The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 31, 1964 · Page 35
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 35

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1964
Page 35
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St CoajusL IS Distasteful. 36 Trumpeter birds. - Highest, 12 Climes. 34 Coadsmas. 3 Gam tt cards. 17 Tuxedo. U Feed tie Animsii: 1 words. J9 Complacent. 40 Eastern nun. 41 French gtyeholofiat. 4 Entered i eash rrinr: 3 words. 46 Reeenerslrd. A words. 4 Dew. 5 Chiaeee tone. 6 Palm leaf: Var. 7 Aleutisa island S Aiette. 9 Eicrcieee. 10 "Any port la r 2 word. . II Meal tteh r hi 5 I bS bulution oi this puxile will 102 AUTOS WAITED (Cort. from Praeedtpg Columnt LATI MODEL CAM WANTED, have M. ST. M. aa Chemlats. PonUoce, Pords. Volhawegepe. Coneula. would Ilka to exchange for lata model cars and pay cash for difference, see Maurice , Motors. 110 Rldeau Street. 34- UT mi sr. u. youB cab roil you 1 have the Uma, plaea, ' experience and can arrange e , financial tranaactlea Calf ioa 131-TSH- MEED CASHT HIGH PAYMCNTS? Archie McDonald wiU buy your ' car for top eaah price or trade dovrn. for eheeper car and oaati and aart credit an car et later dale. Archie McDonald. 10 LaurtoT West. n&-lU PHIVATsXT OWNKD AUTO-roobtle In porrool condition Pay cash. PAP-giso. WE BUY CLEAN CHEVROLET and Ponttacs. pay top cash prices or trade down et Dominion Automobiles. 1144 Ce.-lfng Ave una. TIS-tsW. WE BUY LATE MODEL OH AND WILL PAY CASH FOR OKI-owner car In top condition ias-' SIOS. SS4-S103 WIU. SELL VOUR CAR ON CON rt . stgnaneut tor top price 7ge-seTS. PALMER AUTO WRECKERS CARS AND TRUCKS WANTED : for wrecking. 3-IJ. Albion SOI TfiUOQ iXD TUHQB tHC 1 .300 GALLON TANKER. ME-enenlrallv A-l. licenced until January. S3 000 SJS-501I or 723- SvrS. S4S It ten mono swan. MEW AND USID SCHOOL BUSES Elliott Motor (Belleville) Ltd., " Belleville Ont. Ptione WOl-4544 an r t m mv.ITBS ATI irTSmat . and makes. Call ken Seymour Moteev Sales. KemptvUle. tSS- sua. 'tan INTERNATIONAL lla-TON . tod) shape Muet be seas, leet plataa. sayg. Ue-70H 1 . BEDROOM HOUSE TRAILER. -Mil ISM Faro 1-ton truck. V-d duet wheete. Fine gas ats . ttao. Bell's Comers. SJS-lleO 104 tiUGS OARAOE WANTTO. FROM SEV tember a. vicinity O'Connor and Gloucester, cso-iast. evenmae- FARKTNO ON OILMOUR NEAR ' Bank. EW-TW or S3e-S4Tl. -SOS MOIOSCTCIQ WANTED. HONDA se oa is. Cash. Call any Uma. BYLES AMD CO. ' Wt SELL AND SERVICE HON-. , da. BSA,' and Harley-Dsvidson :- motorcycled-, also vaspa ena ' 4 MSU seootors. Sot end SOT Ban Street Sld-.. ' Ml Ufiii BANKRUPTCY. SALE Vor aala. ewmantar'e edulpment SHjiultna lle-eew. nand-aaw. drills, . radlal-aaw, grinders, etc. 1 led. - teas riumUI olckun. Eeeled ton dare with 10 deposit snuat be at Truaioee ociioe ay asei Sep ten bar 4, JPM. PIERRE SIOUW, Truetea, : Office: ass Dsltottaie St, . Ottawa t. Ontario. ' SSS-TTS " NOTICE TO . ; CONTRACTORS r !-:'-' ' SUPPLY 1 ' AND ITVCTAU-ATIONOr A v' FELT AND GRAVEL ROOF Seeled tenders addressed to the . Chairmen and Member. Bears el Control. Clip Hall, lit B Drive, Ottawa. Ontario, for tha , supply nd rneUlletlon V d felt - and gravel roof on the alaaitla ' room at the Fleet Street Pump-A rng Stotlcm, will tie received until e S JO p.m. Eastern Daylight Sav ing Tim. Thursday. September 17th, lie. , Plena, arsscifteatiaaa, form of tender snd . other Information are available: at tha office of the CommWatoner of Water Works, 111 . snwsA Drtve, Ottawa. The Corpovattoa mwm m mm w ' i ss woj as w a sw e w. , ei 1" Y MbNDAY. AUGUST 31. 