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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1918
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PJB Ccjnnellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,738 VOL, 16, NO 146 CONNELLSVILLE, PA., WEDNESDAY EVENING MAY 1 19IS TEN PAGES MLB FORCES ADD TO THEIR GAINS ON THE FLANDERS BATTLE FRONT (5- \ttacks by Germans During the Past 24 Hours Have Been Feeble, While French and British Have Surged Forward at Points; American Flyers Bring Down German Plane. IUIET REIGNS ONjSTAMERICAN SECTOR By Associated Press. LONDON, May 1 --Fiench troops last night improved their oitaon in the neighborhood of Locre on the Flanders front, be war office announces. The British rushed German posts in tie Meteren sector and took prisoners The statement follows "A local attack made by the enemy yesterday upon, one of ur posts in the neighborhood of St Juhen uas repulsed by lachrne gun fire Posts he)d by the enemy in the Meteren see- jr were rushed by our troops during the night and a few pris- ners were secured by us "By a successful minor enterprise carried out last night 'reneli troops improved the positions held by them in the neigh- otfaood of Locre " uadei the alien proper!} laws and the government is in actual control of operation of 100 plants A1JUFU LfiDUte lOKFtR VT VERSAILLES rranu Mav 1 --An important cjnlercncc o£ tht. Allied na tlous opened here todaj and will be carried over tomorrow- The participants comprise Premiers L od George Clomenccau and Orlando of Great Bntam France and Italy re spectiveiy and representatives of Prance Great Britain Ital and the United States in the supreme war council EWUSH JEWSPAPEKS EXPKEhS COAFIBE^Cl,. lOKDON, VIA OTTAWA, May l~-\s details of Mondays GREAT R D PARIfa Mav 1 -- The American Red Crobs today presented 10000000 francs to the committee which is di recting the three great ^ench aoci cues tor caring for the wounded CLlXEAtt CRCEI* FOB SOIDLUKs IMUMl WASHINGTON May 1 --There were indications to.taj that President "Wil son noald make an earJv decision in the case of Jie Tour American soldiers sentenced to death by court martial in France for violation of the ar*iUes o£ war Two of the men were sentenced « «^H? ,,»« *' lbore nas bMn Do hmt as (0 LOCAL COMPANY RECEIVES ' BIG GOVERNMENT ORDER FOR STE^L AUTOMOBILE WHEELS A large go\e steel automobile awarded Lo tne rontract for ls his been K\ llf r ounrlrj biles The government has round tha ^teel wheoij arc noic substant tal that) ^oo en onefa and w i l l plaec them on a L tmckb The contrnc w i l l require 00 per cent oC tl~e capacity in the steel foun drv toi Jie rema ndei of this 3 cor man} additional men A 1 equipment and j 0 dtldl lora , mcn W I , b(t e m p i o v is m icadjness to bpgm or the order ed ]U t h e i r u h i n t ^ hops TJ , e immediate}} and a though the contract calls for 10 wheels i clay AS a Machine bteel Casting Cjnipiny of this work on he o l d e r to begin tomorrow The plant w i l l work on double shift and has employi icnf fo~ GIVES UP THE EVIDENCE OF ANOTHER FAYETTE MURDER minimum output it is expected lhat this may be doubled The wheels when hnibhed hy thi foundry company will be complete ready to be pliced on the autotro hops trtct how ^ or \vil not fill JD o;i the loguhr trade of the ( o m p i i v .All i egul 11 contracts w 1) still he handled The wheel output \\ili be in addition to the piemen! capacitv o r the pUnl ind will not mtcrfoie with the usual oporiLions TWO ARE KILLED, ONE INJURED BY B. 0. FLYER Body of Young Italian, Missing For Some Time is Drawn Forth SCOHDALE GIRL MAKING GOOD IN FEDERAL EMPLOY WOMAN TIPS THE OFFICERS \VTii Ohio i a i l of Dav.