The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 14, 1938 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 14, 1938
Page 9
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 103S. THE DAILrY COURIER, CONNELT^SVILLE. PA'. PAGBNINK Coroners Jury Holds Fairbank WomaninMurder Special to The Courier. UNIONTOWN, Jan. 14.--,A woman was held to await action of the grand jury on a charge of murder and two men were exonerated of. all responsibility for automobile fatalities as the result of a coroner's inquest yesterday afternoon into three deaths. Mrs. Julia Grabek, 35, of Fairbank, a prisoner in county Jail, faces a charge of murder for the dcatli of her husband, Joseph Grabck, 50, from , knife wounds inflicted during an altercation in their home Christmas Eve.. John Germuska, 56, niso of Fair- bankj a guest in the Grabck home and a witness to the stabbing, told the jury the husband came into the room and "pulled her dress oft her shoulders." During the quarrel, Germuska said, Grabek "jumped at her" a number oil times. Finally, the wife lifted a knife from the table and, when he jumped towards her again, she plunged the weapon into his left side. The blade pierced the kidney to result in peritonitis. The victim was taken to Uniontown Hospital January 2 where he died two days later. In stories first told, it was intimated the husband suffered his injury -when he fell on a spike while chasing pigs into a sty. Rumors started an investigation and the] woman's subsequent arrest for mur-; dcr by County Detective John C. i Wall. . · j · Attorney Alex Z. Goldstein has I been engaged as defense counsel by! the woman prisoner who, it was said, j will plead self-defense. ! Inquiry was made into the death of j John Ix:mdecki, 74, Flatwoods, as a J 'result of injuries received Deccm^ | .bcr 27 when struck by a machine on t Route 51. The jury found the man's' death was due to "an unavoidable -accident" and exonerated H. K. .Thompson, Morgantown, W. Va., operator of the car, and Mrs. Mary Thompson, owner, of all responsibility. . Investigation was made by Trooper 'J. A. Maggioncalde. Death of John Chlcbek, 51-year- old Evans Manor man, was also due to an "unavoidable accident," the jury found after hearing testimony of Trooper H. M. Jnyncs, investigating officer, and several other witnesses. John Bcsak, Mount Braddock, .driver for Mrs. McAfee of Mac's Barbecue, who was operating the machine when it struck'the victim, and Mrs. McAfee, owner of the vc- hide, wkcrc exonerated of any blame lor the fatality. J. G. Lewis. Uniontown, and his companion. Miss Ruth Jordan, Upper Middletown, who were driving toward Route 51, near Fairway Inn, ] testified Besak was "operating his car nt a reasonable rate ot speed--about 30 miles an hour--when we heard a thud and saw his car stop just below j the intersection." ; ·,'' Trooper Jaynes said the body "was Just six feet ot! the road from where Jt was first struck." '.. Edgar "Pappy" Paterson, Uniontown, testified he hat) been driving to Connellsville that night and had observed a man standing along the highway, "one foot against the bank ns if he was about to spring.", His attention was directed to the man, he said, because the pedestrian was without an overcoat and the night was exceptionally cold. Privates Jnynes stated the driver had 'told him "the man seemed to Jump right in front of the car." v On order of Judge Harry A. Cot, torn. Lcrcy Cole alias Rope Col», arrested' February 20, I!)37, by Trooper Albert T. Valentine on a charge of maintaining and opcrnting a lottery In connection with the "numbers" game, was released yesterday from his one-year parole. Last April 6. Cole had been sen- fenced by Judge Cottom to pay costs and a fine of $100 with the stipulation that it the fine and cor.ts are paid, (he defendant would be released fgrom county jail on a one- year parole. Tho court order yesterday discharges Cole from being governed by the parole provisions. He paid the $100 fine and costs of S40.B5 through Dhis counsel. Attorney H. Vance Cottom, on the day he was sentenced. Wndbcr School Addition, i SOMERSET, Jan. 14,--A $47,000 WPA project, calling for construction of a nine-room addition to Wjndber High School is being prepared by the WPA office. iTvSt to Get Unemployment Compensation Check J. D. Shclton