The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 1, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1918
Page 2
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THE DAILY- COTJRIEB., qbNNELLSVrUGE, PA. WEDNESDAY, MATT, ISIS. .- With' subscriptions amounting to- -.J45.600 op' to- the present- time -the., {·romcn liberty Loan workers ot Co-n-- bellsvnie.-wiU.maSe a greater effort itiaa ever the- remaining, days; of this_ ·week to boost the sum. The Liberty (Loan headquarters in the Title Trust building will continue to be lopen during the remainders Qf~tto jweek and in Ropes "of "seHins" more '·bonds.-booths-will be-arrangeil in var- jious business places in the city. Mrs. (Carl S. Hornet 1 and Jlrs.-J. Raymond ' Mestrezat.; who : are-In · charge ot the women's Liberty.Loan- drive; are-untir-. the women's -Tiart--Si-Hbe-'campaign, and ask t;he.-;hearty'co-operation ot." other women of the city.-- H is : the duty oCeTCry "wpmajr of Cormellsville to buy a Liberty bond jr..jKnds and then talk to tbetr'nelshiwrsraacU 1 !.' 01 'est them in doing their..tit.. '. Booths -will- be arranged . at tie places named ":-with-!.th"6---following ·omen in charge-:- -' \Vrigbt-JIetfl er store, Woman's'Culturc · cluli.-'.Thurs- day afternoon,-"Miss" Elizabeth Mae BVowrt and-Mri-John : Currj-.; '-Friday afternoon,-Mrs. T.-R:-Francis and Mrs.. \Vf. R. -.etasper;- Saturday afternoon, Tr. Kathe_rinQ;-;Wake£eld and MraPVT; ; Daughtersr.ol -the.-Irn-.maculate Conception- -church, 6r- Ipheum theatre: Thursday afternoon, {Mrs. Rose Siowalter and Mrs. A. A. JStraub; evening,"Miss Lorelta Laffey 'and Miss Alice O'Connor; Friday afternoon", Mrs. 1.1. Dougherty and Mrs. M. H. Bronshtoa; evening,' Miss Winnie Harrigan and_lliss_ Ellen Cunningham;- Saturday" afternoon," ·" Miss" Genevieve Soisson and Miss Gertrude Madigan; .evening, Miss Katherine jrcK«vttt and Miss Kataeriiie Smith. - store,' Daughters of" Amerl;can Revolution: - Thursday .alter- ooon, Mrs. Hazel Bryte and Mrs. Emma Erbeck; Friday afternoon. Miss Nettie Hood and Mrs. Lyda Percy; Saturday-afternoon, Mrs. Mary Cook and Mrs. ^George Marietta; evening, Mrs. Stella Cunningham and Mrs. K. W. Leiberger. Liberty Bond literature may be ad at the tooths, which will be open in", the afternoon from 5.30 to S o'clock.- 'In the-evening subscriptions i for bonds will be taken at tie Or- .pheam theatre until the theatre lotoses. The women named to hcve charge .of the Liberty .Loan headquarters this t 'eek are as follows:. Monday alter- oon," Mrs. Wancn X:' rWrfght; "eve- Carl, S; Honier; Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. JimerB. Hogg; eve". Paiil Kamerer; Wednesday ifternoon, Mrs. John M. Young; evening. Miss Elizabeth Mac Brown; Thursday afternoon, Mrs. J. Clyde Wbiteley; evening, Mrs. Edna Johnston Brendel; Friday afternoon, Mrs. John Davis; evening, Mrs. H. C. Hoff- man.£l*SaitirdaT afternoon, Mrs. . J. Raymond Mestrezat; evening. Mrs. son, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fiel'dspn .orDickerson-Run, and Corporal -Clayton K.- Bower, .son ,of Mr. -and Mrs. E. E. - Bower .of South Arch, street, was:recently solemnized, while tiie bridegroom was in training at Camp Meade, Annapolis Junction, M_d. .Since his marriage Corporal .Bower ^a^-iranaferred to Camp Han-"cock, Ga. - Previous to eilistirig"in the' militao" service the soldier bridegroom . was a clerk at C. W.- Downs' shoe store, and is wclj and favorably known. His bride was at one time a :stenographef ia the office of the Liud- .ley-Burkey Lumber companr.. -. PERSONAL. - -Mrs. P. M. BuUermore and daughter, .Mrs. John F. Torrenco of the West Side,-will leave tomorrow morn ing for St.-Petersburg, Va., to visit tbe former's son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Wolfe." Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Shcetz of Washington avenue, have gone to an embarkation camp to sec their son, Sergeant Percy R. .Sheetz, of the 110th Regiment Hospital Corps. ':--The best place to shop after all. "BrowneU "Stoe Co.