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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, February 6, 1930
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JLiast Htditi dition JO air P rice Connellsville's Bjiggest and Beat Newspaper. The 3est Advertising Medium in the Yo VOL. 28, NO. 74. TIic Weekly Courier. FotfnArd July 17, 1870. i SlerKotV This Hally Courier, I'unnded November 1O, 1OO2, I July JS, IU2S V CONNELLSVILL13, PA.. THURSI AY EVENING, FEBRUARY 6; 1930 gh Region SIXTEEN PAGHS. CONNELLSyiL^E MAY YET HAVE VOTING MACHINES FOR PfelMARY ELECTION County Commissioners Endeavoring to Provide Funds for This City and Uniontown in Budget. COST IS OVER $1,100 EACH Special to The Courier. UNIONTOWN, Feb. 6.--Hope still remains that voting machines will be installed in Coaaellsvillo and Uniontown for the May .primaries*- The county comniiaslaners working on the 13Q budget said this morning that every effort possible was being put forth to pare tho expenses down so that if possible tho first quota of machines could be bought. At present tho Jameetown machine, Considered the best on the market, Is the one moJt in tho mlnde ot the commissioners but they point out eeveral | DITMAN DENIES PAYING FOR SLOT MACHINE RIGHTS Contributed to Bcrhoy Fund in Any Way He Tells Federal Jury. PROSECUTOR TRAPS HIM By United Press. PITTSBUEC, Fob. 6.--With rosurup- tion of the tri.U of former President Judge John A. Borkey of Somerset and 15 others charged with conspiracy to violate she prohibition laws In Federal Court today, tho defense called William Ditaron of Moneasen, as the first ·witness. Dltman admitted ho operated slot I UlltlUniL HU4KJ l-l.*3U U« w f c l * * v \ J \ » v a » w n others are now coming Into thejnarket macllinea , n someraot county. He which might be equally as good as the former .and yet not coet as much. The- first make has heen quoted to the commissioners at $1,190. "Thte la more money than we care to pay," declared Commiesioners George W. Hibba and John S. Langley today. "Wo realize the public voted for the machines and would like to hnvo them. T'is being the caeo we are going to do everything In our power to get them. Wo do not want to fitep out ( n the wrong toot, however, aa a mistake now might he costly for us later on. "Key York state has been 28 years adopting tho voting machine and not all of tbe counties in the entire btato nre ©Quipped with them. The larger cities, however, are now supplied. In our county smaller precincts such as are to be found in some of tho mountain townships and smallei* boroughs can get along without the machines for a while. "On the othw hand in the larger precincts ot tbo city it will take two or more machines for each precinct. .Bach machine is in reality a. voting booth. Take the Second Ward ot Unloutown where 10 voting booths are necefiea'ry. If two machines wore in" to said ho was a florist in Mom'sacn but his slot machine activities were iu Somerset count'. Examination of tho witness was conducted by Attorney George Wick of Pittsburg- before Judge F. P, Schoonmaker. "No sir," Ditwu ti said, "I never gave any money to Judge Berkey. 1 never contributed to cay of his campaign funds, I ev.-r did was to place slot machines in places and guarantee to pay fines if the people were arrested. They ;ot tO per cent of the profits and w e took GO nor ctnt, from which fines were paid." The Government contends whisky sellers were not permitted to function unlesa they operated the riot machines of an organisation controlled by Dltman and Peter Hanion Both are defendants in th« caws. Hitman then denied threatening John Turnbuli ati'l William TIptoa, Government witnesses who testified earlier in the trial that they would have to put machines in their place;; and "bo one of th" gang" or cease operations. Measure Introduced in City Council This Afternoon and Will Be Up for Enactment Monday Night. CLOSE FIGURING IS REQUIRED Youth and Age Classmates City Council, meeting in a special s-frssion this afternoon, flted Us budget for 1930 ami will wiajt the ordinance making it effective at the regular session on Monday. Faced by the necessity ot