The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 6, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1930
Page 3
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY G ; 1030. KANSAS CITY GIRL PILOT HAS LICENSE BUT CAN'T FIND JOB DAILY COURIER, CO NNEL1/STILLE, PA. It isn't hard to get the best of I ploying Women. Encounters Kul; of Aircraft!a cold; if you let Pape's Cold Companies Against Em- ' Compound help you. Harmless tablets that relieve an aching I head and sore body like magic! j Don't go around with watery 1 eyes and red nose. Ask your druggist for a SSc'box of-- NEWS OF DAY At SCOTTDALE BRIEFLY TOIID Spuclal to 1'h SCOTTDALE, Feb. given a bearing William ; the ulng charged. With g Courier. 3,1--George Reese j f o r o - J u s t i c e nelj laati iling a worthless By 'United Press. KANSAS CITY, Mo., Fob. 6-- It is all very nice to he one of! the few women in the United States with a transport pilot's license but about the only place lor it Is In a frame on the wall, one Kansas City inlss has come to realize. She Is Miss Mildred Kauffman, 21- year-old aviatrlx, who literally "mar- celled and massaged" her way through flying school. And now that she has the coveted award which shows that flho posse-sses more than 2800 hours in me air and is capable ot handling a transport airplane sho finds that superstition and tradition are keeping her from getting a job. Tho license, eho is certain, 13 no Became to a job as a regular pilot on a transport line. "Tho bis companies," sho remarked, "are not going to hire women as paa- President Enbio ,, Is Shot in Jaw Woild-Be Assassin C o n t l n u . d from Pags One. Canaticism, or was part of a more monger plane- pilots, of course. Prob-1 elaborate plot. ably they never will, any more t h a n . Although the capital was intensely a railroad would hire them as cngl- ex «ited by the shooting, perfect order neort! or bus companies as drivers. But already several women are making 8UcceH.«cs as demonstrating pilots and sales worn-en for plane« or accessories." prevailed during the night. The- attempt to kill the president was made- as his ear was leaving the had been inaugurated constitutional Miss Kauffman is a reserve pilot for j president of Mexico before a crowd of the American Eugrle Aircraft corporation. Last summer she took her plane on a goodwill (light from bore to the Pacific Coast. -Eriroute she made many K t o p s a n d frequently spectators wlshcxl to (ly with "that woman pilot." N o t w i t h s t a n d i n g thc-se scattering re- fiueeto il was her opinion that most people are afraid of women pilots. 50,000 at tho national stadium. The young man, dressed somberly in black and standing among the crowd in the square before the palace, leveled his revolver over the heads of the troops th;it held back the crowd and fired s;x r.ipid shots into the slowly moving automobile. One bullet entered the left side of the president',) face, broke the jawbone and. lodged on the right side. "Tho only refusal I ever heard was Another grazed the' seal's and ear of a long time ago.from a policeman," sho ald. "That was here, and somo- ono suggested ho ride with me. 'No sir, I don't go up with any woman, 1 ho said." Neither docs Miefl K a u f f m a n suggest to tho woman-adventurer that she Keck H y i n g a« the way to "let off steam." Flying, Miss Kauffman declared, "if a business and there is no place for anyone who nierely'wlehcs to Senora Joseflna Ortiz Be Ilubio, wife ot the president. Their niece, Miss Maria Ross, aud the chauffeur, Felix G-alvan, were r;ut by flying glass. One bystander, J. Carmen Jimenez, was struck by a glancing bullet and received hospital treatment. ., Two other bystandt rs were reported slight- h u r t but w e n t home without giving their names t police. The president's aide, Sostenos use it a« a recreation or eport. Women p a r c l a - was ""Injured although he especially should bo careful-pilots, she Uaa , bee " ^eportexl h u r t In early ac- ouserUMl. for pilots and Instructore are!?