The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 6, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1930
Page 2
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IP ' K*. PAGE TWO, Hospital Auxiliary Tea Will! Be Featured by Brilliant Program UnuBual iiitocct is centered In a tea to be fjjvon Thursday afternoon, February 18, it' tho Woman's Culturo Club rooms at the Carnsgio Fieo library by Ibo "Women's Auxiliary to lha Conni'llBvllle State Hospital. The affair wlU bo I n oharg-e of tho waya and nieuu(i rommlttoe, composed at Mrs. Fred S. Opperman, chairman; Mrs. Paul T. K.imeror, Mrs. J. Donald Porter, Mrs. C. S. Carson, Sr., and Mrs, K T. Sullivan. Vivo presidents o£ the various churchos and ol the outlying towns, included hi the auxiliary, and Itfo members of the organization -will bo hostesses. The hours are from 2:30 to 5 o'clock. TJio ti'a promises to be one ot tho moat chi ruling boclal events of (Ho season h being looked forward to with great interest An outstanding tea tui o ot the event will bo a. musical and literary program, In which prominent local and out-of- town talent will participate. AH ineniibe.'s, aa Will as otnwfa inte-rebted In the welfare j£ tho auxiliary arc Invited to attend and cooperate with tho auxiliary women lit making tho affair a success. A donation of twenty-llvo. rents Is asked, 1). A. K. (UttPLlVt'E PL ASS FOB COLONIAL TEA AT OAKS HOME lhUlp Freeman Chapter, Daughters ot Amciicaii Revolution, mot Wednesday afternoon in the Carnegie Free Library with Mrs. Mary Gibson, regent presiding. Plans were completed for a colonial tea to be held at the homo of Mrs. John L. Gans In Mast Washington nvomio, Delegates to tho national convention at "Washington, April 11, will Te Airs. Mary Gibson and Mrs. Hester Yohe. Tho alternate!, are Mr, Ida Belle JUlley and Mrs. ISlUaboth Otto, Mrs. Catherine Pattertwon, Mrs. Cathorino HKftor and Mra. Josephino Williams. Mi-3. Elizabeth Cramer prepared a paper on "Ab/nham I/lncQlu" whl6h was rotia by vtra. Catherine Hooper Mrs. Joscephlmi Williams had a paper on the "LI to of G-eorgo "Washington." Both papers were exceptionally interceding. JIBS. lOUDW 13NTEKTAIN.S SUjVEH THIMBLE CLUB Mrs. B. C. "boaden entertained the Silver Thlmbla Clnb at a 1 o'clock luncheon of charming appointments, suggesUvo of "Valentino Day, "Wednesday afternoon at her home in Kant Cedar avenue. Covers were laid for straitcon Tho center of tho table WAS marto attractive with yellow roses. Valentines wore given as favors, Following tl e luncheon the remain- dor of tho afternoon was devoted to 1'ancywork and music. The nex,t meeting of tho club will be held Tuesday afternoon, Ffbriuuy 18, in tho home ol Mrs, 9. T. Iienfoid, Lincoln avenue. WILL ATTEND J/UttBUKMKN'S BAJtQUliT O IMTTSBimC Mr. and Mr«. A. M. Haines and Mr, and Mrs. D. K. Trehor will attend the annual banqur t of tho Western Ponn- aylvanla Retail Lumber Dealers Association tonif ht at the. "William Hotel, Pittsbu -K- Mr. Haines, retiring president of ttw' assoolatlon, will act as toastmastor. The banquet is belnp held in connection with .he twenty-third annual convention of tho association. Intermediate C. E. to Mad, The intermedia to Christian Endeavor Society of the Methodist Protestant Ohurcii will hold Its regular mcntiily business and social meeting in tho church this evening at 7:30 o'clock. All members are urged to bfc present as tlu«ro will bo a bpecial social honr. There is also Important business