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL. 35 Journal Cross ACROSS 1 Kimd M trap oa mil links. S Amphibian. 47 Striate imawat K Cier skis to 1 ruttet: 2 word,. 9 Slow stsier, u Judge t 56 Pretty: 14 Retina Si Vsnety el marine msmmali 3 worde, S9 ranfru. IS Stalin' voice. M Heolui I words. 17 Impose. It Resist:' words.. 30 Small monkey. 9 Drassnuker's of) Nnhel 61' Eye nj Cute rouihly. -y down. 64 Vote steinst, 6o Greek god. DOWN 1 Oriental bow: Vu. 2 Spanish piddleetke. 3 Moreini-titer resolution- 2 '. right to reject eny or all tenders wr ie accent any nnsu sriouia ' tt ha deemed In UVe In tercet of ' the Corporation ea to do and. In pertteular, kt only en tender Is received, the City reserves right t reject tt. J . ' ' A T. HASTEY, . .. City dark. - Word Puzzle 12 British IT AH Op I US. 21 Suiei Fr. 24 Put ike (beep in check): 2 word. 27 More rational. 29 Jerome Kent l-jtiaclody: 3 words..f So. feraeo. I J'poruwear. 32 Sleef rocky " elevation. Qty m Kaooes. 33 Soa tor ehoir. 36 Croup ei alere in. tree Major. S Song tt twilight. 41 Relatives of be cod. 42 Hoiaebeck port. 44 Frolic 46 Connnattiea rilu. 46 Pyroniania. 50 Kurile Wand. 51 V.P, 192S 29. 52 Man in whiia. - 53 In food health. 54 Seed covering. 55 Lily or Ulan. 56 "Brow October i lis III in us "Slit 1 tr publishtd tomorrow. Crash Occurs When Lights Not Working Madeline B rouse, 15, of Ull Amesbrooke Drive, received lacerations to the bead when s car is which she was s passenger collided with another car at the intersection of Scott Street and tslsnd Park Drive early Sunday morning. She was takes to Civic Hos pital and later her condition was described s "fair." ' Drive of the car was her hus band, Robert, 32. The other car was driven by Terrene J. Gal-vin, 19, of Huntley, Ortt. Damage to both cars was ae-timated at 11.300. MY 7-1 ANSWER y I QUESTION: It seems to ms that if there Is on God there ought to be just one church and Dot all the different denominations. -A.W. ANSWER: The reason there are so many different oenomi-natlons Is that there art so many different kinds of people. When on studies the differences la the groat Christian churches, : they are really quite minor. Christ built His church on Peter's confess ion: "Thou ere the Christ the Son of th living God." snd sU true Christian embrace that cardinal truth. Th chief difference in th major Protestant churches art th result of th freedom of Interpretation which ha bees th genius of Christianity.' The amazing thing Is, not how far apart they are m their beliefs, but how similar.' In 'our clty-wld Crusades we see all major denominations working together to win men to Christ. Th closer wt gt to God. tht nearer wt art to each other. Have you not walked a long tht sea short snd noticed the little Isolated pools left by the outgoing tide? But when th tide, came in th little separated pools were gone. When the tide of revival comet In, the sec-tartan line vanish. A true Christian, church believes In Christ th Saviour; man, s (inner; s hetvea to gain and s halt to shun. . : r '.' ' I often think of the many churches as, so' many regiment in s great army. They each have their separata identity, but they fight under ont flag, and ont captain, Jesus Christ.' " ' ' ' arcwa to rttrioBs fizai w.rSiP-jsnigijipnpi'iiirl It Bin liiTliiTTbirri f TA f I f fTI Eft it M .mii mm yipimn mm in l. ie iu I 1 GOREN ON BRIDGE BY CHAIUXg H. GOREN ANSWERS TO BRIDGE t)UlZ D.t-As South you bold: KJMI1 PI 041 QII TtM McVMng bse proceeded: Heat Ntrtk East, death i-Past t? Pan 14 Pan t9 Pan ? . What do you bid sow! A prompt withdrawal from Ike aeene la recommends. Partner woukl eapeet more aubateituel vaiuoa U yed .rebut spades sad might ee Induced to take aetlon attended wtta deafer. . t-A South you bold: t(32 VU OQttt eWIS Tba bidding ha proceeded: North East Seeth West 1 I NT Patg Pau Dewbl Pau t 1 What do you bid now? a Two clube. WMIe we never originally araamag 1 nuking a caU en tnla nana, pertner'a action aea m4e a alg noceaaary. To nam weuM ao nreeeniing the eneelilin with a clear profit ana, althe M aing two chaba at altenoeg with aoma ewgrae of nek. It aooma at thle patnl to be the leeel eaagorwu procagure. 