The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 14, 1938 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 14, 1938
Page 8
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PAP" EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNEbLSVIIAE. PA. FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 193S. UNIONTOWN. Jan. ot the honor to be bestowed upon it by the appearance here January 25 of Daniel J. Dohcrty, national commander o£ the American Legion, LaFayette Post has completed ar- iranscmcnts -to- make -the event -one lot the-most auspicious in~thc- history "of the local organization. ~ Nothing will be left . undone to SnaTcc'thls"ViMt' ol .the legion ^chief one "to be rcmenflicrcd" in* the ^annals of Lafayette Post's colorful TiislpryT ~ Comrhander DofTcrtyV ap~- £pcafance-in" Uniontown will be his -first in the state of Pennsylvania and Jthe · prominent - Massachusetts'- al- Mews of Tri-Town Community DAWSON, Jan. 14.--The Sland- ard Bearers of Philip G. Cochnm Memorial M e t h o d i s t Episcopal Church will meet Ihis evening at 7 o'clock in Ihe Sunday school chapel. There will be a short business session after which Ihe members will allend Ihe revival service of the church. Mrs. J. F. Black of Liberly has returned home after a week's visit 1 i with her sister, Mrs. R. W. Gibson of ~ A local Legion receplion commil- j rtee comprising _CharJes_.Froek, Captain E. J. MeDjoiclrSenator. Anthony SCvalcautC Allen i^.Carke'aiKl Julius H^evy, will meet Commander Doherty tan Pillsburgh to escQut him to Union- Sown. The trfp'hcfolwill be through ^thc nver distrlc't 'where Doherty will ^be lakcn on a lour of Ihe bis slccl ^nilJs ~and~bCicrT.leadm(f I JTidliSlrial plants.- ^The transportation will be in -charge of Frank Bryson. -- AcompamecTby Stale Commander HSmith. Doherty and the reception ^ommitlce -will- have lunch at tlfe ;Whitc Swan Hotel, to be followed by 31 tour ot the historical shrines in live ;rnounrain--_distncl.- The party will ^visit^lhtrmoit- impbrlant-o*f3he nat- ^lonally-kncwn pcmts. ~ Returning lo the city. Commander ^DohcrljT 1 vnll--be; inli-oduced to liic ^public nt-4-P.-M.,~\vhtn-open-house I be held at the Legion Home. Ail veteransiand. the general public invited to attend this latc-ador- rnoon reception. At 6 F. M. the com- rmander will be guest at dinner to be -served by the" Auxiliary-to the Post rand which will b: atlcndcd by other Hdistinguishcd Ruosts and leading "TLcgion personalities. ' ^ The public appearance and address Tot the commando- will take place in Cthc auditorium o! LaFayette Junior £H\gh school at 8 P. M. The public ijs'again invited to attend-this -nestling, which will be history-making In '-Its importance. There is no doubt, CChairmin Matty Eain said, that Cora- tjnander^Dolierly.'s subject wilt be of "ulmost importance to every citizen. Miss Harriet Hough, John Green, Mr. and Mrs. EwmK F.lion of Pittsburgh, Mri. A. S. Cotlom of Tyione township were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Stark of Budge street. The Epworth League Cabinet met at the church Monday evening. Ben Husband, Belly Bauer and Mary Lois Wood weie us delegates lo Ihe Youth Council at Asbury M. E. Church in Uniontown on Saturday. Miss Janet Burdcttc was Ic.ider of Ihe Epworlh League on Sundjy evening. The league decided lo send Iwo delegates to Ihe Youlh Council which will be held on Saturday in Uniontown. Live Shell K\lr.ictrd. MADRID, Jan. H --A "live" two- inch Mauser shell has been successfully removed from the shoulder of Bias Mora, a private shoulder in the Spanish Government Aimy. The shell embedded itself, without exploding, in the man's left shoulder, and as it was liable to explode at any moment, great care had to be taken