The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 26, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1939
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 1939. THE DAILY coimiiau. CONNELLSVU,L,IS. PA. PAGE THREE. Cooking Schoo BUDGET MEALS STEAM COOXEJt HEAL Stucetl Veal Steamed Potatoes Green Beans Fruit Pudding Time--1% Hours STUFFED VEAL 2 Ibs. boned shoulder of veal 8 potatoes 2 tablespoons fat 2 Ibs. green beans Season ..meat with salt nnd pepper and stuff with mushroom filUn?. Tie securely. Heat two tablespoons fat In bottom of deep well cooker. Brown meat In /at with cover off. When well browned, add 8 whole potatoes and green beans tied in bundles. 3U1S11ROO:U FILLING 1 cup chopped mushrooms - 1 tablespoon minced parlcy 4 tablespoons butter 1 teaspoon salt 3 cups dry bread crumbs 14 teaspoon celery salt I teaspoon finely chopped onions li tcnspoon pepper. Fry mushrooms in butter. Add to crumbs and combine with other Ingredients. rnuiT PODDIXG U cup thorteninc I tcajtpoon baking powder ?4 cup sugar I tcnspoon vanilla 1 cup-sifted flour ^* cup milk U teaspoon salt 1! CKi', whites 2 cups blueberries Cream the khortcninfi and \» cup sugar thoroughly. Sift the dry ingredients together and add alternately with milk and vanilla. Fold In the stiffly beaten cgs whites. Mix 2 cups blueberries with the remaining »£ cup sugar. Plncc In bottom of oiled pudding mold. Pour batter over them and cover mold tightly. Place pudding mold on top of meat and vegetables in cooker. Place the cover on the cooker and bring to steaming point on High. heat. When steam appears freely, turn switch to low and cook 1U hours. 3 eggs 1 cup vugar 1 cup flour Few groins salt Assemble -medium sized -are stiff and Ugh JELLY KOLL 2 teaspoons baking powder *i cup Wiitcr 1 toaspoon vnn.lla Orange .ins stu\ \jfiiiiini jimriiiHiauc! ill ingredients. Silt flour bclore mcasurmfi. Break ttic 3 eggs Into n :cd bowl and beat, using Hlfih speed of the electric mixer, until the cygs d light. Reduce the speed ot the mtxcr to Medium nnd add the sugar by ft'OUR 3nXUTJ5 KltOSTlNG 2 unbeaten *cc whites 1 cup sugar 3 tablespoons cold water *· *~ teaspoon "cream, ol tartar 1 teaspoon vanilla ii cup chopped nuts Maraschino Cherries Place all Ingredients in saucepan. Turn 6 inch surface unit on High for 4 minutes. Turn off. Place pan on unit and beat mixture continually for 4 minutes. Spread frosting on Jelly roll and decorate with Maraschino Cherries and nuts. OYES MEAL . Baked Ham and Rice Peas Lorainne Banana Nut Bread Eclairs Time 1 Hour Temperature--375 Degrees F. BAKED HAM: AXD mo: % cup uncooked rice 3 cups milk Few crnlns pepper 1 slice smoked ham X tablespoon brown sugar Wash rice. Put in casserole. Add milk, salt and pepper. Lay ham kllce in milk, flrt scoring ham to prevent curling. Sprinkle brown sugar over ham when removing food irom oven. PEAS X.OJU13.NK .2 tablespoons minced parsley I tablespoon putter ',i teaspoon sugar \it teaspoon salt Few grains pepper Place peas In oiled baking dish with i cup of water. Add onion, lettuce, parsley butter and seasoning. Cover. 2 cups peas ',2 cup water or liquid 1 small onion, chopped '/£ cup finely shredded outside lettuce leaves !4 cup shortening % cup sugar 1 egg 1 cup bran 2 tablespoons water ·BA3TAXA *L'T iu cups flour 2 teaspoons baking powder - s teaspoon salt Vi teaspoon toda ' 1 teaspoon vanilla cups mashed bananas · '/= cup chopped nut mcata * Cream shortening and sugar until smooth; add CKK and beat until light. Add bran *and mix thoroughly. Mix water with banana, add alternately with flour 'which, h*s ;becn sifted with baking-powder, salt and soda. ,Mlx thoroughly, then add vanilla and ; nut meats. Place in one pound loaf pan and let stand 30 minutes. }a cup butter 1 cup bread flour l cup water 4 eggs, unbeaten .'Bring butter and water to boll on Hlfih heat. Turn unit off. Add flour all at oner stir vigorously until ball forms In center of saucepan. Remove pan from unit; adc eggs one at a time, beating with electric mixsr after each addition. Shape on silently .oiled cookie sheet with spoon or pastry tube. · Place food In b preheated oven, set time clock and temperature control and cook for 1 hour at 373 degrees F. CHOCOLATE BUTTEK FROSTING 4 tablespoons butter 2 cups confectioner's sugar l^i squares unsweetened chocolate, melted 2 egg yolks 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 tablespoons cream mcitcu *" Cream butter, »idd % cup sugar, then melted chocolate and cream together. Add re mainlnft