The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 1, 1918 ツキ Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY COURIER CQNNEIiLSVHJLE FA. テつキWEDNESDAY, MAY 1, 1918. dOW THE WOUNDED . , SOLDIERS ARE CARED ' FOR ON FIRING UNES, A Series ot Stations Projided for 'Cnobaent Bテつサrmテつォ 'Ihclr Jowncf to the Base Hospital. Wh^n--a aoMier- Is wounded in tire tn-ochcs, emergency treatment is usually available not very lax away In a dugout just back sf the trench, that Is, a suitable dressing, baaidaje or splint will be appWeiLliy the sur- gton, usually one ot the younger men and le- will than leave tha flrst Bne . trenches by a comminucaUng trench, b-lng carried ^ou- a stretcher it Tils wounds disable him At a varying point lit the^rear say one to throe nilaj bテつサ%"hテつォ- reaches a-fleld-hospl- テつキ- UJ, thテつサ _3cecテつァied_ advancedjJressnyr-- station 1n-the-Pritishaimy -This post is usually under canvas and situated at the farthest point winch, .the ambulance eaEer~liorse-dravrn.ST_jngar, can reaSusjinC jelttVe" safety. " ~ r テつォ tbテつサ-"aa:vaixceai_dテつ」eS3ing s'at-tm the patient- aテつ」ier~ Inspection may he jiasseci on without disturbing his dressing to the next station or the v.onnd may fee redressed II necessarj If lie has a fracture requi-rag- bette- im- nxobi Ization or protec'-ioa than t was possible -to give at the firs,, station it wilfbe. properly put up Should he aave soirie condition requiring mme- tliate treatment such as dantt-rous hemorrhage, an operation may be per- Joraed, AU casea except under conditions-of extraordinary msh here receive ~the first prophylactic dose ol antiteianus serum He will' also receive sufficient anodyne to make ins journej to the next * station com- fortab'e and it has been found that the generous use of anodynes prior to operation has a marked effect in diminishing shoes If conditions al low he will also receive hot dnnis or fooo. or necessary stimulants Occasionally the patient is in -J des- perate'A condition, that fmrthei transportation is inadvisable^ and he "remains -at"the-5avanced dressing s j.- Uon ".-" ~~- \fter--leaving the advanced dress- ing-statioii the-patient Ts taken to the casualtfeleanng station, C C S. ot the British-army, H 0 .E. ol the Freaeh.'army This sfaUon is a variable distance- away, dependinfi on the military conditions "With the realization that the patients condiaon depends iery largely on the promptness of treatment the tendenuj has been in hoth the British and French irmles, to move these hospitals closi'r and closer to tne- lines Dear Music テつ」over. "Each Stitch is a Though of You, Dear" So sings Henry Burr very delightfully on one of the most popular of the new Victor records for May It's a. mother singing \\hile sl3 s^s for her soldier sons now fighting m Francp--a timely bit of -nnstfulness and courage that appeals to everjone Harts 'A Little Bif of Sim- shine" is a most happy plea to the home folks for messages and gifts to the boys "over there " "No. 13453--75c We have yet to find the man -who didn t launch and laush heai tilv 'at Billy Murray's 'K-K-K-Katv " It's one of the funniPst skits in rccoid form Hart's ' The Last Long Mile" is a gripping rousing marclv ns* song with vim and snap and typical American humor Be sure to heai this record--it's one of the good things for Ma\ ~^n 1^4".