The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 1, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1918
Page 4
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. . PAGE'FOUK. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, 1918! : pp Satig Enui-UT. \ HENRT P. SNTDEB. r;T«ginder % »ad Editor. 187S-1JH- TUB COtmiEK COJIPASTi K. M. SNYDER. ^ . ^ .. *. President. . § ~ JA3. J. DRISCOI1* i««y and Treaaurer, Business M»ntr«r. -i , - JOHN L. (JANS, J . : :- :* Managing Edlcoi'. '· WALTER £ STIMMEU · · City Editor. ' Society Editor. MEMBER OF: = Associated Pr«w, .-·- ·?. Audit Bureau'' of -Circulation, :. .. flfonnsylvania^ AssoctttecL Uanle«. - TSwty cents per copy, 50c p-ir month; IS »er year by mail If paid jl a4T»nc«. ?5W,m.WO:*-.tO'- our .-Allies -the expense . of 'the'"Brat- year of '-the war has been .about $10,000.000,000. Eacb. succeeding year', will see large Vsincreases in ".the expenditures, ^'aad^'the (meaning o£ ·,, that .everyone know We will have": to foot the bU|,.throusb'C increased' taxation and t)f]wrchase -"of ..-bonds. Mean- time-th^Rrf^GroWr^Yr" M; -C. 'A., Catered as second class matter , poltomce. Connellsville, Pa. · t the £ The ~C*«rler'a'.Service-' C '. TMir .."; * , WIMJAM-'-W SHERMAN, tiospltal- Unit JL. American Ex- Ti peditio.nary "Force's, -France C ..-RALPH K SMGBK, V CO'mpany H.'SUth Infantry. » '.-^;.- U. -S. N. JU · - Camp Lee. P»tsr«bur£, .Va. £ '1UCHAEL GRENAtpp, ~ P A RO'LD; RICKEY,- - . 5-EattetV. B, -Tield 'Artillery. !8th i' ntvlStbni TJ. S.lN. O. ·. 'ttp*D B. COX. :· Ktny *", '.37j:ti EpSISMrs, V. S. A., Fort Myer,-ya. - he- Ajuioclat** Pre»«. ~ ThO Associated PrtdS is -5X- --cltrsivetyentitied to -the -«s*-for ^rcpiubHixLtiu ur; all uewa dis- 'pafchfcs'credited t o ' t t or not ·oiherwioe credited : Ii tb.U.».iper riiiu also' this local n«*s published Therein... - - \ T J K ' C A X -CATCH THE : The testimony of an old'soldier'as .to .*rtiat--t3-usefui-to^.inaiil«ite patriot- istli and loyalty may* be depended upon. ; Thus · when Comrade- Barnbart, Rafter a trip to an embarkation camp, /·declares that it is one of the most inspiring experiences in the life American, citizen, we are willing to ^accept his judgment as final and conclusive, even without offering in cor- roboratioo^pf^hfs jtestimo'ny that.j " many othe*r4fieesQnS.\fnj5~fcave visited, the cantorimeafs'orthe'TCatlbnal Army and the camps of the National Guard. The spectacle of thousands of trim, strong, healthy, vigorous and enthusiastic ydunj* men yielding themselves to a v/holesome 1 discipline while learning to fit themselves for service ini^hcu-.Anyiy .of. .Civilization;', is one .that-j.will quicken .the pulse, brighten tfr'eVeye -"and'cause an ihVol- untary swelling of the chost.of evejy "person worthy to .be accounted. . au American" 'dltizen". There "is a busi- ness-Hke directness, an. intensity of purpose, an absence of useless effort in the activities pf these camps that is impressive in the" lessons these things teach.' The fine spirit of the men, who have,been, inspired tO ( their duty by the most" righte'ous caiis'e for ·which a nation^ ever entered war. and. the restrafriefT irhpaiierice with" which they await^their entry" ia/he" conflict, are incenVwes^'to, patriotism-, the" like of which T w " never-fceffn? have 'witnessed. ., . . To come'in close contact with these influences;".'fo submit one** «elf to the Invigorating atraonphere of robust Americanism which pervades these camps, and to see. such a wondrous exempliScatlofi- xt ''America alert. eager, ready and" unafraid to engage the foe of human rights and liberties. Is an experience so. rich as to be worth a life-time of waiting. If every citizen of this republic could have this experience how much more, sturdy would tbelr own Americanism become: how. ; much sharper and clearer -would be -tlie vision of their duty in this hour of'their country's need. How much firmer would .