° unl8 -. _T Ue P'M'dent s secretary, , , , . . Eduardo Hernandez, who was in the tar more critical ot women who at- | n . ont Ql Ule u , nousin(i toolc t h e whee , tempt to l a k e chances in the air than h v i U l g| . c , u prMon!O ot mlml am3 of their men companion. ( d r o v e it from the crowd, in case "of Off the f l y i n g Held, dreeeed In a ; f u r t h e r attack. a p i o n w i t h her blond, bobbcii ] Tho p r e sid(-nt and the others in- h a l r cut conservatively short, she;j, i r e ( i w e r e t,,! CC . n to the Red Cross looks moro like any schoolgirl. She j Hospital nearby. A f t e r the bullet had really is t h a t , having gone into nvla- j been removed from the president's tlon a year a f t e r her graduation from ' Jaw, he was taken to his private resl- 1'aseo H i g h School here is an matter-; deuce, a few hours after the shooting. of-t' t ict in m a n n e r as when t in her tutor's beauty whop. She curIcU h a i r , gave facial worked faKd- tiiul did tho work oi.' the b e a u t y shop «i ye-i:r, s a v i n g hor money. Then iihe tiiiroHi^i in a f l y i n g course. Tho bullet missed the president's j u g u l a r vein by only half an inch. · The investigation was conducted in the greatest secrecy. The conviction was widely h--ld by officials that sympathizers r C Jose Vnsconcelos, t h e d e f e a t e d anli-i e-clectionist candidate who ran again; t Hubio, were responsible fur t h e shooting. The c a p i t a l recalled the arrest of som-e 20 suspei'ts in a raid two weeks ago, at which 'line police made vague charges of a p l o t of assassination, but n o t h i n g d e l i n i i o was established and the prisoners were released. There was nothing t connect tlir Incident with yesterday's attempt. High official: participated in the ox- or bin congregation as a m i u a t i o n of l-'lores. Attorney Gcn- workern in thn personal evangellf m | C1 '»l A g u i l a r Maya, who took office campaign r Protestant churches o f ! yesterday, wan in charge. Ho was the city, which Id to be started next :llde(1 bv tho n '' w clli(E o£ * ollcc ' G »- e r u l Mljures .P-Uoncia, and experts of the police depnrtment. Not much was k n o w n about Flores, and it was t h o u g h t even the name WORKERS NAMED FOR CHRISTIAN CHURCH CANVASS Ki.'v. K. X. Duty, pastor of tho Christ u m C h u n h. ha« listed the f o l l o w i n g S u n d a y : J. I,. K u r t z , Paul It. Bolghlcy, Peter It. Wotmur. C. 1C. Reynolds, \V. S. Stlm- tnol, A. E. D u m b a u l d , Jesso Darne«, ThomaH Uharlctiworth, Urban Dutn- Ijaulil, J. I'. Juto, W. H. Showman, J. A f e l v l n (;ro', l i o r t o t i M. Sivnrtisweliur, may have been assumed. He was reported to havt conte from San .Luis Polos!. Ho is a m a n of about 23, well bred K. 0 Lint, C. J., M. It. Y o u u k i n , ' and well cloth-Hi. He arrived in the Uotss W. Showman, J. Frank Rust, C. capital on Monday, along with thou- T. Giles, C. .K. Catt, Mm. Peter 11. sands of-other !miu;ural visitors, and Weiinor, Mrs. J. L. Kurtz, Mrs. W. H. stopped at an inexpensive hotel, regis- tlon luis ro iuruod home much tering from Leon, state of Guana- , , _ ' , , Merger, Mrs. C. E. Reynolds, Mrs. Hoy B. Otto, Mrs. W. C. Keynolds, Mre. Margaret JUmner, Mrs. \V. H. eheclj: to Fre/1 Gluck.' The case U-as settled by , thje !defendant paying the "amount, of the) check, $5, and the coatn, Both persons are- from Mount Pleasant. \ Blniut-s for Bounties. Deputy Game Warden C. C. Brown has received application blanks whereby those persons who wish to apply for bounty on furs may do so "by get- ling the application blank and having it eworn to before a notary public and answering the requirements on the Manic. A number oC weasles have been caught in this community. The bounty on a weasel is one'dollar. The report from the Game Commission shows that during the past month the game commission o£ the etate paid but £18,000 in bounties Cor weasels alone, A report was made to Deputy Game Warden Brown of a man who had a trap set and got his- fox. The trap, fox and all had been stolen when he went to got his trap. School oi' Instruction. Scottdale Council of the D. of A. held its regular meeting in Moose Hall on Tuesday evening. The council began arrangements for a school of instruction that will be held during the month of April. Surprise Baby Shower. The bridge club of whicli Mre. Olarence Owens of Eleanor aveuue is a member gave a surprise shower for the eon born recently to Mr. and Mrs. Owens. Many