The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 1, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1918
Page 5
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, MAT 1, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVrLUB. PA. PAGE FIVE. NEWS OF THE DAY AT MT. PLEASANT BRIEJWRELATED CaJl Issued for All to Turn Out Thursday to Give Draftees Semloff. TOWN OFFICIALS TO BE W UNE SteTens Urges That Others Who Can loin in Demonstration and Thus Keep t,p the (Vood Reputation or the Place; General ews Eicnts. Special to The Courier , MOLNT PLEASANT May 1 --The funeral services for Anna Hrabrat iged 14 yeais of Standard, who oied n the Memorial hospital was held from the Polish church yesierdaj norning and interment was made m be Polish cemeterj Hurt in TUne. Emmanuel Nelderhiser, nflo 13 em- ilo/ed at Standard, ^as injured at he Standard mines yesterdaj He was i ought to the Memorial for reatment liorn at Hospital. Mr ana Mrs Herman. GraUinger ire the proud parents of a son, horn t the Memorial hospital yesterdaj lorning Jlnst MjuuUin Kepntatlon. On TUursdaj »hen the next 16 Iraftees leave Mount Pleasant for ort Thomas ,Kv thej will lea%e the irmory at 4 o clock sharp for the altimore Ohio depot, where the ram leaves at 5 o clock sharp The urgess has a^ked that all patriotic i^d fraternal societies, the Italian 'olish and Slavish societiea the mm 'nerial association bands and drum orps along w i t h all good palnotic itlzens be at the armor} at 4 o clock harp to escort the boys to the depot. The Lutheran ladies i»ill furnish unches to the men The town has iad an excellent reputation when it ·omes to sending her bojs awa and t is their aim to keep it up j Visits Son in Camp. T O Anderson has been at \e-r "ork visiting his son Ernest who 11 t a camp awaiting orders to sail Injm.''Jierine June 4. The next ingathering ot hospital applies and surgical dressings will I e held June 4tu and will be followed i n regular order the first ^ w e k of j aJh month. · Protectlre Bodv Meet'. Th« Home P-otectne association leld another meeting last evening vhenihe by-laws adopted b the com nltte* were presented lor adoption mil find WRIGLEVS at fiand. Every man, woman and child in the country thinks of WRIGLEVS when chewing gum is mentioned. This is the resuSf of years of unceasing effort to give mankind the benefits aod enjoyment of this low-cost sweetmeat. WfUGLEVS Is the universal favorite -- largest seilltsfi earn in the world. Flavor Lasts! Children s nkite CBHTU Pmnp» 98c FOURTH CAMP For training 01 Officers lor the Irmy to Opt n liar la. Tl* fourth se-ies of officer s tra nirg cams lull open on Ma 15 it % a r oils diviional camps and caatonn. ems Twcper cent ot the enlkted person nel of the Regular Arm* National Gu'd a"d the \ationa 4nn D\cept theCcast ^itillery will be designated toittead these schools In adcnion yong men "who have had at leas one ycrs military training at colleges ad schools which ha% o earned gov- eiment lecognitio \ at an., time dur- 1; the last 10 jears will be admitted IK provision also appiiea to men of caft age Application =rould he made tbrojgn 0 college or school a terded a id be ··compamed bj the report of a phys- al examination mase bv a well novrn occtor or surgeon Letters om at lea^t three persons not relat 1 to the applicant are to be bubiritted irectly to the p-esident of the edu itional institution testifying to the israeter and standing of the appli int and giving the w r i t e r s opinion 5 to his fitness to be given a cormms- on Applications must be filed not iter than May 1 Applicants who ara as than 20 years and nine month* - more than 32 j ears old on Miy 15 ill not be permitted to enter upon le training course Ic is understood that a numb r of o«njr men in this vici-lit will make ppiieaUon for admission to this series r camps ISLAND KING DIES (ortre II. Kuler o! Friendly (ionp. Succumbs, Dispatch Snjs. By Associated Press \ %Q3LBOUR.\r, Australia April 30 fleorge II, King of the Tonga lands. Is dead. The Tonga or Friendly Islands tn e South Pacific oeeai have been un- T a British protectorate since 1900 though s*iii possessing a native ng There axe about 150 of the lands GOVERNMENT WAR POSmONS OPEN BY THE HUNDRED j Many Men SU1JM In Innoiis lines j Also Boo(Jvt«pers. Clerks nnd , Others Much "Needni ' Positions are open for hund-eda of t-a Qed men and rianj women in t r e Ordnance Department of the Armv I and the United States Public Service Reserve · endeavoring to "ecru L the quota assigned o Penns Kama Positions lange from clerkships to inssly technical posts and ala"ies are £ r o*u ^1 000 to $4 oOO So necessa.r is it lo~ the Ordnance Department to fill the pus s T Jiat ci\ii service require i merits have been "waived in all cases | ' excepting for clerk bookkeepers A. | list of the positions open and number j of workers desired fol ows i SlTtv four assistants to business manager $1 SOO 47 experts in busi- ne^s administration $2 000 to ?T 000 i | 32 statistical experts f 1 SOO to ?4 500 j 466 mechanical engineers $3 500 33o 'superviso- inspectors of ordnance | matenal ?3 000 to %! 