-* be their determination to lo_ to. j-he utmost all any everyt)vjn.s_tjiey Jean do; how much more ready would they be to count as nothing the sacrifices they can make in order" that as few WANTED -- YOUR BJUIBERING business. RENDINE*S. - tf / . TV ANTED--DISHWASHER'AT M A N HATTAN CAFE. . U O a p r t t WANTED--CHAilBURMAU). APPLY T O U G H MOUSE. S O u p r t t W A X T E D -- GE.YKRAJj ork. 4 1 G Snytlcr s t r e e t . , WANTED--COLORED W A I T E R YOL'OH HOUSE JiKSTAUHAKT. l i a a p r t f d AT Knights" ;qf:,C61umuiis and other war activities--_wiU;-have;to be maintained, and we will have to do that too. To the certainty, of these .things happening we may : as well make up our minds and shape our affairs and plan our -expenditures, accordingly. . The war'is not going to end this year,, nor next; in fact ,tt may take five years or longer for the United State to reach thai degree of perfection and'power in its military machine make it more than a match for the Hun horde that has been trained for aalf a-century in a carefully wrought oii'Uplan to overrun civilization. . w . ANTEn _^ T KNOtRAP»KR. AP"The Liberty 'Loans," said former? p i y in own hand writing to STJSNOG- President Taft in an address the other i HAPirEii* c; Courier. 23.ipr;tL day, is put part of. our preparation. Attention. IF IN NEED OF PIT POSTS "WRITE y o u r wants. C. H. BIRD, Addiaon. Pa. ' XoUec. K13TSTONB Clj.KA.VlNO _ mama anci straw lints. H O U S K : CO-COS, 170 West! C r a w f o r d SOanrSt' i C o n n c l l s v l l i e . Pa. I :0npr-l3!; 1 WANTED . AN k i t c h e n ffirl. A p p l y WBST PENN TKA UOOM. I i n a y 2 t WANTED--WORK IN G A R K K N BY JACOB KL^K.V. C o n n e l J b V i l l e , Pa. . T O a p r Z L ' t h i s case have been returjied "Non ost i n v e r . t u r f " you are therefore r e q u i r e d to appeiir in t h e C o u r t o£ Common PleijS of l-'ayelte county; 1 Pa., on the f i r s t Monday of J u n e o( said Cotirt, A D. 191S, to an.iwer the libel and com- pllunt f i l e d t h e r e i n , and s h o w cause. i£ aity you Ji.'ive, why a divorce ironi the PARLiOR. b'indH of inatrimcwy s h o u l d not be CHARLES I g r a n t e d the libeilant above named, a v e n u e , | THOMAS L. HOWAKD, Sheriff. Sher- iy's Office. April 35, 1918. [ may-1-8-15-32 n n L AND AT-Li ACINUS OF s e w i n g . 21-1 N o r t h P i U s b u r p B tract, above t h e Baxasu* utnro. MRS. JOSLi- P H t i V K Z M E T K K . I m a y a t " 1VTS H A V B AN EXCELbLKNT OP- j i o r t u n i t y for several young men, 18 yearn or over, aa assistant's in the oT'ratinzr d e p a r t m e n t of the main power plant. Adtlresit in person The total ot them is after all only a small amount. We are going to have to do this from time to time. There will be'10 or .15 more loans just like this one and it is just as well to prepare for it. There will probably be an increase in taxes from year .to year. 'WV' have got to get down into our TV ANTED--BOYS AND C1KLS OVliR 16 yearn oT ace. Paid w h i l e learning. CONXEM-SVLLLE SILK 1IILU by iett t e n d e n t West Connc.HsHllo. E. HANKIISON", Superin- Penn Pow Plant, Notlc socks and into what we have regarded! yatre JOB DEPARTMENT, Courier, as the' property upon which we could iGapr-tf rely as income producing capital. : T7k"do not know what war is. Go to Canada,' .France or England, where every home is in mourning, and see it in the stern faces of the men and women.- -We can wear something in the way of stockings that are not silk and make a hat go two seasons instead of one. ^v'e have got to win this war. "It is going to be easier to raise the next loan, for' by then we will begin to receive big casualty lists--we ·will be passing through Ihe valley W A N T E D -- W O M A N FOR O K X E R A L s c i u e d proposals w i l l be received h o u s e w o r k . Apply MRS. C. .1. A R M - j t l l o 0 |f ice O C A n d r e w P. Cooper, Archl- STRONG, al. Tough House restaurant, j lecti 7 0 4 i? lr8t N a t i o n a l Bank B u i l d - · 2!