--Adv. DONALD M. HAIR IS AMONG LOCAL BOYS WOUNDED IN FRANCE Continued from JP1ST* Oho. through school" we won't'Tiave anything more to do until we .get across. We take care of the field telephones and keep tho..-lines, repaired. Dan Springer and John Kincaid are still here. I don't suppose we will leave for a while." Tipping enlisted in the motor .mechanics' regiment in January, going to Kelly Field, San Antonio, Tex., from which place he was transferred to Fort Omaha. JTUltSES VOlUNTiiKR . THKCR SERVICES. Superintendent Miss Elizabeth D. Donet~- Night Supervisor Eva. M. Timothy and Head Nurse Pearl Roadman of the Mount Pleasant Memorial hospital, have applied for Red Cross war work and may be called at any time. BBOOKS TlKTURJiS TO CAMT. Lieutenant Don D. Brooks returned to Camp Mey,de, Annapolis .Tunction, Md., this- morning after -spending a furlough with h i s wife and baby. HONOR FLAG TO BE PRESENTED FRIDAY NIGHT ceivcd by the women Liberty workers of Cono4llsville has GEORGK HK.RFl't'K E( . XEDICAI, DEFAKTMEXT George Horpicfc has enlisted in Uie Medical .Supply and is awaiting orders to be called into active service. LATTOJT BECIUF1T OFF FOK CAJIT. Raymond Robinson of Layton, has '-."Swayne Harper is nn jiorth Third street, West Side, into his new home in Eighth.street, Green- wcod, which was vacated yesterday by Frank. Hibner and family. You will never get bore cheap, shoddy fabrics or the Blip-shod, slap-together workmanship ot other so-called tailors. Dave Cohen, Tailor.--Adv. Mrs: S. E. Morris has returned from a 10-day visit with her son, A. F. Sfor- rU," of Masontown. . . Miss Winnie Tipping was visiting at 'the home of her sister, Mrs. J. J. Herron of Unioritown, yesterday, afternoon. -Mrs. Herron. ifi suffering from. a severe illness. - . . Read our advertisements. oving- from!° nlis , t!d '", »«"*ry service, and oa Monday left tor a training camp. Where he will be located is not as yet known. · . * . BRIDGE CONTRACTS LET Proposals lor Structure at Iroii ;' AEEOtmecmfnt -has been made of .'the marriage of Miss Cora Coddingtoa, '. (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. -Walter Cod- Idington of Friendsv-ille, Md.. and MU[ton DeWitt, son of; Mr. and Mrs. Free- jman DeWitt of Fiiendsville. Md., sol- AemnizedT-Tnesday, April 23, in Cum- Iberland. Rev. James M. Torke, pas- Stor of the Methodist Episcopal church jof that city, 'officiated. Tno. bride, pre- · Jvious-to her -marriage -was a clerk for ,th« - iWrigttt-Sfetzler "companr. The ; .bridegroom is employed in "Ihe store jroom of the West Peon Railways eom- ; .panj. ........... ' · · ' The Poplar Grove" unit to ' the Con- '·' ,nell»ville Bed Cross will meet tomor- : . row afternoon at the tome of- Mrs. F. ; JH. ^Sparks at Poplar Grove. The aft; lernoon will be spent at sewing tor ; (the soldiers, and all WOHM\H of Poplar - (Grove and community are urged to at; Hend. i _ -' ' The".K»it and "Win unit to. tiie Charleston Comforts" branch', of :th'e Navy league r meC-Jast..iJghC. at 'the home of Mrs. Cbarlis W«rk Ih'.Nin'th street,"" Greenwood, -and spent the evening kgdtang-sMto_andTM.swealers for the-sa.{for£-The;neit meeting will be )held-_Monday; n^tt"-at-the home of ::.JCrs; ^arry .Reagan.' in- South. Eigfith ?:' street; Greenwood.- '-- - .,;.,·-. ^j- :. ; The regular, meeting, of the 0. N. ;.?. Fancywork clul) which was to have 'been' held tomorrow afternoon at the · 3 lhome of Mrs. Otto Koehler in West ' iCedar avenue, has been- postponed to · 'the following Thnrsday :Jtenioon. ;. Th» regnlar meeting of the 'Ladies' :)| Aid society of the First . BapUst ·^jchutch will be held tomorrow night ;at the home of Mrs. B. T. Sherrick ·in East Fairvieipt. ajenue. All women '.of ,.. - the Ancient. Or'dcr .otrHIbeinJOTs, has ^.purcfiased XtBeity- Bonds TSaldunHng 'ito |2iSo; Tuesday-evening,. 3Iayn4, is -:the datc-set'for t£e dance aoa-e'uchre t f"to be -given -^t the anaofy-b'y the i.connty;-boafd. -to secure-- Wads'" to buy ·; The^Feast of tbs Candies was .celeS ;j brated' at Ihe -regular meeting .of tie ·^.YOUDJJ- Ladie^ ^Alission guild "of the ;;:pirsi Baptist church.". held last eve- ;..niDg in the churcb.