or two at bedtime for quick [ relief, so you can eat what you like, f j At lOc and 25c per box. All druggists. --TO DAT-- MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPP?1AH'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. "THE PLAY'S THE THING." BLUE BIRD PRESENTS . FRANKLYN FAR.NUM · . The story ot a mollycoddle who thought he was Dutch, but iater fouud he was Irish and proves, this in; "FAST COMPANY" ALSO A GOOD COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. IN 5 ACTS. . ';, WORLD -FILM COMPANY PRESENTS X M ONT AGUE LOVE IN THE "THE CROSS BEARER" THE BIG PHOTOPLAY OP-THE YEAR. MASSIVELY STAGED, SUPERBLY ACTED--A TRIUMPH PR9DUCTION IN 5 ACTS. · ALSO CURRENT EVENTS * Just Over the Bridge ConncllsTillo (Vcst Side) --Girls' Cambric Waist Union Suits, drop seat, sizes 2 to 12 years. Trice OOc. ·--Boys' SUp-on drop-seat Nainsook Union Suits, adjusted from shoulder, sixes 2 to J2 years. GOe tfae suit." --Children's "plain cloti Waists, all sizes, at i!5c, --Boys' and' girls' Knit Waists, all sizes, nt 35c and ^Oe. --Ferris Waists, all siies 3 to 10 years, at 39c each. --Girls' Cloth Waists, embroidery trimmed, sixes 2 to 12 years, at 65c cacli. ·--Children's light weight cotton Vests, high or low neck, no sleeves, all sizes, at Jflc, 45c and 50c. --Children's Cotton Union Suits, high neck, long sleeves, ankle length, or low neck . and elbow sleeves, all sizes 4 to 12,- at 75c «iud --Boys' · cream Union Suits, high neck, short sleeves, closed crotch, knee length, sizes 4 to 8, at $1.00 and SL25. --Boys' Cream. Union Suits, athletic style,' drop-seat, at 75c and. SSc. --Girls' drop-seat Union Suits, low neck, no sleeves, loose knee, sizes 2 to 9.--at TBc, $1.00 and $L25.' These All-Over Bungalow Aprons at $1.50 and $1.75 Of exceptional good quality percale in pretty plaid patterns. "White finishes the sleeves, belt and neck. These aprons arc convenient for morning, noon and night; just slip on one of them and not a spot -will touch your dress. Soft, Shimmering Taffetas Are Much Liked By All There is a more than ordinarily good assortment here--all the best colors, particularly blues and taupe--36 inches iride and $2.00 a yard. Chiffon Taffetas, which many womea Eke even better, 36 inches wide and $2*50 a yard. Also a good assortment of colors at $1*65 the yard. A PRETTY WHITE SHIRTING MADE OF ARTIFICIAL SILK Comes in most conveniently between cotton and silk fabrics, and it has many advantages of both. It is white with, colored stripes, and has a. brilliant silk finish. It washes very-well. Women-are using it a great deal for shirtwaist dresses and blouses, and for men's shirts. 32 inches wide and $1.25 a rard. _ ^ :NS '. 6th St. General. Ug^it rail Heavy liaui- .'.' 'ing. ''Local aid Long . Distance Mi.ving. "'..." ·V JJOIEK.Tr.. STR.VXGE'..: :; i'cnl anil Cote. CouncllsTille. ORPHEUM THEATRE ·William" Fox Presents GLADYS BROCKWELL in "THE DEVIL'S lYUKEL" "THE SCREEN TELEGRAM" ALSO. T O M O B B O T T -- THE PULPILLJEENT OF A HINDU LOVE LEGEND "ABIT OF JADE" . Starring. Dainty MAHY'MILES MINTER. Also Benjamin Chapin in "THE SON OIJ DEMOCRACY" Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend Carrol! Battery Co. A Factory Trained Battery 3fan. ^ffaU9DBHH36KS)BK0M5ZIIBHB^ J. N. Trump rHITE LIN] TRANSFER KOTOU TRUCK mmA WAGO313, MOV IWO AXD BO 1ST LNO Office 1O3 E. Grapo Alley, *1c P. R. R. Depot. Both Pb J ZARROW'S AMERICAN GIRL COMPANY PRESENTS "ODD BITS FROM LIFE" The Tabloid Deluxe with Eauline GlenciajT, .Fred and Eva Hurley, Charles Markert. Big American Girl Chorus. ' ' . · On the Screen--"Vengeance and the Woman" at These Remarkably Low Prices: Lots on Fltfelmrg Street, $125; Lots on Poplar Street, §125; Lots oo Hawtliorne Street, $100; Lots on Carson Street, $8U. City Water. Cash or on Easy Taj-menls. Lots at C. B. McCOKnCK, AgeEt, P. 0. Box 144, ConncllsvUle, 1'a. For Further Information Ask

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