0. t-Ag South you bold: AKQ7AJCllS!03aTI The biddinf hag prooeexlad: SaejOi Wact North Eaat 17 Pan 1 Pau T What do you bid now? a. Throe heana. While M may be tempting to make en immediate Jump ralae- In epadea Mich temptation eaeuM ae roalatag. eaeatad diaawog Uada might play havoc with a spade contract, whereaa at hearta yea cwld handle the force wlthaul great Inconvoolenca. 4. 4 A South you bold: e4 0 At) J 1(1743 eAt)JI Your partner optog with one apado. What it your responaa? " A Three dlamewda. Union an tmmedlete Jump shirt Is aaada, sua-eap,uatit blading problems ere euro to art Partner naoda very little to produce e slant, and the big sig nal nmuh be naahed sa once. 0, l-Aa South you bold: ! ?AKI 0 AJI7 7ll THE WEATHER s TORONTO CP) - OnUrio'S unsettled weather picture dur ing tha last few weeks Cannot ba blamed on nuclear blasts or return to the Ice age, says John Knox, federal meteorolo gist in charge of the Toronto forecast office. Blame It an a warped Jet stream. Car Smashes Window When Driver Sneezes A sneexe' broke 1300 plate glass window Sunday'. Gordon Henry Waddelt, 47, of ISM Digby Street, was driving across a parking lot in front of Demppey'a Food .Market, at I7S7 Russell , Road, when be sneciod. causing him to close his eyes, he told police. Mr. Waddell's car veered into the building and show window was shattered. Mr. Wadded was not injured and hit car was not damaged; Say Separate Sealed Tender, on forma supplied by the Department tor the above contract will bo looolvod by the Diatrict trsflneer. Department at Hlfhweys. Uo Tramblay stand. Ottawa. Ontario, until 1100 O Clock MOON CAT. 1 FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 1 1th, I94 Specifications. Information to Bidders. Tender forms and envelopes mav be obtained by calling at or by mail sddroeaag to tba District engineer at the above mentioned addrees. The lowest ee any Tender not nsntissiily sesspls J , DXPAPiTMrNT OP HlOHWAYt. D E M sLImT uTNUVirlTtT ' . ; ' ( 1 fb bitUilhl bag rsrtxejadad: saejth Watt Narth Eaat Pasg Past le Past T 'What do you bid ow? AOae diamond, (von the yea pmil s It point hand nothing mare arasue la ae yet hadlsaled If partner la unable to take further constructive oettea there wlU be aa " 9. 4 As South you hold: A9.J3?t)l74l3 0)eA4 Ttn badrJuif hag prooaodad: Eaat Sea la Waat Narth Paw 17 Pan 2 0 Paaa 17 Pass 34 Pass T What do you bid now? 'awrhreb spades. A rebtd et three aa trump should be evatdag wherever poaelbie en dtettajttly sbal-anasd heldlnge The mere fact that all few auks are sdsejuetely protected dsee net mart a band for no trump. rasamanlraUod between the twa bands may be toe tenneua is make the contract piereble. Only If parte or chnni to bid three na irump himself would we find tats contract acceptable. . T At South you bold: 417AQ7 0KM9IUI24J Tbt bidding hag praoaododj Waat Narth East Saejth 1 NT - 14 Paaa T What do you bid? a Pose Partner has not o preaaai a desire to hove you panic. Ipste. If that were In his mind he would have doubled the opening Md. Unices North Is highly India-ereet he has a reliable