*ayrtf j j n g- ( j,-n ion t o w n , P;i.. up u n t i l n o u n W e d n e s d a y . ' M n y i S l h . f o r t h e A U e r - Htions and A d d i t i o n s to the V i c t o r i a School B u i l d i n g - C e r t i f i e d check a m o u n t i n g tn $500.00 required- (o HC c o m p a n y each h i d . The h o a r d reserves WANTED--BRIGHT BOY OVKR 16 ars of age to learn job printing. J n - ; W A N T E D -- F O R MAY FIRST F I V E " t h e r t ^ h t n o m iiouse fcrred. P h o n e T r t - S t a t u -J3T. , South Side pre- '.Mnprtfd WA.VTBP- O I R L KOH G K N K H A r , h o u s e w u r k . No houseuleaning. MKS. | K. K. D I C K . 50G South P l t t s h u r g j s t r e e t . 27;tprt£l j SCHOOL. B O A U D OK T U P DISTRICT OF 1 ' K R K Y T O W N S H I P Per Dr. J. R. Martin. P r e s i d e n t , W. I* Secretary, A n d r e w P. Cooper, ,V.'.\ NTK1'--AT ONCK. M K P I : M sizt- M n i i M P w i t h c o n v e n i e n c e s . or iipnrtin«nts. ('all 7 4 7 e i t h e r p h o n e o r Boll 77. W A X T E I -- M I D D L E A G E D COLOR 'd man for sweeping cars. i n hou and shadow of death. Our backs will i shift, sight turn, stonily work. AP bfe against the wall and we will stakeM 1 '?' ***««"· Mechanic. Vest Penn R: ' our all to win this war for civiliza- 1 ways Shol)s * tion." . lm * 41 That is the situation we have to face, -It is going to take resolution, grit, sacrifice and money to meet it, not alone for a day, a month or a year, but from day to day. raontb to month and year to year until the end aimeS at is achieved, and achieved with honor to our country. Vou will share ] in that honor only as you share in i providing the ways and means to make .Its preservation secure. W A N T E l " -- AT ienced salt-slat!/, ONCE. EXPER- m»st u n d e r s t a n d al , te rations mid f u r n i s h referer.r.fts. Ap- , plv PEOPI/KS* DEPARTMKNT STORE, · 220 .North P L t t s b u r K street. . 2fiaprtf | Administratrix'* 2V otic*. ESTATE OF MRS. M A R T A. W f U T - ney ,dece;i-e^d, l a i n of the C i t y of Con- nePiBrille. E'a, Letters at administration on the o« of :ibove named de- j rodent h a v i n g been granted to the u n - j derslgrned. notice Is hereby ffiven to j the persons I n d e b t e d to the said es» ; t n t c to m«kc i m T D e d i n t a paymftnt, and j those having 1 claims n g f t l n s t the mime i to present them [ t r o p e r l y a u t h e n t i I c a t e d for nvtilement., MRS. KMMA | SOTSSO.V, A d m i n i s t r a t r i x , 510 Johne- j ton avenua. Conn'-Jievllle, Pa. 17apr6t-w-d otln. pairing- SISVKRAL M E N FOR RE. j overbaulinc: cars. G( p p o r l u n l t y f n r . ri};ht partj-. MASTER M E C H A N I C , West Railways Company. ~~i "W.c must h u r r y to o b t a i n a Solid victory by 'arms before the f u l l A m e r i can forces arrive," t h e G e r m a n newspapers are becrinnlnpr I P urpe. Too late now for the H u n r to h u r r y for vic- t o r y , but not too late to worry, as t h e y arc plainly b e g i n n i n g to do. TTNTKD--OtD FALSE T15ETH. Don't m a t t e r I f broken. 1 pay J2.00 to $15.00 per ?Bt. Snnd by parcel post ,nd r a c e i v f t check by NOTICE fa HBUKBT GIVEN THAT ,.n apfilicAtion w i l l bo made by H Apply Marietta. L,. F. Ruth, tS. K. Dick. J. M. P-»nn Q r e y a n t j A. [. Sulsffon, to the Govern o r j f I ' e n n B y l v u n i a . o n Thursday, Hay L6, ..I?1S. at 10 o'clock A M.. u n - ' der t h e ' p r o v i s i o n s of an Act of As sm-bly e n t i t l e d , "An . Act P J f o r t h e Incorporation a n d regulation George l^atteppnn. A t t o r n e y , WI bl A AM TA Y UCll VS. MTlf TITLE Taylor. Jin the Court of Common Fleas of F a y e t t o county, pa,. No. 418, De- ccm-.ber Term, 1318. Tu Slyrtlo Taylor, Res-por.dent: You are hereby n o t i f i e d t h a t the s u b p o t u a a n d alias s u b p o e n a in tlvs case have been r e t u r n e d "Non est r.ivon1un," y o u ;irc there Co ro ra- uired to appear in the Court of Common of F a y e t t e c o u n t y . Pa-, on the _iou.