to bo transacted. Missionary Chvlos, Mteslonary Circle No. 1 o£ tho First Methodist I'rotostant Church will moot ] tonight, in tii-e aome of Mrs. Daisy 13b- bert Snydor rtreet. Circle No. 3 will inoet tonight with Mrs. T. II. Means of J'kujt Fain lew avenuo. IXTKltESTlNG "PROGRAM FOR 'I'llAiMC OF!'EltlNG SBttVlCK A- most interesting piogram has been ai range-it tot tho aunufil thank offering service ol the "SVoltUih'S Mla- -sionary Aaso;iati/il of the First United Brethren Oluirch Friday night at 7:30 o'clock at tho home jf Mr, and Mrs. William M. Fox, 000 Kast Ore on Tins DAIY coimraK, THURSDAY FKBItQAar 0, 108I One trial shows ho'tv Bayer Aspirin ·relieved uore throat) dissolve ttfo Ublet* in wel of a glass of vrter, and gargl« Until you've tried it, you can't believe how quickly you gwfc complete relief. Yon'v* often betsn advised to gargle for sore throat) or tonsilitis, tut it is ' ' ;/o« gwgle that ootMii*. Gargle , , , ,, , r ,, , r lho program in * barge of Mrs. F. A. Harah, Is as.follov.M: IMano pielude, Misa Jeati Hoovei ; thank offering Bayer Aspirhii a.nd you got results creoft, worship sfri /Ice, in charge of froal rulief, and the infection effectually Mrs. C. W, Kern; thank offering merit- ' reduced. To break-TO a cold, utop nm- i t i f t A n ·"rv.-Aithir, i. vninnirn" mirt 1 ralgjo pains, and hejubwhes from any ..',ri T, , , , - , , , ,, , B ' l ? ' caUBe, physicians saAr ihero'a nothing "The Bank of 33ft! th," by member*,, ^^ ^ Ba , yer ^ hay will m{ yotl » part 2, "The Bank of Heaven," by too, it does not .depress tho heart. So members; vocal solo, "Thanksgiving," you're safe It the box flays Bayer! All Mrs. Hilda fliscl; \ocul duet, Dotothy dnigatorrs. Aspirin is the trade mark and Jean Osterwis s playlet, entitled of Barer l manufacture 'o| SIOTH LIVE WIRE M1WTREL TONIfflT JIT HIGH SCHOOL at UK High Ekihool win be UIL (tiiost c n t c r t . i l n m e n t of 1h olghtl mmbtrelfj put on by tho Mvc "Wlrca n o c b r d i n f s to Piml WothoToll, Ireclor Thi enter lain me tit. thi» year ) i in tlic form of a maste.J oE cerctnonli ·», stag orchestra and the bejjt talonl got to gother ia e.lgli| yonifft, ot i*r «nUnfc those ontortainmcnUiJ lid said, Anna Jane Shoti pt Mam I Bart! School of Dancing, 1 PJttffburg, Wilio on, the program, iai (Jho flnosi, luvonilo dancei eror to appanr In C vflle, !io adrlt v d. "She can eta ico kind from classical io tap. Sho in only throe tool lall and nho It a won der." Tho Amoplcan LftAlon 1 arnvony Boj'is, formerly or tho Tied Arrow Quartet, will be hare lib In f ic fh« Ocinnollsvino favoriton, 'Sylvia Donr.adlo and Biiddy Dunslxj . and chorus o* 12 childrou iiro sn uped in a sarlea ot several ndl'ty : umbern Tbre are 60 people in tho ub H, The hundred or mor people who watohot then} practk-'o iasiaii^bt In ho Vot erans of Foreign 'Watts Ha 1 claim that to alias thH enteitiUnmoi t would bo missing something that t toy may nat 6var havo a chan« fo sen The elia^v will begin at S:lf o'cJo'ck "Tho Tale of Threi Boxes," Mrs. I. D Younkin, Mrs. W, N. Laughrey, Mrs Harry Younkiu; "The Purpose of the Thank Offering," Mra. 13. A. BchulU; vocal dust, Mrs, \ erda Collins and Mrs. S. K. IIxMiyi reading,' Marjorle Fox; "Gathering the Gold/' Mrs. 0. 