Tt'du-ciiiK the expenditures tbo talons 1md considerable difficulty in paring do-wn the figures. The budget wills for $D7,- 14SJ.50, approximately 85,000 less than in 1929. The police and flrt» departments are to bo reduced by retirement oE one mui on oox'h an devory possible economic move Is to b practiced. The budget by departments is' Public Affairs, ?a:3,67G*. Accounts and 'inauci\ $S,9Gl. 1'ublic Safety, $36,362.10. Streets and 1'whllc Impiovement, $1941-120. l a r k s and 1-Miblic Buildings, $3,768,DO. General Contingent Fund, $5,000. Tatal, $97,142.50. liicli deparimcnt head had his individual problem and the final figures worn reached only after numerous-effort!. The budget permits operation o£ tl e city on no margin, but Councilman B. M, Swarlzweldor, h u p o r l n t c u d - ont «f the Department o£ Accouuls Finaico, said lie believed it could bo done successfully it' tlusris v/as com- pleto cobpc-rallon. "Things got preti · tough 1 never had any pi otectkra arrangement with any person. What machines the state cops didn t get the people cast their votes as at Iho prebent tlwo during lush hours of election or primary day. Ot coureo the voters beforehand will be given ev-ery chance to bouume educated to the use of the machine, but unless ·iverything is don3 as expeditiously as poseiblo, confusion and poseiblo dis- (atlsraction ie aoanl to occur unlees j lroper precaution 3 are taken." The two commissioners expressed tho belief that Commiffcloner B. H. McClellanc. concurred with thorn in their prosent view of the situation. They will meet acain thte week and ciinvaes tho situation. Tho commissioners lot it be known t h e y are determined, if possible, to Iceop tho mlllage down to tho present rate ot 14 and a half mllle if at all possible. An order o-t machines lor Conrellevllle and Uniontowu will probably call for 25, although thte number has not been definitely decided upon. TRUCK WILL CARRY DUNBAR VOLUNTEERS ANSWERING ALARMS A truck -which, will be used to convey volunteer firemen to and from alarms is being contracted for the Dunbar Volunteer Fre Department, it wns learned today. Recently U. M. Marshall donated a chassis to tho company and since then tho body has bedi built. Louis Kalcoao has donated his services to help put tho truck into condition and he has given a complete overhauling to" the motor which Is ui perfect running order. It was said that the truck will be completed within a week or two. The truck will have a capacity of 30 i»e;i. A railing will bo placed around tho sjklos so that tho volunteers may secure a firm hold as the had anything to do the sale of liquor in any way," answered in a question on that Issue. Ditman then related a story of meeting Claude A HI. H elsh, "star Government witness," and being taken around to be introduced to the stewards of clubs. $20 for his trouble and never gav? him any more. Several times he hinted he was broke but I was deaf," he concluded. The witness was cros^-examined by Attorney John M. Colderon, special prosecutor. IHtman admitted going several times l« the Somerset courthouse as a driver to take a "Mrs. Compton" of Uonora to see the jiidse. He said he did not know her business with the jurist. Colderon maneuvered the testimony of the witness to a point where he associating with and going to dinners at the bom" of F6res( Z!egi«r, alleged "official" bootlegger of the county. "Did yon evar tell M r , KraiiBe, a government investigator about your relations with Judge Brrkey?" Colderon Sred at the witnes .. He was startled and answered In a hurry. "lie said anything I mid at that time was not to be used (gainst me." Then ho stopped abiuptly. The cross-c-xnminer smiled and permitted Ditman to leave the stand. Judge Schoonmaker red used a motion of defense counsel to discharge each of the accused men in the ai- Continuea on Page "J^hree. machlne speeds to a blaze. It has been given a. coat of pal it, After the new vehicle JS placed into service, tho chemical truck and pumper will be- dispatched as usual to tho soeiie of a tiro without stopping aionR tho route to pick up any firemen and in this manner will greatly expedite the