-th Monday of May of Raid Court, A- D. 1918, to answer the liboi and conrnlaint filed therein, and show cause, if any y n u have, ivhy a divorce 5rorn the bondw of m n t r l m n n y H h n u l d r.nt be g-rantcd the libel 1 ant above num«B. THOMAS L. HOWARD, SherifC. Sheriff's CMnco, April 25, I f l l S . may l-S-15-22 Di-rorc* II. K. MacQutirrte, Attorney. CHAKLKS ALMO3I VS. KLIZA- betb \.lnioHL In the- Court of Gomroon I'leas ot Fayetts county, Pu., No. 169 , Alarcli Term. 191S, To Elizabeth Al- ' moal, Bo«pot;dcnt: Ynu are heraby noticed that the subpoena and alias subpoena, in. this, case have been returned "Non iBt tnventua," you are Lhtirefore recioired to appear in the Court ol Common Fleas of Fayette county. Pa., on tfao 3rd Monday oC Jfay of said Court, A. D, 1018. to ans- wore the libel and complaint ftled therein, and show cauae, if any you have, why a divorce from the bonds of mxlrimony should not b« ffrante-d the 1 1 be Man t above named. THOMAS L. HOWARD. Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, A p r i l 8, 1918. H. G. May. Attorney. CARRIE EDNA BOSS VS. CHARLES Ross*. In the Court of Common Pleas of Kayatte counly, Pa., No. ' 272 March Term. ISIS. To Chiu-Jca Haxn, JRepondont: You are b?«re-by notlfled that t h e - subpoena and alias subpoena in- this ca»o have been, returned "Non eat in TOD tun," you are therefore required n-ppear in tho Court ot Common Pleas of Fayette county, ! on tha ird. 'Monday of May ot said Court, A. D. 191S, to answer tho libel and complaint filed thsrein, anl show 'cause, Jf any you havfl, ~why ft (^yorce 1'rom tbe bonds ot raatrimon^ shouli! not % b e ^ H j granted the Hbcltaat above niun'ed, ; idG I THOMAS 1^. HpWABD. Sheriff. Sheriff's "~ i. April 15, 1918. ana r a c e i v n C H C C K o j r o L u r j i iu.m. u. . , ,. , n t . t . Tn nf»t'etn'* " innrnvr~rt l h « MAZER. :no: South f l«h » t r«t, PhHa- | ^^^f AprT A " S, .'"d "h^.ip! de! P tl ' ! '' F:l - l u p r - J i i p l e m c n t a t h o r o l o . for a charter f o r an W A N T E D -- T W O MEN FQU SAI.ES- w o r k . Go.'d popition f o r right p n r i l p a . Steady w o r k . Those h a v i n g IKM! e x ; but not necessary. Telephone for ap- ' p ^ r i e n c e pi--;f err oil, R o f r r c n c i required p u i n t m o n t 454-J. corporation Lo be caJJed Kn~ character arid object of which ia Ihv. m i t i l n j r of. coal find tho manufacture W A N T E D -- A N Y KIND OF PRIMY- .nc. w h e t h e r it Is a calllns card, sale j bill or the finest enffravod wedding j i n v i t a t i o n or a n n o u n c e m e n t . We prim Remember "that y o u r bond s u b s c r i p - ; nnytning---everything---do H promptly ·"We have, to refer to the calendar in make sure that this Is May Day. of tlle * a ha i n t o coke., and tbe sale ot and for thes« pon».'ss nnd en)oy r, l;«nofits and privileges , Act of A f i ^ r n l t l y , and the t h p r « t o conferred. KTKRblNG, HIG- BKE A M A T T I I K W S . Solicitors. npr- 2-1- may -1-8 tion does not count u n t i l the through- which you made it hits i y o u r flrst payment. bank I and do it rlpht. Call the man at TUS j ,,. -. = . i C O U R I E R ojnca. Both phones. 27-tf Yesterday was not the lii. u t of H l n - GenburK's Ond days. Jn th; c x p r c s s i v r lanpuas'c of the school boy t h e y "are g-oin' to git wors«r" r i ^ h t :Llonjr. I f ^ t h e new m o t o r street .7wepprr ciin keep a n even keel w h i l e n e t c o t m t i n c the shelf craters in W e n t C r a w f o r d and, Fairview- avenues, t h f city r o u n - ciimen may mitcly make ;t joy drive In it over South Pittsburg street. WANTED--A -VOIDER OF STRO.N'O work. G n i i f l WILFTOS to -*tdrt \inl r a p i d a d v a n c e m e n t . A p p l y in person at CENTHA1- DlSTUrCT TKMSn-JO.VK COMPANY'S of!ic«j. fifth no Trust b u i l d i n g . Connellsvlllc, P; , A t t o r n e y s . S. G. May, AUonxiy. EL.12ABKTH gABO VS. AL.EXANTJ- er £abo. In the Court of Conunon Pleaa of: Fayetto county, PDU. No. 316 March Torm. 1818. To AJexanciar Sabo. Respondent: You ar« hereby .notified that tho subpoena and iilttus subpoena. In this ca»(j hAVo been rctnrned. "Non, 1 cst lnvent«s," ynu are therefore re-1 quired t c appear in the Court of Com- f ··um Pisaa of 1- j.yette county, Pa., o n ! h.- 3rJ Monday of May of said Court,! .