spade suit snd Insomuch as hs hsa not been doubled there Is no present danger. A bid of throe et amends appears to hsvo na real future and might tend only u star up the animals. q. t As South you bold: 4J42 7912 09172 4111 Tht biddiflf bag proceedad: Narth East South Wast 2 4 Pass 2 NT Pass 3 4 Paas f What do you bid now? A. Three spades. t is your duty et this stsge to show s scwrerence If you have one, which, holding throe spades la an honor, you heve. sequent spade preference you give may Induce partner to believe pad nave only two spades. In these days of rising prices we are happy to announce our , 18th voluntary rate reduction in the last nine years. ' The New This new rate it available to all who use Natural Gat for central home heating and one other use. Thit new 2 STAR rate reduction, like our 17 previous rsriuctions has been made possible because of Tht IsWtiH trtoftill Conwmp-fion ti Natural 6u hi lmts served by Conunws' 6a System Iks iacruxi 17 times k 9 iun. Tkt CNltarW tlswt el Uummf t IfftM ( Mb lt tat to iNrs RMSft. lodgv 294,615 customer! art Sewed by Coruumen' 6as Syriefe amparad to 155J78 hi 1955, . v i ; , ,V ? ' NOW, THE NEW t-STAR RATE, THE POPULAR 2 S-STAR RATE AND THE 2- 2v 2eV 2 4-STAR RATE. ..EACH OFFER DISTINCT SAVINGS WHICH , INCREASE AS YOU USE GAS FOR MORE PURPOSES Yoti wM want to take sdvantagt of tht best rata a variable. To do so, simply chock tha coupon and. mail today. Based on this informstion, you wiM be placed automatically on tha rat to which you are tntiWod. You w svsaseawowaamwocaeaswn.i i nun ivs.ksh, mwn?'rtwmr.mftm s'tae mw i sj i"9n'imm'r'mKmmmmTinmrrim mmi "e mssi.i uei , .wiiui ei wew-wej-eesmveeawwi i-a-. jr.. . mi ... ... , ,r , . . A.,. -.M-ip. f-mii-'is - - , jfT n si in jsn j il jmsarir: i - r f' rrm ni ilj-s The NraSTAR RATE The STAR RATE The rl STAR RATE v N Th rttw Two-SUr Rait tavts you js . Tht Trirta-StJr fata prrv1dt further aVTy Tht Fcur.SUr Raft otfs syvtn mcyrt rty whan gss to usad for central YWV savings whan gas is ustd for central JJf savings when ga is ustd tor ctntral V haating. and one other use. H hostint and two other uses. htating snd three othr usts. QUAUfY POR THESE special rates by using gas ' for Central heating combined ; with cooking, laundry drying, WATER HEATING, REFRIGERATION AND ; ORNAMENTAL LAWN LIGHTING. Fart of the Consumer Gat Sytttnv - .' ' -' .." ' ..- : V : V : ". I --'., ' . isiiriii - -'Asetsi a s id i a a ii,s s, se a har" - ' N - Blasts Can't Be Blamed Mr. Knox said the globe- girdling tot streamed high-speed westerly wind that occurs at latitudes ranging from 26.906 to 40.609 feet, flows east from the Pacific coast separating the cold belt from the warmer climes. However.- tha Jetstream took a surprise tun southward this month, bringing cold weather to southern Ontario. Mr. Knox said there is ao doubt of the cause of the cold but be is as baffled as the average person when It comes to explaining it. There are just too many In tangibles." he said in an inter view. "We can only work with what we have to measure. But there's so much we can't." ISNT COLDEST Mr. Knox said, however, that this August has been fer from! the coldest and wettest on rec ord. The city of Toronto records, which go back 131 years, show a total of 19 Augusts colder than this one. But Mr. Knox stresses that this Is misleading since the era DEPARTMENT OF HIGHWAYS. ONTARIO NOTICE TO SUPPLIERS OF STRAW SUPPLY CONTRACT NO, SA-W-2759 OITTAIUO. v c n To MAIL T1I1S COUPOII TODAY O Ik scswisuei titdti tf lmm to Systoa thili providing bettor ccstanw serrrca at the sane lira. O Tkt sttki el taajwarf to