sugar uradually, altcrnatcing with c£g yolks and vanilla. Add cream as the frosting bccomo thick. I, 4 to 5 Ib. haddock or cod 2 cups water 2 bay leaves Seasonings % Ib. salt pork, cut into pieces 2 small onions, sliced fine C H O W D K K 1 tablespoon salt % teaspoon pepper 8 large potatoes, diced 1 quart hot milk 1 tablespoon butter 10 soda crackers, split open ANOTHER LARGE CROWD AT COURIER COOKING SCHOOL SEVEN MOTORISTS LOSE LICENSES There was a rush for the best scats igain this morning as the homcmnk- TS of Connellsvillc gathered in the Orpheum Theatre for tlic second ilass ot the Ihicc-duy cooking school .ponsored by The Courier. After being introduced by jUr.s. Bernard Horowitz, Mrs. Dorothy Sathgatc varied the usual cooking class by presenting a lively skit on hat well-known, flrst-of-thc-month subject--bills. Mrs. Ba'thgate's as- .istant, Mrs. Lcmnbcl Parry, ylnycd he part of the neighbor next door vho rushed in hifihly incensed over vhat seemed to be an unusually hifih electric bill. The women in the aud- cncc chuckled over Mrs. Parry's .roubles, but they finally had to agree vith her that with such a list of abor-saving equipment, sh.* was certainly "getting her money's worth." This sHit was an appropriate introduction to the serious part of the rogram, for Mrs. Bathgate's subject "or the clay was Budget Meals. She compared home management to run- ing any business enterprise and pointed out the necessity of having a budget and sticking to it. In discussing the budgeting of food ·md cooking costs, Mrs. Bathgntc nskcd the ladies if they had any idea of the cost of using an electric range. To answer her own question, she :ave a very graphic demonstration of this during her class by doing Order the fish skinned, but with head and tail Ic/t on. Cook head, tall and bones in water with seasoning for 1 hour. Strain and reserve broth. Using steam cooker, fry the pork until fat Hows freely, then cook onion In pork fat until llchtly browned. Add Ash stock, potatoes and fish which has been cut Into small pieces. Cook 30 minutes. Add hot milk and butter just before serving. Pour over crackers in soup tureen or individual zoup plates. ·SURFACE aiJiAI, Round Steak and Carrots Mushroom Gravy . Potatoes Steamed Cabbage Molded Fruit Pudding .Time 1 Hour ROCJO) STEAK AND CARROTS MUSHROOM GRAVY, POTATOES Iti Ibs. round steak, cut thin 2 tablespoons iat Salt, pepper, flour 1 small can mushrooms with liquid 6 small tender carrots G potatoes Pound the steak with a meat tcndei'Kr or a wooden potato masher. Season with salt and pepper. Boll In flour. Cut meat Into utrlps lone enough to wrap once around the carrot. Wrap each carrot in strip of atwik and skewer steak together with toothpicks. Melt fat in hot skillet and brown meat on one side over High heat. Turn Add mushrooms and liquid. Arrange potatoes between pieces of steak. Cover and when steam appears turn to Low heat. In 15 minutes turn heat On". Cook over stored heat for 40 minutes. ' STEAarEI) CAUBAGE 1 medium head cabbage % teaspoon salt Shred cabbage and store in cold water. Just before cooking drain cabbage from water, put In buttered saucepan. Add salt and cover. Put over High hcnt. As soon as steam comes from vent turn switch to Off and continue cooking on stored heat 10 to IS minutes. MOLDED i cups milk -3 cup cornstarch cup sugar teaspoon salt cup milk 3 cgp yolks ' Z teaspoons vanilla Vj teaspoon orange flavoring 1 can whole peeled apricots 12 lady fingers Scald 25V cups milk over Hlch heat. Mix cornstarch. sugar, salt, remaining rnllk and ecc yolto.- Add gradually to hot milk. Turn the heat to Low and cook for 5 minutes stirring', constantly. Turn the heat Off and cook over stored heat another 5 minutes. Remove from heat, add flavoring and 1 cup ot apr*.cots cut into pieces. Use remaining apricots as a garnish. Arrange lady fingers around a bowl. Pour pudding In dish and garnish with apricots. Chill, and decorate \v\th whipped cream before serving if desired. FILLED COOKIES 1 cup butter 4 cups flour, sifted 1H cups brown sugar 1 teaspoon soda 2 eggs . . 