-. D. 1518. ir- answer tb« libol and compjalc* fuad therein, and abo'w cause, if any you hove, why a divorce from the bonds- of matrimony should not be g r u n t e d Ih* llbellont above n a m e d . THOWAS U HOWARD. Slier iff. Sher- M A H Y A N N I-U-IKW U7K" VS. GKOliUK ! o{T - 3 OUlc-c, April 15, ISIS. Herwick , n t h ( i , ,,,,,, of Common l c a n o£ J-Viyi-tto c y u n t y , I'a.. - No. 375, The man w i t h o u t .1 htnl m u s t h a v e that ' ^ w i t h o u t a countrj'" f e e l i n g p r c r t y strong. Tf you are a member of 1 hf Cross you w i l l w a n t in play of work nt heartrju;i evening. so. visit tho dit-- ·tcrH tomorrow '. not a member you should Or a Visit liy Lwj«l Loogncrs. Democrat-Mess e W A N T K D -- Y OCN« WOM BN WITH n n o year's h i K h school e d u c a t i o n or e q u i v a l e n t , to t r a i n as n u r s u s in the Ohio V a l l e y H n ^ p i t a l . Stcub^nvillo, Ohio. W P plve thrt;c years' t h o r o u g h course of s t w d y and t r s v l n i t i f f . No H c r u b b t n p . Reniuneratlon to cover ex- ponnes. Have a comfortable Nurses 1 Title . ^ c Ptomber Term, 1917. To Georjje w . 1 Henvick, Respondent You arc hereby not i Tied that t h o subpoena iind alias ft-j()poe»a in thia cosu have been ret u r n e d "Non eel in vontu.V you an* t h e r p f o r e rpijulrtxJ to appear in t h « C o u r t of Common Pleas of F a y e l t y county. Pa., on the fqurth llondny of Slay of said Court, A. D. 1018, to answer the libel nnd complaint filed therein, and slinw cau»«, if a n y you have, why a divorce from the bands of . Home apart f r o m t h e h o s p i t a l . m i u r l m c n y nhould not be granted the j l l h r l l a n t a b o r e named. THOMAS I; HOWARD, Sheri/T, S h o r t f f n Otnco, i;)FKKRING '· A p r i l 25, 1D13, raay-l-S-15-2C 7 a p r S t * Brownlio'.ri d t c i n , Attorn*; v W ANT y. r.i -- W K A R E steady e m p l o y m e n t L» men, between t h f a^es n f 18 and 1C. for g o v f t r n m e n t work and r e g u l a r commercial lines. , T Our f a c t o r y o p r r n t e s si^ d u y n per I ter . Ln l n o Court of Common I'lcivM week, in i h r r o y i ^ h t - h o u r p h i f t s . W n i j e of p a y f i t t e r r m n t y . Pa... No. 3CI, Scp- l e a r n i n f ; nper:ittons we pay you 3Tc t i m b e r Term. 1.317. To. Km ma H u n t e r , p e r hour, p l u s 10 per c-nl b o n u s ^ o n all i R e s p n n d e n t : " Y o u n r t j hereby n o t i f i e d , , T H O M A S f l l l N T E R VS. E M M A H H X - H. G. May, Attorney. Ft-ORKNCE AtAY R1CHEY, TS, Eugene S. Klchey. In the Court of Cormnon Pleaa of "Fayette county, Piu, No. 302 March Torm, ISIS. To Eugene S. Richey, Respondent: You aro hereby notified that the subpoena and alias subpoena.'In this case have been returned "Non est Inventus." you are therefore required to appear In the Court of Common Pleas of Fayette county ,Pa-, on the 3rd Monday of May of 0aid Court, A, D, 1918, to answer the libel and complaint filed therein, and show cause. If any you have, why a dfvorc* from the bancfo ot matrimony should not be granted the libel- lant above named. THOMAS L. HOW- ARB, Sheriff. Shcrl/Tu Offlca, April 15, 1918. regret to l e a r n t h a t there lives | wages fo'r"steady a t t e n d a n c e , computed · thlu'Vhc'iiubpoftnH. and in "Wayncsbiirp a well-to-do man w h o Is' so mean and selfiwh, atid ^o devoid 6t patriotism, that he has refused to contribute to the Red Cross?, nnd now 1 declines to make a loan tn the govern- ! ment under whose p r o t e c t i o n h*.- lives, by buyinff liberty Bonds. Such a man ought to f o r f e i t h i s rights and privileges as nn American cvitizen and be ostracized by aociet;-. in worlc. fiicli t.ike? from c able '.." ( Jay :i.nd better. "\\ which n t h i s c;iF , e n a v c b ,, cn returned "Non o n e to six ; eflt j n v rn from $3 ^ n :u.s." ynu arc therefore requir- ". '... TTlmt Democrat is Meant? Con I Affe. Ajiy/man' In W^ishinpton today who .places '"-perronal a m b i t i o n s above his assuming: nn n t i t u d c of superior,-virtue that must arouse suspicion. , Country's -welfare it certainly un- as possible of our soldiers may ^tte worthy, of hiffh office-, When such a required to yield up thc-last fttllijicas- I man denounco-H everyone .who oppospn ure 'of their dcvoUpn,. 