0 Otiterwlse, Miss Nanuto ileury anci Mrs. C. A. prayer. of doxology, closing Tho baUroam CELEBRATE AT 301NT PAJITY ^ the Whito Swan Pwbytcrlun Wonron Meet. A wall attended mooting of tho "Wonmn'a Mis-riouary Society ot the First I'resbytorjan Church was held yotorciay iCtonioon Iti the church. Mra. W. W. J ainoa conducted tho,Io- vottonals and Mrs. J. L. Proudlit con- -ducto'l tho nlpslon^iry quiz. Mrs Charles Weilto road an interesting article fiom tao missionary inagswino. Tlthcrs Uni.m Mooting' I'ostponrd. A mooting of tho Tithcrs Union ot tho Fiwst Methodist Protestant Church, which was fo have been iiold , last night, was postponed to next month Bradley Clnsi. , Tho Lottie A. Bradley Class of tho Evangelical ( h u t c h of South Con nellsviHo wi i meet tonight at the- home of Mrs. Kugouo Shupe of Pittsburg street. South Conncllsvillo. Tho mcetin=r will · in tho form of a val- ttttlno party. Hotel, Uuioiitown, was the econo ot a happy gathering- Tuesday night whxta a turkey dinner WH i given, to celebrate tho birthdays of t\\ enty-thr-ee persons who claim Febrimiy 4, as their natal day. There were. BTO other gfuests,,In- eluding Mischa 01 man, world famous violinist, an I his accompanist Marcel Van Gool, who presented a recital Tuesday n ght iu TJtilontown. O'NeH Kennedy was toastmaster. The center of th · table was ornamented with a It rge birthday cako baked for tho occ siou by Mas Miry Kate'O'Bryon ot ,1 nlontown and doc- orated with many littie candles and ono large one to sjgniCy that this the ilrst joint birthday ot tho group The surprise finale o£ tho evening was the distribution ot favors to honor .guest--an autographed picture of the artist gue t, Mischa Blman Mrs. W. D. McGlnnis of thlb city, whose birthday was on February 4, was unable to alt ad. J. TV. N. CLUB Ml ETS WITH aius. JOTIX Mrs. John But'c · W.IB hostess) at an enjoyable meeting of the J. W. N. Club last nlglit at her homo In Chestnut street. Two taMe i weroi called Into play for fire hunchod. High prize was won by Mrs. Ellza^th Millar and second, by Mrs. l l a f j y Sine. A dainty lunch eupplemenUd tho games. Mrs. Sine will be hoste s at the next meeting Wednesday ni flit, February 13. --t jolly FrfimdJ Club. Tho Jolly Friends Needlework Olub, formerly the G. G. G. Club, met at tho home of Mrs.. Rich ird Metsger in East Crawford avenue esterday afternoon, with all members in attendance. A towel shower wa: given for Mrs. Howard Adams The afternoon wan spoat at fancy in ork. Lunch wa.« served. The noxt moetiug will bo at (.he home of Mrb Clyde Lo-wery ot 10H Chestaut street on. February 19. V. OJP F. W. PAKTY. The -ninth of a bartes of benefit card parties arranged by Walter K Brown Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, will bo held tonight in tho club roonvs, North PlttsburK si reel. There will be prizes for cards, also a door prize. Lunch will le served by the Ladies' Auxiliary. Plans for Dinner. Following a nxettog o£ Missionary Circle No. 4 of tl o First Methodist Protestant Church Tuesday 'night In the home ot Mra. S. U. Morris, South Eighth street, Grt enwood, -representatives of the five missionary auxiliarieb met and planned to sorva a dinner Monday evening in tho dlnlngiwwn of the ch-urch to tho workers ot the evangelistic campaign. Tnlcnlitie Party. The next reguler meeting of Athens Temple No, 80, P/thian Sisters, to be held Tuesday night, February 18, will 1)0 featured by a Valentino party, for whtoh plittia wen mtido at a meeting oC tho lomp-le Tuobday night itt Pythian, hall. Baptist Aid Society. The ladies' Aid Society of tho first Baptist Church will moot Faiday night, at 7:30 o'clock at the chru-ch. 1. G. Clni Will Mwst. Miss Amy