receives check troin B. W. Coson, left, ot Louisiana labor department An unemployed painter of Baton Rouge, La., J. D. Shclton, 37, receives the first chock paid In 'the United States under the unemployment compensation program established by the federal social se- curity act. B. W. Coson, left, commissioner of the Louisiana department of labor, Is personally presenting the check for SH'.20 to Mr. Shclton. whose family stands at his side. --Central 7*rei* You're Telling Me! By WILLIAM B1M Central Prcsa Writer JOE'S BIRTHDA7 happened again the other day and on the morning ot that historical anniversary Jc* pointed a piece of breakfast toaat at Mrs. Joe and In a very stem voice spoke what was on his mind. · » · "This year," aaid Joe, ."I don't wont you to be pulling any surprise birthday parties on me. 1 think the whole thing la silly. Besides, It embarrasses me. Unless you promise I won't como home from the cfflce tonight, but «at dinner downtown." · * * "Have It your way," said Mrs. Joe. reluctantly, for-she would · rather throw a party than attend one. "I promise," · * · 'Jo« kept thinking about It during the day, however. By lat« afternoon ho was sure Mrs. Jo* wouldn't keep her promise--so not to bo caught unprepared--he decided he'd better slick up. · · » Ho Icrt the office early. Bought and put on a new shirt and then had hla favorite barber set his ears out. After a shoe shine and a shave had been added he was still no Gable, taut he gmellcd nice. · · » When he came home there wasn't anybody there but Mrs. Joe. They had dinner alone. Joe was sure the gang would pop in some time during the evening. By 10 o'clock his worst feara were realized--Mrc. Joe had stuck to her promise, there was to be no party! · · · » He stormed upstairs end went straight to bed, sore as a boil. To this day Mrs. Joo doesn't know what ailed him. Truxal Funeral Service. SOMERSET, Jan. 14.--The funeral service for Mrs. Eva Kooser Truxal, widow ot Rev. Dr. Albert E. Truxnl, was held Thursday afternoon at the family home in West Union street. The service was private and Rev. Dr. George L. Roth, pastor of' the Somerset Reformed Church, was the officiating minister. Burial was in Union Cemetery. Mrs. Truxal was the mother of Miss Rebckah Truxal, a teacher in the Somerset schools and a former mer.iber of the Connellsville High School faculty. Diploma Switch Prophetic. MEDFORD, Mass., Jan. 14.--When George E. Hunt and Alice E. Palmer, classmates, were graduated from Tufts College Medical School in 1894, he was awarded her diploma and she .his. The error proved prophetic. They married later and now at 71 and 70, respectively, live in Loa Angeles. Coaster's Skull Fractured. SOMERSET, Jan. 14--Said to have crashed into an automobile driven by Tilford Pyle of Jcnncrs while sled riding, Charier. Turncy, seven, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jimcs Turney of Balphton, suffered a fracture of the skull and was taken to a Johnstown hospital. ·T ConraellsvilSe Fruit Mkt 136 North Pittsburg Street Wo Deliver! Phone 106 For Better Fruits and Vegetables WEEK END SPECIALS F R U I T S Large Texas Seedless Grapefruits, each ...... uc Tree .Ripened Ploriila Omnjres (250 size) doz. ISc , Box _ _ 82.25 Large Tangerines (sweet and juicy) 15c doz., $1.35 lx Suukliit Oranges, 2 dozen _ 25c Apples (Stnj-mnn °\Vinosiip or DeUcloiis( ll»s. 2"c Bushel $1.3!) "Winter IJnnnmi. or Rome Beauty, (i lit. 25c--i?1.15 bus. V E G E T A B L E S (,'iilJfoniia Carrots, bunch .... "oiv Beels, bunch ., Hot House Klinljnrb, Ib.. .Orcen 1'ens, 2 His 'Broccoli, bunch _ 'nncy Elbe Tomntoes, Ib. , Also--Strawberries, Avocados, Eggplant, French Endive, Squash, Cucumbers, Peppers, Mushrooms, Endive, Radishes, Grceii Onious, Pasenl Celery, Cauliflower. Spinach, Leaf Lettu"» and mnny others. SEE OUtt TOSl'LAY BEFORE TOO BUY! _JVcl)rlivor! Vhom- 10(i A Church-Going Squirrel The Rev. Clyde Herbert Snell was in the midst of his sermon at his fashionable Washington Heights M. E. Church, in Now York City, when a squirrel started to use a chandelier as a merry-fro-roand. A police emer. ecncy Kjtisd and the S. P. C. A. worked the better part of »n hour before they caught it. At that, one sf the cops wns bitten on the nose. Here U one of the most exciting momenta in the chase. -'06 North Pittsburg