-~ " " - " ' - ' -; The marriage of Miss Marioa Field- Contracts for three Fayette county bridges were "awardedrr the^count}- commiasion'ers "yesterday" aTternoon but the Wd» for the inter-coonty bridge orer Jacobs creek between Fayelte and "Westmoreland counties were rejected and the controllers o£ the respective counties were authorized to re-advertise for new bids. The contracts awarded late for the three Fayette county bridges were: Double 20 foot span reinforced concrete over Georges creek, Fairchance borough, to Samuel McLaughlin of Franklin township for . $5,349.12. Thirty foot reinforced concrete over Meadow nin near Farmington on the road from Farmington to Ohiopyle, to Brooke Cornish for. $5A48. Twenty-three foot reinforced concrete floor system reconstructed on bridge over Galley run near Broad Ford bn ; the road from Conn«Ilsville;to Owensdale,.'to Samuel McLaughlin for ?1,961.30,- ......... " '..-· SMHfflTHMIBERAL ; SMtiMriptions"There to.Third liberty : '-"-- loan $58,000 and. Growing. "" Smithneld subscriptions to the third Liberty Loan up to 'April 29 were $58,000 'and to former -loans I79.SOO, making a total of $137,900. This is considered a big showing for the "baby borough" of the county. S ASKED. Stockholders in Uniontown Concern Want Diriueids Stopped. PITTSBURG, -May I--A hearing was commenced in court here yesterday on a bill in equity asking that the Thompson-ConneiisviHe Coke company be restrained by injunction from declaring dividends until .after the annual-stockholders' meeting oh. May 6. F. D. Glover and John W. MacGregor," stockbrokers, "who "own 175 shares of ihe 'company's--stock; are the plaintiffs and claim, that the-financial condition, .ol the. company; does not justify dividends.'..If."dividends are paid they allege-they wili have to come out of -the company's assets:; .The company is "capitalize^ at $3,000,000 ' . Infant Dies. George "William, 17 days old, son ot Carl and Hazel Lee Stillwagon Flqto, died this morning at the residehce'of its 'grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Stillwagon in East Fair-new avenue. Funeral tomorrow private, at 2 o'clock from the Stillwagon residence, with J. H. Lambertson, of the ing. Interment in Hill Grove cemetery.' ' I Six Die at Hospital. There 1 were sis deaths during the month, of April at the Cottage State hospital, according to the monthly report submitted this afternoon. The remainder of. the report is as follows: Number at the beginning. of the month,. 38; admitted. 4S; discharged, 47; remaining, 31.. -. At the Hospital; - . ! Mrs. Agnes Voscheck of Eighth | street. West Side, undersnt an pper- iatkm this morning at the Cottage Continued from Pace Quo. teen scouts have secured the necessary number oE bonds to win a medal or bar for a medal previously won. In some instances scouts have secured more than twice enough bonds to win the medal. The total amount up to the present time of Liberty Bond subscriptions re' - -- . Loan been ; boosted to ?JS,60o!by a generous" subscription of $25,00'0 from State Treasurer H. M. Kephart. The women will continue the drive for the remainder of the week. Although Fayette county went over the top yesterday in subscribing its official allotment of 53,986,100, the figures announced last evening do not .come up to the $250,000 daily average j Liberty Loan managers set for this ' week's goal jn order to reach the five million dollars Fayotte county has been pledged to absorb In the Third Liberty Loan. Subscriptions Tuesday weer almost $100,000 short of the daily goal and Monday's pledges were almost $100,000 short of the required figure. -Managers last evening admitted that it would take some tall hustling for Fayette county to reach the five million dollar mark by Saturday. Engine No. 1109 of the Baltimore . Ohio railroad Is strongly advertising . the Ubcrty Loan. A large sign paint- i od in bright letters hangs below the I cab bearing