in removing the wounded soldier to a first-aid station and then to a base hospital. Another Tunnel to * New York City Is Opened A Kuncrnl scene at the New York end of the new Lincoln tunnel, which links Wcchawkcn, N. J., and midtown Manhattan. Tho tubo will bo mulched by another of cqunl size, all to coat $74,800,000, when completed. At present ono tube carries both oast nndwust bound truffle. It is 75 feet under tho Hudson River. Governors Hoffman of Now Jcricy and Lehman of New York officiated at the opening^ of the tubo. (Central Pratt) School Subject Gives As Much Life to Student instructor of j something to do with his hands," he 1 1 Richard Gingrich, the Connellsville High School Band,! dcclai cd. "If those hands arc busy, | under supervision, usually the boy told members ot the Kiwanis C l u b . . . . . . . . ., . . · , \vill not be in trouble. In a band or Wednesday he didn't believe there lsome other musical organization he was any subject in the entire cur-1 comes in cd.tact with other people. riculum of the school that "adds so much to the life of a boy or girl as music." ' He explained that all students could get their music instruction in the school provided they had the instrument and requested Kiwanians who had any instrument in their home "just collecting dust" to give it to a boy or girl who needed it. Mr. Gingrich said it was his object, while he slays in Connellsville, to give every bo'y or girl who wants It creates competition, spirit and en- .». thusiasm to do tr.ings for himself. What could be better for an underprivileged child than participation in a band or orchestra," he concluded, referring to the feature of child ' work in which Kiwanians are most interested. Entertainment was provided by the "Throe Tri, Tipcteers," a group of boys fiom the High School Band *\ made up of John Craft, John Armstrong and John Jackson. Edward an instrument a chance to play. j McGill was accompanist. The boys _"Whcn a boy is between the age of 11 and 15 years he mutt have will represent Connellsville High School in forensic competition. Flier Hunts Coyotes. TWIN FALLS, Ida., Jan. 14.--Lamoine Stevens, local transport pilot, has accepted a contract to conduct a winter compaign against coyotes by airplane. He killed five m 15 minutes during his first offensive. Mrs. Anna Kupcts Dead. Mrs. Anna Kupcts, 68 years old, died Wednesday at her home at He- public. Mrs. Mary Matiba Buried. The funeral for Mrs. Mary Matiba, who died at the home cf a daughter, Mrs. Veronica Younkin at 135 West Peach street, was held Sunday afternoon at Immaculate Conception Church with Rev. Henry Geibel in charge. Pal'bcarers were Thomas V. Donegan, Thomas Welsh, Boyd Love, William Fagan and James P. and James H. Kcane. Interment was in St. Joseph Cemetery. OrcRon lo M.iss Troops. SALEM, Ore., Jan. 14.--Oregon tioops will train on native soil next year for the laigest troop concentration in the j history of the st.itc, Major-General George A. White, commander, has announced. -Approximately 3,600 officers and mtn will be training at Camp Clatsop, near Astoria, in June. William BarJilry I)le!. William Barklcy, 38 years old, died Tuesday ,it his home at Palmer after a lingering illness. HLapsed Insurance : § Policies to Be Paid ~~ 7! Parents of Victims -- Special to Tho Courier. ·· UNIONTOWN, Jan. H.