The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 6, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1930
Page 7
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THURSDAY, FlffiBKUAKY 6, 1930. SUCCEEDS TAFT AS CHIEF -JPHB DAILY COURIER, CON ^ELLSVILLB, PA, JUSTICE FRANCE READY TO! INSURE All Is Op- Compulsory Mettsiiro posed Bitterly Jn Quarters, By STFAVAlR/T Bll.O-WN \ n l t e d I'reas Sl-ufC Cm respondent. 1'AIUS. Fob 6-- Franco's first ex- porlment In compulsory social iiisU aiico IB scheduled to go into eitect to- mo/Tow, moro than 30 years after Germany'*) aIoption of similar legislation Bmce tho law TIVWJS voted by Par- linmeut In April, 1928, a bitter battle has been ·\vag i el In Franco \ for and against the pnncl"p! o1 compulsory insurance lor low-sularickl workers. For a time it was feared the law would nov r go into effect eo hostile became tho oubllc criticism. K\ery arginnent under the sun w'aa advanced against the nev law. the at popular being that euch legislation -would InvnvtUat-oly luureaso the cot of living and burden the backs of the very people It \van MUjipoed to Characteristic poses of Charles Evans Hughes, of Nf w York, now chief justice of the U, S. supreme court, who has bean appointed by President Hoover to succeed Chief Justice William H. 1 aft, resigned. Upper left, Hughes na ho appflared as a Republican presidential candidate m 1916; right, as secretary of state in tl.a cabinet' o? PiTsldont Harding; lower left, as a justice «f the supreme court prior to his presidential nomination, and, right, a recent photo of the jt?«w chief justice. tones in Lives of Taft and. His Successor \VASHJ.NGTOX l-'ob (i.--Hero aro! WASHINGTON, K. b. C -- Hor? ar* th uiilestoneH \ \ tho life of William Howard Taft: Born at Cincinnati, Ohio, September 15, 1857 _ Orulitateri from Yalo, Juno 27, 1S7S. Admitted to Ohio bar, Msiv n. 1880. Appoirtod judge «t buperior court it Cincinnati Maich 7, 1887. Appointed Solicitor 0-onoral oC tho U n Hod Sta-tea February 4, 1S!)U Appointed Federal }ud+;« tor Slxtlt iudK,il ClrcuitU! irch 17, 1802 Named prc^slul ^iit Unitort Ktatet, 'lillipplno Commif^f ion March 12, 1UOO; appointed fir*f nvil frov-fnior of Philippines J u l y i, 10M. So!oetMl "· Bee rotary ol War In President K(xmev«Ol'H (,'ahinol February 1, 1904. Nominated for Provident by Ropul)- i'can National Omvoutloii lu Jun«, l r a5. I'iau?uratcil Match 4, 130!). Oe touted for r-oloction by Woodrow Wilson NovoinlKJr 4; retired trout l«sld«ncy March (, 1913. j ChleC Justice of United )y President HarJtng June 80, 1! 21 Uosigned February 3, 1130 Ads. 'allow. l r .se Results q u i t k l y Here's good news some of tho high sp ·!, in tho Jifo of Ciuirkw* Evans Huxlit : Born at Olons Fall , NT. Y., April 11, 1S62 Ciraduatod from B own tJnivorsity In IvSSl. Admitted to Xo^ Y irk KW, 1SSJ Married Miss Aiitomotto Cu/'tor in lSS. I)ocln6d r.