9ow shame-." him «*'Profiteer ««* a traitor, h faceUly ahouJd they, rtfme'ralaer .if,""Sri' the crisis which has. cbtcb'- m otir" : aa- tion's history, they. !hare insisted that, they have rights, prtvilpgcs -or im-' inunities tfcat' t: 1sh"6u]d~'Fiive~""p]Bce or" consideration as compared ^wlth the duties that are enjoined upoa us all Our boys, and the boys of neighboring »states, have transfnrmed .these training camps into great well-springs of patriotism. cannot all visit there to imbibe, of,. the waters, .or .to. measure the heighth and depth of d'e-' votion to country our soldiers ' ar-3 maztifesting,! but we are not. too far. removed to catch the spirit f and 'allow it to enter in and possess"us if~-we. bnt consecrafe and concentrate our our means -and the f~4)tt*-banfis -to tbe supreme task o^Vi'sfiffiiin.g^our" c % ouhtry ..... and backing up the boys in fighting to its death the power that^wouliT enslave us. - ' -'^-'V-- - ·-' .-·'-'"'··· ."-" THE C AL£S -HAY?? -' Those whose our ;iiinMca.nta In sc/rurinp house.-I A ^ _ to apptiar in the Court, of Common p have a | pleas, o f f a y p t t o county. Pa., on tho w i l l as- , four-jj Moti(i.i.y of ilay of ffultl Court, the lowest rate^. W« alpo nnc'l a lary* niuribor nf Ktr'.a, 0.--C3 'Jl to 35, " f o r steady, p r o f i t a b l e factory employment. Physical exami- n a t i o n ' mquircd. A p p l y in person or communioatr w i t h Factory E m p l o y - m e n t OHlce THE G O O D Y E A R TlTtR R U B B E R C O M P A N Y , A k r o n , Ohio. ? 18, o n L | l a i n t if '.he libel and (lied ' therein, and show you hnve, why a divorco Georfiro Pa-tteraon, Atrtorncy. W A H V Q UARLES VS. WTT.T.TAM puarlcs. In* the Court of Common Plena oE Fayo-tle county, Vn.., No. 325 December. T e r m , 1917. To "William Quarles. Respontlcnt: Y o u are hereby [ notified that the subpoena and alias | subpoena ir this cnsc have b e e n ret u r n e d "Non fist In vent us." you are t h e r e f o r e r e q u i r e d to a p p e a r In the urco Court oC Common. Pleas of Payette from the bonds nT m n t r l m o n r s h o u l d j county. Pa., on the 3rd Monday of May n n i be p r a n t p r i the M b e l l a n t above \ o{ sajd Co « rt - A - ^ I91S - io answor named. T H O M A S L. H O W A R D S h e r - I the l l b f t l a n d coraplMnt n i c d therein. For H«»i- iff. Srterl«'s OfRce. April 25. nia.y-l-S-15-22 H. W. and C. L. Dawson, A t t o r n e y s . L A U I I A E. SUM1£Y VS. CHARLES H. , ,, i Sump.y. Jn ' t h e Court of Common PIea.s FOR RENT--KOL'R ROOM FLAT, [ of K a y e t t e c o u n t y . Pa., Xo. 3lS, Dft: e n t m l l y located. Ill West C r a w f u r d | cember T e r m . 1917. To Charles H. .10apr3t i - ;uu£)U tu'uicQ) · Edgar A. GuesL , PO R R BNT--TWO bed rooms. Apply 107 1 avenue. FURNISHED East Fair view 3 On p r a t * For Sul*. 3U5SOUI When 1 come to Way ofC Yonder. where the grraybeards sit and ponder," ·;· - . W h e n 1 pass the hills of. labor and T roach thtr Vale of Rest, :When my n u n of life is aetting-, free from tfhame a.nd v a f n reg-rettinff, "WTiether good or ill beaet me I - - w o u l d say I'.ve done my best. As I run my story over, when l i f e ' s frost has killed the clover Arid" I'm waiting for the summons that shall call me up above. All the memories of- the present, I am hoping will be pleasant, ·* Then 1 want no fame or fortujic that I am u n w o r t h y of. in house. $-00 down, balance sam rent. Price $1,550. Ten room All the joys that 1*11 remember In my house, good condition, J100 do\vn, bal bleak brie' December, As my bit of lite is-fading and froat is on my brow FOR SALK-- 80 CHICKS. FOUR [ weeks old, K. L. HKXDERSOX, Coul- j brook. 