The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 14, 1938 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 14, 1938
Page 11
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Second Part Pages 11 to 20 VOL. .36, NO. 60. CONNELLSVILLE. PA., FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 14, 193S. TWENTY PAGES. SUGGESTIONS FOR REFORM S E T F O R T H Nation W i l l Commit, Suicide at Rate It !s Going, His View. SAYS CRISIS CAN . BE RELIEVED By ROGER W. BABSON BABSON PARK, Fla., Jan. 14.-The biggest problem facing the Nation today is not the recession; not the jobless, not the railroads. It is our taxation system. It we continue at the rate we are going, we will ultimately commit suicide by taxation. Government spending is eating up our present assets. Taxes are hindering us from building up new capital. More than any other "reform" our taxing methods, from Federal down, need a complete and thorough overhauling during 1938. Our present system is just a big piece o£ patchwork. Its only basic policy is to conceal taxes from the ultimate payer--the consumer. It is short-sighted, inequitable, unreasonable! It penalizes initiative and thrift. It handicaps industrial - growth. It hinders the normal operation o£ business. It retards new building. It encourages loose fiscal policies. It fosters sit-down strikes of capital. It is heading the United States straight toward bankruptcy and inflation. There are at least 10 different steps that should be taken immediately to relieve the current crisis: 1. Broaden the Income tax base. · ^, Five years ago the income tax was the major source of Federal Government internal receipts. Despite the passing of many new revenue lav/s, it still contributes 40 per cent. Yet in 192S only 4,070,000 filed income returns and of these only 2,523,000 psid a tax. Hence, the burden of Income taxes is still hearsay among 05 per cent of the Nation's voters. Broadening the tax base and cutting down on exemptions would have two important results: (a) It would make millions of citizens more directly concerned with public spending, (b) It would produce an additional revenue of perhaps $500,000,000 a year. 2. Pare down.high Income taxes. The last bracket on the income tax schedule takes 75 per cent of an individual's earnings in that bracket No one claims that a rich man needs a $1,000,000 annual income to live but he docs need much more than this to keep his business up-to-date He will not borrow money. He cannot sell stock. Hence, in most cases his only source of new capital is from his own income. After paying taxes, large employers do not have · enough money left to keep their f buisncsscs running as they used to run, or to employ as many people as ihey formerly employed. The taxes on high incomes should be cut down These same comments apply to cstat and gift taxes. Certainly, provision: for payment of inheritance tariffs must be altered. 3. Reduce capital frains assessments. If the Federal Government's _. big source of revenue is to be thi Income tax, then incomes must he aided in every .conceivable way Hence, my opposition to big capita gains tolls. England has a problem similar to ours. But she bears down on the incomes and leaves capital gain.; alone. Her theory seems logical: Encourage the individual to make investments, to start novel enterprises, to open new mines, so he ·will make more money; then he can golden eggs. 4* Elfminiatc (ax exempt s:curi- tlcs. Under the present tax schedules a - wealthy man's capital is shunted from business into tax-free securities such as Government, stats and municipal bonds. This is bad policy. It