--Tie ' Everybody's Crazy 'Bout the Dog-gone Blues ' a "\Ianon TlTiis jazz thing, is irresistible It hasn't a grain of sense but is a guarai teed ' antidote for "the blues f ' Has a lively, gingery reverse, a Van and Schencl. darkey song, "In the Land 0' Yamo Yamo " j\o. 18.148--75c Plan right now to hear these hits while they re biand new \\c 11 gladly play them for you at any time Yours very trulv, M'Donald'sMusicStGf Royal Hotel Block Smithfield. j SMITHFTECD April 30--Mr and "Mrs Harry Jliner and chiltlren ot Grautens Ferrj motored down. Saturday evening and- called: .on relatives nere. Mrs. Kofaei* Campbell ^nd daagfc ters acd"son-of PomrManrn visited relatives m the borough Saturday night and Sunday Hugh Ranlun of Mmgo Junction O is visiting his parents Vr "and Mrs. H J Runkin. A. J Suttou and Frank Bntt EJH praised'the personal estate of M.ra Ma'saret Huin deceased Saturday Chテつ」rtes,-H^Kulin her son j th" ad ministrator Herman Collms of Poland _Ba visited this, his former borne Suoady," Mrs C L. Jones iioitecl relatives at Little Falls ^ \ a - o v e Saturday night and Sunday Miss Bell OUphant returned Sunday from a weets visit with fnends in Connellsville Mr and Mr- Marion Show of T7n- lontown spent the week end. \isitiag their parents n the borough C O Boolej wife and daughter were Inionto-nn visitors Monday -Wllliani young and wile of Cincinnati Ohio and brother Michael -\oung of__ Richmond fad are here called by "the serious iUne=s of their motner Mr^ Caroline oons The Stmthfielders are still buying lj herty Bonds Srnce going: over the (op !ast FYidaj bj subscribing he" qnota of J-H 100. -Cashier W S Leech has taien ?C Oil more This i- ex elusive of ^5 OiiQ tafeen bv -ailroad rien here and not credited to Smilh- fleld -', Patronise those who ailVBtJi=e_ Indian Creek. JNXHA.N CREEK 3 0 -- The firs sHp'nent of lumber has arrhed for the new Booster pumping station fa*- the Mountain "\\atfir Suppl com. pany Mr and Mrs A P Dooriey from Scottdaie spent a few hours here among friends last evening Miss Jean Illjg ret iraed home from Connellsnlle after a few weefcs iisit among Connellsvilli, fnends The Indian Creek V illey railway engine No 3 arrived here last evening from the ConnellsviHe shop Thev now again have two engines in service Harold Marietta from 1EU KtfiUwllL leave for camp In Kenttu^JTiiirsdar. If Harold gets ove'- there, goodbye for old Kaiser BiJl John F Kooser from New- spent a few days among M3U. Ran. fnends ~ \frs Boss Marlatta from Mill Run, Is calling on Coanellsville fnends-and shopping ' _^ Mr and Mrs. J E \Vortman left for Baltimore today -- ~~ Mrs George Snyder from Davistown is calling on ConneUsviUe friends and shopping - -- -- C Snyder Baltimore " Ohio ~ machinist from Coanellsvlle was making some repairs to engine No 2 on the Indian Creek railw: last night Mrs Smdusky from C onnellsvflle, i^" spending toda here at the home 6f ilr and Mrs H W Miller Dies. __ WASHINGTON -Aprl 30--Dr Car- P. R.R. THROWS OPEN ITS VACANT LAND TO EMPLOYES FOR GARDENS Ha.) 2,800 Aden Suitable lor Tils. JPurpos*! Will Supplj Inrtruc- tions to the Crordnrs. The utilizing of all available vacant land belonging to the Pennsylvania Railroad company Cor the cultivation of war gardens tins spring and summer la strongly urged by Assistant General Manager R. L. ODonnal, in テつキa- general notice sent to all employfje of the company Snch tracts, situatpd off the rjght ol way and suitable for agricultural purposes, Trill be thrown opeti to any employe desiring to Ull theaj, at nominal rentals for the sea son. For plots of one acre, the charge will be $1 and for smaller tracts the charge will cot eiceed 50 cents The general nodce m directing attention to the long artenJoons now available to many employes lor gardening work says It is for just such purposes as this that the daylight saving plan was inaugurated ' To encourage practical methods in planting and cultivation thus insuring productive results, a supply of garden pnmers has been obtained from- the National