1 teaspoon nutmeg · - - U teaspoon salt With Hlch speed of mixer, cream butter and sugar, and add eggs, beating until mixture is light. Reduce speed of mixer to Low and add dry Ingredients which have been mixed and sifted together. Toss 1-3 of mixture on floured cloth, roll and cut with cookie cutter. Arrange on lightly oiled baking sheet. Place one tablespoon of HUinB In center ot each cookie and put another cookie on top, pressing edges to- eether. Prick top to form steam vents. Repeat until dough Is all used. Bake in preheated oven 12. to 15 minutes at 375 degrees F, FILLING I cup chopped raisins or dates v, cup water 14 cup sugar 1 teaspoon flour Mbc ail ingredients in a saucepan and cook over Low heat until thick. Nuts may be · most of the cooking, tiirec complete meals, on a mctercd range. This meter arrangement took all the mystery out o£ kilowatt hours by showing the actual cooking cost in cents on a large dial. The women were truly amazed 'at the close of class to find that so much cooking had been done for so little. I Besides the three complete meals . . . one in the ovin, one in the steam cooker and one on the surface units . . . Mrs. Bathgafc made a jelly roll, real New England fish chowder and filled cookies. Most, \vomen think n jelly roll is a tricky dessert, but it went together like mngic under Mrs. Balhgalc's skilful hands, and there were enthusiastic oh's and all's when she said someone would take it home. After all the cooking had been finished (and Mrs. Bathgatc was very generous with her recipes) and the Questions wore answered, nil the delectable dishes were given as pizcs to the audience. For her last class tomorrow mom- ing, Mrs. Bnthgatc plans an unusu t! program of "Recipes by Request." Although she can't include all the recipes women have nskcd for at former classes, she lias chosen those thai were requested most often and arc most difficult or unusual. Some of the recipes you've always wanted are sure to be on this program, so don't miss it. Mrs. Balhgate says there will be another skit, too, as part of the program. UNIONTOWN, Jan. 26.--Contimi- ng the drive to rid Fayctte county lighwnys of accidents, State Motor Police stripped seven more automobile drivers of their driving privileges, according to n list made public by the Fayette county detail. Heading the list of violations is speed, on which charge four lost their licenses. One each were suspended for intoxication, assault and battery and aggravated assault and battery and failure to stop at the fime of an accident. Ben Kopsovich of Diuibar was charged with intoxication, Harry Whiel of Uniontown failure to stop at. the time of an accident and William Bcatty of Hibbs charged with assault. Speed resulted in suspensions for Joseph Pollock, John McCoy and Howard Evcrly of Uniontown and James H. Sharp of Fairchance. Bear Run BEAR RUN. Jan. 26.--The funeral service for Dwaync Richard Stark, four-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stark, was held Monday afternoon at Hickman Chapel, Rev. f . S. Wortman of Ohiopyle olTlciatcd. Interment was in the church cemetery. Pallbearers were John Miller, Joe Miller, Oiville Peck, and Ralph Peck. Dwaync, the oldest child of the family, died after a two-week illness of bronchial pneumonia. He is survived by his parents, one sister, Elaine, and two brothers, John Elaine and Bobby. Among cut of town persons attending the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Thisel MilJcr of Meyer; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nelson and family ot Uniontown; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stark and family. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Stark and family, and Eman- ucl Stark of Van Meter; Mrs. EiEord of Normalville,. Mr. and Mrs. John Williams and family of Ohiopyle. Personals. Mr. and Mrs. Dorman Tissue and family of Connellsvillc visited the former's grandmother. Mrs. M. C. Skinner, SunrTay. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Treacher ct Uniontown visited the's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Scarlett, Sunday. Clarence Miller of Maple Summit visited his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Miller, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. George Von Xo.ifieln and Miss Ida Bailey were in Connellsville Saturday. Miss Prudence and Wendell Burnsworth of Maple Summit visited their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Scarlett, Monday. Woman Overpowered In Affempfing to Rob Restaurant Owner SOMERSET, J;m. 26.