the words, "Bach Member! of This Crew Owns Liberty Bonds, Do You?" There are also numerous! other loan signs distributed over the engine. All the persons in the city who have bought bonds are asked !o attend the unfurlicg ot the honor flag. The Lib- KETUKN FJMMC VISIT TO " IIOl'S OF 110T1I Joseph Bowytz and his mother, Mrs. Joseph Bowytz, of the West Side, ^havo ert " Loan committee wishes it plain- returned home after visiting the 130th regiment at an embarkation camp over Sunday and .Monday. While at camp they visited their brother and son William, who is in' Company D. They also saw most of the boys from this .city. Joseph Bowytz carried many letters from local persons to the soldiers,' and he was the "big attraction" in camp for a time. TASK EKGBTBEHS-HKRK .OS WAX TO GETTYSBURG. -Nine young men, a special detail of engineers from St. Louis, spent the night in this city, Tey left over the Western Maryland railroad for Gettysburg. The soldiers expect to entcr- th'« tank service. "JUST FT5E," SATS FSAXK CVSEO. In a letter to his mother, Mrs. A. Cuneo, Ea.s: Crawford avenue, Frank J. Cuneo, who is with a detachment.of engineers, Car Record . office, 'in France, states that he is receiving quite a lot of home mail and that ho is "Just flne." He says he gained 16 pounds since going over. He states that "he and Pat Lohan are becoming ."some cooks." Says he saw General ly understood that the flag is not being awarded them. One member this morning said: "The flag belongs to the city and it is for the people who have done their part." Those who havo pledged themselves to purchase bonds are urged to go at once Co the banks and make the flrat payment of fire per cent. The official total of the city at the close of the banks last night was $723,250. There nad been some doubt as to whether the Baltimore ft Ohio subscriptions would be credited to this city although they had been purchased on the Connellsvtile division. The bond sales have reached a high total, although no announcement ot the official figures have been made from the offices here. A letter received this morning stated the company would buy the bonds for its employes here. The Liberty Loan committee today announced also that ail townships and i outlying sections in the Counellsville j district would be given honor flags if I the Quota was attained. The Boy Scouts who have won bars j for medals awarded in the first or sec- ^ ond loan drives by selling bonds in j the present campaign are: Brown! iee, Wilson McClaren, Robert Car- Come and See Ike HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE' fe9 tol33 N PlTTSBURG St., CONNELLSVILLE^ fift CONNELLSVILLE'S GREATEST STORE Come and See Trimmed Hats I · For women, and misses--just when wanted we offer tbe largest and most representative assortment of exclusive stylish trimmed Hats ever shown in the vicinity. Women who have been accustomed to shop in expensive establishments to secure hats in unusual quality and original in model will find it to their advantage to. come here and buy one or two of these exclusive, stylish hats At $4.95, $6.95 and 17.95. Hundreds of fresh and (pleasing Hats, large and small, Hats wing trimmed, rose trimmed, straws alone, straws with ribbons. Plenty of styles to choose from. Shapes for street or dress occasions. Sweet New Millinery FOR THE LITTLE TOTS Come! 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If we could only make the women of this vicinity appreciate what marvelous values we are offering At $1.19, $2.50, $3-75, $5.00 and $7.50 The whole lo't would be sold in one day. Come see the Curtains and we are sure you cannot resist the temptation of buying, Curtain Material This store is considered headquarters for the newest and most wanted curtain materials. Curtain materials in one grand assortment of all the newest designs At ISc, 2oe, 35e, -15c up to 75c per yard. New Draperies At 50c, Sac, $1.00, S1.25 and $1.50. Reflect a minute on the prices and little else will be necessary to convince you that our line of Draperies is an extraordinary one. Pershing and Secretary Baker and j perfftr, Frank Reynolds and "Wlllard that he will probably cat his next i.Herwick, all of Troop -1, and Edgar Thanksgiving dinner at home. Says j Enos of Troop 5. the French people have taught them to,eat dandelion and they often pick and eat two or three basketsfal ot it. V. B..CH1JBCH TO; · , ··.;·/·'.