excellent work of the Kurnaco Town volunteers. EXTENSION COURSE OPENS THIS EVENING AT THEHIGH SCHOOL The first class of tho institute substitute extension course for ihe teachers of tho Connellsrille Public Schools was to bo conducted this evening- by Dr. Samuel Howard Williams of the department of biology, Unheryity of Pittsburg, These classes will be conducted every Thursday ovenaig after dismissal of t school. DUNBM SPORTSMEN MEET FRIDAY NIGHT Haines Presides At Convention Of Lumbermen A n o u n t s set uido for tb6 several depai tuients arc: Public Affairs. Mayor's Milar-, $500. City solicitor*!! balary, $1,600. Citj clerk's salary. $2,100. Printing, ?0. Footling prisoners, $150. Jail physician, $10. Office supplies, $35. 1'olloe chief's salary, $2,100. Astut taut chief's salary, .?i,S(U, City detective's salary, $I,it0. there Six jatrolnion's salaries, flO.ilO, School olllcar's salary, $"25. Supp les tor polioe, $1,000 Pollen call syieui rental, $723. Insurance, ?B51, Total, §23,676, ° Accountb l-'Jimnce. Super!ntiindent'a ealary; $'150. , Oity CDntroner'i, tilary, $450. Troaaurer'a salaiy,4100. City iuseesor's sulaiy, $800, Sfoaog 'aphcr's tsalary, $160, Jhrinting; and atlvertiairig, ?2oO. Office iuppties, $100. SUito tux on boiuiu, $1,888. Tax cotamissfous, $4,600. Surely bonds, ?53. Total, $ 3,901, 1'nblJo S«a'«ty. Departn out superintendent, $150. Kiie chief's salary, $2,105. Assistant fire chiefs salary, $1,SCO Four Hitmen's salaries, $6,720. Alalnlcuance of lire equipment, $600 Purchase of new equipment, $1,4!5 Maintenance of fire alarm, §400. Allowance of volunteer liiemon $1,250. Operating board of health, $1,500. Supplies, $100. ·Miaeellutuwis, $10. Printing s/nd advertising, ?35. Street Ug'its, 519,001), Insurance of flrifc equipment, $537.10. Total, $30,362.40. Streets, Public Improvements, i Superintendent's salary, $450, ' Cleaning streets, $3,300. Repairs to streets, $5,500. Insurance on equipment, $194.20. City engineer's salary, $2,400. Assistant engineer's salary, $2.50. Bnglnecr'H t u p p l ofl, $50. Salary of street inspector, $1,950. Fno hydrant rental, $5,150. Sewer repairs, $50. Bridge repai'-e, $50. Printing and advertising, $100. Total, $19,444.20. JPjirto, Public Properly. Superintendent's ealary, $-150. Maintenance and. repairs of public buildings, $1,650. Electrical porvlco to public ouiid- ings, $700, W«lo." service* to public biiildmgi-i, $250. Malateuance of garbage plant, $200 Fuel, $500. Insurance, ?S.!iO. Total, ?3,75S,90. 1 E5g:hty-«ne-y«ta'-old K r». H. M, Rector, daughter-in-law of the lata ' H. M. Rector, Coverr Dt of Arkansas from 1-860 to 1862, and her jrranddauffhter, Blizal eth Loud, whose classmate nhe is at tho, Arkansas Bteto Teacl era* College, Conway, Ark. Both are resi- 1 dents ot Little Rock, 'i rk. Just to show thnt the older generation ia far from asleep, the octogenarian eo-ad has followed a European trip wttb a spocial Btn ly of tho iafarkaciea of the French lanffuag-e. (lAtcrnatlaual NoworeolJ $388,479.90 PAID VETERAN EMPLOYES IN COKE REGION Who Are BeneJlciaries of United States Steel and Carnegie Pension Fund. AN INCREASE OF $43,995.91 Employes of tho H. C. Frick Coke Company and other uibsldiartaa of the United States Steel Corporation and Carnegie Steel Company, operating plants in the Conncllsrille Coke Re- Klon, who are bcncflciaries of the United States Steel Corporation ajid Carnegie Pension F tnd, received an aggregate of $388,473 90 distributed by this agency during li2D. Tills was an increase of $43,095.91 over the preceding year when the disbursements were ?314,433.99. The dlhtri'Kitlon by groups In the region was as follows: H. C. Frick Coke Company, $343,414.40, an increase- of $37,763.21; Hostetter Coka Company, $16,765,75, an increase of $1,030,5;; tnlon Supply Continued on i'aijo Six. industries and Roads Committees of Trade Board Are Appointed P. A. lloesta of Kittanning yesterday ·vwis elected to succeed A. M. Haines of Conue-risvilk* as piesiclent , . . ,,, L . _ , of the Western Pennsylvania DunTjar Local ot the Fay «tto County j r , um ber Dealers Association «it Fish Game Protective \ssociatlon will meet tomorrow night «".t 8 o'clock »t Harvey's Hail at Dunb*u. The a n r u a l reorganizatiou will bo «ffectel and reports w i l l !e rocoivwl Jrom tho various officer*. Dues for j Haines reaa?ondod to tike tho 1930 jrembers nr0 to bo received, j welcome. tho 23rd annual convention at Pitt burg. Mr, Hainen ia presiding ov ^r tho three-day convention 'which i* scheduled to come to a close tomori w. At tho opening session yosterda , Mr. of Asks $5,000 CUtBENSBURO Feb G.