Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 13, 1972 · Page 82
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 82

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 13, 1972
Page 82
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*._. The Sky Watch Robert A. Gardner August is a good time to view the stars of summer w h i l e c a m p i n g out or vacationing. Normally you will be far enough away from the washout by city lights to view the night sky in all of its starlit splendor. Hold your starmap as indicated and look toward the northern horizon. Our galaxy, the Milky Way stretches from Perseus and Cassiopeia in the northeast to Sagittarius and Scorpius in the South. The most.con- spicuous group of stars in the north is the Big Dipper. This is not a constellation, but is part of Ursa Major, the Great Bear. The two lower stars in the bowl of the Dipper are called the pointers. A line joining them, extended to the right, leads to the North Star, Polaris. This star is the end of the handle of the Little Dipper. This group of stars is also called Ursa Minor, the Little Bear. If you draw a line from the star Mizar in the Big Dipper to the North Star and extend it, the line will lead to a group of five stars forming a Iptler "W", the principal stars of Cassiopeia, the queen seated in her chair or t h r o n e o f s t a r s . Directly above Cassiopeia are the f a i n t s t a r s of . Cepheus, the King. This star picture like Cassiopeia contains only five stars which resembles a rough outline of the front view of a house. You now know four of the f i v e c i r c u m p o l a r constellations that can be seen any clear night of the year. They appear to go around the North Star because of the earth's turning. The fifth constellation is that of Draco the Dragon located above and to the left of Ursa Minor. It is a long irregular line of stars which begins between the two dippers and meanders to a point almost overhead. The circumpolar stars form a giant clock face which can actually be used to tell the time by their apparent motion. . In the west, the very bright orange star, Arcturus, can be seen high in the sky. Arcturus meaning "bear-watcher" is in the constellation of Bootes the Herdsman. Just above Bootes is a semicircle group of faint stars called the Northern Crown. Hercules, referred to by the ancients as "the Phantom" lies between Gemma, the brightest star in the Crown and Vega in the Lyre. Near the western horizon, another bright star, Spica is observable in the constellation of Virgo. Looking now toward the e a s t , t h e " S u m m e r Triangle" made up of three good n a v i g a t i o n a l stars--Vega, Altair and Deneb seen higher in the sky with Vega almost overhead. Vega is the brightest star in the Lyre group. In 12,000 years it will be the Pole star. Also in this constellation between Sheliak and Gamma is the famous Ring Nubula. If you have trouble finding this deep sky object, come to Sunrise and see it at a public star party the third Friday of this month. Deneb, the brightest star in the constellation of the Northern Cross, marks the top of the cross. The bottom star, Albireo is a double s t a r , w i t h g o l d b l u e components. The Moon can be used to point out many of the other constellations especially of the Zodiac. The Moon travels around the Earth in 29Vz days and as it makes it's journey it goes through phases and can be seen in different parts of the sky at night or during the day. ttWxwSSra^ Craft Patterns -4' The Evening Sky in August ?, - / »""'"· ' ^ / ' ·. / ,A ;-"'"' ~7r nnp-v^ ^ y ·* ·-·-.%· \ ·· A -K / -{4 ^x \\ *^._^ ... .,· A --. \^tii' - / / : -T.?.v-^, x . · -. "^ \ / '·/ ^r-^'./ · '· " t m « \ JY^--»-.'-'/::^:\ · \ .·^ ; -vV-V--?:-::-'-'.''.V^:- i l \ '·'^··^'^^·-· ( ^\ 1 .:^ :;; 'T % : ^:/:^il / / V x , /^ » ·w x; ''^ W, ^--^- / / /y ///,- «V\ V"- - ' " '* n " 5us 1 - ^* ^ /* ^; -V-, ··-' ,A-V ^ N^'-,, \ ' /' .\ / ^ '·'.:, / HORIZON \\ itli ''l-.asl«'rn Hori/.on" on Itollom. fa«-« «-a«st. Slnrjs on map ItHwrii ''Kiisirrii llori/on" anil ")v«'rlit'ad : ' are * a iiui as lliotc in !-,ky bi-twr.-n hori/oii and /.t'liilh. Faring otlicr dm-i-iionx. rolalf map ai-i-i Looking toward the west, the crescent moon can be seen in the constellation Virgo on the 13th--15lh; Libra on the 16th; Scorpius and very close to Antares on the 17th; Capricornus on the 23rd and 24th. After the full moon phase, the waning moon will come up later in the east each night. As the earth revolves around the sun, the sun appears to move from Gemini into Cancer this month. The earth will also be intersecting the path of a comet. The debris l e f t behind by this comet will cause a peak-meteor display on the l l t h . A s i n g l e observer may see as many as 50 or more showers members per hour. Viewing should be good with just a three-day-old moon. Too much reflected light from the moon can make it difficult to view the streaks. The trails will be radiating from an area of the sky b e t w e e n P e r s e u s a n d Cassiopeia. If you want to make * wish on a falling "star," around 10 and 11 p.m. will be a good time. The planets: **· Mercury passes between earth and sun and will not be visible in the morning sky until after the 19th. *· Venus, still our morning "star", will be at its furthest distance above the eastern horizon on the 26th. It rises about three hours before the sun. . 9* Mars can not be seen this month because it sets shortly after the sun. *· Jupiter is the real bright object in the southern sky. The giant planet's bright satellites can sometimes be seen with binoculars. ** Saturn is very high in the morning sky between the horns of Taurus the "Bull." It rises in the east at midnight · Uranus is in the star group Virgo and will not be visible after the end of the month. It will be 6 north of the moon on the 13th. *· Neptune is in Scorpius and is visible 6 north of the moon on the 17th. 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Cost of the two patterns is $1.30. i To order, specify pattern numbers and send correct amount of money (no stamps, please) to Sunday Gazette-Mail, Craft Pattern Department, Elmhurst. Ill, 60126. IN- STATE MAGAZINE, Augustl3,1972 CHARLESTON, W.VA. ]9m

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