-·· . DEDICATE:. FLAG. A flag for the young men of the United. Brethren church who are in the. :senrice will be.dedicated Sunday evening. - To date -thsre are 27 stars. Invitations have been issued to" the G. A. R. and Spanish War veterans to attend. Rev. J. S. Showers will speak. Scouts winning medals in Uie present loan, who did not get one in either of the previous two drives, are: Frank Angle, Troop 1: Alfred Hyatt, Troop Henry Snyder, Paul I^ambertsoa, Troop John ' Norton, William Young, Troop -1; Jobu Bryte, Troop 5. WILL EXPLAIN WORK All Officers of lied Cross to Bi: at Ex- hiliitlon Thursday 'hrhl, At tho public reception to be held Thursday evening at the American ! Red Cross headquarters, Mesdamcs j Josephine Reid, Charles Davidson. F. E. .Markell, Karle Vannatta, W. O. ; Schdonover and Me=srs. M. T. Norton MESTREZAHAIDTOREST Many Prominent Jurists Present nt , Tnner»l of Lat* .ludce. The Justices of the Superior Court.: and S. F. Ashc, members of the ex- VINOL CHEATS STRENGTH Positive--Convincing Proof It is all very well to make claims, but can they be proven? We publish the formula of Vinol to prove the statements we make about it. T CexlHrerandBeefFeptooe*, Irenuid ·V M«cgane*e Peptooatcs, Iron «.nd Am- inoaluin Citrate, Lime and Soda Olyccro- phosphate·, Cascario. Any doctor will teU you that the ingredients of Vinol as published above, combine the very elements needed to make strength. AH weak, run-dcmi, overworked i nervous men and women may provo this at oar expense. There is nothing like Vinol to restore strength and vitality to feeble -.nrnfld old people, delicate children and aU rauroatl ' persons who need more strength. Try it. If you are not entirely satisfied, we will return your money without question; that proves fairness and your protection. I .7OHN C. ASENDOSF j Funeral services for Julius Cecil) ! Asendorl', who died yesterday morn-! j i n g in the Uniontown hospital will be| 'held tonight at 8 o'clock from the resi-i j deuce o:' his parents in Gallatin. ave-j nue, Uniontown, Toniorrow morning at 8,30 o'clock the funeral party will leave in a special street car for St. John's church near -Mount Pleasant where services will be held. CRUSHED BY ENGINES With Laughrey Drug Co,, ConneUsville; Packer at Roundhouse Meets 'ntal Accident Today. Irwin E. G. Miller, 38 years old, a box packer Cor Uie Baltimore Ohio was fataJly injured last n ight at ihe round house, when he was caught between the bumpers of two engines. He died our ! soon after his admittance to the Cottage State hospital. The body was removed to Funeral Director Charles ('. .Mitchell's parlors and prepared Tor *-- : * · i ( w - M t i v n ^n,r»mft'An Pr O sirtnn( i IT 1 Uavid (:. ±jasoH, i)unbar, ana nt me ; h . l r i n ] i TM t p r -, t w n c t-.irpTi ~ n ,hp ri»* now clttinp' in Pittsbiirc were ftinonLT' ctiitixc coiHrniiLec, .t resiucni j. r . i , Oiiria.i. ijaier JL was lasen to LUC r*js- ""v g out «^a^rTMho!K»rU, Dr. Katharine Wakefleld. flrst b °tS^'V" ewy t O W n and I W«ace or -Mr. Miller's parents. M, and attended the runera.1 of Justice | vi « chairman, and Miss Sarah Seat- Stephen Leslie Mcatrezat, held this on, sccrt'iary, and .Miss Ella Sauter, arternoon at 2.30 o'clock from t h e ) treasurer, ex-ofticio members, will he First Presbyterian church, Union-! l h!?ro fo receive and welcome the peo- town... They arc Justices n". D. ror-[ P''° of Conneilsville and surrounding ter, J. B. Head and J. W. Kephart. i vicinity. The Common Pleas Courts of Alle-1 Comimttoes of aeiive workers from gheny county were represented by each department will be present to Judge John D. Shafer, presiding ! explain work done by the various de- judge, .'and Judges J. McF. Carpenter, j parlments of the Conneilsville chap- H. G."vVassott and Thomas D..Carna- ler, which is prourt co be one of 20 of city in the country. LOAN RECORDS BROKEN Twelve Killinn Persons H:we Jmcst- cd In Third Liberty (ssnc. By Associated Preas, WASKING-TON, May 1.