«mlnn,tlo,i for mayor of N«w York, 1'Klb. Bocamo Kovcnlor of \AW York {.Kite, 1007, ^nterod · e*. crud t'jrni, IduO; rwlfined 1910 Ikjani(v usaoclate i\ ·iln x of tho 8u- prons« Court on Octoi or 10, 1910. Nominated for Presi k?n* by tho Ro- riiblcan NntioinU C ' o n v o n f i o n in ('!tl- cago, Juna 1'3, 191(i, an i rstgne'd from upremo Court tho BU no day. (n November 7, 1916, ho rwolvoi 254 electoral votes for th^ presidency against 277 for Woodn w Wilson yorvorl us Si'crotary of Hajito In tho cahlnet of l'iosld«ut Hauling atid CKiiid(;e, from March '921, to Marciu 192*5, a t t n g oa chiof d \ks£;uo for tiie Uuitod Statas at tho "Wsitblni-Lan -Arnw Cotiforonco. Hlocfod a Justice of ho PcrmaSient Court of International lu-.tice by th Opponents of tho pioj-ect that 20,000 new j^overnmerit employee -will be required to care. lor the oiiera- tion f the now law, entailing a heavy expeitBj to the govornuiont and in- dlre-ctly to th» taxpayers. Thei terniB of the project are'hljrhly oomp'icated and uuconipralvnalble \a tho oidinary person whom tho law will benefit. But even this claso ha« shown Homo hostility, for it Heart that the small percentage it muet pay lite gov- erattuut d u r i n g periods of good hetxlth will bo tar more t h a n the benefits secured 'luring tlnioa of ill now, accld-ento or death, AH mate ii.mi female workers, whether city or rural, petting t h a n ifi.OOO francs (?fi()0) yearly, cerUii additions tor the number «t children, will bo automatically limned by the law. The same benefits arc optlomJ for lion-bill ji Jfl peiwmf, u i t h Incomes less than lo.OOO trancn, TiHJ. benefits i n r l u d n pmc* it-ally frill paynioitt of lo-toi bills, for salaries lost beiMiim: ot or motterhooxl. jWMisionp for old age, and bvulftl benefits. In i r t u v n for thlh tho government -will levy a Ux ot 30 por cent on the "worker'*) Incouio, on- h n l t o£ which must lw jMiil by !!:c worker nnd tho other half ly iha r. the JOY Your joy may depend up n rich, red-blood-cells A HEALTHY body ii vigorous* strong and sound. It is mail tnd woman's greatest asset. It-demands that tfc s rcd-blood-cells shall not be decreased in nutnt sr. The red-blood-cella ar! its -workers--5,000,000 to the cubic milUtnet sr. It is dangerous to let the blood count renu in below normal. With an increase In tb; red-blood-cells, you ·will be on the right roa 1 to Health. This is Nature's way to body po- rer aod to clear skin. Yon owe it to yoursel: and family to grivc S.S.S. a trial. It promote i healthy body building-. It helps Nature b did rich, red blood. For more than 100 years E S.S. has been helping people regain and retail their strength and chanti. It in tnadf from itrictiy fresh vegetable drugs arid is easy to assimilate. Pleasant to take. Thousands of u- ers have testified to its bentsfits in unsolicited letters of gratitude. You will be delighted with S.S.S, blood - bul/dittg and touic effects. Take at mealtimt!. At all drag .stores la tstto size?. Ask for the Istrgcr size f It is more economics.!. 0 S.S S, Co Makes You Feel Like Yours elf Again Crittdi of the bill iKiInt nif that (ho The Paramount "Pnrio," with Irona Bordo 1, tho Krenoh .stago ita- in tho tyadii f role, will bfl i h o v s n a' !h« r1 ira«jo nt foe the last time tonigh'. The Orpheuum "Tin- Mysterious Island," Motro- GoMwyn-My^r'a fsmtabUe romanci of tho unknown depths of tbo ocean, with ! dialogue ui«l «.rnchontaol eound, Is the Mkm tJordoni'e JVjnous Free ;h BC- i upocLatailar liltmcUou now playing at cent i« )c no win i ir ana wide. employer will inrrp»w hit, pncro i o j n i a n y yeans aho pay the Insurance Ux, whii»\ unlots , pattonh w i t