makes it difficult to secure new capital for business enterprises. There arc about $50,000,000,000 in non-taxable securities outstanding Pennsylvania's Many Lakes Beckon Ice-Skaters Uie v . This croup seems to believe .the adage that there Is safety In numbers. Photo from Penna. Publicity Commluton. It's eulcr to stand up (hut way--until they "crack Bewitching Bouquet for Dainty Bed Household Artit liy Alice Brooks PATTERN 6012 This gorgeous bouquet of colorful lilacs Is waiting to lend beauty to your bedspread! Get smarted on it right away--there's subtle fascination in watching these spring flowers appear under your needle! Even if you're a beginner you can easily master this embroidery--the flowers arc just lazy- daisy stitch and French knots, the leaves single and outline stitch. Additional motifs for bolster and corners arc included. In pattern 6012 you will find a transfer pattern of a motif 15 J /ix22!£ inches, one the building industry. Yet, real estate bears the burden ot 70.per cent of our local taxes. Municipal tax rates arc rising all over the Nation. Assessed valuation arc almost universally too high. In spite of vast sums poured into local coffers by Washington in the last five years, few communities have made economies or taken up slack. Real estate levies and high construction costs are choking building. Municipal expenses must be cut so that both valuations and tax ratos can be slashed. 10. Cut Public Spending. Most important of all, we need a courageous about-face in public fiscal policies. Current falso-notions that the VGovcrnment" has an unlimited reservoir of cash at its disposal must be I N C O R P O R A T E D . GROCERIES AT WHOLESALE PRICES Buy your groceries at wholesale price's.'at,'tlio Pcnn Store. Join the many thrifty people who bring thcir.orders hero from miles around Conncllsvillc. Make up your "order from* this list now and bring It to Oils .-low price store,'·"Vrecu'iv'ha'velyour. order delivered for 5 cents. · PILLSBURY -F LOUR 93c MILK, 10 TALL CANS 69c MACARONI, 3 pounds 22c SPAGHETTI, 8 pounds ...22e Noodles, 2--1-lb. pkgs. ...27c Octagon Soap, 10 bars _45e IV G." Soup, 10 bars '_--43c Fcls "nptha, 10 bars --.47c Carnation Milk 10 for 73c MACARONI, 3 Pounds 22c FrunMIn Sugar, 10 Ibs. ...50c Brown Sugar, 5 Ibs. ....: 31 c Swunsdown Sugar, 3 for 27c Ivory Soap, 10 bars --_ 39c Lnx, 3 for Iftc;" 10"for U...63C Lifebuoy 3 for 10, 10 for C3c Silver Cow Milk 10 for 73c SPAGHETTI, 3 Pounds 22c Rumford Baking Powder 22c Calumet Baking Powder .I9c . Health CIul) Bak Powder lOc Heinz Beans, 2 large 25c Sno-Sheen Cake Flour ....23c Swansdowit :Cakcr.'£laiir i25c..-.: BISQIJICK, Large box _,._...31c He5niSpaahefii,2b5g25c Ex-Cell S. Crackers 2 lbs.20c Graham Crackers,'2: Ibs. 25c Ritz Crackers,- big 'jo-E^- 22 ? that the National income will be greater and the resultant tax returns larger. Nevertheless, these proposals are simply neccssary^patchwork on j Slllll( j Dressing, quart: Our real ent methods into the ash-can and build anew. R1NSO, 2 large boxes -- 43c OXYDOL, 2 large boxes :-13c CLOROX, 2 bottles _______ 25e LARD, Fort Pitt, 2 Lbs. 25c Sanlflush, large 'can ----- 22c DJJA"VO;:Inr«e can :.;:...^;_.22c STTPERSTJDS, large _________ .1»C BROWN SUGAR, 5 Ibs, 3tc BON AMI, 2 cans __________ 25c Old Dutch Cleansers c'us'SSe Octa gpn Clean ser, ca n....,......:.5c Heinz Ketchup 2 large 39c Franklin. Sugar, 10 Ib. 59c d and badly-planned system. jlUSXARU, quart Jnr _....19c I needs are to throw our prcs- ,,,,,,,,,,* -RnUnr. Ms lar 19c Peanut. Butter, big Jar .19c . Ammonia lOc -- Bluing -- lOe LaFrance 3 for 25c -- Lye lOc Argo Starch, 3-lb. box -- 25c Among the bad features of our present tax set-up is the high cost of collection. Some corporations pay taxes to as many as 7,000 separate public agencies each year!