War Garden Com mission at Y/'ashmgton and each em- ploye interested *ill be furnished with a copy of the manual As the season progresses information on can ning drying and storing truits and vegetables will also bt-* furnished Last year Pennsvlvania railroad em plovas planted 120fl gardens an*. ^ ra sed crops of an estimated value of [ one-quarter of a million dollars The , company has a total of aoont 2800 acrps of land on all of its lines east of Pittsbnrg and Boffalo which can 'bテつォ used 'or agricultural purposes effort will be made, to surpass j (FLAG COUPON) HOW YOU CAIf GET A SF1ESOTD FLAG TOK UTTLP All that is rtecoテつサsary for you to do Is to clip the coupons and bring or send them to The Daily Courier omcc with 51 -xO and the beautiful Flag is yours DeテつサcripUon--The flag is 8 feet long by 5 feet wide rainproof and sunproof American bunting--absolutely Cast colors stripes sew ed double stitched Has strong cam as heading and metal gromments JMs 8iu Foot Flug for 6 Coupoiib of Consecutiテつサe Dates and Sl.iO Gush. Note --If ordered by Mail add lOc for packing and postage ci rr THIS ix VG cocros TOD VT : and witfi required cash for flag send to riag Department THE DAILY COURIER 139 t-S IT, Crawford Arc-, COKNEILSTH-T"E, T\. Name- Street or R F D No- Town RUSHING WORK ON MERCHANT VESSELS T a9t 3 ear s record- i In the general notice Ass stant General Manager OTDonnel says All employes who are ablo to do so are urged to take advantage ' the'e opportunities by cultivating a wa. gar den thii spring and summer thus assisting our country in the prodac tion of food, and also aiding m a very essential manner to win the war Em- ployes taking this action will In ad dition be helping themselves in one of the best possible ways ' When Itching Stopt There is one sale, dependable treatment atTe^eves itching torture and sfcm irn taboB almost instantly and that cleanses anAaootbesthesion. テつサ.. Ji , -'Ask aof druggist** テつサ3Sc orSt-bottle of zemo anS apply it as directed. Soon you-.witt find that jrntabonf, pimples biyttugrb, eczema, blotches, nugwonr and similar skin trootles will dteippear A httle zemo, the peoetratihg. satisfy mg "uquid, is aU that is needed, for i' banishes mdatrekin eruptions and 3iafces the abn soft, smooth and healthy. Curd of Thanks. "We wish to thank our friends Bid ue ghbors who so kind'y aaeisted in tho sickness and death of our beloved daughter tmd sister, Bewlo May Trump, arid all those-who sent flowers and the singers of the Kethodtat Pi otestant church Mrs. Charles Rue aifd~ daughter, Mテつサry Bells Trump -los Maria de Pena minister from jAi^ Uruguav died in a hirapital here to- dav _ _ If Too Are HnBng Bargains Head the adver-iseiiig columns "of "The Dally Conner You will find them." , JTry- OUr Cla*テつサlfied Ada. They cost only 1 cent a. word and always bnng results , Patronize tboM who TMESe MAIL ORDER HOUSES MAKE ME SICK BUT WE HAVE THE STOVE WE WE DO 100 EX ME TO COOK OH TtOtT PILE OF JUNK? DO NT XOU CO AND CZT A DESCEtiT 3TOV6 AT OUR HOME STORE BURNED BY A COLD STOVE In innumerable sections, many of them bent or warped, the mail-order house stove comes after -weeks of waiting The expectancy and unrest are forgotten temporarily -while father proceeds to erect the new stove that will mean so much or so little to the home Piece by piece it is urrwrapped, -wretched fitting are evident, one leg is missing and gradually the monument of junk assumes a sight that disgusts mother, amuses son and provokes father It is but a stove in name that this octopus of the business world has thrust upon the unsophisticated victim Even the wife and mother realizes quickh the value of the home merchant and