h (ruuc ihe worK-man'o s a l a r y i.x rafHcii. ho w i l l , ye an 3 th,tl i ..rhtun ultimately pity not only lu-s j harp but ' j3,, g ) lB ti In f a i r . JPor tho Orphcum Thoatro. FHiiwxl ontUs-ly Irs color, arxl nio*t ·of It uniir tho two., with U« etrungr dcniMnw ot tho dccji acting w i t h hu- ra«n actors in d i v i n g .irmor or in the . . . . -- _ - _ ,, great submarine which invade the Agricultural workers have 0ro tested h««* nuilu fcpqtiwrii prolong* trip*) i SMXSOH domain, tho new picture is ono so strongly against the honvy («x Uutt to tho fi*nrl» capita! just to ko ) H i n ' o t t h o outawmling f«U« of tho ticroeu Ills »nip!oyer'K, t»ri*rt n Hordoi , Ixvu careful lift r e t a i n thte aeeot t tlio nl c«jisMer- will IK; aiotherhcod, old council and assembly if Uio of Nations in 192S. Acted «is chairman 01 thi United States delegation to the t-ixtli Pan- f i K un amoiuitiifiit w h i c h w i l ! to tax OH «talarict o' r u r a l vnrVors to txvo per «pnt In rottirtt for wMrh ih y «nly tor ilckn(»«. ftgo and deLlt'. Th^ir would not be SK coir'i)h't- aa the othors, Itching Stops Instantly--Piles S oothedy Healed ho Itciinp, hnrnins and bleeding piloa is mo«t embarru t -si!iK -- n l - trim, an') nha Mtnac** to hav» i^ri^Dfh M'TVanlb- ii hr hotifcho! tu'cii twk t!io v ho r tcte-k nj.» to y but I. Khf j Prtxltic^d «.ni directs*! by I^nclen Hub- lolSy- lmr3 from hia own adinfttion of (ho I Jnl'fva Vrnn story lh«t (ircMlletwl thti fto much tar tin Prot ch acc nt In BUbmarltH*. t h f pleturo wna filmed, t h l w plctore. · partly natu Bermuda with tho uae ot A jtura dml unaliiltorat st Ixmc )n«w thfl WSUIarnsou «nder«r 1 a eameias, and ii proTtded by Ja-.k Itu Rinnan, Mlf.n rwirtly on t h e CflJtfonifci coaat. BonVinVw Ifrjwiliiij jnan V Kivor o on Tho fctraijge, huntanllko f tho Koftltah n u i j American !i£i; Mi. I inr«i In tho picture, fanta«Uc te O!MI m.ikin? his i \ r « t ( o f tho auihor'a itnftghuiiiou, but etll! p l U u r t * oT'P B «rftlirft n "T rla." bartfrd on B c l o c t l U o fact, form a re- H» b'nr,a the t a n ? of i I r . i r W l j and inarkdfole »l!uatiou, iuul th watcher, to tbo«rr«»'-u. j (ra»*por«sl to th0 depths under tins A c u l t u r w l H o h t c u variety of Cng- ocoivn, ia literally in a now world lish te providt'H hy IxiuUe Clmaor f n l o j iwopk-i] with nnvr bofogs in tho euirt ' llni? prx!uc(ion. cr«»- Hutch«5, Jane Daly, Oibson American 19 28 conference hi llavana, Smitihfco a lessens shaving irritation M EN with tender fJdn discovered this luxury shavp. They found that after it their lacra felt cool and Sinooth, and that their razors never pulled. They passed tho idea on to their friends, anel now there's quite a group of "Vaseline" slu.vers. They are not all rnt-n with tender skins and tough beards, cither. ANY man's face, normal or sensitive, sho\ .'3 its Kratitude for this simple, soothinj; treatment. Wouldn't you like to join thia comfort c.ub? Membership i ) open. All you have to do is spread it thin film c-f "Vaseline 1 Petroleum · felly over M o btiarU before you uluu* 1 . Lather «s usual. Your razor btrolu» quicker a'id closer nnd your face looka and /otls better Tho Jelly hoaU any little nicks or srrUchea, oo, and s-oftemt dry or chappul skin. Try it on«» nnd youT never f,ha\o vlthin