30aprSt why r. divorce f r o m t h - ' m a t r i m o n y should n o t h e . Sumey, R e y p p n d e n t : Y o u a r e * h e r e b y n o t i f i e d t h a t t h e subpoena and alias s u b p o e n a tn t h i s case have been rft- t u r n e d "Non «st i n v e n t u s , " you are rJi ere fore r e q u i r e d t o appear in the Court of C o m m o n Picas of Fayette county, Pa., on t h e * f o ' j r i h M o n d a y oC May of said C o u r t . A. D. I ^ I S , to ans- w e r t h e l i b e l a n d c o m - n l a f n t f i l o d t h e r e - nnd show unuue, if n n y you have, b o n d s ot grant (id the FOR HALE-- J3ROWA" RCISD CART . n b e l l a n t abovo n a m e d . THOMAS L. good as new. 510 South E i g h t h s t r e e t , : H O W A R D , Sheriff. West Sliic. Second f l o o r . ^ m a y t M i A p r i l 25, 101S. . Sheriff's Office. may-l-S-15-22 id show cause. If any you have, why a divorce f r o m t h n bonds of matri- m o n y s h o u l d not be granted the l i b e l - lant above named. THOMAS L. HOWARD, Sheriff. Sheriffs Office, A p r i l 17, liUS. apr24-may-1-8-1C STATEMENT OF CIRCULATION. State of Pennsylvania, County of Fayette, as. Before me, the subscriber, a Notary Public within and. for said County and State, personally appeared J. "Wylie DriscoII, who being- duly sworn according" to law, did depose and say; That he is Assintant Manager of Circulation of The Courier, a daily newspaper published in. ConnellavllJe, Pa., and, that 'the number of papers printed during tho week ending Saturday, April 27. 1918, was an follows: FOR SALE--HOUSEHOLD FL'RNI- t u r c , Friday a f t e r n o o n at 3 o'clock. MRS. E. D. LTTLTS, ail Johnston avenue, Connelisvlllc, Pa, I m a y 2 t " FOR SALE--AT A BARGAIN OP- perman's Pool Room in Second N a t i o n a l Bank building:, Terms reasonable. See FRED OPPBRMAN' or S. R. CJOLD- SMITH. · ^9apr6t FOR plan. SAL1C- two -OX IXSTALLM EXT illy houa«, f o u r rooms on a side, electric light, w a t e r Piu.vfor(i -. i" t hi!li;f. Attorneys. ! CO RA B A U G11 VS. \V. J, B AUG H, | Jr. In tho Court of Common Pleas of I'ayette county, Pn., ,N"o. 2S6 i\Tn.rch Torm. 1018. To W. J. Bnu?h, .Ir., re- s p o n d e n t : You are hereby notified thai ttic subpoena and alias subpoena In April 22...,.G.G5;i April 23 ---- S.S.i-I April 24 ---- 6,67G April 25 ____ 6,736 April 23 ____ C.S72 April 27 ____ 7,028 ance in m o n t h l y · payments $li5.00 m o n t h , price 51,500, possession at oncu. Seven room house on Cedar e venue, V : t h e tasks .that I anr doing 1 making 1 memories now; robustness audv^enulneness'Vo 'place the nejeds of our country above every; , ,,, other consideration are $ven to -coin-! ?e »t plain : Aat the calls for money are! . *' . , cominpoo thick a nd fast W . are ^.'.S.m^EuSd'm'. %£? TM* floating too many bond issues, t h e ) X o t wUh shame would I be burnine as Hed Cross, V. M. C. A.. Kalghts-of Col- I urnbus and other organizations are j asking for too much, these sbriveled- soui patriots cry in the Distress which} arises'from the process of separating 1-· 0 - 1C . today thc scpo11 r m coin ^m thOKe w7- -^': ~-: -' BlUer meroories w M l plans, Tneasures and they may a^ld to their is,io* .better tiiae Are; the goals that I'm pursuing, and ' w i t h bath,-large lot, paved street, J300 clown, balance in m o n t h l y p a y m e n t s Tri tho "Jurietlme" of m'y labor, I am I $27 per month i n c l u d i n g interest, TRE Frnd Fukon is a bruiser great., as large and stately as' ati A l p ; he's w h i p - ped full many a beefy s-kiue, who hoped to bear awray hie scaJp. He says he'U possession at once, pric*- 53,000. JOS- i harvest "Willard's pelt, and change it ili or'bc It splendid, when my i KPH A. MASON, Secnd Xational Bank ' t h a t flgrhter'a name to Pance, and bear September ....... ...154.193 t i m e for toll Is. .ended , ' i building. 2!)apr3t-eod 'away the charopcGn's belt; I wonder 1 October- ...... - ...... ,:,',,,,, . . . . . . ' - ° 2 Daily averapR 6.73S That tho daily circulation by months f o r . the year 1918 to date was as follows: 1318 · Month: Daily Av. January 175,963 .6.520 February ;.. .15(J,1G5 C.507 March 170,732 . -B,B|; That the dally circulation by months j for the year 1517 to date was as follows: 1S17 Month. .DailyAv. January 167,261 February 130.852 March .; \U9.43l April 139,180 May '....149,162 June :.....141.696 July , A ". · - .153,575 ·August 165,595 September ., .154,193 e e's not in France? This wniard. !-^overaber thop-e who think' only';of ,, ----"*V^ er " eb y u 'ttan the life's pnjjes I am t u r n i n p But in pride I would remember every deed 1 do todjiy. can never clianpro life's writing; ' in t a u n t "° the dim and distant years. ' sir.nlnff. falsely today 1 staoi'-to rfeal . , I sh.