Booi AVI!' ontertaln tho P G Club Frlda night at hor homo in South 1'Mghth street, Greenwood. The meeting will be in tljo form of a valonUno parly. E^iS'JL'EBK STAB HOLBS CAlll) PAltTY AT l)AWStON BJllzabotU Bowor Chapter of iJie Order of Eastern Star gave a card party in the Masonic Bajiquet Hjill at baw- aon last night. Eight tableB oE bridge and twelve ot IlVe huiidrwl wre It play, Winners of prizes at bridge were Mrs, J. H. 8trawn, Mm, J-eeal Sprlnffer ot "West Newton;, JTranJk Mo* Gill a ad Percy Sharps. At lire tttifl- dred winners tl^ere Mrs. tyloy-d Stauffer, Mrs.'Grant Leighty, 8, J. I. Morn- IngBtur and J. M. Murtltrnd. Luntih wais flowed after the party, Jteceptiett and Ihincft. The second tatiual reception o LaufeKe Chapter", Order of thfe JBaat- ern Star, of TJniontown, will be held Friday night at the White Swan Hotel Union town. Thank Offering-. / Plasls for a thank offering service to be held in March were discussed at (he regular meeting Of the Woman's Missionary Society of the Greenwood Methodist Epdscopa Church Tuesday afternoon at the church, Church Worfe Sodetf. The Church Work Society ot Trinity Reformed Church will meet tonight in the social room of the church. A large attendance is desired. Can-to JTemyon AnxHIary. The February meeting of tho Carrie ICenytm Auxiliary of tha First Methodist Episcopal Church will bo held tonight at the- church. SocietjvElecls Officers. Tho 1/adios' A'd Society of the Presbyterian Church at Dawson last night olcted the following officers: President, Mrs. C. M. Coulter; vice- president, Mra. Walter Mcltanald; secretary, Miss Alpha French; treasurer, Mrs. Frank McGill. Lunch serve 1 after tho business meeting by Mrs. William McDonald and Mrs. Wllscn E. Beera. Humbangh-Mathlas. Mies Virginia Rumbaugh, daughte of Mr. and Mrs. M. T, Rumbaugh of LemOnt, and Vernon Mathiaa of Grindstone wore married Wednesday at the parsonage of the First Methodist Protestant Chorea of Unlontown. Kev. Charles II. Beck officiated, using the ring service. The couple will reside at Lemonl. Licensed at Joreph JUiuda of Darry and Nellie Magn of Mammoth were license-d to wed at Greens-burg. Dunbar Legion Tuesday. Hughes Post of the American Legion at Dunbar will meet on Tuesday evening at the Logioa Hall. Reports of til a momberahip campaign which is under way are to bo received. WICK RELIEF FROM CONSTIPATION This IB tho Joyful cry of thousands since Dr. JSdwarUs produced Olivo Tablets, tha subtltuto for calomel. Dr. Edwards, a practicing physician fox- i!0 yeart, and ealomel'a old-Umo en oin y, discovered tha formula for Tablets wliiio treating patfonta constipation and torpid With ai'- Tho Doruia Fancywork Olnb w i l l meet tomorrow n ght at the hoir.p oi trs Julia CosbCll Snycler street. Olive 'or llvor). Olivo Tablota do nol contain' cilo- nol, Just a healing-, soothing vegetable 1ixa/Uvo s,ife unil Wo g-i-lplnsr is tho "Keynote" of, these ,ittlo sugar-coalod, ollvc-uolorod tab- etfi. They help cause the b6weia and IVer to act normally, Tlicy never Coree them to unnatural .iutlon. If you have a "dark b r o w n month" --bad Urcalli--o. dull, tirud fooling-sick headache--torpid Ijyor--oonstl- jatlon, you should find quick, sura and pleasant regnlta from ono or two of Or. lOdwards Olive Tabiota. Thousands take them overy night to keep right, Tiy thorn Itio, OOc, 60c Advertisement. Don't Be Discouraged By a Pimply Skin Tt v f o ctisy io got rul of those miser- ubJo li' lo bfomlahus. «tsc blackheads, ro«ph»( J3, etc , through the daily uso oi' J-losinol Soap and Ointment. Spread on n lilt la o£ tho ointment »t night. Wash »,!! with tho soap in the morning. Do this onco n day and note the improvement In a wt-ok. 