t "Vjwitnt'" .lol'y. You can buy it in J-tr» or tubes at all good. drvsg M ort'i. SMITHON, Feb. 0--Jnmcti Watltlna o"? ·""iiio-stien spent SunLa / at (ho home o£ hH parents, Mr. aiu 1 iMrs, J. K. WiUklno. Mr and Mrs. Jos-oph ^!lchloit« and eon*). Carl and Joseph, J r , of Monos- ben wore s;ue«ta at th homo of fviensla bete Sunday Mr. nnd Mra R. G, Tittavlno nrJd son, Bobbio, w-oro fiuesta a) the homo of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Piuluzzi of Wll- kintsburg Sunday. Elinor Wallace- nnfl son, 1 Tarry, of f^armier Hpent Surxlay ;it thoir homo hero, Mr an«l Mre George V". Morrow wore giiestn at the homo if Mi 1 . Morrow V, parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jam^a Morrow at Scottdalo Sund iy. Mr, and Mrs. Edward Malono and daughter, B£tty, of McKe? sport wero guests at tho home of Mi Malonc's parents, Mr and Mra. James Malono, Sunday Mr. and Mrs Marrij Lcrsekl and daughter, Elvira" Mao, of Turtle Creek wero gttcbth at tho homo oE Mrs. Ijoreski« biothor-ln-law nnd sister, Mr. and Mre. Ma nils Pitta -I no, Sunday M/. und Mis- Harvoy i-tnitn ot lo\v'cli to continue they cuuso worry, norvousnois und In souie caaM -- tho knife. Ho j u s t , get after thos« soru, pain- f u l piles today with I'otornon's Ointment. Th» minute this powi-rfuiiy healing and sowthing olntmc-nt IB applied, itching and burnini; h t o p a , tho ln(lam(Kl pirta arc soothed and start right in to hf-ai -- the mighty healing powor of Peterson's Ointment ( a U s » s piles to vaaisli in n fw dayi). Olov^lnnc Hi urxir of Mku.tou, W. Car., write* : "I had a aevero csiso of piles and will truthfully say after Iry- IHK evorything \vithovit gottiag any help-- Potoraoiya Ointment jjav: tn« freedom and banished rny p i l p R . ' Potorson'f Ointment ends pileti and an actrv«s ii'f no!«, wlio altjo play d in «Ui,.:o \ r t h i d u of "Parlss." Th-fl real Yiinkoo twoiiR It b«mri votn { Oowlaiiii, jMontagu Ixyvo, Harry Crlb~ J.ificn IlohanUi, nla-i u atago tav .rilo, bon and othert. of noto aro In tho ca«t who portrays R New Eng'ttwl bo · !n j swrrodnding Uoncl Barrymoro, -who thte atory. The m«]orn Am-crlcan pirl is re ro~ by a 36c box will prove stores -- Ad\ erlis^mcnt it -- all drug Iron Bridge IHON BRIDGE), Fob C--Mr. und Mrs, John. Felkar and the former's father, Henry, Polker of Qreoimburg, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Daugherty and family of Uake Lynn,, John Cable of and Mr. and Mre. William Waugivman ot 'cottdalc, and Mrt Kd- \vard Lam'ic of Mount Pleasant wore tho guests horo Sunday oC Mr. and Mra. John C. Faith. Mr. and Mrs. Georgo Hendrtcka uid children of Statiffor were boro Sunday catling at tho homo of Mrs* llcndricks" parents. Mr nnd Mn, Daniel TsJutsy. Mrs. W i l l i a m Olrger and daughter, Ruth, w-cra A o u n t J'toasant ehoppors on Saturday. Mv. aivd Mr 3. John Craven wero it I Brownsville Huuday attending tho funeral of Mi.i. Craven's mint, Mrs. Jano Gordau, who died at the ago of SO y^arw, Tho funeral sorvjco waw hold at tho )iumo of her son-in-law, Thonifth Lock\ v f l t h i n t o r m o n t in Washfxigtou Cemetery. Mi. and Mrs William Bungartl, .Mr and Mm. Wllh i n Ilowaixl and futhar, O. H. Piilts, 'voro at VundorbUt on ·wero gutftts ut th. homo of j Htindsy -visiting \tr L ' r i t l h ' n l s t c t - , M:s Mrs. Oo tlon's p a r e t i t ^ , \li jitul Mra. MiUor I'rinkey a n d Mrn "VV T. lialoum niul f l i r l i wore I ' n i o n l o s v n viiito"s on Satuulay Mr.! and Mrs Milton Crosby ttoro vikiting at tho riotno of Mr. and son, Oliver, of Moncxttcn AV ro guests .it tho home of rclathea of thin place on S u u d a / .