gli'la wore received. During the evening two tables of ^arde ivere brought into play. Refreshments were eerved. Jiirs. Doorley Hostess, Mrs. E. F. Doorloy of Eleanor avenue was hoateeii to the Mardi Bridge C'lub at her home In Eleanor avenue on Tuesday evening. Modal Contest Tonight There will be a silver medal contest by the Loyal Temperance Legion In the Methodist Episcopal Church this evening at 7:30 o'clock. The public is invited. Missionary Meeting. The Foreign Missionary Society o! the Methodist Episcopal Church met a t ; the church yesterday afternoon. Mrs. George R. Iladen bad charge o! the leeson study, us.inj.; the book from "Jerusalem to Jerusalem." Mrs, J. E. Steelsmith had charge o." .the devo- tione, Mrs. 0. L. Baker of the mystery box. Blblo Class Me^w, The Women's Bible Class of St. Paul's Lutheran Church held its regular meeting in the church on Tuesday evening. · Scouts In Session. The troop of Boy Scouts (sponsored by tho -volunteer, fire department held It-s regular meeting'at the borough building Inet evening. Commltteeinau Itaau Rolllnson was present. Hearing 1 Postponed. Rev. J. Henry Perry, who is charged with conversion by the Morning Star Baptist Church, did not get a. hearing bofore Justice of the Peace William Kennel, ae was planned. The attorneys for the church and that of the minister could not be preaent, so the case was postponed. Other News. Mlsa Marie Corrlgan has entered training at Mercy Hospital in I'itla- 'burg. Miss Ruth Blank of Lalro'be, nuree at the Connellavillo State Hospital, visited here yesterday. MU-e Mary Caroline Gretz, a nurse at the same hos-pital, visited yesterday at her homo at Kverson. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cramer visited with Mrs. Cramer's parents, Mr, and Mrs. George Armstrong yesterday. II, J. Springer, who had been In Pittslnirg at a hospital, under obso.rva- im- man, Miss lOllnor Stimmel, Mine Mary juato. The hotel ;roprlctor, Ramon Ai- vares, said th;it Flores on Tuesday Bishop, Mrs, J. P. Bute, Misfe Minnie j opened a conversation with him about ·Murray, Alias Mary Porter, Mrs. L e l a n d ' l h e l»n«surat!im, speculating on who S. Whlpkey, Mrs. J. S. Enc«, Miss ' v v o u k i SUf;ceod OrUi! Ruble if he were Mabel Shank, Mre. C. T. Giles, Mrs. M. K. Younkin, Mre. Charles D. Bailey, Mrs. Josephine Mcranda, Mro. Ross S. Matthews. Mrs. George W. Stauffor, Mre. James Charles worth, Mrs. Chester Stafford, Mrs. Leonci Sche-nck, Mrs. H. F. Shipley, Mrs. W. W. Kern, Misa Uou.'ah GHinorc, Miss Mao Gilmoro. 10 AUTO DEATHS IN WESTMORELAND DURING JANUARY I sassinatcd. Mores told Alvaroz he to t^ inausuratlon. described hint as ot gentle- J n a n ] a p p e a r a ! r c e p p l c a s a u t J d . p a r o n t l y i l U o U i ,-ent. Th o n l y oUl , H . c l u e : was the early police r e p o r t t h a t « picture of the Virgin of Quad d u p e had been f o u n d hi the assassin's possession. Thousands of Mexicans carry such, how- over, and it wae; not accepted as proof that the man was a member of the "Crlstcros" or religious rebels, who caused so m u c h trouble before the government m.ide peace with ( I R K K X S I W R G , Feb. 6.---Ten - persons were killed in automobile accidents In tho first month of this year In Westmoreland county, according to j ^f^ JaMn7r~«Iiie'd""at tho Ortiz tho January report of Coroner James Ilublo llome c l u r i n g the evening- B u t SOMERSET STANDARD, QnnSPUBUCATION . SOMERSET, Feb. G--The Somerset Standard, ft Republican weekly publication here for 46 years, has suspended publication., Tho newspaper was started by E d w a r d H. Werner who is still engaged in newspaper work here. By refraining from over-indulgence Men who would keep that trim, proper agure, women who prize the modern figure with its subtle, seductive curves ---'Bat healthfully but not immoderately. J3a,nish excessiveness--eliminate abuses, Be moderate--Be moderate in all things, even in smoking. When tempted f:o excess, when your eyes are bigger i:han your stomach, reach for a. Lucky '*·,, M * MM *.,«_«... i-nstead. Coming events ciast their shad- Coming events ows before. Avoid that future shadow by. CBSt their avoiding over-indulgence if you would shadows before"/ 333 ' 011 " 114 ^ at tithe* youthful figure. * I'-ucfcy Strfke, the finest Cigarette a. man rsver smoked, made of the finest tobacco -- The Cream of the Crop --"IT'S TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so "TOASTING" not only removes impurities but adds to (he flavor and improves the taste; Your Throat Protection.