'Then lU-sinol Soap daily to keep tho akin clear and smooth. FUCK (ample of each on nqa«*t. Roamol. D«{»U »4. {Ultimo**, MJ. »Irs, Chamberlain Imi»roveil. There ia somo Iraprovomont In tho condition o£ Mra, Alice Chamberlain, who has been seriously 111 lit tho homo of her son and daughtej-lri-law, Mr. «uul Mrs. Charles R. Ohttmberlain of 20-3 North 1'rospect frtreet Mr.s. Oham- liM-han has )een fowl fa nt, |'or two weel-s. ' ' fined for Fighting, Tvo Dunbar men, Edgar Clements nnd Milton Martin, were flhed jio and eosti. when atraignwl bet-ore Burgess H a r i y T Kllunberger of. Dunbar on a (.harico ot fighting in tho borough Mon lay nrht Tliy \verc givon a hlMJ !)»,' J.lSt Ulgllt those who ad/ertie. FRESHMAN CLASS PLAY FRIDAY NIG IT- AT THE H!H SCHOOL The annual freshnt-w elasi play o (he GonTielteviUe High Hchwc wi'U h given on Friday evenlufj, Fa iruory 7 at 8:3-0 a|, the H'ign School Auditor him. The production is entitled 'The Ar rival ot Kitty" ami It- being j oaclied by Mlsa Ehnm*. yt^wart t iero are nine pernona in the cast. The ^eat sale wa started t] la morn ITCHING ENDS WHEII . ZEMO TODCHE; SBB ·--thouHands Bay. Il'-i wond way soothing, ooollnr; Zom relloi to skin which ]tehee a JSron In raoat Hovoro causes, disappears n-lrriosl iu BOOK touches the tcildar and Jnfla {aco. 1*o draw out local Infe help to clear »wa.y uriDlg-hl iahca, wo know ol nothing ix Invlalblo Zoroo Al'n-ays k /eurnily antlsopUc tm Jjacd. TJt ly. Ifs safe tui cn ba. 35; ^1.00. AU deaJora.--Advortle irful tha id burns itohing aa Zcmo nod sur- ition and ty bletn- tter than .ap thlfi 3 It tree- MASS MEETING OF BOYS SUNDAY AT MIJLL RUN A fine audlen-e* was prose it-at the union rerival »t Mill Run 'ast evening. Two early wrvices ite held nightly--one tor (idu)ta and ho other for the yottag pooplo, KTUI geMst O. J. Pox gate many utrlltlng illustrations from nuturo of the a rerlty of God in tho metieage last ova Ing. He plans to meet all Sunday « aool officers and touchers af'er tb i service tonight. The theme of the i armon is to bo. "The Worthl?seBe88 ol tho Worldly lAte." A tnaajj meeting for boyt over 12 years 'Ot age and IBOD will bo held Sunday afternoon at 2;i!0, 1 lie theme of the address will bo "Things That Knock Boys and Moti Oul." Foxgrams, "TJio civii never lies dov. n on the job of dostroytiiig e.nU« and God e pects that no Christian wll ever Jlie down on the job when sou s are at stake." "A lot of church people t link religion is a croom pulE whou God has sot It forth as a motit sorio is matter demanding all tlietr la of tl o life." "A lot of people srrn to hlak God is under great obligation to avo them but all such are bacUy nuista en." "The devil iis a mighty cu e gentleman aiid he will make his 1 rigade so attracting that you will bo oiniug- it, Mr. Church man, if you do i't watch out," "Tho fabt-going OhrU Man or preacher won't caus^ anybo iy to flee the wrath to come," "That any lazy church me nber will ever tfco tho golden streets t C the new Jerusalem is s'imply uttth'fi teable, fco get up and dust all you chu 'ch folk," Food Solo. By J, L. Proudilt Blblo Cli as, Saturday, February 8, at Fox "ft all Paper Store, gale of home-made it lie, candy, etc,--Advertisement,--6feb-2 . Lost, Two koy, exactly alike, Retmrn to office, at Aaron'o Store. F nder will bo rewarded.