\!r nn( Mrs. WiHUim Ooni m ol Wll- FJclding favi rlto Pitta, whoso volco lias 1 *«n t allfd the funniest on tho till! ing , contribute*) a "Western draw I. Ot'i'tb, Floata Orawi'ord, Vivian DuVjul and othore of (ho V ret rhortw porrray "haixlboi! H!" o£ tho etago In tho Ic- younj? turo. Tlwro nri i others, of course, mt thwe aro the outstanding typos ; nJ the varlod ticcoutB of this rollick ng farce oE Paris with ite gay bacltgroi nd of French theatrical life, A Vltaphono act, sound new« r ·«! and all talking comedy aro also be ig shown Tho fwiture picture for Friday a id Saturday J*, "Sonor Am«rica'oo," K in Maynard appears in tho atollitr ro e. Sensible Way to Lose Fat, SUrt L d k l n s Krui.clien Salts -- l l i a l a Uio cumnion-BoiiMo w a to roUj( o -- 1 i il-un't l.Uva t h e m with t u t Idea t h a t Hi, v possess rocHulriEr aualllicw in S l t l V O " This Is w h a t they do -- they alma 01 t thr l m p u r t t l A » t In o u r blood bj 1 Hoepln ,I ho bowalB, kidneys and tivor In splc-i - dlJ ivorkintr «hap« und Jill you with i vlg-or ami tireless cnctg-y you'd most Ay a rchuU i n s i c a d of p h t r i t l i i K your f l f in art oa^y f h a l i e v e r y free mantan iinrt l e t t i n g flabby f u t u c c u m u U t o j o icpl mi u i f f r j for n o i l v l t y tlmL koopB vo moving .irotind (loins' t h e thing's you'v n l w a j d vantccl to do n l l d needed to cl to keep you in Kood o o t t d l t l o n ' Then 'vs.itcli the p o u n d s .·nllde olf! K.\ nsoheiv Kalis u r c t h e up-to-dati K o u n t . x l n oC loutji. Take ono liaK tea " p o o h f u l In a prlftss of hot or cold iVatoj tomorrow inoi rtlug- atu! overv morning-U i c i ' j o la-iiolcss that way, and 11 t h o j d o n ' t (-bailee v o u r wholo Idea «.bout n-K O linc'k and ee\. tlio small prior , plays «h« myfitorloua "Di5{k!ir t " Inventor and captain of the strange undor- sea craft in which the fantastic adventure IB launched. The submarine was an. elaborate pleco of engineering, and its evolutional in tho water ara t h r i l l - ing detail to (he fantastic romance, The progmm al»o includes a tonoac't, all-Uvlhing conitfdy and nowa roi'l. And Soft Corns Actually Kodncos t.ho Swolltatr-- Soft Corns Brj- Ittghf ITji and Ciui Bo riok«d Off. Get a two-onnco bottle of Moone'a Emerald Oil (ftill stTeng-lh) today. "Every well-stocked drtigRist baa this, and 1t will reilnco the inflammation, soreness, and pain much quicker than any roinody you ever used. Your bunions may bo so swollen anfl inflameil that you tWnk you can't BO (another step. Your shoos may tool as I i Llioy aio cutting: riglit into tho flosh. You fopl aiclc all over \vi!,h tlio pain nnd torture ami pray for quick relief, What's to bo {Lone? T%vo or thre-o applications o! Moono's, K7iiprald Oil and in iiftivon ^ o ^ ])uld f o i l!c,t an fn H c u l l , Mr aiui MM (JOOI-KO H t o a l m u n nnd Hon, Ueorjio, Sr , of Chaile -o 1 weie fit t h e home of Mr ami Mr* He-ffran Monday we \itij.; 11 Or Etidurhig It For n M loo r'limy of us, m dd!a nge inpnni Hint period of l!f» nlicn we si^nd n g«^'j sharp of onr H n a n n t l f l - »a!la.i{ somo now ncho or pn n.