^o Pappj.rbcl Comely Aim ncan. Said to Be I'lttsburger, Prisoner Jtor llonths. PRESENTED FRIDAY NIGHT LM)EK AEBBbT Hiss Lena Colhorn Ono of 12 Assigned to In estimate Cost of lilting. IS TOURING THE COUNTRY »orW Thus riir Has tOTCnd Hocii of tlie Jbast and Hie NocMnrn Aow, Alter Vibit Home, she is Oil lor Buffalo and 1'Iaccs in Uii. ortb. Spt-c a» to The courier SCOTTDALE Maj 1 --Among the thousand^ of yo in 0 women w b o have entered the employ of too fc.o7erument few hold positions of more importanc From Dm H e n at i 0 clock Ino 1\alkuuc on TrncK N ar Hnw«. nt. al inq on h( Ba tirioro i, )Ad \ at ks four Tiilcs v r^st \CMCI d i ifu rnoon ( hns la scar-, old and brotb ci N I C v Fippa ri *clcs oo icars old v-pit mstanUj kiiien ad in PI Loni pan on Tetu Chnslos was shgMly injured w h e n run d o w n bj Baltimore L Ohio pa^sengrr ram d ic here al v o flock The men w h o were a 1 G i e e k s he cime ouf ised vbxo the sav. a train appi oath mfe on he opposite track "1 hoi. came to Daw son from C eveland 0 a lUllc o\er a w e e k a n o and i^ere traek la )oi rs for i^ie Balumorc 5. O h o r i i l r o t f Tha Sarah ^ r ght tbe %oman i n e n jred ma^ and Lhe bocivs of Dpld P r *«*** for moathb m a house tbe dead n u n \\crc placed on Uie train mar Ulc old toundn a.. Dawson v,as * h c h -, ruck them and brough lo ^ J dnaped Jrom Pittsburg v,h Ic mlo\ e x m n c l s t i l U . (.bnsio-, uas -omo\ed lcalcri or u n d t r u h c influence of dru s s Jo ibe un i g e b t u p hobp il for ueat ! hal sh ^ IS vo11 -nnettcd m the |r cut of bis injurn, ana ti.c icnain* j Smokj C l t v and lbat seieiai auennrt-s Turn la a fotal oi Xflre Than #11,000 of it e i* biothr-s *? e r m \^d to h a A e locn madc to S(1 cJre hei release Hmcidl J u t i OT J sins razors ri bal w e r c * onie " f t o e dei eloj- F'miial omorrow d ternoor al 4 [ mer]L - s of lodai1 foi owing tliu discov o eJock from the Greek eburch udffo E. H Bxjpperi fl ill A^ard Emhlom to Uic Tiij at Jligii bchoo[ Auditorium. 3Iost ^eiisAijoiMl Homicide (asc in ( ountv in "i cars i*. Bcinp Developed 15 the I ounrj Ictectie, Vccording 1o Meagre Imormalitm ]jCaKiug Ont. KEPHART GIVES $25,000 Bultfinpn t Ohio Itoodi txt Ik ( rcd- iUd to )ncil!s^Ui«, Cuiiva.ssrs Vr* Staking u ^hirhind j-inJb. i received, confirming the fact that it was the worst J°f ay the Germans have experienced since the opening of the d iimTM has Ht^n nn hint is to -- r ~ ' ·. ,., , ^offensive the Bngh.h newspapers, hitherto reUcient in viewi ^ j^^t'wiu ^ but u h L than M.« Lena coibora daughter of | * *^£ "^ I1 ^° l 7r^ r^ t the fluctuation of the battle now comment on the operations u-- - .» .»..* -i-TM«TM K, Mr and Mrs c A uoibom of this ^ tveajL, w mtcro.unfe progn i a tone of confidence they have not hitherto displayed The Tunes says **O£ all the nolent corahats witnessed in the last few weeks JWIITII n u n Alp 1C re know of none which is a raore hopeful augury for the allies 1/lWIALl/ RL ttAln Id lan this 10-imle German failure " *j It is pointed out that the public is apt to reckon victor) m j 3nns of offensive success but a decisivp victory like that of fonday may contribute equall toward the ultimate object of! ae campaign, namelj destruction of the enem fightingf-^-^ FormeTiy Employed trength ^ been slronglv ursed that clemency be shown the soldiers AMONG LOCAL BOYS WOUNDED IN FRANCE place who left last nig t for Buffalo N Y pursuing her v,ork after a Msit at her home here Miss Colhorn for ai^: vear had b^en stenographer for tho H C 3-nck Coke company ar thrjr offic s here PTVO jears ago she near to \Vashmffton D D to enter ihc National Domestic Science school Yfte- she * tb in school she was ailraeted b^ the V,abh mgton