--Advortieemon .--Gfeb-lt TTse Clnsslfiod Ads, Tihey bring reunite. massage brings comfort Complete relaxation and comfort js very necessary to the expectant mother's w e l l b e i n g . Nervousness, discomfort and pain exhausts that strength so vital at this particular time. Thousands and thousands o £ e x p e c t a n t mothers have poised through thin ptnod in theif lives with the aid of "Mother's 3?ritnd," that time-tested, -scion- » » 1 r-, . , tificnily-prepared s k i n Moth Tfi rriCfld lubricant and pain-reliever which originated "n the prescription of an eminent You owe yourself the comfoi: "Mother's ?riend" gives, tt is so soothini and relax- njfl It in not a drug to be taker It is used exiernally only--gently rubbed ii to the skin. Clean and pleamnt to the touch Brings re- ie£ promptly- Very valuable in keeping the reas«s in good condition. Also puts you in me shape for the approaching rdeal. p 1 M -. j- "Mother's Frltnd i on sale at l" i t; C all drug: stores. 3!.2- per bottle. Try a m a s t a g e wit It tonight and notice the ease ind comfort it gives, A booklet on "Thing-5 o "Know Before Baby Conies'* w 11 be mailed n plain envelop*. fre«, on renu' -t. Addrcca Bradfietd RcjTtiliitor Co.. Dipt. 10, fctUnta, Ga. lest .-as pain become fresh in the H YDRATOR. This new moist ak compartment gives lettuce and celery that "fresh from the garden" taste. See it demonstrated at our showroom, Now! Now you can have tender celery that breaks with a snap. You can -have lettuce that crackles with crispness. You can have better-flavored vege* tables and salads than ever before. For every household Frigidaireis now equipped with the Hydrator--a marvelous new compartment that combines cold and moisture in a way that freshens vegetables and keeps them full-flavored until they come to your table. Come in and see a complete demonstration. FRIGIDAIRE With the HYDRATOR SHOES WOMEN m--~m The Spring Styles in I J* *--' V ' THAT YOU HAVE AN EXPENSIVE FOOT '" -TM- AAAAA to EEE-Skcs tto 12 JETTICK " Are Here See Our Window Display BASQUE AKITA In these shoes you may kno^' foot Comfort and Perfect Fit at moderate cost. In widths ranjpng from · AAAA' to EEE. We Can Fit Perfectly Every Fool: With ENNA JETTIC Health Shoes ion BOSLYK PA1IBLA MABTA SHIELET REV. M. S. BLAIR, WIFE TO CELEBRATE GOLDEN WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Mrs 0. A Luce of Perryopolis will ;o to Wellsboro on Tueslar, Fobru- ry 11, to attend the golden wedding liniversary of her parents, Rov. and ,trs, M. S. Blair. Mrs. Luce will be cconipariied by Mra. Howard Adams, also of Perryopolis. Rev. and Mra. Blair resided at 1'er- ·opoli'j about i!0 years ai?o when Rav. plair oeciipled the pulpit of the hrlstian Olmreh there. He waa th» ninialer at Perryopolia t'oi about six y'ars. There arc four children in tho Elatr family, two sons and two lor ifiirgitija T Road (ho adv-orUsejjaentB In Courier. Tho Open Hominy, WcdiiOb- duy nnd Satnrtlny Examined and J'rntaeg Pitied 109 North rittsburpf Street- (.ETS BETTER nflor Muiteiole-- ·oollilftB, Mife --\* Kpplieci 3iice every hour fat S bourn. Yc u «hould even feel teller ihct i rut application. Uso o«r cluasified a iverlieottveata. Cornpuny Sclilfltlnfffir Jb Adjustora ot Fodcral and Slato Thxnn AcoonntantH nnd Audttoi-a 1116-20 Pnrft , Pit. Patronize Those Who Advertit*.

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