her reprimand of the father who sought to save by buying through the "catalogue plan" but who virtually threw away the value oテつ」 a good stove MORAL --A home-purchased stove comes ' ready to use," must burn and give satisfaction or the home dealer will make it right. A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. THE AAB02T CO. "Home BeaMer" 145 3T. Kttsbnrc St CJROWLEY-atESTBEZAT CO. Shoes lor the Whole Family 113 W. Crawford ATB. AttTTffATt WOBK China and Wall Paper 147-151 M. Crawford Aw. THE CENTBAX STOBE Dry Goods 211 "ff. Crawford Arc, ELPEBiTS Ladies' Stiti and Coats 130 If. Pittslmrg St FIVE AND TEN CENT WAUL PAPER,CO, "Ball Paper 103 W. Apple St. WEMiS-SnUJS MOTOB CAB CO. Agents for Tl illys-Knlght, Overland Cars, Accessories WEBTHEIKEB BEOS. Men's Store 124 S. Fitobテつォrg St. CONEILSVILUG LAUKBKT "Snow White loriv" 129 Baldwin Are. COLOMBIA HOTE1 John Dnsgan West SHe FBISBEE HABDWABE CO. Hardware fl. Crawford Are. WBIGHT-KETZLEB CO. Department Store TV, Crawford AT*. 1A0GHBET DEW COMPANY Drag!,. 113 S. Pittsbnrg St EAPPOBT-FEATHEBMAIf CO. Too Can Do Better Here. COKPAJST runutiux, Buテつォs, Stoves I54-15S IT. Crawford ATB. Vf. ~S. LECHE Dry Good* 123 Tf. Crairlord Ave. THE HOBJfEK COMPABT Hen's \Vcar 106 fl. Crawford Aye. COLONIAX NATIONAL BASK Corner Tittsburg Street and Crawlotd Avenne. McPONALB anJSIC AM) ELECTRIC CO. fiujal Hotel Block S. Pittsbnrs St. H. KOBACKEB SONS "The Bis Store" 3i. Kttsbnrs St. C. W. DOWNS Footwear lor J vtrrboilr 12! S. PKtsbwg St. C01S \ELLSVILLE MAEiOST AND JTOETH EJfD MARKET leading Grocery Stores ISO and 313 K. nttsbnrs St. A3DEKSOf-LOnCKS HAEDWAEE CO. Hanlftflrc ^ H6 fl. Crawiortl Aye. CHAELES T. GILES Jeweler HI flest Crawford Ave. BUOTfSEIX SHOE COSTPANY Shots "Vfest Crawford Ave. COMテつォEIXSYIIXE DEUCt COXPANT Drags 130 ITcst CraTriord Ave. PETER B. WEOIEB P!inoh aud Phonographs 127-129JLiisr Crayrtord Ave. A. W. BISHOP Jewelry 107 ^cst Crutford Ive. I Texas had done some shipbuilding before the war but in no coaipin son with what is being done now Many of tiie biggest \\oodi-n ships ever built are being launched there Tils photojiaph shows two liuge wooden vessels on the ways at a Texas shipy ard IOCAL ATO 10\G DtSTAKCi HOYDfGS. Tri-State 67S. \V \1T f jnffalfu Residence 101 Haas ATP B Bril 842. "テつキ "テつキ WUUCIlj テつキ.CONJiiJuLSYIkLE, PA. THE JOB DEPAETMENT OF THK COURIER DOES ALL KINDS OF COMMERCIAL PRINTING g If You Can't Fight In France, Get On The Home Firing Line Strike a blow at Germany -Bj buying Liberty Bonds B} buying Thrift Mamps Bv saving \lonej regularly By paying Bills by Check. All the facilities oテつ」 this bank are at yuur service liberal Interest on fcavmgs Safe Deposit Buxes tor Kent. 129 w. Cnnrford ATE^ ConnoIlSTllle. The Bank that Docs Things for Ion" Safe Deposit Boxes for Eent MICKIE SAYS SC.OS OF GOOO FEU-BBS AttOVJN fH\ HEE6 TOWN, BUT THE BEST OP BM ARE -THE FELLERS SNHO BE1MG- IN TH61C COPN PwN 1 cos E KRV.V so \NE ROSH6O TO OEA.TH ou-r THE pixpec. THE BOMBARDMENT OF GUNS' reminds us an that we must quicken our pace and send onr dollars to the front Now is the time to subscribe to Third Liberty Bonds which pay 4 1-4% interest. A remedy for infoetiont of tba L T i E f c r T tract, Paibloai ou pofBonoui and will not テつサtrictテつォm. __ aテつォltテつォTwi In 1 to 5 dM*. SOLD Earert Poテつォt it doテつォirテつォd-- Prl sooooocsaeosoocoeoocooaeoooocKS THE EVANS CHEWI . tt, or 3 bottle! テつサJ5. . CINCINNATI. O EETSTOSX; ACTO KEPAIE In Re%r ol 611 West CrawlonJ a-venuo West Side Connells- vllis Pa. BRAZIAG AMD -WEbDING. Can* For Sale. WEAK Honiet ' s ClotMng CXXKOOCXXXXXWOOQCaCOOOOOOD Want Ads. Ic a Word.

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