ixsiUons bhe obtained a pot.t I repa ationb are abo tt coimletc for t-he preocauiaon oC Jit. Lib^rtv ixxin Uaj., a\.ardotl Conne l^vi le fo~ passing the qjota of ?8li IjO in tLc p**uent dmc UK e^re uonies to e e o n d u e u d i m Ji, bt,mg ajranged ir 1 e v n person in iho cit Jb in\ind u) a lenc The loan flat will be i rcsen cd b Juc'ge L 31 Kepprrt oC Lniontown anrt i\ill b u copied foi the L t\ DJ A torucy r c. Hit;bt The L o i r e l i Mlk MUuarv bant ^il pUv ttirough out the ov nrag uid John D-^ns wn! have a quartet of si igers pu*-fnt. The Li-bert IjiM,n « i 1 ht given anoihei boo«:£ roi ue }dsi diy of Ibe d r i v o and opl mg the CAPTAIN KIDD IS IN FRANCE, LETTERS TO FRIENDS SAY cr\ of tae ?xdv of ai* Italian supposed to be thav of Tony Bane la 23 t cars o d m an abandoned well near the rouse he up to the murder haung been k lv sn the officers bv the ftotnan T h e case sues promise? of being the most srnsauonal m Fa^c te county in crini nal annals m \care Tlic officers are no inclined to talk Cou^^.^ Dctecme John J Smith has tiAtlj refused to di cuss Jie case and h a is taken as indjcat-on that fur- thrr ondonce Ji to be unearthed 3t was intinia cd toda\ ibai Pat"=i Medic, a ClerV at the Pennsylvania SUtaon at SoTas stwogrdphcr "ariiw'"Dopart.| ''j^^^^^^rk '°^ I tTcrson. mnt ^j, ^gj^ui ^rce. © u m iAJSEB, BILL CONTDTCES TO BOAST. | Donald M Hair whose name ap- f ^ a roa resident of the District, on "WITH THE BRITJSH AKMJES IN FlaANDERS, May 1 -- j pears this morning among the list of Columbia can only hoid position the govenimen.. SJN: months at a time she next *ent lo the Commerce btuJd- raiiroad eneisd Von Amieim made no further move along the Flan-l solal e r s Bounded m France, b era *a5*,tcont last night nor has an attaSTlSeeir expected «"^ tas in . scmce w . aa a . ^ lie heavy* defeat which the Germans suffered Monday forced lem to pause and bring up fresh troops before continuing their nve lor the hill positions in the Kemmel region The senonsness ot the German intentions here has been vmced in numerous was On Monda f or example, they ustad at least one gun to within 700 yards of the battle line nd other guns were brought close up Emperior William appears to have been an interested and ctrve visitor in the Flanders region yesterday According to nsoers he has been making his usual flamboyant speeches to ·oops and he stated the other day that the Germans were try- Here she at r^cted Dr = he a clever ac L/versoiL worthy w h o saw He enlisted last September Young typjst and general ^ Lilenud U tbe Hairs parentA are both dead. His end of ber M% moa tb^ she was tafcen h o m e i s a i T a r r His name is among J ]jno fals office lo t o ^ L i r u e m l ihe she tbe slightly wounded. HOBtE FHOM. i-ASTEKN tMBAKKATION CAJCP J Vt Eaton of Trevor avenue returned home Monday night from an embarkation camp wiiere he went U) see his son Joseph Easton who ex ig to separate the French and British armies, add'ng character- pects to leave soou for Prance East- ·tically that the Germans were going to "put the British back on is a member at Company D liotn n the English channel where they belong ' Bcgimem _ ESTOA BISH JRTTTEVS TO CAXT JjE. posi aon \liSi Col born learned mubt be a college graduate *; went to Columbia and graduated She continued at tins position unlil about a year ago when she w i t H three other young ·women were designated to in vestigaie the bJgh eo£t 01 living as it pertained to the poor of tug District ot Columbia The facts seeured during this :m estimation \I ss LxjJborn ftas directed to wnu, into a bu-Ieun SOT publication and it is being printed BOW1N 6EBStA PLAI. WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN