Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 13, 1972 · Page 78
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 78

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 13, 1972
Page 78
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Page 78 article text (OCR)

Peanuts characters are featured in "Snoopy, Come Home," now showing at the Kearse. NOW SHOWING --X RATED-ADULTS ONLY THt PIGKEEPER'S DAUGHTER' « HORRV NOVAK PRESENTATION Color by MOVIELAB TERRY GIBSON · PATTY SMITH A PURE GOLD PRODUCTION A ROXOFFICE INTERNATIONAL | PICTURES RELEASE TD 10 A D U L T S Horowitz' romantic piano Great Romantic Piano Favorites; Vladimir Horowitz; RCA Victrola, «! SOUTH 3RD WEEK! ·EW SNOW HOURS MATMKSVWAVONIY SHOW 1:30 6 5 tVI. SHOWS EVEIYMY OKH7:30 PHFMMANCE S P.M. Tiddler ' m P^*^«*^» j% ontheTOOf CLINT JOE KIDD EASTWOOD BILLY NtlDOVEK MATINEES 3:IS-S:IO .7:15-4:05 JACK, A _^-. _ _ - -. _ *_. ^r . The long-run hit play on the screen, with all its humor and all its heart. A FRANKOVICH PRODUCTION BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE GOiDemwi n iniroucirg Gwa/UOfT From COLUMBIA PICTURES NEXT ATTRACTION! VIRGINIAN 7 0 5 U E S T - 3 4 3 1 1 2 5 VICS-1649 ( e ) . Here, RCA has wrapped up a legacy of Romanticism and ordered it masterfully delivered by probably the foremost piano genius of this century. On the surface, the collection is a modernist's nightmare. And it's his loss. Horowitz converts his instrument first to a lyric plaintive voice, then to a powerfully dynamic storm. Included are Schumann's popular and timeless "Traum e r e i," Mendelssohn's Intellect's Music The Symphonies of Vaughan Williams; Pastoral Symphony (No. 3), Heather- Harper, Seprano, and Tuba Concerto, John Fletcher, Soloist, (RCA Red Seal, LSC-3281); A London Symphony (No. 2), (RCA Red Seal, LSC- 3283); Symphony No. 9 and Three Portraits from "The England o/ Elizabeth," (RCA Red Seal, LSC-3280); all the London Symphony, Andre Previn conducting. Like Beethoven, R a l p h Vaughan Williams wrote nine symphonies. Like Beethoven, he wrote a pastoral symphony. The similarity ends there. Unlike the master, Vaughan W i l l i a m s ' works won't likely be chronicled among the timeless music of Western Civilization. Vaughan Williams' music appeals to the intellect; Beethoven to the heart. The two are contrasted only because Jack Deither, editor of "Chord and Discord" and author of the 9th Symphony recording notes, chose to throw the British modernist into a discussion of why Beethoven, among others, Disc-cussion "Songs Without Words," and Liszt's "Valse oubliee." Lest the listener be duped into believing the master's forte is delicate lyracism, the collection ends with his thunderously emotion interpretation of Liszt's "Funer- ailles." The release is recommended both to unabashed and "closet" Romantics. (K.M.) never wrote a 10th symphony. RCA has recorded all nine of Williams' works under the baton of Andre Previn. Unless you're a devoutee of the 20th century experiment a 1 i s t, tl e compositions might fit nicely into the "nice to have but wouldn't go o't and bi.y them" category In the well-worn words of the intelligensia,- the composer's second, third and ninth symphonies are "interesting." But don't look too closely for "woodsy" sounds in the "Pastoral" or a cosmopolitan air in the "London Symphony." Drowsy and unchanging, the Pastoral meanders from movement to movement in an interesting study of understatement. However, the "Tuba Concerto in F Minor" released on the same disc is a surprisingly bright and inventive offering of the, composer's later years. Included with the release of his "Ninth" is Vaughan Williams' partial score for an Eliza'bethan documentary film. Sometimes funny Tritz' boasts excellent animation By James F. Dent "FRITZ THE CAT," State. **% "He's X-rated and anti- mated," shriek the ads for "Fritz the Cat" and they're right on'both counts. And if you happen to hear rumblings from the vicinity of Forest Lawn Cemetery out in Los Angeles, it's more than likely just Walt Disney whirling madly in his grave at the mere idea of a full length antimated cartoon Hke "Fritz." For here are no cuddly little Disney bunnie? and birdies frisking through the woods. In "Fritz," one bunny is a swastika-hung, heroin-high Hell's Angel who gets his kicks whipping his horse girl friend with a chain and the' birdies are black, black crows who wear Afros and live in ghettos and talk about "getting Whitey." A d a p t e d from Robert Crumb's underground comic strip, "Fritz" is the story of a p s e u d o - h i p , sex-crazy young tomcat who drops out of New York University to find "the answers." (The questions aren't specified.' After a wild orgy in the East Village--which winds up with everybody intertwined in a bathtub under a cloud of pot smoke--Fritz goes up to Harlem where he incites the crows to riot and revolution and, leaving the smoking ruins in his wake, heads for California where he falls in with a bunch of crazy, left wing bomb throwers in c 1 u d i n g that aforementioned motorcycle driving rabbit and a repellent looking lizard. The plot is disjointed and it's often hard to understand the dialogue. But there are some parts of "Fritz" that are very funny indeed. And, technically, the antimators who illustrated " F r i t z " don't have to take a back seat to anybody. Their work is excellent. A couple of back-of-myhanders: it seems pointless, at this point in time, to make the police pigs. And What's the unexpected secret that turns their world upside down? CAPITOL TODAY CHILDREN'S MATINEE FATURE TIMES 2:00-3:46*5:32 All ADMISSIONS $1.00 The Secret Adventures of "The Railway Children JENNY BERNARD SHERIDAN · AGUTTER · CRIBBINS there's a scene in a Jewish synagogue which seems to have been included only to infuriate and insult another minority group.- The language in "Fritz" is rough and that--plus the characters' headlong pursuit of sex--is what accounts for its "$" rating. Surely no adults of reasonable intelligence would have his passions inflamed by the sight of a cartoon of a naked cat. All in all, "Firtz The Cat" is a rather unbelievable mixture of stag party blue movie and "Tom and Jerry." It is tough, often tasteless, often funny. And it just may be the wave of the future in so far as non-Disney lull length antimated features are concerned. CAPITOL HOW I SHOWING TIMES-5:50-7:40-9:30 BARBARA HARRIS JASON R06ARDS TECHNICOLOR'' NOW SHOWING :00-3:33-5:06-6:39-8:05-9:35 "Snoopy, Come Home 99 STATE NOW (SHOWING TIMES-8:00-9:30 He's X rated and animated! VILLAGE NOW [SHOWING TIMES-7:15-9:15 Now you can see The Graduate" again or for the first time. ACADEMY AWARD WINNER BEST DIRECTOR-MIKE NICHOLS 1117. JOSEPH E. LEVINE ~.«HU . MIKE NICHOLS LAWRENCE TURMAN MXIUCKM THE GRADUATE An AVCO EMBASSY RilMM SHOW TIME, AUGUST 13, 1972 CHARLESTON, W.VA.

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