--Fort All Benjamin doe'iy at S a i u r d a v cvonh g Mr ami Mis .Ireip Vnnco, Jr KenKdftlo. wero Jioro Sunday w i t h \ ntifp'i p a r o n t ? , .Mr. nnd Mra. ,l V i n r p , 5?r, , o£ Mr cent bottle n f K n t H c l i u n .Stilt-)-lasts foiu t t o . k s -- . i l U n l i i t i liruf; Htorp ti th* \ ^ o n t s l l o l f r n t n i J i i i j f Stury, I t i o i i l w i v J l \ i R f ' r j 0 1 m y f i i o r r i B s l v c lU-Ui-TKlsL a n j - v u l i c i o i n tilt- u o r l i It'* 1U( dime i l H i l y !««,. « i i n t tlos-u U.\ ui t i a o i n t - n l nrinutcfi all tho pain and sorouess (!!appears. A few more anphcaUcma at regular Intcivaia and tho sAvcI'm? reduces. And as for soft earns, a tow applications oa«h n i f f b i at bed time and thoy j u s t spom to shrivel right up ana scale off. It's a wonderful tmmula--this oom- biuatloti of esenitial oils ^ \ i t h camphor and other intis-opHcb BO rncirvol- ous that thousaiulB of bottles aio sold a n n u a l l y . Union Drug Store and overj good K f u t t - drugist'gtuiranters Moone's Em»iall Oti to end youi foot ti*oubUs 01 money bade.--Advertisement. PAGE SEVJSW. «rt*WW*««ft»W8«JWWMW^^ VFTAPHONC Vitaphone Act and Sound News Reel All Talking Comedy Friday and Saturday Ken Maynard in "Senor Americano" a Urn B B · 5 · · · · a n lire n a n a a n lira a a n ¥1 Today, Tomorrow and Saturday in Dialogue, Sound and Technicolor! With Lionel Barrymore, Lloyd Hughes, Jane Daly The spectacular undorseas r o- mancc f r o m ·Tules Tcrne's famous no\el! Two years to make! (¥] OH II Also Our Gang Comedy, Movietone Act ^ and Sound News 'S.\FE- CONSERVATIVE STRONG" Tear Gas Foifs The Hold-up Man at Tho Second National Bank--it makoa him absolutely holploos and safeguards complete!} customers and employees of the luink. TEAK GAS PllTiVETfTS S --it is the only weapon that can ho safely iiflp in a hus.r bank--and "The Oldest Bank in ConnollFville" is so safeguarded. Resources Excetiding $3,300,000,00 OLDEST BANK IN CONNELLSVJLi-E Black Measla* To Qualify ns Sky Pilot BOSTON', Fc-h S --TJio Rev. Ocorgo II. Woodier, Itoma-a Catholic mls- "Kdltor the Chronicle " writes a San atolULr ' l u A1 '^ kfl . '« studying: for nil frnticlsco correspondent "1 hope the nvlator's license at Boston airport eo report t h a t Atlantic City Is euucfrllng i tluu u ° inily t o v o r l h o vttst Far Xor!h Us i i n n u u l boauty contest Is true Tne i Ol11 '« l r t t «'y whwo be Is aUUioned In Chronicle's grent interpst in there contests hns been the one ffrfnf b! i;cl' on Us-c our "vja.nt" ?^AI IN FAY E TT E C OU NTY of Lincoln's Day It was the popular custom in Lincoln's day for merchants ancl individuals to put then- mortgages, deeds and private papers in iron boxes. But now the proper way is a Private Lock Box in our Safe Deposit Vault,-which rents for only a small sum per year. TITLE TRUST COMMNTT OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA CONNELLSVILLE.PA. The Only Bank in this C o m m u n i f y that originally paid and hasconstantly p a i d 4% oil Savings Accounts 1 t 1

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