- Enormous accounting staffs are necessary to bundle tax reports; tax advising has become a major business. All this should be cut out. After giving the subject much thought, I have come to the conclusion that a general Federal sales tax is the inevitable solution. In my opinion, this, plus a limited real estate tax and an altered banished. Remember thnt "a dol- income tax, Is the soundest plan. We lar saved is a dollar earned." Eco- sc hould have only three separate nomy now is vital to our future. rc venue taxes-- all others should be Public income must be boosted and I abolished! public outgo must be scuttled, until I _ all budgets are balanced. Unless public spendinr, is reduced, I do not _ . _ nraft Is Alarm. sec how we can avoid ultimate inflation! LORAIN, Ohio, Jan. 14. -- Miss Eleanor Fenner was abed with a cold. SALAD DRESSING, QT. 29c BREAD, 3 Big loaves 25c NAVY BEANS,. 5. Ibs. 23c Roman Beans, 5 pounds 39e LIMA BEANS, 5 Ibs. .. 49c PANCAKE FLOUR, box lOc Rice, Fancy, 4 pounds --'.25c Apple Butter, quart 19o Readers will note that I h:ivc rcc- She noticed a slight draft runniag; ommcndcd only three tax increases, through the house. Getting out ot The problem of Government agencies j bed, she went into the kitchen. There today, however, is how to get more ! she surprised two youths who had income--not less, I believe that the | opened a rear window--creating the above changes will so simulate busi- j drafty burglar alarm. They left inches, one and one reverse motif 3x5*4 inches; material requirements; color suggestions; illustrations of all stitches used. To obtain this pattern send 10 cents in stamps or coin (coin preferred) to The Courier Household Arts Dcpt., 259 W. nth Street, New York, N. Y. Be sure to write plainly your NAME, ADDRESS and PATTERN NUMBER. motif 5VixI4Vi ness in the next fow years, however, hurriedly. today. Naturally, these cannot be taxed, but income from new public bond Issues should be assessable. Besides forcing money Into business channels, eliminating tax-exempts should also tap a steadily increasing source of new revenue for the Government. On the other hand, it would make public financing more difficult and more costly, and prices of public bonds more unstable. 5. Tax Government employes. Among the unfair angles of the tax muddle is the exemption of Government employes from the income tax. During the depression, the average public official had Ms pay cut only 10 per cent, while the average private citizen's salary dropped as much as 50 per cent! Stability of income is exemption enough for our vast army of: public office-holders. By taxing them, not only would the Treasury pick up a good slice of new Income, but it would make another group -and one very much in need of it -more conscious of public expense. G. Remove the undistributed profits tax. Of all the legislation recently written, the Undistributed Profits Tax is probably the worst. It is ill- advised, short-sighted, and contrary wiped off the statutes. · 7. Set aside social security funds. "Contributions" to social security arc being tossed into the kitty along will all other revenues. In return, the old ago reserve fund is being given an J. O. U. by the Treasury. The levy, therefore, is just an excise tax on all employers and an income tax on every employe. In my opinion, the present handling of these funds is just short of public embezzlement. If workers arc to receive their old-age pensions in sound dollars, these funds must be definitely earmarked and invested in productive enterprises -- which means in other securities than Government bonds! 