FRANCE, May I--A P n d u evening at 6 o clack tne can ashcr* sr l io h i \ e becu at work in the city vnll meet at Ue Ma. onie temple for a dicker after \vhi*h eoniplete repo"U- will be mad" Man'v ioo e i.ub=crf'Uon3 ba^e been picked I P by the leara^ d u r i n g Uie past ft,* dai.s and the -nen are -equeiUd bv th« Libert* Loan committee o mok" a last hard push in the remaining da\s The T J Cooper Bible clias oC the Firbt Pre^bne-iiii church v- 11 ^rve supper a 0 o c o Ic at the Masonic tempi 3 tf the captains and iheir teams d-s Barren i H nght is general hairman Mrs M R. Hen ney is chairman of he kitcber com nutte and Mrs \V \ L.echo cbair man of Jie d i n i n g ronio comniitlee The Boj Scoutt are still it work, gathering up bonds that ha\ e been Hi is I iT^i E'rom C t m i H I l s n l l e tn HcI- KA! Service (o t r m t 0tr J hLn. DC A. R K i d d who wa 1 - commis sioned a tm m the \i dicaj Of j fleers *.cscr f to pt- is safe ITS J ranee ' w h o v lib the \S r ght wonian is under ace rdu {, lo (.omn unjeations rec i \ e d i arrest m Lruonto^n knows ^ome hing lod^^ b~v P P V A\ j h J \e*-hart and Jo- of the ro-rdLr o' se^e r al Italians who seph A Misrn (.-aptajji 1 idd i» al- w e i e imbushed at Dawaon about a ach^d 10 the ^econd Baitahon o e tbe ^p1l ago The woman m the case 1*1 MX eentb l n f a u i r \ He n a a rijned at did 10 h ?ne lolo Lho officers of near- n(, Mcdio discu'-b the ambush T\bile =he w a b a prisoner \ccordmg to meaere snfonnatioii t h a t bas beea al owed 10 get out the killing of Bartella occurred during a fi^ht between him and M.edio o%er Jie Wright woman ·ivhile she v,as held prisoner at Damson The arrest or tbe man and ·ftoman now in custoa^ took place March 26 b ate Police and Depuu Sheriff 0*ftra Meegan -\\ent to Damson it is said io I on Ogle horpo and thon scni to Camp G r t t - D e (.har otie N O ^ h c i e h e h a n superv sion o\er , camp Cap^an Mdd is uit nrst Connells ville physician to roach Prance UNIFORM NOT ESSENTIAL Lmiormcd fied Cross Workers Wi Continue a- Ibiial. The ad-ainibtprmg of the o^tb of al lesiince to Red Ci o=s workers who airest a man for earning conceslei , aertafter w i l l wear the regulation Red ,,capons TVliile there the\ heard that Crons unito-m Thi-rida; night at a ^ woman wss being field prisoner. j d i « r ! a i of Hcd Crosi work at the xhev raided the house and arrested Ked tross headquarters in the o d IJO occupants and look them j jail h O h lUioo 1 building ao^s not mean The dav follow ng the arrests the offl- 'tb.4i pel tons not ·»! mg i..e uniform cers refused to talk concerning the I w M be c\c udvd fro-n tne wo k Thev casl %nd a had dropped f r o m s ht will coiunue as usjal The unifo-ms untl , ^ e nerdai when the officers again w i l b purchased b the wearers ana %lsH6l j t he wene and found the de- will be worn oali d j r m B woiking composed bodj of tie ^ung Italian periods , n lhe u c n left last ight by Captain Norman Hall of dward V Eicfcenbacher of Colurabus, Ohio le Aroencan lines on the Toul sector and Lieutenant i hls ^,00^. MT ^a after a duel OTer| ot prospect street. Mrs ira v Rush COBPOBAL ELTSET GITS W-HOCE JLEATT. Corporal Harry Eutscy returned yesterday o an 'embarkation camp after a 30 hour rn-lougb with Itis par ems ill and Mrs. Jacob R Eutsej ian and also opened fire The Americans peppered the enemy I O f Scottdaie Eutser is a member of lachine with bullets and drove it down until it fell beamd the the 3isth infantry He left with the nrst draftees for Camp Lee and was transferred to Camp Gordon. The American birdmen first engaged the enemy over the jnencan lines. Lieutenant Rictenbacher, weU known as an utomotnle racer in the United