600 260 inspectors of ordnance -natenal K aOO to 52 100 470 assistant inspec -irs of ord nance material ?1 600 to $2 400 92 mechanical diaftsmen $1,200 to ?1 SOO 97 junio- chemists % 1 020 to 51800 116 ne allurgjcal chemist's . i l O O O to ?2 100 134 powder anil ex 1 plosive chem'sts $1 000 to |2 400 nine 4 Inspectors of cartridge cases Jl 600 ] to J2 400 nine Inspectors of assem hling loading e*c $1 600 to |2 400 nine inspector!, of forglngs J l b l O to 52 400, any number Inspectors higji exp'osive shell loading ?1 COO to $2400 anj number ballistic Inspec tors $1 600 to ?3 400 Positions 'or men and womei-- Nme qiia'rfied m statistics ;i 000 to niie clerfcs qualified in office admli!- istratiOT ?1,000 to $1 800 nine clerks qualified m accounting $1000 to ?1 800 nine clerks qualified, in business administration $1000 to $1800, 56 clerk-bookkeepers ?1100 to ?1 200 Applicant 1 ; are requested to communicate Imerndiatelj with the nearest director of the Public Service Reserve \fen In Class 1 of the draft are not eligible for these positions Tbe ocal representative is G S Con nell First. Na lonal Bank Building Dunbar. I DliNBVR M\ 1--Chief of Police R S Mav spent SundaT in Cumberland Md D C Eason for wall paper--Adr -- 26mar27t Charies E! enbergpr of Pittsburg spent a few di\s here i\itb his parents Mr and Mrs J D LHenberger o* Speer Hill Joseph Gessocer visited fnends and retati\es in M organ town "W Va Stn day- Leonard McCoy of North Biaddock i^ spending a 'evr days here with, relatives David Rankin of Grey's landing visited relatives here Sundav Misses Came Boyer and "Virginia rilenbi-rger \ sued m Brorrnfield on Sun ilar Mrs "tti'liair Ball was calling on friends in ConncllsvlUe Mondaj Pmtronine tho«e vho Ton ha\e got to clean and clear the boweK thoroly to hav e good health aftei months of indoor life you would do so nw if you could see them as vou ao your face or hands Holl's- ters Rocltv Mountain Tea cleanfl and clear 1 ! as nothing else Start tonight ConaellsMHe Dnig Co--Ad\ WARREN MURRIE Pupil of Oscar Saenger, Ne-w York City Teacher of Voice Culture Room 4fl4j Flr-4 National linnV Bnllding. Hondor, Mtdnexday and Fridaj T vemnc«. For voice trials terms and appointments phone Bell 357 or call at Htudlo Limited Number of Students Children's Black Patent I'nmps Ankle strap s!?es 5 to S Special at Lace style white ivory so)e», size 8^2 to 11 Special $1.75 cs' Blact Patent Ie«ther Pnmps Ankle straps fljl QC % to 31 Special «PA»«'i Smart New Spring Shoes Pumps and Oxfords Styles, Values and assortments to Make This the Logical Shoe Store For Yon. $8.95 Grey Exceedingly pretty naw Grey Kid Shoes, lace style Louis heel, 9 in. tops Priced elsewhere »t flO 00, ·t "UM Big Store- $8 96. Women's Blade Kid Shoes The Cadet. $7.95 Snappy new Brown Kid Lace Boots, foil Lonis heel, 9 in tops, $950 value, priced here at _ . $5.95 Very Popular. Dressy all black glaae kid high lacs style, Louis heel, 9 in tops, J7 60 -rales at ?5 35 $8.95 Military - ~ Very smart. Field Moose Kid -with doth tope to match, naw mtntiry heel imitation tip*, special |8 95. $4.45 Lace style, Louis be«l, an rtzefl Special at J-S45 WNMMnMWMMNMHWWWMWMMIMMMMMMMIMI Boys' Gun Metal Shoes , English style, lacs alien 2^ to 6% Special $3.45 Women's Broivn Kid Sho«s $3.95 Lace stvle, military heel. Inutftboa tip*. real K value at $335 For Their Sake The most precious thing that · : possesses in this world is his family. When an American soldier leaves this country and leaves behind his wife and child or his mother or any member of his family he KNOWS that his goverment will not let them suffer. c He is offering his life to protect his country and he JCNOWS that his country will protect those that are dear to him. For the sake of die American soldier, for die sake of his family, YOU ore asked to buy LIBERTY BONDS, to lend your money to die United States Government jo that there shall never be lacking the necessary funds to protect the soldier at the Front and to protect his family at home. · i Surely you will not fail to do your share for die sake of those who are offering their lives to you and yours. BUY LIBERTY BONDS AND BUY THEM FBJEELY FROM AMY BANK LIBERTY LOAN ADVERTISEMDfT has been contributed by Artman Work J a patriotic contribution wards winning the war PETEY B1XS--let Fetej M orrj BT C. A. VOIGHT! f-- ABooT 1 I GoTfEM. A FEUER l\\.£. GOT A JOS / I To SET A »ecEl»T oOE , IM GROW NWi A, HOUSTA.CKE.' . ,, it* *t -iL-ja-.

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