--against irritation--cagoinst cough* *Be Moderati ·!.;;: Don't Jeopardize the modern form by drastic diets, harmful reducing girdles, fake reducing tablets or othet quack "anti-fat" remedies condemned by the Medical profession! Millions of dollars each year are wasted on tl ese ridiculous and dangerous nostrums. Be Sensible! Be Moderate! We do not represent that smoking Lucky S rike Cigarettes will bring modern figures or cause the reduction of flesh. We do declare that when tempted to cio : yourself too well, if you will "Reach for a Lucky" instead, you will thus avoid over-indulgence in things tl at cause excess weight and, by avoiding over-indulgence, maintain a modern, graceful form. TUNE £ V--The Lucky Strike Dance Orchestral every Saturday night, over a coast-to-coast network of the N. B. d © 1930, The American Tobacco Co., Mfnu. Bridgeport church last year. Jose De Leon Toral, j Obregon, .... s BRIDGEPORT, Feb. G,--Levi B. the'j^Ceffor of Iron Bridgo spoilt 'Sunday BERKEY TRIAL Coutlnucd froTM Pag i One. leged rum ring because of lack of evidence to convict. Th s court ari- nouuccd thn same end c tuld be obtained, if necessary, afU r all teaii- rnony had been i n t r o d u c e I by a s k i n g for binding instructions f ir acquittal. Th6 prosecution rested ts case yesterday after a number t E witnesses had testified tfcii vario is persons, named in the I n d i c t m e n t i, had approached thorn either abo it liquor or slot machines. Attorney Georgo D. W ck, defense who killed General Alvaro was a religious fanatic. Former President Ellas Plutarco Calles, who was out c-£ the city at the. time of the shooting, and all members with his son-in-law and daughter, Mr.! counsel, told the jury in his address four while S. Hnrkins. Mined clolmcd the llvc-s two person;-, wore killed There was one murder while three _ barred from the street in front of the the doc'Lors would not allow anyone to see the president. All others, even by trains, including members o-f Congress, were suicides wei'O reported. T!luminating gaw poisoning was responsible for the death ot two. Crrw of Knn ken Craft Kescued. IIWLSINnTORS, F i n l a n d , Feb. C.-Tho urt'w of 20 of the- Danish steamer house, which was heavily guarded by soldiers and police. Tho only other activity during the night was in the immediate neighborhood of tho paluce and the garrison headquarters, where oHicials frequently passed in a;;d out through tho anil Mri. W. E. Smitley o£ Hammondville. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lessman and family have moved from the residence owned by Weldon Joriew to the W. S. Coiihran tenant, house recently vacated by Harmon Snyder. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Landy of Ridgeview and Mr, and Mrs, A. 0. Boyer that Ditinau, Ills client, A f ould admit that he was a slot machini agent. Ho said Ditman would deny a part in tlie boozo conspiracy. lie sai 1 hie client had no protection from my person. He told that his client's ilot devices tho dry probers came to the institution he receiyed a telephone message from tho judge instructing aim to keep out the Government agents. The physician's testimony followed declarations by Krouso that he and I. I. Brought, also a d'ry investigator, had visited Judge Berkey in Ms chambers and wore refused permission to interview Turnbull except in the judge's presence. The visit to the judge's chamber was made three days before the call ax the county hospital. John Stutzmau, of Stoney Creek township, said lie refused to buy liquor from Qlossnor although offered protection. Stutzman said G-lessner said Tucker would deliver it. Harry A. Watkius, o£ Hooversville, said he bought whisky from Ziegler and sold it at his restaurant He said he was offered protection. He said his place was raided shortly after being opened and he was ttned ?300 by Judge Berkoy. The witness said' John were promptly seined win a set up in ; E. Cusler, his