The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 6, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1930
Page 5
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1930. THE DAILY COURIER, OONNELLS VTIvLE, PA, PAGE FIVW, Rosenberg and Bell Named In Probe of Donohoe ®- OortUnuect from Pajre One , Ci4irlU» promised lior Unit if aha would "forgot 1 that Glenn Allwm ·« as IKVJBO on the night Ucnohoc was killed, V4 Wonsetler would be rleaa- ?l from ftirtlior imprisonment, she ·was to 50 froo on it conspir«wjy charge and AUum would got from 15 to 20 yoars. Tho conversation was In tho corridor of the county Jatl. It was bolero Mrs. HoM hud been askod to xmo back f^-om Wh-eeling whoro sho was hiding to vialt Wonsotlor In jail, It was twHin-Ml. "Don't you It now they got a bunch oi" bloody towela on your back porch," 0 arietta told bar, according to Mrs. Hose. 'vrhey can ttso them as damaging exhibits," continued Oarletta, according to Mra. Hss. Although aho s,a d s'ho took this as a threat on Chirletts' part to connect h«r wlLSi the swo. she refused to clianso hei story that on the night 01 tho nuirdov AMtini was In his room 'auff-eilnK Twin u '.eadacho and had KtK downstairs oarly In t'he morning lor some nifidlcluo. "Woll you did have some bloody towoiei on your bade porch." interjected Special rrosocutor A E. Jones. 1 " I didn't think I was so careless, but If I had been I could -easily explain way they were," Mrs. Mesn answered. "You had them uimly«Hl. What were they?" At this point tha special prosecutor announced that ho had sent Oarletta ener to tho jail to talk to Mrs. Hesa and that Garletts \vna acting for him / Vacation Over letts calling her on the telephone 'and tolling he: that lie wanted to nee her mother badly in conubUiou \\ith "Big Ed" WonseUor. Mrs. C asker said she wont to "Wheeling whore her mother was staying and 'delivered tho ines- sago. Garletts told her to wear a hoary veil and clotlves cliffen ut from what she ordinarily wore- c u. the street. Garle-tts was to moot Her mc-fher in Brownsville and drive lior in bia automobile to Uniontowu to tho jail to e-ee Wonsetlcr, tho daughter said. Mildred said that Gaile-tts proposed to her that her mother eotno to Brownsville at night Um«. Ho Avoulcl then take her to tho warden's wing oE the county where they would bo met by Mr. Wlison and ah would bo taken from there to sea Wonsetler. After that a midnight onCerence was to be held by Speclul Prosecutor Jones, after which sh^ was to be taken back before A. A. Downing could find and arrest hi r. Mra. Hess said the arrangement did not "look good" to he'- and she did not como iu reply to Carletts' request. The final ·ttdtness of the day and one of tho most brief, was A W. Dice, Focal gunsmith, Tho day of tho murder Dice said he was called to John t)ono- hoe's ofllce in Court atr' et and directed to open tho slain man's safe. In the party were District. Attorney N, W. ft.osen.berg ami two or three other men. Dice said he drilled a hole into the boSa and broke the lock, Mr, fetmui. flue has b^n a witness on Roa(nb(r g Re emed very nervous. Dice each of the four hearings. H«r teati- sal( , He (U(1 not rfrCO . nlzo tho re3l · yesterday linked the namo o£ the fff tno meu in tlle roonii jv lr . p^ c6 aal( j in an attempt to *ecure Information Iratn her. "I w i l l take f u l l responsibility for that," aatd Mr. JCHUJS. Mrs. Hess said t h a t Garletts aaked h r If she couldn't think of somebody ·who did not bolorg to "our" crowd upon whom the murder could be plume!. In addition to tho $2,500 reward O.nlotts said a special offer of $5,000 h u d bfen made from a private source for anyone who would solve tho mystery. "We need the money," Garletts told JtK-r, a cording to Mrs. Hosa. "I t,ald. 'Squire Garletta, you go ahead and got that money.. There is no one connected with this case that concerns me," Mrs. Hesa testified she reilksd. 'Woll Mrs. Hoss," continued Mr. .Tones, "didn't you make this reply to Sciulro Oarletts whon ho asked you to toll the truth about Glenn Allura. Didn't yon say 'What would you do JJf. Carletts it he vaa your own son?" Jhn nctorod Mr. JOIK-S. 