Street Phone 679. to flatten your 1 figure By far, S p r I n g-' s smartest combination . . . sllra back frocks with crisp white trims ... dresses truly chic! Your blnck - with white is here! ALL, , the NfiWEST Spring i styles! W If..;. t · SUM ONE-PIECE! ·VOUNG BOLEROS: · MISSES- SIXES! BARCLAY ON BRIDGE WRITTEN FOB CENTRAL PRESS By S h e p a r d B a r c l a y Tho Authority on AuUtorltte*" SAVE YOUR HONOR -COVER AN HONOR with an honor" IB ordinarily pretty good brldga when the purpose la to moke your opponent como up with a still higher one or wnsto a trump by ruffing. But It you know that your partner In to position to ruff an honor led nt your right, with a little trump which otherwise would bo useless to him, there la no point In wasting your own high honor, the removal of which would sot up the remainders of the opponent's ·mlt , . 4 K 8 7 0 V K 1 0 8 6 2 4 K Q J 5 ^1064 (Dealer: Wo»t. Neither side vulnerable.) Hero E««t and West reached a contract o£ 8-dubs attcr an open bid by West of 1-Hcart; 2-DIa- monds by East, 2-No Trumps by West, 3-Clubs by East, 3-No Trumps by West, ·i-Clubs by East, B by West and 6 by East. South led the diamond K and, when this waa allowed to hold, coi.Unued with the J. East won this and ted the diamond 10. South foolishly covered this, setting up the balance of the diamonds In East's hand. The diamond was- rufted with dummy's Q -and the icarfA'lald down. This was fol- " ;owcd by the heart Q, and,' as h« lad no other chance' to, discard his losing spade, East took, the chance that North, held the heart K, - so- discarded the- losing spade. The rcmilalng trumps were drawn and,as the diamonds were established, East claimed the rest of the trlckt. South made It simple tor .East when he covered that diamond, Had he not done so, the contract could have been act, for East would- have bad to use a bump honor and later another trump honor, to prevent an overrun* by North. . Thin. would have established South'! club ten aa a winner. . . . . ' · . * · · Tomorrow's Problem 4 K B 6 3 2 41053 4 . K J 5 4 4 A Q J 1 0 » None 4 » K Q J » 8 6 4 4,83 » A Q J 10876 5 » N»mea Unlontown Twicher. UNIONTOWN, Jan. 14.--Harry F. Garner of Mount Lebanon,' "University of. Pittsburgh graduate, was elected a member ot Benjamin Franklin Junior High School faculty and will teach junior business training to fill a 1 vacancy.-.. Thrce-ln-One-Planc Appears. LONDON, Jan. 14,--A small twin- engined . British plane, now on the market, can be converted for any one of three distinct uses in half an hour." It is designed for use ai t 'a flvc-pnssengcr aircraft, a freighter or an air ambulance. ' 4 8 7 8 V K 8 4 4 None 7 6 2 (Dealer: North. East-West vulnerable.) · · . - · East bid 1-Dlarnond, South «-.. Henrta, West 5-Club». What 'should North doT . War Ribbons Banned. JOHNANNESBURC, Jan. 14.-South African rallwaymen are indignant at an order o£ the Railways Administration forbidding those of hem who ore cx-sorvlcc men to wear their medal ribbons on duty. They describe the order as "nil nt- ;cmpt to belittle their war honors." British Women Healthier. LONDON, Jan. 14.--Women longer than men in England Wales, the Registrar-general's live and sta- tistical review ol Kngland and Wales tor 1930, just issued, reveals. Figures giving ages of people at their deaths prove the safest years of life arc between the aBes of 10 and 14, - REDEEM YOUR S.£ ft GREEN STAMP BOOKS FOR MERCHANDISE Lot Men's Lost Colonies In Monument. BERLIN, Jan. 14.--A dying antelope, reared in agony on its hind legs, head thrown back, a throwing spear piercing its side, is the form taken by a monument to Germany's "lost colonies" which has just been completed in Mannheim. 200 North Pittsburg Street' Phone 679. Regularly $29.90 Staggering V a l u e s ! Richly furred Winter coats at tho' LOWEST, clearance price ever! Well taiolred ot lovely woolens, warmly interlined . . .··.··'coat' values you'll LONG KBMEM-' BEU. Fitted, belted and swagger styles. Broken, sizes to 44. O Caracul! Wolf! Raccoon! O Beaver! Dyed Fox! Skunk! $19.50 Value 2.75 Men's $4.00 Corduroy . Dress All Soys' Suits 1/4 off AH i Snow Suits Men's Winter U n i o n Sui All Wool : Men's Suede Men's Lined Overall Jackets 210 Sortli I'Utslmrg St., Conncllsvlllc

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