--Lapsed ^insurance policies, held on Ihe two -children of the six persons burned ^to death Dcccrrbcr 22, at Melcroft, rwill be paid in full by Colonial Life reinsurance Company, officials agreed rafter discussing the tragedy that was ..".enacted Christmas week when oil, Ipoured on a flre by Frank Crowe, ^caused an explosion which ourned -ti»e dwelling and took the appalling ·"toll of human life. « Policies were held by Frank Crowe ;jmd his wife on their two children, -Anna Belle, 10. and Wilmer, seven, jwhosc bady charred bodies were re- .moved from the debris with four others. The oolicic.s had lapsed and, although tlie par-nls lind applied for revival, they had not officially been 'renewed when the deaths were ic- jsorlcd. Under provisions of tne .State laws. Colonial Lite Insurance ;Company officials were requued to ·pay only $40 each en the policies. ~ Because of Ihe terrible tragedy and "subsequent events, oificials of the in- "surance' company conferred and Agreed lo meet the policies in full. - Deputy Coroner Bess :ihe-death-corlificates that eliminofe ^Ihc last bit of red tape necessary be- Sore the parents of the children re$185 on eiacfi policy for a total ~" Every Home With Children Has Its Feeding Problems By LOGAN CLENDENING, M. D. candy won't hurt them. Candy has YOUNG PARENTS think their own problems with the food habits of children never have troubled anyone else before. But no household ha* e v e r sailed tho sea of life without facing these troubles. The child who never cats between meals, w h o n e v e r spoils his appetite with candy, who^ never re- fus'cs to cat, who has no food dislikes--If you havo that kind of a c h i l d In your home, then you roily ought Dr. deadening lo worry because thnt child is u!ck. That in tho angel child, and angel children are hateful little objects. I have heard mar.y discussions on the subject from parents, doctors and home hygiene initructors ;Thc last named--Ihe leclurcrs at imothcrs' clubs--solvo tho question Jvcry easily. They get ore a lot of {^latitudes that sound all righ*; whethcr they work or not is an- iother question. By and large, the ·food habits of children do not do 'much harm. They grow up some way whether they eat candy or not. .They may worry ,thclr_futurc hus- 'bancl or wife to.dcath because of a ·dlslastc for cabbage which the Bother one's father liked a lot, but ·It all romes out in the wash. . So far aa the candy question Is ^concerned, children do not need 'candy or pure sugar, so long as they have tho well chosen diet mentioned yesterday. And if they have tho articles we named--milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits and cereals--the no minerals, nor vitamins and bum Li their appetites. But they all fat some candy, and no one would want a child that didn't like candy. Family Attitude Important . The family attitude toward children's food habits Is tho most Important element In the problem, and young parents may have to re-edu- cato themselves to like nlmple dishes during the formative years of their children. For many years tho food an Individual eats Is conditioned by \\liat the parents cat, no they should broaden their tastes Dr. Clcndenlng will answer questions of general Interest only, and then only through his column. and have a wide variety on the table. From observation ot thos« who grew up under such a system, I advocate the "eut what Is put before you anil learn to like it" rule. Tho parents who give out those In- Juncllonn are doing far more for Iheir children than the "Oh! let the poor dear eat whut he wants to" school. Children refuse food because It !