Systosi to altor rato itstoc-tois based en genuin saving designed to naka f advariageeiis to atomn to isa gas is nort wars. ibis anmurKxment is to keeping tritb this policy. also racahft dttaAs and latest information about all tha benefits of Natural Gss which provide you with tht fuN convenience snd plttsurt of modtrn, gracious Irving. Nam Address. Ctty 1 around the weather obeervatoryi In mid town Toronto has be come built-up thus generally warmer over the years. This year's August has had 12 weather records set for spe cific days in the Metropolitan Toronto area and a total of 69 records across the province. Some frost wag reported m Haliburton and Muskoka dis tricts, north-central Ontario va cation areas. MOVED SOUTH The August cold from also moved south of Ontario Into the eastern United Slates as1 NOTICE aeene tenders addressed far as Virginia. But Ontario provided by The St. Le wren re Seaway Authority wtiseh are marked TENDER stem CONTRACT Mo. 4P7" wtMeS) are srlth respect to TESTING LABORATORIES 4MB STORES BUtUMMO POR THE ST. LAWRENCE SSAWAT AtTTHORtTT, WELLAND CANAL, ST. CATHARINE, ONTARIO. will be received at the office of The St. Lewrence a so way Authority. Majestic Building, as Cooper Street, Ottawa 4. unUI 1 00 p.m. E D S T. Wednesday. September 1. ISM. Plana. Sped flections. Form at Tender. Labour Coejdlndns snd Form of Contract rosy ba obtained by appsleatton to tha office of the Chief Engineer. SX30 Perrler Street. 7 th floor. Montreal. PQ., or the Secretary. Majestic Butldlne. see Cooper Street, Ottawa t. Ontario, or the Project Director. Wetland Csnsl Twinning Project. Sd St. Paul Street. St. Cathertnee. Ontario, on the payment of ana hundred dollara 100.00 which" will be refunded upon the return of the above documents In good order wKatn thirty days of she date fixed above for the return of tenders. If not returned within the above period the deposit will be forfeited Tender depoort for a sum or not lees than Sen per cent flil . of tha sender ertoo muet ba provided in neciardsnna with the terms of the Form of Tender, or. 1st Ueu of a Tender Deposit, a But Bond In the amount of 10 of she Tender, condition si upon entry Into a format eon tract in she form sahstlssd with .the tender document and upon turruehing security asciptstls to the Authority, stisll be provided. Only tenders submitted to sooordsnoe srlth our snsctflrsi tlons will be considered. The Authority doas not or eny tender. 1 ; L E SELAND. Secretory. THE ST LAWRENCE SEAWAY AUTHORITY Ottawa. August 11. lb st. - Gas Rate v 4: ..:' . -' - i - i.av-av4 bore the brunt, said Mr. Knox. The ultimate cause of these strange, but not infrequent, atmospheric cycle can only be guessed et, be said. But the mater role is played by the sun's radiation and by abnormalities in ocean temperature distribution. Mr, Knox said he rules out nuclear explosions or cloud seeding, as possible causes, j "The atmosphere operates est too grand a scale . , . atomic detonations art) really small potatoes by comparison." TO CONTRACTORS to the uisdereltried in bind Itself to Cutttsrs oseMint pjurftustrs (easfjMts to '.9 lartale tovX ieta i p We do NOT ust gas si present Fleete supply nntormstion about tht spocial monsy-savinf 2-Star Rate, alonf with the othtr ad , vanUga of Natural Gas. - Q We USE (at at present for Q Central Heating Cookint Q Ctothee Oryfng ' Water Httting Q Refrigeration 0 Ornamental UghtMf We would Nke to apply for the tfjecial rate checked: Q 2-Star Rate 1 3-Star Rate 4-8bw'Rata eeaeeaswen..eeae.eaeanae.ausnaaaaa...a.aamisual l

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