-ill speiul that hour in s the record renpnears. present^or'.ie" sordid and 'selfish to It is now i phape tomorrow, now come tb .- f r£aHzation that the* calls! through slndncss and throush sorrow .1 am stamping-, past erasure, on thc tablets of my mind, All that I shall see off Yonder, where the trrnybenrds *!t and ponder. And I prn.y that I shall never be; ashamed to look behinrt · : for moiiej-- : io--ftiiaiice th« "war scarcely commenced,, and that have they will come, with increas'ng frequency. We hare been in tbe wnr just a trifle lover one year. Includfc-.g the loan of FOR SALTS--FARM OF 220 ACRES ls : t m l e hty man, who'll Lake December G.824 5.452 6.534 5.G67 5,524 M8 0,143 6.133 6.167 C.13C 6.127 6,234 about 1 m i l e f r o m Brownsville, neur brick road, u n d e r l a i d w i t h small v e t r t of coal and v a l u a b l e l i m e s t o n e , f r o n L inc; on Mononfrahelj'. r i v e r and r a i l - r o a d ; brick d w e l l i n h i u s f : stream of ul . water; s p l e n d i d property for _ whipping, 3 suppose; he made t h e : smoke an also ra". and his a kick in | all his blows. 1 don't bulluvo h e ' l l ] lose to Fred, unloss by. some unhappy chance; he uses both his flat ajld head jacent Brownsville city l i m i t s and j ?3 in other i t o w n lot plan;- osvnflr i business and olTo S10Q per ticre, on good terms. J. DON'-! _ . . . -L ,, V rLu^, why he's not in France. s|.ock j-aisingr^or f a r m i n g , wkh^ Hrst- j B o t h m e n are of heroic buiid, they're .i .._--* ,,,, TM-,^ «,, ^^..,.._!_ _., p p r f e c t flghterp Tvlien they're fit; ar.d It is said t h e y both are filled with f o r t y kinds' of. pep and £rit. And "they will meet some day, I ween, to flffht with pomp and circumstance, for packages of pood long green; I wonder wliy they're r.ot in France. I've' heard of "WiHard's wondrous reach, h i w lio can hit around a block: and,I should judJce, from Fulton's speech, that he can pcrup as well as talk. Until they've foupht they'll spiel .and yell, and red hot ar^ruments advance; i* they can fight so wildly veil, I "wonder why they're not In Franco, ALB POnTKR. T?. O. Box ncllsvillp. Pa. 672. Co L'Oaprtfd Lo.t. LOST--SUNDAY EVENING from watch fob, Initials XL R. R. on bottom. Reward if returned to third floor Stratford Apartmonts or bag"- Erasenton B. O. station. InaaySt* .Total '.'.- -..151,343 S.SB9 And further sayetb not. . J. W.rUE DH1SCOLI* Sworn to anu subscribed before me this 27th day of April, ISIS. · J. B. KUKTZ.-N. P. AT ONCE ONE L1NOTTPE OPERATOR AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE Garden making time is now in full blast and the seeds and all garden "making equipment is available at our stores. A little good weather and every man will want a hoe, a. rake, a. spade, and other equipment. Ground properly prepared then you want your seeds. We have a great var- ' iety of vegetable and tomato seeds at moderate prices; cabbage and tomato plants ready now for transplanting at very reasonable prices. These plants are grown on our own property especially to supply the demand of our own people. They consist of Cabbage, Tomato, Celery, Pep-, pers, Beets, etc. There is also a good supply of lawn mowers in all the different sizes and all other necessary tools for gardening, keeping the lawn in order, and other spring uses. Spring aiso suggests whitewashing. We can supply you with the whitewash brush and the white lime, and our sfoclc of seeds, flower and vegetable plants, garden tools ,lawn tools and other equipment, wa are prepared to assist you with the work. ·· f ' ' 63 larsre Department Store*, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and AJlegbenj Comities. It's footwear that women believe in, as we have for 30 years,.if you buy them. Everything new that's good is here for your choosing. Black, White, Grey and lirowtu Shoes--Pumps--Oxfords YOUGH TRUST COMPANY Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring Results.

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