· monotonous, or poorly prepared or unappetizing, or because Ihcy have been pampered. Rnrcly the reason Ihcy rcfvse It Is because they are sick or below par. So tho real responsibility of food habits, good or bad, is on the parents--on the way the food Is cooked or the example of a finicky appetite In one of tho grownups at the table. A sudden lack of appetite In a healthy child is usually the sign of an approaching nines*. Tho healthy, active child, who has the advantage of good home sjrround- Ings, always has an appetlto at th« proper time. It'HAS to be Good! How much may depend on n Dingle telephone cnll t Almost dally wo hear of gome cane where th« speed of the telephone w«cd tiino when necondti were pricrli'it. Pcniwylvnniunji will never'bo satisfied with telephone .rrviec Ihut i. «horl of the best. It's loo important. That's one reason vby «e u»* Western Klectric telephone equipment-the best in the world. With mich equipment-maintained aiul operate,! by U K hly-trained people who hare both the ability ui.d the lr,iro lo serve, you well-yon may be sure of good telephone service. In ererjday task* as well nx in enicrgcucies-, depend on your telephone to get things done with ease and efficiency, speed and crrlaintj. T H E B E L l T E L E P H O N E C O M P A N Y O F P E N N S Y L V A N I A Friday and Saturday .Fri. CHOICE MEAT Sat. Ib. 19c PORK LOINS Whole, Half or End Cuts CENTER CUT CHOI'S--23c LB. .LONGHORN CHEESE Ib. 23c Wi«consln Slale Brand GROUND MEAT Ib. 20c Economical EGGS carton 29c--loose 28c Kvery Ese WIDE BACON Ib. 29c Whole. Half or End Culn CORK KING. MACHINE SLICED Sic LB. LUNCHEON LOAF ... Ib. 17c Square Minced PORK BUTTS Good With Knrnl BEEF LOAF It'i Dclirlom LOIN STEAK Tender--Juicy ROUND STEAK Ib. 26c Government Ini]icccd CHUCK ROAST lb.23c Branded Kerf RIB ROAST Ib. 25c From Grain Fnl Steers Ib. 19c Ib. 37c . Ib. 30c USCO BAKING POWDER For Successful Baking SUNNY BOY PUMPKIN 2 Makes Delicious Pics ROYAL ARMS KRAUT Good With Wieners DEL MO.NTE APRICOTS Tasty Appetizers STANDARD TOMATOES 2 Solid Tack SLICED PINEAPPLE Del Mont.: BAXTER'S BAKED BEANS Kcady to Serve U. S. PINK SALMON 2 Make Some Patties 10-oz. Can 7c Cans i n A \* Cans NO. zy- Cans No. 2 Cans 15c No. 2 Can No. 2 Can No. 1 Cans 17c 14c 25c ARMOUR'S TOMATO JUICE Drink For Your Health !0 01. Can Roman Beam; Economical Meal 2lbs. 13c Corn Flakes 8 oz. pkg. 8c pkg. 12c 2-lb. can 18c Shredded Wheat Good With Fruit Rockwood Cocoa For Candy, etc Je!l-O G Delicious Flavors USCO Macaroni K.ikc It With Cheese Molasses No. 2Vz can 25c Brer Rabbit Mustard Sardines . . . 2 tins 9c For a Quick Lunch Heinz Ketchup 14-iz. bottle 19c Adds Exlra Flavor Heinz Soups . 2 cans 25c Except Chicken Gumbo, etc. Corned Beef Hash 16-oz. can 15c Armour's--It's Good pkg. 5c 3-lb. pkg. 27c Ib. can 3 Ib. can McCormick's Bee Brand PAPRIKA can Swift's Pigs Feet 14-oz. jar 23c They're Delicious Matches 6 boxes 25c Searchlight Powdered Sugar, 2-1-Ib. pkgs. 15c Jack Frost XXXX Iodized Salt 1 2-lb. box 7c Round Box Mince Meat .. , Xonc Such P. G. Soap, White Naptha .... 9-bz. pkg. 13c . 6--13-oz. bars 23c Southern Style COCOANUT '£ lOc For Tics and Cakes USCO Vacuum Packed Coffee lb 27c Trcsh Roasted--Fresh Ground EVAPORATED PEACHES '*· 12c Eat Them With Your Cereal Swansdown CAKE FLOUR *«*· 22c Easy Way to Make a Cake USCO Assorted Preserves V" 53c Flavors Ever} one Llkci USCO APPLE BUTTER 3 !r 16c Delightful Spicad IVORY SOAP The Soap That Floats IVORY SOAP For Every Purpose cake medium cake McCORMICK'S CINNAMON Can 9c iice Brand Spices Large Chipso box 20c For Clothes or Dishes Small Oxydol 9c Quick Cleaning Suds Large Oxydol 20c For Cleaner Clothes Camay Soap cake 6c Soap of Beautiful Women Lava Soap cake 6c Removes Grease . Fri. FRESH PRODUCE Sal_L_ ORANGES, 176's doz. 27c Florida ORANGES, ISO's doz. 34c California Navel ORANGES, 220's doz. 23c California Navel GRAPEFRUIT, 80's 6 for 25c Florida Juicy LEMONS, 360's doz. 28c TNGERINES, 144's 2 doz. 25c Fine Flavor--Juicy CABBAGE Ib. 5c N'civ--Solid Heads HORSERADISH SVz-oz. bottle 9c Extra Flavor LETTUCE head 9c Iceburjr Crisp YAMS 5 Ibs. 24c Louisiana OYSTERS pint 26c Standard HADDOCK Ib. 20c Fresh Filet WHITINGS Ib. 13c Fresh Round

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