landlord, told htm not Somerset county. Ho al io asserted Ditman never had au int -rest in tho liquor business and proo '. would be to be discouraged that he could flx It with Judge Berkey. Mrs. Catherine Watkius said Ouster visited her husband frequently. She said she overheard Ouster tell her motored to Star Junction on Sunday to ' g iven to that effect. He urged the visit friends. j j ury to remember it was riot'sitting J. H. Bolllnger of Mount Pleasant' in judgment' on' a ease concerning husband not to worry. "I will take 'violation oC the gambling laws. He I care at it," sho said Ouster told her wa/3 calling on Hiram Boyer over Sunday. Mr. and Mre. C. S. I-IebenOial were at Washington, Pa., on Sunday visiting their eon-ln-law and daughter, Mr. said they are concerned i i a verdict In a liquor plot case. husband. During the closing hour of the afternoon session there was a parade of D ';.. H ^IJ!!I 89 ^,"^S^.^i-.lry age*, to the stand to teii of of the Somerset Count;- Hospital, Nolly was rwsoucd late ku;t night b y ; I» olice r - nes ' O ' h e r streets were de- nalvape IjontH, more- than 4? hours ' s ® vled at ' l( j 1 ' n v k l l l i e u t - The excitement j having returned home on Saturday bert Krouse and another prohibition after tho vo"eel foundored 'n the G u l f , " . cai / y evc ' mi K abated after ofll- £rom the Washington Hospital where administTalor to enter the institution cud abbuumces were given to the i h a WBa a patient for «everal weeks' to interview James Tur rtmll. The of Finland. Quickly relieved hy rubbing on OVE^MtLLION JARS USED VEARIY public that the j)resident's life was not In dang or. A l t u o u g h all in-augural f e a t i v i U e s were called off, theatres and other ac;t;vltie-a continued as usual. Borneo'i Everyday you will dud homea and Dome gltea advr-rtiaed In our ela**l- ncd oolumne---re id them over. f o l l o w i n g an operation for appendl- buys of licjuor at and raids on pre-m- meii. Tho ^places visited, -according to the witnesses, wore coadncted by J. C, Tucker, Gavrett; James Mc- The memorial to Abraham Lincoln is a magnificent gem set in a lovely valley bet-ween the hills. The Character and Service of this great man ·will endure with the ages, Interest Paid on Sayings Accounts. CDHHELLSYILLE , PA. Olisopyle Sundny visitors at the home of Mr. and Mre. Carl Barnhart wore Mr.-and! i he Allfr Eheny county ^vo: khonso re- Mrss. Wilbur Boyer and Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bollinger and daughters, Lucille and Myra Jean of Mount Pleasant, latter was a Government ^ itness yes- I n t Rockwood; J o h n Grillith, Jen- j morning, terday and testiHed he hat been com- u J o h n shenriall and Jcfhn Clarke, milled to the county hospi al-because Meyers(la i e; Jollu Gress, Meyersdale. OHIOPYLE, Feb. G--Mies Adeline Potter is viriiting her sister, Mrs. J. II. Palmar at Rochester, W. Ranidn of Unlontowu was a business caller in Ohioiiyle Wednesday Uso Clnsslilod Ads. Results quickly follow. fused to accept him beet use of physical condition. Dr. ,Vilson explained that when TurnbuH was com-, mrfted lo the institution . e received Instructions from Judge Berkey to permit relative!) only to se i Turobull. He also told that several -'JB before 1 of Hunwinta.. Qnocn Leaves for Iliimnnliu Mrs. Clara Vaughn departed Wod- ne^=ilay morning: i'cr Somerset to visit friends. Miss Margaret Me far land, of Mor- BELGKADB, Feb. 6.--Queen Mario gatitpwn, W. Va., Is epending a few o£ .Jugoslavia and her three sons left ( i ays ' w j t h her mother, Mre. Alice Mc- by special train last night for Buelia-, Farlancl. rest to visit her mother, Queou Marie, George Hall who has oeea ill for I the past week Is son.ewhat improved. Miss Pauline Fleming is on. the sicl liet. W. R. Burkholder of Mill Hun waf a businc«i3 caller In town Wednesday, Mrs. John Waters is ill at her home 3i ere. Mrs. Ida Colllnn who hae been sick for Koiue lime is able 'o bu about. Almlra Rebekah Lodge held its regular meeting in tho loclgo rxrais Wednesday evening. ' W. J. Jackeon has returned home from a visit at Unioutown, James Williams of Mullen was a visitor in town Wednesday. Uso Classified Ad«. Tfoy brirnr results.

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