--William Rodgers of Scottoalo entered suit yesterday against Simon Mi'ler of Scottdale to securo the payment of $0,000 as tho result of an. automobile accl- deat in Fayette iouuly on Jsmo J.2, 192D. The plAint-ff allefics his right shoulder bone wat disloci, ted and that his back wab injuied. Throe important conrniitloi ? have appointed by Charles T. KeprK % president of tho Con«{U.?V'llo Br ird of Trad'e. They aro the "home Industries," "added I i i ' l u U r l c s " and 'roaiis" commltteos. The added umus(.ri(y grou will m«ot Friday evening in '.bo B arrl oi Trado onices ou romo inipoilai t matters otid next -\ief3i tho otln r two groupH will patJw-r. r n e meet ag tomorrow night will lo of 7:30 c clock. The committees! named arc: Home lndubtileH---Danlol Durlo, chairman; A. B Kurta, Ja-ttws M Driscoll, A. At, Haines, .1, Donald H- id, C. Roy ' Poter H. Wevrner, Fred Fris-boc and D. It. Horton. industries -- .Johji J. 1 rady, chairman; Charlow M. S-Umc, .Tan es C. Tjong, Ernest K. Koosor, Ira 1) "" oun- kln, Banks U. Brown, David V jrth- *lni«r, .7. Donald Porter, Max Ra- kotf, William J. Davidson and Philip Gal- tar di, Koada--Kenneth Hoi(i, chain tan; Clyde W. IXnvna, M.vyor 13. 1^. Mil erd, .7. L. Evans, W.'D. McCJinnls, Jam« i L. "Wick, James .7. Drlscoll, II. C, 1 ad- ilock, Thomas B. Hyatt and Haines, Rosenberg, Bell Named in Of Donohoe Case M. SNYDER FAYE1TE COUNTY CHAIRMAN OFELIMINATIOIIS J. Bu-oll Snyder of Porryopolis h is been selected Payette county cha r- man of tio eliminations in W«sto n Pennsylvania In the soronth nation U oratorical contest, to au i i- nonnoonient yosterrlay by Ir. C. J (. Meye-rholz, oxocatlve hecretary ot tl e Pennsylvania Porenaii" Jjoaprue, whi« i ^s directing the county and region* I contests. According to a plan advanced, contest will 1)0 held in Union town, a a dato to be made known lat-or. Th« ·opresoTitatives of Fayette, Wcstmorg land, Greene and "WaHhinirlon coiintioi ·will meet there. Som«r»pt, Cambria, Blair and Bod- fowl counties will contest at Johns- .ovni. contests probably will be held sometime in April as regional contests bo hnishod botore April 28 to Feb. 6.--Coroner S A. Baltz' long-drawn inquest into the murder of John F. Donohoe is to be another whirl, when it suits the coroner. Several witnesses were examined yes.torday and at the conclusion of the day's hearing the coroner indicated he had some more to present. Instead of continuing the inquest today and bringing and end to the case so far as he ia concerned, the coroner announced that "we will give you everything we have in due time," and until then Uie public must wait his convenience. The names of the late District At- 'torney N. "W. Rosenberg and former County Detective A. W. Bell were injected into the hearing. Mra. Helen Hess, who had be»n. a witness at former sessions of tho in- cineet, was called to the stand during the afternoon. "Have you ever heard that one of Nick RGSentberg's gloves was found in the victim's (Donohoe's) car that mornimg'?" she was "I heard that a glove was found right beside Mir. Doiiohoe's car and Mr, Rosenberg's name was in the glove," aaitl the witness. She said she heard that some constable iu Uniontown had found Uie glove and had turned it over to Downing. Asked about the source of her information, Mrs. H-oss sai'ji she couldn't remember that much. » A eoarorsation between C. C. Carlett," and Mrs. H-esa at the county jail was Uren taken up. According to Mrs. gjontinuofl on Paso Five. W. L BERRYMAN NEW PROCUREMENT CHIEF MAJOR SEYMOUR SPEAKER AT SCOUT BANQUET FRIDAY Troop 8, Boy Scouts will hold ite eighth annual parents' night banquet at the Christian Churca gymnasium, Friday evening at 6:30 