--A 23-year- old woman, who said she was Nellie Smith of Jefferson township, was overpowered nnd disarmed by the mannKcr wlic i she attempted to hold up a rcsta\irant. Homer SpanRler, the manager, said the woman pointed the pistol at him and told him to "hand over your money." Instead, he grabbed her and look away the Run. She was charged with attempted robbery and iwinting firearms at a preliminary hearing. is Your Nose a Target? It your nom Jrrilfttcd--fa It clofecd will* mucus--doeiypur tbro*tt*tcbok«d witn pM^cm --aro you loeinff your »«IM cl tAaU, irncll, dun to JL roIilT Am your b tea thine j»*«v.j£m rarkod up? Get K tub* or jar of MftttouUtum lod»y. W*kn up tomorrow roon ling with Rclfww licad M»i (wlins like fctww ixraon. Thb «ootb- inc balm--wbtn applied in lbt nontn'b---vapor- iua ftlmont instantly. Ita active comfortJnt vapor* help bteak op the cb-iUne ftmeua, n- lievr irritation aod local eoucfation and open up. Huffy breathing pneancf*. Mtntholatura itys E ut *tkl brioca Boothing comfort with every rfftth. Ante your dracgiat (or Mentbolatuu today. ID jar* or tubes. 30£. c** UnUtktatMi O*. Automobile Victim. WAYKESBUKG, Jan. 26.--Robert WilCord Wilson, 25, of Franklin township, was killed almost instantly Sunday when struck by a cur driven by R. L. StoRRcm of RichhiH township near here while walking to his home. Wants Civilian Defense. LONDON. Jan. 26.--Prime Minister Chamberlain appealed for the voluntary jmpjwrt of 50,000,000 Britons between the ages of H and C5 for the civil defense army. .KILL THAT JTCH (Scabies) IN 30 MINUTKS. Aviild the rmbarravtmcnt and discomfort of ITCH (Scabies), Go to Clarke'* DniR Store and Rd a EOe txmlc of GATES SAN'ATIVK LOTION. It kills every itch mite it touches in 30 minutes. Money back it not tatiiuficd.--Adver- tisement, Mjikes ~~ Ice Cubes for Ic. FRANK R. SWEENEY 129 E. Cnwtat'l Avenue. I'honc 977. NO OTHER CAR IN THE WORLD HAS AIL THISE FEATURES DVNAFLASH VALVMN-HCAD SIRAIGHT.EIGHr ENGINE * BUICOIL TORQUE-FREE SPRINGING *OREArERVISiaiUTr*HANDttHIFr TRANSMISSION ·*· ROOMIER UNISTEU BODY BY FISHER * TORQUE- TUBE DRIVE * TIPTOE HYDRAULIC D R A K E S ·* CROWN SPRINO CLUTCH * "CATWAIK.COOLINO" ·*OPTIONALREARAXLEOEARRAT!OS*FLASH-WAY DIRECTION SIGNAL + SEIP-BANKI.-O KNEE.ACTION FRONT SPRINGING Ettiy on the tyc--taty to ty-- en General Metorj termll S N the big Buick factory in Flint these days the long assembly line is running smooth as oil. Not in ten years has production been steadier--and not in the memory of man has the work been better or the car so fine and full of dollar value. Which is one reason we ask, man to man--what arc you waiting around for? "With the first bright budding weather a flock of folks arc going to itch to start traveling behind this power-packed Dynafiash straight-eight. They're going to hear the call of the open road --and hone to answer it in smart Buick style, with BuiCoil Springing to cushion them along. They're going to come pouring in on us wanting Buicks, wanting them fast -and in spite of all we'll be able to do then, somebody may have to wait. But the smart buyers will be: all set- will be on their way looking at spring- fresh greenery through Buick's new "visibility unlimited." · ' They'll be having glorious fun behind this supple giant of a Dynafiash power- plant, taking their steady case in the comfort only Buick gives. That's why we hope yo u'rc making your decision now. Your old car's worth more today than it will be later. You may dodge a lot of repair bills by trading in now. You buy now at prices that are lower than a year ago, loioer than you'd expect, lower even than sonic sixes. So why wait--and wish you hadn't? .. . · . EYE OPENER i with oil in «xira vaiu., thi. BUM. sedan Hits at $51 /.if than a ago) :t12-:m South I'itt.sljiin.- direct, Phone. 8. Conncllsville, 1'n. Any Wanted Color! AH Hee! Sizes! PUMPS - STRAPS - TIES - OXFORDS A Kocroiijiin;? of 1Vomm's Sfj ; Ic Shoes "IVorth Twice the Prico "Wft Ask. All Sixes. V Women's and Girls' Lcndicr or soles. B r o w n s, C blacks, greens and *P wines. Sizes to !). PK. Sullivan's Famous · Regular'$3.9$ Values! Siniirt styles In straps and fics. leather or covered heels. All widths from AA to BEE. Soft kid uppers. Built, in steel arch support for comfort. Sknffless heels thnt won't peel. Children's School Oxfords, pr. 87c Group Women's Boys' Heavy Double soles, clcnted or rub- licr heels. Others $1.17. Boys' Dress Reg. S1.9S $1 .67 Genuine leather soles. Others --composition soles, $1.47. MEN'S DRESS $ " « ""»' *K2gr r^^pr. ' JHA'jflE^*^ - I A shoe for nny tj'jic oi work. Leather soles, nililicr soles, Inntlier Jieels. nililjer lieols, cleated licelsj Any style In any. si/e. Men's Hi-Top Boots as low as $2.87 Women's Felt Slippers ....-.....;.. 29c pr. Children's While Rubbers 87c pr. Boys' Hsavy Work Shoes: S1.47 pr. Men's Work or Dress Socks lOc pr. si/e. 'i

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