Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 13, 1972 · Page 86
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 86

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 13, 1972
Page 86
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We brought back bruises and scars from each place we visited during a week in Virginia. To properly enjoy historic Williamsburg, one should either take a walking tour or carriage ride throughout the town. We did neither. We opted to stumble and totter our way about, picking up cuts, scrapes and black and blue spots on arms and legs as we went from place to place. It's important to know'a little background to appreciate our travelogue. To begin with, neither my sweet little gray-haired mother nor I are blessed with an abundance of coordination. During the week prior to our departure, mother managed to come crashing down on both knees in the street in front of her house, completely removing--for all practical purposes--the inner portion of those knees. And I, displaying a sense of grace possessed since c h i l d h o o d , s o m e h o w managed to slam the car door on my own head, devastating myself with a concussion which required treatment in the hospital emergency room. So there we were, a -modern day Frick and Frack, preparing to go off for a week's holiday. None of the neighbors ever expected us to live through it. There were predictions of death by car crash, drowning in the. pool at some Holiday Inn or simply driving ourselves to oblivion on a wrong interstate turn somewhere. We haughtily pooh-poohed these fears and set out. Our only major boo-boo en route t o o u r f i r s t s t o p In Charlottesville, Va. occurred when mother at the wheel mistakenly zipped off one interstate on to another, heading for Front Royal, the wrong direction. Clutching the wheel and steering us past several miles noticeably devoid of exits, she hysterically demanded: "If you make one little mistake, don't they let you turn around?" We finally did a U-turn across an emergency exit (reserved by am- b u l a n c e s a n d police vehicles) and headed back in the right direction. After all, fit was an emergency. We 'were going In the "wrong direction. At Charlottesville we picked up our first bruises during a night swim in the motel pool. We also got an inkling of what to expect for the school-age kiddies vacationing with their folks. By Martha Smith Paddling abo'ut timidly in the pool, we encountered severe pummelling and indiscriminate splashing from the raucous youngsters. Getting kicked in the stomach or smacked in the head by a flailing limb became the rule of the game. The next morning, visiting T h o m a s J e f f e r s o n ' s beautiful Monticello, we were stepped upon in the press to peer over the roped off areas and see the genius' inventions. Our greatest running series of bruises, however, came in Williamsburg. There, on our initial night's stay, mother managed to s t u m b l e i n t o a heavy armchair in our motel room, ripping a gash in her already tender knees. This brought on great cries of pain which I manhandled her into a newel post. Groping blindly, about to prevent falling completely, Mother jabbed the post's point into her up- perarm. The next morning a silver-dollar sized purple contusion appeared. A newel post also proved my undoing while waiting for the crowd to pass me in the governor's palace. Stepping back to avoid having my toes trod upon, I backed into a pointed newel post, which caused a bruised and sore back for the week's remainder. Perhaps the high point of the trip bruise-wise was when I had another run-in with a car door. This occurrence followed my parking the car in front of a Williamsburg supermarket. The car was parked on an incline and instead of the door remaining open as it should have, it swung closed with great force, crunching JLXA 'This is where Mincly Hodges caught the snorkel diver." answered by s t a n d i n g helplessly by and wringing my hands^ In a remarkable recovery the next morning, mother was up and about and we began the ordeal of seeing Williamsburg...along with what seemed to be 10,000 children, all pushing, shoving and whining. The ones who were not too young to know what was going on, were rudely demanding everything in sight and generally running amok. Parents snarling at their children and at each other were in evidence all over town. At the South Information Center, a heavyset girl was babysitting while her parents joined the crush to purchase admission tickets for viewing ssven colonial buildings. Her manner of occupying the children consisted of holding them under the arms and whirling them around hi c i r c l e s , f l a i l i n g a n d smashing into bystanders. Appalled at the older child's behavior, I attempted to kick her as we walked past. I nearly fell, but the effort was rewarding. Mother obtained her next " m e m e n t o " d u r i n g a candlelight tour of the colonial capitol. There,, while descending the staircase, a r a c i n g c h i l d my leg between the car and the door. ' It's amazing how quickly one's leg will swell up and turn black, blue and green. To avoid spoiling the rest of the vacation, I spent the afternoon with numerous icebags on my injured limb. On a journey to the shore at Yorktown, we had an altercation with a rather f e i s t y crab, but since he--through some obvious oversight--neglected to bite me or leave any other scar of the fight, I won't detail the incident. Our luck ran high the rest of the time, but we had a predictable number of problems driving home. There was, for instance, the time I commanded mother to make a sharp right turn on what was supposedly a n . interstate entrance ramp. It turned out to be a very nicely kept gas station. While the car was being turned around, I crouched under the dashboard to avoid being seen. After missing another exit and driving several miles in the wrong direction-ran occurrence which prompted by mother to mutter a four- letter expletive rare to her innocent lips--we set our sights toward home. No one believed we would ever make it alive. But then, no one" would ever believe that one family could possess two members so completely lacking in grace. Clean OIRECTLY.ON-THE-OCEAN-FRONT SHIP AHOY MOTEL- Next door to Fishing Pier · 37 Rooms Apts. And Restaurant Pool and Kiddie Pool Golf Privileges · Air Conditioned · Electric Heat · Phone: 803/249-2265 or write THE WESLEY MOORES, Oprs. Mgn. 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