'T nover did, Mr, Jones." Mrs. Hoss told Vv» jurors that ahe know tnal, Garletts 1 right name *r.ts C. Columbus Garlotto. She denied Gurletba was the ftivrt person she knew yjwan she canto to Vayotto county. She axt tho Brownsville squire whon she ·wont to purchase an automobile, aald {Mrs, Heao. . Helen Hess was again on the Nancy Carrol, flicker luminary, snapped at Los Angeles on her return from a month's vacation in Hawaii, where she solved the mysteries of the surfboard and the ukelclc. Sato District Attorney N. W. Rosen- ·wriOi the · BalU was asktnp her about any Wavoraatlons she might have hatl Irith Donohoe on tae occasion o£ his Sdalta to her house. "Did Donouoa and Bosenbdrg over Biavo any dlfforoncei. 1 .'" Mrs. Hesa was asked. Well, Qonohoe \ms discussing the , 61. tuKh.Ur house still case," answered Mis. Hess. (Tho «ue in which Dono- loo, Bledsoe, Sum Joseph, Sam Splnella and Ben Bergle had been ar- o'tted on conaptraty charges,) "He, on conaptraty (Donohoe)) told me ho would novor be prosecuted," continued the witness. Uhe said Donohoo said Mr. Roseu- troCK couldn't afford to proae-cute him ua ho (Dono'hoo) was holding something over Mr. Hosaaberg's h-aad. "He bad fcomothlng on Rosenberg, then, Mrs. Ilesa?" "Yos, sir." Itonohoo told hoi he had taken a Uclontown woman up the mountains to a cabin or boiuo place. Sho didn't ·know how it was Arranged. Ro^eu- bei-g and tho woman were in a room together whon Donohoe walked in she aald Douohoe told her. Donohoe told Itosenberg ho had 5 omethlng on him and he had better do something about it (meaning tho Information) tho wtt- iioss testlilad Doaotioe told her. "I never know Mr. Rosenberg at all" she- addod in. auswer to another quoation. Mrs. Hess again lepoatod the con- veisixtlon (she had with Dononot* on the Saturday boforo ho was mur.lored. Ho drove bin car into the ditve-vay said Mrs. ilcsu. "Helen, I see you have takon your »imo oif my petition. Who had you do that?" Donohoe asked her, sha said. Kverybody was raising so much " tioMblo. 1 advised to do it, Jack, Mr;,. Hesa said aha Informed IJoiiohoe. "H'oll, whoovor advised you WUB no li-lead of min-e," replied Donohoo as lie drovo away. Asked If she had auy other con- venations with Donohoe, Mrs. Hess said about two week t before that time Donohoo had spoknn about wanting to cot some papeit- that had some connection w i t h tho judge's office and the district attorney's office. What thoiifc papers wore, Mrs. TIess said ahe didn't know and Dot.ohoo never mentioned, Panirhfer on Stand. Mrs, HPSSS was followed on the fcta-id by Mrs. MUdied H«sw Casker, ^3-j oar-old daitfchter, who told of Gar- Don't Cough! O«t quick relic/ front thoto (raring Utoi tlte matMcnlnk tl.felc witti Severd'l CUUHQ Bul- «»m, A I'uvcruo with mother* and chlldreit I'ur 49 y««ri. 9nfc, effective. Ynuf dcug- a!it han it Two -Jo »ml JOc. After breaking opon the tkor, and making sure that the innor doors wero open, l!ce said h left. He did not remember any o£ th-s convorsation between tho parties at ilie tim«, Dice declared. It was almost 5 o'clof k when Coro- nor BalU adjournd for the day. Attorney H. Vaaoe Cottom was added to the array of attorneys -ft ho have t^kon a hand iu tho examination yesterday. Air. Cottom spoke directly lor tho coroner's office^ with Attorney Cavalcante representing the inurdar victim and Special Prosecutor Jones tho Commonwealth. 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Jiundeli committed three nogroe to the- county jail In connection with the murder of P. II. Jones, negro, at Wtz Henry Sunday night. Eugene White, 17, of Flt/.z Henr r, is charged by County IJoteeUve Ar hur B, Turner with the murder of Jc nos. The youth's father, Willie White, 4 J, is also held in caso while Mr«. J ary Johnson, 26, is being held aa a material witness. Tho three -worn arrested by Constable Duncan Douglass. ITho to Patronise. Those who advertteo in The E illy Courier. Classified Advertisements Bring results. Try Unem. The rich/ smooth flavor i* sealad-in by the ,vacuu u tin up to the moment y u open i t . . . aven bolili f won'tdest-oy the mildnzs t. Ask your grocer for Roy il Scarlet Coffee. R.CWILUAMSCO, INCORPOHATEO 23 TERMINAL WAY PITTSBURGH, PA. Use Is small. Rsiilt. are big. 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