o'clock. Major Roy P. Seymour of Philadelphia, re- glonul executive of the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, "\A est Virginia, Virginia and Delaware, will be the fipealtcr. Scout Executiv-s V. L. Hunts- bergcr of Oreensburg -will also be present. The program will corelst of tho Scout oath and laws, h story of tho Flag by Prcfoton Silbaugti, a banjo solo by Nevin Eurkey. Rev. Eugene N. Duly w ill make the invocation which will bo followed by songs and orchestra mu-sic, during which time the banquet win be eerved, under the direction of Mrs. Charles Phillippi. The dining room will be in charge of Mre. Charles Detwllei', assisted by i2 young women. After tho addrefifi by Majir Seymour and a talk by Executive Uuntsberger, Keith Brown will tell about the troop's trip to Washington during tho past summer, James C. Long will award 2fl merit badges and tbrec etar aadfeee to various mo-mbers ;in3 Waiter S, Stimmol will award three first-das badges and six second-class badges. Tenderfoot badges will bo awarJw to six Scouts ou Saturday al a epeeia ceremony In tho gymnasium There will be a piccolo'solo, by Her bert Rackoff and Raymond Mestrezia will impersonate "Amos ant Andy. Paul Carson will clo«e the progran with a clarinet, aul saxophone folr with allegiance to the Flag by al present. Kenneth Snader v ill hav charge of tho orcheetra. Hundreds of Police in Search for Motive, for Attempted Assassination of Mexican Chief. CONDITION NOT DANGEROUS By JOHN R. MORRIS, United Press Staff Correspondent. MEXICO CITY, Fob. 6.--Appro? 1- mately 300 police agents were seeking out political suspects today in an cC- fort to establish a motive for the ehootlng of President Pi/^cual Ort z Rubio. While the president was reported resting well, after removal of a bullet from his jaw, the investigators undei took close surveillance of political malcontents to guard against anothe · attempt at assassination. MEXICO CITY, Fob. G--Police made A determined roundup of revolutionary suspects today aftr President Pascual Ortiz RuWo had boon shot by an assassin within two hours of his inauguration. More than 20 suspects were reported in custody and the full resources of the government were concentrated against what was reporte-l to have been a general plot ot assassination. Tho president, Ms jaw shattered by a bullet, rested at his home and bla physicians said his recovery would be rapid. His wife, their nieco and the presidential chauffeur, also wounded when, the assassin fired ou the president's car as it left tbe palace after tho inauguration yesterday, were not seriously hurt aad w--ro reported in good condition. The assailant, a young intellectual whofae name was given as Daniel Flores, was bold in the city garrison near the palace. Officials hammered at b/im ceaselessly during tho night ia an effort to break down his .stubborn refusal to confess, and reveal whether his act was inspired by personal Continued on Faffe AGED MAN KIDNAPED AND HELD NINE DAYS REUNITED WITH FAMILY By United -Press. NEW HAVEN, Conn, Feb G.-- Scoutmaster oastmaster. Scout work, Southard will act a well as display booths will be open to the public 01 Friday and Saturday, February 21 and. 22 at the gymnasium. At a dinner «l the Duquesne- Club, tilc-lif night, hv, (ho by tae make way for the Western Pennsylvania championship ovont Lo bo hold 11 PiLlsburg on or before May 10. Other county directors arc: Westmoreland, II. !·!. Brumbaugh, principal of tho high school, Irwin Somerset, W. II. Kretchtnan, county mporlntondont, Somorfcet. Greene, K«ut Kelley, county fupor- ntendent, Waynesburg. The Weather Chimney Fire,, The Fire Department was called o u t last night to a c'llmney firp at tho homo of Thomas King in South Prospect street. There was iid damage. Snow, and not quits so cold tonight and Friday is the noon wevthcr ioro- cast for Western Pennsylvania. Toinpprnturo liocord. 