States, swept over the boche pened fire with his machine gnu while Captain Hall formerly member of the Lafayette Eseadnlle, darted behind the Ger- CContlnubd T w o ) Januarj 1 a .party o' 12 including m i sae d in prc\ious canMU».es and also MJSS Colborn stared est to invebti securing addiuocal subscript ons from gato the cost or livmg as tt effecU t h o j persons v,ho halt already subscribed families of ship builders Tho*j | The scouts Jp to date have =ocurcd nsited Philadolphia New 'iork. «nd t a tota i O f 130 bonds and ?"4 S50 Tnir London, Coon and then went South, In the east it was found that for tho mcrtt part the men were being paid more than tbe average wage in t i c ·wuth incltHl ng Texas Mississippi Alabama and Honda wagt^s were ^ery poor and hung about on a par with the north Families were large A large part of the labor was unskilled. B.0. AGENTS MEET ennan trenches Captain Hall served as a private in the British army at the jtbreak of the" war .ind later ]omed the French aerial e is the author of ''Kitchener's Sloh »' forces. QTJIDBT WITH AMEMCA^S EN KOBTH. ·WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY ON A TRENCH BATTLE RONT, May 1.--The situation along the American sector gradu- !ry is becoming stabilized There have tteen no infantry en- uutex* in the last 48 hours, although small patrol parties or jtposts have met in the darkness and mut. Despite rain and poor visibility the American and French -tiHery have been most active in shelling, enemy back areas, he German artillery is less active than on the days immediate- following the American appearance on this sector The Gerans are throwing some gas shells ·jrial activity on either side Weather conditions prevent ABTILIJEBX DUELS OS SOTCHE. May 1--Artillery duels of some intensity occurred .st night on the Sdntme front near Villej-s-Bretonneirs: and on Dth sides of the Avre southeast of Aiaeins, today's war office port says tGHT AXVK1CA3S ABF VIL1ED T5 \CTI05". ·WASH1M3TON May I--The eas- Ity list today contained 72 names, tnded as follows Killed in action, 8, died of wounds died of accidents 1 died of dls ase, 3 died ot other causes 1, unded s««el7, 5 wounded sllghl- 51, miaaing in action 2 Three officers were named Lieu- aants William H Jonlcins and -anklin B fedrlck a.-e missing in jtion and Lieutenant Nathania] C ycA wss wounded newspapers announce The document it *s said will be of more pressing nature than formerly and will contain concrete offers of mediation ) by the pope with the possible cooper- t ation of neutral sovereigns FK TTtLl OKPKH ruACJe ON trHtmirtn i\. X»E HAJGWE, (Briilsh Admiralty r Wireless Press) May 1--Hope 'martlet Intends to 'sane a new peace s er oa WWtsnnday, May 19 Cologne 11U2VS BATTBB i»AT 1TITH XOSG BASSE GU5. PARIS May 1--The long range bombardment of the Paris district was begun again this morning ALUTN PKOraBTT TAKF» OTEJi, $280,000,000. TViASKINGTON, Maj- 1--The value of alien property taken over by the government today reached a total of $280 000 000 That represents only a part of what officials expect the gov- U.1VBE5CF TUCHJ51ST » SATT. Lawrence Moorman of South Oon- neUsville enlisted last Wednesday as a machinist in the Navy and left yesterday for League Island Nary yard in Philadelphia. requiring extra supervision Miss GDiborn found iho women of 1CTIK "William L. StUlwagon XAJOB. son of Mrs Soae SUlIwagon has recently been ap- jwurted acting sergeant major of Lino 117 Trades Division oE the Aviation Section Signal Corps at Kelly Field South San Antonio Texts TZPFCfO 11KKS TVOKK WTH THt JUIXOON CO. In a letter received from Edward Tipping with the 17tii Balloon Com panr at Fort Omaha Omaha Neb where ne is training