--All records Tor number of subscribers to Liberty Loans wcro broken today han Judges J. J. Miller and Thomas the 105 chapters of the Pennsylvania '.when treasury tabulations showed J Triinble of the Orphans Court also i'division, selected to do allotment. La-'that approximately 12,000,000 persons attended the services, which were at- »» in charge ot surgical dressing have bought of the third issue. Total tended by many associate justices and rooms will be in uniform. Much cred- subscriptions were sent above ?2,jurists, from, neighboring counties. Rer. William.Harailton Spence, pastor ot.the First Presbyterian church, rooms will be in uniform. Much credit is.given to J. W. McClaren, who so faithfully cut the garments, and will exhibit cutting pajama suits without officiated. The honorary pallbearers ''any waste of material tomorrow .evewere: .. Chief Justice, J. Hay Brown, of Lancaster; ci-Chief . Justice D. Newlin Pell, of Philadelphia;' Justice Robert S. Fraser, of Pittsburg; Justice Emory .A.-Walling, of Erie; ex-Governor William A. Stone, of Pittsburg; Judge John B. Head, of Green John W. Kephart, of Ebensburg; Judge Charles P. Orr and Judge "\V. H. S. Thomson, of the U. S. District Court; Samuel E.' .Swing, of Bryn llawr; Attorney General Francis Shunk Brown, of Philadelphia; Thomas Patterson, ot Pittsburg. and a former president ot Uie Pennsylvania State Bar Association, and Charles) Pagan, of Philadelphia. FARMERSJKEMPTED Hen Called for Thursday Are Giyen · Deferred -Classification. ! Orral Hardy, of South Bend, Ind., · e j who formerly served throe years with the regular array, \vill go to Fort Thomas, Ky., tomorrow evening with the District No. 5 men. He is far clown on the list hut has requested that he be sent The names of Elmer R. Shiimakor of Ohiopyle and "William T. Catou of Gibbons Glade have bean taken ofC tho lists of those to go on Thursday, both being farmers. Niiola Robert H. er" for Draftee. Addts, son of Mr. iJnlerglia of Vaniierhllt has also been excused by the local- board. Board No. 2 has cancelled the call j for Robert Onell. Ke is in another 1 class, "Being married. Albert Mo- Mrs Samuel Addis. 1 was given a fare- . ., , . ,, well dSncr-Rnd reception Sundav at; M a n u s /=" If* n !« ht f ° r Cara " Jota - ***« . i . c nn nf- .TncUsmrHllp T^la wVnro lid the home of his paresis at Vander- hilt. . NO ADVASO: -Cf PRICE SORE'THROAT |J or Totuilitii--fv jla with waixn, salt wat«* Ihea apply-- iic--50«--«1.00 State hospital. David.Hart of near Dawson was admitted for treatment Petersburg, Va. ot rheumatism. - "·'""·-' "Hn.'BluKwD DL Mrs. T. M. - Blachscn, formerly of Tanderbilt, is in poor health at her home at Fredonia, Mercer county, ac- 1 .cording to a letter received by The ., 1 Courier. He left for Camp Lee, He is the second son, of Mr. and Mrs. Addis to enter u the service. Emmet is at Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga. Pla,, where be will be assigned 10 the quartermasters' corps. He enlisted through Board No. 2. Three Prisoners Sentenced. Three prisoners faced Mayor John Duggan in police court this morning. Wed in Cumberland. j Walter .W. Geiger . and Margaret H.' Rower, both of Connellsvine, were granted a license to' wed in Cumberland. ' ' - . . ' ' C ASTORIA For Infeats and Children In Use For Over 3O Years : Two goi 48 hours other was discharged. $5 forfeit last night. cell and the One man left 500,000,000 by early reports. With four days remaining the number of subscribers is 2,500,000 more than the 9,500,000 of the second loan and nearly three times the 4,500,000 to the first loan. Mrs. W. S. Miller, in New street, South Connellsvillc. Notice of funeral later. VT. Miller lost a leg in a railroad accident 15 years