1980 1920 inorabers of tho advisory board of the Pittisburg procurement district, Major General Harry I.. Oilchriet, chioC of die Chemical Warfare Service, an- aounoed the appointment of William I. 3erryman, trubt officer of the Union CniBt Company» Pittsburg, aa civilian hief of the Pitk/burg procurement i istrict. Berryman, an offlcci- In many Vestorn, Pennsylvania crporationa, ,' acceetls Colonel James E. Bamelt, \ ho organized the district and sorved a } chief for iivo years. i Mr. Berryman is well known t! roughout \V«8tern Pennsylvania, inc udlng Fayetto county. Fighting Tenth Meeting. WASHINGTON, Pa., Feb. li.- -Offl- Maximum Minimum Mean ,. .... 38 ,,, ao 8(1 S7 ce 's of tho tiOth Infantry, Pennsylva ila National Guard, will hold their an uial meeting Satuday, February S, in the Chamber o£ Commerce rooms in he G-eoigo Washhigrlon Hotel Mih- tai / conEerencea will be marked by int .resllnE diacussloui. J. E. STEVENSON, WORLD TRAVELER, TALKS TO ROTARY Joseph E. Stevenson of West New- on was tho speaker at the noon uncheoo of tho notary Club. Mr. Stevenson, who has ma do fi ·ample to tours of the world, co i fined iis talk on "Africa," Ho told of the customs ot tho people tuid stressed in particular on the modern conveni MICOS at Captown. Mr. Ste-vonson declared that while the city doob not boas any skyscrapers, all of tho buildings are of beautiful design. He aid that taxicabs are equipped with radios. Noxfc Thursday evening, tho Ton- nollsvillo member's will go to W-unt Pleasant to return a visit of that i l u b . Tho dinner with the Mount Plea iant Rotarlans as hosts will begin at ii:30 o'clock. J. Kirk Reiiner, city solicitor of .Connollsvlllo, will deliver an ad- the^s on "Abraham I/incolu." B. 0. Tetemn Dies. John A. H, Islington, 61 years tld. for the last 30 years baggage agent at the Baltimore Ohio Railroad pa.,s- ouger station In tJvallon, SV. Va,, c.iad Wednesday morning at his home trcai a cerebral hemorihuge. Mr. was known to tliousaiuls of travehng people. Bsiek on Bnty. J, W. Thornton, chief dispatcher f r the Ballimoro Ohio Railroad, has lecovored from pneumonia aad has resumed his duties. Dazed from the abuse of kidnapers who held him n.ine days, Max Price, 62-y«ur-old Ne-w Haven, real estate op- orator and money-lender, was reunited with his family today after ho had been released near Bridgeport. Unable to talk coherently of his experiences, Price was assisted i n n ins Kensington avenue home and p'ac^d in bed. Members of the realtor's fam'iy scarcely recognized him as he shuffled up the steps to his homo, niu3 dayh' growth of beard on his face and one eye nearly closed from a blow. Detectives restlessly a/waited Price's awakening to obtain the f u l l story oi h i j confinement His story was ex- pe-Bted to be tho basis of formal charges against seven poi-Hons held here and i wo iu New York Oity. Pohi'0 bent every effort to find tho man who bundled Price into an automobile last night, drove lum by circuitous paths to Fairfleld, handed him bis wa«-!i and a one-dollar bill and threw him out of the car. The elderly man, d-azpd, mad© his way to the Bridgeport, railroad station, covering the distance of four miles Ju four and a hall' hours. Theie he revealiMl his identity (o a station attendant. CHIEF WALL PREPARES FOR ROUND UP OF DOGS Because of numerous complaints received about clog.* r u n n i n g at largo, Chief of Police John Wait this mo-rang warned owners, of I ho animals tber would bo subject to prosecution next week It 6lray dogs were caught. Whether the canines .iro licensed or unlicensed they will bo placed Ji pound ut City Hall and an effort made .o locate tho owners. This dono, In- lornuitlons will bo made. The flue Is TOM ?B to,$100, together with the paym-ent of any damage which may ia\e been.dou-e by the dogs. 3oys on Ice Floe Probably Mirage BUFFALO, ,N. Y., Feb. 6.--Bxclto- neut caused IhrouRhout tho Niagara rentier thte afternoon by a report hat two youths had been seen on nn ce floe being borno down She Niagara Ivor toward the falls subsided as air- lane and coast guard rescue crewa oported their search Jn vain. All during t h e afternoon th« rlvor' vas shrouded in mist am] snow toll twulily and on this account s-earcharo aid it would have be-fen oasjr for a lorson on shore to mistake a log. or von a dirty patch on tlwj loo, tor » .u man boing.

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