in Jie signal ser nee, he says 'You bet I am atill with the balloon company I dont think I would like to leave it These are observation balloons and we are the south interested m wheatless and about Ubertj Bonds Their days TIT all practicallj meatless but large qjiantities of grease and lard *vre used The Tvornen irere courteous and answerel all oC he 137 questions on tht, questionnaire Tor most part they had no idea of the ost of shoes for a child of a sear or clothing either They live for a day at a time and eil dilations an to expense raeau noth. ing to them The parly will next wort in Buffalo N "i on detail When on Pig-e Two get CONWELL PROPERTY SOLD Residence m Jefferson Street Bought by Sm-ithiield Man. Real Estate Agent J A. Mason, has sold the P J Conwell property in Jefferson street to 4 G Blosser of SmiJifield who will occnpv it as soon the tenant, Alex Chinn vacates The price was $2 750 Mr Blosser is assistant trimmas- ter on tbe Connellsville division of the Baltimore . Ohio railroad RUMORS NOT VERIFIED Stories Going Itonnds of T ocal Touug Uen billed in t rancc. Rumors to the effect that Julius Grouse and Herbert Shink two wnll Itnown mcn of South Connellsullc were killed in act on in rraace can not he verified Shank s father v rote lo Washington ana was informed that no such, vvord had been recened there The pir parents or voung Grouse received no word of heir son having been mjur ed or killed ScTTic«s Tonight The community prayer service; s of erament finally to hold Upwards of | the churches of Dawaon will be held 7 100 trusts are being administered tonight m the Presbsteriau church night from - 60 'ce to 2 SO Pair tonight w tb heavy frost Thursday fin and waimer a the noon weather fo ecast toi Western PennsjHania I empMruttirc Jlecord 191S 1917 MaKimum 7_ * Al nimuni 4 ^i Mean , IS 6 J The \ough river rose dunni: the "New Orders RpcrnrrfJne Throorh ^ fty Rilling BIstassed \t a T\\C\, in D of f-eight agents vardraat-ters and train Tt alters of tbe Baltrmorc · Ohio Ra Jroad comp in/ hnrc la-st night mstrucuo is for en forcing ibe unj^ wsaJ wa\ b) ling o der were djscu^sed Kotiees of the ne^r order explaining i ^ero mailed out to al' bhappers Phc meeting; ^as ad dressed bi Sti perintendea L VT H Broughton ^bo eoneluded v.ith a boost for the -ale of Jjibertj Bonds The notice sa\^ in part Under these instruction^ shipper-, at all non-ag^nc stations w i l l furnish shtp ping order to the agent at t^o fn st *{i tion bejond tlo point from \\bicb J^f shipment U made aecorrl ng to Lhr direclion which the hipmon will Bi Is must accorapam the cai^ and no deviation from Lhe m^Uuctions \vill be permuted Porn? 81 I) scale eard cinnot be u5cd r or movement of an% coranooditj except coa.1 and coke from m nes and o^cns to scale station Deinurr tge w i l l be assessed ou ail cats until slipping o deis arc IB. tbe bands of the billing agent The oaih. v.ii be adm nis er?d at S 3G o c ock bi J 1 red KjrL/ chair nan or the ConnelUsHlie ^apici Tbe cxecuu; e commute^, of the chapter Villl retjono Lhe r ght to "aithdraw tbt perm t issued Jhe Red Cross ^ o~kei» a'te thc-v lia\e Un.en the oath o wear a uniform from anj per ^ ^ er ?tl } ^ ^meVo't ttfnirea'sva^rc l ' » » "5TM TM" "" ^aHhbe^ tion of rCfaUKtions or **n\ justifa-blo reason The un form consists of aj7 apron and coi' (hoad dre s» In tJir The ^ - ght woman is said ta ba-\c been brought from Pittsburg t» Dawson last N o v e m b e r aceording; Io one repon whi!p anoihei said she ~ame from Ne^v "iork Tbcrc is aNo current a rumor tba her huBband was slam According o her *;tor\ to * Irto · m a fail Then her captors placed her dail% in h a r g r of a neighbor Italian, woman and she was allov.