ago. He was single and resided with his parents, who recently moved from Witter avenue to South Conneilsville. THE JOY OF MOTHERHOO Came to this Woman aft Taking Lydia E. Pinkham Vegetable Compound to Restore Her Health PIG OUT TURTLES ITest 1'enn Pets Arc Hemmed J'rom Their Winter Beds Alive. Five turtles, which have been gathered up hy West Fenn employes and raised under the tutoring of William Anderson, "turtle expert," of the company were dug out ot their winter beds in the earth in the rear of the West Perm yesterday. All of the creatures are very much alive and ·well. The turtles -were buried last Oc- tfber and have been in the ground I ,, , ,, . . , throughout the entire winter. The security at The CrUzens STILL ANOTHER MURDER High Rouse flan TIctim of Bullet of Unknown Assassin. Mike Tuson, who was shot on the porch of his home at High House last Sunday by an unknown person, supposed to be an enemy alien with wborn he had had an argument, died today at the Uniontown hospital. Tuson was a naturalized American. Ht»w 31cn Handle Their Honey-- AJonzo YaU-s, AJon?,o Yates lived for five years, from 18B4 to 1899, at such a pace Uiat be spent ?800..0DO.OO a year. TnlB wealth bad been accumulated during a period of forty years by his lather, a Syracuse merchant. It took the son a scant five years to squander $4,000,000.00 of hard earned money. The Ellensburg, Wash.--"After I T married 1 was not well for a lone ti and B good deal the time -was : go abo Our greatest dec was to have a ei in our home and day my husba came back fr town with a bol of Lydia K Pi ham's Vegetal C o m p o u n d a wanted me to try It brought ret from my troubl I improved in health so I could do housework; we now have a little one, of which I owe to Lydia E. Pinkhai Vegetable Compound."-- Mrs. 0. JOHNSON, R. No. 3, Ellensburg, Wa There are women everywhere v long for children in their homes yet denied this happiness on account some functional disorder which in m cases would readily yield to Lydia Pinkbsm's Vegetable Compound. Such women should not give up h« until they'have given this wondei medicine a trial, and for special adv write Lydia E. Pinkham Hedicine C Lynn, Mass. The result of 40 ye experience is at your service. Your Child's Skin vrill be free from chafing, icaldinff · rruptionj and all jorums if you use Sykes Comfort Powd For more than 25 years it has been hex and preventing akin soreness. £5c at the Vinol and other drug sti The Comfort Powder Co., Boston, M* father and son handled money is in- siructive. The father was respected and the son was laughed at. The i father bad an abundance and the son ] died in poverty. Banking safeiy and heavy Crost evidently did not them. hurt Always bean .the Signature of Measles at Fecliin. Pechin schools. Dunbar township, · are almost without pupils owing to an epidemic of measles. Seventy-five per cent c-f the children are out, it is stated- REGISTRATION LIGHT tittle Doing at Anjr^uf Hie Polling Places Jn the City. Registration in the city today is extremely light. The registration is for today only, being held to give · persons who 'may have moved into the city or who have moved from, one ward to another a chance to register for tiie primary elections to be held on May 21. On the West Side only three persons had registered up Lo 2.30 o'clock, one ia the Seventh ward and LWO ia the Sixth. On the east side of the river the registration was just as low. Bank, 138 Pittsburg street, Conaells- villc.--Adv. y?K Leares Hospital. Sari Nye of South Conneilsville, who received treatment at the Cottage State hospital for a bullet wound,and Bessie Kincaid were discharged from the hospital Mayfielfl ot the "West Side lett yesterday. Yough House Under "Xe.iv A Clean Quiet Place for Tour Family to Eat, Let Us Knoiv What Tou; 'Want and How You Want it. GOOD SERVICE. Mrs. C, J. Armstrong, Prop. 6 BELL-ANS Hot water Sure Relief Classified Ads. One Cent a Word. Patonize Home Merchants Who Advertise in This Pay

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