8. Clamp down on special local taxes. The sharp growth in state and city trade barriers is a dangerous tendency. It means not only discriminatory double assessments, but also the hindering of the normal flow of National commerce. Today there is a growing feeling among states that they place imposts on goods "imported" from another state. In effect, slate tariffs are being erected. Chain store, "use," and special sales taxes, ports of entry, special truck licenses, are encouraging the the stability of all industry. Al- I ism. This must be stopped. though it would be a temporarily de- 9. Lower real estate taxes. The flationary step, this tax should be backbone of National prosperity is China's Elder Statesmen--Puppets of Japan Navy Beans, 5 Ibs. 23c Rumford Baking Pow. 22c PRUNES, 4 pounds 25c APRICOTSvponnd -_'.; '23c RAISINS, 2 boxes l«c PRUNES, 4 POUNDS 25c Tomato Pasle, 4 Cans 25c Buckwheat. 10 pounds 39c Corn "Meal, 5 pounds' _._ 22e Pastry Flour, 5 pounds ..25c Sno-Sheen Cake Flour 25c Roman Beans, 5 Lbs. 39c KARO, Half Gallon 39c Duff's Molasses, largo --29c l.'ancake Syrup, big jar 19c Swansdov/n Cake Fir. 25c Matches, 6 Big Boxes 25c Eagle Brand Milk 20c Hcrshey Cocoa, 11). --·'.--..15e Hcrshcy Bak. Chocolate r..7c Salt, Free Running, box ...5c SAM', 1 pound sack lOc SALT, 2 large boxes 15c Sunktst Oranges, doz. l'Jc-23c Tangerines, large, doz. --15c POTATOES, peck 23c Macaroni, 20 Ib. box 81.29 Spaghetti, 20 Ib. box S1.29 Tomato Paste. -J cans Heinz Chili Snuce T; Spaghetti lOc and 15c Heinz Soup, 2 big cans 27c . Match your old coat. Cotton, part wool, all wool. All 1 sizes. 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Hi. box lOo Ex-Cell Crackers 2 Ibs. 20c Spaghetti, 20 Ibs. $1.29 i Heinz Rice Flakes lie i KelloKg's Rice Krispics ...12e ! Post Bran Flakes 12c OVALTINE, 30c size 33o OVALTJNK. $1.00 size ...39o Fletcher's Ciistorin 29o i P E A S , 4 C A N S 25c Macaroni, 20 Lbs. $t.29 : (Jeorgie Pogie, box 13c 1'ostiim Cereal, large 23c : I n s t a n t Postiim, Largo ...13c VICK-.S SALVE, jar 29c VICK'S NOSH DIUH'S ...3!)c Citrate Magnesia, 2 for ...2.~c* TOMATOES, 3 CANS 25c CATSUP, 2 Big Boitles 25c i Peas, ·! cans 25c, lOc and loc Libby's llclicious Peas ...17c Diced Carrots, can lOc K A R O , Half Gallon 39c I Corn, can lOc, 3 cans 29c : Golden Itantam Corn ...2-2.*ic | Baker's Whole Corn 2 for 2»c ;HI-LO COFFEE, Pound 17c i Tomatoes, fancy, 3 cans 25e 'Ilxed Vegetables, can --lOc GREEN BEANS, can lOc RICE, FANCY,, 4 IBS. 25c ; H O M I N Y , 2 bi? cans 19c · i l D N E V HEA.SS. can lOc Spinach, Fancy, 2 cans 25c Calumet Balling Pow. 19c 5'caches, 2 large cans 39c '· ;cl Monto Pineapple, Igo 2-lc : liod Pitied Cherries, gal. 7flc I'OUULE DUTCH MALT 39c BLUE RIBBON MALT ...63c RAZOR BLADES, 10 for lOc Buckwheat Flour 1Dlb39c Prince Albert Tobacco --lie Cigarettes, plus tax, 2 for 25c To'oacco, all brands. 3 for 25c Lux Soap, 3-19c, 10-63c Wax Paper Rolls, -1 for 2Sc Matches, G large boxes --25c Safaly Matches, 2 doz loc Lifebuoy, 3-19c, 10-63c BROOMS ...39c, 49c, 59c, C9u MOPS, Uest 19c and 23e WASHBOARDS 49c, r9c, 69c SARDINES, 6 CANS 25c Clothes Pins, 4(1 for _....10c Clothes Lint's, 30 feet 29c Motor Oil. 2 gal. can S9c Chocolate Droos, ib. lOc IVORY SOAP, 10 tor 59c IMIt Pickles, fiuart 19i- Sweet Pickles 2!c !t'RISCO. 3-pound ran "9c. Tubs, Galvanized, large 9Se Boilers, Galvanized $1.59 Boilers. All Copper S3.9S Campbell To. Soup, 3-25c Bisquick, Large Box 31c

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