-d a little work.iocm the^e are of n can pen seivic** blue and ical eince grax JD the the c]cr P H T A I f A i A L more freedom though never was out of sight of he woman or one of; *Jic men \ post mortem cordurtcd last c\- onmg bv Coroner b H Batim at Park- lull s undertaking rooms at. Da^soi ·showed (hit Bartella had been shot Man Who Robbed on fJaolm( to Efl'sn I m the head The J» let entered lhe Pain Hies at Hospital. . left ear and lodged in the opposite Bums suffered on last TbLrsdaj side of the bejd The man s coat had n l e n he applied gasoline to Ins stom I been pulled o\er his face and he had ici to relieie pain resulted in tbe | been thrown head first into the -well. death of Nicolo Forco Jo \ejrs old | The woman n the cast- 15 said to of Dunhir %csterda afternoon it the j lo he conieU She is about 35 \ears Co Use State hospital Tbe hod\ was removed to Funenl Direc or J ],. ^tader s par ors and prepared for burial Porco became 11 at tbe Bacring house where he hid been stayma for the ~ibt v eek AJtei he hid applied gasoline to his stomach he w e n t to a sto\c to heat a handkerchief o pla over the saturated skin The heal caused the gasoline to ignite The dead man had been about Dawson foi some time appeannce he Prior to his dis- employed for a short time is bar tender at the Central Hotel CIVIL SERVICE EXAMS. Mill Be flrld at ^ inous Pluccb in 1Ii^ Cfun(r in 3fay 11 The United States civil seme*, his announced ex tmm iuon*s or Tajeue comtj 10 be h a id at ConueilsMlk b n j o n t o w n Dunb u Brounsnllc Adah Bel e "\prno*! \rcClcUandtown T.""a Pomi Mt-non on V u 11 for the purpose of secu-irg Uigibles to f l l \aciJicieb a* mral carrier During the war women are el giblc to appointment at, rural earners and raaj en er tht examinations Appli canon blanks ma^ be obtained at the post offices TORRENCE SELLS of IHst Sider ^ 1 Mm of Kill irncy. to Jlrs. FOUR SONS CALLED Draft Draws Jleayih on the Family of Jlrs M. I. Chorpenning. Mrs M J Chorpermug, formerly of Connells\ille now rcbidrag at Tro"i i Crossing near Afount Pleasant bas give one son Lloyd, to the service, ·vnotlier Homer goes on Thursday, John I" 1 TorreiKC l a s old Ins resi j » b i e iwo others Walter and Henry, passed the examination fo' se- Vest lectne service Mrs Chorpenning is a widow Sha dence in North Pirst street |Side to M s A\ S Lion nf j^illain Park foirae-H of the ^ p=t Side i Mr and Mrs Toirence w i l l \ a c a t e j l i v e d here until about a month, ago j l h e proper!^ June 1 H ^i!l t len be · -- - -- occupiec b% Mr and Mrs \MlhamTiir MidiciU WeejnR Colled. noi of the ^ est ^ide \ meeting of the Westmoreland |Countv Medical soeiets will be held tomorrow afternoon at o o clock m Inrectod tbni. Prank 0 Connoi of iast Crawford avenue underwent an operat-on for an abscess of the neck which resu t ed from an injected chua Cotmt\ Tbe Pavet e Count% \ edicil soue y \ull meet Thursda-* ui?ht in tlie \erna coli club room in Lnio town Di Greensburg The meeting is for all physicians of the coiintv -»no aie eligible foi sei\ice in the Officers' H J r Rit«?i «i!l ^ad ? paper on | Medical Ee=ene Coips. Gastric and IHlodPn il biters Cauiliiiat* Towrr isits lavetic O Lown of Somerset township M-s Haj, tlie E \\agoner of Tiest Side, has lhe edge on her neighbors In tia Some set coun^ 5 nsioing the \o gh natter o£ results from bpnng plant- region of Fiuetie toaa\ m the int"r j mg In a mmia. s ure garden--in, her ests of his ca.ndidac% or the nomma home--she has beans "wiji pods three ion as Representative in Congress on I tnclies long The\ haie beconie some* i the RepubliLan ticket- ! what of a curiosity

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